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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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done before tomorrow morning. cornell bernard has been covering the bridge closure all weekend and joins us now live. reporter: lots of testing still going on on top of the bridge, but this historic safety project is wrapping up tonight. the heavy lifting is done and the iconic pan is one step closer to being much safer and saving lives. one woman says she is counting on it. >> i decided to drive in what we all called the suicide lane just because traffic was really slow. >> she came to an early dedication ceremony for the project with a compelling story. she was hit head on in 2008 by a driver having a medical emergency on he bridge. >> he hassed out at the wheel. he crossed over the median and hit my car, right at the door. >> bridge directors say the new barrier will save lives. bright yellow zipper trucks are
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making practice runs back and forth. sky 7hd saw the truck in action from above, up zipping each 1500-pound piece of the new safety barrier and moving it to the next lane. bridge director says the project is on schedule. >> we're very cognizant of our responsibility to the public to open the bridge as soon as possible and we're on track for the 4:00 a.m. opening. >> lane restriping is happening on the bridge, along with other work. workers still need to fill holes on the bridge like this one. 15,000 of them in fact. where the old plastic cones used to go. >> this is barrier take too long to be built? yes. >> congresswoman jacky spears says the project is long overdue but finally here. >> this barrier is really about public health. and the threat that is caused by traffic coming in either direction. we have an obligation to eliminate it.
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>> congresswoman nancy pelosi cut the ribbon on the project. for grace now confined to a wheelchair, the barrier means safety for future motorists. >> i feel happy. my accident might have been prevented by a barrier but who knows. but somebody's scent will be prevented by the barrier and that's all that matters. reporter: very courageous lady. back live. the bridge scheduled to re-open tomorrow at 4:00 a.m., if not before. no major traffic problems to report around the bay area with the golden gate bridge out of commission this weekend. extra buss and ferries have been on duty between san francisco and marin. ridership has been light. a lot of people decided just to stay home. live at the golden gate bridge abc7 news. >> good decision. thank you. during the bridge closure, the main alternate route from san francisco is eastbound 80 across the bay bridge to westbound 580 and then across the richmond san
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rafael bridge. a live look from the south beach camera shows the traffic quite a bit of backup at this hour coming and going in both directions there. and the main alternate route from ma ribboning into san francisco is eastbound 580 across the richmond bridge, and then a look at that bridge no problem at that bridge. when the bridge re-opens tomorrow there will be noticeable changes to your commute. another live look now at the new bay area from sky 7hd. the moveable system con 'tises of approximately 13,300 feet of 12-inch wide and 32-inch high concrete blocks. the new bay area will rules the width of the middle and left lanes but the engineer thinks not many drivers will notice. >> you're adjacent to barrier itself. the lane will be approximately six inches less than today. so they're ten-foot lanes right
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now, so i you're driving right next to marry area, it's 9'6" and currently people kind of she away from the cones anyway, so i think it will be the same feeling if you're in that lane. >> the new bay area i designed to prevent head-on crashes but engineers say cars that hit the barrier itself will likely be dammed especially if the driver is speeding. some changes will be very noticeable. this is animation from he bridge district showing how the new barrier works the biggest change new merge for southbound vehicles where drivers previously merged from left to right they now go right to left. the speed limit will drop from 5 do 45-miles-an-hour on the descent down the waldo grade. with roughly ten hours to go spool the bridge re-opens, visit us online for details on closures and detours and information on public transit options. we have a link for you jo download the traffic app ways,
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on your smartphone. it's free. on apple's app store or from google play. and we would have to have you join the abc 'news group. >> in san jose police are trying to figure out who opened fire inside a club at a private r&b show in the middle of a performance by chris brown. lilian kim is outside the club. >> it was quite a chaotic scene here this morning. people running for their lives after gunshots rang out. gunshot gunshot reporter: it happened while r&b star chris brown was performing on stage. five people were shot inside the nightclub at 1:20 a.m. people either ducked for cover or ran out in a panic. brown was not injured. he was at the fiesta new englandclub as part of a v.i.p. birthday event. tickets for the event started at $50, going as high as $2,500.
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we spoke to someone who is at the party and he says there was pushing and shoving near the bathroom, which broke into a fight, which then led to gunshots. a witness who works next door described what he saw. >> all i seen is a bunch of people running, coming out bleeding frantic scared. just complete -- people just being trampled. reporter: all five of the shooting victims had nonlife-threatening injuries san jose police say several people were detain fled the aftermath but the department has not yet released any additional information. >> thank you. san francisco police brief friday's deadly shooting in hayes valley is a result of gang warfare in the city. this is new video of the growing memorial to the victims on laguna street in hayes valley. police sources tell abc7 at
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lease three of the men killed friday night were members of the mac gang in the western addition neighborhood. the source says she shooter or shooters are likely from a rival gang. police are still looking for suspects. >> the san mateo county sheriff's office is looking for a man who slapped a woman's behind and then took off. deputies said happened at the woman roz home in millbrae around 1:00 this morning. she says man came up behind her slapped her, then said, i thought you were my girlfriend. deputies say he then put up the hood of his sweatshirt and ran off. if you saw anything or know anything, call the san mateo sheriff's office. the bay area will tie a weather record tomorrow. not a good one. this is what it looked like from the east bay hills camera today. pretty hazy out there. it's going to stay that way. tomorrow will be the 11th 11th "spare the air" day in a row. here's abc7 meteorologist drew tuma with more. >> we're talking about poor air quality once again as you head back to work and school on
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monday. take a look. in the north bay, especially the santa clara valley, poor air quality forecasted. not much better along the coast and inland east bay and south central bay. moderate air quality. better news is heading our way tuesday evening and wednesday. the reason why the winds will begin to shift by tuesday evening we get an offshore wind starting to churn up the atmosphere meaning better air quality headed our way getting into wednesday and thursday. as the air quality improves so do the chances to see wet weather. i'll show you when the next rain chance arriveses in just a few minutes. >> mental health workers plan to begin a one week strike another kaiser permanente facilities across california tomorrow morning. the national union of healthcare workers represent schoolingists, therapists and some nurses at kaiser. union leaders accuse kaiser of not providing enough qualified professionals to meet the needs of a growing number of patients. >> unnecessary pain and
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suffering and preventible suicides have become normal in kaiser permanente and this is at a time where kaiser's profits are unprecedented. $15 billion, with a b over the last five years. the union has made so many allegations and said so many untrue things, and it's the strategy they've employed. it's unfortunate. >> kaiser says it will be able to serve patients who need urgent or emergency mental health care during the walkout. still ahead at 6:00 a moving show of sell derritt. the event in san francisco to honor the victims of last week's terror attack in paris. plus climbing el capitan how soon a santa rosa man will resume what is considered to be
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tsunami. this week on bay area life ousters, goats and delicious cheese. the explore the beautiful point reyes national sea shore. plus dining for a cause, a special san francisco restaurant that is changing young lives-coming up at 6:30 right after this newscast. in france today the largest demonstration in the country's history. more than a million people chanting "charlie" marched in paris. dozens of leaders from around the world led the way. have the they rallied for unity.
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the only living suspect is believed to be hiding in syria. in san francisco a large crowd gathered this afternoon to stand in solidarity with france. they true french flags and cared "je suis charlie" signs also city hall. they stood silent for a full minute to remember and show respect for those who died. >> the turnout is incredible seeing the french flag on city haul touch me as well. >> the crowd listened to and repeated the name of each of the 17 victims. and then they sang the french national anthem. coming up next at 6:00, it was a feline first in the bay area. the california city taking a cue from oakland and opening up a cat cafe. a live look for you outside tonight. some wet weather is headed our way this week, abc7 news
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meteorologist drew tuma has more in the forecast next. >> coming up in sports controversial call plays a huge role in the cowboys-packers playoff. and former stanford star andrew luck tries to
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back with another live look for you from sky 7hd over the golden gate bridge. you see the barrier in place as crews continue to make sure everything is ready to go for tomorrow morning's scheduled re-opening at 4:00 a.m. another california city is following oakland's lead, combining a love for cats and coffee. the cat cafe nope san diego. customers can enjoy their coffee in the company of cats. the kitties are from the local humane society and the goal is to get helicopter adopted. last year oakland was the first city in the u.s. to have a cat cafe which are extremely popular in other parts of the world. very cute. let's sended over to drew again for a check on the forecast. we're struggling with air quality. >> this stagnant air will
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continue for the first half of the week but by mid-week air quality ill improve. live doppler 7hd showing you dry skies but we have issues with dense fog. this morning most areas had it burp off but north bay specifically napa, visible down to less than half a while and looks like the fog will hang around for much of the overnight, early morning rush. there will be areas of dense fog in the commute. the fog kept us on the cool side this morning, and highs in the 50s throughout the day. on this 11th day of january january from san francisco to oakland, temperatures not like last week. we topped out in the mid-50s. outside right now temperature-wise, 54 in san francisco, 51, fremont. 50, san jose 57, antioch. santa rosa 52. satellite and radar will show
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you went from clouds to sunshine across much of the bay area this afternoon thanks to an area of low pressure departing southern california. to the north you see moisture moving into washington and oregon, and this storm once again is going to stay well north of the area. so we're tracking another dry 36 hours across the region. let's go into future mode. monday morning, 6:00, the areas of dense fog developing around the bay and specific he the north bay, where napa will see the visible less than a mile tomorrow morning. it should burn off by monday afternoon for tons of sunshine but still no rain to contend with monday afternoon. the reason why we have been so dry, there's a strong area of high pressure that has not moved over the center of the country and that has split the country in half. the western side has been dry and rather mild but we heard the stories about the eastern half of the u.s. being rather cold and rather wet. the good news, as we good throughout the week, the high pressure is going to lose and weaken so that means the cold will ease on the east coast, but
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for us on the west coast, we'll finally get the storm track to come over the bay area and bring us some rain by next weekend. so long-range forecast, the cold front moving through, a pretty potent one saturday night sunday morning, and in terms of rainfall right now, a healthy dose of rain, generally two-thirds of an inch across many cities. north bay could see as much as an inch of rain by next sunday evening. so we'll keep tracking the storm. overnight lows, dense fog mid-40s across the board. napa on the cool side, overnewt 38 then tomorrow, after we see the fog burn off-it's a mild day with clouds to sunshine, 61, san francisco, 64, san jose, 63, the nye oakland. the accuweather seven-day forecast, "spare the air" in effect tomorrow. a sunny and mild week ahead through friday, and then the weekend will track the chance of rain saturday night into sunday morning. >> thank you, drew.
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>> quan in for shu and pro football. >> welcome to playoffs. down to the final four in pro football. maybe it's carm march last week a controversial call helped dallas beat detroit and advance. today controversial call helped end their season goal to lambeau field. the weather was actually not so bad. tony romo was superb. hitting william who breaks the inside and is gone. 38 yards for a touchdown. dallas led 14-10 at the half. bother bade calf. >> aaron rodgers struggled the fir half but finished strong. throws a bullet to another cal product, richard rogers, packers lead. the game comes down to this. fourth and two. five minutes left, romo deep for dez bryant, who appears to make an amazing catch. at first ruled down at the one, but after the packers challenge the call it was reversed because bryant did not control the ball all the way to the ground so becomes an incomplete pass and green bay takes over on downs. dallas tries to get the ball
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back but on third and 11 rodgers completes this pass to randle cobb for a first down and they run out the clock. so going to be green bay at seattle next sunday. rodgers through for 361 yards and three touchdowns. the cowboys' first road loss this season. most of moats game talk had to do with bryant's noncatch. >> i just can't believe it. all i can say. i can't believe it. i never seen anything like that. i never ever seen nothing like that in my life. i caught it, came down with it tried to reach for the goal line. >> maintained possession of it throughout in my opinion. let me make it clear. this game wasn't about officiating, we had an opportunity to come up here and win a ball game. we didn't get the job done. >> after getting embarrass inside the last summer bowl the broncos were hope fargo shot of redemption. firsted that had to get by the colts led by stanford
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all-american andrew luck. luck replaced peyton manning in indianapolis. denver strucks first. the colts tied up in the second quarter, the handoff to daniel herron who is in. indy's offense gets most of the headlines, he defense kept manning off balance all day. the colts recover the fumble. that set up this 2001 pass. it was 14-10 indy at the half. the colts added to their lead in the third quarter, luck with all kinds of time before finding nix in the end zone. the point after made it 21-10. with about three minutes left, denver was facing a fourth and eight. anderson with the great effort gets near the first down marker but comes up short. the broncos challenge the spot but it was not overturned. that would pretty much do it. manning's season is done. could it be the end of on era? 24-13 the final. so luck and the colts against tom brady and at the patriots.
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the soon to be 39-year-old manning was asked about his future. >> my mindset right now is just disappointment after today's game. so i'm disappointed. i kind of need to process this game and we'll meet tomorrow and kind of -- need to process this game. >> you go out and prepare to win. you can earn that right to expect to win a game, and i think we have done that this week. we have done it during the season. solid foundation of guys on that team coaches players. guys worked their butts off every week to come out and get victories like this. >> the pros worked their way to the super bowl, tomorrow night is oregon versus ohio state for the national college football championship. it's a 5:30 kickoff on espn and the watch espn app. this abc7 sport report has been brought to you by bank of the west. katie, after further review of
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the video was a noncatch so the case is closed. >> in my expert opinion. next at 6:00, the hardest free climb in the world. how soon a santa rosa man will resume h
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you'll find these and other general mills products on sale at safeway today! join us tonight on kofy tv 20. a chihuahua in california brought back to life. why vets are calling what happened after they resuscitated her a miracle. then on abc7 at 11:00 here on channel 7 the special tribute for the victims of the terrorist attacks in paris on the red carpet tonight in hollywood. tonight at 11:00. two mountain climbers, young from santa rosa rested today and planned to resume their assent to -- ascent to the top of el capitan tomorrow.
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they report their hands are battered and bloodied two weeks into the ascent of the vertical granite wall. they claim their trek this first free climb of this wall. that only using ropes for safety, not to help them climb. they hope to reach the top by mid-weekment best wishes to them. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. we leave you with one last look from sky 7hd of the new median barrier work going in on the golden gate
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>> hi, i'm lizzie bermudez! welcome to bay area life. on today's show -- food trucks aren't the only ones dominating the mobile biz. i've got some kick to it. they're prepared to take on the worst. all of this is driven by your northern california honda dealers.


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