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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 11, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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the golden gate bridge is back open hours ahead of schedule. the first cars driving over the bridge with the new median barrier in place at fine:30 more than six hours ahead of schedule. this is a live look at the toll plaza. so far traffic appears to be moving smoothly. hardly any cars on the road at all. good evening. the new barrier is in place. sky 7hd is overhead as crews practice moving the barriers with the zipper truck. and this is video of what it looks like now to drive on the new bridge next to the barrier. the -- it is from the golden gate district. it gives you an idea what you see when you drive on the bridge. sergio is eleven with the latest on tonight opening. sergio. >> katie just before 9:30 we
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noticed that all of the signs over the toll plaza switched to closed as they have been this entire weekend to open as you can see them now and then just shortly after that we got the word that the iconic golden gate bridge was reopened to traffic and then shortly after that, we saw the first cars as they are going over they were escorted by chp officers. just a few minutes later we decided to jump in our vehicle and drive over for ourselves and enjoy a clear and uncluttered view of the bridge and its new sen -- new center barrier. >> the drivers spent the day with a new vehicle. they got in as many practice runs as possible. this was the most significant job happening on the bridge. >> it was like terminator moving the barrier by itself. i wondered how they were doing that. >> back and forth they went taking full advantage without any traffic. the regular commuters told us they are new -- they are
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happier the barrier is in place. >> it will give the extra cushion and even if it is a mental thing it makes you feel safer. >> i have driven across many times and it is really scary going in the middle lane. >> unlike the plastic pegs that used to be there the new barrier will be able to handle the force of an suv driving a little more than 60 miles an hour. >> it hillary district the vehicle into the lane. it is not designed to cause the vehicle to ricochet off of it. >> the only other work needed to be completed is a power cleaning of the old peg holes and lane striping on both ends of the bridge. regular commuters will have to get used to a new lane configuration. >> for 70 years you have been merging from the left to the right. the merge has been flipped from the right to the left. and it will look different. that's more standard. >> the speed limit has been reduced from 55 to 45 miles an hour. it is just to give drivers more time to merge.
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and for those regular commuters it seems to be the biggest change. everyone is recommending drivers who go over there on a daily basis simply slow down and pay attention to the new changes. reporting live abc7 news. >> yeah, let's hope everyone takes it nice and easy. thank you sergio. >> this is a live look at the golden gate bridge right now. crews have been working around the clock since midnight on friday to assemble the moveable barrier. this is time lapse varied yow showing progress this afternoon. you can see the barrier begin to take shape as crews in stall the 3500 steel clad concrete blocks that are linked by steel pins. workers in -- installed the last block. crews moved the barrier back and forth and this is the view from sky 7hd tonight. then too you are system consists of about they are teen,300 feet of 12-inch wide
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and 32-inch high concrete blocks. the new barriers will reduce the width of the middle and left lanes, but not by much. >> if you are adjacent to the barrier itself in that lane, the lane will be approximately 6 inches left than what you have today. if you are driving next to the barrier it will be 9 foot 6. they shy away from the cones. it will be the same feeling if you are in that lane. >> engineers say it is especially important that everyone drive the speed limit and be extra careful because the new speed limit will take getting used to. you can't finish a highway project without a ribbon cutting. nancy pelosi did the honors. one of the speakers at today's dedication, a woman who survived the serious head on crash on the bridge. it is the exact wreck the new barrier is designed to
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prevent. there was some traffic back up on both sides of the bridge. nothing out of the ordinary for a weekend. while some people were caught off guard, most people were prepared to find alternative ways to get to and from san francisco in the north bay by bus or ferry. >> it is an inconvenience. it would have been great but i appreciate what they are doing. >> extra ferries were added to handle the additional passengers. the abc7 morning news team will be here first thing tomorrow morning to show us how the changes on the golden gate bridge are affecting the commute. join us at 4:30 for live reports from the bridge and leila's traffic report. >> tomorrow will be another spare the air day in the bay area. the 11th in a row tieing a record for the most in a row. officials blame it on stagnant dirty air hovering above us.
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>> hopefully we get a new cold front that comes in and it sweeps out the stagnant air. with that we will bring down the air pollution levels. when they reach a moderate level we will be able to call off a spare the air. >> tomorrow's spare the air day means no wood burning and the bay area air quality management district plans to have inspectors on patrol looking for people burning wood. the fines are steep. abc7 meteorologist here with a live check on weather. >> katie tonight the main issue we are seeing out there is fog developing and it is dense in some areas, especially in the north bay where visibility is half a mile. the fog will stick around for the morning rush. we are in the mid40s across the bay. 38 though in napa where we have those clear skies. 44 in san jose. 42 in san hoe -- san jose and antioch. the santa clara valley the
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11th con consecutive day of no wood burning. we will talk about improving air quality and our next rain maker is in sight. the timing with the full ago wiew cl seven-day forecast in a few minutes. katie? >> thanks, drew. san jose police are investigating a nightclub shooting that left five people injured. it happened while chris brown was on stage at the fiesta nightclub near capital expressway. lilian kim has the story. >> the man everyone wanted to see didn't take the stage at the fiesta nightclub until the 1:00 hour. the r&b star chris brown just started ringing when the gunshots rang out. >> edgar jimenez started working the bar when the chaos unfolded. >> something was related to the music. i think it was two gunshots or something like that. >> san jose police say the birthday event was sold out.
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shots were fired in and out of the club. they were seen running as fast as they could. shoes and other personal belongings were left behind. >> frantic scared. people being trampled. >> they say there were about 700 people at the event and this all started at the bathroom where there was pushing and shoving which let to -- which lead to gunshots. this woman doesn't want her face shown and she was at the party. >> it must have pissed off somebody real bad to shoot somebody. >> fortunately the five gunshot victims suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. hechris brown was ushered away. in san jose lilian kim abc7 news. san francisco police believe friday's deadly shooting in hayes valley is a
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result of gang warfare. this is the growing memorial. at least three of the four men killed were members of the matt lock gang. the shooter or shooters are from a rival gang and police are looking for suspects. jury selection began in the trial of a man facing murder for hire charges. he is accused of running a black market website called silk road. federal prosecutors in new york accuse him of asking others to kill people who pose threats to his business. the fbi arrested ulbrick was at branch in 2013. they sold cocaine heroin and other drugs to the buyers. the monterey county sheriff says fredy swanson was captured. he escaped from jail by punching through a window and
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jumping on to a roof. they followed leads that swanson was in seaside and that is where they arrested him. swanson was originally in jail awaiting sentencing on drugs and weapons charges. a massive show of support for the victims of the terrorist attack in paris. and the new warning in the u.s. and a hospital strike getting underway tomorrow and which patients could be affected. >> and the golden globe goes to -- >> a star-studded start to award season. we will look at the big winners at the golden globes
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funny, kyle.
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>> this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. it was scheduled to reopen at 4:00 tomorrow morning, but it opened at 9:30, so six and a half hours ahead of schedule. construction wrapped up and crews practiced the new zipper trucks and they filled in the holes and the concrete where the pylons used to go and everything appears to be moving smoothly. hardly any traffic to speak of at this hour. it was a star-studded red carpet at the golden globes and they gave a nod to the victims of the attacks in paris. it is the kickoff of the award season leading up to the biggest night of all, the academy award. the golden glow goes to "boyhood." >> tina facial -- tina faye
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and amy poehler. >> i am so thankful from the bottom of my heart. >> i just want to be better but this sen couraging. >> and best actresses. >> to say i am ill prepared for this moment is a huge understatement. >> thank you so much. >> the stars saluted the victims of the paris terrorist attack. >> we will stand united against anyone or anywhere from north korea to paris. >> there was some inside humor. >> tonight we celebrate all of the great tell investigation shows we know. >> george clooney took on a lifetime achievement award. i couldn't be more proud to be your husband. >> trans -- "transparent" won
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for best tv series. >> this award is dedicated to the memory of leila-alcorn and too many people who have died too young. >> abc news from back stage at the golden globe. >> you can watch it here on abc7 on february 22nd. workers wilt -- will start a one-week strike at could kaiser permanente. they represent some nurses at kaiser. they accuse them of putting them at risk. >> unnecessary pain and suffering that has become normal . these clinicians don't want to strike. >> we have hired 25% more clinicians. at the same time our membership, the number of patients we have has increased by 8%.
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>> kaiser says they will be able to serve patients who need urgent or emergency mental health care during the walkout. new concerns that more contaminated food could be linked to an apple packing plant. all granny smith and gala apples from the bidart brothers plant have been recalled. the listeria was first found in pre package cked caramel -- pre packaged caramel apples. six people including a santa cruz woman may have been killed by the bacteria. more than 30 people across 11 states have reported being sick. protesters greeted customers at the whole foods in san francisco today. activists sent us this video. they have video proving certain certified humane foods actually come from a northern california supplier that mistreats the animals. a whole foods spokeswoman sent
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abc7 news a statement that reads in part whole foods market has advocated for the humane treatment of farm animals. we are looking into this from every angle and the video paints a distorted vic tour of our -- picture of our animal welfare standards. and now to an incredible feet of skill and friendship. the two climbers in yosemite attempting to reach the top of one of the highest and steepest cliffs in the world are refusing to move higher until his partner can catch up. abc7 news reporter with the latest. >> tonight two men are on the verge of making history. tommy caldwell and kevin jorgeson are climbing the el capitan using only their hands and feet on these near vertical walls. the ropes are only there to catch their falls. the pair is documenting their 16-day journey on camera and on-line. they are dodging ice from above. >> there is this crazy arctic
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windstorm. >> caldwell now just a thousand feet from the top, but waiting for jorgeth son who had -- jorgenson who had fallen behind. >> and this weekend jorgenson making it past the toughest section of the crime. >> he did it. >> jorgenson is a few hundred feet behind caldwell. the crowd is waiting and watching. caldwell's uncle is cheering too. >> it is emotional . >> we know what he has gone through. >> they tried to conquer this rock for seven years and tonight the dream could finally be in reach. yosemite national park. >> unbelievable. let's get a check of the forecast with drew touma.
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we are dealing with stagnant air. >> it is giving us poor air quality, but it is also bringing us dense fog. the visibility will be an issue tomorrow morning and it is certainly an issue right now. we are down to five miles in concord and without an active wind to take out the fog you may want extra time because you will have limited visibility. 43 in novato and 52 in san francisco and 50 in oakland and 47 in concord and 49 in fremont and 48 in san jose and antioch is currently 50 degrees. satellite and radar we have high clouds streaming in across the bay area and our next storm is working into parts of washington and oregon. unfortunately the high pressure is in control in the bay area.
11:21 pm
it will stay into canada the next couple days. take a look at the forecast as you go into future mode. monday tomorrow morning, 6:00 we are forecasting areas of dense fog. once again they are developing. that should burn off midday. by the afternoon we turn to sunny skies across the region. temperatures are 5 to 7 degrees above normal. then we will fast-forward to the long range and show you our next substantial storm. this one comes in early saturday and each new run we get this storm looks wetter. more rain could be headed our way. take a look at the preliminary numbers half an inch in san francisco and in oakland and san jose. picking up a third of an inch of rain and some indications that the north bay could see some soaking showers. we will continue to fine-tune the timing of the storm heading toward next weekend. the issue at the bus stop and
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there will be hazy sunshine. the sunrise is getting up there at 7:25 a.m. we will be on the mild side. 61 in san francisco and up to 62 in richmond and 64 in vallejo and 66 the high in napa and 65 in antioch and 68 and very warm in fairfield. and up to 60 degrees degrees in san mateo. shear your seven-day forecast. spare the air in affect. no wood burning for the 11th consecutive day. we start with fog and turning to afternoon sunshine. by tuesday it is sunny and mild. by tuesday evening the winds are going to turn offshore. what that is going to do is mix up our atmosphere. and that means wednesday midweek we are talking better air quality finally around the bay area. the temperatures are still on the mild side. it is sunny and breezy around here on thursday. we are dry on friday. and then it is over the weekend. saturday and even lingering into sunday we could pick up our next storm with that rain
11:23 pm
half an inch to an inch. mike niko will have more at 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> very good. and rick now in sports and football. >> two more great games, katie. the 49ers have the catch, but the cowboys have the catch that wasn't. the controversial call that likely caused the cowboys in
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maybe it is karma. a controversial call helped dallas beat detroit and advance to the playoffs and today a controversial call ended their season. weather was not so bad. romo hits williams and he breaks to the inside and is gone for a touchdown. dallas lead it 14-10 at the half. bothered by a calf injury
11:26 pm
aaron rodgers struggled the first half but he finished strong. he threw a bullet to another cal product, richard rogers. the pack lead it 26-21. the game would come down to this. on fourth and 2 with 5 minutes left romo goes deep to bryant who appears to make an amazing catch. at first he is ruled down at the one, but after the packers challenge the call it was reversed because bryant did not control the ball all the way to the ground as the replay shows. so it becomes an incomplete pass. rodgers somehow completes this tipped pass and they run out the clock. it is green bay at seattle next sunday for the nfc championship. 26-2 sun was the -- 26-21 was the final. rodgers threw for three touchdowns. it was the first road loss this season. most of the post game talk had to do with bryant's catch. the calls they don't go your
11:27 pm
way and that was obviously part of the game. it doesn't go the way you want. >> you have seen what everybody else has seen. i never seen anything like it. >> i tried to reach for the goal line. >> they finish out the year 9-0 and they beat a great football team like that. the defense is really stout. >> when we come back, former stanford star andrew luck and the colts upset the broncos and peyton manning. ♪i can show you the world♪ ♪shining, shimmering, splendid♪
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over a million californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long. health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. it's based on income. to get covered you've got to get going. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today.
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after getting embarrassed in the last super bowl the broncos are hoping for a shot at redemption. first they had to get by the colts lead by andrew luck. it was luck who replaced payson manning at indianapolis -- peyton manning at indianapolis. manning to demaryius thomas for the quick lead. the colts tie it up in the second quarter. the handoff as he gets to the outside and he is in. indy's offense gets most of the headlines, the defense kept manning off balance all day. the colts recover. that set up this touchdown pass from luck to duane alan who was 14 -- it was 14-10 indy at the half. the colts added to their lead in the third quarter. luck with all kinds of time before throwing a strike to hakim nicks. the poit after made it 21-10. denver was facing a fourth and eight. cj anderson gets near the first down marker, but he comes up just short. the broncos challenge the spot, but it was not
11:31 pm
overturned. that does it. manning's season is done. could it be the end of an era? 24-13 was the final. it is luck and the colts against tom brady and the patriots for the title next sunday. new england beat indy in last year's playoffs, but luck says this team is much improved. >> i would like to think i am a better quarterback and we are a better team. more well equiped to has handle the unknown and the unforeseen. we have good football players. a chance to go up to new england and play them and get another crack at them is awesome. we will make sure to try and take full advantage of it and do what we can. >> it is going to be a great opportunity. we will continue to embrace this opportunity and we will prepare accordingly but we know it is a tall order to go up there and win. >> later in the show we will preview tomorrow night's college football championship. and cal and stanford basketball the men and women teams were in action today. >> thank you.
11:32 pm
see you again in a little bit. just ahead, american police and security officials are on alert tonight. the new threat in the aftermath of the terrorist terror attacks. and the new discovery that could lead to answers in last month's airasia plane crash. >> if you go to a game watch the game. if you would like to kiss your dade that's terrific. >> and just how real are some of the wilder kisses. >> and the golden gate bridge is back open hours after schedule and we will have an update when we return. don't wait for awesome... totino's
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>> good evening. i'm katie and in tonight's headlines a welcome surprise for commuters. the golden gate bridge opened to traffic around 9:30 tonight hours earlier than the planned opening at 4:00 tomorrow morning. here is a live look at traffic on the bridge right now. it is pretty minimal. the new moveable con screen barrier is in place and it will protect drivers from head on collisions. until now, only yellow plastic tubes were protecting drivers. the morning news team will be here first thing tomorrow morning to show us how the changes are affecting the commute. join us tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> in san jose, five people are recovering after being shot during a chris brown performance at the fiesta nightclub. police are searching for the shooter and trying to determine a motive. a police source tells abc7 news that they believe the shooting killed four people in hey valley is the result of a gang war.
11:36 pm
we believe it was in a western division neighborhood. the shooter or shooters are likely from a rival gang. a twitter message has police in the bay area and across america taking extra precautions. isis renewed a call to its followers to launch attacks on police, military and intelligence in the united states france australia and canada. the new posting will inspire more lone wolf terrorist attacks like the one killed 17 people in paris last week. >> whether it comes from a specific group like isis or whether it is in the chat rooms. >> san francisco police just told us tonight all bay area law enforcement agencies are aware of the threat. officers have been told about it and they are asked to remain vigilant. more than a million people take a stand against terror.
11:37 pm
matt gutman has the story from paris. >> more than a million people took to the streets in paris. vowing to defy terrorism. they honored the 7 team people killed in the attacks on the newspaper "charlie hebdo" last week. >> we are not afraid. >> we have to be here in the memory of these people innocent people. >> this is the chant we have been hearing all day charlie. you don't see almost any security around here, yet people say right now they feel safe. >> but as the people rally the hunt for the most wanted woman in the world went international. the only known living suspect skip i -- skipped france before the attacks and then went to spain and turkey and then to sear raw. al-qaeda and yemen first claimed responsibility, but more information about her
11:38 pm
life partner in an image claiming credit for the attacks and pledging support to isis. >> wree don't have any -- we don't have credible information to let us know who was responsible. >> despite increased concerns the millions who gathered refused to live in fear. abc news, paris. >> solidarity with france is strong in the bay area. a large crowd gathered in front of san francisco city hall. it was one of 20 rallies around the country. the crowd observed a minute of silence to remember and respect the victims of last week's terror attacks. we will have continuing coverage of the terror attack in paris on air and on-line at our reporting continues now on twitter at abc7 news bay area. the white house is planing to host a conference aimed at
11:39 pm
preventing violent extremism. the summit is scheduled for february 18th and it is scheduled to focus on domestic and international efforts to combat attacks by extremists. divers have recovered one of the black boxes from the airasia flight that crashed more than two weeks ago. the discovery of the flight data recorder could be crucial in learning what us cayed the crash into the sea. divers continue to hunt for the cockpit voice recorder. all 162 people on board died. california is spending more than $5 million to screen tens of thousands of prisoners for valley fever. testing will begin tomorrow. inmates who have already been exposed are considered immune. they can be transferred to prisoner -- prisons near fresno. they can cause flu-like symptoms and in some cases it can lead to blindness and death. four inmates died in 2013. the state is currently
11:40 pm
spending $23 million a year to treat infected inmates and employees. that moment when sports fans are caught off guard and the peer pressure to pucker up. the latest kiss cam video to go viral. is it the real deal or just some really good acting? david wright with the story. >> courtesey of the new york knicks an old joke with a new punch line. the boyfriend clearly is not interested in the kiss cam. so she goes for the next best thing. the crowd goes bananas. the kiss cam waits for no man. not the future king of england and not even the kisser in chief. such is the tierney of the jumbo tron. personally i hate the kiss cam. i do not go to sporting events to make out. if you go to the game, watch the game. if you would like to kiss your date terrific. but take her where she is the focus of your affection and
11:41 pm
not lebron james. your lady deserves better. an opportunity for fumer and an invitation for lust and the distinct possibility of humiliation in front of 30,000 people. this guy picked beer over his girlfriend. another proposed only to have his girlfriend say no. >> i guess she decided to think about it. >> at a lakers' game john c riley and will farrell went for it. president bush didn't hesitate when it was his turn. president obama got an instant replay when the camera found him again. >> a presidential smooch. >> the president -- the question we had was this moment staged? they wouldn't comment, but agreed it sure was fun and not to mention a cautionary tale for boyfriends the world over. david wright abc news. >> a little too perfect but
11:42 pm
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the by area has two new millionaires. they struck it rich playing the california lottery. one superlotto plus winner bought their ticket at an arco am/pm minute fee market and the other was -- market. the winners with i will split last night's $7 million jackpot and that means $3.5 million each. a bay area center that has changed the lives of thousands of amputees is now having the same impact for athletes and others with severe injuries. as abc7 news morning anchor eric thomas talks the result c's -- the result is inspiring. >> you would never guess that there was a time when walking normally looked like a challenge. max was eight years old when a semitruck -- semitruck struck him. >> this is bone and lcl and
11:46 pm
two of my quads joo. i doctors saved his badly damaged right leg, but the injury resulted in growth deformities and other challengeds. challenges that max decided to meet head on several years ago. >> i had taken time off of work and i began to look at my injury in toe tall tee. totality. i started to try things i never tried before. >> this is super extreme to hear. >> to cross the barriers he started walking with the team at ucsf's orthopedic institute. designing high-tech braces that will allow him to run swim, ski and much more. while it has allowed the at -- athletes to compete on the stage it presents a different challenge. >> you still have the full limb there so you can't just put whatever new fancy
11:47 pm
devices that have been developed. they have to accommodate what is already there and still try to add to it. >> the ucsf team starts with a mold of max's leg and creates prototypes layer bilayer and finishing with high-tech materials like carbon fib their can hold max's leg study and still be flexible enough to allow the movement required by competitive sports. max provides feedback both on fifth and alternative designs. >> i stepped in -- i stepped into ucsf with a summary of what we can do and things i would like to try. and that's where we started. >> the results have allowed max to pursue a startling array of sports from running and swimming and snowboarding. a collaboration that is almost as rewarding for the ucsf team as it is for max. >> seeing a problem and finding a solution, trial and
11:48 pm
error and research and design and seeing him research his potential. we get victories that are small, but they feel huge. >> eric thomas, abc7 news. >> just a few weeks ago max and robert teamed up to run an 11-mile race together in san francisco. well, these people changing gears, forgot to wear their pants on purpose before they took a ride on the new new york city subway today. and this marks the 14th year the group improve everywhere, have had the subway ride. it is between a small group of fans and now it has gone global with thousands of people joining in as far away as australia and, yes here is fran. you may have encountered some of this on bart. i did not. let's send it over to drew who is fully clothed. >> but would you? >> no. absolutely not. >> that is amazing. that is so funny. live doppler 7hd and we are dry right now but the issue we are having is that fog is
11:49 pm
starting to see the visibility getting reduced. napa is a third of a mile visibility and santa rosa is less than half of mile. without a wind to really mix up the atmosphere, the dense fog will be lingering. we have a really strong cold front slicing across the eastern half of the united states. it will be a messy mix of snow and rain down to washington, d.c. some thunderstorms to miami. the center of the country is nice and quiet. high of two in fargo. california tomorrow will see mainly cloudy skies and peeks of sunshine. 64 in sacramento and 66 in los angeles. as they are drying out from the rain they had the past 24 hours. here in the bay area we will start off with fog and turn to sunshine by the afternoon. we have a spare the air in affect again. 61 in san francisco and 63 in oakland. getting up to 64 in san jose. accu-weather seven-day forecast shows you we are sunny and mild on tuesday. better air quality on wednesday with a breeze
11:50 pm
kicking in. friday it is warm and then we will track the rain saturday into sunday. >> have to dig out my umbrella. it feels like it has been awhile. over to the rickster for sports. i am working on a nickname. >> the quanster. >> i like that one. >> quan man. >> the nfl is down to the final four teams. all is set for the national college football championship. oregon versus ohio state for all of the marbles. ♪ ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally
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11:53 pm
decided when oregon and ohio play for the championship. they are under dogs, but it doesn't bother them. despite losing braxton miller and barrett to injuries ohio state still went 13-1. the third string quarterback looked impressive in his first two career starts. regardless of tomorrow's outcome, head coach urban meyer says he cooperate be prouder of this team. >> i can't remember coaching a team that has been through more certainly with the braxton miller situation other things have showed up and they have really responded. that's the essence of a good time. a good team. if you can hit the storm and come out stronger that's a real team. >> it should be a great game. i am going with oregon in a shootout. watch the action tomorrow night on espn or the watch espn app. kickoff is at 5:30. katie is rooting for the
11:54 pm
buckeyes. >> so is drew. >> two against one. now to the nfl playoffs. green bay is an underdog in the nfc title game at seattle. the packers managed to beat dallas thanks to a controversial call. we go to lambeau field where the pack went undefeated this season. bothered by a calf injury aaron rodgers finished strong. he throws a bullet to another cal product. green bay lead it 26-21. this game comes down to this with under five minutes left. after the packers challenge the call it was reversed because bryant did not control the ball all the way to the ground. so it becomes an incomplete pass. green bay takes over on down. 26-21 the final. most of the post game talk had to do with the controversial call. >> i just can't believe it. i can't believe it. i never seen anything like that. i never seen anything like that.
11:55 pm
i came down with it and tried to reach for the goal line. >> in the afc playoffs, the colts upset denver but they were made seven-point underdogs. it features andrew luck. denver strikes first and manning to thomas for a quick 7-0 lead. after a manning fumble the colts take advantage and luck hits duane alan and indy lead it 14-10 at the half. there is great protection all day. he moves around before throwing a strike. the point after makes it 21-10. there would be no come back and for the 38-year-old manning this may have been his final game. 24-13 the final. luck and the colts against brady and the patriots for the afc title next sunday. manning was asked about his future. >> my mind-set right now is disappointment after today's game. i am disappointed. i need to process this game.
11:56 pm
we will meet tomorrow and kind of -- i need to process this game. >> basketball getting off to the best start in 55 years cal has now lost five of the last six games. the golden bears were taking on ucla. he missed 10 games and he had to leave early with a leg cramp. they have looked bad at times but not against cal. tony parker puts in two of his 13. all five starters finished in double figures. ucla wins it 73-54 and cal falls to 11-6 and 1-3 in conference play. stanford was trying to bounce back from its own loss. great ball movement and he scored a career high 18. alan misses this time, but anthony brown is there for the put back. the cardinal lead by one and usc has the ball. but he stumbles and loses possession. stanford hangs on to win it
11:57 pm
78-76 and it is now 11 h of 4 -- 11-4 and 3-1 in the pac-12. late in the game she nails the three. that put them up by two. the cougars force over time. in ot it was all stanford. the cardinal wins 86-76 and they improve to 12-4 and 4-0 in the conference. the cal women were in seattle to take on washington. chelsea plum had a huge game for the huskies. check out this off balance shot. the bears hung close thanks to makayla who lead 18 points. she finished with 30 points and five rebounds. cal with a chance but britney boyd's ball is off the mark. the bears drop to 3-1 in the connence from. busy day in sports. >> thanks, rick. and thank all of you for joining us.
11:58 pm
we leave you with a live look at the golden gate bridge. tune
11:59 pm
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