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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 12, 2015 3:00am-4:01am PST

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in this morning on "world news now" -- on alert. new fears of terrorism here and worldwide after the bloody attacks in paris. >> the thing that worries me the most right now is the buzz on social media. >> the search for a terror suspect who fled paris while more than a million people march for peace in france. miserable monday. the ice and snow from chicago to the eastern seaboard. hazardous travel and warnings from accuweather. >> later, the golden globe awards. from the humerus hosts to the big winners to a huge sliding spotlight on george clooney. the insight here you won't get anywhere else. it's monday, january 12th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> and good morning to you all on this monday.
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i'm t.j. holmes. thanks for being here. >> done? >> i just wanted to give them a nice greeting on monday. >> you are anxious to get in there. >> we've got so much news. >> go. >> we're going to get right to it. all these terrorism worries. the united states on possible alert for a potential terror attack right here. >> what to believe. what is going on. isis renewing its calls to followers to launch attacks here in the u.s. pierre thomas picks up the story for us. >> reporter: clearly trying to take advantage of the aftermath of the attacks in paris, isis posted a new message calling on sympathizers to strike the soldiers, strike their police, security and intelligence members in the west. the target countries? the u.s., france, australia and canada. the video is a recut of a previous call to arms posted last september. following that posting, the world saw lone wolf attacks in canada when a gunman attacked
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parliament and killed a soldier. they were investigating whether it was isis inspired. and this siege of a chocolate shop in australia last month which left two hostages and the gunman dead. all that before this week's massacre at a satirical newspaper in paris and a hostage standoff perpetrated by another member of the same terror cell. when a new video posted online pledged allegiance to the leader of isis. this new posting on social media inspiring more lone wolf attacks. >> the thing that worries me the most is the buzz on social media. whether it comes from a specific group like isis or just on the chat rooms. >> reporter: authorities were taking no chances with this new threat. new york police immediately responded warning officers at roll call to not sit together in patrol cars. to watch for approaching vehicles and look at the hands of people approaching them.
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isis clearly has influence in the u.s. the fbi arrested at least 12 americans for trying to join isis last year. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. the largest demonstration in french history, bigger than even the rally after the liberation of paris from the nazis 70 years ago. more than a million people took to the streets of the french capital led by dozens of world leaders from germany's chancellor to the palestinian president. many held pens in their fist in support of freedom of expression. there were also demonstrations around the world including one in washington. about 3,000 people assembled for a silent march. it was organized by the french embassy. it ended at the national law enforcement officers memorial near capitol hill. similar marches were staged in boston, brussels and beirut. >> u.s. attorney general eric holder is in paris now to meet with his european counterparts. also cooperation behind the scenes as intelligence officials around the world work together to prevent the next attack. abc's brian ross has that part
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of the story. >> reporter: for u.s. investigators there is now little doubt that the attacks were helped, enabled by terror groups in syria and yemen. the latest evidence comes in a martyrdom video posted online from the gunman who killed five people at the kosher supermarket. with a black jihadist flag behind him, amedy coulibaly says the attacks were synchronized and offers thanks for a few thousand euros in order to finish buying everything necessary. >> we learned again as in 9/11 it doesn't cost much money for terrorist organizations to do this. >> reporter: still being sought is coulibaly's girlfriend, hay boumeddiene who went from bikinis to burqas. as his alleged partner in terror. french authorities confirmed that she fled to syria last week traveling through madrid and istanbul before crossing into the land of isis. >> the reason she flew to syria
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is really to attain sanctuary. >> reporter: as for the two brothers who displayed combat tactics as they attacked the magazine last week, their terror ties go to yemen and the al qaeda group there. according to u.s. officials. in a phone call with a french tv station, the younger brother cherif claimed he got money for the attack through anwar al awlaki, the radical cleric killed in yemen some three years ago. >> two say they're al qaeda. one says he's isis. that means there's a greater talent pool for both of them to call on. >> reporter: none of which is good news for the u.s. or its allies as they try to deal with this continued terror threat. brian ross, abc news, new york. breaking news overnight in the search for the rest of the doomed airasia flight. one of the black boxes has been recovered. two weeks after the flight went down, divers retrieved the flight data recorder from the java sea and found a cockpit voice recorder as well but
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they're still trying to bring it to the surface. the black boxes will be sent to indonesia where it could take two weeks to download the data. of the 162 on board, 48 bodies have been recovered. icy rain brought traffic to a standstill on a major highway in arkansas on a sunday. that's my home state struggling a bit. take a look. cars bumper to bumper on 49. trucks waited it out lining up along the side of the road. bridges were treacherous. drivers who aren't used to this trying to keep a safe distance. still a lot of accidents to report. no injuries. no serious ones to report. eastern pennsylvania bracing for the wintry mix to arrive this morning. all state road crews and five counties were called into work at midnight. 182 trucks will be on the roads ready to spread salt the minute the skies open up. dangerous ice is expected between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. accuweather's steph davis shows us this weather and how it's going to impact millions.
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good morning to you steph. >> we're dealing with rain, snow and ice across the east for our monday morning commute. widespread one to three inches of snow from northern new england through the upper midwest. cities along the lakes, cleveland and buffalo, will see 3 to 6 inches. ice will be the major issue across the i-70 corridor in the midwest. i-80 and 81 in pennsylvania. and watch for slick spots on the 95 north of d.c. all the way north into boston. reena and t.j., back to you. steph, thank you. gas prices this morning are the lowest they've been in five years. the average price is $2.13 a gallon. that's half a dollar less than a month ago. gas is below $2 in 16 states. aaa expects gas prices to stay well below $3 a gallon all year, although they may rise a little this spring and summer. a lot of folks take their coffee different ways. some like their coffee straight up -- that's drinks.
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they like it black, right? some want a little milk, sugar. here's another way. >> how about enjoying it in the company of cats. that's the idea behind the cat cafe which opened before christmas in san diego. customers can buy their coffee and they can drink it while playing around with or just petting a feline friend. >> the cats are provided by the san diego humane society. they can go through a process and eventually adopt it. >> something for everybody out there. coming up, the jokes from the on-stage jokes to major victories at the golden globes. our entertainment editor is here with her insight. from hollywood stars to stars of the football field, two college quarterbacks about to compete in tonight's championship. our preview next on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by airborne dual action. airborne dual action.
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♪ ♪ all right. the nfl down to its final four. the colts and broncos went at it last night. tied when indianapolis quarterback andrew luck threw his first touchdown pass of the game to duane allen. you see it there. he was on target in the third quarter as well. hitting hakeem nicks. 15 yards out. post defense. spoiled the party for peyton manning. peyton manning did not have a good game. really one of his worst playoff games ever. so the colts take this, 24-13. they'll play new england next
3:13 am
sunday for the right to go to the super bowl. the nfc, green bay trailed dallas 21-13. aaron rodgers hits devonte adams. connected for this touchdown. this is in the third quarter. packers took the lead. rodgers, another score. then there was controversy. all right. check this out. fourth down play. tony romo to dez bryant. looks like a catch. puts them there in position to score. challenged by green bay. turns out not to be a catch. it was overruled. he didn't have possession. you'll hear a lot about this. you have to have possession through the catch as you hit the ground. controversy. they'll be talking about this one for a while. green bay goes on to win this thing. 26-21. they'll play seattle. winner goes to the super bowl. >> colts patriots, packers, seahawks. just under a week to get ready for their conference title games. >> but the teams from oregon and ohio state. right? >> yes. >> i know they're in the game. that's tonight. >> we're going to replay the conversation we just had during
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the commercial. you're going to love it. oregon and ohio state just a matter of hours away. for their showdown for college football's national championship. ron claiborne tells us about the guys calling the signals. >> the first ever national college championship is a battle between two heavy weights. in this corner the oregon ducks. 13 wins, 1 loss. an offensive juggernaut, racking up more than 47 points a game. in this corner, the ohio state buckeyes, also 13-1. the underdogs still looking for respect. two teams, two very different quarterbacks. oregon's marcus mariota. >> i really wanted to be a part of this team and contribute and i wanted to find ways to get myself better. >> reporter: mariota is arguably the best quarterback in the country and an all-american nice guy. >> great, great player. great person. great leader. >> that's the coach of the other team talking. mariota won the heisman trophy
3:15 am
college football's top award and will likely be the first player chosen in the upcoming draft. he appeared on david letterman. >> to heck with the nfl. i'm going on "dancing with the stars." >> ohio state is led by cardale jones who became the starter at the end of the the season when the buckeyes quarterback went down with a season-ending injury. >> four weeks ago, five weeks ago, i didn't see myself in this position. >> the 250-pound sophomore can throw and run. so the stage is set. the oregon ducks behind mariota and the ohio state buckeyes and a quarterback who began the season sitting on the bench. bring it on. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> it's all tonight on espn at 8:30 eastern time. coming up, last night's big winners from the golden globes. the stars coming together for their favorite awards show. we'll recap the big winners.
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>> my kind of story. ahead in the next half hour, lying while parking. phonies caught on camera using disabled parking permits before going on a hike. what the police had to say about it. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ ♪ the awards season is in full swing. last night was a big one. the golden globes and all the stars of film and television were out and about. joining us is abc's entertainment editor lesley messer. a full recap of the big moments. welcome. >> hi. nice to be here. >> let's kick it off with the hosts, tina fey and amy poehler. this is their last time. >> their last time together. i have to say, i didn't think we saw enough of them. last time we saw them on stage throughout the show during gags.
3:18 am
this time they took a back seat and let margaret cho play a bigger role with the gimmick about north korea. honestly, i missed seeing them together. i wished there were more of them. when they were on stage they weren't afraid to tackle the tough topics. >> no one was off the hook. even the recipient of the lifetime achievement award, right? >> amal is a human rights lawyer who was an adviser to kofi annan regarding syria and selected for a three-person u.n. commission investigating rules of war violations in the gaza strip. so tonight her husband is getting a lifetime achievement award. >> and amal looked so shy and demure. >> she's amazing. >> she's probably my favorite person last night. she was stunning. she seemed so humble and she's so successful. he did very well with her. >> he seemed to genuinely gush about her.
3:19 am
seemed really genuine. >> this is a man so private about his personal life and could not stop saying nice things saying i'm so proud to be your husband. i've waited my whole life to meet you. one of the night's most touching moments. >> it normally takes a back seat to the movies. >> television, i was surprised, no network won anything. >> the cw got one but everything was amazon or netflix. it's an interesting time for tv. these shows that aren't necessarily on network tv can really push the envelope and tackle topics that you may not see on a network tv station. >> let's move on to the movies. >> best actress award. >> these are two people, amy adams and julianne moore who get nominated constantly. very rarely do we see them get to accept the honor. it was so exciting to see them tonight have -- get their due and be able to make these speeches that were so sweet. >> how about the guys? >> another big year for two people who don't necessarily get recognized enough. eddie redmayne played stephen hawking. in the theory of everything.
3:20 am
stephen hawking himself said he did a great job. michael keaton, "birdman." got his due after being behind the scenes for a long time. did such a great job. cried in his speech. a really, really great night for them. >> and the best movie. >> it was -- these were two awards i don't think a lot of people saw coming but were well deserved. "grand budapest hotel" and "boyhood" took home top honors. it's an exciting night. could have gone to any number of films. >> any big surprises? >> i expected "birdman" to win over "grand budapest hotel." not saying it necessarily should have or shouldn't have. i didn't see it coming. i'm not sure wes anderson did either. it's always cool when you see someone who doesn't necessarily expect it get a big night. >> the big winner we saw tonight, do you think they'll end up winning at the oscars? >> it's hard to say. >> "boyhood" is doing so well after tonight. picked up so many awards. i wouldn't be surprised to see a
3:21 am
movie like "selma" which tackles a topic on everyone's mind right now, civil rights, pick up steam. plus it has oprah behind it which is not a bad person to have on your side. >> that's right. there was a lot of buzz about selma but it didn't take home a lot of awards. >> won one award tonight. the oscars are still a ways away. >> and what about best fashion of the night? >> it was an unbelievable night for fashion. i thought allison williams looked amazing. i thought kate hudson looked amazing. and we were talking earlier. i didn't see gwyneth on the red carpet, but does she ever not look amazing? plus amal. >> a new ad this year to hollywood. >> very exciting one at that. >> thank you for joining us. speaking of fashion, more in our next half hour. such a big night tonight. we'll have more about the fashion in "the skinny" coming up. lesley messer, thanks so much for joining us.
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>> thanks for having me. we'll be right back. stay with us. we'll be root back. stay with us.
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call the number on your screen now. now it's time for "the mix." you remember rachel and monica's apartment from "friends"? >> i actually don't. >> what? i didn't get into the show. >> it was this funky apartment a lot of people would love. >> i'm one of the few. >> this is what it looked like. it was spacious for a new york apartment. there's an artist who re-created this apartment. made it all from paper, completely handmade. take a look. pretty good. it's superfan bruna salvador. con forto. she did it all by herself. she took two years to do it. she's a student, worked once a week on it and completely recreated it. >> two years? >> two years. >> and that's all paper? >> she posted it to facebook about a year ago. it's now going viral.
3:26 am
she did it all with paper and hand painted. >> is that a student? >> a student found that kind of time? that's why it took two years. student, busy person. >> superfan of "friends." >> think she'll recreate this studio? >> i bet she could. in a heartbeat. >> we should put the bid in. here's some video. if you don't like heights, this is not going to be for you. check it out. he's up high and about -- he's about to take the leap. that guy is a b.a.s.e. jumper. jumping with another guy who wants to capture him doing all these flips. this is over a radio tower in nevada. this is a b.a.s.e. jumper. his name is mark broderick. it's all caught on the gopros. that is just intense. he deploys his chute. that's the top of his gopro. he's the one doing the flips. he deployed that chute and he lands safely. it all worked out well. it's impressive what these guys do and are willing to do. and the photographer jumping with him, his name?
3:27 am
j.t. holmes. >> no, stop. >> i kid you not. >> is that your cousin? >> he's trying to start his photography business and i'm trying to help him out. there you go. >> he's only joking, folks. got to be careful what kind of underwear you're wearing on the subway. >> thanks for that heads up. >> it was no pants subway ride. this is not just in new york. it's around the world from sydney, paris, mexico, new york city. this was started by improv everywhere comedy group that decided to do this as a prank. and it turned into this international event. once a year, and it was on sunday, they show up on the subway and take their pants off and kind of make some folks uncomfortable as they are doing it. >> is this the only day you do this? >> if i do this on wednesday -- is it going to be a problem? >> abc will get a call. police will get a call. >> probably will. indecent exposure, some sort of charge like that. >> i'll test it out on wednesday.
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>> the 2
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this morning on "world news now" -- terror fears. new warnings about isis taking aim at the u.s. following last week's attacks on paris. the major development after a history making march in france. breaking overnight -- the major discoveries after the airasia crash in the java sea. what divers uncovering and what it means for the investigation. cracking down. going undercover to catch drivers illegally parking in handicapped spots. the sting operation and the costly lessons learned. later, the major award winner at the golden globes. who stole the show and who set the biggest fashion trends. it's all in "the skinny" on this monday, january 12th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning to you on this
3:31 am
strike the soldiers, strike their police, security and intelligence members. all this comes as more than a million people took to the streets in paris vowing to defy terrorism. the rally cry "je suis charlie" honoring the 17 people killed in attacks on the satirical newspaper "charlie hebdo" and the kosher grocery last week. >> we are not afraid. >> we have to be here in memory
3:32 am
of these people, innocent people. >> reporter: this is the chant we've been hearing all day, charlie. you don't see almost any security around here yet people say right now they feel safe. as the people rallied, the hunt for the most wanted woman in the world went international. hayat boumeddiene, the only known living suspect escaped france before the attacks, fleeing to spain, then turkey before eventually crossing into syria. al qaeda and yemen initially claimed responsibility but new information about bomeddiene's life partner. an image from a video posted showing amedy coulibaly claiming credit for these terror attacks and pledging support to isis. >> we don't have any credible information that would allow us to make a determination as to which organization was responsible. >> reporter: despite increased concern about other terror plots, the million-plus who gathered in paris sunday refusing to live in fear. matt gutman, abc news, paris. among those attending the
3:33 am
rally was israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, even though the french government had specifically asked him not to come. france thought netanyahu would divert attention from the rally. at a ceremony at the grand synagogue of paris, francois hollande got up and left as netanyahu got up to speak. netanyahu says israel would welcome any french jews who fear for their safety now. stay with abc news for the latest on the terror threats and investigation in paris. our next updates are on "america this morning" and "good morning america." breaking overnight. the airasia crash investigation. the black boxes have been found. divers recovered the flight data recorder after picking up intense pings near the area where they retrieved the tail section in the java sea. they've also located the cockpit voice recorder, but it's still under heavy wreckage. a husband and wife were among three bodies identified yesterday. their baby, meanwhile, has yet to be found, but the infant carrier was still attached to the dad. >> now to michigan where it took
3:34 am
two days to clear that epic highway accident on friday. whiteout snow blinded drivers and caused nearly 200 cars and trucks to slam into one another. that was on i-94. one semi carrying fireworks caught fire. the whole cargo going up at once. it wasn't until sunday the road was open again just in time for the morning's commute. indiana public works crews are out pretreating the roads with salt at this hour expecting weather trouble for the morning commute. ice storm warnings are in effect across the center of the state until 7:00 a.m. crews say clearing snow is easy but freezing rain is a challenge because it washes that salt away. they are working 12-hour shifts to stay ahead of the storm. because of the incoming storm, federal offices are opening late in washington, d.c., and schools are closing or delaying classes throughout the northeast. >> chicago and its busy airports are also getting hit. as the storm system hits a wide area. accuweather's steph davis is
3:35 am
tracking it all. steph, good morning. >> thanks, reena and t.j. we're going to be dealing with a messy monday morning commute from the midwest towards new england. widespread one to three inches of snowfall expected across the upper midwest. pushing north towards maine. the cities along the lakes, that does include cleveland and buffalo, will pick up three to six inches of snow. ice will be a major problem for the i-70 corridor in the midwest. i-80 across pennsylvania and i-81 in the northeast as well. watch for slick spots on the i-95 just north of d.c. pushing towards boston. meanwhile, across the southwest, watch for slow go due to rain showers. that's switching over to snowfall in the higher elevations and interior northwest. reena and t.j., back to you. steph, thank you so much. five people were shot inside a california nightclub where chris brown was performing. the controversial r&b star was not injured. he'd been performing for a private party there. he was hustled away after the
3:36 am
shots rang out. others panicked and fled as well. the five who were shot are expected to survive. now to a bizarre attack in texas. a man and a woman trampled to death by a camel. it happened at a north texas camel farm. it's a popular attraction for children. the owner of the farm and a worker was trying to give the camels water and then both were killed. not clear why the male camel became so aggressive, but he has been euthanized. president obama is taking on identity theft. at the federal trade commission headquarters today he'll talk about steps being taken to improve privacy, especially students. he wants a law to notify customers within 30 days if there's been a theft of their data and another outlawing the sale of student data to third parties. at the vatican sistine chapel, the music of the choir mingled with the cry of babies. pope francis baptized 33 babies there on sunday. part of a tradition marking the end of the christmas season.
3:37 am
the 13 boys and 20 girls and a set of twins were children of vatican employees. in his homily, the down to earth pope invited mothers to nurse their babies if they need to. well, the german automaker volkswagen is on a role. they delivered more than 10 million vehicles last year. a 4% increase. vw hadn't expected to hit that mark for another four years. it did it on the strong performance of its luxury brands porsche, audi and strong sales in china. volkswagen hopes to pull ahead of toyota within a few years as the world's largest automaker. may have had breakfast at tiffany's and countless couples have shopped there if they were thinking of tying the knot. the luxury jeweler is out with a new ad for engagement rings featuring a real life gay couple. the company says it's part of a modern approach to love and romance and it's a profitable new customer base. >> morning health headlines -- a good reason to keep your iphone within reach.
3:38 am
a new study found parting with your iphone causes separation anxiety. researchers at the university of missouri say iphone users performed better on tests when they had their phones with them. those deprived of their phones not only showed poorer performance but heart and blood pressure also went up. >> people look at this as an extension of themselves, their iphones. >> is this good or bad? that we have this dependence and attachment to our phones? good thing or bad thing? >> i think it's a bad thing and i find it's very easy to cut off when you go on vacation. i put it in a drawer. but the news desk gets very upset with me when i do that. moving on to a publicity stunt put on down under right in the middle of sydney harbor. >> not usually a place you think of for a tennis match but look at this. there they were, roger federer and lleyton hewitt hitting balls back and forth to each other while riding on separate speed boats.
3:39 am
>> there weren't any long races. they left quite a few souvenirs in the water. it was staged to drum up interest in a new tennis format debuting there meant to keep matches shorter. that's piqued my interest. >> that's the thing. that's what it's meant to do. get you curious. coming up "the skinny" on the way. the golden globe award winners and the fashion trends on the red carpet and all the attention paid to george clooney and his new bride. and the kiss cams. do you love them or hate them? the latest scenes going viral and who says enough is enough? you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by mucinex fast-max. yea, actually i do. it's mucinex fast-max night time and it's got a nasal decongestant. is that really a thing? it sounds made up. i can't sleep when i'm all stuffy. i take offense to that. i'm not going to argue with a talking ball of mucus.
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♪ all right. you are driving around looking for a spot in a crowded parking lot. sure, there might be some handicapped spots available, but what kind of a person would actually take one of those if you aren't really disabled? >> turns out a lot of people would. apparently all they think they need is just a placard. well, not anymore. police are cracking down as abc's jim avila tells us. he was right there with them. >> [ bleep ] out of the spot. [ bleep ]. >> stop. >> reporter: it's the american parking lot nightmare. too many cars. too few spaces. parking wars that even seep into the handicapped zone. in the car capital of the world, los angeles, we joined undercover investigators for the california department of motor vehicles. >> this car here is something you're looking at? >> right.
3:44 am
>> reporter: this suv is parked outside the runyan county hiking trails in the hollywood hills where parking near the gate is legal only for nearby residents or the disabled. these two women, clearly not disabled after an hour walk in the hills came back to find the dmv waiting for them, ticket in hand. >> want to know why you were using the placard to park here and go hiking. obviously, you're not disabled. >> reporter: her friend got more jogging in away from us as the driver contemplated her fine. up to $700. this man and woman took the dog and headed for the hiking trail. the investigators check his placard and find it registered to a much older male. the couple returns 40 minutes later to an unwanted welcome. >> are you a handicapped person? >> i'm not in a handicapped spot am i? >> you are on a street that requires a permit or -- >> i'm not in a handicapped spot. that's what you should be concerned about. people parking in handicapped spots, misusing -- >> so you've never used the placard to park in a handicap spot? >> never.
3:45 am
why would i park in a handicap spot? >> anybody ever just say i'm sorry? you're right. >> we do run into some of those. for the most part they're pretty vocal. >> reporter: final stop for these violators, a judge, possible fine and even community service. jim avila, abc news, los angeles. >> leave it to jim to look into something like that. i'm surprised people would do this. it's crazy. >> you think this is just some -- one thing you don't think anybody would do. a handicapped. because somebody might actually need. there's usually a lot of spaces available. still, just to think that somebody might need it and you take it. nothing should surprise us anymore though, right? coming up, who looked the hottest at the golden globes? a round-up of the best fashion. >> and some of our favorite moments from the big night. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from ou
3:46 am
3:47 am
tt2wút3nú&t bt@qez0 tt2wút3nú&t "a@quvt tt2wút3nú&t bm@qí]x tt4wút3nú&t " dztq 2ll tt4wút3nú&t " entq bh, tt4wút3nú&t " gzt& [ot tt4wút3nú&t " hnt& ka8 tt4wút3nú&t " iztq !(@ tt4wút3nú&t " jntq 3x tt4wút3nú&t " lzt& +5é ♪ skinny ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ dominating "the skinny," last night's golden globes. >> one of the biggest events of hollywood's calendar and special for bringing together the stars from film and television. >> and rounding out the big winners, hbo's "the affair" and beat out other dramatic favorites. "transparent" won for amazon
3:48 am
taking home best tv series even though it's not really on tv. >> for the ladies. julianne moore won best actress for a heartbreaking performance in "still alice." amy adams also won for "big eyes." that was in the musical and comedy category. >> eddie redmayne won best dramatic actor and michael keaton won for "birdman." he gave one of of the most emotional acceptance speeches. >> and a couple of upsets. "the grand budapest hotel" and "boyhood" taking home top honors. let's get back to the start of the evening for what many viewers were interested in, the fashion. >> of course. i know i was. >> on the red carpet, a lot of good looks. amy adams won best actress. she was draped in this light blue versace. >> last year's fashion icon star lupita nyong'o turning heads in this purple and white couture dress. >> and lily tomlin and jane fonda, major fan favorites for the evening. they presented together. also emma stone had a bow cinched jump suit.
3:49 am
whatever that means. it was bedazzled. >> bedazzled bodice. >> what is that? >> that's the bedazzled part. her shirt looking -- >> the top part? the top part. >> there you go. >> yes. i love my bedazzler. >> i should do the sports and you do the fashion. >> they do this on purpose. kerry washington. look at her. amazing in this color blocked gown. she had a baby eight months ago. and kate hudson in this white plunging versace dress. she was turning some heads. >> reese witherspoon showing a little skin in a calvin klein get-up. a $1.5 million tiffany diamond she's wearing. $1.5 million of tiffany diamonds. >> i have that same problem every night. showing off the most might have been jennifer lopez reminiscent of her grammy versace dress. she did her thing. >> it was all about the clooneys last night. the newlyweds looking classic. george revealed he was wearing the same tux he wore on his wedding day. >> look at that. side by side. the clooneys took part in a show
3:50 am
of solidarity with the people of france. amal was spotted with a "je suis charlie" pin on her bag. other celebs held up similar signs. some of the most talked about moments of the night. we get back to j-lo and that dress she presented. she presented with jeremy renner who seems distracted. >> they were trying to present an award and he mentioned her globes. kind of funny. kind of creepy. depends on your sense of humor. >> she did look great, though. >> prince came out on stage. you would have thought he won everything because the crowd of stars. everybody went nuts. whistling, even pulling out their cell phones to take pictures of him. this is prince we're talking about, folks. >> we're still stuck in 1982 in hollywood. probably the funniest moment of the night went to wes anderson when he started to thank the people who gave the awards with the most foreign names. it's pretty funny. >> yoram and dagmar and yukiko. these are the people i want to thank tonight and many others with names nothing like theirs but equally captivating.
3:51 am
>> those are the people who vote for the awards. the foreign press association. he thanked some of the more interesting folks from the hollywood foreign press association as well. and so we saw all the big names from movies and tv. let's get to music with queen b. a lot of people talking about beyonce and this picture she posted to instagram and rumors now flying. >> she's having fun on the beach. looks simple enough, right? well, it looks like where her belly would be in this picture that there's a substantial bump. everybody talking about it all day wondering if she might be pregnant. maybe just having fun with us or fun on the beach. the carters announced their first pregnancy on stage at the mtv vmas. so have fun with it, folks. could just be toying with us again. time for birthdays? >> starting with golden globe winner herself kirstie alley for "cheers" in 1991. she turns 64. >> howard stern, 61.
3:52 am
>> ali wentworth, 50. >> and zayn malik turning 22. he's from one direction. ayn malik from one direction.
3:53 am
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breaks up mucus and relieves your child's worst cold symptoms. let's end this. ♪ oh, the music. goes with the story. nothing like being put on the spot in front of thousands of strangers feeling pressure to pucker up on the kiss cam. >> some guys just aren't into it. abc's david wright shows us the latest video to go viral. but is it real? >> reporter: courtesy of the new york knicks, an old joke with a new punch line. her boyfriend clearly isn't interested in the kiss cam so
3:56 am
she goes for the next best thing. and the crowd goes bananas. the kiss cam waits for no man. not the future king of england. not even the kisser-in-chief. such is the tyranny of the jumbotron. >> personally, i hate the kiss cam. i do not go to sporting events to make out. if you go to a game, watch the game. if you'd like to kiss your date, terrific. but take her some place she's the focus of your affection. and not lebron james. your lady deserves better. >> how the other person responds can be as unpredictable as the action in the game. an opportunity for humor. an invitation for lust and the distinct possibilities of humiliation in front of 30,000 people. this guy picked beer over his girlfriend. another proposed only to have his girlfriend say no. >> i guess she needs time to think about it.
3:57 am
>> reporter: john c. reilly and will farrell just went for it. george bush went for it. president obama got an instant replay.he camera found him again -- >> and a presidential smooch. >> the question for the knicks was, was this moment staged? they wouldn't comment but agreed it sure was fun. not to mention a cautionary tale for boyfriends the world over. david wright, abc news. >> that couldn't have been real. >> that was staged. it was funny, entertaining. that's what those games are. you have to entertain folks between those long tv time-outs and everything else. that's hilarious. >> i love watching the -- excuse me. sorry. i couldn't hold the sneeze in. >> what was that? you're on camera right now. >> instead of kissing you, i'm going to sneeze at you. it's cold and flu season. i'm sorry. >> do you have a tissue and a cough drop? >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
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right here for "good morning america." everybody have a good monday. morning. terror threat. isis renewing efforts to attack western countries including the united states. plus the striking show of solidarity in paris. more than a million people. but who wasn't there is also getting attention. breaking overnight. a finding in the airasia crash. what divers discovered that could help unravel what happened. >> caught on camera a young skier holding on for dear life. losing his grip and falling from a ski lift. how he survived this frightening fall. plus, glitz and glamour at is golden globes including george clooney joking about north korea and the surprise presenter that erupted the crowd.


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