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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 12, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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right here for "good morning america." everybody have a good monday. morning. terror threat. isis renewing efforts to attack western countries including the united states. plus the striking show of solidarity in paris. more than a million people. but who wasn't there is also getting attention. breaking overnight. a finding in the airasia crash. what divers discovered that could help unravel what happened. >> caught on camera a young skier holding on for dear life. losing his grip and falling from a ski lift. how he survived this frightening fall. plus, glitz and glamour at is golden globes including george clooney joking about north korea and the surprise presenter that erupted the crowd.
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good monday morning. we begin within authorities in the u.s. on alert for possible terror attacks. >> isis is renewing its calls to attack after paris. >> the threat comes as more than a million people gathered in france in a show of solidarity against terror. >> overshadowing the march here in america. no high level member of the obama administration attended. here's a look at today's new york daily news cover. the headline you let the world down. hollywood stars also honor the victims in paris at last night's award show the golden globes. showing up with pins and signing reading je suis charlie. >> and the computer hacking group anom anonymous declaring war on the islamic extremists claiming they took down a website in retaliation for the
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attack in paris. the group also vows to close social media accounts linked to terrorists. >> those extremists are using social media to make new threats against the u.s. and other countries. >> having this country on high alert. more from abc's susan saulny. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry said he will be traveling to paris this week and america is and thing by the french. >> reporter: only days after terror attacks killed 17 people in paris isis is renewing it's call to strike again. in a message posted on twitter the to or group urges strike the sold yirs police security and intelligence members. >> that environment is one that b gives me great concern especially those we identify as lone wolves. >> the united states amoong the target countries among france and australia and canada.
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american security officials on high alert. >> the things that worries me is the buzz on social media. whether it comes from a specific group like isis or whether it's just on the chat rooms. >> the new threat comes as more than a million people took to the streets in paris sunday in a show of unity and defiance against terrorism. the rally cries je suis charlie honoring those killed and a kosher grocery last week. french president holland led leaders, a crowd this large not seen since world war ii. >> we have to be here in the memory of these people innocent people. >> while in paris the attorney general said a summit will be held here in washington at the white house next week. reena, t.j. >> thank you as always. >> at the same time there's an
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international effort to catch those who may have helped the terrorists. >> the trail leading to the middle east. brian ross with that part of the story. >> reporter: for u.s. investigators there is now little doubt that the attacks were helped enabled by terror groups in syria and yemen online from the gunmen who killed five people at the supermarket. with a black jihadist flag behind them swearing and offering thanks in order to finish buying everything necessary. still being sought is hayat boumeddiene who went from bikinis so burr kas. french authorities confirmed she fled to syria last week traveling through madrid before crossing into the land of isis. as for the two brothers who
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displayed combat tactics as they attacked the magazine last week their terror ties go to yemen and the al qaeda group there. >> two of them say they're al qaeda. one says he's isis. and that means there's a greater talent pool for both of them to call on. >> brian ross abc news new york. >> stay with us here at abc news for the latest on the terror threat. we have live team coverage coming your way on "good morning america." >> break overnight on the airasia crash. the black boxes found and divers recovering the data recorder. after picking up pings in the area. they also located a cockpit recorder but still stuck under heavy wreckage. the blocks taken to indonesia where it should take up to two weeks to download the data. sleet and freezing rain stretching from missouri to maine. >> chicago light snow is falling
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and three inches have piled up. a winter weather advisory in effect until 9:00 a.m. salt crews working to keep the roads clear of that snow and ice for the morning commute. >> we're talking snow here. this is up near the canadian border digging out from 54 inches of snow. another town got about 40 inches in 24 hours. three days of unrelenting lake-effect snow buried the entire region and more today. >> more than lake-effect snow a wintry storm system is on the move. hundreds of flights today have been cancelled. >> accuweather steph davis joins us. >> thanks. we're going to be dealing with a messy monday morning commute from the midwest all the way towards new england. widespread one to three inches of snowfall expected across the upper midwest. cities along the lakes, including cleveland and buffalo picking up tree to six inches of snow.
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ice is a major problem for the i-70 into the midwest and i-81 in the northeast as well and watch for the slick spots on i-95 pushing towards bogs. across the southwest watch for slow-go due to rain showers. switching to snowfall in the into your northwest. reena and t.j. back to you. >> it will be business as usual for this morning's rush san francisco's golden gate bridge. reopened last night following a weekend long closure to install a median barrier designed to reduce head-on crashes. the longest stretch of time in history that it was closed to traffic. still ahead, just can't live without it. turns out being separated from your iphone really does affect your mind. and gunfire at a chris brown concert. people running for cover. the award season kicks off with the golden globes.
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the big winners and the big jokes about the sony hacking skabd scandal and what was special about george clooney's tuxedo?
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welcome back. gas prices this morning are the lowest in five years. the average price, $2.13, almost half a dollar less than a month ago. gas is below $2 in 16 states. expecting to stay well below $3 all year. but could rise in spring and summer. lots of new cars making debuts including buick's new
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convertible. the cascade. look at this thing. you see it moving and the top is going back. it's going to reach showrooms early next year. not a lot of options out there right now except for the luxury imports. the company claims the top can be raised or lowered in 16 seconds. also at the auto show general motors plans to show the chevrolet bolt. not the chevrolet volt with a v. remember that car. the bolt with a b is bigger. completely electric and gets 200 miles on a single charge. four times as far as the volt with the v. is all that clear? jaguar saying it will produce its own crossover suv. makes land rovers but says there's room in the market for an suv not meant for off road
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adventures. >> a study found part with your iphone causes separation anxiety. researchers say iphone users perform better on cognitive tests when thaw had the phones with them. those without the phones not only showed poor performance but heart rate and blood pressure went up. >> where is your phone? >> i always leave it in the office otherwise i'm nervously checking all the time because i'm crazy. >> we need it to be close because we want you to be okay. when we come back we'll show you the dramatic moment when a young skier loses his grip. >> and who needs a court? who tennis stars battle it out.
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to ice on the road. parts of i-49 well a lot of folks didn't even try it. not a lot of cars out there. some pulled of and parked on the side of the interstate. a look at the morning road map. across pennsylvania and i-80 and 81 are in for trouble and i-95 around washington d.c. could be slick. slippery roads from the southwest up to the northern rockies rockies. if you're flying airport delays possible. turning to chris brown and trouble follows this young man around. >> he had performed at a crowded nightclub in california when shots rangek out. he was hustled off stage. many spectators panicked and ran for the exit. fleeing the private party which it costs as much as $2500. >> you don't expect to go out and get shot. you know you're trying to have fun and a good time and enjoy the moment.
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stupid people got to ruin the day, you know. >> brown wasn't injured. the five people who were are expected to survive. no word on what provoked the gunfire. a bizarre attack in texas. a man and woman trampled by a camel. they were killed. it happened over the weekend in a north texas camel farm. a popular attraction for children. the owner of the farm and worker trying to give the camel water were both killed. not clear why the camel became aggressive. he has since been euthanized. a dramatic fall for a skier. you see that spotlight. on a ski lift at a pennsylvania ski resort. somehow a 9-year-old slipped out of the lift chair before falling 20 feet to the snow below. suffered an injured leg but will make a full recovery. the guy who caught the fall on camera says the child was screaming for help. >> i'm assuming they told him to shake his -- take his keys off
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because he had -- he tried to take the other one off. but he can't. >> the ski patrol brought the youngster off the mountain and to safety. the accident looked into by the officials. in sports all the talking is about done. time for college footballs national championship game. >> oregon versus ohio state. winner take all. let's get some highlights from yesterday's nfl action from our guys at espn. >> good morning. i'm chris hassel with a little sports"sportscenter" update for you. championship games are now set. the dallas cowboys came oh so close from getting to the nfc championship game trailing green by by five. under 5:00 to play. dez bryant makes what he thinks and what most of america thought was a catch. they ruled it a catch. it was challenged by the cowboys. it was -- excuse me. by the packers. it was overturned because he did not complete the process.
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it's a rule and by rule the right call. green bay playing seattle for the nfc championship. in the afc, andrew luck taking on former colt great peyton manning and andrew got the best of peyton. 24-13. colts get the win. could be peyton manning's final game. the afc championship game. we got your national championship covered from all angles at 8:30 eastern time. oregon/ohio state. espn2 we have got the film room and voices on espnu and espn news and sounds of the game. we're all over the place with your 2015 mega cast. so that championship game is tonight. 8:30 eastern time. you can watch the actual game broadcast on espn. i'm chris hassel. have a great day. another sport now.
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climbing rock climbing. two climbers trying to make history in >> that would set them up to sfin issue the climb together. they are trying to free-climb the 3,000 foot rock face. in sidney harbor. >> tennis stars hitting balls back and forth while riding in separate speed boats. there weren't any long rallies for obvious reasons. a lot of the balls ended up in the water. drumming up interest in a new tennis format meant to keep matches shorter. we have "the pulse" coming your way next and the golden globes and the joke aimed at george clooney that got the biggest laugh.
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including vision changes or eye pain while taking anoro. nothing can reverse copd. the world is filled with air and anoro is helping people with copd breath air better. get your first prescription free at \sseg4 on this morning's "pulse" the kickoff to the awards season the golden globes handed out last night. >> they were the best and
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brightest in film and television for the year gone by. abc's jason was there. >> the golden globe goes to "boyhood". >> best motion picture drama. tin nay fey and amy poehler were co-hosts. amid best actors -- >> i'm so grateful from the bottom of my heart. you have no idea what this means to me. >> i just want to be better but this is very encouraging. >> and best actresses. >> to say i'm ill-prepared for this moment is a huge understatement. >> thank you so much. >> the stars saluted the victims of the paris terror attacks. >> together we will stand united against anyone who represses free speech anywhere from north korea to paris. [ applause ] >> the sony hacking scandal had inside human more. >> we celebrate all the great
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television shows as well as all the movie that is north korea was okay with. >> a newlywed george clooney took home a lifetime achievement award. >> i couldn't be more proud to be her husband. >> transparent won for best tv series. >> this award is dead dated to the memory of lila alcorn. >> the race to oscar sundays underway. abc news from back stage at the golden globes. >> it's usually the women that get all the attention with the fashion with the award shows. >> but george clooney created buzz when he revealed what he was wearing. his wedding tuxedo. >> you all can't use your dresses again. but we can use our tuxes after the wedding. created by georgeo armani. one of the biggest laughs came
4:24 am
at clooney's expense. >> amal is a and selected investigated wars of violations in the gaza strip. her husband is getting a lifetime achievement award. >> that was a joke of the night. well executed. clooney is clearly getting a good laugh along with the rest of them. >> stars, you can't help but be star-struck. when a surprise presenter stepped on the stage. >> the sight of prince and his glasses and afro. so much loud cheering and prince had to pause before handing out the award for best written song. >> yes. no matter who you are, you are going to be impressed when
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 4:28. hope you had a great weekend. i am eric thomas with leyla gulen and important traffic news and meteorologist mike nicco has important weather information. tired of "spare the air" yet? >> i would like another one. 11 consecutive "spare the air" days and why see it changing until possibly on saturday. in san rafael, thick fog in the north bay valley and inland east bay valley. as far as day planner we are waking up my, 40's to 50 and in the upper 50's with high clouds and sunshine and low 60's in the afternoon and another mild evening, low-to-mid 50's but no rain. >> leyla gulen, everyone is happy to hear the golden gate
4:29 am
bridge opened before scheduled opening time the. >> i had a feeling. the golden gate bridge is underfog. it opened up early and as i suspected it looks like traffic is smooth. you can see the traffic come past the barriers brand new and shiny and safe. a nice drive across marin to san francisco. golden gate bridge is now open. enjoy. >> thank you. drivers who use the golden gate bridge can both easy this morning with the closing supposed to last until half an hour ago ended ahead of time. nick? >> i have been here all weekend enjoying not only 9 construction but the implementation of the new movable median. cars are rolling. if you look in the distance you
4:30 am
can see the new barrier. we were here last night. this is video from sky 7. the new median barrier is in place. the zipper truck made its way along the golden gate bridge and you can see the truck as large as it is only takes a single lane of traffic. crews took full advantage of the opportunity to get in as many practice runs as they could before the bridge was flooded with cars. commuters loving the new safety measure. >> the barrier will cushion, even if it is only mental. you feel safer. >> the mass technical -- the plastic pegs used to separate the traffic and the new barrier will handle the force of an s.u.v. driving at 60 miles per hour. the somebody him is


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