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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 12, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is an important day if you are a college football fan. the first ever championship game tonight but i am looking too far heed. it is 5:01. >> it is a good day for commuters and we will talk about that in a moment but not a great day with clean air. >> sorry. we start with the fog it is thick in the north bay valley and the inland east bay valley. as we look around san francisco you can see we can barely see the bay bridge so fog is developing. the next 12 hours we wake up mild mid-40's to mid-50's and in the mid-50's to low 60s at unanimous and upper 50's to mid-60's at 4:00 and back to mid-50's with hazy conditions at 7:00. >> it is not the fault of the messenger. >> they did not treat the
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messenger too kindly in a recent movie. leyla gulen? poor mike. i talk about the new and improved golden gate bridge nice and shiny with the center barrier what we anticipated. we had 4:00 start tame re-opening the bridge and it opened 6 1/2 hours early and track is handling it nicely. injury it. be careful. watch out for thick fog along 101 through the north bay. it is time to talk about the new and improved bridge with a new span to drive on. it re-opened ahead of schedule after the weekend closing allowed crews to install a safety feature. our reporter is at the bridge. nick? >> kristen i had to kick it afternoon.
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anyone can stand on the side of the golden gate bridge talking about the new barrier i asked my partner, why not drive the golden gate bridge and show viewers what they will experience if they cross over south from san francisco into marin. this is the barrier we are talking about. we are in the center lane next to the barrier and it feels good moving right along. you can see we were overhead last mit and the truck only takes up a single lane of traffic as it repositioned the movable barrier high of concrete blocks. now, the new barrier will bring protection designed to handle the force of an s.u.v. driving up to 60 miles per hour. >> most likely it will redirection the vehicle into the lane and it will not be zipped to cause the vehicle to ricochet
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>> coming in from the marin side on the wall deprejudice you will -- the waldo bridge you will need to get used to this. now the drivers merge from the right to the left. it will look different but the speed has been confirmed at 45 miles per hour. i can tell you traffic goddess, leyla gulen, it is clear. it is smooth sailing. i am in a big ode truck and it feels good. we are in the center lane headed north, on the golden gate bridge with a few of how it feels coming back in the next 30 minutes. he was talking of the speed limit if you exceed this and you are caught $571.
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this morning oakland miss have -- police have caught a caught after a sideshe blocked traffic on northbound 880. officers got an unfriendly welcome. amy hollyfield is at the c.h.p. office. >> c.h.p. officers say people threw bottles and rocks when they arrived on the scene. we have video of the side show taken by thomas and posted on youtube yesterday afternoon on i-80 in oakland shutting down traffic in the northbound lane at the expressway. officers arrested a man but they are looking to arrest more and because of video from the scene they have identified two other people who were there. the map they arrested is 19. he is from hayward. they impounded his red mustang for 30 days. if you kow anyone who
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participated in the sideshow you are nudged to call miss and c.h.p. is actively investigating this. >> happening today scientists present their findings that she the earth is still moving after the earthquake that hit the napa area in august. the fault has continued to move at a prick -- brisk rate and could be hazardous in the coming areas. the fault has moved 4" since the earthquake. representatives from the california gee -- survey will share findings today. >> mental health workers will strike at kaiser permanente cross california. the national young of health care workers represents psychologist therapists and
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nurses. they are accused of putting patients at risk by not hiring enough qualified professionals and the young says patients have to wait for weeks to see a health care professional. kaiser permanente says they can senator those would need urgent or emergency mental health care. >> authorities in the united states are on high alert for possible attacks. isis is using social media to make new threat again the west. over a million people rallied in france over the weekend showing solidarity against terror. now the latest from washington. good morning, secretary of state john kerry said he plans to travel to paris this week and american is standing by the french. >> own days after attacks killed 17 people in paris, isis is renewing the call for sympathizers to strike again. in a message post on twitter though urge strike the soldiers,
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strike the police security and intelligence members. >> that environment is one that gives me great concern especially those we identify as lone wolves. >> the united states among the target countries along with transand australia and canada. this morning american security officials are on high alert. >> what worries me the most is the buzz on social media whether it comes from a specific group like isis or whether it is just on the chat rooms. >> more than a million people took to the streets in paris in a chef unity against terrorism. >> the rally cries honored those killed in the attack an "charlie hebdo" and the kosher grocery. french president led world leaders arm in arm a crowd this size not seen since the lib
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reagan -- liberation of paris in world war ii. >> while in paris attorney general holder said that a superintendent open extremism is held at the white house next month. >> we will have continuing coverage of the terror attack in paris on air and online at and our report toes right new on twitter. right now it is time to talk to mike about when our weather pattern is changing? >> probably saturday into sunday. it will be a while. live doppler hd shows again we are looking at fog. it is very dense up in the north bay and it is bad around napa. i will show you what is going on along the east bay where the fog
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is particularly thick away danville and to walnut creek and men and we have let 40's through there and everywhere inland east bay neighborhood and we have mid-to-upper 40's until cupertino at brown and financial district at june and 54 at north bay and novato at 42 degrees. today, we are going to have foggy conditions early but we will have hazy sunshine and high clouds and 60 to 64 an the bay and 63 to 67 inland and all of us under a "spare the air" wood burning ban and hazy afternoon at the coast but cooler than everyone else because of a light breeze and mid-to-upper 50's. the bay bridge could not be a couple of minutes ago because of the fog but it is spilling now interest other areas. offshore breeze tomorrow keeping
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winter away from us and we are in the mid-60's. each day until thursday could be another "spare the air" day. leyla gulen? the golden gate bridge is open 62345 -- 6 1/2 hours earlier than expected. the ride into san francisco is smooth with the new barrier replacing the yellow cones that craws would interchange to manufacture the lanes around. now we have movable barrier that will snake its way across the bridge. we do have different configuration this morning. drive carefully and slowly through the fog. another fog advisory over the cartinez bridge along i-80 into hercules the area covered in orange tracking weather and traffic maps you have to move slower and antioch to hercules, from i-8017 minutes and highway
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87 between 8 a and san jose airport is under ten minutes. >> it is 5:12. major effort launching to create a new national monument along the central california coast and the progress a santa rosa man made on the face of el capitan and how soon he hopes to complete the difficult free climb in the world. >> we have the san francisco sky lane covered by the fog leyla gulen was talking about and mike too so stay on top of weather and traffic by keeping tabs on the screen latte or au lait? cozy or cool? exactly the way you want it... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. save $300 on the final close-out of the c3 queen mattress set. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60.
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covering daly city dublin, los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. sonoma officials are asking for help to find a 64-year-old woman who went missing last in. she was missing from her home on december 5th and last seen two days later. bailey takes medication for medical conditions. sonoma county sheriff say she is 5' 6" and weighs 132 pounds with gray hair and hazel-colored areas. she could be wearing a lot of jewelry. >> two mountain climbers including one from santa rosa will resume their ascent both called well and
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report third hands are cut up. he only has three sessions to catch up with caldwell. ait is emotional. we have watched him claim for so long...and we know what he has gone through. >> caldwell will not move another inch until his buddy catches up. the wall is considered the hardest in the world. the two help to become the first to complete it by midweek. >> bay area conservation group wants president obama to declare a stretch of property in santa cruz county as a natural monument. it stretches for six miles along the north coast and consists of redwood forest and preserved from development and purchased by environmentalists in 1998. according to the mercury news, consequence vacation groups home this brings the land national attention and they think it
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would attract more federal money and private donation to build trails and hire rangers. >> prices at the pump continue the declip. >> american carmakers are showing off their new rides at the detroit auto show in america's money. >> good morning topping america's money the cheapest gas in five areas with the average price $2.13 a gallon half a dollar less than a month ago. >> new cars this week at detroit auto show include buick first convertible in 20 years claiming the top can be raised or lowers in 30 seconds. >> g.m. shows off the volt that goes four times as more as a chevrolet volt with in backup anyone engine. >> the new 15 "taken," took
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"monday bit," off the charts soling $4 million in tickets with "selma," pulling in $11 million. >> "into the woods," trailed at $10 million. unusual combination and we have a "spare the air" day and fog. >> both. it will continue. i don't believe we will get out of the pattern. santa rosa was quarter-mile and now you are two but that manns the reporting station has had a clearing but i do not expect it to last. the fog is thick. you can see how thick including 12 and 101 and to petaluma where it is less than quarter-mile at bodega avenue. this is how it looks in san rafael, a quarter-mile or less. dense fog advisory for the north bay. "spare the air" for all of us
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with no wad burning again and all 24 hours temperatures are above average and slight warming with offshore breeze so the likelihood of quality. the likelihood of rain saturday offer sunday. >> low-to-mid 60 in most neighborhoods with high clouds and sun when the fog labors. it will be hazy and temperatures are nearly the upper 60's t low-to-mid 40's inland valleys tonight. from san mateo bridge south and from there up to the rich monday san rafael bridge we have temperatures in the upper fete to around 50 and the area of high pressure shows it is building toward us and we have a legal weak system that will dave -- will dive down and keep us in the high clouds so that system
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moves to the south the high shoulds are going to hang around and when it passes high pressure will manufacture ashore and that will bring us the offshore win. the 5-day forecast from the bay area air but with the offshore wind tuesday and wednesday when they update the 5-day forecast the two may be included. the seven-day forecast shows we can squeeze out a few more degrees of warm the into tuesday, wednesday, possibly thursday and as we get into friday we will get an on shore wind and saturday and sunday temperatures rollback to average and we hope we can get what an inch to 1" of rain saturday night into sunday. leyla gulen? >> here is the golden gate bridge now open with the new immediate an barrier to keep traffic safe in the opcoming lanes if you travel from marin to san francisco it is going to
5:21 am
be foggy so be careful as you make the drive in the northbound and southbound direction but this is the new shiny concrete median replacing the yellow pests that did thed the wood between san francisco and marin. slow down. it will be foggy. low visibility. speed limit is 45 miles per hour and faster than that you are in for a big rude awakeening. it is expensive ticket at more than $500. the richmond-san rafael bridge toll plaza, shows trafficment. to the east fog advisory over the carquinez bridge so low visibility and the area the oranges covering the north bay including american canyon with top speeds but still socked in conditions. prewith -- prewith caution. >> seven things to know as you start your day. >> allegations again products
5:22 am
sold by whole foods made by animal rights groups. >> as you get interest gear the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic moving along fine and you can see the golden gate bridge the new and improved version with the movable barrier i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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can this decadent, fruit topped pastry... ...with indulgent streusel crumble, be from... fiber one. fiber one streusel. whether you are just joining us or headed out the door he are seven things to know. the golden gate bridge is open after a 45 plus hour blousure with craws installing the safety median ahead of schedule and our reporter will have a report in a few minutes. another look at current conditions, very clear with cars headed in the northbound direction with tail lights and head lates moving to san francisco and it is smooth
5:25 am
sailing. be careful, slow down there is a fog advisory across the bay area. >> thank you is the big part of our seven-day forecast is the fog, the visibility is quarter-mile in the east bay until 10:00 and a "spare the air" day with our 11th consecutive and we could have more. san lenadro police officer was injured during a pursuit this morning. the officer lost criminal of the vehicle although he is expected to be oh convey. the suspect got away. >> israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu visited the market in paris where four french jews died in the terror attacks. israeli officials want jaws to emigrate to israel. scientists present their findings on the napa after slip movement that is still
5:26 am
happening. a one mile section of the fault has moved several inches and could be a hazard. a star-studded affair for the golden globe with "boyhood," taking best picture and another was george clooney in lifetime. >> whole foods is looking into allegations that a supplier could be mistreating farm animals. >> protesters greeted customers at whole foods on market in san francisco yesterday, activists sent out this veto going undercover and said they have video proving certain certified humane foods come from a northern california splayer that mistreats the animals. a statement from whole foods say the market had abdicated for humane treatment of farm animals
5:27 am
and are looking into it. it is a distorted picture of our animal welfare standards. >> the google funded shuttles in mountain view will ferry employees of major technical companies to and from downtown train station starting at 10:00 on week days and noon on weekends and seats 16 with room for two wheelchairs and are to encourage people to get out of their cars and use alternate transportation. >> a scene on mass transit with riders taking off their pans to celebrate "no pants day." it started 14 years ago in new york as a prank between a small group of friends and now is global with thousands of people joining in as far away as australia and in san francisco some people stripped riding. >> bring sanitizer wipes when
5:28 am
you ride. >> i am glad you are looking at. >> we are coming back with a full 90 minutes of news including the pressure president obama will put on congress today to take action to protect your private personal information from hackers. >> here is a look at the embarcadero in san francisco with fog in the city. we have
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> thank you for being here this morning. >> hope you had a great weekend. it was a great weekend of work for crews on the golden gate bridge. they are done. the bridge is open. mike another "spare the air" day? >> yes, each day this year but for january 1 we have been under
5:31 am
a "spare the air" day so 2015 is different than 2014. through the north bay valley until 10:00, if you are taking a ferry from anywhere north of the bay bridge you are going to be in dense fog until 10:00. here is a look at the richmond san rafael bridge with the fog forming and a day planner in the 40's and 50's low 60's by 4:00 and comfortable and low-to-mid 50's at 7:00. the roads? >> it looks brand new. and we have fog advisory at the golden gate bridge with a new bayer. can you see it? it will change the configuration of the lanes only open so drive carefully and slowly. the bridge could look different.
5:32 am
and walnut creek is clearer and traffic is building as you head from pleasant hill to highway 24. >> thank you, leyla gulen. as we have been saying the golden gate bridge opened ahead of schedule this morning and drivers get the first upclose look at the safety improvements areas in the making. nick is at the bridge. nick? we have a jam packed show so i will get as much information into my segment. i am on the marin side of 101 headed to the golden gate bridge and you can see fog is the big issue today. get in the truck and go across because i want you to see the new median barrier. headed over the big daily will be not open the fog because there is an advisory saying reduce your speed to 25 american but, also, the idea dealing with the new median barrier because the new median barrier put in
5:33 am
miss will reduce the size of the lanes. look at the video we shot from sky 7 when the median barrier was put in place. the idea is to increase the safety aspect. we spoke with an engineer what told us this should make it safer. >> the barrier will help out and give the extra cushion even if it is mental i family -- safer. >> i can show you what what the barrier feels like. we are in the center to the left. it is tight but there is no problem moving. the idea is to give drivers headed southbound on 101 the opportunity to have four lanes for the commute. they will move the pair of
5:34 am
barriers to the opposite side for the evening. the situation now is the fog. >> right now headed southbound highway 101 it is smooth sailing and the bridge is open. drivers, take it slow because it is new. crews have been working since midnight on friday to put together the movable barrier. this is the progress through saturday afternoon. the barrier is taking shape as crews install the 3,500 steel blocks. workers install the last block at 6:00 p.m. saturday and fine tuned everything. >> a san francisco police officer is recovering from injuries after a pursuit following a driver northbound 880 on-ramp in oakland and the
5:35 am
driver was able to make a sharp turn safely on the freeway and the officer lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a wall. a witness described what happened. >> the tires were screaming. we heard the sirens and then the crash. it was loud. very loud. >> the officer got minor injuries in the crash and is expected to be okay. the driver got away. no word why the officer was trying to pull the driver over. >> c.h.p. officers have arrested a man following a sideshow in oakland that shut down part of interstate 880 with reports of multiple cars spinning doughnuts bring traffic to a stop at the exit. officers veried being -- reported being pelted with rocks. a 19 year old from --
5:36 am
hayward was arrested. we will have more in a live report at the top the hour. >> five people were injured during a chris brown performance. he was hustled off the stage at the nightclub when shots were fired. witnessing say it started near the bathroom where there was pushing and shoving that led to shots. five victims suffered nonlife threatening injuries. >> community leaders hold a vigil for the four victims of a deadly shooting in san francisco. police believe friday nature's shooting in haze veal is a result of gang war father and -- warfare. police sources say at least three of men would were shot were members of the gang in the western addition and the shooter or shooters are likely from a rival gang. police are looking for suspects.
5:37 am
>> triumph is taking dramatic action. france is mobilizing 10,000 security% until to protect the country in the wake of attacks with the large the rally in paris history with estimated three million people on the streets in a show of unity after the attack that killed 17 people and left three dead. the manhunt continues for the wife of one of gunmen. officials say she crossed into syria from turkey. jesus christ will visit paris this week. >> israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu under heavy security visited paris kosher market where four french jews were killed. netanyahu was one of 40 world leaders who joined in the march. israel officials urge french jews to emigrate to israel because of violence. last area 7,000 french views did just that. >> hackers announced they are
5:38 am
going after jihaddests and avenge the attack on "charlie hebdo" by making the websites inaccessible calling the attack inhuman assault open freedom of expression and asking all computer users to join against jihadist websites through a distributed denial of service attack. >> solidarity with french is strong in the bay area and a large crowd carrying "charlie hebdo" signs and french flags gathered yesterday in front of san francisco's city hall and this is one of 20 rallies around the country and the crud observed a moment of silence to respect the victims of the attacks. we will have continuing coverage of the attacks and the aftermath on air and opline at our reporting continues on twitter@abcnews. >> president obama wants congress to pass legislation to rather companies to inform customs in 30 days if their data
5:39 am
has been hacked. he will propose a bill that would prevent companies from selling student data to third parties. the proposals follow high profile breaches at target and home depot. a white house official says president obama will unveil the proposals today during the speech at the federal trade commission. it is "spare the air" day but that is equipped by the fog. >> the fog in petaluma is ha mile visibility and petaluma streets are fogged in down to novato and san rafael. this is how temperatures are running through here low-to-mid 40's with the thick fog so though worries of black ice. napa valley fog low-to-mid 40's and 40 in cupertino and 41 in
5:40 am
san jose and friend at brentwood and 49 in san francisco and 52 at half moon bay are the warm spots. walnut creek does not have fog but north at concord and the south am danville and san ramon we have thick fog. high clouds and sun at the coast and local 60's at the bay and mostly mid-60's on the "spare the air" day. no wood burning. the golden gate bridge shows a lot of fog per hour. >> i know how to share. >> speaking of which, is look at the golden gate bridge lake a big bowl of split pea, it is pea soup. very hard to see the cars. be careful between marin and san
5:41 am
francisco. we have a planned new barrier with the details on the new raid into interest -- new ride into the city. the bay bridge toll plaza is loading up with the center lanes feign but the metering lights are not turned on. a car fire is reported eastbound highway four in pittsburg not causing delays but mike is warning us of the thick fog on highway 4. to the south, clearer conditions with the exception of the congestion at 16 miles per hour over the altamont pass headed into livermore the drive now taking 50 minutes from tracy to dublin. >> next crime-fighting technology a symposium underway in san francisco aimed to help police officers across the state fight crime. >> the golden globe goes to... >> a star-studded start to award
5:42 am
season with big winners and how the stars kept paris a key focus. >> this is san francisco international airport with fog out there. we will find out if that is causing delays.
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 5:44. tasers and bed cameras and other technology to fight crime are focus of gathering at top law enforcement leaders at the university of san francisco. two day event is the 20th annual law enforcement impose medium with 200 police and law enforcement officials from cross the state attending. speakers talk about how crime and prevention is enhanced with the help of technology. >> it was a star-studded affair for last night's golden globe awards and "boyhood," rules the night taking home best drama and best director and best supporting actress. george clooney took a moment to agency his new wife, amal. >> a humbling when you find someone to love.
5:46 am
even better ama, whatever brought us together i could not be more proud to be your husband. >> michael keaton and amy adams took home awards. >> on tuesday we have the oscars and join us at 5:30 on thursday morning for the 2015 oscar nomination and hark calendar. >> the college football championship game kicks off tonight in texas and last night it was supporter of english football soccer, who gave fans the row game music fix. >> sting performed before thousands of fans in dallas and he rooted for the soccer team not for american college football. >> the game will feeture oregon
5:47 am
ducks -- will feature oregon ducks and the buckeyes, oregon with heisman trophy winner beat florida state 59-20. he state upset alabama 42-35 and the game could be played before the biggest audience ever. you can watch all of the abc tonight on on espn with kickoff at 5:30 our time. mike who do you think? >> with a third string quarterback ohio state you would thing would not be doing too well but they are. i help for a good game. request have a dog in the fight. >> i dough, the in-laws went to oregon. >> so you root for ohio state. >> no! >> you are not? you like your in-laws. >> they are nice. >> kidding. and they are were watching. they are very nice. >> well played. >> good morning, everyone
5:48 am
fairfield -- and i like mine, too. rare. >> quarter-mile visibility at well low creek and 242 a little bit of fog and around danville and diabolo and. walnut creek camera shows it is clear. the fog inland east bay is more patchy than the north by. "spare the air" today is 11 the consecutive each day this year under no burning ban. slight warming this week i believe we will have more poor air quality and wait until saturday and sunday for rain. especially saturday evening. low-to-mid 60's today. we will have onshore breeze so
5:49 am
the coast is in the mid-to-upper 50's and high clouds and hazy sunshine this afternoon weapon the fog fades at 10:00. tonight we are upper 30's in santa rosa and low-to-mid 40's inland valley and the south bay spreading up to palo alto and fremont and north of that through richmond and san rafael upper 40's and 48 in half moon bay. an area of low pressure and high pressure and the low will move down and head south away from us and it is holding up the progress of this high right now that will stay offshore and as we head through the next couple of days it will come ashore and it is pushing the jet stream to the north and keeping the storms arm. with the high over the continue of us we see more of this like the golden gate bridge and more of this and the give day forecast from the bay area air quality says today is the last one but when they updated at 11:30 or around there we are under more "spare the air" day
5:50 am
because the temperatures remain warm low-to-mid 60's and we will have high pressure capping the atmosphere and an an offshore wind. we will see cooling on friday and more so with the rain saturday and sunday. will it wash away the as you make the drive between the north bay and san francisco we have a new median barrier and knick is on the scene bringing the latest details but is far traffic is managing nicely so slow down because of the low visibility. metering lights are turned on the at bay bridge with in fog moving in from the east bay to san francisco. we do have a new crash first reported through oakland along 580 northbound 238 at mission boulevard involving multiple vehicles and possibly blocking a lane and we are starting to see slow and go traffic from castro valley and in san jose
5:51 am
northbound 880 another accident on the shoulder but we have delays building between the 280 and 680 split to the nimitz. >> cashing in were at future of the nfl coming up the new twist to a proposed same if los angeles and why memory people live there could have a beef. >> a high end jewelry courting same-sex couples. >> basking in the glory of the joy -- giants victory and you can get a look at the trophies. >> traffic is light on this monday morning but that will change. you can see the golden gate bridge with the new median barrier with traf ring ring! progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or
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for the first time in its history, tiffany has launched a campaign feeturing same-sex couples, the two men in the campaign are a real life couple in new york. in all seven are fee -- features part of a modden approach to love and romance. other fashion companies have featured same-sex couples including gap and banana republic. the giants world trophy tour continues in the east bay. >> all three trophies are on display in concord and you can pose with them take pictures of the 2010 and 2012 and 2014 trophies repeated several times up-and-down state until spring training kicks off in arizona. our website has a complete list
5:55 am
of all of the stops and the times of the trophy tour. >> and spring training and the season is around before you know it. >> and another world series win and there you are. >> mike has the forecast. >> we start by looking at radar across the entire state and the satellite and you can see the high clouds are spilling over the top of us today and they make their way down into southern california with temperatures in the mid-and upper 60's and 72 in palm springs and cooler around fresno because of the fog and 62 and 53 in yosemite and 48 in lake tahoe and the seven-day forecast shows high clouds and temperatures are warmer than the 43-degree high topping out on thursday at 64 and leyla gulen? >> no chains are required right now. i will talk about the golden gate bridge that is re-opening in a little bit but first i want to get to a new crash involving up to six vehicles northbound 23
5:56 am
at mission boulevard causing heavy backups away from 580. the lay is stretching through castro valley from tracy to veto valley looking good and 280 through daly city interest san francisco, still, under ten minutes. you will love this story a sharp aread nine-year-old in colorado is praised after solving the case of her own stolen christmas gift. >> show solved her own case but solved other cold burglary cases. she was riding her bicycle through the rv park where she lives and she spotted something familiar her pink noon -- moon chair was stolen after christmas. she saw it parked at an rv by the storage unit. >> i went back do my grandma and said i i think i found my pink
5:57 am
moon chair. >> the grand mother call police who arrested a couple from mississippi who admitted to stealing from favor storage units. police thank the her for being so observeant. she is happy to get her moon chair back. >> does that many she will be offered a job at police department? >> the long term impact from being too connected. >> you are so vein a california study on pragueing rights -- bragging rights and what we share. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is stacking
5:58 am
hey! guess what day it is?? >>hump day! hummmp daaay! it's hump day! >>yeah! >>hey mike! mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday.
5:59 am
let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you do. (sigh) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ok... live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. the golden gate bridge is open again.
6:00 am
drivers now have the new barriers in place on the commute. >> a manhunt in oakland after a side show greets officers with an unwelcome scene and clues that can help police get the people they are after. >> threats posted on social media put america on high alert. what a united states leader says could be the biggest concern. >> it is monday january 12. thanks for starting your week with us. good morning to you. and you, leyla gulen, with traffic. meteorologist mike nicco will start off with the weather forecast. >> and "spare the air" is something we concerned with we have the ferry ride, you could hear the fog horn. you can see how thick the fog is. we cannot see beyond the ferry building


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