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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 13, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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just that good. that will do it for us. >> we appreciate your time on this tuesday night, new images of the horror at our nation's capital. >> please stay call calm. please do not open the doors. >> the underground commute that turns deadly. the crowded train. passengers choking on thick, black smoke. our reporter is there. also tonight, the urgent new warning from the feds about bombs on passenger planes. they warn many airports will not be able to detect them. breaking news when it comes to your taxes, your refunds. abc news obtains an alarming e-mail tonight from inside the irs. the car-jacking, the 3-year-old boy in the backseat. he answers his mother's cell phone. and the rescue at sea. a cruise ship passenger overboard. the ship keeps going. bobbing in the ocean on his own, and you won't believe what happens next. good evening.
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we're back from texas tonight, and great to have you with us here. and we begin with new questions this evening after those pictures just now emerging of a deadly commute home. workers on the train in washington, d.c. when smoke and then panic fills multiple cars. one dead, more than 80 injured. this was the scene deep inside the tunnel, after the train left a washington, d.c. metro station. and now, this dramatic video showing the chaos, passengers trapped, gasping for air, praying. the conductor, trying to calm them. >> please stay calm. please do not open the doors. >> then, outside the train, passengers dazed. an oxygen mask on that man. another one covered in black soot. tonight, an investigation now under way. major questions about the response. some passengers climbing out on their own. abc's david kerley is there. >> reporter: a frightening start to rush hour in the nation's capital. [ coughing ] the train stops, goes dark, and start filling with smoke in an underground tunnel. >> please stay calm. please stay calm. >> reporter: the conductor says he's waiting for a train to
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clear behind, so he can back up to the platform. >> please do not open the doors. if you open the doors, the train will not move. >> reporter: but it doesn't work out that way. >> there was no oxygen. people started panicking and people started hitting the floor. >> this is the crap we were breathing. for an hour. for an hour! >> i need a medic. >> make a hole! make a hole! >> reporter: the minutes ticked by. a half hour. dramatic cell phone video taken by riders. >> coming through, unconscious person coming through. >> reporter: passengers say it was at least 45 minutes or longer before the firefighters reached them. >> there were a lot of people vomiting, sick. i feel sick. we don't know what it was. >> reporter: some passengers did self-evacuate. more than 80 taken to the hospital. and one death. 61-year-old carol glover of the washington, d.c. area. the train, headed to virginia, left the busy l'enfant station in downtown. just seconds later, just 800 feet from the platform the train suddenly stops. but tonight, we still don't know why. about 1,000 feet farther down
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the track, the electrified third rail was arcing short-circuiting, creating all that smoke. investigators say there was water in that area, which conducts electricity. smoke is not uncommon in the capitol's subway system. just in the first eight months of last year there were 86 incidents. the same as the entire year before. washington's metro system has been under scrutiny because of past incidents and accidents. and late today, the mayor declined to say how long it took firefighters to arrive, to reach passengers and whether they knew riders were at risk. >> we will find out what happened, get to the bottom of what happened and commit to fixing it. >> reporter: despite the ordeal, first responders say passengers should follow directions and that usually means staying in the train. >> maybe the conditions are bad inside the train, but conditions may be worse outside the train. >> and david kerley live with us from washington. and david, we heard the mayor there, asked today about the response time. there didn't seem to be a firm answer there. >> reporter: no, there were no firm answers, david.
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and federal investigators want to know all of that. not just what happened to the train, but about the response and the evacuation of those riders. that will all be part of the national transportation safety board's investigation. >> david kerley leading us off tonight. david, thank you. and to another breaking headline out of washington. it involves an alleged poisoning plot against house speaker john boehner. there is late word this evening from the fbi. a man, a bartender at a country club back home in ohio, where speaker boehner often went, had a plan to poison the speaker. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas in washington with more on this indictment. pierre? >> reporter: david, this is about a man who appears to be mentally ill and who police fear was a danger to speaker boehner. it all started with a phone call last october when the suspect, michael hoyt, dialed 911, calling an ohio police department. he told the police that he was jesus christ and that he was going to kill speaker boehner because boehner was mean to him at a country club in west chester, ohio.
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a bartender, he had been fired from that country club. hoyt allegedly said he wanted to, quote, put something in boehner's drink, suggesting poison. he also said he had a beretta pistol that he was going to use to shoot boehner. and that he was going to take off. hoyt was taken for a psychiatric evaluation and the fbi was contacted. the fbi determined he was a serious threat to boehner, and he now faces a charge of threatening to murder the speak er speaker of the house. david? >> all right, pierre thomas live in washington with late word from the fbi. pierre, thank you. now, to the urgent and new warning from the feds tonight, calling for increased security at u.s. airports. there is new concern about so-called hidden bombs, after al qaeda posted explicit instructions, even suggesting where to sit on the plane for maximum destruction. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross tonight. >> reporter: at u.s. airports tonight, a security alert over what al qaeda is calling its hidden bomb. with tsa screeners under orders to ramp up the number of random
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searches, both on passengers and on carry-on luggage. the security order comes after al qaeda published this alarming online step-by-step bomb recipe, the most detailed and lethal instructions ever, according to u.s. bomb experts. >> it is detailed. it is instructional. it appears people are reading it and it's something we need to push back on very hard. >> reporter: u.s. experts say the bomb would be even more powerful than this. the so-called underwear and shoe bombs, which u.s. authorities replicated and exploded. the instructions even include where to sit on a plane to maximize damage. but what most alarmed u.s. security officials is that the device, with no metal parts, is specifically designed to get through standard airport magnetometers and would only be detected by full body scanner machines, which are not present at many smaller airports. "through this large loophole," the instructions read, "you can pass through many american airports." >> this group is absolutely determined.
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they've shown that in the past, try to take out an attack on a u.s.-bound airplane. >> reporter: the u.s. airport alert comes as authorities in france piece together the puzzle of the terror sleeper cell behind last week's attacks. the three gunmen, the girlfriend and her accomplice on the run, and now today, the arrest of a new suspect in bulgaria. and at least six other people still being hunted. so, far from being decimated, al qaeda continues to pose a serious threat. its behind the scenes support in the french attacks and now its new efforts to get its followers to build and smuggle bombs onto american aircraft. david? >> all right, very alarming. bribe brian ross, thanks to you. to france now, a cartoonist at that newspaper that came under attack, breaking down in front of the cameras. you see him there, he drew the cover of the new edition, but also revealed today that he overslept that day, saying he was late to work the morning of the attack, and that's the only reason he survived. tonight, back here at home,
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to your money, your taxes. abc news has obtained an alarming e-mail from inside the irs, warning of delayed tax refunds, and that's not all. let's get right to abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl and what he's learned. >> reporter: coming soon from the irs, delayed tax refunds, more risk of identity theft and worse customer service. that's the word from irs commissioner john koskinen. in an e-mail to irs employees obtained by abc news, the commissioner says the irs budget has been cut so severely, quote, we have no choice but to do less with less. refund checks will be slowed by a week or more. and that irs help line? only about half the people who call will actually get through. about the only people to benefit? tax cheats. the irs will conduct 46,000 fewer audits. >> all right, jon karl live from the white house. so, fewer audits. a lot of people are going to like hearing that. but we also pay a price for that, too, jon. >> reporter: that's right.
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according to the tax commissioner, fewer audits, fewer officers to go after tax cheats means that you will have $2 billion less in revenue coming in to the treasury. >> all right, jon karl getting his hands on that e-mail tonight. jon, thank you. and also on the economy tonight, the good news about gas prices. the national average now $2.10, and just look at the map this evening. 45 states now with at least one station with gas under $2. and in one town in texas, $1.47 a gallon. i should have gone while i was in texas last night. let's get right to abc's clayton sandell, who is there tonight. >> reporter: that huge sign heralding $1.47 gas is drawing a huge empty tank crowd to texas, for one of the lowest, if not the lowest prices anywhere. good news for perry carbo. his limo company uses two stretch hummers. >> you get like seven miles to the gallon. >> reporter: filling one hummer used to cost around 100 bucks. now, he can fill both for that. what is it like to look at a number that low? >> ah -- good for the bank
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account, that's for sure. >> reporter: good for a lot of bank accounts. the government estimates the average household will spend $750 less this year compared to last. but at the detroit auto show, more fuel efficient cars are now taking a backseat to gas guzzlers. ford's ceo tells abc's rebecca jarvis, the ups and downs are a key challenge for automakers. >> consumers are -- they're really smart these days. they know that although gas prices are down, eventually, they may go up and they want to make sure whatever vehicle they have, even if it's a little bit bigger vehicle than they originally thought they were going to buy, they want great fuel economy. >> reporter: lower prices can also bring a drop in production, meaning potential layoffs for thousands of oil and gas workers. >> and of course, that affects people spending money which affects our business that way, too. >> reporter: of course, the question tonight, david, is when prices like these will finally bottom out, and the fact is, we don't know. but it's now looking more likely that by the end of the month, the entire country could see an average price below $2 a gallon. david?
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>> and that would be welcome. thanks, clayton. now, to the wallop of winter weather hitting at this hour, making it a treacherous commute home for millions. these images coming in tonight. nothing but ice and snow over chicago. these are views from above, captured by a drone there. and in florida, this driver with water up to the rearview mirror. and watch this tonight, from oklahoma. a geyser there at that gas station. a water main break causing this collapse. all of it because of the extreme cold. and tonight, an ice storm on the way for the carolinas and that part of the country. it's hitting as we're on the air and that's why rob marciano is with us tonight. rob? >> reporter: david, this is the situation where an extra tenth of an inch of rain or couple of degrees could mean wet roadways or highways frozen over. so let's get right to the forecast. four states under advisories tonight. north carolina in the middle of it. we've got cold air that's going to be thrown over the top -- moisture thrown over the top of cold air that's sinking down to the south. raleigh, below freezing by 6:00 a.m. icing there. maybe snow and sleet in d.c. the cold in place. teens across parts of new york. we look for zero degree
5:42 pm
temperatures or thereabouts in detroit and chicago. but there is some thawing on the way for the weekend. above freezing all the way to the canadian border. that will be a much-needed break from this cold air, david. >> can't get here soon enough. all right, rob, thank you. we turn overseas tonight, and from africa, a grim new turn for the terror group boko haram. that's the islamic militant group that kidnapped hundreds of nigerian girls last april. well now, witnesses say they've used a girl no more than 10 years old, as a suicide bomber. one of several attacks on crowded markets. part of a wave of killing that's taken many hundreds of lives in just recent days. back here at home tonight, and to utah now, and the dramatic details of a car-jacking coming in. a mother dropping her infant off at day care. her 3-year-old waiting in the backseat when a stranger makes off with her car and her child. tonight, the cell phone in that car, the little boy answered and it might have saved his life. here's abc's brandi hitt. >> reporter: it began innocently enough. a mother dropping off her child at this day care in ogden, utah,
5:43 pm
leaving her car running, with 3-year-old aiden all alone in the back seat. that's when police say a suspect got behind the wheel and took off. >> there's a 2012 white mazda3 stolen from the parking lot. there was a baby in the back seat. >> reporter: a terrifying car-jacking underway. aiden's mother realizing her cell phone was still inside. officers hoping aiden would pick up. >> the 3-year-old child answered it. he's by himself in the car. >> reporter: the thief had ditched the vehicle after a few blocks, so police asked aiden to start honking the horn. >> all units, the vehicle out in ogden has been located. >> reporter: a similar case in colorado last year. this 4-year-old boy left in a running car outside a convenience store, also car-jacked and taken on a wild high speed chase. the young boy rescued, unharmed. just like little aiden, now back safe in his mother's arms. >> oh, my gosh. it felt so good just knowing he was safe and knowing what he did and he was just brave.
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>> reporter: so brave, tonight, the ogden police department is making aiden an honorary junior police officer. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> brandi, thank you. and now to that history-making game. more than 33 million americans watching the buckeyes face off against the ducks. ohio state toppling oregon 42-20 in the first ever college football national championship. in the stands, we couldn't help but to notice ohio native lebron james right there. he was then on the field, celebrating with that third string quarterback who made it all happen. >> the ohio state buckeyes are the first national champions of the playoff era. >> reporter: the new era ushered in with more than 85,000 fans watching at at&t stadium. we were right there with them. the most viewed cable tv program of all-time. the underdog buckeyes, toppling the oregon ducks. with the third string quarterback, who wasn't even supposed to be there. >> cardale jones, so impressive. >> oh! what a play! >> reporter: cardale jones, the quarterback, only because the team had lost their first two.
5:45 pm
he didn't even start until the postseason. but there was someone who always knew cardale could do it. back home, it was a tough beginning for cardale in cleveland, the youngest of six. >> not knowing some days where the next meal was going to come from. >> reporter: he went to the only all-male public high school the ginn academy, east cleveland. and he was assigned a mentor named michelle nash. >> i just saw something in his eyes. i just seen a sweet kid that needed something. >> reporter: over the years, though, he wouldn't call her his mentor. he began to call her "mom." >> and that's what he calls me. and it's a blessing. >> reporter: and last night, another blessing for her and the boy she believed in. once considered at risk, now the center of the first national championship. >> it's still an unreal feeling, you know? you know, looking at all this confetti fall, and -- >> this is a baller. come here. >> reporter: a hug for the third stringer who led them to victory. what an incredible story.
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it was great to be there last night. and one more image from the big game. look at this. his name is greg burks. one of the refs there. people studying his face during the game. did he look familiar to you? because so many noticed a similarity with legendary comedian bob newhart. even newhart. tonight, he's responding, tweeting, "in regards to my new career as a head ref, hey, i don't have a series anymore. i had to do something." not bad. that was kind of fun. the whole thing was an incredible thing to be part of. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. lost at sea. look at this. a cruise ship passenger right there in the circle, overboard. left behind by the ship. and then the amazing rescue. you won't believe what happens next. also, the big change coming to facebook. the urgent messages that could soon be showing up in your news feed. we'll explain. and then big news coming in tonight about a "dancing with the stars" favorite, derek hough. what we've learned, what he's announced, coming up. i wish... please, please, please, please, please. [ male announcer ] the wish we wish above health. so we quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. expanded minuteclinic for walk-in medical care. and created
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abc's cecilia vega with what happened next. >> reporter: that speck in the ocean, that's a 22-year-old man overboard. he somehow fell into the caribbean off the biggest cruise ship in the world. and the ship sailed on. it's unclear how long he was out there. someone on a disney ship traveling the same route spotted him in these choppy waters off the coast of cozumel, mexico. it was 6:30 on tuesday morning, it was 6:30 on thursday morning a passenger on "the magic" says he was up early enjoying his coffee. he hears the man screaming, a sound he tells us, he will never forget. the rescue caught on camera by this man watching on deck. >> it was surreal. and seeing the lifeboat head out towards him and seeing him out there treading water. >> reporter: witnesses say "the magic" stopped, crews launched a lifeboat and raced to save him. >> when they wheeled him off, he was in a sitting up position and he was waving to everybody. >> reporter: the fall from the top deck of royal caribbean's
5:50 pm
"oasis of the seas," 21 stories. longer than a drop from the top of niagra falls. in the statement, royal caribbean says "we are grateful for the other ship's assistant." that other ship owned by disney abc's parent company. from overboard to overjoyed and back on dry land tonight. cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> wow. a trip he won't forget. when we come back, breaking news about a famous american athlete. what the judge has decided tonight. and "dancing with the stars" favorite derek hough tonight, and the big announcement. changing course. bring your vision for the future to life. for more than 145 years, pacific life has been helping families achieve life-long financial security with innovative tools and strategies. talk to a financial advisor to protect your family and plan today. pacific life. the power to help you succeed. pacific life proudly presents "humpback whales", a whale-sized movie for giant screen theaters.
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5:54 pm
striking her nephew and sister. and five-time "dancing with the stars" winner derek hough revealing he'll be paired with the rockettes next season. hough will be taking a break from the abc hit show, which debuts in march, while he performs at radio city music hall. and when we come back, you have got to see this. your eyes are not deceiving you. a dog on the city bus by herself. she even knows where to get off. look at the passengers, stunned. your eyes really are unique. in fact, they depend on a unique set of nutrients. that's why there's ocuvite to help protect your eye health. as you age your eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite is a vitamin made just for your eyes from the eye care experts at bausch + lomb. ocuvite has a unique formula that's just not found in any leading multivitamin. your eyes are unique so help protect your eye health with ocuvite. what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how?
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well, we love our dogs, especially when we train them to do something very impressive. but this? here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: you get all kinds of characters on the "d" line in downtown seattle, but only one can get away with licking the seat in front of her and still being the most popular passenger. >> yeah. she makes everybody happy. how can you not love this face? >> reporter: eclipse is a 2-year-old lab mix who sometimes rides the bus all by herself. she's hardly shy introducing herself to fellow passengers, when, of course, she's not too busy looking out the window. getting on the bus near her home, she sits patiently through five downtown seattle stops and
5:58 pm
then trots to the door all by herself at just the right one. where else would a self-sufficient bus-riding dog be going? the dog park. jeff young is eclipse's human and usually rides the bus with her. except when she takes off and does it by herself. >> it's just the bus to the dog park and back. she keeps it simple. >> reporter: of course, after a full day of commuting, even an intrepid traveler like eclipse needs a little rest. neal karlinsky, abc news, on the d-line bus in seattle. >> taking the bus to the dog park. and we hope >> tonight, a pay raise but the battle is far from over. >> tonight dangerous combination of large fire trucks and narrowed streets. >> california's attorney general
5:59 pm
now seeking higher office. why did she throw her hat in the ring so early? >> a man who plans to run seven marathons in seven days and that is just for starters. wait until you find out where. community outcry, contra costa county supervisors agree to rescind a controversial pay raise. >> the board and labor unions are claiming another side crossed line lobbing personal attacks and some say, threats. we're live with the story. laura? >> the supervisors are on the
6:00 pm
way to that pay increase. it's a two-step process. that is underway. supervisors say they've been the object of person attacks. unions are claiming one supervisor is lobbing threats their way. >> we intend to try to get beyond issues raised here. >> that may the be easy to begin the process of rescinding their own 33% pay increase the krefrl increase that prompted a drive led by employee unions that gathered 40,000 signatures. >> we're committed to listening. that is why it's on the agenda today. >> supervisors voted to adjust pay to be more


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