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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 14, 2015 1:07am-1:43am PST

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>> live from the kgo broadcast center. this is abc7 news. >> a cyclist seriously hurt
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after being hit by a truck today lying unconscious in the street, and the story gets worse from there. >> 25-year-old gregory lowrey needed help. instead some witnesses did the unthinkable and robbed him. >> it is outrageous. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama-daetz. it happened a at eighth and union in oakland this morning. >> alan wang is on the story. >> the impact knocked the bicyclist some 50 feet from where he collided with a pick up truck. it happened around 11:30 this morning at the corner of eighth and union in west oakland. we we were supposed to meet up. we were going to the food bank. >> margaret lowry said her son was riding his bike to the health clinic where he was undergoing treatment for a serious heart condition. a witness heard the crash and ran outside. >> it was hairable. horrible. he never moved after that. the man never moved. >> the story gets worse. while the 81-year-old driver
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of the truck was trying to help lowry a group of people went through his truck and stole his wallet. while he was on the ground by his bike badly injured, a second group came up to him and took his wallet. >> this is a wonderful neighborhood but there is a mounty of people. >> you have a person that is injured and a man that hit this individual. he is scared. it really is bad. >> lowry's mother says they lost their home in berkeley two years ago. >> when you are down things sort of kick you seems like. i don't know. >> mother and son were living in this rv while trying to get their lives back together. and now this. in oakland, alan wang, abc7 news. >> lowrey suffered brain injury and broken bones and brain damage. >> also in oakland two bodies were found near lake merritt. two bodies were found at a
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homelessen campment near the 580 overpass near grand and lake park avenue. the officers were at the scene for hours conducting their investigation. at this point they don't suspect foul play. the police are not releasing any other details. an armored police vehicle will be a part of the police force and it is causing a stir. the protesters gathered to voice their opposition. the city council accepted a $250,000 federal grant to buy it. while police say the vehicle will help with rescues and to protect the officers, some residents fear the presence during protest would fuel any conflict. >> that's the concern that this vehicle would do a different kind of policing. >> we see this vehicle as being a tool for the police department to provide better service to the community.
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>> the plan is to have the armored vehicle. >> police are warning students and parents about a dangerous trend. each took 12 tablets like these of the over counter drug. it is known and it can cause hallucinations and police say the girls who range in ages from 12 to 13 years old bought the drug from a boy. >> firefighters were told to stay on alert. a firefighter fell into this two-foot pit at a homeless encampment. you can see sharpened wooden stakes at the bottom. a crew member filled in that hole. authorities are not sure who made it or what the target was. a new terror threat is leading to increased security at the airport. be aware of that if you are flying. the tsa is expanding random security checks including pat downs and hand swabs for
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explosives. the changes come after a rethank youd push by al-qaeda in yemen to activate extremists living here in america. that's the same group claiming responsibility for the terror attacks in france. new information about the terror attacks there. investigators believe they got their weapons outside france. they are tracing the funding source of the terror cell. the official says the amount spent on weapons plus the logistics of the attack indicate an organized network. the paper targeted by the terrorists released thaish new issue with an image of mohamed. they are selling for between 45 to more than $500 on ebay in the u.s. bobcats are dying near uc santa cruz. the tests show that all had poison in their blood. lisa amin gulezian is live on the campus. lisa all three dead bobcats
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were found not far away, right? >> that is very true dan. two cats were already bleeding internationally when they were hit by cars. they are on empire grade and meantime another cat was found inside the arboritum slowly dying next to her kitten. >> it is terrible. >> we were used to seeing bobcats. >> he saw two of the bobcats. including this one dying near her kitten was especially heartbreaking. >> it was a sick mother with the young kitten trying to get close to it. it was very sad. >> and then this cat was hit by a car. a necropsy showed all three had rat poison this their systems. wildlife experts believe someone living nearby is using the poison to get rid of rodents which are then being eaten by the bobcats. >> it is a cheap shot and it does so much damage to our
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wildlife. >> wildlife emergency services was called each time the cats were found though two of the cats were hit by cars the company's director still thinks the poison played a major role in their death. >> these animals that are hit by cars and they die maybe they could have bled out. >> they are only sold to pest control companies. they are also worried about what is happening. >> a few cats high concentrations and a small amount of time and a tight area. >> scientists plan to do public out reach planned later this month. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> a home security camera captured a thief in the act in walnut creek. it happened near the san miguel drive avenue. take a look. you can see clearly the woman's face in these pictures posted on clay
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the thief didn't get away with much. the box was filled with used ink cartridges. a beer wharf sorts is brewing in the north bay. they are suing the chico-based sierra nevada alleging the trademark infringement over the use of ipa. let's show you the two labels we are talking about. they say they originated the use and the design of ipa. they are confused between these two brands. sierra nevada says any similarities is accidental. >> two men making an unprecedented rock climb should reach solid ground tomorrow. they are free climbing el capitan's don wall meaning they are not using equipment. the rock face is shear and has piercing rocks. the climb is 3,000 feet
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straight up. their dad followed the progress on social media but he is glad some moments he couldn't watch. >> it makes your heart flutter and at times it brings tears to my eyes. >> before i got here i was upset when he wasn't doing the pitch 15 and falling and struggling and i should be there for that. but after watching yesterday i went, i'm glad i wasn't here. >> it must be hard to watch sometimes. the most dangerous sections are finished. their families expect to see the climbers tomorrow afternoon. >> so it is a cake walk now. >> absolutely. >> coming up next, a bizarre murder plot against john boehner. why this bartender was supposedly targeting the veteran lawmaker. >> lost and now found. how a hall of fame rock star helped a man recover his stolen dog. >> and an impatient pooch. she can't wait for the park, but she will wait for the bus. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel tracking some thick fog
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man with his beloved dog. the dog was stolen over the weekend and allegedly by this woman. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live with the details. hi cornell. >> missing dogs don't usually get this kind of attention but in this case, surveillance cameras, social media and help from a rock star all working together to bring mochi home. david baker and his beloved companion are reunited after a stressful weekend of searching for her. >> it was a blur. it was so shocking it happened. >> david was sleeping at his apartment when a thief broke in downstairs and made off with a bike backpack and mochi. >> for awhile we thought she ran away until we saw footage of the woman actually taking my dog. >> cameras caught this on tape. a woman with a backpack walking two bikes and a dog minutes after the burglary. police were called and baker's
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friends got to work making sure pictures of mochi and the suspect would be seen. >> we got groups together and put it out on social media as much as possible. >> posts about the dog thapping went viral. even the green day lead singer billy armstrong reposted on his instagram account with 400,000 followers. >> it is crazy to see how far the word can spread and how much people want to help. >> they are matching a 2-year-old pittbull description and alerted officers. david says thank you to all. >> every little part helped out. i have my dog back and that's the important thing. >> mochi is fine and happy to be back home. in san francisco cornell bernard, abc7 news. gas prices continue to plummet. today drivers in san jose filled up for $2.19 a gallon.
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in the last month the average has fallen 68 cents to $2.61. the price of crude oil has fallen 60% in the last year. it may eventually cause the oil companies to stop drilling in places like the united states because production costs are so high. slowing production would bring the price of gas back up. american drivers will benefit saving between $50 and $75 billion if gas prices remain low. >> wow. bad news for most americans. it is tax season and you may have to wait longer for the refund. budget cuts were so severe the agency will have no choice but to do less with less. getting back refunds could take a week longer than they usually do. if you find an error you will have a 50% chance of getting through when calling the help line. who will benefit? the tax cheat. they will conduct 46,000 fewer
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audits bringing in an estimated $2 billion. a young "star wars" fan who is missing part of his arm received a special dwift this weekend. it allowed him to do something he hasn't done before look at that. he grabbed a cup with his left happened. more importantly to liam, the arm is decorated to look like a clone trooper a soldier from the more recent "star wars" movie. he also got an authentic helmet during a presentation. the arm was donated by a charity that 3-d prints items for families. it only cost $300 to make and a real prosthetic would have been $9,000. riding the bus has gone to the dogs for seattle. meet a 2-year-old lab mix who sometimes rides the bus all day by herself. the bus pulls up and she hops
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on and sits through five stops and then gets off at the dog park. she knows where she is going. jeff young is her human and usually rides the bus with her. that's unless he is lagging. >> she has been urbanized. she is a bus riding and sidewalk walking dog. >> other passengers love riding with this independent pooch. even when she roams the aisles looking for a seat. a metro spokesman loves that they are supporters of public transport. my question is where does eclipse keep the change? >> if you ride you have to pay. it is time for our weather. we do know we need the rain but it is lovely outside. >> we can't change anything. we may as well enjoy the weather while it lasts. sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> hopefully it is not much longer and we will start to see some changes. the computer models are hinting at the shower possibilities. as you look at the highs for today, it was a warm winter day. 70 in santa rosa and close to
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that in oakland. san jose, mid60s along with redwood city and san francisco and concord and livermore, 62 degrees. it was even mild here in half moon bay 64 this afternoon. right now the fog that is out toward the central valley as you look at live doppler 7hd it is starting to move in our direction. the dense fog advisory has been issued until 11:00 tomorrow morning. you can see reduced visibility in concord down to three miles and seven miles in napa. these are likely the areas you will run into problems tomorrow morning for the commute. make sure you have a jacket or coat. look at the temperatures coming down to the upper 30s in napa and fairfield. most other areas in the 40s and 50s right now. here is a look at what happens in the winter time. the central valley fog starts to spill in because of the offshore flow. it starts to move down the delta out toward the north bay, and it becomes dense because that's where it is dense, and that's what we are expecting tomorrow morning.
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areas of dense fog. visibility is looking good from our emeryville camera. and we will see the dense fog in some spots. chilly inland and dry and mild for your thursday. there is a shower chance in the north bay on friday. high pressure for the time being blocking this system. this one is going to bring us a few high clouds the next couple days. a mild pattern coming up through thursday and then look what is showing up on friday. really excited. this is signaling some change for northern california. 5:00 a.m. on friday, the rain is falling up there. if we have a long holiday plan, keep that in mind. then the shower chance starts to drift toward the north bay. there is a chance friday morning into the afternoon we may see light showers in the north bay. make sure you have your umbrella if you live or work in the north bay. watch out for the fog, san rafael napa, vallejo concord, antioch first thing in the morning. and dress warmly as i mentioned. the coldest spots in the
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mid30s around these areas. upper 30s and then for the afternoon if you have the layers on you can shed the layer. it is going to be mild sunny 65 in san jose. los gatos 66. on the peninsula 64 redwood city and palo alto and half moon bay. nice day in san francisco 62 degrees. air quality improving as well. it already started to improve today. north bay mid60s santa rosa and napa and san rafael. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. we will keep it mild and dry the next two days. a chance of a few showers. so excited about this on friday. okay they are light, but it is a chance. a few sprinkles on sunday and then martin luther king, junior day still dry. do you see what we get excited about? >> hanging on to a couple of drops. >> a few drops come on. we can do it. >> thank you. let's talk about the warriors. man, they continue to roll. >> they do. >> sandhya has fake drops.
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♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. it is so good all the time. good evening. the warriors opened a tough stretch of four games in five nights in utah. the game was closed for awhile, but the warriors left the jazz in the dust and steph was ridiculous. steve kerr trying to become the first rookie head coach to start out 30-5. utah was involved early.
1:32 am
he had 22. spark off the bench and chasing down the ball and alley-oop. great body control. the game was tied at the half and warriors explode acting as a bodyguard for steph. he hits the three. and then steph again. four-point play. look at the show and go. it is ridiculous. he had 27. fourth quarter and with authority. down the middle and warriors with 13-3. they roll 116-105. seven straight wins. minnesota, they had lost 15 straight, the remedy for that is mo, mo mo. and mo williams was on fire, fire fire with his team. it was 19 of 33. finished with a franchise
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looks like a two-man race to take over the raiders. they either stick with sporano or meet with del rio. he grew up in hayward as a huge raiders fan. previous head coaching experience was jacksonville and spent the last three years as denver's defensive coordinator. the niners met with the broncos' offensive coordinator. he is regarded as an x's and o's sevant.
1:36 am
john elway wants a head coach with championship experience for the broncos. and the jets made their move. they hired arizona defensive coordinator todd vols and not to be confused with the sharks. let's get to the sharks and the coyotes. that was the dads trip. it is the smart dads. just inside the blue line. sharks up 2-1. arizona wouldence answer -- would answer. look what i found. courtesey of brandon dillon. the first goal in 11 months. the sharks take it a final of 3-2.
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