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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good afternoon, everybody. >> look at that. cheers as two rock stars make history. just momentss-5gy ago, two climbers reached the summit and began the first in the world to free climb el capitan in yosemite national park. a aditi roy is live. >> hi there. it was a really exciting day here as the two men reached the summit just about a half an hour ago. the clouds below here erupting
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in applause as that happened and as these men realized their seven-year dreams. >> tonight an impossible dream realized. these two men are not the first to free climb up the nearly vertical wall of yosemite's el capitan. >> this is something that you he never thought would happen. >> tommy called well and kevin jorgenson using only their hands and feet to climb the rock. no climbing equipment, only harnesses only to prevent deadly falls during their 19-day journey. the climbers braving a windstorm. >> tossed around like a rag doll. >> and clinging to razor sharp edges to make the record books. >> what makes it hard is the holes are very small, they're very far apart. basically, it's just hard to climb. >> on day eight, trouble. kevin struggled as one of thezq
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toughest points. >> it crossed my mind that i should just throw in the towel. >> it was a true cliffhanger. kevin finally turned that impossible corner. pure joy, he posted on facebook. for his family relief. >> when i heard that he made it it10jb brought -- you know, i cried. >> it was came on from there. five more days and then this afternoon, five more steps and those rock stars reached the top. >> such an amazing moment out there. it will take a few hours for those men to hike back down. they're joined up there by many many family members we're told. family members and close friends are up there. it's a party up there for now. back to you. >> thank you so much. awesome feat for these guys. thank you so much. we move now to breaking news out of washington.
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federal prosecutors say an ohio man is under arrest for plotting to attack officials and employees inside the u.s. capital. fbi agents arrested 20-year-old christopher lee cornell today after he allegedly took control of a firearm during an undercover operation. cornell is also known as rahir maris ubidaia. he professed allegiance online and committed to complete acts of jihad. the 49ers have promoted defensive line coach jim tomsula and the raiders are hiring denver broncos defensive coordinator jack del rio. >> del rio takes over following dennis allen an intrimt coach tony spurano. the 51-year-old grew up in hayward, and his entire family grew up as raiders fans.
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you know, for jack del rio, it all started right here on the football field at hayward high school. around these parts he's sort of a local legend. if you look at the high school year book, it's pretty easyev,2s to see why. jack del rio didn't just play football. he played basketball and baseball, he turned down after offer for the big leagues. he wound up playing football in the nfc before he went into coaching. the coach here says he comes back all the time. now they couldn't be more proud to have him back in the bay area. >> it's great to have a person who has succeeded coming out of some place come back and speak to the kids about what he accomplished and what he did. and it's just an opportunity for them to see themselves in his shoes. >> when we played freshman football together, the coach would send the defense assignments in from thephxhd
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sidelines and jack on occasion would overrule the coach and call his own defense even as a 14-year-old. >> jack's boyhood friend andy miller knew right then he was looking at a coach. but boy, has it been tough to see him coaching for the broncos. the two of them were raider fans growing up. in that sense, it's a true home coming for jackizñnñ del rio. ever since b he played here, jack del rio was known as that really big guy. andy tells us a lot of his schedules come from up here. he had a knack for predicting what the other team was going to do well ahead of time and that knack might just come in handy as he tries to turn the raiders around. >> now to the niners and espn and various media outlets are reporting the niners will promote jim tomsula to head coach replacing jim harbaugh. this rumor first started about a year ago.
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the 46-year-old tom sula has been with the 49ers as an tashl coach for eight seasons. bolden endorsed this move this afternoon on twitter. but it's really add to pass up defensive coordinator vick diangio to hire one of his assistant coaches to take over the team. not really sure what happened in denver. now the bigger question, the niners, is who takes over that offensive coordinator. if you can't fix colin kaepernick, you're in trouble no matter who your coach is. >> what do you think of the hire starting with the raiders? >> del rio makes perfect sense. it gives owner mark davis something he can sell to his fans. what are you going to do? there's nothing there. jack he's tough no nonsense. he's going to emphasis defense. on the niners side, this is a huge reach.
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they're comfortable with him and as much as you want to talk about continuity and organizational harmony if you want to use that tom sula, this is an odd jump, but he servesed one game he's 1-0 lifetime. but when you get rid of harbaugh, you're taking a gargantuan risk. we'll see how the niners tomorrow. in martinez investigators have taken one person into custody, accused of setting fires that burned four straight properties today. crews first received a report of a fire burning on ashwood drive after 12:30 this afternoon. a third fire was reported less than a mile away. the fires caused at least $300,000 in damage. nobody, though, was injured.
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>> staying in the south bay, firefighters think zarters may have started a fire that gutted a warehouse early this morning. >> a three-alarm fire tore through this abandon warehouse on san jose streets near downtown. this video taken from the camera atop the abc 7 south bay news bureau, flames can be seen shooting off the roof and engulf engulfing the building. firefighters battled the flames defensively from above. >> no one is going inside. >> in daylight, you can see the damage. windows blown out, the inside gutted. firefighters took these pictures from atop their aerial ladder which shows what's left of the caved-in roof. the warehouse is frequentedly squatters like robin anderson. he slept there for nine months. >> to be honest, it sounds
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corny, but i had a lot of memories in that spot. it's winter. you've got to get warm is now. >> anderson said the group he was with got kicked out last week. he admits some of them would use lighters or other small devices to see in the dark. >> torches so we could walk around and said. other than that, no. >> the official can all cause is not known and it could take days for investigators to sift through the smouldering debris. >> the fire started in the interior so potentially squatters or homeless may not inside. our other concern is we hope tht got out. on our arrival, no one would have survived in there. >> a performer blew out during the fire knocking out power to more than 4500 pg&e customers. this building was going to be demolished in the next week but because of the damage will probably be knocked down in the next day or two. we got a little bit of a
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break today but another spare the air alert is in effect for tomorrow. >> and you can see why. hi, drew. >> hi. we have crystal clear blue skies yesterday. the haze is back today and tomorrow it's going to get thicker. we have that spare the air day in effect. live doppler shows you we have partly cloudy skies but no rain on our satellite and radar maps. the east bay camera showing you that haze up above, in the central bay for tomorrow, it will be our 12th scare the air day of the month. looking from our roof com top camera, temperatures in the upper 50s to low to mid 60s. inland barely see the golden gate bridge where the fog has been thick, only in the mid to upper 50s. one final look from the golden gate bridge camera shoig the fog is coming back tonight. it will be dense for your rush tomorrow morning and more
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sunshine on the way. we'll let you know when we're expecting our next chance for sprinkles here in the bay area. >> thank you so much. still ahead on abc"bxg 7, a area child who fell 200 feet off a cliff and lived to talk about it reunited with the first responders who brought him to safety. plus, gas savings, just how much americans are saving at the bump and where that money is going. and new at 4:30, an east bay community college is getting national attention today and it's all thanks to an oscar winning]!ãactor. >> plus, taking your questions on twitter and facebook. he will be here to answer them in just a few minutes. contact michael at faceyhcom/michael finnecabc 7. and over on twitter. and taking a live look at i-80 in emeryville on your wednesday on the right-hand side, that is your 80 west traffic approaching the curve and on to the bay bridge. moving slightly better than the
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you're looking at video from november when firefighters saved an 8-year-old boy who had fallen more than 200 feet off a cliff. sebastian had to go into a medically induced comma after that fall. fast forward to now and sebastian is doing much much better. >> he is.
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today he reunited to the firefighters who brought him to safety in children's hospital oakland. >> sebastian johnson, the 4-year-old his mother calls her miracle boy flashed a shy smile as he arrived to meet the firefighters who saved his life last november. sebastian fell 230 feet down a jagged cliff and you smo managed to survive, barely. >> he wasn't really conscious, but he was alive. >> trying to talk to him trying to keep him calm and just asking about super hee roars and 4-year-old stuff. >>súrf firefighter marco baro has a 4-year-old son. so does jason downing. >> to see his injuries, my god, he was so broken up. now to see him like this it's a relief. >> the firefighters brought gifts for the young boy including rescue vehicles and toy fire trucks.
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in exchange vpsdçexchange, he had a few words for them.the. >> you're welcome. >> despite a head injury that put him in a coma and multiple fractures throughout his body, doctors expect sebastian to make a full recovery. >> you look absolutely fantastic, sebastian. >> abc 7 news. >> that iskn)fantastic. >> it is. >> an amazing recovery. we all know gas prices have tumbled recently. some really big savings for americans across the country. >> "the washington post" did the math and figured out americans are now spending $2.4 billion less each week on gas than at the same time last year. that's about $7.50 per week for every person in america. >> nationally, gas prices have dropped more than a doll per gallon in the last year. we'll take it. and money experts say all that savings should stimulate some parts of the economy because consumers have more money to spend on other things.
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>> makes sense, yeah. seg the glass half full or half mpt empty could impact your health. >> i've heard that. and what is the best way1hp@ñ to look intelligent, which is something i'm really interested in learning. jane king has today's health and>nç wareness report. >> fitness wearables do have the ability to change people's health habits, but 42% of people stop using them after the first six months. battery life is a make conand if the trackers are to have a long-term life span with consumers, they should put in more systems for a change. sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome suffer from exercise. most who have scfs fear it could make their cases worse. some cfs patients say it brought them no about the benefit.b tç focusing on the positive could be good for your heart.
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a large study suggested optimistic people have a leg up when it comes to cardiovascular health. and when some people try to look intelligent, they do things that may actually make them look dumb. so the "wall street journal" took a look at what actually works and found glasses do work. the fancy words don't. and the biggest way to appear smart, look someone in the eye when you're having a conversation with them. i am jane king. >> i was going to say glasses. >> me, too. that was the first thing. >> thinking about getting glasses, whether i need them or not. it's just going to help. >> drew is here. he's checking on our forecaster, not wearing glasses. >> i'm not. >> could be a big mistake. >> what does that mean if i don't wear glasses? >> don't read anything into it. >> not at all. >> we have yesterday yet to see measurable precipitation in
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downtown forecast this month and typically this is one of our wettest months of the year. we'll see partly cloudy skies and those clouds are not unleash unleashing any showers on us this evening more in the next 24 hours. the big story this morning was the area of dense fog. this morning the san joaquin valley moving through the carkina straight. it was thick at times and still is lingering even at this hour. the fog hard to mix up. that breeze is coming out of the east direct and that's a cool breeze. it's from 6 to even 9 degrees cooler than it was at this time yesterday. temperatures were stuck in the 50s all day today because of that easterly breeze. that lid of haze above us that we can't mix up because we don't have a breeze strong enough to get our atmosphere clear. we're talking about poor air quality along with that dense
4:20 pm
fog overnight. then a small chance of showers moving into the north bay on friday. as we go through the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning, that fog is going to start to redevelop in the valley and into the east bay and north bay. tomorrow morning visibility could be less than a quarter of a mile. so take note of that. if you have issues this morning likely you'll have issued for tomorrow morning as well. a dying front moving in bringing high clouds and a slight chance for our next front. friday morning, lots of clouds. watch the shower chances, light showers around santa rosa, areas to the north. i don't think we're going to see any showers in san francisco, oakland. you're saying what does the long-term perspective look like? unfortunately it looks like this dry pattern is going to resume. if we don't get any measurable partnership tagdz this month, it
4:21 pm
will be the driest month in recorded history. overnight lows 30s in the east bay.4 á!f1 o san jose falling to 39 with that dense fog. his for your friday inland falling into the 50s. accuweather forecast spare the air tomorrow. slight chance in the north bay friday. dry on sunday. mlk service day on2 monday. still partly cloudy. mostly sundayny tuesday and a steady pattern midweek on wednesday. we'll keep tracking that shower chance for you on friday. right now, the north bay is the best chance at any sprinkle. >> up next how often do you watch your jeans? we reveal what really happens when you do not push your dem in the wash for many months. and new after 4:30 the good news for city
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when was the last time you washed your jeans? the ceo of levi made headlines revealing he never puts his dem in the wash. >> so abc news wanted to find out what happened when you don't wash your jeans for eight months. >> the c he o of levis sparked a storm of media coverage when he encouraged consumers to save water by washing their jeans less. >> these jeans are maybe a year old. these have yet to see a washing machine. i know that sounds totally disgusting. >> me, i really like the idea of doing less laundry. so i bought a pair of levis after this happened and wore them once a week for the last eight months, never washing them. to see how this plays in the real world, i head back to the source, the ceo of levis. what do you think about my jeans? >> they look awesome.
4:25 pm
>> he's wearing dirty jeans again, too. >> i suspect the last time they were washed was probably about two years ago. >> by not washing my jeans for eight months, i saved an estimated 132 gallons of water. they did yellow a bit and that might be a birthday cake stain but i think they held up pretty well. >> have you really not washed them for eight months? >> yeah. they look pretty clean. you must have been very careful. >> you did good. you did good. >> levi's head designer is a real dem offanado. he says not washing them is good for the jeans. >> these are what you go if you don't wash a lot. what happens is with washing them regularly, you get this flat overall lightening of the jeans. >> his main tip, spot clean from the inside. so you're just pushing the ketchup from the back on to the front.
4:26 pm
>> i think this is ready for one, but i'm definitely washing my jeans less these days. and i have this heavy hitter business guy to thank for that. >> i've never done where we looked at each other's butts so much. >> hmmm. >> i think it's funny if you don't want to wash them, it depends on what you do for your occupation. if you're in construction, you probably need to wash them. i don't think i'd want to admit that i haven't washed them for eight months. >> you think it would maybe take a little if a breeze or something every now and then just to make everything else around you uncomfortable. up next, check out this gusher of water. it's no accident. the reason they decided to release all this water despite the drought. and the oscar beginning actor giving a shout out to
4:27 pm
college. and later female announcer: during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. but hurry! this special financing offer ends martin luther king jr. day. don't miss the year end clearance sale at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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in news making the headlines as we approach 4:30, history at » -ppkevin jorgenson of santa rosa
4:30 pm
and tommy caldwell become the first to free climb el capitan's wall using nothing bys ropes. it took them 19 days. jorgenson, the first to reach the top and caldwell made it about 15 minutes later. she also tweeted pictures of the climbers shortly after they realized their dream would be more of that climb on abc 7 news at 5:00. park service is now back to normal. b.a.r.t. closed the powell street station earlier today after a man jumped in fronts of a train and was killed. trains were single track for hours causing thousands of passengers to be stranded all across the bay. a gusher pouring out into the streets of mountain view and it was no accident. city officials did this on purpose despite5!'x the drought. the reason? a smelly problem.
4:31 pm
abc news reporter amy holyfield explains. >> they tried putting off doing this for as long as they could. california is in a drought. spewing water utah on to the street doesn'tgqr look good. officials in mountain view couldn't put it off any longer. >> we still have to operate the system, which looks odd in this situation. but we can't survive without doing it. >> what timely pushed them into this situation was smelly water. customers called and explained their water smelled bad. ironically, it happened because people have done such a good job of conserving water so instead of flowing it sat and got stale. >> what happens is the water moment slous down and as a result we need to do the kind of flushing you see behind you to keep the water fresh. >> the water wasn't unsafety, it's just stinky. >> it's unpleasant.
4:32 pm
we want the water to be pleasant for our customers, so we decided to flush quickly and solve the problem. >> water officials say they will probably spend the next two days flushing outsygñ hydrants. they say this amount isn't that significant. >> just a couple tenths of a percent of water consumption within the city. so it's a small portion, but critical. >> city officials say keep conserving water. they're doing a great job. they usually flush the system once a year. they werenèo going to try to wait a year and a half this time, but it looks like they can't go that long. abc 7 news. petaluma police are asking for the public's help in tracking down a jewelry thief. police say this woman walked into the store on petaluma on the 19th and took jewelry and hid them in her clothes and
4:33 pm
purse before anyone noticed. the french satiral magazine published its first edition today since the attack. it comes as an al qaeda group claims responsibility for the attack in a new video. u.s. officials say the video is authentic. >> karen trapper reports from washington. >> a symbolic hpf poignant day across france. it's been exactly one week since two masked gunmen stormed the offices of "charlie [mñhebdo." and today the satirical magazine published their next issue on xsvog time. people lined up before dawn waiting to pick up their copy. >> as a citizen, i wanted to buy this magazine. it supports for the team that has been murdered last week. >> "charlie hebdo" usually
4:34 pm
prints 50,000 copies. this printing? 5 million. the artist who drew this week's cover says he's just a cartoonist. some muslim leaders in france and around the world blasted the new issue as a splikz and even an act of war. this comes on the same day a senior al qaeda leader praising the two ç;& unmen brothers as heros of islam. he says they chose the target in france, laid the plan, and appointed its leader. >> this we believe, came from the media wing. the latest example of the brutality that is really a calling card. >> the obama administration says this is the most dangerous leg of al qaeda.
4:35 pm
today, a jury judge denied a ready for aúiúxr delay in the sar nya nigh tsarnayev case. the judge rejected that saying he wleefs a fair and impartial jury can be found. the 21-year-old could get the death penalty if convicked. a model who says bill cosby skully drugged and abused her chloe goingsd drugged and sexually abused her when she was 18 years old. she blacked out and woke up naked and found cosby over her.u/: more than two dozen women have come forward accusing cosby of sexually assaulting her. however, goings accusations are the first that could fall within
4:36 pm
the statute of limitations. the accreditation board has given the two school two more years to come into compliance. if it does not do so within two years, they would lose accreditation and not be able to appeal. the achrisation committee granted the extension after determining the school does have the ability to make the necessary changes. a piece is titled i owe it all to community college. hanks graduated]j[é15 high school and attended the community college in hayward, the only college he could get into. he wrote,xb1÷ classes i took have rippled through my professional pond. hanks even praised some profoesers by name. the school says it's thrilled. >> we're very proud. we're proud to have been the place that mr. hanks apparently
4:37 pm
found his interest in theater and was able to really hone it and really per expectfect it. hanks says he hopes president obama's idea to make two years of community college free becomes a reality, saying it would change many lives. >> and i think it's fantastic that he chose to point out and give them credit for his success. >> yeah. coming up, learning from the big screen. the movie that is getting oscar buzz. and coming to the rescue, the bay area company stepping in to help out chipotle. your q&a is just ahead. contact me at and on twitter. i'll answer your questions here live in just a little bit. >> i'm abc 7 meteorologist. here is a look at our live east
4:38 pm
bay camera. we'll let you know how your thursday is shaping up with the accuweather forecast. and you can see some of that haze hanging over the golden gate bridge as we check out traffic at 4:38 this afternoon. the movable median barrier is in place and traffic is moving nicely
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
i thought you said earlier that january might be the driest reported month in history unless we get some serious rain? >> yeah. downtown san francisco sfo international, we have not report any rain halfway through the month. the next two weeks does not look promising in terms of rainfall. if we don't pick up any rain, this will be the driest month we have had in recorded history. right now, the live doppler is showing you dry. the haze is back and once again for our thursday we have a spare the air in effect. our 12th of the month. the lower 48 is rather quiet. 35 for new york 424i÷ for washington, d.c. notice the front moving into seattle and portland. highs for your thursday, sunshine from tom to bottom.
4:42 pm
the same in palm springs. 51 behind ta toe. in the bay area tomorrow, dense fog around the east bay and in to the north bay. it will be hazy by the afternoon once that fog burns off. only topping out in the mid to upper 50s. the southjsáo bay, nice and warm in the mid six. coming up, we'll have a look at the weekend forecast. still ahead, the movie at the center of international headaches with north korea set for wider :mrelease. the new way you'll be able towy see "the interview." >> and the close call in the water for some partnership poes. s female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. but sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday.
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make breakfast pop. i like to mix things up a bit with grands mini pot pies only four ingredients. and a few easy steps. week night dinner in a flash. and my family devours them. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. sony will release a freedom edition, that's what they're calling it freedom edition of
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the dvd of theg]( film "the interview" which pokes fun at korean leader kim jung-un. it will feature outtakes and gags. sony originally planned to release "the interview" on christmas day and changed those plans when major theater chains backed out of showing it after the threats came. the fbi has tied north korea to that cyber attack. an alameda based company is apparently coming to the rescue for chipotle. >> neiman ranch will dip into its reserves to offset chipotle's massive shortage of pork. it announced yesterday it was taking carnitas off the menu after discovering animal treatment violations by another of its meat supplieser. about 6% of customers order carnitas. chicken is the most popular
4:47 pm
item. 7 on your side. michael is answering questions sent to be by facebook and twitter. is it legal to charge tax for a furniture delivery charge? >> no. not if it'ñp÷ú a straight up delivery charge. so i'm very clear on that there's no sales tax on a delivery charge. if it's mail, fedex, a common carrier, a truckdriver and a son, there's no sales tax. here is where you are charged tax. as soon as the company says, postage and handling or delivery and handling, them the state goes, no no handling is a cost of the product. it's a bogus charge. then you're taxed on the whole thing. so if they'll separate it outq- and say here is how much the product costs here is the delivery, then you don't get charged on delivery. >> anna f asks does a repo company have to let the police know before they take my car?
4:48 pm
>> no, they don't have to do that in any local i know. police departments would like them to do that because then when you call up and go somebody stole my car they pull out the report. i don't know of any laws in the bay area that say they have to inform the police first. and kelly s. now, i bought a vehicle at a used car lot and within the first 48 hours the check engine light came on and the car overcheated. what is the law? >> oh, boy. look, if the car is still under its original new car warranty, then they have to help you and they have to deal with it. if the car is a certified used car, in the state of california, we passed a bunch of rules and regulations, they would have to fix it and deal with it. if it is an as-is purchase is
4:49 pm
not much you can do. that's why you have to really inspect your car first. >> stls no 72-hour window before you can bring it back? >> no everyone thinks that. maybe it exits baft east, but -- >> it's sort of like urban legend. >> car dealers have to offeroráñ you a three-day period but you have to buy it. so you give them money, you drive it away. most car dealers don't buy it, just say you want it. william and kate are now sending updates on their royal life, but only 140 characters at a time. >> and a humongous hippopotamus is going viral. >> twitter is getting the royal treatment the kensington palace account. the handle has been set up to provide updates on prince
4:50 pm
william, kate, and prince harry. hello from kensington palace. i can't really do a british accent. >> we noticed. >> welcome to our new twitter account. >> that's better. >> followers can expect to get updates, pictures and videos about the royals as well as their charities. don't count on harry being a big fan. he's previously said he hates twitter. >> just say cheerio. got some great video to show you this afternoon. a group of boaters get an enormous scare when something started chasing them just below the water's surface. >> watch as that something starts coming towards their boat. oh, goodness. look at that. >> yeah. it's a hippopotamous. he's showing up and showing up
4:51 pm
angry. hippos are not known to be overly aggressive, but maybe this guy was a little hungry. frightening for a few seconds. >> oh yeah. up next, thelma getting oscar buzz. how the movie is now being used as a classroom lesson for bayd1vç area students. >> i'm dan ashley. coming up new at 5:00, roar made by a local climber and his friend. president obama is excited about it. underperforming schools in oakland, what the school district wants to do about it and why many teachers and parents aren't
4:52 pm
bulldog: through monday, save up to 40% on clearance mattresses. get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. pup: i found a red tag! [laughter] bulldog: mattress discounters' year end clearance sale ends monday.
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okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
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and the 2015 oscar nominations are tomorrow morning. our live coverage starts at 5:30 on the acb 7 news. you can watch on air and
4:55 pm
online and mark your calendar for as car sunday, february 22nd right here on abc 7. one of the movies getting oscar buzz is the civil rights drama, thelma. >> carolyn tyler joins us live in the news room with more. >> it's a grassroots effort that began in new york city and it's now being replicated across the nation, including here in the bay area. several movie theaters will welcome teenagers for free while the tickets last. 14-year-old arianna white is going to see selma, the drama about the 1965 civil rights march led by % martin leether king demand black voting rights. >> i think if people know about their past that they'll be more into their future, as well,
4:56 pm
because we want to make the world better, not worse. >> she will watch that movie for free simply by presenting her student i.d. at selected bay area movie theaters. the idea began with a group of african-american business leaders in new york who almost overnight raised $250,000 to buy tickets for 27,000 students there. one of those business men, tony coals, says it makes young people witnesses to a history they've only read about. >> this movie gives a representation. it puts living people and words and actions and images to what was pivotal in the development of the voting rights act of this country. >> coles believes with the conversation about race once again front and center in the wake of protests like those over the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown, the movie "selma" comes at a pivotal moment. black leaders in the bay area have quickly raised more than
4:57 pm
$150,000 and counting. so seventh eighth and ninth graders can attend from today through the mlk holiday on monday. the movie is all about, like how do you live together. how do you make peace. >> the sfrap mayor ed lee plans to day a group to the movie on monday. >> i think it is a strong indication that i'm for their civil rights as well. i'm for their equality. i'm for their lives that matter. >> now, the demand is expected to outpace supply, so if you want to donate to their effort or you're a student who wants to see "selma" go to our website to the links and information.[fg >> thank you and thank you for joining us.
4:58 pm
this is something that you never thought would happen. a north bay man and his friend have finished the world's most difficult climb. an east bay apartment complex catches fire. why authorities believe the person responsible may have lived in respect. and a brand new start. both bay area nfl teams hire new coaches. clooer the air tomorrow. shower chance later this week. i'll have a weekend preview, coming up. live, this is abc 7 news. a local climber and his friend finish off8a6 most difficult climb. kevin jorgenson shares an emotional moment with his wife just seconds after reaching the top of el capitan. incredible journey. good evening. >> jorgenson and caldwell
4:59 pm
literally lifted themselves to the top with their fingers and their feet. gorgeous shot. this is where they were for the past 19 days moving inch by inch. and the first ever free climb of the wall. wayne freedman joins us from the news room with this incredible story. two men, a magnificent vertical wall of granite. a daring and seemingly impossible task accomplished in front of a global television audience. they began the first free climbers to scale el capitan's wall. they used ropes only as safety devices. two mortal men from a distance, it seems, little more than dots
5:00 pm
on that impressive cliff. a little past 3:00 today, jorgenson reached the top fist. followed by caldwell. down below their families expressed elation and relief. >> when i heard that he made it it brought -- you know, i cried. >> he's finally reached his ÷,& dream. this is something that he never thought would happen. >> once they reached the top the men celebrated with friends and family. they did not give interviews. they will give interviews tomorrow, however, after resting tonight. they plan a press conference tomorrow morning 11:00 a.m. in the meadow below. between now and then we figure they're going to get a good night's sleep thousands of feet above the ground. wayne thank you. a rock climbing facility in san francisco climbing fans are keeping a close eye on today's events at yosemite. some of the employees are friends with those


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