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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 14, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the and it's not been we'll bring you latest developments on air and online. >> good evening, i'm ama daets. >> a fire in north around 5:15 you can see how intense the fire was. >> we're told it may have started as a car fire that spreads to the building. >> and m in martinez a man charged with setting five homes on fire. >> these fires broke out in martinez. that is where abc7 news is live with more. vic? >> you can see there is a lot of activity here. you know, the fire was controlled hours ago there was
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a lot of fire damage here at the apartments. temperatures had a tough time trying to locate them the suspected arsonist was one step ahead of the firefighters, setting one fire after another. he is charged with arson >> the first call came in at 1:00 this afternoon. a town house with four units was on fire. >> i was on the back side trying to hose it down. just trying to keep water on the unit. >> multiple cars were coming in and reported yet another town house and yet another. in all five structures were ablaze and that is the biggest
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problem firefighters encountered. >> wasn't like you had one fire it was from building to building. you had a fire and it was located in one building and morning fire in another building and another location. >> firefighters were trying to contain the blaze martinez police were trying to find a tenant who may have set them. >> one officer realized we may have been able to do a welfare check on a subject that would have been living in one of the units on fire the lieutenant says the man appeared to be fine and allowed to stay in his unit. officers found him nearby and arrested him after tasering him. vic lee, abc7 news >> just minutes ago, san francisco archbishop at site of a shooting.
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and opened fire on a car double parked killing all four young men inside. >> families of two victims were at city hall today seeking justice. they met with the supervisor, among those attending was the mother of one of them. her son was working at benihana that night. he left to cash a check and that is when the shooting happened. he would have turned 22 today. >> these things happened before but we want to make sure hold the city accountable that make sure the youth have somewhere to go. >> police say the shooting was gang related. the car was stolen. officers found two guns inside of the vehicle. >> it's a big day for sports
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fans both teams have new head coaches tonight. 49ers have promoted and these guys have their work cut out for them. >> you've got to hire assistant coaches and staff. it's going out throughout the league where others are doing the same thing. tomsula is popular but this is an unusual hire when you take a position coach and leap frog him over a guy like vick bangio. tomsula, passionate guy. unlike harbaugh. he gets along with upper management. and is the right man to lead this team the question is who does he pick as offensive coordinator?
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if you cannot get collin cappernick back on track, you're going to be from trouble. >> raiders hire jack del rio. his family had tickets for years. del rio had previous experience nine years with jacksonville. and so at the last three years as defensive coordinator with broncos, raiders need a fix for their defense. del rio 11 years and tough, no nonsense guy. there is no word on when del rio will be introduced but these are interesting charges for niners. replacing harbaugh you're filling a void with huge
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expectations. >> abc7 news has the story from hayward where he grew up. he was bigger than everybody else and could play sports better. >> when playing freshman football together, the coach would send defensive assignments in from the side lines. and jack became a star athlete here. >> he was the biggest, toughest, meanest, and probably smartest guy on the field. >> he turned down major league baseball to take a football scholarship at usc. he always wound up with the ball. >> that is because he knew where the quarterback was going to throw the ball before the quarterback knew. he was able to make an interception. >> the career took him up and down the east coast then, to
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denver. they still know him well here. >> he's helped finance the wait room helped support the building of a team room. and came two years ago and handed out supplies to players >> del rio's father was a coach here on this very field and speaking of coaches there is another name you might recognize. legendary 49ers coach bill walsh was a graduate so around here, having the next raiders head coach seems only fitting. >> hayward is a place where people do big things so it is great to see it happening. >> it could be just what fans need to stay positive. and frankly he's been difficult. >> he's got passion for raiders and is coming home.
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>> a historic moment as two climbers including one from the north bay became the first to free climb el captain in yosemite national park. so proud of tommy caldwell and kevin jorgenson you remind us anything is possible. wayne freedman is in the newsroom with a look at their accomplishment. hi, wayne. >> hi, ama. >> it's a feat accomplished on one of nature's grandest stations. >> for rock climbers this is the test where for 19 days two brave and daring men staged an international drama turned triumph. kevin jorgenson and tommy
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caldwell all smiles this afternoon. after a harrowing ascent as friends well know. >> what makes it hard is holes are small and far apart. hard to find. >> they did with edges of the shoes. this is the most difficult climb in the world. first free climb of the don wall the men had only ropes to catch them, and that was a good thing. this section took 11 tries. that slip nearly call him his will power. >> devastated and thoughts crossed my mind i should just throw in the towel. >> both made it. jorgeson called moments later a mixture of joy and relief. >> this is something he never thought would happen. >> proud of course.
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it's been such a long time incoming. we have been preparing ourselves for it for a long time. weren't sure it's going to ride but here we are. >> there they are. two names linked with el captain. >> so you might wonder what the men said. nothing official. they celebrated with a family. they plan a press conference tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m . wayne freedman abc7 news. >> great for them, thank you wayne. >> still ahead we're going to continue to follow developments in newark. four people were hurt when a car smashed into macy's today. >> hollywood offers an important lesson. an effort to teach history. >> and how vulnerable the water female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. but sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday.
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for just $6 every day. it's value made simple. subway! ♪ tonight we're getting a sense of how competitive silicon valley is compared to six other regions vying to be major tech centers. why there are two crucial issues that will make or break silicon valley. it's a story only on abc7 news. there is room for improvement. >> there is room for improvement. it's easy to be smug when you lead in patent filings and productivity. but this new report released
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just minutes ago raises critical issues that will make and put the silicon valley in the cross hairs when you look at such cities as boston austin, and seattle. >> we deal with thorny issues such as traffic congestion. one in six workers spends two hours or longer every day behind the wheel. he had 2400 new companies here over the past two years. drawing in an estimated 2000 new residents. >> why do companies keep relocating here? so much gets done. right? worker productivity here is higher than in the markets surveyed. >> the leadership group and community foundation found out strengths and weaknesses comparing southern california seattle, austin, new york and
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boston. one of the strengths is rekindling a call. 3% came from other parts of the u.s. half of the stem workers are foreign born. one in five born in california making this dependant on immigrant workers. sponsors are sitting down in the weeks ahead to urge action. >> they have two year legislative sessions the clock is ticking. where are we in moving the ball to be more competitive over two years? >> the data highlighted a key reason why students won't be able to fill tech jobs in the fewer tour, only 59% are testing proficient in reading and only 54% of 8th graders are proficient in algebra.
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so it could hurt competitiveness. >> we have the greatest chance of getting things done. that is what i'm excited about. >> relief for students and supporters of san francisco the school has been given two more years to come into compliance. if it can't it will not be able to appeal. ccsf is the largest community college with enrollment reaching 100,000 students. >> two orphaned bear cubs have gotten a clean bill of health and now adjusting well to their temporary homes. >> the cubs arrived in december. they're the last in a string of 15 cubs that made 2014's busiest
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bear year ever. one found at the top of a fence. he was lured down with food. then taken to tahoe and is now rooming with another cub found near the town of salyers. both are just under a year old both weighing about half of what they should. >> the job is to put weight on. >> a veterinarian pronounced them skinny but healthy. one weighs 25 pounds, the other 32. >> want to get up to 50 60 pounds and determine where they're going to be released. >> no one knows what happened to the mothers or why many have turned up in the last year. rescuers speculate late it may be the drought. about rescuing cubs. >> there are different concepts they need help we're here to help them. >> cubs will stay in the center until healthy and mature enough
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to survive on their own. five of the 15 rescued in the year have been released back into the wild. >> look at them there. >> lake tahoe wildlife care is licensed to care for wild cubs volunteers are raising money to help more cubs and other wildlife. if you would like to help we have a link on abc7 they do great work. >> they do. they're amazing folks, there. >> time to check on weather. >> yes. nice outside. >> dense fog continues tomorrow so we have a dense fog advisory. right now going to show what we want to see some green on the
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screen. this for visibility dropping to less than an 8th of a mile. down to three miles in fairfield. five in concord. numbers continue to drop overnight tonight. this is how it looks from our camera. you notice that haze is back. clear skies yesterday, the air quality is going back into poor levels on thursday. so once again another spare the air is in effect. quiet scene out there and fog happening overnight tonight. poor air quality on the way tomorrow. we're tracking a slight chance of showers working into the north bay. but nothing wide spread. there goes fog moving through the straight and into the bay. here you go. dense fog around many locations
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as far as san francisco and into east bay f dealing with that fog this morning you're likely going to deal with it again. satellite going to show you a cold front approaching from the west. it's dieing off. just bringing high clouds into the bay area. so friday morning at 5:00 overcast skies. showers in the north bay. santa rosa napa with the best chance of rain. and into saturday, cloud cover and no rain. taking a look at long range forecast to see if we can squeeze out mour moisture. looks like dry pattern is going to resume next week. so lows in the bay area 30s on the board. fog developing overnight tonight. 46 the low in san francisco. on to 40 in san jose.
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highs tomorrow, that fog is going to stick with us. temperatures are going to pop out into mid to upper 50s. south bay nice warm and evaporating quickly. 59 in san francisco. >> here is the accu-weather forecast. spare the air in effect tomorrow. a chance of a light sprinkle friday. weekend featuring clouds through sunday and next week for mlk day of service. dry tuesday, wednesday, still dry. >> thank you. >> just ahead here reunion of a 4-year-old boy and firefighters that saved his life. >> a community where excellent water conversation forces a city to waste a okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted!
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l >> the 4-year-old boy that survived a fall from a cliff was reunited with firefighters who saved him. he flashed a shy smile as he arrived in oakland. he called them his angels, and was with his family back in november when the ground gave day. he fell down a jagged cliff. sebastian had to be placed into a medical coma after the fall.
6:25 pm
>> he was so broken up. to see him like this is a relief. >> doctors expect him to make a full recovery. >> precious water spilled into the streets. public works released this water after customers complained it smelled bad people have been doing a good job of conserving water. >> we immediately did a number of water quality tests and there is a secondary part of that. we want water to be pleasant so we decided to solve the problem. >> officials say they will spend
6:26 pm
two days flushing out hydrants, too. >> we have more for you here tonight. we're gathering details right now on that accident that a mall will have a live update ahead. >> fbi uncovers a plot to attack the u.s. capitol. why they're forced to make an arrest. >> how many ruptures mapped where you live? female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress
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(woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you. we go back back to breaking news. six people have been injured after a car crashed into macy's before 5:00. jonathan? >> hi this happened around 4:48 in the afternoon. first we want to get to the video. a car nearly 50 feet inside of
6:30 pm
an apartment. that is a blue honda that went into enough speed to bust through doors and windows and injure six people. two people were in the car. it was a driver an adult. four people were shoppers we understand one was injured seriously. those folks have been transported to the hospital. right now police try to reconstruct what happened. we have here the commander from the new york police department. what is the next thing you have to find out? >> we want to determine the cause of the accident. and we'll make a conclusion from there
6:31 pm
>> it had to have been going pretty fast. what does it take with that degree of velocity? >> whether it's a medical issue we don't know at this point. >> did you see anything that indicates the driver tried to stop the accident? >> there are skid marks >> is there anything they need to do to prevent this from happening? or counter measures? >> there is something they can do. they're worried about making things convenient for shoppers. and not necessarily for the cars through the stores. >> what do you know about the conditions of the folks injured? >> i don't have that information at this time. >> you're going to be here the rest of the evening. is the store open? >> it is closed and will stay
6:32 pm
closed throughout the night. >> we'll bring updates on the conditions of the folks injured as it becomes available. >> a 20-year-old man is in custody accused of plotting to attack the u.s. capitol. fbi officials arrested christopher cornell today he allegedly purchased a firearm, agents believe he planned to set off pipe bombs then shoot people as they ran out. news stunned his father. >> he's like a big kid. >> the fbi said they had no idea why he was being held or where he was. we don't know who to contact. >> prosecutors say cornell wrote
6:33 pm
online of plans to commit acts of jihad. the fbi says the public was never in danger. >> the president will issue a directive requiring federal agencies to offer six weeks paid maternity leave to government employees and require the private sector to give seven days of maternity leave. current law mandates 12 weeks but unpaid the house approved legislation that would overturn president obama's immigration policy. and an amendment would undo the president's executive order. >> we take it for granted when turning the tap there will be water but many pipes need to be replaced. it's a problem across the nation and at home.
6:34 pm
>> this break sent waters shooting into the sky. in san francisco, storms were blamed for a sink hole. this crew was responding to a leak. >> walter says it's not unusual to see the pipes in the bay area. many pipes were installed prior to 1950. at some point have you to replace the pipes. >> this trickle takes a view of workers hours to fix. they narrow it down to a small
6:35 pm
section of roadway then bring in a back hoe. this leak caused by ground movement. this scene could be repeated daily. east bay mud repairs 850 water main breaks per year. and that is just one water agency. >> the problem is probably worse than you can imagine. and nationwide, the grade was a b. california got a c. improvements will cost four and a half billion dollars but that is just pennies compared to what will be needed nationwide. >> if we wanted to bring them into a good condition.
6:36 pm
>> american society of civil engineers says the need is great. >> some systems lose about $200 billion gallons to water every year. >> the problem will only get worse. >> there is no leak that gets better. >> it would take 400 years to replace the agency is now exploring ways to speed that up. that will cost money. ratepayers will have to decide whether they will pay now or risk a greater price later. >> water infrastructure seems to be the lowest priority too, receiving $5 billion of the $800 billion available. >> coming up next a lesson in civil rights bulldog: through monday, save up to 40% on clearance mattresses.
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>> there is an effort to make sure many teenagers will be able to see the new civil rights movie "selma" at no charge.
6:40 pm
>> it is a powerful film and leaders are raising money to under write the cost. >> that is right. >> starting today bay area students like this 14-year-old have a chance to see selma for free. it's the drama about the 1965 march led by dr. martin luther king from selma to montgomery alabama to demand black voting rights. >> if people know their past they'll be into their future as well because we want to make the world better not worse. >> she'll watch for free by selecting that at the movie theaters the idea began in new york who almost overnight raised $250,000 to buy tickets for $27,000 students there.
6:41 pm
one businessman says it makes young people witnesses to a history they've only read about. >> it puts living people and words and actions and images to what is pivotal in the voting rights of the country. >> he believes with the conversation once again front and center in the wake of the protests the movie comes at a pivotal moment. black leaders have raised $150,000 and counting so 7th 8th and 9th graders can attend. >> the movie is all about how do you live together? and how you make maes. >> ed lee plans to take a group of 9th graders there on monday. >> i want to have a conversation
6:42 pm
of where they're going. >> for a list of dwleerts how students can reserve tickets and how you can donate go to abc7 >> well, tomorrow oscar nominations come out. you can see announcements live on abc7 morning news. >> right here on abc7 your oscar station. >> did you find something fake under your tree this year? >> female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. but sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday. through sunday choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models including the new tempur-choice, with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free financing, two free pillows
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now, get great offers on the 38 mpg highway nissan altima. nissan innovation that excites. >> did you get a counterfeit purse? whether you know or not it may be supporting gangs to a tune of half a trillion dollars per year. >> just a staggering industry. >> we've been reporting on this for years and years. many enjoy the products for
6:46 pm
having something that looks expensive. others are tricked into buying these things but whatever the reason risk to you is high. >> nationwide, the sale of counterfeit designer hand bags and wallets tops the list of seizures by agents. this is immigration and customs enforcement video from a recent seizure >> these people are criminal organizations that are using that to support other activities. >> they're finding our love for sports to be profitable. major league baseball tells us the merchandise has been seized for 20 years. these are some of the items seized during the world series. >> they're sold by transient vendors. >> here sports logo wear is the
6:47 pm
most confiscated followed by prescription drugs. saying counterfeit erectile dysfunction medication can cause serious harm and others can cause death. >> we don't know what kind of ingredients are in there. >> the internet is a popular source of the drugs. some patients have gone outside for drugs to save money. and end up buying fakes. >> there have been issues where you've had drugs that are used for mental illnesses that haven't had the correct dosage on it. >> even incorrect toothpaste can contain antifreeze and counterfeit fires have been known to happen >> one may be getting shoddy products. two having to makeup the
6:48 pm
difference in tax payments. >> the only winner may be the bad guys. the number of seizures have increased three h1n1%. to see my reports go to abc7 and select 7 on your side. >> let's update the weather forecast. >> that is right. look at that. >> yes. this is our time lapse showing you beautiful colors with high clouds and sunset in the west. that is how it looks. right now we have clouds up there, high clouds but no rainfall from the clouds right now. moving into thursday dense fog early on in the morning then
6:49 pm
we'll see hazy sunshine. 59 in san francisco. we'll get to 59 in napa and sanlt santa cruz. here is the accu-weather forecast. saturday into sunday, decreasing clouds. >> thank you. >> sure. >> let's talk about the new nfl teams. >> one guy pure energy the other guy pure grit so who got it
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
r >> 49ers decided to go with continuity and harmony. harbaugh created wins and friction tomsula is popular and
6:53 pm
a likable guy. this move has raised eye brows around the nfl. the guy overflowing with passion. we'll have to see whether that translates to wins. tom sula spent eight years as d line coach. his coaching career began in north carolina in 1989 where he was so eager to coach he lived out of his car for a time. so he is a worker.
6:54 pm
and has been a head coach taking over on the back end of the 2010 season. and is undefeated that day. the players love this guy. as vernon davis red a big game in that early 2011-dated game. now raiders hired jack del rio, a raider's fan. and he went to college at usc spent 11 years as a linebacker,
6:55 pm
gritty and tough. and interim coach gives the owner something to sell to fans other than we're bringing back the guy that went 3 and 9. raiders had eight coaches and becomes 21 coach in franchise history. also linebackers coach for ravens. woodson took the court on saturday. he lobbed it off, and remember
6:56 pm
offense there on a 318 game tour in 49 states. escobar acquired saturday. infeeder traded away sent to washington for tyler clifford. in billy bean's world every player is a pawn just waiting to be sacrificed for the next better move. . >> i asked on twitter which coach faces a bigger challenge? okay is it tom sula replacing harbaugh? or jack del rio? >> okay. >> well join us tonight at
6:57 pm
9:00, you're looking at the first human muscle grown in a lab. why scientists believe this is a break through for science. >> arson that ended in the arrest of a local man. >> that is this edition of abc7 news. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> for larry beil and spencer christian and the entire abc7 news tea
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