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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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lurch. >> what light bulbs are promising "consumer reports" partners with "7 on your side" on whether it is worth your hard earned cash. leyla gulen is here checking the traffic. we will start with mike and the forecast. >>ing fore. you can use patches to see less than quarter-mile with the fog and the golden gate bridge the fog has not made it but it is thick across the bay and in san rafael and sliding down 101. the next 12 hours, 35 to 52 and it will be warmest at the coast today and 56 to 60 and up to 52 at 4:00 under sunny and haze sky and a "spare the air" day with no wood burning.
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now the roads, what does do with color therapy but the maybe bay bridge is a sea of lights. 101 to 580, a few brake lights and more traffic to the golden gate bridge. at the san mateo bridge, that traffic is building right now under some haziness and there is fog making it across the water but headed along in the eastbound direction watch out off of the bridge you may find an accident a solo crash that does not appear to be causing too much slowing. >> we are seeing red and gold and silver and black and today and tomorrow the 49ers and the raiders will introduce their new head coaches and we are at levi stadium. there is a new man of the hour. >> -- a disappointing season for
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49ers and the raiders fans are excited and like the new copes would have strong connections to the bay area. the new 49ers coach, someone who knows the team and the stadium very well. jim tomsula is expected to be normally announced as the new coach of san francisco later today and he is with the t since 2007 as defensive line cope. he is called "fiery guy," could "make a great head coach." "he know was he is talking about and he has the personality." another said "he is hard on me to keep me open my to. s and keep me working hard." >> the raiders have wrapped up their certain and jack del rio is headed to oakland. he comes from denver where he was the defensive coordinator and he grew up in hayward and was a raiders fan and a star athlete at hayward high school
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where he still comes back. >> he financed the weight room, he supported the building of a time room. he came two years ago and handed out school supplies to the players. >> del rio has a head coaching job on his resume leading jacksonville and the raiders will make their announcement tomorrow. the 49ers expected to make their introduction later today. happening today, san francisco mayor lee will deliver his state of the city address. >> last year the mayor focused on the house crisis vowing to build tens of thousands of new homes and guaranteeing a third of them to be low and moderate income family friendly. housing loss is a major topic of today's address and the mayor lee is creating a new investment fund to directly contribute to middle income housing. >> a not that has been difficult
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to crack but we use the foundation of our city's prosperity and wealth to attract that wealth to help he credit this investment fund. >> he adds housing is complicated because the price of land is so high in san francisco but he says he is more than ready to tackle it. >> part of housing push of mayor lee involves creating a one-stop shop for homeless in the mission with tree housing center on mission street near 16 in pa was a school building serving as a shelter and a place to get services like health care and rehabilitation. this morning newark police trying to determine why a woman drove her car 50' into a macy's store sending herself and five others to the hospital. the accident left witnesses shattered and merchandise scattered inside the macy's before 5:00 yesterday afternoon.
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the 63-year-old driver pay have had a medical condition that made her has 8:00 of the car. one of the victims is in serious condition. our reporter will have a report from the store coming up at 6:30. >> an update from a step on tuesday about the 25 year old oakland bicyclist would was hit by a truck and pick pocketed by bystanders. he is in intensive care at the memorial day center suffering from head trauma and damage to internal organs and his mother says that her son my not survive the injuries. he was hit by a man driving a pickup on tuesday. as the driver went to check on him a group of people stole his wallet from the truck. the sail group went through the victim's pockets as he was unconscious lying on the payment. it is taking firefighters longer than ever to respond to calls because of traffic congestion around the bay area. traffic hampered firefighters in east palo alto from getting to
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fire on monday according to appeal appeal online units arrived eight minutes apart, longer than expected. the chief says the delays are an increasing concern for the departments in the area with some responders delaying up to 30 seconds. this is not new. a report in november found the palo alto department did not meet their targeted response times in 2012. that year, a first responder arrived within eight minutes 83 percent of the time short of the 90 percent goal. >> a special committee in san francisco is meeting to look at how to curb violence. last week's requesteddruple homicide in hayes valley hill straights the need for a board to oversee how the resources are allocated. san francisco spends $50 million on programs to prevent violence but doesn't cure nature the programs.
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they want a gun violence task force. >> father of a young ohio man accused of plotting to attack the united states capitol said hid son is not a drift and was set up by the f.b.i. the trent-year-old christopher lee core them was -- cornell was arrested yesterday. he was posting constituting messages and video online express, support for al-qaeda and isis and his father said his son convert the to islam. >> they could have arrested him then. he was making prompts or whatever they should have arrested him them. >> he was arrested in the parking lot of a gun shot after buying two semi automatic rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition. a congressman swalwell is on the homeland security committee. >> we have seen in the past few weeks terror lets and attacks are escalating across the globe and we know they are capable of reaching us at home and we must do what we can to make sure we are vigilant.
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>> according to federal documents he mapped to set off pipe bombs at and near the capitol and kill. myees and officials as they ran out. a roast manned if tomorrow morning could impact the friday morning commute. demonstrators plan to gather in san francisco at the montgomery street state at 7:00 a.m. purposing to get charges dropped against 14 activists who chained themselves to trains and halted service if november. they protested the police shooting of in month teen michael brown and charged with misdemeanor trespassing. according to facebook protestings, demonstrators are urgeed to attend the event. >> now the latest on the fog. >> less than quarter-mile visibility in livermore and fairfield and petaluma.
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quarter-mile in concord. now we are down to 1.25 in oakland as the offshore winds are pushing down the bay shore. no reports of delays at sfo. we will keep an eye open it in the mid-to-upper 20's palo alto and low-to-mid 40's foster city belmont and san bruno and same for the bay shore 49 in san francisco and 44 in concord and 41 in livermore and san ramon is the cool spot. 101 is clouds but not foggy in the south bay and remember, "spare the air" and temperatures inland mid-50's and rest of us are in the low-to-mid 60's. we will start by looking at the maze flowing down in san rafael and right now you can see how very heavy the traffic is. land ahead. give yourself plenty of extra time as we continue to key an
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eye on situation. that is the bay bridge toll plaza so we have traffic this as you head into friend. the rest of the bay area, though traffic is clear but in the east by, watch out for the fog and drive time traffic highway 4 antioch to hercules is 43 minutes and i-80 westbound is 18 minutes and northbound 87 great 85 to san jose airport is under ten minutes. your high school civics teacher called and said that was the united states capitol building. >> oops. >> still loves you. >> don't worry. >> different shade of white. >> it is a big morning in hollywood, we have a full wrap up of the oscar nominations. a robbery caught on camera and now going rival and what the suspect did that is making him a hit online.
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>> what is wrong with this picture that want unnoticed for months and people are getting a good laugh. >> more weather and traffic all morning. we are following traffic and weather an the bay area with the latest after this commercial female announcer: during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. but hurry! this special financing offer ends martin luther king jr. day. don't miss the year end clearance sale at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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double check burlingame, walnut creek campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 6:she on thursday. the oakland maze and the backup getting into the bay bridge toll plaza and in into san francisco. it is usually crowds this time of morning but we will find out if there is an accident involved. >> unusual ending to a robbery attempt in colorado has the internet buzzing. surveillance video shows why. you can see a hooded suspect walk in and hesitate the clerk said he said i was going to problem this place but i know you. he walked out and flashed thumb's up earning him "the thumb's up bandit." but the change of heart did fought last because he is
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responsible for robbing a nearby 7-eleven store where he probably doesn't know them. >> santa clara is collecting on a settlement with office depot for over charging with office supplying shelling out $68 million with $3 million coming to the. eight other plaintiffs in california are in on the deal and the lawsuit dates back to 2012 when a whistleblower discovered they had not fulfilled a contract requirement to sell office supplies at the lowest price available. man's best friend is the top dog for real at a florida sheriff. >> so much that a typo was unnoticed for months. this rug could look normal until you look closer, it says "in dog we trust," ran that "in god we trust," the rug was if place if months but a deputy welcoming security just noticed the error this week and a sheriff
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spokesman said the rug maker made the error and they will replace it with a corrected version. >> that reminds me my middle school had a picture "in dog we trust," a picture of a hotdog. middle schoolers love hot dock -- dogs. >> now traffic with leyla gulen. >> good morning, everyone we have the golden gate bridge and you can see the traffic is building coming in from the north by to san francisco no accidents to report and we are clear as far as accidents across the pay area the we take you and san jose 101 starting to see traffic and building between the 280 and 680 at 62 miles per hour at san jose airport 280 into cupertino and highway 85 is clear. den citizens from -- dense
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fog advisory is thick on bow we less than. equaler mile in petaluma and quarter-mile in santa rosa and hazy at bay to the dumbarton bridge but it will not make it to the south bay before the such rises -- sunrises. our poorest air is in san francisco right new. in the afternoon we are sunny and hazy. height -- light rain and the rest of us will not get much through the end of the month. low-to-mid 60's if most us but san francisco and richmond and moving inland the fog will slow the sunshine and mid-to-upper 50's in your unable. -- neighbor. the wind is encroaching the bay and holding the fog to the delta and maybe part of our inland east bay but not going to be so foggy. with the clouds around look at
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this temperatures are 5- to 10-degrees warmer, mid-40's to around 50 for san francisco and oakland. main player is high pressure losing its grip and pushed east by this cold present and massive cold front but notice where the energy is to the not of us so we are getting the tail end of this front sideswiped by slight chance of rain in the north bay at 5 o'clock tomorrow morning nothing, and by noon maybe some sprinkles in the morning and by noon a light stray shower through 6:00 and overnight you can see it fades and by saturday, we are looking at more sunshine. to we get anything it will be .01". we are going to be mid-50's in lake tahoe and in more snow. the seven-day forecast get used to the low-to-mid 60's they are every day after today. sunny. maybe warmer next week. leyla gulen?
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>> have you decided what you will do this weekend? >> i cannot go ski i baseball. >> and we have 25 espn business right new and north star has 18-28" base and heavenly is 32 inchesful along i-80 from san francisco it will take you three hours to get to north star and heavenly is 3 hour and 20 minute drive. oh resorts include lake tahoe 18-25 inches and sugar bowl up to 16 inches. up to 3 1/2 hours to get to sierra and no chains are required. >> you have an excuse to type out and check out oakland's food scene launching oakland restaurant week next to the fox theater last night and it begins
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today and runs through sunday january 25 with 81 restaurants offered fixed menus. to fin a list of participating restaurants we have a list at changing your mood with a simple switch is easy with the right light bulb. "consumer reports" partners with "7 on your side" to reveal which really does more than bright were the room. a look at the golden gate bridge with weather and traffic during the entire commercial
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>> l.e.d. bulbs are every are but they could do more than light a room. we have partnered with "7 on your side" for a report on mood changing light bulbs. michael anyone any has real details. >> l.e.d. bulbs are game changers lasting from 23 to 46 years. "consumer reports" check out several that claim to improve the mood. >> "consumer reports" reports laboratory is filled with bulb that do a lot of tricks
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including one that changes colors and keeps you awake and alert and this at $70 says to improve your natural sleep because it emits less blue light than others. using this machine "consumer reports" measures the a blue light in the if night bulb and found it does have lower levels of blue light than others. >> but is it would $70? >> it costs less, this one, and gives off less blue light. >> "consumer reports" recommends well matter great value soft white 60 watt replace at at over a dollar a bulb. the $70 claims more blue light for improved alertness. "consumer reports" test fines it delivers higher levels but the
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light is not >> the l.e.d. bulb connects for why any and idealed by using a smartphone and changes color and has a remember light setting. if you just went to lit a room the $99 price tag is a long way to go. this soft white bulb is dimmable and does it for $8.50 for each bulb. if you have trunnel -- trouble sleeping turn off smartphones computers and tablet screens and tvs several hours but hand. >> count down to the biggest night is officially on. >> as you saw eight films all
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strong contender are up for "best picture." >> here is a look: "american sniper," "birdman," "boyhood," "selma," "whiplash," "near i of everything," and "whip >> we are hearing from the climbers would made history with their triumph at yosemite one from right here in the bay area. >> the macy's in new york is -- in newark is boarded up after a car crashes into the store. a look at san francisco international airport and this is abc7 news
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning at 6:29. this is a picture of the graphic at the bay bridge toll plaza and quite busy this morning and fog to boot. be careful but thank you for joining us.
6:30 am
i hope they got book on tape or something to keep them occupied while they are waiting. leyla gulen is alongside and mike has the weather. >> foggy out there. let's get to it. you can see the visibility is less than quarter-mile in petaluma and livermore and fairly and quarter-mile in concord and this is how it looks in san rafael, the day planner the next 24 hours in the mid-30 to low 50's and in the mid-50's at noon with 60's at the coast and partly sunny and hazy and upper 50's to 60's and it is a "spare the air" day with a wood burning ban. >> traffic is busy. we will look at the maze and red means courage in aroma therapy and you neat a big dose of it. you will have plenty of it through east bay and emeryville to the thomas eric bay bridge toll
6:31 am
plazas and from the east by to san francisco the drive is new going to take you 20 minutes. maybe that is why so man athletes wear red. >> could be. >> what does black and white mean on the road? >> macy's at a mall in the east bay is boarded up and the car that plowed and it removed after the driver crashed into it sending half a dozen people to the hospital. amy hollyfield is at the mall with the latest. here is what it looks like this morning. the door entrance is boarded up and you can see it took out half of entrance to the men's casu section. yesterday, when it happened the car crashed into the macy's before 5:00 yesterday afternoon and this is at the new park mall in newark. police say the 63-year-old driver lost control of her car and the car hit a man would was standing on the sidewalk and
6:32 am
plowed into the store. the driver the man on the sidewalk and two men inside were hurt and taken to the hospital. twoors complained of panic attacks. witnesses say it was is scary they didn't realize what was happening. >>ing was flying. flying. just flying. i thought it was terrorism or something. everyone was yelling. this were two other people in the car a woman and a 10-year old. they are okay. police are looking into whether the driver suffered a medical condition that caused her to lose control of the vehicle. police think that all of the victims are going to be okay even the man standing on the sidewalk. he was transported in critical condition but is doing better, police are still investigating and mess' had repair work to do.
6:33 am
thank you we have good news this morning from san rafael 95-year-old has been found safe last seen at his home around 2:00 p.m. and police issued a silver alert because he has medical conditions that sometimes disorient him. the circumstances of him being found have not been released but we are happy to report the silver alert is off and the 95-year-old is found safe. >> crews got the upper hand on a dramatic fire in san jose that began in a carport at spread to northbound by apartments. no one was injured. martinez police believe the same man set five fires in a few minutes of each other at the same condo complex leading officers on a pursuit when they found him and they say they had to taze him. neighbors say boyle was over victimmed. firefighters slashed holes in
6:34 am
the roof to the burning condos could let the flames and heat escape. a resident described how the chaos unfolded. >> the girl came over and said there is another fire over here. we look over there it was blazing just like this. >> i saw the martin martinez police trying to protect the we fire from spreading with fire hoses. >> investigator think the fires were started with a blow to which. arson is putting to put a dollar value on the damage. >> dozens of san jose police officers will be returning to the streets the latest of the to bolster the size of the patrol's which is 50 officers short. officers from specialized units like homicide and gang sue wrecks and robbery and traffic enforce will be reassigned in march a week after 27 special enforcement unit officers were
6:35 am
told they with work street patrol starting the first of february. >> this morning we are hearing from the two men who accomplish what many believe impossible, climbing 3000 pet feet straight up a rock face of el kevin jorgeson of santa rosa and tommy caldwell of colorado spent nine days holes on to cracks as thin as razor caldwell did not talk. >> my hands are deep they have a lot of presses -- becauses and cuts and i take a lot of . >> you can hear the spare interview on "good morning america". and they have not said if they will do another climb. not until their hands heal.
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>> two hollywood heavyweights joining forces: dicaprio and deniro with millions at traffic is moving smoothly and this is abc7 news now with traffic and weather female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. but sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday. through sunday choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models including the new tempur-choice, with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free financing, two free pillows and free same-day delivery. are you next? but hurry! sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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back at 6:39. check out our driest january ever, they of the five of the last three years we have not had rain in san francisco. not seeing anything for the rest of the the month. the most dry month ever after a dominating rain in december. fog through the industrial central valley through noon and low-to-mid 60's through the central valley and the cost and low-to-mid 70's in southern california and in lake tahoe no snow. temperatures are running well before average tomorrow through the weekend. leyla gulen? here is a look at san jose, 280, pulling away from highway 17 the travels into cupertino sluggish. you are going to need a few extra minutes tacked on to the commute. off of westbound highway 24 we have an accident there and it sounds like it is pushed to the shoulder but be careful through lafayette and orinda because that is are we have thick fog.
6:40 am
further to the south of fremont southbound 880 to car crash blocking a lane at the parkway and backups are building. it is 6:40 and bouncing back, san francisco's housing market hits its stride after the recession and what it shows of where our long term recovery could be headed. >> stay in the know with abc7 news now and the san mateo bridge -- oh no, a big slow down. leyla gulen will let you know about that and mike is checking the fog. stay
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covering los altos petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is 6:43 will both the 49ers and raiders have put away the help wanted signs as they look forward to their futures with new head coaches. >> raiders are bringing home a hayward native and the 49ers promoted from within. we go to levi stadium with more. >> after a disappointing season 49er fans are excited about who is expected to be announced as the new head coach. jim tomsula is expected to be formally announced later on today and was promoted from his long time position as defensive line coach with the team, he replaces jim harbaugh who left the coach at michigan. he and the team's mutally agreed to separate back after the last game. players and fans are happy about the change and we are seeing a
6:44 am
lot of positive feedback social media with quotes over the years from team members "here is here to make me the best i can be and he know how to do it." a tack 8:00 said "he would make a great coach and helps on-and-off the field." raiders have also ended their coaching search with jack democrat provide leading the team -- jack del rio will leading team. he is from the area and he played for 10 years in the until. andy miller was a childhood friend. >> when we played freshman football together the coach would send the defensive assignments from the sidelines and jack on occasion would overrule the coach and call his own defense. >> del rio comes from denver where he was a defensive coordinator the last three seasons and before that he was the head coach in jacksonville.
6:45 am
tom that is expected to be normally announced as the 49ers new coach later on today and the raiders are expected to milk their announcement either today or tomorrow. thanks. hollywood is buzzing this morning as nominations were announced for the oscars and you may have seen them live in our last half hour. chris pine and academy president presented a star-studded lit of the cop tenders including nominees for best actress and best actor. >> nominees are..."two days night," and jones in "theory of everything," and julianne moore and pike and reese witherspoon. >> if leading role: steve carel
6:46 am
and bradley cooper in "american sniper," and michael keaton in "birdman," and a few movi leading the pack with nominations. two comedies "birdman," and "grand budapest," got at nine nominations. >> mark the calendar for oscar sunday on february 22 your oscar station right here. >> movie stars paid millions for slick casino ad and here is the william who is winning every morning at the nasdaq with the money report. good morning to you. wish i could state markets
6:47 am
winning but we are down. the dow right now is down 50 points and san francisco has been named the most evervalued markets in the nation 112 over value which is not close to the housing peak. >> apple and google reach a settlement over higher practices ask two other technical companies adobe and intel are involved in the settlement ending a class action lawsuit by worker whose say the companies conspired to not poach each other's employees in an effort to try to keep the salaries of the workers down. >> check out this ad. amazing. from a casino. in the philippines. it is "city of dreams," dicaprio and robert deniro and reportedly been paid $15 million each to star in this ad.
6:48 am
it look like a movie trailer. the commercial is said to cost $70 million. >> we know they are making a lot of money at that casino. >> you think? >> billionaire australian billionaire owns the casino and i think he wanted tobly around. >> solano low homeowners who are weary of their house standing up to the next big earthquake can sign up for a retrofit program. you need to have a whom -- home built before 1979 with a raised foundation and you can get up to $3,000 to help pay for the cost of the retrofitting with more information at now a look at the >> retrofit your car with fog lights. >> foghorn. >> it is very thick.
6:49 am
advisory is for mostly the east bay veals until 10:00 and that could be extended until 11 o'clock like yesterday. visibility is as low up 101 from san rafael up to santa rosa and you are under the dense fog advisory but it is as dangerous there. from the east bay hills camera, across the east bay hills and valleys you can see the fog but the inversion and the miles an hour and mutation trap -- and pollution trapped budget low the colder air. temperatures are in the low-to-mid 40's in must of our bart stations inland and fremont and union city and oakland, and san francisco and dallas city at 46 and san jose drove and 47 and 48 and 49 in san francisco and 50 in el cerrito. in san jose 17 and 280 looking good and clean air and in fog.
6:50 am
"spare the air" day again so keep the air clean by not bumping wood $100 and then $500 if you are caught twice. partly sunny and increase in high clouds across the north bay. rain across the north bay and you could be dry for the rest of us through the end of the month a record-setting month with in rain. let 60 around the bayshore to the south bay and coast and mid-to-upper 50's for san francisco and richmond and the north bay because the fog will slow the warming of sunshine. the left side of scene creeps toward us keeping the tule fog in the delta and central valley. temperatures tonight are up to ten degrees warmer mid-40's to around 50 and high pressure is right there and this system is coming in and by tomorrow we are looking at increasing clouds and light scattered clouds from noon to 6:00 across the north bay. we are looking, at again less
6:51 am
than .30of an inch. could be warmer with more sunshine next week. have a good one. as we look at macarthur maze, our traffic is heavy out of berkeley to emeryville and making your drive around 580 to the tolls and it will take you approximately 20 minutes to make it contract east bay into san francisco and the san mateo bridge the drive sluggish and you are in slow-motion in the westbound direction as you head out of hayward and interest foster city and that drive will take you 20 minutes. we have an accident in fremont at the parkway one lane is blocked and we have a report of an accident possibly two in same location and it could be one and the same but we have one lane blocked with heavy backup and as we pull out that is the drive from hayward to fremont. of the ten worst drives in the bay area the 880 southbound morning commute comes in at
6:52 am
number two. i am sure that is not a surprise for those that use it every die day from hayward to fremont at 40 minutes. >> a picture from lake tahoe where it is a calm weekend for the skiers with weather and traffic through the entire female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models.
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>> good morning at 6:53 a look at san mateo bridge where traffic is heavy and so is the fog. be careful. it is time to check out the seven things to know before you go whether you are just joining us or headed outdoor. an entrance to the macy's store in newark is boarded up. a woman drove her car 50' into the store possibly because of a medical condition. >> dozens of san jose officers were be reassigned to street patrol coming out of specialized units like homicide and robbery and gangs because of a shortage of 50 officers on the street. >> the dawn of a new era if the nfl teams with the 49ers entremendous duesing the new head coach tomorrow tomsula, a long-term assistant and raiders hiring del rio the broncos defensive coordinator. >> santa rosa kevin jorgeson and fellow climber tommy caldwell
6:55 am
fished their history-making climb yesterday. jorgeson used certain buzzwords to push through the gradualing climb and made it to the were to of el capitan's challenging dawn wall. you can see the full interview coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. a few limited companies are now testing facebook's app for the workplace designed for employees to communicate where afternoon other and separate from personal facebook pages with a widespread roll intermediate expected this year. >> thick fog inland until 10:00 with visibility below quarter-mile and a "spare the air" day with haze hanging over san francisco with the poorest air quality. inland 55 to 51 and the cost is warm of the because of the breeze at up to 65 and 64 an the bay and hazy this afternoon. >> c.h.p. has issued a fog advisory for the north bay
6:56 am
through santa rosa but as we look at the drive in san rafael southbound 101 you can see the brake lights being applied because they are headed into the bang of fog and you can see the fog in the distance but clear as you approach the san rafael bridge toll plaza with all the track. it is busy. the accident here in fremont is blocking one lane and gunning up -- gumming up the commute. >> i enjoyed a break from spay spare -- from "spare the air" days but they are become. >> people are asking about skiing for the martin luther king weekend? >> 30 percent. only 17 percent for the entire year regarding snow in lake tahoe. see you this 25 minutes.
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travel agent. good morning, america. terror takedown. an isis-inspired radical arrested in ohio, allegedly in the final stages of plotting an all-out assault on the u.s. capitol and members of congress, planning to set off pipe bombs and go on a shooting spree. how the fbi stopped this lone wolf. new this morning, nfl on the hot seat again. an indianapolis colt player charged with sexual assault before the biggest weekend of the season, his team playing for a shot at the super bowl. a new test for the league plagued by scandal. will he be forced off the field? top of the world. first on "gma," those two climbers complete a feat once thought impossible, scaling one of the world's most dangerous rock walls taller than two empire state buildings. using only their hands and feet as the world watched. we are with them live this morning.


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