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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 15, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. macy's in newark is open tore business in spite of boarded up witnesses resulting from a driver slamming into the store while shoppers were inside thank yous for joining us. >> investigators will try to figure out what caused a woman to drive straight into macy's at the mall in newark. amy hollyfield? >> yes, kristen, can you see macy's is hard at work getting things back to normal at their store. officials did not want to
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comment on camera but wanted everyone to know the store is open for business and their thoughts are with the victims. >> newark's macy's opened for business at ok a.m. there a car took out what of the entrance to the men's casual clothes department. a repair crew started work on dam section this o. here is a look from inside the store, it is put back together, ready for customers. >> it could have been me. >> robin didn't want to give her last name showed up to finish her shopping. she was evacuated after the car slammed into the building. she was on second more and did not realize what happened. >> i was like wow, i am blessed i wasn't going out the door. i was held up there. >> a 63-year-old driver lost control at 5 o'clock last might and crashed into the macy's at the mall in newark and hit a man on the sidewalk and two men inside. the then and the driver were all
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taken to the hospital. witnesses say it was so scary they did not know what was happening. >> glass was flying. 10' up in the air. [ inaudible ] i thought it was terrorism or something. everyone what yelling. >> newark police say they are still investigating. they are looking into the possibility the driver suffered a medical condition and that caused her to lose control. our this just in, the san jose nightclub where five people were wounded over the weekend during a performance by chris brown has been shut down for 60 days. san jose police department have suspended the nightclub's officer tablement permit for two months effective tomorrow. the club's permit to sell alcohol has been suspended for the same period of time. a concert scheduled there tomorrow evening has been canceled.
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the department says they are still investigating the club on other violations that could have been committed. san francisco mayor lee laid out ambitious plans for the house crisis in the state of the city speech. he wants to put in affordable house born to rehabilitation throughs of homes for families and wants to create a new investment fund to jump start the construction of more affordable housing projects. lee wants to direct more city dollars to help residents in danger of being evicted because they cannot afford next in's month. >> water is released at crystal springs dam in san mateo creek in a draw down to show how the creeks could rise in the over vent of heavy rain. eric joins us from san mateo county with the story. eric? >> yes, we are at the park south of the airport at sfo and this is san mateo creek, something people have not seen often the past few days. it is ironic they are doing
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this, releasing water from the lower crystal developings reservoir during a drought. now, the truth is they cannot did it during heavy rain so this is a good time the you may see it is not harmful just a release and a test required by the state. >> thanks. we have breaking news right now. >> we went to take you to yosemite where a news conference is underway talking with the two hikers, the climbers who made it up el capitan by the dawn wall with jorgeson and caldwell. >> we thank the park service my fee my friends, my girlfriend jackie, if all of their support throughout this entire protect. you may not be aware of some of the history of the dawn wall. tommy first envisioned the line in 2007 and a short film was made i saw in 2008 and i gave tommy a call to ask if he needed a partner.
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since 2009 he and i have been trying to put it together. over the course of those six years it let us to this day which is still pretty surreal the fact that we completed it. i never in the rock climbing could garner so much attention from the world. it is kind of crazy and a little uncomfortable so i would love to turn all that attention right back around to everyone that is inspired by this project and encourage you to find your own dawn wall because what is interesting about this roth is it has elements that everyone can relate to. it is a big dream. it take as lot of hard work to make it happen. there are elements of teamwork that tommy and i have financialed -- forged the last six areas the elements any big dream needs to come true. i help everyone who has been following along can take the dawn bomb -- dawn wall as an
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exam of what is possible and find their own dawn wall. thank you. >> i have a little something that tommy share. i am deeply honored bit outpouring of we support surround our climbs. i am going to get emotional, sorry...i figured if we managed it pull this off our community of climbers would be excited. but never did i imagine that it would resonate with so many. for the past seven years i formulated my life in such a way to pursue this dream. my main goal is to live an inspired we life. this became my venue because it holds futurity and excitement that is elusive this world and connects us with the natural world in an extremely intimate way. through climbing i have grown to
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love yosemite and appreciate the national park service would works to protect it it is impossible without the support and encouragement of many first my beautiful wife, and little boy who never doubted me and my family whose eternal optimism is contagious and everyone else would has helped along the way. maybe i'm going out of my bounds but it is really overwhelming to see everyone. a lot of us have believed in this climb and to get so many people behind it and supporting the gays to see what we see it is exciting. >> what makes you so emotional? >> it is everyone everyone getting behind this. it is a beautiful. it is beautiful. the whole jump any has been a glimmer of some awesome people of i hour -- of humanity. there is something emotional and beautiful in that.
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>> this is the wife of tommy caldwell. before that we her kevin jorgeson celebrating after 19 grueling days climbing the dawn wall at el capitan. >> love you all. >> that was tommy. he lost his voice yesterday but he has his vote. >> his wife did the speaking. i hike what kevin said about finding your own dawn wallet -- dawn wall, it can be anything. >> they tried and fail asked tried and tried and finally succeeded. the 49ers will be introduceing their new head coach in four hours with the raiders doing so tomorrow. we are hearing plenty of reaction from the fans on the promotion. we are at levi stadium with that story. fans say it is about time
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for a change but some are on the finance about the chases for a new head coach. the 49ers did not is to hook too far to find the team moves new head coach. jim tomsula will take over having been with san francisco since 2007 as defensive line coach and in a statement the c.e.o. york said, jim tomsula clearly is the right man to lead the team. vernon davis tweeted a picture of the two together and the team posted quotes from players such as dorsey would said he bring as lot even enthusiasm to the game and wisdom. and lynch who called him "amazing, here is not here to baby me." the franchise and the hairs are ready to move open. are fans? i give it a little bit of time to determine if it is a good move. >> many have a hard time letting go of the harbaugh era. >> getting rid of harbaugh was like cutting off your foot. they should have kept him.
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>> former coach harbaugh parted ways in what he called a mutual decision. he new is the head kemp the university of michigan. >> others are exited, back in good spirits after a disappointing season. >> he get along with all the players so well and they all love him. i think it is the right choice. >> the oakland raiders are planning to officially intro dues their new head coach with strong bay area ties growing up in hayward and playing football at hayward high school and recently the defensive coordinator at denver and has experience as head coach nine seasons with jacksonville. >> raiders will make their formal coaching announcement tomorrow at 1:00 o'clock. >> stay tuned.
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>> now the oscars. this morning we learned which actors and actresses and movies are up for the highest honor. we report on who got the nod. >> we pleased to announce the films selected as the best picture nominees. >> two tide for most oscar nominations with nine, "grand budapest hotel" and "birdman" with michael keaton, almost
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nominateed. >> joining keaton is eddie red main and steve karl -- steve carell and bradley cooper. and jones and pike and reese witherspoon joined viewly -- joined julieanne moore. and robert duval in "the judge," and joining hick is hawke, and edward norton and mark ruffal. meryl streep picks up her 19th for "into the world," joining laura dern, and emma stone and
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patricia arquette. best films are ""birdman"," and botherhood," and "grand budapest hotel" and "selma." and "whiplash." >> what is not so golden? it is mostly gray. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast after this. >> also ahead storm trooper versus poisonous snake? a costume saved a man's life. >> celebrating music and art and fashion and all things
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>> covering santa clara, east bay, san francisco and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. san jose efforts to lure the a's to the sort bay got tougher. a court said though agree with the lower court ruling that major league baseball is still exempt from antitrust laws. san jose hoped to use the laws did keep the league and the giants from blocking the efforts to build a stadium in the south bay. san jose did not say if they will appeal to the supreme court. australian man says his storm tripper costume save his life during a snake attack. he is walking crass -- across australia to raise money for a children's hospital in melbourne. he came across a king brown snake the most poisonous snake.
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he thought it was bid so he stepped over it but the costume stopped the bite and he got a mouth full of plastic. >> my goodness. okay. >> so misty and not so nice. >> a "spare the air" days a well. what is beginning on? >> what would help is a little bit of rain. we are having a dry january here in san francisco and well look at the bask and i will show you three of the last five driest years are last year the area before, and john of this year. that is what who are looking at. there is one chance of rain and it now has cented into the medium-range mockses and that is the 27th so keep that in mind. visibility is above a quarter-mile so dense fog advisory is over and live doppler hd is showing a lot of haze and a mile visibility in
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petaluma and still 55 minute flight arrival delays into san francisco with the fog less than quarter-mile and watch out if you are traveling lift around noon. it is overrun by high clouds and when we get rid of the fog we have increasing high clouds today. east bays you may never see total sunshine like yesterday and that will keep your temperatures cooler than a lot of people in the 50's. in emeryville near the poorest air quality the 18th "spare the air" day of the season. inland we are cooler in the mid-to-upper 40's and through oakland and low-to-mid 50's for the rest of us at half moon bay is the warm spot at 57. the haze and the high clouds can be seen from mount tamalpais. it is a "spare the air" day. this afternoon we are sunny and hazy so do not add to that by burning wad or you will be fine ed. some of us tomorrow may not get any rain this month but again,
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the models are trending to a hilt bit dry. that is just one model. but, again a is the 27 and 28th for some rain. mostly in the 50's through rich machine and san francisco and low-to-mid 60's if the rest of us with some sunshine the tonight is different than last night: notice the it will fog in the central valley and the winds will come in from the left, the ocean, holding the tule fog in the central valley so the commute tomorrow morning will be calmer in that respect and it will also be warmer, mid-to-upper 40's and here is a look at the cold front coming through. there is a window from noon tomorrow to 6:00 where the front will roll law and that is when it will bring light scattered showers to the north bay. in sierra probably not bring any snow whatever for the holiday weekend. when we soviet to saturday and sunday, low-to-mid 60's interest monday and less cloud cover and more sunshine and possibly warmer as we head through next week. keep the 27th in the back of
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your mine. we will hold on to that for our next chance of rain. >> thank you, mike, this is plenty to explore where you live this weekend. leyla gulen has the details. >> look into the whimsical for the edwardian world fair, with a spectacular gown and a bizarre experience that celebrates art, music fashion and circus. and gin dash ashley performing with his band in san francisco on saturday with classic rock and give back. a portion of the sales go to the friends of concord to help abused abused and neglected children. and in fremont do not miss the dr. seuss-inspired we
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extravaganza with joe-gentleman and of course cat in the hat. martin luther king's birthday is on monday and we will celebrate with a week long festival in the northern california dr. martin luther king jr. foundation for march to freedom and film festival and parade. for more information, go to >> it is that time of year to order your thin minutes, coconut or carmel stripes office samoas. you can now
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>> we told you about oscar nominations but what about those who did not get the call? at 4:00 the snubs that have hollywood buzzing today and the director giving himself his own versions of oscar calls. and changing your mood for the simple flitch, we look at which light bulbs do more than lighten your room.
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>> are you sticking to your new year's resolution of dieting this is a new way to injury your favorite girl court counties without the guilt and the candle is out with the new girl scout cookie candles coming in four different cookies coconut, thin minutes and foil and chocolate peanut put better and snowias and they smell like the cookies. the best part is you do not have to wait if cookie season and the bet part is no calories. >> and you can get light out of it too, but i do woman december if smelling the candle wants you to eat actual candle? >> probably so. >> thanks for joining us.
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[cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ >> yeah! oh! oh! hey! [cheers and applause] hello, and welcome to millionaire. i'm terry crews. i'll be your host. and you can also check me out on brooklyn nine-nine. [cheers and applause] today's first contestant is a good ol' country boy who took a break from riding buckin' broncos to see how long he could last on the millionaire stage. saddle up, and welcome travis peterson from houston, texas. [cheers and applause] oh! [laughs] >> how you doing? >> what's up, travis? >> how's it going, terry? >> how you doing, man? >> i'm doing well. doing really well. >> i got the yellow rose of texas for you, homeboy. >> i see that. i really appreciate that. that's nice. >> oh, man. now, how long have you been a country boy? >> as long as i could.


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