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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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breaking news is happening in richmond where police just shot an armed man. good afternoon, everyone. >> sky 7 hd shows the scene after an officer opened fire this afternoon, hitting a man twice. this happening at 20th street in richmond can you see the large police presence. abc 7 news reporter vick lee is on the ground gathering information, and joins us live with what he's learned so far vick? >> the shooting happened right behind me there right by that drive way right in front of that silver suv. if you could just zoom in there, you see the two investigators standing by a pile of evidence that appears to be some clothes. there is a cell phone there as well as the gun that the suspect
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reportedly had on him when he was shot. the investigators as you can see, both the d.a. and police investigators are still on the scene. they're going door to door in some of the area, interviewing possible witnesses. and, of course, this area is still cordoned off, i believe it will be cordoned off for a little while longer. it happened about 1:30 this afternoon, here's how police say it went down. >> the officer whose name has not been released was patrolling the area which has had a rash of robberies in recent weeks. he reportedly saw someone standing by a drive way acting suspiciously. the officer got out of his patrol car. the police captain explains what happened next. >> it looks like the officer was in full uniform, here to investigate a suspicious person. that person pulled out a firearm and the officer defended himself. >> the suspect was armed with a semiautomatic handgun, with an extended magazine, which carries
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more than den rounds. the gun has been recovered. the suspect a young hispanic male was shot multiple times in the torso and is in critical condition at a local hospital. the officer is also a hispanic in speaks 1357bish. >> the officer is a veteran patrol officer who has been transferred to patrol. in the past he's worked other assignments, where he's an expert in dealing with gang members. >> the district attorney's investigators have taken over the crime scene. >> you can see some of them right there behind me, the two investigators, i believe they're from the d.a.'s office and the police department. now, here's one footnote the officer may have been wearing a body cam. we have not confirmed that yet, but these cameras are passed out to the officers here at the richmond police department a week ago. there are currently in a test phase now, it's not mandatory for these officers to wear their body cams yet but of course if this particular officer involved in the shooting was
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wearing his camera and it was activated, it would be a crucial, perhaps most crucial bit of evidence in this shooting. >> we're hearing from a 19-year-old woman who was hit by crashed a car into a macy's. >> jonathan. >> the store has been cleaned up and reopen eded for business today. virtually no signs of it inside the store. one man is still in the hospital. five others have gone home. recovering from serious injuries. among them a brave 19-year-old woman who says she's thankful to be alive. >> no, no this isn't happening and then it happened. >> alyssa was leaving the mall with her best friend when the blue honda came barreling at them and didn't stop. >> there was glass everywhere.
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the door flew over me one of them them. >> there was a bunch of screaming. >> later the sirens and flashing lights. >> the police officer said, did you see your feet yet? all the ugs were torn off. and blood coming all down the floor. >> alyssa's mom saved the boots that may have saved alyssa's left foot. >> i look at those shoes, i hate them, but i love them. like i said if she was wearing tennis shoes or sandals her foot would have been severed. >> alyssa wasn't thinking about her two broken feet she had only one thought. >> that i couldn't find my friend friend. i couldn't find her. >> it was long after midnight when she finally learned her friend candace had survived
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after being dragged under the front of the car through the store. >> how could you possibly take that corner that fast and end up in the door? >> it was probably a medical condition for the driver. >> they're waiting to learn more about why the 63-year-old woman didn't hit the brakes until she was already in the store. >> we want to find out what kind of mental condition she experienced. and we don't believe there's any criminal charges resulting from this. >> for alyssa the road to recovery will be steep, but she has her family and her best friend. >> i'm just thankful it's only my feet, it's not me. i'm not gone and neither is she. and we'll both be okay. >> reporter: in newark jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> a san jose nightclub has agreed to shut down for 60 days after five people were wounded during a performance by chris brown over the weekend.
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the state suspended the club's permit to sell alcohol for the same period of time. that means the concert scheduled there tomorrow evening has been cancelled. the department says it's still investigating the club because of other violations that may have been committed. two terror suspects were killed in a fierce shootout today in belgium. it happened in the eastern city as counter terrorism police launched a series of raids on people, authorities believe were intent on launching an imminent terror attack. the suspects opened fire as police closed in on them, one suspect was arrested. police believe some had recently been to syria. no police officers or civilians were injured. sports news the jim tom sewell la era has begun for the 49ers, jed york and trent balky introduced him at a news conference that should be wrapping up in a few minutes. he's been the niners defensive line coach for eight seasons.
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he has the enormous task of replacing jim harbaugh. >> i was not normal. >> i understand the responsibility. and i understand the people are counts on things getting done the right way, a certain way. the ownership, on or off the field. >> he's a man of highhumility. has a lot of humility i should say. and one of the finest men i've been fortunate enough to be around. all of those things that you're looking for, in a football coach are important. even more so what you're looking for in the person. >> tom was fairly evasive on specifics regarding his staff and strategy, he did praise quarterback colin kaepernick and wants to do everything he can to
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help cap improve. we'll have more coming up in a moment here. the raiders officially announced the hiring of jack delrio today. he comes to the raiders from the broncos. he spent the last three years there as the defensive coordinator. before that, nine years as the head coach of the jaguars. he grew up a raiders fan in heyward, mark davis issued a statement saying i have no doubt he'll help reach the goal of everyone in this building, which is to win championships. delrio will be formally introduced tomorrow afternoon. >> what's your impression of tom sewell la from that press conference today? you. >> don't win. you have to win games. winning news conferences is not that big a deal. having said that, he really looked like a defensive line coach who's not used to taking a lot of questions, and doing interviews and clearly was uncomfortable throughout much of the news conference. which is still going on. that in and of itself tells you
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a lot. nfl coaches don't do hour long news conferences typically. >> we're going to run the ball. frankly a lot of it is rehearsed answers, a guy who's been through the process before we didn't hear any of that today, tom sula was thoughtful which was nice for the reporters, but so vague i didn't tell him how he planned to remake this team. we're going to run the football, okay? i'm not sure we would have gotten that answer. now, he seems like a really likeable guy he seems like a genuine guy, he loves his family, he loves his players, has a lot of respect for nfl players and very humble but i didn't get the impression that he was like -- he was the general telling the troops, we're going to take that hill let's get them right now. i doesn't get that feeling from him. maybe once he gets more acclimated to doing the interview process, things will be different. they didn't win the news conference today.
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>> as long as the football's good. >> win the game, don't worry about the media. >> all right. well, the week is ending with another spare the air alert. it's been called for tomorrow. >> spencer christian is here with an accuweather update here. >> i'm hoping to give you some winning weather information. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have the hayes that's led to the alert. we have increasing clouds high clouds as well. there's actual rainfall in the crescent city we have some verga showing up over the bay area right now. here's a view of the haze from our east bay news camera. poor tomorrow, for the north bay for sure. the spare the air alert for tomorrow. we expect improving air quality over the weekend. by monday we hope to see some air quality. we're looking westward temperature readings only in the 50s in most locations from san francisco to carlos. a live view looking out over the golden gate we see temperature
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readings in the low to mid-50s. it's pretty cool afternoon right now, even with the hayes, we do expect some milder weather coming our way, and i'll show you that in the accuweather 7-day forecast in a moment. >> stunning news for many, in and out of the tech world sales of google glass and the so-called explorer program will end on monday. instead it will begin work on a future version of its eye wear. google glass brought excitement by letting users peer into a computer screen and access the internet or take video. that angered a lot of people who complained users could be secretly recording them in public. in fact, bars and restaurants banned the glass all together. the state of san francisco and mayor ed lee's plan to help the underserved without using tax money. target is getting ready to shut down hundreds of stores and lay off thousands of employees. the big announcement today from the store. a papal announcement about
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ed lee revealed his vision for a better san francisco in his 2015 state of the city address. the annual speech today focused on how san francisco can move toward shared prosz pairity. we talked about several ways he wants to keep the city affordable for everyone. >> we have a special opportunity
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to change the city for the better and to see that san francisco is affordable for families and assure that every san franciscoan shares in our cities rising prosperity. this is my mission my passion and this is our san francisco. >> the mayor plans to place a special focus this year on education women's empowerment, anti-poverty, transportation and housing. >> carolyn tyler attended today's state of the city address. and she joins us live from the newsroom. no surprise that housing is getting attention in city hall. >> not a shocker at all. it was at the top of the mayor's list at last year's state of the city. it continues to be a priority. so many people are priced out of the market, when you see that the median price for a home is a million dollars, that means homeownership is out of reach we're not just talking about the poor but for the middle class as well will what the mayor wants
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to do is increase a downpayment of assistance program for first time buyers by 100$100 million over the next 10 years, he says that would help 1500 families, but that proposal needs the approval of the san francisco retirement board. another one of his initiatives, lee plans to put a bond measure on the november ballot that will raise money to fix up public housing, plus build or rehab homes for low income and working families. >> another issue the mayor addressed today, muni, can you tell us about that? >> this continues on the theme of affordability. you remember that last year google stepped up to fund free muni for low income teenagers. that was a way to protest the luxury buses that right or wrong have become something of a symbol of gentrification and displacement. the mayor wants someone else from the private sector or google again if they wish to
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help expand the free ride to low income seniors, and the disabled. we talked to muni they say that would cost about $4 million a year. we talked to several of the cities leaders and movers and shakers, they liked the mayor's proposal by and large. one supervisor says this is not the mayor's vision, these are issues the board has been working on for years. and so we're going to hear some of that reaction coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> look forward to hearing more. thank you so much, carolyn. see you later. >> had is not good news if you need to head to a dmv any time soon, expect even longer wait times than normal. >> there have been massive lines since earlier this month. offices around the state had 100,000 new license applicants in the first week of this year alone. >> all the new applicants means it may take weeks or sometimes
4:18 pm
even months to get a dmv appointment. target is bailing out of canada. >> they plan to pull out of canada after two years of monumental losses. >> the much hyped but poorly managed expansion into the country target canada has 133 stores and employs more than 17,000 people. a new report linking a bad habit with gray hair. >> what if you could live longer and it only took you 20 minutes a day? here's jane king with today's health and wellness report? >> california farmers now must abide by the most stringent pesticide rules in the nation. the intent is to protect those who work in the farms and near the farms. it says it will help you stall
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old age, it's called inner age. inside tracker takes a blood sample and scores it based on biomarkers ranging from glucose to vitamin d. it recommends what foods you need to eat to help improve your score and stahl getting older. smoking and obesity can lead to premature gray hair. genes are the biggest determinant of when you turn gray. obesity and smoking are linked to graying early. a lack of exercise is more deadly than obesity. just a 20 minute walk each day can lower the odds of early death by as much as 20%. >> we're getting some pretty colors behind us. if you went outside today it looked -- the air was not good. >> it's kind of like rinse and repeat? rinse and repeat?
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>> we have a couple days of break from the poor air quality. it's back again. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have partly cloudy dns, the hayes, a spare the air day we'll have another one tomorrow. we're seeing patches of green and verga in the atmosphere there. no rainfall has hit the bay area yet. we may get some sprinkles tomorrow. you can see the hayes looking toward mount deon low. a slight chance again of a light shower on sunday. and nen a dry mild pattern will be with us next week. we'll see fog surging up to the coastline, a little beyond, out over the bay and locally some inland spots shifting pattern far different than the one that came at us earlier in the week. >> here's the satellite image showing the approaching funnel system bringing moisture in our direction. and a chance of light showers in the north bay tomorrow. we'll start the forecast animation, 5:00 tomorrow morning. there will be moisture in the
4:21 pm
north bay probably spotty light rain. it's not expected to amount to very much. we certainly could use a lot more rain going into saturday morning, can you see a mainly dry pattern for most of the bay area. long range as we look ahead to next week and beyond. it looks like a dry pattern resuming after the chance of sprinkles tomorrow through sunday, january 25th so we'll have to wait and hope for more rain tonight. overnight, look for increasing clouds, areas of fog. temperatures in the low to mid-40s. tomorrow we'll have increasing clouds hazy chance of sprinkles in the north bay highs ranging from 60 at the coast, to low and mid-60s inland and around the bay. here's the 7-day forecast. partly cloudy through the weekend with a slight chance of another sprinkle sunday. mid, dry and mild for virtually all of next week martin luther king junior day. some of us have to forecast. larry and alma. >> no days off. we need the forecast.
4:22 pm
we need the rain as well. >> thank you. up next we now know who's nominated for oscar gold. the complete list from hollywood. the movie stars and directors who were snubbed this year. >> new after 4:30. president obama signed today that will make it easier guess what goes really well with eggs? pillsbury grands biscuits. make breakfast even better. grands biscuits. make breakfast pop. i like to mix things up a bit with grands mini pot pies only four ingredients. and a few easy steps. week night dinner in a flash. and my family devours them. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop.
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you saw it early this morning right here on abc 7 nominations for the 2015 oscar. hollywood's biggest event. chris pinan and cheryl boone isaacs made the announcements this year. >> ted rowlands has more information, along with the movies actors and directors that got snubbed. >> as expected michael keaton was nominated for best actor for his performance in bird man. he's joined by benedict cumber
4:25 pm
batch batch. >> it's too much to take in, really. >> what a privilege. i'm a lucky man. >> felicity jones. reese witherspoon joined julie ann moore. >> this was an accident period. a decent lawyer can argue this easily. >> robert duvall joins the list for best supporting actor, it's nomination number 19 for meryl streep for into the woods, joining patricia arquette, kyraiera knightly and laura dern. this year's snubs include selma director, amy adams, and jennifer aniston for her performance in cake. >> a lot of people were disappointed that jennifer aniston didn't get her first oscar nomination. there was a lot of buzz. >> eight movies will battle for best picture. bird man, selma, boyhood the theory of everything the grand
4:26 pm
budapest hotel and whiplash. the grand bud best hotel and bird man tied with the most nominations at 9. the oscars will be handed out february 22nd. ted rowlands, abc news los angeles. >> remember to mark your calendar for oscar sunday. sunday, sunday sunday. a big awards show february 22nd right here. you are oscar station. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. up next, we'll have much more from hollywood about the oscars including reaction from the hollywood cinematographer whose name became the talk of the internet today. and the vatican announces sainthood for the man that brought the religion to the bay area. another sex assault investigation, the decision just made by the colts on whether josh mcnairry
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in today's headlines, a police officer shot a suspect in richmond. it happened around 1:30 near 20th street and nevin avenue. the officer fired after the man pulled out a semiautomatic handgun. the officer was not hurt. the suspect is in critical condition. a mandatory test to check water flow got underway today. abc 7 news reporter tweeted 50 million gallons of drinking water being released today. they'll have a full report
4:30 pm
coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. abc news tweeted about anti-terror operations underway in multiple parts of belgium today. two suspects were killed and one arrested after a shootout in eastern belgium. no police or civilians were hurt. larry. >> new details today on the ohio man now charged with plotting to blow up the u.s. capitol. in an appearance today in pennsylvania john boehner said the takedown is a takedown of government surveillance working. meanwhile, the family of that 20-year-old suspect is now telling its side of the story. karen traverse reports. >> it's exactly what u.s. officials fear a home grown terrorist inspired by isis. this is christopher lee cornell in a mugshot taken last night. according to the fbi. he was in the final stages of a plot to assault the u.s. capitol and lawmakers with rifles and pipe bombs. he was arrested yesterday in southern ohio after buying two m-15 assault rifles like this,
4:31 pm
and 600 rounds of ammunition. >> he left the door. several agents came out, and tackled him here in a parking lot and took him down. >> he's been under constant surveillance since last fall. the fbi watching his every move the feds zeroed in on him after a confidential informant said he was posting disturbing posts on twitter. i believe we should wage jihad under our own orders and plan attacks. he cited al awlaki as having already given a thumbs up for such attacks. cornell's father said his son was lost and vulnerable. he believes his son was set up by federal officials. >> there's no way he came up with this terrorist plot. somebody put that in his head. >> reporter: the fbi says the
4:32 pm
public was never in any danger. cornell has been charged with attempting to kill officers and employees of the u.s. karen traverse, abc news, washington. president obama has given the green light for paid parental leave for federal workers. the president signed a memorandum directing government agencies to allow for up to 6 weeks of paid sick leave. it can be used to take care of a new child ill family member or another reason. the president is passing congress to pass paid sick leave and timeoff who don't have them. a man fell 35 feet from a tower outside university of phoenix stadium yesterday in glendale which is just west of phoenix. the man worked as a rigor. he specialized in moving large heavy objects high above ground. they are looking into the possibility of some type of medical condition that led to the fall.
4:33 pm
the super bowl will be played on february 1st. >> roger goodell today granted the colts request to place josh mcnary on the loeg's exempt list. he surrendered to police last night after being charged with suspension of raping a 29-year-old woman last month. his client is cooperating and denies the allegations. the 26-year-old is a west point graduate, today's action blocks mcnary from practicing with the colts or attending sunday's afc championship game in new england. people attending bill cosby's show tomorrow in denver will have to cross a picket line. they're shining a light on the protest to show the rape issues.
4:34 pm
president obama plans to re-establish diplomatic relations with cuba. new rules to significantly loosen the u.s. trade embargo against cuba and open up greater american travel will go into effect. the measures will allow u.s. companies to export some technologies. it also means many americans with family or business in cuba, no longer have to apply for special licenses to travel to cuba and can bring home up to $100 in alcohol and tobacco. meaning the ban on cuban cigars is officially over. $100 may not buy many. coming up, how a family came back together. a warning for anyone who takes bart. why your commute could be disrupted tomorrow morning. one of the country's most popular airlines facing a multimillion dollar fine. details are straight ahead.
4:35 pm
we see haze over the bay area another spare the air alert tomorrow. there may be some sprinkles. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. at 4:35 oh, my this is a look at the sky way in downtown san francisco. what is it layla says on the morning news? a smackup in the backup? this is backed up in both directions. it's a slow crawl if you're anywhere near the sky way. stay with female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. don't miss sleep train's year end clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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pope francis will cannonize a missionary who brought catholicism to california in the 1700s. this isn't without some controversy. >> the pope will stop in philadelphia for his tour of the united states. he may stop in california. where? los angeles. and if he does los angeles because of the high number of latinos. if he decides to come to carmel he may as well come to san francisco. this is after all pope francis. >> i said somebody pinch me. i am so ecstatic, we've been praying for this for years. >> andy has lobbied for the
4:39 pm
elevation to sainthood for decades. he's the curator of the museum. >> he brought the gasospel for the first time into this country many. >> he's referred to as the apostle of california or the father of the missions. a title which comes with controversy, as he converted indians into christians. most fourth graders in california are taught about his role in the missions. >> we know that the reality or the actual impact is that it changed the california native americans waif life completely. >> ironically, his cousin called the pope's announcement disappointing. >> our population was decreased as a result of the policy of the mission, diseases, death. which many people see as being cultural again side. some people would argue physical again side. >> father sarah was living in a time when the spanish were
4:40 pm
colonizing what was then alta california. >> a very very good person in a very very bad situation. everything i know about him. everything i've read about him, he loved indians. >> the first miracle attributed to father sarah was a cure for lupus. a major interstate shut down near boston. several demonstrators on i-93 physically put their arms in 1200 pound barrels of con creed. firefighters had to use saws to break open the barrels. they wanted to call attention to recent police killings of unarmed suspects. a protest planned for tomorrow morning may slow down your friday commute. dem be straighters plan to gather at the montgomery street station in san francisco. the protesters want charges dropped against 14 activists ss who
4:41 pm
chained themselves to trains back in november. at the time they were protesting the police shooting of michael brown. authorities charged everyone with misdemeanor trespassing. time now for another check on our weather. and are any changes coming out way. >> you can see the patches of green not hitting the ground, to our north -- it's getting closer to the immediate bay area. here's our drought watch a week ago, 32% of the state was under exceptional drought. today it's even worse, 39% of the state under exceptional drought, however, there has been slight improvement in that little green box in marin county thanks to the rains of december. tomorrow statewide, look for showers in the northern part of the state mainly sunny and dry down south. may be a sprinkle or two, here
4:42 pm
in the bay area, best chances in the north bay, most of the remainder of the bay area will see a bit more sunshine tomorrow and is not likely to see rain. high temperatures tomorrow, ranging from 60 to 63 or 64. pretty narrow range of highs. maybe a little rain, not nearly enough to help the drought situation. >> thank you so much. still ahead here on abc 7 news at 4:00, social media and stress. can logging on to facebook twitter and instagram make you more carefree? the unfortunate name mistake at the oscar nominations that has the internet buzzing? don't expect a big pay raise from your boss this year.
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bulldog: through monday, save up to 40% on clearance mattresses. get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. pup: i found a red tag! [laughter] bulldog: mattress discounters' year end clearance sale ends monday. this season's flu vaccine is effective in one out of four people. health officials pegged the shops effectiveness against the virus at 23 percent. normally that number is 60 to
4:46 pm
65%. mutations in the flu virus caused it to change significantly. the flu season is expected to last about six more weeks. >> are you on facebook and twitter all the time? new research shows frequent internet and social media users do not have higher levels of stress. >> in fact the survey by the pew research center found that women who used facebook and twitter had lower stress levels than those who don't. the federal government slaps airlines with a $1.6 million fine today. >> it's a penalty for stranding passengers on the tarmac during a snowstorm that happened last winter. >> seven on your side's michael finney has today's consumer news. >> they have these new rules and now they're enforcing them. it happened during the big snowstorms in the midwest last
4:47 pm
january. southwest kept passengers stranded on the tarmac in chicago for more than three hours. that is illegal under new rules, set up by the u.s. department of transportation. officials said weather caused the long delays. southwest should have been prepared. the airline did not have enough staff to get passengers back in to the terminal safely. >> you see them more and more in the grocery stores. so called super waters. they come from coconut aloe, cactus cactus, now there's a new one it's birch tree water, harvested like sap it's starting to make a big splash. birch is high in anti-oxidants. you're probably getting more than just water. >> in the ingredients it will say birch tree water and cane sugar. something i find i don't think any of us need to add into our diet. >> birch tree water is rich in
4:48 pm
minerals and micro nutrients. right now you'll find it online only. 2015 is shaping up to be a good year. experts say, don't hold your breath waiting for a raise. last year was the best year for job growth since 1999. the economists predict even more growth this year that's the good news the bads, wages increased only 1.7% last year. barely keeping up with inflation. we can expect only small raises again this year. economists say companies still have plenty of job applicants, they do not feel the need to offer higher wages. >> it isn't generally one of the biggest problems, you have more jobs coming back, they're in low paying service type industry professions. not necessarily in the high paying jobs. >> there's a ton of people who try to get those. >> it's tough to get those things spinning upwards. a hollywood director gives himself oscar gold after being
4:49 pm
snubbed by the academy. >> we're hearing from the cinematographer whose name was botched big time. here's what's trending today. >> the director of the lego movie is showing a sense of humor over the films omission from the best animated feature list. tweeting out this lego themed response. yes, that's an oscar made out of legos. >> that is pretty cool. >> it's fantastic. >> he also took the time to reassure his colleagues they made a wonderful film regardless of what the academy says, this is not a tragedy, congrats to incredible crew of the lego movie who made a classic. >> the cinemaing to rah if i category making news because of one person's name. >> dick poop. >> dick pope. >> cheryl boone isaac mispronounced the name dick pope for mr. turner that unfortunate human error quickly exploded on
4:50 pm
twitter. pope is taking it pretty well. he told usa today he's been called much worse and even though a mispronounce yags led to his trending on twitter, all the attention makes him feel like he landed on the moon. >> twitter lights up when things like this happen. >> takes advantage and runs with it. >> sadly. >> this is not sad, this is a reminder to mark your calendar for oscar sunday, the big awards show, february 22nd right here on abc 7, your oscar station. >> don't want to miss it. >> to a woman who gives new meaning to the phrase smooth criminal. >> a woman in a dress is who you're looking for here. walks over to a group of box tv's picks one up, and puts it under her dress. casually walks out as if nothing happened. let's take another look in slow motion. >> remember, the lady in the dress right there. surveillance camera caught it
4:51 pm
all, police are still looking for both women in the video i feel like she practiced walking just very nonchalantly with that. >> i wonder how far she had to walk out. you have to take very small steps. >> probably not the first time she's attempted this kind of thing. i don't think so. >> coming up at 4:00, a canine reunion three years in the making. what led to the separation? and how this dog and its family came back together. coming up new at 5:00, what looks like a yellow torpedo is part of a first ever test. why the whole thing is wasting millions of gallons of water. the movie selma gets an oscar nod, we talk to martin luther king's lawyer about the controversy over the movie's female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. but sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday. through sunday choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models including the new tempur-choice, with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free
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away with murder" at 10:00 and join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. an australian man says his star wars storm trooper costume saved his life during a snake attack. >> that's what it's designed for. >> exactly. he's walking across australia in costume to raise money for a children's hospital in melbourne. he came across a king brown snake. one of the world's most venomous species. >> thinking it was dead, he stepped over it. the snake lunged at him, bit his shin fortunately he said the storm trooper gear stopped the bite, and the only thing the snake sunk its fangs into was plastic. three years ago a beloved dog disappeared from letter home in tracy. presumed stolen. the family was holding on to hope. but they didn't think they would see her again. >> until the animal shelter called. tiffany has the remarkable reunion.
4:56 pm
>> it's absolutely a remarkable reunion, the family didn't think it was possible but if you take a look at this video, you will see the incredible moment that they were reunited with their shiba inu. she went missing from the family's backyard. they contacted their micro chip company and the kids posted signs all around the neighborhood. but nothing. days turned into weeks weeks into months months into years and then on monday the call they'll never forget. it was oakland animal services and she was found. you can see she didn't have an easy couple years, and not much is known about what happened. whether she was stolen or if maybe she ran away. from her behavior, the oakland animal services believed she was kept in a yard and negtsed. a dirt and flee allergy caused her to lose much of her hair. on january 9th she was picked
4:57 pm
up as a stray. over the weekend the shinu ibu rescue family urged them to look for a micro chip and one was found. >> it's great to see her again. >> if we can scan another chip and trace it to who you are, we can call you. we can find your animal for you. >> obviously this shows the power of those micro chips. oakland animal services hopes that everyone seeing this story will go out and get their pet micro chipped. as for hanna and her family they plan on taking her to the vet and taking her home and spoiling her for a very long time. we'll have much more on this reunion at 6:00. live in oakland, abc 7 news. >> thank you, tiffany. three years of lost love and cuddles to catch up on. >> that length of time you're figuring there's no chance you're going to get the dog back. that's a fantastic and wonderful surprise for them. >> it breaks your heart to think
4:58 pm
about. >> fortunately, she's back. >> thank you so much for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with cheryl and dan. that's days water is more valuable than gold. why is san francisco flushing millions of gallons down the drain. >> also tonight an officer shoots a man in richmond, late details coming in we'll have it for you. that car crash into macy's, we're hearing from a woman who was trapped in the middle of the horror. the historic assent of el capitan. the climbers are still digesting their incredible accomplishment. >> if i didn't see it with my own eyes i wouldn't believe it. >> one day later kevin already has a new goal in mind. millions of gallons of drinking water intentionally
4:59 pm
dumped into a creek. how can this happen in the middle of our historic drought. good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm cheryl jennings. >> today's water dump was carried out by the hetch hetchie water system. david louie is live along the san mateo creek, where all that water ended up. the millions of gallons didn't stay there. the test was scheduled toll cone side with low tide. the 55 gallons of drinking water is now in the bay. private homes, apartment buildings and a hospital sit adjacent to the creek. this was a very important safety test the dam has been undergoing upgrades and renovations for the past four years. these two new emergency release valves have never been tested. two state inspectors were on hand to watch as they were opened sending millions of
5:00 pm
gallons of water into a basin that feeds into tiny san mateo creek. >> every dam needs to be able to reduce volume in case there's a torrential amount of rain coming so we can reduce in an emergency what's behind the dam, so there are no issues with it. >> keep in mind this is drinking water, water that started out as snow melt in the sierra, came down by a gravity fed system waiting behind the dam for release to a treatment plant. >> the puc operates the regional system admits it's not a good thing in a drought, but it's necessary. >> it's really a small percent of what is in the reservoir, which is 22 billion gallons. unfortunately, sometimes we do have to use water to prove things prayed. and the emergency operation of the system is very important. >> a team of technicians from the u.s.


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