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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 15, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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water into a basin that feeds into tiny san mateo creek. >> every dam needs to be able to reduce volume in case there's a torrential amount of rain coming so we can reduce in an emergency what's behind the dam, so there are no issues with it. >> keep in mind this is drinking water, water that started out as snow melt in the sierra, came down by a gravity fed system waiting behind the dam for release to a treatment plant. >> the puc operates the regional system admits it's not a good thing in a drought, but it's necessary. >> it's really a small percent of what is in the reservoir, which is 22 billion gallons. unfortunately, sometimes we do have to use water to prove things prayed. and the emergency operation of the system is very important. >> a team of technicians from the u.s. geological survey was
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on hand to track the amount of water released. at one point the flow was 322 cubic feet per second. raising the creek's level almost two feet. >> to put it in theory we had 322 basketballs per second going by this bridge. 300, 600 900 it's a lot of basketballs. >> it took about two and a half hours for the water to reach the bay. >> this is the driest california has been in january in five years, here's the new map from the u.s. drought monitor released today. >> the dark red depicts the area in the highest drought category which is exceptional. that's 40% of the state. that is up from 33% just last week. looking at january, over the past five years you can see it has gotten progressively worse. we didn't have any drought conditions in january 2011. nearly 100% of the state remains
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in a drought. experts say it could take near record amounts of rain this year, to pull the state out of it. some good news marin, sonoma and san mateo counties saw slight improvements in drought conditions. breaking news in richmond, he's being treated now after being shot by a police officer he was confronted by police at 20th and nevin. vick lee is in richmond with details. >> the shooting happened right over there right behind me right by that drive way, in front of that silver suv. if you can zoom in slowly. you can see three investigators from the d.a.'s office one of them is from the csi, what they're doing now is removing crucial evidence from in front of that suv between the two tires, i believe you can still see the evidence markers the yellow evidence markers, at one
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point until very recently. there was a gun, a gun reportedly carried by the suspect a cell phone and peaces of closing they are very carefully removing that evidence and putting them in evidence bags. the shooting happened about 1:30 this afternoon. here's how police say it went down. >> the police chief arrived at the crime scene shortly after the shooting. police cordoned off the area, while the investigation continued. the officer whose name has not been released was patrolling the area which has had a rash of robberies in recent weeks. he reportedly saw someone standing by a drive way acting suspiciously. the officer then got out of his patrol car. the police captain explains what lapped next. >> the officer was in full uniform, was here to investigate a suspicious person. that person pulled out a firearm and the officer defended himself. >> the suspect was armed with a semiautomatic handgun, with an
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extended magazine which carries more than 10 rounds. the gun has been recovered. the suspect a young hispanic male was shot multiple times in the torso and was in critical condition at a local hospital. the officer is also a hispanic who speaks spanish. >> the officer has been recently transferred to patrol. in the past, he's worked other assignments, he is an expert in dealing with gang members and people that carry weapons. >> the officer may have been wearing a body cam just like this one. they were passed out to officers a week ago. and now they're in a test phase. so it's not mandatory for the officers to wear them yet. now if that officer was wearing his body cam and if he activated it, and again, it's not mandatory for richmond police officers yet to wear those body cams, of course, if he was well, that would be a crucial bit of evidence in determining what happened prior to the shooting. now, the district attorney's
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investigators have taken over this investigation, this crime scene, and we're just learns that the suspect is in surgery, he's still listed in critical condition. vick lee abc 7 news. in fairfield, in the meantime, police shoot a suspect when responding to a disturbance call. it happened before 8:00 this morning, in sousa court. no officers were hurt. a man at vallejo hospital was hit by a car in the front. he ran out of the hospital right into oncoming traffic. he was conscious and breathing. and taken to the local trauma center, police believe he may have been a patient at the hospital. his identity has not been released. police are still investigating a crash that left six people injured after a car jumped the curb and drove 50 feet inside a macy's department
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store. jonathan bloom joins us from newark with the latest. jonathan? >> about 24 hours ago, the spot where i'm standing was in total chaos, there were fire trucks ambulances and over there, a sea of broken glass after a car made it 50 feet inside that store before coming to rest injuring six people. amade all the pandemonium out here, a mother who rushed here from home, to find out what happened to her 19-year-old daughter. >> i'll never forget pulling up to that scene and seeing what i saw. >> sally had gotten the call every mother fears, her daughter had been run over by a car inside a department store. >> i tried to tell her, you're okay, she was frantic. i said you're okay. >> she took these pictures as alyssa was strapped down and loaded into answer ambulance. >> the police officer was like did you see your feet yet? i looked and i had uggs on.
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they were torn off, blood liquid coming down the floor. >> her mom savinged the boot that may have saved her left foot. >> i look at those shoeses, i hate them i love them. if she was wearing tennis shoes or sandals her foot would have been severed. >> alyssa wasn't thinking about her two broken feet, she had only one thought. >> i couldn't find my friend. >> it was long after midnight when she finally learned her friend had survived after being dragged under the front of the car through the store. >> how could you possibly take that corner that fast? and end up in the door? it blows my mind. >> police have been asking that same question. >> it was probably a medical condition for the driver. >> they're waiting to learn more about why the 63-year-old woman didn't hit the brakes until she was already in the store. >> we want to find out what type
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of mental condition she experienced and then we don't believe there's any criminal charges related to this. >> for alyssa, her recovery will be steep. >> i'm not gone and neither is she, and we'll both be okay. >> and already she's stronger than before. >> so proud of her. she's a trooper. >> in newark jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> the san jose nightclub where five people were shot during a chris brown concert has been shut down. concerts scheduled there were cancelled. cell phone video posted online show shots ringing out and brown ushered away. there's that cell phone video i mentioned. no arrests have been made. the club will be shut down for
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the time being. the city of vallejo has voted to shut down all medical marijuana dispensaries. only a few were paying their taxes. google is going back to the drawing board on their google glassware. the glass team says it has more work to do on the product to make it more polished and affordable. they cost $1500 right now. glass work products will still be available. coming up here next, incredible rock climb. >> tossed around like a rag dol. >> it's getting pretty rowdy. >> two men adjust to life on the ground. and their biggest limitation 3,000 feet up. >> home prices are increasing we'll tell you how much they're bouncing back. >> do you want your kids to eat more vegetables? >> one easy suggestion, promises a 50% increase. >> changing your mood with a
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a champagne celebration seven years in the making. today the two climbers who made it to the top of el capitan are talking about their incredible experience. tiffany wilson shows you what it took to complete the almost impossible dream. >> by now the epic images of two men stretched across granite look familiar. for the first time, we're hearing about the level of patience and resolve required. >> the limiting factor was really our fingers our bodies held up quite well.
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>> the santa rosa native spent one week and fell 11 times trying to make it past the 15th pitch. his 3,000 foot quest came down to two fingers. >> it's dead vertical. it's about an 80 foot traverse the crux is extremely sharp. you need to be able to hang on with two fingers while you're fully extended like this. these are the two fingers that had cuts in them. >> the dreamen wot have been complete if he had finished alone. >> everything is better when it's shared. >> yesterday the world shared in their accomplishment. >> even president obama sent his congratulations. the moment remains surreal. >> at least for me when you would grab that last hold, you could literally feel all the hope and desire and stress drip
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off of you. it's the coolest feeling. >> dirty, quite smelly. all i wanted to do was wrap myself around my wife and hold my little kid. >> the partners never expected their journey would capture international attention, now that it has, they issue a challenge. >> i hope that everyone that's been following along can take the wall as an example of what's possible and find their own. >> will you? in san francisco tiffany wilson abc 7 news. >> incredible. ed lee delivered his sit of the city address today. the mayor announced he intends to talk with mayors in the east bay about a second bart tube from mission bay to the east bay, he also focused on housing. >> we may be setting records for our new housing construction, we must still work to stabilize people in their homes. >> the mayor says he will invest
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more money toward rent support and eviction defense. he wants to build more housing on surplus public land. >> getting your kids to eat fruits and vegetables at school may have nothing to do with what the cafeteria serves up. it's about the timing of the day. kids who have recess before lunch are more likely to eat their fruits and vegetables than those who play after they eat. elementary schools that switched recess saw their produce consumption increase by 54%. when a lunch is before recess young students tend to rush through their meals and skip the most nutritious part. san jose mayor says the city will not give up on the effort to give the a's another legal defeat. a federal appeals court rejected baseballs refusal to allow the a's to move violates federal antitrust laws. the judges agreed with a lower court ruling that says only
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congress or the supreme court can overturn baseballs antitrust exemption. the mayor says the city will likely appeal to the high court. while the lawyers who files the suit for san jose say they absolutely will do so. baseball's commission elect says it's time to move on. and get a stadium built in oakland. the jim sula era is underway. he understands he has big shoes to fill replacing jim harbaugh, he's ready for the challenge. >> i get the decision that these men just made. i get it i accept it. i know what it is. and i'm real excited about it. >> tomsula has been the 49ers defensive line coach since 2007. 49ers fans outside the team headquarters admit the
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transition away from harbaugh has been tough. >> sad for the team, the organization. harbaugh's a winner to me i'm sure a lot of other people, but the new decision that they went with i'm happy with. >> we'll have more from tomsula and management at 6:00. led light bulbs are everywhere these days, can they do more than just light a room? >> mood changing light bulbs? >> these really are incredible. >> i will need all of these changed changed. >> led light bulbs are game changers they promise to last anywhere from 23 to 46 years. consumer reports checked out several that claim to do more than just light. they claim to improve your mood. >> consumer reports light bulb lab is full of led bulbs that can do lots of new tricks.
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the bulb changes colors, this bulb is supposed to keep you awake and alert. and this one the definitely digital good night led for $70 says it improves your natural sleep because it emits less blue light than other leds. using this machine consumer reports measured the amount of blue light in the good night bulb and found it does have lower levels of blue light than other leds. is that worth $70? >> try a cfl. it costs a lot less than an led. and gives off a lot less blue light. >> consumer reports recommends walmart's great value cfl, and just over a dollar per bulb. as for the $70 definitely digital awake and alert it claims more blue light for improved alertness. consumer reports test finds it does deliver higher blue light levels but the light is not all that flattering.
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take a look at the light cast by the alert and awake bulb, compared to the more natural light from this led bulb. the life x led bulb connects to your wifi and can be controlled by your smart phone. of course if you just want to light a room, the $99 price tag is a long way to go. consumer reports says this a-19 soft white dimable led does that for just 8.50 per$8.50 per bulb. >> if you have trouble sleeping consumer reports recommend turning off all sources of blue light. smart phones computers and tablet screens and tv's and do that several hours before you go to bed. >> michael, thank you. well, you probably notice it's a little crisp out there today. >> outside right now. joining us with the accuweather forecast. >> the reason why it was so chilly in some areas like
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fairfield, it was 52 the high. because that fog was around and it was slow to clear away. right now a lot of clouds out here, as i look outside, a little bit of christmas in the air right now. >> live doppler hd is tracking changes. the changes may include a few drops. right now as you look here we do have some moisture in the north bay. at this point could be a few sprinkles. a better opportunity for seeing showers tomorrow. the showers have been up in northern california, and that's where they're expected to stay for the remainder of the night. we are thirsty for rain, we need it. even though we're ahead of where we should be. 133% of normal in san francisco with just over 15 inches of rain. over 10 inches of rain in san jose. 156% of average. livermore, oakland also above average. remember, three dry years and the damage has been done. take a look from our cam. air quality continues to suffer.
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a spare the air alert has been issued for your friday. we are looking at better air quality by monday of next week. here's the view from our sfo camera, you can see the cloud cover and the hayes it's really hard to see out there. 55 in san francisco, 60 oakland. 56 in san jose, lovely view from our golden gate bridge camera it is dry still, that could be changing. low 50s from santa rosa to napa. here's one view from our east bay hills camera where the poor air quality is still pretty obvious. spotty showers to the north tomorrow. it's going to be dry and mild pattern as we head into next week. overnight tonight, you're going to see some changes, the fog is coming in from the west. the fog pattern is shifting, not coming in from the central valley like the last two morningings. this is more what we see in the summertime. expect the fog along the coast and the bay. tomorrow we may be seeing some changes in the form of a few drops. there's a chance of some showers in the north bay as the tail end
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of that cold front is developing, sweeps through the area. watch out nor the fog, spotty light rain around lunchtime, around ukiah. could see some in the north bay around the evening hours, we'll go with cloud cover for your saturday. sunday there's another possibility of seeing a few drops in the north bay this is the long range forecast, another weak disturbance passing through northern california, and then we just go with the dry pattern resuming. unfortunately, right on through sunday january 25th. overnight temperatures not as cold, cloud cover will hold your numbers up. mostly 40s, watch out for the fog during the morning commute for the afternoon, we are looking at hazy skies with the best chance of showers around clear lake, clover dale. temperatures mid-50s to mid-60s. spare the air alert for your friday. it's nice to see a few drops even if it's just a chance for your friday. your long holiday weekend is
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going to be dry and mild, with temperatures hovering in the low to mid-60s, and next week that carries over that mild pattern sunday is the only possibility of a few sprinkles around here. dan, cheryl? >> thanks very much. the movie sounds like it's an oscar nod. we talk to martin luther king's
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subway! ♪ home sales are sturjing in the bay area. the median price jumped nearly 10% from the previous december to $603,000. san francisco prices were up a whopping 16% to $949,000. that's according to core logic data quick. the median sales price in santa clara county, 689,000, and it's up to $555,000 in alameda county. the movie selma is generating a lot of controversy for its depiction of president
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lyndon johnson. the movie portrays dr. martin luther king junior's struggle to organize a 1960s march in favor of voting rights. it shows president johnson as an opponent of the march and someone who was forced into supporting the voting rights bill. dr. clarence jones was kings former lawyer and speech writer. he says that part of the movie is inaccurate. >> lyndon johnson and martin luther king jr. worked in tandem and were partners, in bringing about the voting rights, it was really a question of saying, we have to consider strategically how best to push for the voting rights acts. >> he credits johnson for doing arm twisting so southern democrats would support the voting rights act. selma is one of eight nominees for best picture this year. >> we are pleased to announce the film selected as the best picture nominees. >> with six nominations, the coming of age epic boyhood
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appears to be the movie to beat this year. it's even topping the list for las vegas odds makers. >> the full list of best picture nominees include american sniper, the imitation game, bird man selma, boyhood, the theory of evereverything the grand budapest hotel and whiplash. >> mark your calendar for oscar sunday. the big awards show february 22nd right here on abc 7, your oscar station. >> a lot of us like to doodle but few of us do it in three dimensions. >> just female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. but sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday. through sunday choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models including the new tempur-choice, with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free financing, two free pillows and free same-day delivery. are you next? but hurry! sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday.
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coming up new at 6:00 the vatican announces statehood that's sparking a controversy. a bay area woman waits months and months for her new bathroom, until 7 on her
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sidestepped in. that's all coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. >> a gadget making waves in the tech community has joined a series of other innovations that started off as a mistake. >> my partner turned to me and said, that's annoying, i wish you could take the nozzle off the 3-d printer and fill in that missing space. and we both smacked our heads and said you can do that. >> the first 3-d pen was born. >> isn't that bizarre? >> it's been used for everything from making dresses to writing in braille. the company just introduced their newest version, which is lighter and easier to use. >> i'm looking to see if can buy it online. that's going to do it for us world news tonight with david muir is coming up next. >> we appreciate your time as always. hope you'll join us again in half an hour.
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on this thursday night, the breaking news. the large-scale terror raids under way. authorities say a major attack was imminent. >> the firefight, as authorities crack down on a suspected terror cell. what was their plan? and the abc news exclusive. the moment in an american quarry. the fbi says this is homegrown terror right before your eyes. the images never before seen until tonight. >> whoa! >> the practice bomb going off. the plane crash in florida. the female pilot. you will hear the frantic call, blinded by the fog and dark. on the eve of the big game, the nfl player pulled from the field amid charges of sexual assault. and bradley cooper is here, on playing an american hero and on taking the subway with everyone else.


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