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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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t. >> next. what does the city need with ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> drone camera together worth thousands of dollars have been stolen from the san francisco recreation parks department. turns out it's not the department's only aerial camera they have 9. >> a lot of people aren't worried about the theft itself. they want to know why the department has so many drones in the first place. good evening. >> abc 7 news reporter katie is live at the department offices on canyon street. katie. >>reporter: this is exactly where it happened. someone smashed the window of employee personal car while it was parked hear and took the equipment out of the back seat. as you said the park department has 8 other drones at its disposal but not flying any of them. >> it was a smash and grab job and the recreation parks
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department now missing high tech equipment worth about 3000 dollars. >> we have significant amount of vapdism in our parks. >> quad copter and go pro camera on the stolen item. this photo is included in the report. it's one of 9 drones purchased by the department in the fall similar to the one flying here. department spokes woman says they are meant to save money. >> we are testing the use of the aerial camera for some parents purposes including assessing tree tops. conditions of roofs. >> one park gore calls it unnecessary expense. >> i am not surprised. they like the city and government loves to waste money and they like their new toys. >>reporter: for others it's about privacy. >> neighborhood should not have drone playing in around them. plus you can they can use it for other things. i just don't agree witness. >> turns out the pilot program was over before it started. >> there was one test flight
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and then the conversation got much larger than wreck and park there was a call at our logical board of supervisors for some regulation. >> project grounded until further notice but the search for the drone continues. in san francisco, katie, abc 7 news. >> drones are so common some say they are become ago nuisance this week coyote tower in san francisco shut down so a film crew could shoot a commercial using a drone. for 2 day hundreds of visitors were turned await a minute over the weekend the san francisco fire department was called out to rescue a drone stuck in a tree in golden gate park. critic say the operation was a waste of time resource and may have pup the public at risk. fire department says there were no emergencies at the time. >> well something of a miracle highway for the second time in just two days a baby was born on the side of highway 24 in contra costa county. in. a black toyota camry on the right hand shoulder 35-year-old female just delivered a child is.
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>> the birth happened 5:30 this evening in walnut creek interthe officer ken i don't know memorial interchange. dad helped mom deliver the healthy baby boy. yesterday sabrina chun gave birth on highway 24 near camino pablo. long time partner helped deliver his baby boy. both mom and baby doing well tonight. >> developing news out of burlingame where cal train smashed into a car stopping service. happened around sibltion this evening. the driver of that car you see there was trying to make a right turn and accidentally drove on to the railroad tracks. when they saw the train coming driver passengers judged out of the car before hit. no one was hurt. track have since been cleared. >> man in critical tonight after he was shot by a police officer in richmond. happened early this afternoon near 20th street and 97 vin avenue. police say he pulled a gun when the officer approached. before if you look closely there right by the tire. officer whose name is not
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released was on patrol when he approached the man. >> officer approached. suspect pulled out a firearm. officer shot the suspect. suspect hahn has been taken to logical trauma center. >>reporter: police say the suspect also had a sandwich bag full of methamphetamine and other bags of mayor one. officer was not injured. new details tonight. we are just learning the man shot by fairfield police this morning died. officers were rae respond to go disturbance call on l zeus court before 8 when things-year-old jose charged them with a knife. police opened fire. hit multiple times and died at the scene. police now question witness and family members. >> before the friends family of popular bay area tennis coach and for the rest of us really life can change in an instachbility young man died after street fight. he suffered traumatic brain injury days before christmas after being hit in the head. he died last week. lisa
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attended tonight's memorial. >> we celebrate his life and say goodbye. >>reporter: frrndz family fought through tears as they remember the 24-year-old died friday after being punched in the head during an argument last month. police arrested these 2 men after the attack. >> really great guy. want his family to know how wonderful he was. he will be missed. >>reporter: em grated in 2012. he held several odd jobs but had one passion this stayed with him. he loved tennis. he wanted to go pro one day. while there he played on the national team. here in the u.s. he was one of the most popular instructor at this tennis academy. >> he was always so up beat. he was one of the hardest workers i have ever met. just brought such a positive energy to work every day this. >>reporter: room was filled with young athletes. tennis
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players he pushed and inspired players he pushed and inspired. >> he was just one of the better people in the world. >> he never gave up on me. whenever i messed up. >>reporter: friends set up do initial box and do fund me paichbility they are trying to raise money so he can be buried beside his father in bell reduce. in palo alto, abc 7 news. >> new details on car crash that hurt 6 people independence macy kept store. 19-year-old girl was run over by a car that careened in the front of the store yesterday afternoon. both feet now broken. doctors say the choice of foot wear may have saved one of them from being severed. l. >> i had ugg on and all the ugg were torn off. >> she was more concerned with her friend who was dragged under the car. friend also survived. fire officials believe the 63-year-old driver may have had a medical problem. >> we are in for more hazy
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weather and chance of rain. here's live look from the exploratorium camera in the city. sandhya is here with details. a lot of rain, not. >> it's a few hundredths of an inch. let's look at live doppler 7hd few sprinkles already reached ukiah. most of the moisture you see is still up in the cloud. it's well to the north of the ukiah area up around fort bragg and we have been tracking some rain upal the northwestern portion of the state and that's where the heaviest rain is expected over the next 24 hours. check out the hazy sky from our sutro tower cam are this afternoon. pretty clear why we are going into a spare the air alert. emeryville camera showing you a nice view. air quality pour for the friday. spare the air alert up. moderate air quality in by mopped which is martin luther king jr. day we are lacking at some good air quality entering the picture. i'll be back with look at the holiday forecast including closer look at the chance of
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rain. >> thank you sandhya. >> 2 men who became the first to free climb el capitan in yosemite national park hope this will inspire others. if champagne celebration after santa rosa native kevin and tom of colorado finished historic climb yesterday. began the 18 day trek in late december and relied on their hands feet and strength to make it up the 3000 foot sheer cliff. it remains surreal. >> when you grab the last hold you could literally feel all the hope and desire and stress just like drip off of you and just hanging there in silence and relief and joy and it's like the coolest feeling. >>reporter: jorgeen sen said the claim should illustrate the vale value of team work and team people not to give up on the dream. >> if you use bart to get to
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work in the morning. expect delay tomorrow starting at 7:00 a.m. because of planned protest at the montgomery street station. prosecute test trs want alameda county drop charges against 14 people who chained themselves to bart trains in november. if you did decide to drive down load the freeway app on the smart phone and join the group to get around any traffic problems. >> google taking its wearable computer back to the drawing board. mountain view base company says it needs to make google glass more polished and more affordable. right now pair cost you 1500 dollars. if you want one you better hurry. sales end on monday. >> something is brewing in the east bay. next on 7 news. how former san quentin inmate is paying it forward after paying his debt. >> plus more trouble for chris brown. howless weekend shooting at show in san jose is coming back to haunt him. >> backlash over this year oscar nomination. what is missing from nearly
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the. >> shooting at chris brown perform nancy san jose terrell shut down the club where it happened. the owner of the night club agreed to keep the doors closed for 60 days. while police investigate. concert schedule tomorrow night cancelled now. police continue to search for the shooter. and turns out chris brown should not have been in san jose performing in the first place. judge revoked probation today because he left los angeles county without getting permission. that probation is for the attack on ex girlfriend
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rihanna back in 2009. brown attorney says that his office gave the singer bad information saying he didn't need permission to travel evidently he did. >> prosecute the coffee bean field to local coffee shop there's a lot that goes into making the perfect cup of joe. alan brings us the story behind the cup of coffee that is giving this a second chance. >> roasting the bean for the perfect cup of coffee has quite literally been the pick me up that john needed. >> i was homeless. hi no money. i had one set of clothes. >>reporter: after 12 years in and out of prison including san quentin he is pouring himself into a coffee bean roast in antioch that he named big house bean. >> i'm not afraid like i was before to share my story because that's not my past doesn't define who i am today. >>reporter: when pitching his fresh roasted whole sale bean to restaurants and coffee shop he openly discussed his
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disfunctional childhood that led to drugs high speed chases and illegal gun possession. after paying the price for the crime john is trying to pay it forward. he's hiring other ex offender like valdez who had a hard time getting a job. >> if you have look like you have been in prison and it makes it definitely worse. >>reporter: like that face tattoo you have. >> yes. job stoppers for a reason. >>reporter: some of the profit support rehab program and job training for former inmate reentering society. >> make it hard when you have to did a background check just to find a place to live. my heart is broken for the part of society that tends to get overlooked and kind of forgotten. >>reporter: he says it's a long hard grind but if he cap make it work he has a sense of purpose for people who just need a chance. in antioch alan, abc 7 news. >> tonight abc 7 honor hero
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where you live. nearly a dozen community leaders received a circle 7 award at profile of excellence reception. i was honored to host the event and introduced each award winner. recipient range from deaf community advocate to doctor focus on the needs of the native american community to educators. everyone honored tonight made a big impact in the community in some way. >> television station was recognized us all phenomenal. >> extremely honored for the award and especially in the presence of such passionate individuals who truly make this much more vibrant and rich. >>reporter: abc 7 started profile of excellence back in 1988 to recognize people who are doing amazing things in the community. we thank them all for that. >> well now to hollywood biggest night oscar nomination are out and this year isn't without controversy. already complaints about this being one of the least diverse list
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of nominee in years. no one of color nominate entered the acting category and no women in directing or writing. big winner bird man and the grand budapest hotel with nine nomination each nominated for best picture and selma, american sniper, boy hood theory of everything, imitation game and whiplash. >> and mark your calendar for oscar sunday. big award show is february 22, right here on abc 7 we are your oscar station. don't miss it. >> absolutely. we hope for a weather category. forget rain. >> absolutely. >> i'll see what i can do i better start getting the rain going so i can be nominated. here's live doppler 7hd. all right what i can show you is moisture up in the cloud not reaching the ground except up near our radar site near mount st. helen sprinkle activity showing up clover dale area ukiah. visibility low right now. 2 and a half miles in
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concord. 4 miles in fairfield. that's where the fog is. fog also from the coast at half machine bay so the fog is coming from the west and also from the east. temperatures rate now in the 40's and the 50's. want to show you something that was absolutely stunning. sun went did you know at 5:15. sunset tower cam are. haze high clouds gave us this. spectacular time lapse. i know a lot of people tweeting about this sunset. hard to miss the colorful sunset it was just gorgeous. sfo camera sunset obviously replaced by some low clouds. see delay at sfo in the morning. fog areas in the morning. spotty showers north. slight chance again on sunday. so when take you a look at our fog computer animation you will see the fog spilling from the east and from the west when coming in from both direction you know what it means. reduced visibility morning commute. going to be slow moving so plan accordingly. here's cold front that is producing quite a bit of rain up in the pacific northwest. northern
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confidential getting the rape. we get the southern end of this system so we call for chance of showers for the north bay for friday. computer animation 5:00 a.m. lacking at fog. spotty late rain at 9:00 o'clock not much for the afternoon hours but if you work or live in the north bay have umbrella for friday. saturday cloud cover then long range forecast another disturbance on sunday may produce few sprinkle in the north bay again but beyond that, north bay again but beyond that, well, i don't think it's looking very good. dry pattern resumes right on through sunday january 25th. as we look at the morning low not as cold as this morning because of the cloud cover and fog around temperatures will be mainly in the 40's when you get going but still jacket or sweater come in handy. hazy sky tomorrow. temperatures mid 50's to mid 60's. see a little heavier cloud cover to the north where you have the best chance of seeing some light showers f.we get anything it's going to be less than a tenth of an inch.
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accu-weather 7 difficult forecast spare the air alert for friday chance of few showers there. and then we good with dry one for saturday. slight chance of few sprinkles on sunday. martin luther king jr. day is actually mild to low mid 60's dry and we keep that dry going through thursday as we close-out january long-term model are still lacking at a very dry forecast beyond the 2 opportunities for few showers here. so i'm still banking on february. hopefully not fake drop larry. >> we need it. >> thank you sand why. >> all right. let's talk about the new map at the top of the forty-niner. a lot of scrutiny under right away. >> new jim. >> the new jim. >> that's right. this is day one for jim tom on the big stage. 49ers new head coach we know he can handle the d license but can he fill
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>> good evening. winning games is important than winning news conference that's the good news for the 49ers. introduced new head coach today. this did not feel like a big coronation. it was more like interrogation. seated between owner york and gm trent. he seemed hesitant to say much of anything. like he was afraid he was going to reveal some company secret. get in trouble. tom has been the niners defensive line coach for 8 seasons. he's not using to doing interview and dealing with the immediate y.i get that part of it but this is a long hour. on the positive side niner players generally seem to like or love this guy. passionate energy and tom wants to good back to running the football. >> i'm a big fan of running.
11:26 pm
however that need to get done really we all talk about the vertical pass but it is pretty when you see 2 gays get together, going off the ball and knock a guy back into the gap. looking for the work ethic looking for the leadership and very confident that what he brings to the table will gallivanize the football team. >> this is a long process to figure out last couple week who is the right man to lead us. i think we made the rate choice. >> i'm very comfortable in not normal. i didn't say i was not normal. >>reporter: that was good part there. funny. raiders hold their own news conference tomorrow. officially announce the hiring of jack del rio he spent last 3 years as broncos defensive coordinator. hogan not entering the nfl draft. coming become to the cardinals for fifth final year. struggled much of the past
11:27 pm
season but finished up very strong in the last 3 games. shark home for awhile
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>> shark open a 7 game home stand tonight against the if maple leaf shut out in the last 2 games. sharks won't be on the road again until february fourth. injury plagued kennedy 15th game fourth of the season. 1 nothing team teal 11 seconds litter. marlo puts it on net. he helps direct it in. he push the goalie pad so marlo gets credit to the goal. first in 16 games. raise your stick everybody. that's the game winner. final 3. st. mary's a raucous crowd. calm
11:31 pm
down ladies. first half aaron feeding brad waldo high off the glass. at 15 in the first. finishes with 25 points. 6 rebounds and bright helps them put this away. corner 3. bottom. had he 11 points 11 assist and st. mary's win 70-58. now 6 and o in conference play. nastily doychbility exciting new time at the 49ers. a little awkward today but we will see how he does. >> jim has to get assistants in place. act together. >> that's what he's good at. >> exactly. not in front of the lights. >> 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook all the mobile
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>> we are out of time we appreciate your ti >> jimmy: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, johnny depp. oscar nominee marion cotillard r. "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from kandace springs. with cleto and the cletos. and now, i kid you not, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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