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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good friday morning everyone. that weres for joining us. the world is a happy are place. leyla gulen is here with traffic and meteorologist mike nicco is starting out with the weather. >> a "spare the air" day, number 19. the fog is out there also a quarter-mile in concord and in fairfield but no advisories. we do not expect it to be widespread. the sutro tower is more hazy than anything else. the next 12 hours milder at 39 to 50 at 7:00 and in the upper 50's to low 60's for the better part of today with mostly cloudy conditions and a stray sure is possible cross the north bay. leyla gulen is looking at
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traffic. is it friday light? so far. we have one accident in mountain view but our eyes are kept open for the possible bart protests. if you normally take bart have a contingency plan in place and southbound direction on 101 is moving well. at the golden gate bridge it is empty. speaking of the protests this morning it could delay your commute on bart. protesters are pushing to get charges dropped against 14 colleagues arrested in a demonstration in november. they have other demands, as well and our reporter is at the machine democrat street location. >> some commuters have made alternate plans. here is the last bart profit the day after thanksgiving. 14 people were arrested for chaining themselves together from the platform to the train and stepping bart service.
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today, activists are calling for the charges to be dropped against those 14 people. the group today wants to disband bart police and they want low-income people to get bart stations. the goal is to shut it down. as long as it remains "business as usual," to gun down black people, this will be no business as urge for anyone anywhere. they telling participants to bring metal spoons to the protests and they are not saying why. they are saying people will find out when they get here. it is scheduled for 7-9:00 this morning at the montgomery bart station in san francisco. a man is in critical condition this morning after he was shot by a police officer in richmond. it happened yesterday afternoon near 20th. the suspect pulled a gun when the officer approached. you can see a semi-automatic hand gun on the gun under his
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car and video from sky 7 shows the officer was on paw roll and he approached the man. >> the officer approached the suspect and the suspect pulled a firearm. the officer shot the suspect. the suspect was taken to a local trauma center. >> police say the suspect had a sand wish bag full of methamphetamine and other bags full of marijuana. the officer was not injured. >> police are investigating a fatal shooting involving one of their officers, officers were spending to a disturbance before 8:00 yesterday morning and they say 36-year-old man charged them with a knife. police opened fire. the department was hit multiple times and died at the scene. >> a fire station closed for three years because of budget problems will re-open. station 11 in clayton will re-open at 8:00 a.m. with 24 hour staffing and officials say a $9.6 million federal grant helped the district and
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firefighters to the staff. a small re-opening ceremony will be held tomorrow morning and a public commemoration ceremony will be held on january 31. the theft of an aerial drone owned by the san francisco park departments revealed the city has a bigger fleet now grounded. nick is in the city with details. good morning, a drone or unmanned aerial system worth thousands was stolen from san francisco park district but it is not their only aerial system. they have anyone: this is a similar drone-type aerial system from votes we have before and this is how it all came to light. someone mashed a window of an employees personal car at the department offices and this picture is part of the police report. the equipment is worth about $3,000. the park department says the program was overbefore it started but some we specific with were not worried of the theft but want to know why the
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department was spend money on drones. >> checking the tree tops and conditions of roof. we manager 4,000 acres of line and the idea was to test it to see if this is something that can be utilized to improve efficiency and delivery of services. >> the government loves to wake in 61 they like their new toys. they wasted a lot money on new toys. the police report stolen includes such as a gopro camera. there was only one conversation for the park department and they waited if policy and guidelines. cops are looking for the drone itself with the stolen equipment according to the park distribute will not be replaced. bill cosby will perform in front of a sold out house on
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sunday marking the first northern california show since facing a series of sexual assault allegations. in colorado protesters will rally outside the show tonight and police will have extra officers on hand despite financial problems for the cash-strapped city. cosby will take the act to denver tomorrow before coming to northern california and central california. the allegations date back more than 40 years. chris brown is in usual trouble for an appearance at a night club thattened in gunfire. a judge has revoked his probation because he left los angeles county without getting permission. we the probation is for his attack on ex-girlfriend ryan in 2009 and the attorney said he didn't know he needed permission. five were wounded in the shootings and the club will not be allowed to host shows or serve alcohol for 60 days starting today. there are plans to implode
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candlestick park with building and construction trade counsel against the idea. maps are "fizzling," and residents prefer demolition because of the health effects from the dust. a housing complex is expected to replace the site of the 54-year-old stadium. >> mike? live doppler hd in sonoma the northern most part of sea ranch along highway one 128 and 101 headed to cloverdale, with light rain this morning. temperatures is 38 in petaluma and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 40's until american canyon at 40 degrees so enjoy the mild temperatures as you head out. lafayette and san ramon are the cool spots and 42 degrees and brentwood is 45 and 43 in cupertino and 45 in newark and san jose and headed to alameda 48 and can carlos is friction. 45 at half moon bay. from sutro tower this morning
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you can see it is hazy more than foggy in downtown san francisco. today is "spare the air" everywhere inland temperatures are coolest at 2357 to 61 and the coast is 65 and around the bay, 59 to 62 where it will be mostly cloudy with the stray shower possible across the north bay. we have another chance on sunday and otherwise a lot clouds and sunshine and low-to-mid 60's through the holiday weekend. >> we think the fog has made it to the richmond-san rafael bridge and there could be haze but mostly it is clear and the road is clear as you make it to the toll plaza across the water and it will take you five minutes. we have aing for advisory for the benicia bridge coming in from benicia toward martinez use the low beams and drive on the slower side. trafficking weather and traffic together the whole area is an indication where the fog is affecting the commute. you could find some delays there as you try and make it both in the northbound and southbound direction. as we take it back to mountain
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view we have a crash that cleared an overturned vehicle blocking one lane with all lanes re-opened. major airline finds out how expensive it is to violate the rights of passengers. america's money report is next. a firefight as belgium authorities go after a suspected terror cell. we are to washington with what authorities say the group was planning. we have a picture of the bay bridge and not so muching for this morning but, still, a "spare the air" day. stay on top of weather and traffic by keeping tabs on the screen through female announcer: during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set.
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go to to find out how. >> covering novato sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 5:12. a look at the golden gate bridge and the new barrier has been installed and will prevent head-on collisions. so for, leyla gulen is keeping track of the traffic with more ahead. belgium police killed two suspected terrorists overnight and officials believe an attack was imminent. more than two dozen other terror suspects have been arrested crass europe. our reporter joins us from washington dc, with the latest. yes kristen, there are growing fears across europe and the united states this could be just the beginning of a new wave of terror.
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the crackle of gunfire and the flash of planes marked the moment of the deadly terror shake down. authorities interrupting what they say was about to be another major european attack, this time in belgium. >> this are on, police have increased security around brussels, less than two hours from paris where the french are still on high alert after attacks left 17 dead last week. the latest plot unfolded in the small town if billion judgment on thursday. police tried to serve warrants to terror suspects would returned from syria. >> certain suspects immediately opened fire with automatic weapons. >> it left two were it is dead and a third arrested. that assault was one of ten antiterrorrations while they were preparing to carry out major and imminent attacks. >> two have been arrested in france. thissation was meant to
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dismantle a cell not only the terrorist cell but, also, a terrorist network. >> officials say this country is now another breeding ground for jihadists as more than 350 young men from here have left the fight with terror groups in syria. now some are. coming home. >> european hers say the consequences stretch far and wide. >> it looks like yet another indication of the huge risk we face from islamic extremist terror in europe. prime minister cameron is meeting with rebound at the white house later today and counterterrorism is on the agenda. thank you 5:14. if the supreme court is going to put the mark on the gay marriage debate this session the justices will have to act fast. they have a closed door meeting scheduled for today if they decide today to hear the cases or with oral arguments in april.
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if they do not make the decision the cases could be pushed back to the term that begins in october the lower courts have struck down gay marriage bans an the country and the security will have the ultimate say over whether those decisions were right or wrong. >> southwest airlines is getting slapped with a record fine. >> here is the america's money report. good morning topping america's money the largest fine ever for an airline tarmac delay. southwest has been slapped with a record 1.6 million fine. the delays happened at chicago made way last year and southwest says it was short staffed. >> target is closing 133 stores in canada in two years after expanding there with 189,000 workers losing jobs. >> the legal marijuana industry is new struggling in washington state because there is too much weed. a big harvest has flooded the market and prices that were through the roof have tom --
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tumbled. >> the most shared super bowl ad ever is this classic, from 2011 so it is a big deal to see how many "share," your commercial. have a great day. we have martin luther king long week coming up for a lot of folks and some are planning ski trips. how is lake tahoe? >> not too good. not so bad as last year. no snow. maybe a light shower but that is it. it will not accumulate. we will talk about the rain around cloverdale and widening out the picture on live doppler hd and you can see how it is moving east more than it is traditionally to the southeast like most of our winter storms and that is why only the northwest bay has a chance of a stray light shower. east bay hills shows you there is an inversion with cold air under warm air that trends to trap the pollution and the moisture but notice, the tule fog could not make it as far east because the winds of blowing on shore and there is fog along the coast that may
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blow in so you could get it from both sides. "spare the air" day with wood burning ban and stray shower north today and sunday and the rest of us have more clouds than sunshine and mild temperatures and we will stay in the low-to-mid 60's the further south you are and the more likely you will be in the mid-60's because you will see more sunshine. inland east bay the north bay because of the fog although it will not be super thick it is going to slow the sunshine down and keep you in the upper 50's to low 60's. tonight, another mild tonight and looking forward to getting my gas bill because it will be smaller than normal. the water bill? it could be larger. you by have to start watering again. the plants have been getting stressed because we have not had rain since christmas eve. the cold front is bringing showers to the north bay. it will pass over as we head through the day. you can see it falling apart by noon into the evening. maybe another stray shower. mostly though, it will be dry.
5:18 am
i would not take an umbrella with you. saturday morning we wake up to clouds and we will have some sun inside the clouds and throughout the day and overnight the next cold front is coming through in the north bay waking up to sprinkles, possibly some light showers as we head through sunday into the usually afternoon and by sunday night, it is gone. we do have a light chance of slowing poor air quality up here in the north bay today so we are all under a "spare the air" day but it should not happen this weekend. the seven-day forecast headed to monday we will see more sunshine, low-to-mid 60's and more sunshine next week and temperatures are possibly a couple of degrees warmer with no chance of rain. starting if san jose 280 as 17 traffic northbound headed interest cupertino will be light at this hour and we do have traffic starting to build and mike said there is fog over the altamont pass. coming in from tracy to livermore at 39 miles per hour is the top speed with brake lights flashing and the headlight at vasco and when you
5:19 am
pass it everything is wide open and clear headed interest dublin. drive time traffic southbound 680 from walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes and we southbound to san francisco is 50 minutes and through the santa cruz mountains away from highway one to los gatos a 22-minute different. looking ahead tonight we do have a closure westbound 80 the fremont street off-ramp is going to be shut down starting at 11:59 until morning morning at 4:00 a.m. for an installation or take down of a sign. use harrison street. straight ahead, seven things it know as you start director day the. >> with the latest numbers and home sales and home prices in the bay area. >> man brought you group on is bringing tours of san francisco with an app. keep on top of weather and traffic through the commercial breaks with abc7 news new.
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take one a day multivitamins. >> on this friday morning a look at san francisco ands' the haze that mike was talking about. elsewhere, it and full-fledged fog. we will hear from mike on that. >> a friday tongue twister. here are seven things to know before you go. bart riders fining other ways to get where they need did go this morning or just prepare for a delay on bart ahead of a major protest plans for montgomery street station at 7:00 a.m. protesters want charged dropped against 14 people who chain themselves to bart trains in november. they will have other reasons. >> we are tracking track and it is friday light with cash-paying lanes building as the bay bridge toll plaza and you get to the other side, tonight fremont street exit is going to be shut
5:23 am
down starting at 11:59 until tomorrow morning at hurricane a.m. >> check out live doppler hd, the thicker fog is in the inland east bay areas as we talked about and the rain now is getting close to the north bay. i will have a timetable on how much to expect with the two whats through the weekend. few people knew san francisco's recreation and parks d had a threat of zones -- drones until one was snatched from a car. the drones would be used to check out trees and buildings across the park system. secretary of state john kerry met with freeway president hollande in paris to show support for the deadly terror attack and visited the memorial outside the offices of "charlie hebdo" where two gunmen killed 12 people. >> you may have heard the flu vaccine is ineffective but not in much. the centers for disease control warns the vaccine offers less protection than first thought
5:24 am
only 23 percent effective again the flu. the raiders hold a snuck at 1:00 o'clock p.m. to introduce jack del rio as the new head coach announcing the hiring yesterday. the 51-year-old spent three years as a broncos defensive accord nature and grew up as raiders fan in hayward. it is a home coming. >> real estate is picking up steam despite a relatively small number of homes on the market sales for december much more than 14 percent higher than the previous area. prices are way up, too. the median price in marin county was $915,000. san francisco prices are up 17 percent. santa clara prices are up by double digits according to the information service. the government of next coe has issued birth certificates in the united states to make it easier for mexican born ingrants to get driver's licenses and
5:25 am
work permits and other services in the united states. mexican birth certificates have only been issued in mexico. more than 113,000 undocumented immigrants have applied for california driver listens since the first of the year. >> the founder of groupon is hoping you will embrace "detour ," with offering sidewalk tours around san francisco with ought yes tours fair rated biological figures telling you like the bells at the ferry playing and chinatown is where the first american flag was put up in san francisco. there are seven tours at $4.989 each. >> a man survived a head-on crash with a tire and it is all caught on video. the man was driving on a highway near toronto with his camera rolling and a tire broke off and
5:26 am
came right at him. it smashed the windshield and broke the sunroof. the hand was not injured. he said it happened so quickly he ducked. >> something just like that happened to me with a surfboard and went right over the top of my car. not video you want to see. >> i was lucky. >> we have a full 90 minutes of news including a popular tennis coast and you can help the family after a brutal beating. a look from our camera high definition pictures of san francisco and this is our way of keeping you up to date on female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. but sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday. through sunday choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models including the new tempur-choice, with head-to-toe customization.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you want it ♪ ♪ go out and get it ♪ live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, on this
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friday, january 16 at 5:28. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. right to the weather. mike? >> live doppler hd shows rain across the north bay near calistoga with fog. it is thick in the east bay. especially around concord at quarter-mile visibility. the day planner today is in the upper 50's to mid-60's with mostly cloudy conditions and stray shower possible across the north bay. on the roads? >> not too far north of there we have a fog advisory issued by c.h.p. for benicia. the san mateo bridge shows traffic building headed out of hayward so cross the water to the peninsula it will take you ten minutes. san jose and 101 and 880, traffic is unking smoothly. we will talk about bart riders can expect possible delays and disruption because of a planned roast this morning that has been gaining momentum. the focus of the demonstration ranges from bart fares to police
5:30 am
brutality. amy hollyfield is at the station in san francisco. bart officials are warning commuters to plan around this or to expect delays. this is what it looked like the last time there was a protest at a bart station. protesters are calling for act visits to shut it down much like they did back in november on black friday. police arrested 14 people during that demonstration and today they are calling for those charges to be dropped. organizers of the profit say they want to shut bart down and they want today to be anything but business as usual. some are sympathetic the. >> we have to do things that make a difference. the only time you can do that is to come here and affect everyone so we can make everyone aware of what is going on. the profit is organized by the anti-police terror project another of the demands today,
5:31 am
is the bart police department be disbanded. organizers are telling activists to bring metal spoons but are not saying why. they will be here from 7:00 to 9:00 this morning at the montgomery bart station. thank you. organizers of the demonstration question facebook stand on free speech after the bart protests page was taken down. later it was restored. facebook says the page was removed until the group administrator did the necessary stepped to verifier their account. bart officials did not ask facebook to remove the page. 450 people have posted they will be attending the event. >> investigators believe a person may have deliberately started a fire between two buildings in vallejo. the fire broke out bean an abandoned commercial building and an old victorian on georgia with the flames spreading into the home and vallejo firefighters called if backup and received help from as far
5:32 am
away as fairfield. the red cross now is helping the family who lived in the damaged home. >> the theft of a drone own by the city of san francisco is bringing to light an entire fleet of high-tech gadgets with the recreation and park departments purchasing drones as part of a test program in the fall. officials wanted to see if the cameras would be effective checking trees and roof continues. some citizens call it a waste of money. our reporter will have more on the story at the top of the hour. >> friends and family of a popular tennis coach are learning how fragile life can be. a memorial service was held for oleg talamai a man who died after street fight outside a palo alto bar. he passed away on friday after being punched in the head during an argument last month. police arrested two men after the attack. oleg talamai emigrated from belarus in 2012 and the most popular tennis coaches at the we tennis academy in palo alto.
5:33 am
>> he was uppete and one of the hardest workers i have met. he brought such a positive energy to work. >> one of the best people in the world. >> he never gave up when i messed up. >> oleg talamai's friends set up a page be buried by his father in bell show. >> cornell has been plotting to set off bombs in the united states capitol and shooting government officials running out of the building. the arrest came after he posted messages expressing support forback wrack and -- for al qaeda and isis. france's public prosecutor said 12 people have been detained for questioning over the deadly attacks. secretary of state john kerry met with french president
5:34 am
hollande in paris expressing america's solidarity. john kerry participated in a wreath laying at one of the two sites attacked and visit the memorial outside the offices of "charlie hebdo" are two gunmen killed 12 people. yemen's al qaeda branch claimed responsibility. >> we have new details on the car crash at east bay macy's that sent half a dozen people to the hospital. 19-year-old we woman was run over by a car that careened into the front of the store in newark on wednesday afternoon. both her feet are now broken. doctors say the boots she was wearing may have saved her foot from being severed. >> the police officer said did you see your feet and i had uggs on and all the uggs were torn off. >> she said she was more concerned of her friend we was dragged under the car who also survived. officials believe the 63-year-old driver may have had a "medical condition." the deadline for napa
5:35 am
earthquake victims to apply for relief has been extended. the napa valley community foundation extended the election deadline to march 31. the fund provides grants to repair structural damage to homes and physical and economic losses to small businesses from the earthquake that hit napa in august. the foundation has increased the maximum grant for hole owners to $20,000 and to $25,000 for small businesses. >> this afternoon, students and faculty from city college of san francisco hold a rally and march to protest the closing of the civic center campus. officials announced classes canceled because the campus needs seismic retrofitting and others say the city college lacks a democratically elected board to oversee decisions. the rally begins at the campus at 12:30 followed by a march. >> care ill the miracle highway for the second time in two days a philipine was born on the side of highway 24 in contra costa
5:36 am
county. >> a black toyota camry on the shoulder a 35-year-old female delivered a child. >> that birth happened yesterday afternoon in check correct near the memorial interchange and dad helped deliver the healthy baby boy and on wednesday, a woman gave birth on highway 24 with her long time partner delivering their baby. moms and babies are doing well this morning. >> significant others pick another route to get to the hospital because the babies are been on 24. if you have 680 you will make the hospital. >> mike has the forecast. live doppler hd shows all the way down to fort process -- ross looking good.
5:37 am
mt. diablo is in the 50's. and the financial district in milpitas, mid-to-upper 40's everywhere else. temperatures running about 3-8 degrees waller than yesterday. i window to show you walnut creek again because we did not get much to talk about visibility is improving as we look south along 680 and not she foggy as it was yesterday. headed into the afternoon: showers are possible inland and the cost upper 50's to low 60's with clouds around the bay and low-to-mid 60's with today a "spare the air" but through the weekend we do future have more "spare the air" days with home 60's and a chance of a stray hour on sunday. >> i have to say as the bay bridge toll plaza is any indication of what our friday commute is like maybe people are taking this as a land to using bart. we are anticipating a possible protest that could hamper the commute.
5:38 am
right now, it looks like traffic is heavy coming in from the maze the metering lights are not turned on but expect delays. expect delays here traveling into treatment southbound 680 counsel the sunol grade a new accident with a couple of vehicles blocking the lanes and we starting to see delays as you head away from highway 84 continuing in the southbound direction iters clear. next a cash-strapped hospital towns away ambulances and patients at surrounding medical centers are feeling the pain. >> the second chance braking in the east bay a former san quentin inmade pays it forward after paying his debt to society. >> a look at san francisco international airport where things are waking up to friday. female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models.
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hey. okay. -these'll do.? -yeah. [ male announcer ] wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place. ♪ is folgers in your cup ♪ covering fremont, palo alto, north bay by bay. a look at the golden gate bridge with headlights headed into san francisco with the concrete barrier looking fine and we will check with meteorologist mike nicco and leyla gulen in a moment. patients at the east bay hospitals are waiting longer for care because the emergency rooms
5:42 am
are jack pammed for those would have been turned away in one area who are brought by ambulance. a group reports that waits have increased at kaiser permanente in richmond and ambulance crews sometimes take patients as far away as martinez or berkeley for treatment. >> an east bay coffee roastry is giving convicts a second chance. he talks openly about a disfinance am child hood that led to drugs high speed chases and illegal gun possession. he also is hiring other ex office fenders would have had a hard time getting a job. >> i am not afraid to share my story because that is not -- my
5:43 am
past doesn't define who i am today. >> if you look like you have been in prison and it makes it worst. >> like the face tattoo? >> exactly. they call them job stoppers for a reason. >> some of his profits support rehab programs and job training for form inmates re-entering society. >> the raids hold a news conference to introduce their new head coach. yesterday they announced the hiring of this man jack del rio, and he superpower the last three years as the broncos defensive coordinator. before that he was head coach of the jacksonville jaguars. the 51-year-old was born if castro valley and grew up in hayward as a raiders fan. >> jim tomsula was introduced as the 19th head coach in 49er history and the contract is for four years but terms have not been disclosed. thomas what was promoted after spending eight seasons as the 49ers defensive line coach and will now work on filling out the coaching staff with two assistances joining from the
5:44 am
harbaugh stuff, running back coach and quarterback coach. the to hen who became the first to free climb the vertical wallet at el capitan in yosemite national park hope their achievement will inspire others. >> that is the champagne celebration after stand rose native jorgeson and tommy caldwell of colorado finished the historic climb on wednesday. they began the trip in late december and relied on hands, feet strength and endurance to make it up the 3,000' cliff. for jorgeson the experience remains totally surreal. >> for me when you great britain the last hold you could feel all of the hopes and desires and stress drip off of you and handing there in silence and relief and joy, just the coolest feeling. >> jorgeson said the climb should illustrate the value of
5:45 am
teamwork and teach people not to give up on their dreams. >> i agree. all about teamwork. it is important. congratulations to those gays. now, mike will give us the forecast. if your dry is to work with us dream, dream dream, absolutely. >> we have been in the dreamy and hazy state with all of the fog. >> and commute this morning it is foggy. and hazy. we foggy and hazy. the cold of the temperature on left side of the screen early december on the right side of the screen is late march and notice we are in the cooler colors and the arrow points to december 26 through december 31 and on average that is when we have our cold of the days in the
5:46 am
bay area the enjoy what is going on as far as rain. you can see it is help creeping right here where live doppler hd is staying in mendocino and lake county and a stray shower once for a while could dip down as far south as petaluma and head over to napa so sprinkles and maybe a light shower is possible. from the roof camera you can see much better visibility this morning as we talked about yesterday and we will use this as the backdrop to talk about today being a "spare the air" da so as you head home, you want do watch a movie and have a fire have gas logs. stray shower is possible through the north today and through sunday most of the weekend though, is mostly cloudy and mild and watching the storm 11-12 some days out for the next chance of rain and many of us will go down in john as the dry of the ever with no measurable rain. 59 in antioch and low-to-mid 60's everywhere and the clouds will keep the temperatures in
5:47 am
the rain evaporating keeping the temperatures down in the north bay and increasing sunshine, low-to-mid 60 from the san mateo bridge south into the upon tray bay. tonight the clouds are keeping us up again mid-40's to around 50 degrees headed out for a morning jog tomorrow, you do not have to dress so warmly. >> the jet stream is pushing 170 miles per hour that is where the energy will stay so we will have clouds and sunshine through the weekend and low-to-mid 60's and more sunshine possibly on monday but next week, more sunshine and more widespread mid-sick. have a good weekend. >> the metering lights were turned on so a few minutes ago that is why we see a huge buildup of traffic and as far as mass transit is concerned we are anticipating a possible rest at 7:00 a.m. so possibly some folks are using con tipping. plans to get to work.
5:48 am
i want to remind you because we have martin luther king jr. holiday on monday, bart is going to be running a saturday schedule starting at 6:00 a.m. there will be long trains running all day and there will be additional trains ated to the red line for nottists and the richmond to daly city line and daly city to richmond. transit running on time and ace train one and three also are run on time this morning. if fremont southbound side of 680 at vargas road a two car crash blocking a middle lane and the traffic was builting early and it has dissipateed. starting today, american companies can now export some technologies to cubans including cell phone and tvs and computers and it is easier for most americans to travel to cuba with many americans with family or business in country will no longer have to apply for a special license to travel to cuba the american also be able to use credit and citizen bit cards, and limits on bringing
5:49 am
goods there and out of cuba still are in place but you can bring some, for example cuban cigars. america is seeing more twins born than ever before. we tell you why. >> pets gone wild, a second surprise in a week for police in southern california. >> using snail mail could be more expensive soon with the rice hike being considered by the post office. you can keep tabs on weather and traffic through the entire commercial break with abc7 news and this is the embarcadero, san francisco, traffic is light. not at
5:50 am
5:51 am
>> the widow of a fall ensacramento sheriff deputy will
5:52 am
be if the audience for president obama's state of the union address. she lost her husband in october. oliver died after being shot in a me tell parking lot. the prosecution says the suspect was in the united states illegally. the suspect also faces charges in the murder of a deputy killed on same day as oliver. happening today the oakland police department is taking part in the 9th annual battle of the badges by sponsoring a community blood drive a competition between law enforcement and fire agencies across the when part of the united states to determine which agency can donate the most blood. the drive is from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. in the lobby area of the police administration building on 7th street. an interesting story of an alligator that was seized if a suburban los angeles home. >> it was a smaller alligator but it was this when a notice of eviction was laid out. you can see the 2.5 alligator
5:53 am
there. that is not cool. especially for the neighbors. >> home was impounded and the alligator has been taken to animal control and they are looking for the owner but imagine coming up on that. >> sometimes we say you go ahead and read the next story this is like, one animal control officer saying, you go ahead and take that alligator in. you go ahead and feed it. mikes what the forecast. some people are seeing shoes or purses but...ouch! reservoir blue is how much we have. yellow is the capacity. red is where the average is. you can see we are half capacity. half average. quarter of capacity. rain north of interstate 80 today with temperatures in low-to-mid 60's physical southern california and upper
5:54 am
50's to mid-60's and at lake tahoe a chance a light shower and temperatures are in the 50's with clouds and sun. we will have the toyota lake tahoe report later but no chains are required. at home, walnut creek shows the fog starting to dissipate and we can actually use this camera, i have used it all week because it has been unungated with fog southbound 680 is moving along well and fairly light. we have a new citizen though if san francisco and this is eastbound 80 at harrison secret before you get to the lower deck involving a taxi with one lane blocked and possible injuries involved. we have some construction that will shut down the fremont exit. more on that in a few members. the archbishop of san francisco is elated pope francis plans to make a local priest a saint who founded 21 misses in california, six right here in the bay area including a mission in san francisco. he is often referred to as the
5:55 am
father of the anythings a title which came with controversy as he converted native americans into christians. the vatican said the father was considered holy and the pope waved the rules that require a second miracle for sainthood. >> get ready to pay more to mail letters and postcards with the post afghanistan wanting to raise rates in april. >> price of first-class forever stamp would were at 49 corners good for letters under once otherwise but anything other an ounce goes up. rates would increase by a penny to 34 cents cents and mailing a letter goes up to $1.20 from $1.15. it must be approached. >> officials have confirmed 13 new cases of measles are linked to an outbreak at disney in anaheim. the total none now of measle cases is at 39. 35 of the patients live in
5:56 am
california. most of them contracted measles after visiting disney between the 15th of december and december 20th. disney is our parent company. >> american women are having twins at a higher rate than ever before that officials chocks up to them waiting to have children. the centers for disease control says more women are using fertility treatments to get pregnant and the rate of twin births was 33.7 for every any deliveries a new national high. the number of triplets has gone down likely because of science of those fertility treatments being perfected. a missouri hop has more than its fair share of twins of identical babies. the ward at st. luke's is caring for six sets of twins right if you. the twin babies are from different mothers are doing well. officials say the citying of their arrivals is a coincidence
5:57 am
of the no one has had fertility treatments. some are calling them the dirty diaper dozen, double the diapers, double the love and happiness. they would be from different women, of course. a tool to help police do crowd control and what two farms are looking at to keep the peace during protests. >> ending obesity, a device that could be a game changer in the quest to control weight. >> a look outside at abc7 news now the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on so that is why this is happening.
5:58 am
female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. don't miss sleep train's year end clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, a landed protest
6:00 am
threatens to derail the friday commute on bart. how long it could last and the message protesters are trying to send. >> a fleet of drones grounded in san francisco. what the city was using the technology for. gaping the edge on crowd control, technology two police departments want to put together to keep protests peaceful. it is friday. it is john 16th. leyla gulen is alongside meteorologist mike nicco with a look at the forecast. >> for all of us, "spare the air", and that covers all of us. live doppler hd shows where the fog is affecting the rest of the us live doppler hd shows the fog is affecting concord. >> okay. thanks mike. we will look at the roads and how it is affected. we have c.h.p. issued fog advisory from benicia or vallejo, use the


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