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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 16, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking news, terror crackdown. major operations across europe overnight, dozens arrested. police in a fierce gun battle with extremists, shots ringing out and explosions rock one neighborhood and the fear now about more plots under way. also breaking this morning, urgent manhunt. police in florida searching for two heavily armed men suspected in a deadly robbery spree. people told to stay inside their homes. more than 100 officers going door to door. the very latest coming up. dash cam drama. take a look at this. a tire flies down the highway and crashes through the windshield in an instant, the sunroof shatters. how did the driver survive? please welcome your host for the evening, from the upcoming movie, "magic mike xxl," michael strahan.
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♪ >> and magic michael. our own michael strahan, tearing it up as host of the critics' choice movie awards from selfies with the stars to shocking costume changes, taking us behind the scenes of that blockbuster bash. >> i'm giving you backstage exclusive access. ♪ feeling in my soul ♪ and good morning, america. boy, whenever you think michael strahan showed you all the game he's got, he takes it to another level. >> he's always all in. he's all in. >> he's committed. >> oh, wow. >> he's going to share more with us a little bit -- and to do that in front of the a-list stars but michael did that. of course, as always a lot of news to get to first on this friday morning beginning with those terror sweeps, dozens arrested overnight and an
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imminent attack thwarted amid growing fears across europe. one bomb threat shut down a train station and jewish schools in belgium closed till monday. that's a lot. abc's martha raddatz is reporting on all the breaking developments. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. across europe this morning, police are in an urgent hunt for suspected terrorists who may be planning new attacks or who have taken part in those already carried out. this morning, a dozen arrested in france including four women with suspected connections to the shooter in the kosher market. two others arrested in germany this morning, and in belgium, police saying an attack on police officers, anyone in uniform, was imminent as they moved in on a heavily armed compound. the gun battle was fierce, dozens of shots fired, flames filling the windows, explosions rocking the neighborhood.
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>> the suspects immediately opened fire with automatic weapons at special forces of the police. they opened fire during several minutes before being neutralized. >> reporter: in the end, two suspects lay dead, a third wounded. now in custody. >> luckily during these intervention no policeman was harmed, neither a civilian. >> reporter: this raid, one of ten across belgium targeted suspected terrorists and others returning from syria. >> during the investigation we found that this group was about to commit terrorist attacks in belgium. >> reporter: belgium is a tiny country, just 11 million people, but some 350 foreign fighters now in syria have come from belgium, the most per capita of any european nation. throughout the eu, more than 3,000 extremists have reportedly gone to fight in syria, the fear in the west, they are returning with the training and support to
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carry out an attack like the one in paris last week. george. >> okay, martha, those fears in europe matched by growing anxiety here about homegrown terror. and we have exclusive video from the fbi, a sting operation to stop a radicalized young man plotting a deadly attack on our nation's capital. abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas tracking that case, good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, george. what our friends at home are about to see are disturbing. the fbi says it's hard proof that homegrown radicals are among us. amine el khalifi was planning to use this machine gun to massacre members of congress on capitol hill. >> how many hits are in here? >> 30. it's full auto. you hold the trigger. it's going to keep firing. >> reporter: it's an fbi undercover sting of a would-be suicide bomber. >> this is one more example of the fact that this threat that we have talked about so much over the last weeks, months, years, in fact, is very real. >> reporter: khalifi, a moroccan
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national living just outside of washington, d.c., hardly seemed the terrorist type. he liked to smoke weed, loved to party, even worked as a deejay but here he is buying nails at a home depot, shrapnel for his suicide bomb vest. >> i got thick ones, not thin ones. >> don't be nervous, man. come on! >> reporter: khalifi was angry. he believed america's war on terror was a war on islam. the fbi, after receiving a tip from an associate moved in, posing as al qaeda. critics would say it's entrapment. >> at the end of the day, all we can say is watch that. >> i'm going to go inside like a real place, maybe the capitol. i'm done. my work is done in this life. >> reporter: the fbi records his every move even as he pulls into a rock quarry where he would test the bomb. watch as the fbi undercover gives khalifi a cell phone rigged to detonate explosives planted outside the car.
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>> i want you to place the call, so you can see how it works. okay, now hit send. >> reporter: the bomb detonates. >> brother, this is not strong enough, man. >> reporter: khalifi wanted a bigger bomb. on a february morning in 2012 he was arrested only two blocks from the u.s. capitol trying to put on what he thought was a suicide vest. >> chilling video. all right, pierre, thank you. now to that urgent manhunt in florida, police searching for those armed men suspected in a deadly robbery spree near tampa. residents there warned to stay inside overnight. abc's matt gutman joins us with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. just moments ago, we watched as heavily armed s.w.a.t. teams managed to take in the last two suspects. police said they were armed and dangerous and apparently willing to commit violence. they're suspected of murdering two people in their homes overnight.
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>>. >> we need these folks in custody. sooner rather than later. we know they're extremely dangerous. we know they have not only the proclivity to rob stars and create pure fear to create pure terror. >> reporter: this spasm of violence began late thursday when four suspects allegedly robbing this pawnshop. one of them was immediately caught. another one forcing his way into a home. witnesses telling authorities. >> at that time i hear one of my neighbors, screaming, no no! and she said i knew whatever was bad that was happening was happening in that house. and she ran and dialed 911.
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>> reporter: a mother and a daughter had been killed. police had surrounded the house. >> just shortly afterward is when the car burst out of the garage. >> reporter: the suspect driving the car through the garage door. the man was arrested. a stern warning to the suspects. >> if they pull guns at us make no mistake about it we will shoot them a lot. >> reporter: obviously that whole community breatheing a huge sigh of relief this morning. >> thank you. a new flu alert. the cdc warning this year's vaccine is even less effective than we thought. take a look at this map. 26 states now reporting high levels of the virus. we've got abc's chief medical editor dr. richard besser. it turns out it's effective in only one out of four cases. in some groups less. >> take a look at this. overall 23% but look by age range.
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for those under the age of 18, 26% protected. for adults 18 to 49, 12% protected, and 50 above 14% effective and includes the elderly at the greatest risk of severe flu. >> at the greatest risk. why is it so ineffective? >> one things we talked about, they have to decide what goes in the vaccine back in february and the virus has been mutating since then so that it's no longer covered. this is the worst protection we have seen since 2005 and less than half the protection we got from the vaccine last year. >> but even though it's not as effective as anyone hoped, still recommend getting the shot? >> you know, even with these low levels it's going to save many, many lives. one things we often see with flu, after this first wave of flu another strain comes through, and the vaccine protects against four different strains and maybe it will be more protective against those other strains. >> no harm in taking the vaccine. >> exactly. >> okay, rich besser, thanks very much. to dan harris. you'll be taking people's questions all morning on twitter. >> i will. >> but now to dan harris in for amy today with the news. >> good morning, good morning, everybody.
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we'll start with new details about the terrifying moments inside a subway tunnel in washington, d.c., this week. the first lawsuit in connection with that commuter nightmare is being filed today. a new report says it took at least 35 minutes for people trapped in the smoke-filled subway tunnel to be rescued after an electrical malfunction and it was more than an hour before a woman who ultimately died in the chaos was transported to the hospital. one victim who survived says he even started writing good-bye notes to his family. an urgent warning this morning from scientists about the health of the world's oceans. researchers say we are facing a mass extinction. they say humans are destroying the oceans with everything from carbon emissions to fish farms to container shipping and a separate study finds sea levels are now rising much faster than we thought. however, experts say, it is not too late for the oceans to bounce back if we humans change our habits. overnight, oklahoma executed its first death row inmate since botching a lethal injection last spring. a divided supreme court refused to block the execution of charles warner, dismissing
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concerns about the drug protocol being used. the police chief in north miami is denying reports of racial profiling after officers were found using mug shots of black suspects for target practice. now, the department admits officers may have exercised quote/unquote poor judgment only shooting at pictures of black suspects, but the department insists that in general, target practice includes multiple lineups using images of all races. and look at this new video this morning, a driver going down a highway in canada when a wheel comes flying at his windshield. he says it happened so fast all he could do was duck but tells a news agency in toronto that the tire shattered only the sunroof so he did not get hurt. some pretty good driving there. and finally, we have some breaking feline news this morning. it was not curiosity that got this cat in trouble but instead the perpetual hunt for a warm nap spot. lulu escaped from her apartment and nestled into the bumper of a
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car at which point the owners unwittingly took her for a ten-mile drive on the freeway. she was -- she survived and she was pulled out by animal control looking greasy and in my view just a little sheepish. all is well now, though. her owner gave her a bath and shined up her signature pink collar and lulu says for her next feat she's going to stowawayplane to a country that don't put pink bedazzled collars on cats. >> and this is from a cat lover. you can say this. >> my cats roam nude. it's indecent but no collars. >> they're free. >> unencumbered. >> less is more, dan. >> yes. i got that from you. thank you. >> thanks, everybody. we're going to move on to the reaction over the academy award nominations. big questions about the lack of diversity this year. the #oscarsgowhite and mara schiavocampo is here with more
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on that. good morning, mara. >> robin, good morning. some of the biggest categories lack even a single nominee of color, raising questions not just about the diversity of the award show but of the entire industry. as this year's oscar nominees were announced. >> richard linklater. michael keaton. wes anderson. >> reporter: many noticing a trend. >> julianne moore, reese witherspoon. >> reporter: the 20 lead and supporting actor nominees all white. only the second time that's happened in almost 20 years. soon social media was buzzing with people criticizing the academy for a shocking lack of diversity. the #oscarssowhite going viral. >> something you can't kind of understand. >> i'm disappointed. >> reporter: one of the most notable snubs, david oyelowo. >> give us the vote! >> reporter: widely expected to snag a best actor nod for portraying martin luther king jr. in "selma." women also largely overlooked
7:14 am
especially in the category for best director. >> kathryn bigelow. >> reporter: which hasn't seen a single female nominee since 2010 when kathryn bigelow won for "the hurt locker." noticeably not nominated this year, angelina jolie for "unbroken." >> why would i come, you're not going to win. >> and action! >> reporter: and "selma's" ava duvernay who would have been the first black woman ever considered in that category. >> this issue isn't just about oscar nominations, it's a greater issue in hollywood. there really weren't any diverse films this year. >> reporter: just last year lupita nyong'o took home oscar gold for best supporting actress. >> this has been the joy of my life. >> reporter: with "12 years a slave" winning the top honor. >> the academy is seeking out new talent, new voices, diversity. >> reporter: but many say this year's nominations show the need to get more color -- >> we've got to stop talking about it and start walking that talk.
7:15 am
>> reporter: -- on this red carpet. now, many are pointing out that hollywood has a diversity problem behind the scenes too, according to "the l.a. times" of the academy's 6,000 members, about 94% are white and 77% male and that's who's voting for these awards. >> there was talk that a lot of voters did not receive screeners but that was not the case. >> that's not the case, so paramount sent screeners late to the guilds but not to oscar voters. the only way that could have influenced them if they were looking at the guild for suggestions as to what might do well. >> all right, mara. thank you. >> that's skewed, 94% and 77%. >> big diversity issue overall. >> sure is, okay. lara, big football weekend. >> indeed, george, the biggest weekend of the nfl season. four teams playing with a trip to the super bowl at stake. so this morning, we've got the tale of the tape on their quarterbacks including the all-important stuff from endorsements to salaries to significant others. abc's paula faris is here with all of it. good morning to you, paula.
7:16 am
>> good morning, lara. so how do these guys stack up against each other on the field and on paper? well, one has a supermodel wife. another is one of the lowest paid quarterbacks in the league, but come this sunday, only one stat matters and that's winning. this weekend these four quarterbacks take center stage as they try to lead their teams to the super bowl. >> brady is now the all-time leader. >> reporter: the only thing standing in three-time super bowl winner tom brady's way, luck, andrew luck. the indianapolis colts young gun slinger was just 11 years old when brady was hoisting his first super bowl trophy. >> great role model for any quarterback at any level. >> reporter: brady has a supermodel wife and rakes in 7 million a year, not including endorsement deals like uggs, he's even got acting shots. >> boom shakalaks. >> reporter: luck, prefers his privacy. traveling to europe in the off-season so he won't be
7:17 am
recognized, shying away from endorsement deals and right now a razor, the beard is staying. >> i sit there and think of the young versus old. that's the battle i'm excited to watch. >> reporter: in the other matchup, it's the packers versus the seahawks. both aaron rodgers and russell wilson have won a super bowl but only one, rodgers, has hollywood starlet olivia munn on their arm. >> that was a heck of a drive by number 12. >> reporter: rodgers also hauls in roughly 18 million a year, about 18 times more than russell. >> it's a huge discrepancy in the salaries of these players. >> i've got this. >> reporter: and while russell has won small endorsement deals with alaskan airlines and microsoft, rodgers is a pitch man for nike and state farm. >> doesn't this hurt? >> not with those puny arms. >> reporter: four stud athletes, one goal, to get to the super bowl. so the two teams and quarterbacks left standing after sunday's games will then battle at the super bowl, the super bowl is always the first sunday in february, and then whoever wins that, of course, is, you know, going to disney world.
7:18 am
and that opens up a lot of opportunities. >> thank you, paula. and we're going to go to ginger now and, boy, i love that picture you're bringing us. >> this picture is so pretty. it might give you the wrong impression. last night, just beautiful, new york city. you can see the statue of liberty in the foreground. that sun, that orb that so few of us have seen, today relatively mild. temperatures at 2:00 p.m., 45 in d.c., 40, philadelphia. again, this is relatively mild. yesterday was a high of 36. but then tonight, if you are going out and about, along the east coast it's going to be really cold after that cold front, chilly, 16 early in new york city, tomorrow morning, 19 below for saranac lake. windchill advisories, warnings, super cold going into new hampshire, vermont and maine.
7:19 am
>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. you can see the fog not so widespread as yesterday but it is still a "spare the air" day and a stray hour is possible across the north bay today and sunday. for the rest of us clouds and mild with some sun and only chance for rain is 127 and 28th at the end of the week. mid-60's to the south. enjoy a quiet holiday >> rivers that often flood in washington state, oregon, they are prone right now for flooding because almost 6 inches by the end of the weekend. big storm. >> got to keep that in mind. all right, ginger, thank you.
7:20 am
coming up, teenage bonnie and clyde, the urgent search right now for two kids on the run and on a crime spree. also ahead, caught on camera, customers force a pizza delivery man to give back his tip. now people across the country are coming to the young man's defense. and then, "gma investigates." hidden car warranties, how we could save a billion dollars in repair costs every year. and our own magic michael, fearless michael showing off new moves as awards show host is giving us exclusive backstage access this morning. keep it here, more "gma" coming up. ♪
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philips sonicare save when you give philips sonicare this holiday season. our tent is falling... you got it? we need nails. anncr: with just five minutes' prep, campbell's oven sauces help you cook a real dinner right in the middle of real life. . good morning. breaking news here protests have broken out in both san francisco and oakland. activists have started to try and close the bart station.
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eastbound trains have been closed. they have several focuses. protesters blocking the buildings buildings entrance on clay street. >> check out the morning commute now. >> the bart delay that we're experiencing is related to the protest. but there was an equipment problem and that is causing dlaseing delays. as we head right into san francisco, a jam because of of a five-car crash involving a
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. we have some good news unless you're in the east bay. that's where all the fog is. you can see all the scattered showers across the east bay. temperatures are very mild mid
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good morning, america. right now, tracking the terror sweeps leading to dozens of arrests in europe overnight thwarting what police say was an imminent attack. police hunting for a modern-day bonnie and clyde on the run. two teens on a crime spree for nearly two weeks. workers under fire for storming a pizza delivery guy sparking a major backlash online. >> you have to see that video. happy friday. you know that michael, he's all in whatever he does. he does it big. >> taking on a new role. >> pulling out all the stops at last night's critics' choice awards and it seemed like the star s stars cracking up. >> he's got game. >> no shame in his game. >> none whatsoever.
7:31 am
we'll check in with michael coming up. but right now we begin with that intense hunt for the teenage bonnie and clyde, the kentucky pair 18 and 13 have been on a crime spree for nearly two weeks now and abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: the love-struck couple going from state to state allegedly breaking the law and sending police on an epic chase. but this morning authorities fear they're becoming dangerous. this morning, the urgent search for a modern-day bonnie and clyde. this teenage couple 18-year-old dalton hayes and 13-year-old cheyenne phillips on the run for 12 days allegedly on a multistate crime spree stealing vehicles cashing stolen checks and damaging property. dalton's mother pleading for them to come home. >> i'm worried they're not safe anymore. >> reporter: police are worried too saying the young couple is getting more brazen as they go. 13-year-old cheyenne goes missing january 4th in kentucky. as dalton posts on facebook engaged. police say the two burglarize a
7:32 am
slew of hope get chased by police and get away. then just this sunday police say the pair steals this pickup truck crashing it through a garage and fences. >> it sounded like a bomb went off but it was the door hitting the building. >> reporter: they caused so much damage to that truck, police say they leave it behind and go for another. this red pickup inside the owner's checkbook and a handgun. the teens allegedly forging and cashing those checks in kentucky, north carolina and south carolina where they're caught on camera. on thursday the truck is found outside of an abandoned home near atlanta. the gun still in the truck but no sign of the teens. this morning, a message from dalton's mother. >> you know we love you, miss you and we need you home and safe. you know we know the job done wrong but you need to step up and take the consequences of what you've done and come home. >> reporter: and right now since cheyenne is a minor, again, only 13 dalton is wanted on charges of custodial interference. police believe he lured her away
7:33 am
from her parents but everyone wants these kids back home. >> thank you very much. now to bad behavior caught on camera. workers at a car dealership in massachusetts giving a pizza delivery man a hard time and forcing him to come back and now it's sparking major backlash across the country. abc's kendis gibson has that story for us. >> reporter: it's the pizza delivery sparking a viral firestorm this morning. >> close the door before i put my foot -- >> reporter: after delivering a pizza to this car dealership watch as jerry is ordered back to the dealership where employees demand he return the $7 tip he received on a $50 bill. >> get the [ bleep ] owner and the manager on the phone. >> when i initially got paid i walked out with a smile. >> reporter: but didn't expect an on camera >> it just doesn't make sense
7:34 am
that you were just gonna have me give it back anyway. >> reporter: listen as two rip into him and threaten to get him fired. >> it was posted online. he believes to further embarrass him. but it backfired. the dealership's yelp page flooded calling tormenters arrogant rude dismissive. >> nice to know people feel so strongly something that they're willing to do something about it. >> reporter: the owner of the dealership apologizing saying he'd like to offer a cash donation to him. he also notes that the man seen belittling tanzi doesn't work for him while this lady -- >> close the door before i put my foot -- >> reporter: has been fired getting served a big slice of humble pie. for "good morning america," kendis gibson abc news new york. >> what could possibly explain any part of that. it's crazy. >> good for the owner for stepping up and taking action. >> over to dan harris in the
7:35 am
social square with "the speed feed." >> lack of diversity is trending big time on twitter. the #oscarsgowhite and has taken off. we talked about it earlier. hot on people remembering martin luther king jr. in advance of the holiday on monday. here's another thing that caught our eye this morning, the comeback kid of social media. myspace, yeah apparently it still exists in fact enjoying something of a renaissance, "the wall street journal" reports the site had more than 50 million users in november alone. so why is this happening? one theory is that throwback thursday is sending people back to myspace to find the pictures they posted way back when and when they get there they find the space has aggressively repositioned itself as a go-to place for music fans. it's filled with new videos including this star-studded video for this band and sarah silverman and andy samberg
7:36 am
singing along to name a few. this has me inspired and i will aree start my friendster account right after i get off the air. >> you do that. >> i'll see you on there, robin. i'll see you on there. >> let's get weather from ginger. what's happening in boston? >> oh he doesn't have a friendster. boston had snow. big deal because so many cityies from boston to salt lake city have been in a snow drought even though 47% of our nation covered in snow. fargo, so far this is the whole year 6.9. they're about 18.8 below average. salt lake city almost two feet below average, boston almost a foot below where they should be or at least that average number. so as cold as it's been in some spots certainly has not had the snow. new york city right there too. chicago and new york raleigh, temperature kind of in a tizzy, up down that's what's going to happen. houston is warming and that's a place that intepts over a week below 50 until yesterday. that's a big deal for them but
7:37 am
they will go well above 50 into the >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with "spare the air" day and no wood burning and a stray shower is possible across the north bay and increasing sun through the south bay and upper 50's to low 60's until the south bay at mid-60's and the seven-day forecast shows a >> all that weather brought to you by target and deal is when you're on friendster, you have to have friends. >> oh! >> whoa. thank you, the temperature just dropped in here. >> yeah. >> ginger zee. >> cold front moving through. >> she's deceiving, isn't she? >> just like you think everything is good and she just kind of stabs you. >> nothing but love. nothing but love. coming up "gma investigates" so-called hidden car warrants and how you may be able to save hundreds of dollars on some repairs. blindsided at the atm. one woman escapes after being kidnapped at the bank. what you need to know to stay
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female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. don't miss sleep train's year end clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ we're back now at 7:41 with "gma investigates" what some call hidden warrants on your car that could save you big time. the center for auto safety says consumers could save a billion in repair costs each year and you could get some for free if you know what to ask for. abc's linzie janis has the story.
7:42 am
>> reporter: while driving her preowned 2007 honor dan crv last summer she got more an a little steamed. >> there was heat blowing out of the air conditioner. >> reporter: with a broken ac and what she thought was an expired warranty she expected to pay big bucks to have it repaired. >> it would have callost me $800 more. i heard there was, in fact a problem within that year with the air conditioners. >> reporter: she asked honda about the issue and they did the repair for free. turns out greco's model had what some call a secret warranty and your car could have one too. >> a lot of people think their car's warranty is over and they're done and in many cases that's not the case. >> reporter: "consumer reports" finding what it calls hundreds of hidden warranties. car companies dispute calling the warranties secret or hidden instead calling them customer
7:43 am
satisfaction campaigns. because they say they notify the dealer and often the original owner when they discover a problem. honda says they did that but second owners like greco don't necessarily get those notices. john holmes discovering the so-called secret warranty on his preowned 2004 bmw for a fuel pump problem. saving him a whopping $8,000. >> i felt like i had won the lottery. >> reporter: both honda and bmw telling "gma investigates" they're happy the customers received the free repairs. how can you find out if yours is covered by these special warranties? first, call the dealership with the year make and model of your vehicle. ask about any potential service campaigns or customer satisfaction campaigns that cover your issue. you can also ask for any technical service bulletins on your car. it could save you a small fortune. should we test it? >> sure. >> feel that cold air coming out.
7:44 am
>> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> linzie great tips. love the word free. coming up everybody, how hands-on should you be in raising your kids? so-called free-rank parents in maryland are under investigation for letting their 10-year-old and 6-year-old walk home alone from the park. is it child endangerment? a new side of michael strahan. really? come on. we've seen all sides of him. they're great. behind-the-scenes, the best moments from last night's critics' choice awards. come on, our man michael.
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♪ we said this before there is nothing that michael strahan cannot or will not do. it was a big night for our guy hosting the 20th annual critics' choice awards at the hollywood palladium. oscar favorite "birdman" and "boyhood" among the big winners of the to michael now for some of his favorite moments and a look behind the scenes. >> hey, thanks, guys. here i am at the hollywood palladium on stage where last night i hosted the critics' choice movie awards. the stars came out to have a good time. we had a great time. check it out. >> please welcome your host for the evening from the upcoming movie "magic mike xxl." michael strahan. ♪ going down ♪ >> the 20th annual critic choice movie award, a blockbuster bash. ♪
7:49 am
the night of surprises. >> wow. >> yes! >> yay! >> and laughs. >> three, two, one. >> and no one, i mean no one had a better seat than me michael strahan, your host for the evening. so what does it take to emcee one of the hottest nights in hollywood? practice. you're backstage. i'm giving you backstage exclusive access okay. be careful what you do with this information. what are you waiting for? let's go. let's go. let's do this. ♪ >> all right, this is where all the wardrobe goes down. i have five costume changes. now, i know what it feels like to be beyonce. ♪ bootylicious for you ♪ ♪ >> "maleficent," i feel magnificent. yes. >> with rehearsal under my belt
7:50 am
i was ready for the big night. >> how am i looking, vicki? >> gorgeous roll me out. unlint me. release the lint. >> before i knew it, showtime. ♪ >> whoo i'm a little nervous. i'm excited. i can't wait to do it of the just ready to go. feels like game day. never done anything like this before. a new experience. wish me luck. >> hit it! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ it's going down ♪ >> you guys i really put everything into it the opening number no pants, out here in front of everybody staring at me it was incredible. such a thrill and i'm going to come back i'll see you guys soon and i promise i'll be wearing pants when i do. >> oh no. >> at least at the start of the show. >> remember that episode of "the brady bunch." if you imagine people in no pants maybe you're less nervous. >> i've had nightmares that
7:51 am
involve me pantless in front of a-listers. anyway that's a different story. >> we have to say, michael, you did a fantastic job. >> fantastic. >> that is not easy to do and pulled it off as well as your pants. coming up ho, ho shark tank your life. how you can manage your money and your marriage come on back. happy friday, everybody.
7:52 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by voya financial. changing the way you think of retirement. still ahead on "gma," the newest trend in skin care. how it could shave years off your face. will it have some hairy after-effects? we'll explain.
7:56 am
. good morning. we have breaking news. a day of protests is now underway in san francisco and oakland. we're talking about bart. you're looking at live sky over market street. those protesters now making their way west down market street. so we have the stations closed right now. as they head west they'll reach powell and civic. let's check in with mike nicco with the forecast.
7:57 am
>> we're watching rain that's going to skit the north bay for the better part of the today. the rest of us will have clouds and sunshine in the low to mid 00 00 [prof. burke] it's easy to buy insurance and forget about it. but the more you learn about your coverage, the more gaps you might find. like how you thought you were covered for this. [boy] check it out,mom! [prof. burke]when you're really only covered for this. or how you figured you were covered for this. when you're actually paying for this. you might be surprised at what's hiding in your coverage. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and an atm nightmare, robbed, carjacked, stuffed in her trunk. one victim's harrowing story about her harrowing escape and how you can stay safe while taking out cash. ♪ and free-range parents under fire. accused of neglect for letting their kids walk home alone. the bringing up child endangerment. what you need to know. and shaving years right off your face. the hot new trend that could be the key to maximum exfoliation. could this surprising treatment lead to younger looking skin or could there be hairy consequences? ♪ let's get excited ♪ and the stars of two of our favorite shows are here live, "shark tank's" kevin o'leary,
8:01 am
plus alfonso ribeiro and his "dancing with the stars" team, as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. whoo! you know that the dancing never stops around here. "dancing with the stars: live!" and they're right here live with us this morning. hello. >> hello. >> robin. >> mwah. >> you're in the middle of your nationwide tour. >> yes, we are. >> you stop here. >> well, you know, we got to come to "gma," baby. >> that's right. >> you're all healed up. >> well -- >> we're going to share a special performance with them a little bit later. >> a lot of energy this friday morning. also, brand-new edition of our "shark tank: your life" series. kevin o'leary is here, he's got his judge's robes on. two business partners also have been dating for three years, but they're in a dispute over a very important part of their
8:02 am
business. he is going to rule. >> yeah, kevin will preside over our "shark tank" court. it's very serious. and share important questions about balancing your money and relationship and some really good tips in there. >> you hear all this music. grab your paddle. you're going to need this, you know, because our dear friend, who's been with us for eight years and runs the control room, denise, there you are, we're going to miss you. she's leaving us after today. she's going to travel the world with that gorgeous husband of hers and, denise, a 10 all the way around from us. >> thank you. >> we love you. >> thank you. >> denise, i just have one tip for you. get a lot of sleep, drink a lot of water and make sure you instagram us. we're going to miss you. >> thank you. >> you can also meet on friendster. we're all on it. >> he's available. >> it's just a sabbatical. it's just a sabbatical. we want you back, denise. >> enjoy every minute of that. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> you are welcome. a lot coming up. let's get to dan for news. good morning, once again,
8:03 am
we're going to start with the new terror raids overnight in europe. first in belgium, more than a dozen people taken into custody all in connection with what's being called an imminent plot to kill police both in the streets and in their stations. one raid resulting in a firefight in which two suspects, suspected terrorists were killed. meanwhile, in paris another dozen people arrested in raids targeting people linked to the gunman in last week's attack on a kosher supermarket. two men in germany have also been arrested on terror charges. meanwhile, secretary of state john kerry is visiting paris to show american support hugging the president of france this morning and placing wreaths at the sites of last week's attacks. also this morning, the u.s. is now getting more involved in the fight against isis. in syria about 400 troops are now going to head to the middle east to train moderate syrian rebels across the middle east. here at home police in florida have just captured the final remaining suspect. people were told to stay inside overnight as police went door to door looking for heavily armed
8:04 am
schts. who allegedly robbed a pawnshop. police say the final suspect was captured in a nearby shed and that he gave up without a fight. drivers these days are enjoying low gas prices but we're now starting to see some of the first difficult economic fallout from those plunging oil prices. a company in houston that helps find and produce oil is laying off 9,000 workers worldwide. look at this. a best-selling book recounting a 6-year-old's near-death experience is apparently completely fake. according to the boy himself, alex malarkey now says he made up the details in the book called "the boy who came back from heaven." he said he did it because he wanted attention after a horrible car crash that left him a quadriplegic. the publisher says it will pull the book. and check this out, a woman in pennsylvania got a serious scare. she says she got up at 4:00 in the morning to go to the bathroom and found a python slithering on the floor. at first she says she thought it was her scarf because of the
8:05 am
pattern on its skin. i don't know what kind of scarf she has but closed the door and then called police. but it kept poking out from under the door. officers eventually removed it. no word yet on where that snake came from. >> oh, no. >> interesting mystery there. and finally, there are some jobs where falling asleep may be bad form, but it's not really that big of a deal. such is not the case when you are guarding rhinos. check out what happened at a zoo in israel. three female rhinos escaped, jailbreak, when their keeper dozed off. what i love about this picture is how happy the rhinos look as they trot down the road with the sleepy guard racing after them. they're going out for beer. the rhinos were eventually caught and corralled. the guard got fired. >> oh. >> i'm sorry. >> the rhinos feel terrible. >> so casual just like, hey, we're just going out. >> yeah. >> nothing to see here. nothing to see here. >> don't mind us. >> thank you, dan. we have a safety alert now
8:06 am
from a woman who was robbed and kidnapped at an atm. she's speaking out about her ordeal with some important insight about how you can protect yourself. brandi hitt has the story. >> reporter: robbed at gunpoint and forced into her own trunk. that's what one woman says happened to her. >> they were robbed at the wells fargo atm. were put in the vehicle -- in the trunk of their own vehicle. >> reporter: this morning a manhunt is under way for this suspect captured on surveillance cameras approaching a woman withdrawing money at a drive-through atm in arlington, texas, at 1:30 a.m. looking directly at this security camera and driving off after locking the car's driver in the back. >> he's like give me the money after he pulled out his gun. he told me to get in the trunk. >> reporter: police say the suspect withdrew money from the car owner's account and several banks before returning at 2:40 and robbing a second person at the walk-up atm with the owner still in the trunk before finally ditching the vehicle just before 4:00 a.m.
8:07 am
>> i thought maybe i have a chance of getting out of here so i found the unlock for the trunk from the inside. i popped it up. >> reporter: so, how can you protect yourself at the atm? safety experts say go during daylight hours. put your phone away. look at your surroundings and at a drive-up atm, leave the car in drive. it means that very quickly if somebody approaches you, you'll be able to step on the gas and drive away if you have that opportunity instead of fumbling with the gearshift. >> reporter: police say this image of the suspect has led them to several leads. they're hoping his next photo will be his mug shot. for "good morning america," brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> this case is not closed yet. we got "pop news" and weather coming up and now lara is over in the social square. >> i am, george, here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." big "pop news" coming up. in it we're going to show you among other things what reese witherspoon and laura dern are going wild over. and then we're going to talk about free-range parents, how they're under fire.
8:08 am
these parents are being accused of endangering their kids by letting them walk home from the park. we'll get into that. and then "shark tank: your life" with this guy, kevin o'leary doing his best vanna white answering your questions so tweet us. #gmasharktank. and then get your dancing shoes on because they are here. our friends from "dancing with the stars," the tour, come up. coming up on "gma." go, kevin. go, kevin. go, kevin. go, kevin. ♪ "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by centrum silver multivitamins for the most amazing parts of you. you need a team. working together. doing all kinds of jobs. and the best place to find any job, in any industry is on the world's #1 job site.
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♪ this is going to be the best day of my life ♪ welcome back, everybody, to "gma," and i do believe it might have been the best day of some of these folks' lives yesterday. hollywood buzzing this morning as celebrities react to the oscar nominations. reese witherspoon and laura dern showing how wildly excited they are about their noms with this snapshot on reese's instagram. best actress nominee julianne moore took to twitter and she thanked fans for their well wishes. benedict cumberbatch up for best actor for "the imitation game" said in a statement that he is knocked for six by the nod. whatever that means, and even
8:14 am
though jen aniston did not get an oscar nod, boy, she is red hot going bold last night in a gucci tux, and i think you forgot something. but the red -- the chains look amazing. she wore that to the critics' choice awards. >> i missed that. what did she forget? >> earrings. >> statement earrings. >> nominated there for her role in "cake." congratulations, jen. it is a terrific role. and, hey, in other oscar news, the most viral moment was actually an unexpected slip of the tongue during the announcement for best cinematographer. listen. >> for achievement in cinematography, the nominees are dick poop -- dick pope for "mr. turner." >> late night hosts had a field day and dick pope trended online for the first time in his life. the english cinematographer and, now two-time nominee saying, hey, i've been called a lot worse in my time. i'm just happy to be nominated. the moment drew a lot of comparisons to john travolta's
8:15 am
adele dazeem moment at last year's oscars. but you know what, we've all been here. right here at this desk. it happens and, in fact, in a "pop news" scientific investigation, we discovered there is a name for this phenomenon when you're trying so hard not to say something wrong that it's exactly what you say, it's called recall bias, so we feel you, cheryl boone isaacs. >> sure. >> president obama first came up and the obama/osama thing. >> oh, yes. >> the irony in this, in this category, if you see the list of the other nominees, i believe we have it, they are so difficult to say, the easiest name on the list was dick pope. i mean, the other ones were -- you should see their names. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's just consonants and so, of course, inevitably that's what happened. and finally in poop news -- oops, i mean "pop news," there's words that make us giggle and then there's everyday words that make us cringe.
8:16 am
our senior broadcast producer denise knows that all too well. there she is. and, you know, denise and i have been keeping a list of these words, and last night at her going away party we shared some of those words, but the website buzzfeed has also joined in on the conversation with their list of words that just sound gross. their picks include bulbous, chunk, slacks and dangle among others, and several studies show that the word that most people pick as their number one gross word is -- can you guess? >> moist. >> why is it? >> see, that's just you, isn't it? >> no. >> there's like nine different studies that for some reason that word -- is there one that -- >> gelatinous. >> ooh. >> ew. >> gelatinous. there you have it. >> in the control room, denise loves this. >> her head under the desk. >> going away present. >> there are many times on the broadcast where i'm like because those words are said so, denise, that one was for you. we love you. >> right. "heat index" coming up.
8:17 am
now let's go to ginger. >> unfortunately, guys, i say moist all the time. it's weather. i asked the audience what their least favorite. yours? >> crusty. >> she doesn't like that. wow, you painted this sign. you didn't? >> we did not. somebody that got colder left it et. >> my friends from wisconsin actually stole this sign and now we'll check the forecast. in ft. lauderdale, because you think, well, we're going to warm up there but actually cloudy and cooler this morning. that front moving on down to the south. you will clear out and dry out. but the temperatures are going to be, yes, cooler still much more tolerable. 66 tampa, 59 tallahassee. a series of storms in the pacific northwest going to leave heavy rains especially coastal. eave >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. you can see the fog not so widespread as yesterday but it is still a "spare the air" day and a stray hour is possible across the north bay today and sunday.
8:18 am
for the rest of us clouds and mild with some sun and only chance for rain is 127 and 28th at the end of the week. mid-60's to the south. enjoy a quiet holiday >> it's really interesting to ask people all their least favorite words. i'm going to go with sticky. i don't like that. let's get back inside. >> i never thought of that. it's disgusting. we're going to move on now quickly to the "gma heat index" and a story all parents can relate to. how hands-on should you be when raising your children? one couple is now under investigation for neglect for letting their 10-year-old and 6-year-old walk home alone. they say they're just teaching them to be more responsible. abc's bazi kanani has that story for us. >> reporter: this 10-year-old and 6-year-olds were recently walking one mile home from their
8:19 am
park in silver spring, maryland, when police stopped them. >> two police cars pulled up claiming that someone called them over because of two kids walking around alone. >> reporter: now their parents say they're being investigated for neglect. >> they threatened to take away our kids when i didn't sign a safety plan. >> reporter: they're both scientists and call themselves free-range parents, a movement that encourages parents to give kids more space. >> that's the only way children can possibly develop kind of independence and resilience and confidence that we expect them to have as adults. >> reporter: they say they have taught their kids to be responsible and safe. >> we always hold hands when we cross the street. >> reporter: but some parenting experts think that's not enough. >> as parents, our role is to teach our children and give them the tools along the way while giving them just enough space to try things out on their own. these parents are giving their children too much space.
8:20 am
>> reporter: do you worry at all something could happen with no adult supervision around? >> i mean, every day of childhood something could happen. you know, the most dangerous thing we do with our kids is put them in the car every day. >> reporter: montgomery county child protective services says it can't comment on the case but is required to respond to all calls from community members and law enforcement about possible neglect. but the couple say they will not back down from the fight for their kids' freedom. >> it's just common sense. to us this is an old-fashioned way of raising your kids, not something new. not a crazy idea. >> reporter: for "good morning america," bazi kanani, abc news, silver spring, maryland. >> we're talking about it. this one has a lot of people weighing in. >> i don't see how that is a crime but -- >> not so much crime but every parent -- >> has their comfort level. >> you do what you think is best for your child in your situation. i mean, it's not one size fits all. you have to adapt. >> they said it, old-fashioned. back when i was young it was sort of the way it was.
8:21 am
things have changed. you know -- >> sure. sure. >> so i think it's a personal -- >> depends on the neighborhood. >> good for police to see them walking and -- >> ask questions. >> exactly. all right, hey, also up in the "heat index," the surprising new facial trend for women. this one involves shaving your face and a lot of people say it is the secret to getting a healthy glow, but could it be also giving you a beard? becky worley tried it out. ♪ >> reporter: this hot skin care regimen is literally cutting edge. it's called dermplaning. for all practical purposes it's shaving your face. no, not like that. like this. >> what you're actually doing is kind of removing that kind of top dull layer and you look youthful and radiant. >> reporter: fans abound. >> i shave my face once a week and it's my favorite day. >> more and more women are coming in saying that they're shaving their face to look younger. >> reporter: some suggest using a special tool.
8:22 am
>> i use a facial razor. this is my best friend. >> reporter: but others say a disposable safety razor is fine. >> hi. >> hi. >> reporter: i am here for my shave, i mean my dermplaning. linda georgides at med aesthetics rx. it'll be awesome because i have a good set of whiskers i'm a little worried. won't all my peach fuzz grow back really thick? >> shaving will not grow hair. let's get that out of our myth bag once and for all. >> reporter: and you don't see well-aged hollywood stars walking around with beards and a stash. okay, then. >> that's dead skin. >> reporter: whoa. >> can you see it? >> reporter: it doesn't hurt. it stings a little bit afterwards, but it's not painful. listen, i can barely shave my legs every week, but a safety razor only costs about 50 cents and it might help your skin feel a little smoother.
8:23 am
for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, san francisco. >> all right, thanks. we're back now with a new edition of "shark tank: your life." shark kevin o'leary here today. you wrote cold hard truth on men, women and money. today this is "shark tank" court. we have two business owners and life partners in a dispute right now, and in your book you have a lot of advice for partners and spouses who get tangled up in money problems. >> absolutely. the key thing, and what most people talk about in relationships, is trying to control each other's spending habits, and if you look at why unions, relationships break up in america, it's not infidelity, george, it's money problems. that's number one. the key to realize here is that everybody should understand that money is a very powerful component of their relationship. and i say by the third date, you should be talking about it. >> third date? >> third date. >> wow. >> what else matters in the long run? >> no, you're right. it is something that couples have to work out. okay, it's time for court right now. our guests standing by. let's learn a little bit more about why they're here. meet david and nicole.
8:24 am
partners in life and business with their online jewelry company bijouxx jewels. >> our model is fine jewelry at affordable pricing. >> but their business hit a plateau recently. the problem, david and nicole disagree on how to move the business forward. >> i'm willing to take more chances. >> david is a risk-taker. he wants to spend money on advertising to help grow the business. >> we just need to be a little bit more careful about what we do. >> nicole is more conservative. she wants to increase awareness through public relations. now they're taking their case to kevin o'leary and the "shark tank" court. and the court is now in session. honorable judge kevin o'leary presiding. your honor, today's case, bijouxx jewels, nicole versus david. >> this is a classic case of saving and spending. you both have different plans on how you want to generate awareness of your bijouxx website. let's start with you, nicole. you don't want to spend money but use pr and social media.
8:25 am
tell me about it. >> i prefer to take the free route by using bloggers and social media to get the word out and generate buzz. there's really no guarantee that paid ads are going to work anyway. >> all right. david, i see you're champing at the bit to tell your story. you want to spend real cash and buy paid advertising to generate awareness. >> that's right. i just believe that -- i honestly believe that i think we need to try new things and the bottom line is, you don't know until you've tried. so i think we could get some new customers that way and really bring in more views and that's what i honestly believe in. >> you know, women are so pragmatic. i'm going to make my decision right now. >> right now? >> yep. i'll tell you, the key here is that saving money matters more than anything else when you're starting a small business. nicole is a professional on social media. she can generate awareness for absolutely free. that's the key, and i think you've got to go that way. >> all right. >> well, he accepts it pretty well. nicole, how do you feel about that? >> i feel great about it. you know, thank you. basically this is reiterating everything that i say on a day-to-day basis, so, you know,
8:26 am
i stand by my word. >> that's my decision, and i think we can all learn something very important in america about this. number one, you've got to be a saver and you have to have a personal plan. i'm telling you my decision includes this. i want both of you to take 10% of your salary and put it into your own personal account every time you pay yourselves in perpetuity. number two, you've got to also remember on a long-term basis that plan has to be distinct. you have to know what you're doing on an ongoing basis forever. and, by the way, why aren't you two married? i'm prepared to do that right now. >> final word from kevin. i'll get you off the spot. tune in to "shark tank" tonight at 9:00 eastern.
8:27 am
. we have breaking news covering bart riders facing delays this morning because of protests in downtown san francisco. we're live over market street right now. you see police down there. marchers are making their way right now. they are kind of at 4th thth market and the powell street stations. bart has tweeted that that's going to remain the case for now. the protests about the deaths of michael brown and eric garner. they also want the bart police disbanded. >> we do have a couple of stations that are closed, montgomery and embarcadero. the san mateo bridge looking
8:28 am
much better. the drive onto 80 is incredibly tough because of a serious accident involving five vehicles, one of which is a motorcycle. >> female announcer: during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. but hurry! this special financing offer ends martin luther king jr. day. don't miss the year end clearance sale at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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8:30 am
today, scattered light showers. seve ♪ ♪ ♪ baby baby baby baby i'm on fire i said baby baby baby i'm on fire ♪ [ cheers and applause ] all right. there they are, the cast from "dancing with the stars: live!" tour live from times square and have season 19 champ alfonso ribeiro and the pros with a live performance coming up. and i have to say, i did not know we were coming outside so i didn't bring a coat today. are you sure you're warm enough? >> i am a delicate flower george. >> he called you out. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> that is a little much. >> i won't be following this guy
8:31 am
on friendster anymore. it's over. >> robin is wearing my coat. i'm wearing amy's coat. also coming up our pinterest fails series. we want to tell you how to go from failed it to nailed it. this morning, put those crafty creations to the pinterest perfection test. >> i know because earlier this week we had -- >> rainbow cake. >> a lot of responses and people were like let's try it. >> here we go. first and last this half hour that out of this world discussion on qvc of all places isaac mizrahi and show host somehow talking about astronomy with some pretty far out ideas. have you seen this? here's nick watt. >> perfect for covering the butt and wearing with a legging. >> yes. >> reporter: so far so good. designer isaac mizrahi and shawn killing killinger. on solid ground. >> so amazing.
8:32 am
>> reporter: then they describe the seafoam option. >> kind of looks like what the earth looks like when you're a ba zillion miles away from the planet. isn't the moon a star? >> no the moon is a planet. >> the moon is not a planet. >> reporter: who's right? >> the moon is a moon. the moon is not a star or a planet. >> reporter: look at that model head in hands. >> the moon is not a planet. >> what else is it if it's not a planet. >> i believe it's a star. >> reporter: what grade level of education is that? >> i think that's a third grade standard. >> reporter: is the moon a star or a planet? >> no. >> a planet. >> a planet. >> it's neither. it's a moon. >> how old are you? >> 7. >> reporter: do other grown-ups not know? >> is it a planet? i don't know. >> it's a star. >> i'll go with her. it's a star. >> reporter: neither. it's just a moon. >> thank you. >> that's it. that makes sense. >> reporter: i didn't know that either. i didn't do astronomy or
8:33 am
astrology or whatever in my school. i'm with these guys. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> well thanks for clearing that up, nick. never know what you'll see on qvc. >> you get some lessons. we'll get some here. how about we say good morning to a couple of folks. you're from where? florida? >> florida. >> denver some of the warmest air that they've had in over a month. into the 60s, 61 denver. amarillo going to 63. it's mild in the southwest too. yuma at 78 today. las vegas seeing a high of 62 and we wanted to share some of the social stream pictures. you can see in seaside, california that cloud deck very nice charlotte from wsoc our affiliate in north carolina. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with "spare the air" day and no wood burning and a stray shower is possible across the north bay and increasing sun through the south bay and upper 50's to low 60's until the south bay at mid-60's and the seven-day
8:34 am
forecast shows a >> all that weather brought to you by royal caribbean. athena is here. she's got a little cold. i'll give you some hand warmers, okay? all right. i wear them right here too so take them and stick them on yourself. >> we'll turn to a remarkable triumph for public health. for a generation jimmy carter's foundation has been fighting the battle against killer diseases now on the verge of completely eradicating one that affected millions every single year. it's unveiled this week. ♪ >> reporter: you may never have heard of guinea worm but 30 years ago it was afflicting millions. today you can count the cases. due in large part to the efforts of president carter who is front and center this week at the opening of a new exhibit at the american museum of natural history to mark these efforts. mr. president, great to see you again and especially such an exciting occasion. i love the title of this
8:35 am
exhibit, countdown to zero. >> we are getting close. we started out with 23,600 villages 20 countries, 3.5 million cases of guinea worm and we've cut it down. last year we had 126 case. >> where did you come up with the idea that the goal would be not just reducing disease, eliminating it? >> the only organization on earth that exists totally to learn how to eradicate diseases and which ones can be eliminated is at the carter center. nobody else wanted to address it because it's such a horrible and filthy indescribably bad disease and such remote villages where it existed and nobody else wanted to take it on so i decided to take it on. >> you've engaged in public service outside after the presidency. >> yes. >> longer than any other american president much how did you view on what you could do and the power of that position
8:36 am
evolve over time. >> when i left the white house i was fairly young. 56 and we didn't know what we were going to do the rest of our lives and decided to take on projects that no one else wanted to do. >> those projects include not just fighting disease but traveling the world to monitor elections and promote human rights and he still keeps tabs on politics here at home. i got to ask you about politics. you i think announced for president 40 years ago last month. came out of nowhere and i still remember that because it was on "what's my line?" >> is this anything to do with the world of fashion? >> no. >> donna. >> no one knew who you were. could that happen today? >> no. the thing is completely changed now because the acquisition of the primary for democrats or republicans comes with the ability to raise, say, $200 million. >> at least. >> at least that much and when i ran against gerald ford he and i
8:37 am
raised zero. later when i ran against ronald reagan we raised zero and i think that's the main problem is a so-called citizens united ruling which i think is the stupidest ruling that the supreme court has ever issued. >> i saw next month you'll give an award to bob dylan. that surprised me. tell me about that relationship. >> he and i have been friends for a long time. when i was governor i got to know him quite well. >> you quoted him in your acceptance have speech. >> we have an america in bob dylan's phrase is busy being born, not busy dying. >> and so i've been friends and i found out to my pleasant surprise that bob dylan specifically requested that i be the one to give him the award that he's going to get next month. >> you're going so strong at the age of 90 plus. when historians write the paragraph on jimmy carter 100 years from now, what do you want to be at the top of the list? >> i'd say maybe peace and human
8:38 am
rights. i kept the country at peace for four years and promoted peace for other people. >> and maybe eradicating a december. >> a great achievement maybe not for me but the people afflicted and for the entire world to see diseases like this eradicated. >> pushing through at the age of 90. writing every day. amazing work for president carter. coming up how to go from failed it to nailed it. some a
8:39 am
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8:41 am
after "shark tank" on abc. ♪ all right, it's time for our series on the ultimate pinterest fails. on wednesday we showed you that rainbow cake baking fiasco. so many shared their own fails. crafting can get hairy and sara haines put a popular diy project to the test. >> reporter: let's face it, sometimes our diy dreams become downright disasters. we start out with pinterest perfect intention. >> i can do this. >> i can do this. >> i am the mcfiber of >> reporter: and dreams of grandeur where crayon collages are easy as pie. >> i may be able to do it. >> reporter: but the reality well it looks a little something like this. >> green is over in the yellow. that didn't happen in hers. >> reporter: in one extreme case this but fear not fellow
8:42 am
pinterest failers, you're in good company. meet heather mann in the business of diy disasters documents hundreds of user submitted cringeworthy crafts in her book "craft fail." >> on your first try you fail. think of it as a prototype. what you could do next time that will be better. >> store stephanie pinning took on a whole new minute just two nights before her wedding as she made this diy seating chart with straight pins. >> next thing you know i ended up in the emergency room with a straight pin in my left lung. >> okay so potential dangers aside, it's hard not to get a little inspired by all of these pretty pictures full disclosure i'm not very crafty but i follow instructions well so i'll attempt to make martha stewart's bath fizzies all over pinterest. if martha can do it come on. what started out seemingly easy
8:43 am
i always wanted to do that went downhill. whoa whoa fizzing fast. like baby chia pets. who knows what overnight could add to this project. >> well we'll find out. here's what they're supposed to look like. what do they look like? >> i love you, mom. >> oh, no. >> so proud of you. >> so i was hoping to be like yeast and they would rise. >> you can't be good at everything. that's what my mom always said. >> wah, wah. >> sonia has a terrific website, pin tester and puts a lot of recipes and diy projects to the test. what happened with sara's fizzies. >> you sprayed the water on too fast. yeah you have to be super patient and just spritz in a tiny bit at a time and then mix it in and then put it in there so it has to be really like a lot of patience. >> or be more open-minded about
8:44 am
the shape of your bath fizzies, people. >> it might explode if you put it in a tub. check out our "good morning america" pinterest page and thanks, sonja, and we want to hear more about your fails at on yahoo! i'll put this down because i'm concerned for my safety. coming up, the sizzling performance, sizzling from "dancing with the stars" cast.
8:45 am
(vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. (woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you. ♪ ♪ ♪
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i know you'll recognize our next gefrt from the "dancing with the stars" ballroom. they are here to tell us about "dancing with the stars: live!." it is a sold out, sold out tour that has them dancing all over the country. reigning champion alfonso ribeiro, his partner witney as well as kyn and keo will perform in just a moment but first abc's melissa rycroft takes us behind the scene. >> the new champion. >> reporter: season 19 ended
8:47 am
with a bang but even though the ballroom is dark the dancing shoes haven't been hung up. emma keo, kym, mark alfonso and witney are kicking up their heels, i'm here at the ryman auditorium to check it out. oh, my gosh. >> what's different about the live show here as opposed to the show that we all see on tv? >> well it's just so up close and personal. >> yeah. >> come in. >> hey. >> how are you? >> champion. now, did you have to learn all new dances or are you taking any you did that we saw? >> yes. you know look we know we're going to do it. ♪ it's not unusual ♪ >> what most people want to do is go together. it's not together. it's go and then go. >> and then you follow the body.
8:48 am
>> okay so you got your legs right. >> we'll work on it later. >> it's going to take more time. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> see. >> $20, folks. >> here we go. showtime. ♪ >> reporter: the tour is a little mix of old like the fresh prince freestyle and this never before seen jailhouse jive. the 90-minute sold out show is a smashing success. >> all right, guys that is a wrap. the show is over. iams melissa rycroft, "good morning america" from nashville, tennessee. >> woo! [ cheers and applause ] >> and the gang is all here. i love all there's a method to the madness. >> yes, there is. we were critiquing it. elbows and the hands up. got to get the hands. >> thank you, all.
8:49 am
we've missed you and love having you here and it's gone great. all sold out. you also act as emcee. >> so i emcee the show and kind of you know take us through the entire show and have fun and then i jump out and dance a little bit and especially the end and witney and i do a bunch of little skits and it's fun. kym hosts a moment too. it's a good time. >> i dance. >> very very very well. oh so witney people are asking on twitter, we've got a lot of fans there in saying it's great to see you last season. now on tour so what's ahead? >> honestly i have no idea. but it's getting me really excited and honestly a little boost of confidence winning, so i'm going into the new season you know having a little bit more knowledge about the show and, you know i'm just really excited for the future. excited to see what it holes. >> excited to have kym back. you've been judging the australian version. >> so great to be back and especially on tour.
8:50 am
getting to go around the states and see all these amazing places. so great to be back with everybody. >> all right. well are you ready to dance? >> yes. >> dance time. i'm ready. >> dancing the very enese waltz is kym johnson motsepe. ♪ say you love me to my face ♪ i need to know then your embrace ♪ because i want to fall in love if you want to try ♪ ♪ but all that i've been thinking of is baby that you're mine ♪ ♪ baby looks as though we
8:51 am
out of words to say ♪ ♪ and it's in the way ♪ ♪ won't you stay ♪ >> beautiful. whoa. whoa. love, love, love. and now dancing the freestyle it's alfonso ribeiro and his partner witney carson. ♪ ♪ sing sing sing everybody's got to sing now you're singing with a swing ♪ ♪ sing sing sing sing sing ♪ ♪
8:52 am
♪ sing sing sing everybody's got to swing ooh wow now you're singing with a swing ♪ ♪ sing sing sing everybody's got to sing ♪ ooh wow now you're singing with a swing ♪ >> all right, yes. wonderful. what happened to the other two? where did they go? come back. come back because we want to tell everybody -- keo, you're so cute. tickets for "dancing with the stars: live!" on sale now. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] >> whoo!
8:53 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. start the search for your next car at carmax. start here. it's been the best day of our lives the last eight years because this beautiful woman, her voice has been in our ears she's the one telling us to do everything. >> yeah. >> mostly wrap. >> she's a newlywed and
8:56 am
something that we say on this show about live life go out and do it. you're doing that. you'll travel the world with anthony. >> i am. i am really excited. thank you all because it's been an absolute honor. >> your seat is always here. we want you in our ears as soon as you get back. >> i don't know how else i'll know to stop talking. >> i think george could step up on that. >> denise, thank you. >> have a great time. >> america, this is the woman who makes it happen. >> time to wrap. time to wrap. >> she's wrapping us. female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. don't miss sleep train's year end clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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. on market street. they're protesting over police brutality, bart fairears andarefares is. >> trains are not stopping at powell and embarcadero. plan ahead. >> we're tracking two things, some fog inland east bay which is improving already. and a little reduction in the visualibility up north. 7 day forecast, clouds and
9:00 am
sunshine throughout the holiday weekend, low to mid 60 announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, academy award winning actress nicole kidman. and from the new film "american sniper," sienna miller. also, a performance from the grammy award winning band train. plus, food tips, tricks and trades as we wrap up our food edition of "live's" kickstart the new year. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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