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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 16, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. more protesters making noise and causing problems during the only commute forcing the agency to delay rides for thousands of passengers and shutting down stations. demonstrators showed up in huge numbers as promised this morning to protest everything from police brutality to bart fares. there were a few arrests. amy hollyfield is at the montgomery station where it started. is it back to normal? >> yes, it impacted service if 2 enough hours but at 9:30 they
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were able to restore service to normal. protesters took their message to the bart system creating a confusing and slow and noisy commute. the noise came from the banging of spoons on trains and metal pillars. it was so loud you could not hear the person next to you talking. >> there was in way to use noise as a disruption to draw attention to the reaction. >> they drew attention by blocking doors and stalling the trains. police pulled people out of the doors so the trains could move. they arrested a woman for standing in the door and a man for banging his spoon on the windows of the bart train. >> dangerous. the glass could shatter and someone is sitting there in the train and someone will get hurt. >> this action was spread out between montgomery and powell and embarcadero. bart at different times ordered trains to keep roll and not stop at those stations.
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organizers considered this a success. >> we were able to disrupt business as usual and i like that. >> they protested the arrest of 14 people who chained themselves together at a previous bart protest and they want the charges dropped. this morning, group won over some commuters and last others. this wheelchair bound woman was frustrated at not being able to get off. >> i natural a wheelchair and have in other way to get around. >> she missed her doctor's appointment and decided to come back and support the protesters. this man was frustrated with the group. >> you have to speak your mind and do what we have to do but this is noisy and i just went to get to work and now i am late because they stopped the train. >> bart says service was not shut down and trains were running. they bypass add few stations
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cheer there and officials say they had to balance freedom of speech with public safety. they say this are no reports of any injuries. thank you amy. the demonstrators did have an affect on the morning commute and eric thomas joins us in san francisco with reaction and the impact on ridership. as you are saying it had a big impact 24,000 fewer commuters took bart this morning and that of course, means they did not take the trains and some probably stayed home and others took to the freeways putting extra cars out there so we heard stories of traffic jams being larger and taking longer to get in. the ferries we hear, were packed this morning. those that could took them anyway. whatever mode they used, many were late. >> i have to find another way to get where i am going but that is okay. how do you change anything
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unless you make people pay attention? >> it is inconvenient. i got up remainly to get to work early and i will an an hour late. >> i am here just for a meeting on my day off. i have to go three blocks out of my three city blocks to get to another bart station why not just get on here? that is the range of emotions you heard from people, some very angry about not being able to get to rock on time or the way they are used to doing it and others saying yes, i was inconvenienced but you protest about things you believe in and that is important. we will see how the afternoon commute goes. we will watch all day long for you. i am outside the ferry building in san francisco i am eric thomas. >> traffic reporter leyla gulen joins us with a look at the commute. >> 51 bart trains are on time and no closings as amy
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hollyfield reported. the bay bridge some in anticipation of this took to the cars and you can see how busy it is coming in from the east by. we will go around the bay area and see how other areas of looking. that is the drive from berkeley to the maze and it is still looking quite slow. if you took a round about way say the richmond-san rafael bridge, that is empty but the north bay business as usual. >> a separate group of protesters showed up in oakland, and activists for civil rights are blocking entrances an the federal building. we are there with what is happening. nick? >> kristen, the goal was to draw attention to what they say is mistreatment of black and brown people they simply wanted to disrupt service. they plan to do this for four hours and 28 minutes and they are on their goal. >> take a look. this is the view from sky 7.
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we were this when more than 100 demonstrators chained themselves to the entrances of the federal building in oakland. other members of the group danced chanted and said prayers. demonstrators say today's action is about reclaiming the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. >> the truth is, he believed in nonviolent direct action and we will see that on both sides of the bridge for 96 hours. >> organizers are planning demonstrations throughout the holiday weekend. >> this group claims -- claimed the area just after 6:00 this morning with demonstrators not the only one making their presence then. protective service police kept their distance but also kept a watchful eye. >> our mantra is "block stuff not break stuff." demonstrators say the actions target the firm building because of what they call the roll in promoting a war on black people.
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with north side showing any sign of backing down, demonstrators could be settling in for the long hall. caught in the middle? people simply wanting to get where they are going without being delayed. demonstrators warned, frustrated with their actions or not anyone in and around the bay area should be prepared to have a spontaneous demonstration ham anywhere at any time. >> we have asked four 450 years to be treated like human beings nicely and prayed. we have marched. we have sung. if you don't like us now we have asked to not be treated like an animals. that is your problem. >> this has been peaceful and there have been no arrests. at the dellums building. >> with more protests planned this weekend our reporting will continue on the abc news app and the facebook page and on twitter
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at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> one spot saw something more than fog, there was rain in the north bay. meteorologist mike nicco is here with a look at what is going on. >> we will look at beat of those. we will look at the fog, santa rosa is one mile visibility and everyone else is two miles or more. we have a few sprinkles across the south bay but the rain has made it to the ground and in the north with .0 4" in santa rosa and pet plume and scattered showers rolling across the north bay will continue to did so for the next couple of hours. this is an area as we look at san rafael down 101 it is under a "spare the air", as we all are, but this is the poorest air quality at san rafael and oakland. thank you mike. the theft of a drone owned by the city of san francisco is bringing to light an entire threat of high-tech gadgets and the city's recreation and park
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department purchased drones for a special project. the program is now grounded. the direction were used to check out trees and buildings across the park system. >> belgium police believe they have stopped a terror threat after killing two members of the cell. 13 were detained and two more suspects everyone arrested in france all believed to be launching a plot to attack police an important blow to terrorism in belgium. fears of homegrown terrorism in the united states are growing. next undercover video from the fbi and how agents tracked and took down a suspected terrorist tranning an act on the united states capitol. >> now answers about a missing spacecraft that was supposed to have l
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>> the ohio man suspected of planning to attack the united states capitol appears in court this afternoon. cornell has been charged with plotting to set off bombs an the capitol and shooting government officials as they run out. he posted messages online expressing support for al-qaeda and isis and then met with an f.b.i. informant about the plans. the arrest of an ohio man was not the first time the fbi caught someone trying to plot a deadly action tack on our nation's capitol. we obtained this exclusive video of an undercover operation in 2012 when the suspect was going to use a machine gun to kill members of congress and went with undercover agents to a quarry to test a bomb they supposedly built. [ inaudible ]
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>> there is one more example of the fact that this threat we have talked about so much the last weeks, months years, in fact, is very real. >> he is now serving neither years in prison. >> a british space probe that vanished a decade ago has been discovered. on mars. on the left is the small white specific identified by nasa's orbit tore and on top right you can see the we shapes are consistent with the sketch below and that is the european space agency's beagle two mars lander. it was supposed to land on mars christmas day of 2003 but crews lost contact with it and never knew if it made it and now they know. made it. >> meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> also video of a pizza delivery guy getting stiffed on a tip goes viral. >> it could be cutest thing you will see all day. what makes this newborn so
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covering cupertino, concord wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. this afternoon the raiders will hold a news conference to introduce their new head coach. >> year they officially announced the hiring of coach jack del rio spend the last three years with the broncos as againstive coordinator and before that lid coach of jacksonville. he was born in castro valley and grew up as raiders fan in hayward. it is kind of a homecoming. >> check out this scene in
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chicago: it is mild in northern california in the winter but bitter cold in the windy difficult. this is video shows the ice jamming up at the downtown area where the river branches out there. we do not see that here. >> no, so many of our tweets on the east coast were saying, we want to visit you in california. >> there is a reason. >> our cold days are hype us. december 26 to the 31 are the coldest weather along the east. >> a whole week. >> those are the coldest. >> and in mid-february to mid-march is the coldest area. you want some rain, though? >> we do. we need it. >> now i wanted to put out this map with a lot of date way are spreeing is all the reservoirs around and we have yellow and that is the full capacity, the red line is normal capacity and the blue is behalf we have so you can see the blue is a
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quarter of what full capacity would be and half to a third of behalf we normally would be so the rain if december while it was great, it did not help much with the reservoir level. we will see where the rain is now, across the north bay one line, between cloverdale and st. helena where you see the circle seven and live doppler hd is going back six hours you can see really nice precipitation shield but it is falling apart as the moisture is now moving on and thanks to the 130 miles per hour jet stream. the clouds are rolling through because of the fast jet stream especially over the mountains where we had a stray shower in lake tahoe but that is it. you will not get anymore snow. first, sutro tower is hazy and it and mainly cloudy headed through the south bay looking at downtown in the san jose bureau camera. if you are stepping out most of us are in the mid-to-upper 40's and 47 in antioch and fairfield where the fog was thickest this
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morning to 52 in santa rosa where we had the heavy rain and the golden gate bridge is not the greatest weekend to be taking pictures because this haze and the clouds are going to hang around for the better part of the weekend and it will be mostly cloudy and mild with a chance of a stray shower and "spare the air" today and the storm the 27th and the 28th otherwise we have if rain for the rest of the month in places like san jose. that means nothing for the entire month. 64 and more sunshine and warmth headed south east and north cooler at upper 60's to nearly 60. the cloud cover will keep us at ten degrees warmer-than-average and it will be followingy, hazy not rest of us and mid-40's to 50 tomorrow morning. and the cold front the tail end the cold front moving in and that is it, the moisture already starting to weaken and dissipate and this next storm will ride further to the north so we will see more sunshine tomorrow than on sunday when another cold front comes in. you can see the scattered showers across the north bay and
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overnight through tomorrow, they dissipate and you can see the sun coming out. here comes our next system sunday morning into the early afternoon hours it also dissipated. here is the clearing line for the holiday on monday which will bring us more sunshine and warmer weather. the low clouds over lake tahoe. but other than a slight chance today, temperatures are running above average and they will have to make the snow. mother nature is not going to provide it. the seven-day forecast shows low-to-mid secretary on monday as we round out the holiday weekend and mid-60's with more sunshine next week. just very unfortunate that storm system the 27th and 28th doesn't pan out we hitting in in many areas. hoping for a good year after three bad years. >> a pizza guy is learning there is a lot of compassion in the world after having a nightmare experience on the job. it started from this video of employees at a massachusetts car dealership getting into a heated argument with the delivery guy over a $7 tip he thought was his to keep.
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that is him in the black jacket. and he try today return the money by they humiliated him and threatened to get him fired after the dealership faced a huge backlash online the owner apologized and said the two employees no longer work for them. >> a fund me page for him has raised $21,000 for him. >> my goodness. >> london zoo is showing east latest edition. look at this male pygmy born december 26th. the males are rare. the hippos are nearly extinct. he does not have a name yet. >> if he was not cute enough check this out. this irmin cannot decide if it is scared or curious sticking its head out of a tree trunk and then ducks back in to hide over and over again and they are a
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type of weasel. we so cute you would not call it a weasel to its face. >> a couple of cute ones. >> this is friday animal segment. >> because we have have a perfect pet coming up. >> and
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perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. >> coming up at 4:00 a bay area newspaper steps into the oscar diversity debate. the bold headline the oakland drib unit is sending to readers over the back lack. >> new video showing the moment of impact when the falcon 9 tried to land on an ocean barge.
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announce friday's perfect pet is an extra special one. >> meteorologist mike nicco is here with a friend. >> you have a halo too you do great things for the humane society. emily is here to join us and it has been a long time. you it is nice to see brownie. >> brownie is a boxer pit bull mix who is den and he is blind so with we have an amazing haloe to help him navigate his way around but he is full of love and really -- as you can tell full of love and he still has a lot of life although he is 10 years old but he is extremely friendly and he will be really great in the home and that is going to be willing to work with his disability including managing children and who he meets and other animal friends,
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too. ait -- it seems like he just came up to you and he is agreement >> this is mostly outdoor use sheet good at scent mapping remembering where things are so if you like to change your furniture around. >> he wants to play. >> now that he is comfortable he wants to play. >> we will find you a forever home. i promise. someone will call. they always do. 415-506-6225. >> what a sweetheart. he wants to stay here. >> the phone lines are lighting up. >> have a great day.
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