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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 17, 2015 1:07am-1:31am PST

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so you can. this is abc7 news. >> developing news from
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fremont where police opened fire killing a man they say was carrying a large knife near a neighborhood park. >> and tonight witnesses are describing some terrifying moments leading up to that shooting. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama-daetz. >> it ended at harvey park. >> katie is live at the scene with the latest on the story. katie? >> dan and ama, the coroner came and removed the body about two hours ago. you can see the scene is clear and they have not released the identity of the man police shot and killed today and they are still trying to piece together what lead up to the use of deadly force. >> i looked at his face and i thought, he looks kind of scary. >> joanne allison lives near harvey park in fremont. she thinks she saw the man police killed and witnessed them fighting with another man. it was around 2:00 p.m. he kept saying get away from
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me and get away from me. he was backing up and the guy was going forward and the other guy was backing up. >> the man was backing away was a young contractor working on an empty house. at one point he called out to her. >> the guy said call the police. he's got a knife. >> allison did not see a knife. it was someone else who called police. that caller reported -- >> there was a subject walking down the street with a large knife. he pulled it out and he was advancing toward a young kid. >> three officers arrived and found a man in the park. one officer fired his taser and another fired his gun and the man described as being in his 40s was killed. >> we know the subject had the knife in his hand at the time of the encounter. as to what exactly happened at that point is still to be determined through the investigation. >> police continue to interview witnesses and they ask anyone who might have surveillance video of the shooting to come forward.
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in fremont, abc7 news. >> that's the third police shooting in two days. richmond police identified a man shot after they say he pulled a handgun on an officer yesterday. 20-year-old gonzalez is in critical condition. police say he was arrested before for dealing drugs and possession of a firearm. and in fairfield police should should -- shot and killed 36-year-old jose yesterday morning after responding to a disturbance call. officers say he charged at them with a knife. new at 11:00, protesters marched into restaurants in the mission. >> the group calls out black lives matter. they marched for several blocks along the way. the police looked on and did not interfere as the protest was peaceful. >> it is a crime that left many at you shocked and
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disgusted. so much so that an entire community came together to help the family of a man who was hit by a truck and then robbed by witnesses. 25-year-old greg lowrey was struck after riding his bike in oakland. alan wang found out just how much the community really cares. >> oakland police are still looking for the suspects who robbed greg lowrey. it happened while he was lying on the street unconscious after being hit by a truck on tuesday at the intersection of eighth and union street. another group also robbed the driver of that truck. guy are you getting any -- >> are you getting any response? >> no response. >> he coughs once in awhile. >> she says her son is still in critical condition at highland hospital with brain trauma broken bones and lacerated organs. >> i think it is my fault. if i hadn't lost my job and our home we would have had a vehicle and he wouldn't have been on the street. >> lowry and his mother have been living in an rv.
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the 25-year-old has been battling heart problems and was ride together health clinic for treatment when he was struck. it is a sad story that seems to have compelled a lot of people to reach out and do something. >> a lot of people are had bay mouthing oakland -- bad mouthing oakland. oakland is a great place. there are good people in oakland. >> he had no problem with the neighborhood watch group. >> we put it on the facebook page. right away 50 people -- i will give them food and i will give them money. >> a go fund me account has been set up to help the family. meanwhile greg's mother says she has seen the very best of humanity and the very worst in a few short days. in oakland alan wang, abc7 news. >> new at 11:00 a lucky driver just barely escaped getting hurt by a fallen eucalyptus tree. the tree came down around 6:00 in moraga. the driver was hurt because the tree fell on the back of the car. the tree knocked out power more more than a couple hours.
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it is still blocked as the crews finished removing the tree. >> did you see how hazy it was around the bay area. it is going to be like that again tomorrow. here is a live look from the exploratorium camera. sandhya patel is here with a look at live doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> dan it was so hazy. you felt like you were in a fog, right? >> we do have fog. let's show you live doppler 7hd tracking the clouds and tracking the fog down below. visibility is poor not just around petaluma where it is fluctuating, but out toward livermore down to five miles. same thing for napa and san carlos three miles and half moon bay seven miles visibility. nice to see a rainbow. we had showers and sprinkles and unfortunately the air quality was very bad and it will continue to remain poor for saturday. you will see good air quality early next week. and just in case you are keeping tabs 14 days so far this month out of the 16 days that we have actually seen a
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spare the air alert. i will be back to let you know about the shower chances coming up for this upcoming holiday weekend. i will let you though exactly when and who might need the umbrellas. >> thank you. three women who played for the solano basketball team have been suspended for attacking a teammate. they were booked on suspicion of three felonies including assault with a deadly weapon. one father said they were close, but his daughter had a falling out with the other women. they went to alan witt park on monday to settle their differences and she was beaten. her eye was fractured and she had cuts to her face that required stitches. >> called each other family. and for them to just like watch me get beat and be a part of it is a sad thing. >> her car was also damaged. the protests on bart this morning may only be the beginning.
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san francisco protesters banged metal spoons on the subway pillars and blocked passengers from getting on the trains. there are plans to make it a weekly event every friday. protesters are demanding charges be dropped against a group who chained themselves to trains in november. passengers say there has got to be a better way. >> missing one day of work, i mean that's my cell phone bill. that's food in my mouth. they may as well take the food out of my frige. >> if the protests do become a regular thing four years ago the hacker group anonymous held weekly protests every monday on bart. >> a march and rally is planned throughout the martin martin luther king holiday.
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on sunday afternoon at 5:00 there is a homeless rally in san francisco at the powell street cable car turn around. we will have details on all of the weekend demonstrations on >> the drivers crossing the bay bridge and heading into san francisco will face delays this weekend. first, the fremont street off-ramp will be closed tonight at midnight at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the cars will be diverted to the harrison street off-ramp. and then on saturday and sunday fremont street will be closed between howard and folsom street. it will also close the fremont street off-ramp. this is all for the new transit center. stolen memories. one family's night on the town ends with a heartbreaking crime. their mission to get back priceless pictures. >> and a northern california standoff comes to a sudden end and it is all caught on camera. how police took down this suspect. >> and after a long day of patrolling the streets
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>> a jumping police dog ended a one-hour standoff in sacramento. the man had been siting in his car for an hour with a gun to his head while drinking and smoking. he finally stepped out of the car. officers told him to get down. when he didn't they sent in the dog and the dog did this. the suspect was treated for bite wounds. his family says he has mental issues. a smashing dash cam video has gained 600,000 views on youtube. a man in ontario, canada was coming home from work when a tire was flying across the median. can you imagine how terrifying that was? the tire fell off a car and headed the other direction. the driver says all he could do was duck. he wasn't hurt. here he comes again. the car has a broken windshield as welling a a bent frame. >> he is lucky. what goes up, must come apparently crashing down. they released this video of
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whaty -- what elan calls a rocket. you can basically see that it crashed into the deck of a barge in the atlantic. the payload, the shipment of groceries made it to the international spacestation but the attempt to land the rocket so it can be reduced -- reused fell a little short. >> that's a pr term. >> a san jose family is offering a reward for precious video. it was their son's first steps and first words. now, more on exactly what happened. alyssa? >> dan these people are victims of a common crime, a smash and grab. and now they are posting fliers around the mission district offering a reward to the person who stole their stuff as long as they get those baby pictures and videos back.
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this 1-year-old is not camera shy, excited to show off his favorite toys. his parents are devastated. part of the first year they documented is gone. >> they went out to dinner in san francisco's mission district and accidentally left a bag in their car. inside a camera and laptop and on those, pictures and video of his first steps first words and some of the last pick -- pictures before he passed away in june. >> my son started walking and started talking. >> he started talking while we were in india and we saw that in india. we didn't do back up because of the emergency.
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>> they tracked down security footage and it shows what appears to be a woman using a flashlight to see inside the car. she breaks a back window and walks off with the backpack. he posted fliers that he says are his last hope. they say desperate appeal and no repercussions. he hopes the person who stole his stuff sees them. in fact he says keep the expensive camera and computer. all they want is the memory card and their priceless moments back. >> just return to me. i will forgive you for taking the stuff away from me. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. police dash cam videos are filled with a lot of blank space. but for one officer in delaware the camera really captured his style. >> ♪ got nothing in my brain ♪ ♪ that's what people say ♪ ♪ that's what people say ♪ ♪ i go on too many dates sthoat. sthoat♪
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>> the dover police department posted this video showing an officer shaking it to taylor swift's "shake it off." it was part of a community out reach web series called dash cam confessionals. the department's facebook post says i hope you enjoy this and taylor swift if you are watching we're sorry. that is great fun. >> that is really cute. if we were doing that you would get pulled over. >> true. 10 and 2. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. >> sandhya? >> that was great video. take a look at live doppler 7hd. we are talking about some fog around the bay area. and it is not going to be limited to a few spots. watch out in the morning when you first start off your weekend plans. we did get measurable rain. the radar site up to a third of an inch and santa rosa .07 and there were places like oakland, concord napa that had drizzle.
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the temperatures are in the 50s across the entire bay area. and here is our gray view from the exploratorium camera. it will start off foggy and drizzly. the spare the air tomorrow. and there is a chance of showers north bay for sunday. let's look at the cold front that came through. this is what brought us the moisture today. the high pressure quickly rebuilding. we are going to see a dry saturday afternoon. but on sunday this cold front here once again the southern end of the system will scrape the bay area. there is a chance of a few showers sunday morning for the authority bay. >> let's start off with sunday. clouds and fog and the ukiah area. you will see a little moisture showing up and really the shower chance looks pretty slim. spotty though for your sunday morning plans. i wouldn't change up any plans because by sunday afternoon there is just lingering cloud cover and sunny breaks. beyond sunday as we look at the extended computer model, the dry pattern continues and i have gone beyond january
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26th. right now it is looking like we will be closing out january with dry weather here in the bay area. not what you want to hear. and that means the tahoe area since you are traveling on the long holiday weekend we are not looking at snow. it is mostly cloudy. sunday evening there is a chance of some showers late. it will be windy. partly cloudy skies. if you are traveling back on martin luther king junior day, that's what you can expect. if you are going for a job it will be damp out there. temperatures in the 40s the 50s, fog in the valley and the coast and around the bay. then for your afternoon it will be a hazy day and a little more sun to the south and a little more cloud cover to the north. 61 in napa. 63 san francisco and 64 in oakland and palo alto and half moon bay and san jose. out toward the concord and livermore area. as you look at the seven-day forecast the spare the air
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alert and it is the 20th of the season and we are looking at a chance of a few showers on sunday morning in the north bay. monday which is a holiday for a lot of kids and you are doing outdoor things and it will be dry, partly cloudy. keeping it mild and dry tuesday through friday next week. as a matter of fact, as we head toward the end of the workweek, the models are hinting at the possibility of record warmth. >> really this. >> it is really just keep thinking. maybe february. maybe march. >> we are hoping. thank you, sandhya. >> well, it is new head coach day two in the bay area. >> larry beil has the details. >> this is pretty interesting. when mark davis called joshing del rio it was to -- called jack del rio it was to tell him he was not changing his mind. what lead to
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good evening. the raider maze have made their best move in years hiring jack del rio to take over as their new head coach. he needed to find somebody who finds the raiders' culture. del rio grew up in hayward as a kid going to raiders' games. he needed experience. del rio spent nine years as head coach in jacksonville. check there. he needed somebody to instill toughness. he played linebacker for 11 years in the nfl. he was rugged and he understands you need mental and physical toughness to win in the nfl. another check. at his news conference del rio called this opportunity his dream job. >> this was an organization that has been an excellent organization for a number of years, and it has fallen on hard times recently, but the foundation is in place. >> i told jack that i think i am going in a different direction. i am thinking of going more offensive. we have a young quarterback.
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whoa whoa whoa stop. i know about offense as well. when we met and he dissected the raiders' roster and he was able to tell me about each offensive player and that showed me he is ready to be here and take that part of the anxiety out of going with another defensive coach. >> the warriors try to extend their winning streak in okc, but without two key players.


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