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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 17, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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the dream continues. demonstrations today in the bay area carry on the message of martin luther king jr. hello. i'm katie marzullo. rallies on both side0s of the bay today calling for equality as the martin luther king, jr. holiday weekend begins. nick smith is live in san francisco with a look at how demonstrators are honoring the legacy of the civil rights leader. nick? reporter: you know, we covered two demonstrations today. both demonstrations were without incident. the group here loud but respectful. >> it upabout a dream but the fact that white society -- >> a group of about two dozen demonstrators took over the
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corner of 24th and mission street in an effort to, as they describe it, reclaim the legacy of martin luther king, jr. >> the struggle against racism, against economic inequality, basic social justice and what he fought for, we're fighting for today. >> theirs is one of several planned actions scheduled for the weekend. demonstrators intend to engage in nonviolent protests. >> we're going to get on the buss and talk to people who ride the buss and ask them to join the movement. >> a short time later a handful of members did that, boarding the number 49 muni. >> my people should not have to be -- >> across the bay in berkeley, things were heat but civil. state and local leaders got an earful from community members demanding an to end to what they say are policies by the city and law enforcement that unfairly target black and brown people. >> now is the time for people who claim to be the elected
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representatives of poor people, black people, oppressed people to grow some courage and be an institute policy solutions that are not a mystery to our community. reporter: berkeley mayor says he understands why some are frustrated and hope's today's forum will create a framework for cooperation and change. >> not just for the police but how people conducting themselves. the demonstrators, they're code of conduct. we need to look at both sides of the picture. reporter: they would like to turn today's forum into a positive message. they will open the floor again to the public on the 20th of this month and they hope to cross what they're calling a quote, sober response by february. >> more than a dozen people gathered out uncle sam's liquor and market in richmond today, where a police officer shot and killed 24-year-old richard speedy perez last summer.
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perez's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the officer and the police department. they claim perez was unarmed and had his hands up. the officer testified perez reached for his guam. >> petey was under the influence of alcohol, that he was having difficulty walking. emotionally not in a good frame of mind. even that only indicated that this officer should have nope better than to have used deadly force against a defenseless person. >> perez's blood-alcohol was three times the legal limit to try. the police chief says he is confident litigation will show the officer made a difficult but necessary decision to protect himself. at a time when police departments nationwide are under scrutiny for officer-involved shootings, people rallied in the nation's capitol to support officers. >> what do we say. >> right now. >> the wifes of three police officers in washington, dc
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organized this sea of blue march. demonstrators held signs reading "blue lives matter." organizers say police officers are not thanked enough for the danger the face in the line of duty. european nations are on high alert. one european official warns of quote, thousands of potential terrorists on he loose. >> armed soldiers in the streets of belgium. a scene playing out across europe. a continent today on high alert. >> that has been given is the thought of defense, of specific locations. >> in belgium the military joined police standing guard at potential terror targets. in germany ramped up security at transportation hubs and in the u.k., the police at their highest alert level ever indicating that an attack is highly likely. this follows belgian police raids on thursday that captured
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more than a dozen suspects foiling what authorities called an imminent plot to kill police officers. >> initial prediction was meant to dismantle a terrorist cell. >> that's raid left two suspects fade exposed a trove of ak-47s pistols, and police uniforms. europe is tightening the net around suspected terrorists. in 48 hours there have been almost three dozen terror related arrests in six countries, including four today in greece believed to be linked to the belgian plot. even security forces guarding -- beefing up. carrying tasers in addition to guns. france was already at its highest terror alert level. meanwhile, the brothers who launched the original attack in paris will both be buried in france. said kouachi was buried overnight and his brother will be bury yesterday in his home
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town outside paris. >> bay bridge crews are finishing up repairs on the western span. crews are replacing condition crete damaged by expansion joints that have deteriorated. the joints allow the bridge to expand and contract with temperatures and movement. repairs began back in november after cracks were discovered on the upper deck. the original expansion joints were installed when the bridge opened. >> after 9 years they just wore out -- after 79 years they just wore out. so we've been replacing them for a couple months and should finish up this week. >> while the joint work is wrapping up caltrans says to expect crews on the bridge now march. the work is done overnight and wrap upped by 5:00 a.m. drivers crossing the bay bridge heading into downtown san francisco will possibly face delays this weekend. today and tomorrow, fremont street will be closed between howard and full so many street
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from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. it's for construction work for the new transbay transit center. to politics. only a few weeks into 20125 and there's big buzz about who will run for president in 2016. mitt romney is now responding to rumors he is considering a third attempt. gloria riff ya reports from washington. >> this could be in moment that marks mitt romney's return. >> i'm give something serious consideration to the future. >> the former presidential nominee stood center stage the g.o.p.'s annual winter meeting friday night, addressing speculation he is thinking about a third try at the white house. >> we can win in 2016 as a party, in the house in the senate, and in the white house. >> it's a total 180 for romney who repeatedly said he is not running. he would face a packed field,ing through the third descendent on an american political dynasty, jeb bush.
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>> seriously considering running. >> some of the new pop already faces, chris christie who is sounding more and more like a candidate. >> we need to renew the spirit and hopes of our state, of our country and our people. >> and kentucky senator rand paul who told supporters in leaves he isn't worried about romney, saying there will be a big spirited debate over whether or not he has had his chance. rom ron wouldn't be the first to try and succeed on a third try. ronald reagan lost twice before moving into the white house. as for his wife, ann romney this is what the said last fall. >> we're not doing that again. it's a no. >> according to romney, she may be coming around. >> she believes that people get better with experience. heaven knows i have experience running for president. >> gloria rivera, washington. >> a sign of changing times. still to come, a heartfelt farewell to a father and son who became a same at -- staple at
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san francisco street corner. >> taco bell nostalgia, rotes are scrambling to save a fastfood restaurant. >> i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we're seeing clouds thickening on this saturday evening ahead of a cold front. that will bring showers to parts of he region.
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>> uplands strike has been averted after kaiser permanente announced a tentative deal was reached with the california nurses association. the contract would cover 18,000 nurses at kaiser permanente
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hospital. union members vote on the new contract over the next month meanwhile no contract talks are scheduled for some 33,000 kaiser psychologists, therapists and social workers who just held a week-long walkout statewide. today is the last day a father and son duo will sell the san francisco chronicle newspaper from a corner the city's sunset district. the publication has decided to stop selling papers in surrounding neighborhoods and focus on sales in the city where there's more commuter traffic. 64-year-old daniel louie has sold papers here since 99, his son eric since 1987. saying they outlasted dozens of others who sold in the area, that is until now. >> selling papers here with my son on our last saturday here in january, 2015. we're closing out our days and vague our farewells to customers and the people who have seen us over the many years. >> the number of neighborhood vendors affected is not known
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but louie says the chronicle stopped all sales except for downtown. an effort is growing to save the world's first taco bell building located in downey just south of los angeles. the fastfood chain started there in 1962 but the company shut down the restaurant years ago. taco bell tweeted a picture showing the restaurant when it was open. a developer now owns the vacant building and the downey conservancy is concerned bet the future. downey is also home to the world's longest operating mcdonald's. >> faster than a speeding bullet. a look at the effort to build a car designed to reach a thousand miles an hour and what's really the motivation behind this need for speed. a live look for you now from the emeryville camera. a pleasant day out there as we take you live outside with this look. warmer weather coming our way when abc7
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east palo alto's free wi-fi for the city's underserved community is going offline. officials say it is expected to go dark in the coming months due to aging equipment and declining use. they used to have 8,000 users a month and now have 2,000. officials say the cost of repairing and replacing equipment nearly a decade old are factors in the decision. a project to build a car that can travel a thousand miles an hour is nearing completion. this is video from the creators of the car, bloodhound ssc. the british engineers want to break the world land speed record and create a car that's faster than a speeding bullet. the colassal engineering feat requires a vehicle capable of
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producing 135,000-horsepower, more than six times the power of all the formula one cars on a starting grid put together. science working on the project say their main hope is that it it will promote science and engineering. >> the big story now is about the education. we have a very big problem in terms of the shortages of engineers. we need an enormous numbers of graduates, like 830,000 by 2020 so at least 100,000 a year, and we're only produce: 30,000 a year. >> scientists expect to put the car to the test and attempt to break the super sonic barrier in september. and to our own scientist now, coons 7 news meteorologist drew tuma with the forecast. >> i like the way you said that. talking about a little drizzle happening overnight especially north bay. and that's where live doppler 7hd was tracking drizzle this morning but that's moved out and ruling now we have dry sky. we had sunshine earlier on but that sunshine has now faded
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behind a thick veil of cloud cover ahead of our next cold front, that will luckily bring us showers overnight. temperatureswise, if you're stepping outside this evening it's comfortable. 59 san carlos. a 57, san francisco, 52 fairfield. 58, san jose. right now, oakland 56 degrees. satellite and radar shows you the cold front. clouds approaching from the west. showers the heaviest in washington and in oregon right now, and most of the rain going to stay north of the bay area again. the reason why high pressure keeping moisture into canada. we'll see a couple of drops especially after midnight tonight. so take you through the forecast into future mode overnight tomorrow morning by 9:00 on sunday, it is a few pops of showers popping up around santa rosa, napa. so the north bay has the best shot of seeing drizzle the next 24 hours. gets out of here with the afternoon. more sunshine in the inland east bay and south bay will see mainly sunny skies by sunday
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afternoon. as we take a look at the long-range forecast, trying to find any sense will there be a big storm on the horizon, will the next ten days looks like the dry pattern continues which is unfortunate, especially when we talk about san francisco because we have yet to see any measurable rain this january. the record for driest january was actually last year. we only got .06 of an inch of rain. so lookly this year may break that record being the driest january we have, and by the way, average rainfall for this month? four and a half inches. typically one of our wettest months all year. overnight lows in the bay area, 48, santa rosa 49, napa. drizzle. 46, palo alto, falling to 48. concord, mixture of stars and clouds. tomorrow highs 66. 65 milpitas. peninsula, 62, san san mateo. 61 downtown san francisco tomorrow. 60 for the sunset district. north bay more clouds than
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sunshine tomorrow after the drizzle moves out. 62 petaluma. 64 napa 63, vallejo. east bay, 62. inland spots sunshine by the afternoon, and pretty warm. 66 concord. 65 pittsburg. the sevenday forecast calls for the a.m. drizzle in the north bay, mlk day looking good and dry, peeks of sunshine. partly cloudy tuesday and then we start a warmup. wednesday, into thursday, lot of areas in the mid-to-upper 60s and then friday and saturday look at that. some 70s popping up on the board. by this time next week some spots along the coast may hit 70 degrees. >> i don't know if i can handle it. better than the cold as we all know. thank you, meteorologist. over to sportologyist now. a fancy title. >> sportsologyist. i'll take it. nfl, 14 left two games. trying to get a spot in the
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super bowl. two great
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the toughest gamed to win in the nfl are tomorrow because they put you in the super bowl. the defending champion seahawks looking to become the first team to reach back-to-back super bowls since the patriots in 2004 and 2005. they have to go through the green bay packers led by one-legged aaron rodgers, had a slightly torn calf mussel. seattle's defense needs to make him rein around and rodgers knows he has to be smart with the ball. >> just a matter of playing within your limits with the injury. been pretty smart about it. haven't had a lot of extra damage and hopefully keeps getting better. >> great players have a way of figuring it out, how to adapt and get it done. that's part of why they're great. the did fine. he didn't take off didn't have to scramble but moved beautifully on the touchdown pass he through.
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we're counting on him to be right on the money with their offense and things they want to do and if it's different we'll adjust. >> in the action, a, andrew luck and the colts trying to knock off tom brady and the patriot thursday new england. tough duty but if there's an upset, the colts can pull it off. tom brady look fourth his six them super bowl appearance and playing at a very high level. a great supporting cast and has the experience over andrew luck. this will be luck's first afc title game and also playing well knocking off the broncos last week. the moment is never too big for this guy. >> it's football. it's plays. same size field. still got to do your job. still if you make mistakes, you'll be punished. win or go home. so i don't think the guys in the locker room feel added pressure. >> nothing is easy. they want to get up in your face and make your make the plays. so that's what we have to be ready to do. ready for that type of challenge. hopefully we can go out there
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and it execute against it. they make it tough on you. >> winners on the ware to super bowl xlix in arizona. >> college hoops, santa clara, the broncos hosting. both teams 2-4 in the conference. clark came out firing. first two shots were threes and a four-point play here. he had 23. ten three's senior santa clara. brownridge dries and lays it in. santa clara wins 7 or 64. dons lost five out of their last six. >> yankees pitcher c. c. stab bath ya in the bay area for his annual youth camp. the vallejo native does this every year and today hosted boys and girls in grades one through eight at vallejo high school. the goal is to get youth a chance to experience good get interested in baseball. coaches came out to help. >> we know this support we get from the commune it's awesome
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to come back and do this in my home town, on my field. feels good. i'm happy to see so many kids coming out. the numbers are down playing baseball in the inner city so getting the kids out here, hopely we can get them to sign up for little league. >> good man great cause thereof see pro athletes giving back. >> met me pose a question. how do you corral donkeys on the loose in malibu? we'll show you ♪i can show you the world♪ ♪shining, shimmering, splendid♪
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we have breaking news out of oakland where about 100 people are marching against police brutality. this is a live picture on the ground for you right now. the rally at bancroft avenue. the group is marching towards the east mont police substation. the rally has been peaceful. the first of three to he build in oakland over the martin luther king, jr. weekend. we'll have updates tonight at 6:00 also on twitter. finally tonight, at 5:00, pair of donkeys blocking traffic and getting attention in malibu. take a look. they were a bit curious approaching homes checking things out and how too you round up loose donkeys inmalibu? with a mercedes-benz, of course the animal's owner was able to lead them back safely on to the property. not something you expect to see. see you again at 6:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." tracking terror. the international hunt for sleeper cells. u.s. investigators joining the fight to stop the attack. and tonight, armed guards from capital to capital were worldwide warning. teenage manhunt, the young bonnie and clyde on the run, forging checks, stealing cars, carrying guns. where the pair was last seen, the tips pouring in tonight. blown away -- the papal poncho mother nature cutting short pope plans france is /* /*' visit in the philippines. what happened to force this plane and its fleet right off the runway. and flying debris. the highway nightmare that happens more often than you might think. the injuries, the fatalities. what you need to know.


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