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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  January 17, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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again at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." tracking terror. the international hunt for sleeper cells. u.s. investigators joining the fight to stop the attack. and tonight, armed guards from capital to capital were worldwide warning. teenage manhunt, the young bonnie and clyde on the run, forging checks, stealing cars, carrying guns. where the pair was last seen, the tips pouring in tonight. blown away -- the papal poncho mother nature cutting short pope plans france is /* /*' visit in the philippines. what happened to force this plane and its fleet right off the runway. and flying debris. the highway nightmare that happens more often than you might think. the injuries, the fatalities. what you need to know.
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good evening, thanks for joining us on this saturday, i'm cecilia vega. we begin with the trail of terror, armed guards on alert around the globe. and right here at home tonight. in france, soldiers on patrol in train stations across the country. in belgium police checking i.d.s outside of government buildings and here in new york the nypd training its officers for the most serious threat, active shooters. worldwide terror alert sounding alarms tonight. alex marquart from brussels. >> reporter: a sight not seen in 30 years. hundreds of armed soldiers in the streets of belgium as europe braces for possible terror attacks. in 48 hours there's been 3 dozen terror arrests across the continent as security forces beefed up in belgium, germany
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and france against what the top counter terrorism says could be thousand of potential terrorists in the ux the highest alert level for the police meaning an attack against them is highly likely. it's not just the police. but the jewish communities as well. so much so soldiers are standing guard outside of the jewish museum. in paris, outside of a synagogue. do you feel the jewish community is targeted? >> reporter: europe's fears now rattling the u.s. the the police training more for active shooter training. >> more world-type activity. >> reporter: prove europe is watching this. europe counter terrorism chief said american intelligence already foiled attacks in europe
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and in the case of belgium, u.s. officials tell us they knew about it for some time. >> alex marquardt leading us off tonight. thank you. abc's chief correspondent martha raddatz joins us. you heard alex talk about the u.s. involvement in the global terror hunt. the pentagon now promising to send a thousand new troops to train syrian rebels in the fight against isis. how will this work? >> a lot will be support troops. security, the actual number of trainers will probably be around 400, but still more than we thought. the training will take place in qatar, saudi arabia turkey. the goal is to train these moderate rebels and send them back to syria to protect their own community, but also to eventually go on the offensive against isis and try to take back territory. but the glaring problem here is this training will take a long time. they expect only about 5,000 rebels to be trained in the first year. it will take a whole lot more than that to start taking back territory.
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>> martha, thanks to you. martha will have much more on the latest terror threats when she hosts "this week" tomorrow morning. next we turn to the weather. black ice triggering a 20-vehicle accident in oregon. right there you see two trucks carrying hazardous materials. four people injured. and in the northeast, chone-chilling cold here. ice skaters outside boston braving windchills in the teen. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano you're telling me there's another storm on the way? >> with the cold air you worry about snow but some warm air is going to move in. let's look what will go down. maybe freezing rain north of new york in the morning and heaviest snows tomorrow night will be across northern new england, including vermont and new hampshire. heavy rain for boston. big championship game happening there. i think weather will be a factor. also in seattle, the pacific northwest for the other championship game, winds gusting 40 to 50 miles an hour. go seahawks.
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>> okay, rob, bundle up for those games, thank you. weather also causing trouble for pope francis in the philippines. his visit to part of the country devastated by a typhoon, cut short. a tropical storm forcing the pope and now of the faithful to wear these yellow ponchos. papal plane taking off fine but howling winds blew another plane following him to manilla clear off the runway. more from abc's ryan owens. >> reporter: the second the pope walked off his plane in manila, his papal cap blew off. perhaps a divine sign this trip to the philippines would not go as planned. still, pope francis was determined to meet with survivors of the 2013 super typhoon that devastated the tacioban region. then, to celebrate, outdoor mass for 15,000 of the faithful. the pointiff donned a poncho but, once again, the weather here proved too much. this time a tropical storm approaching. the pope telling the crowds he had to cut the mass short and fly out four hours early.
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i'm sad about this, truly saddened. we barely had time to get to the airplane. it turns out the pope cut it close. just as he left, a plane carrying government officials overshot the runway. no one was injured, but a young woman was killed when a gust of wind toppled scaffolding near the stage where the pope had been. tonight, the pope is back in manila where tomorrow he will celebrate mass outside again. millions of catholics expected to attend. ryan owen, abc news, los angeles. and here at home a troubling security breach at an american airport. an faa employee flying out of atlanta was arrested at new york's laguardia airport with a gun in his carry-on bag. the employee, an aviation inspector, was reportedly in the plane's cockpit with the crew. the faa says it will now suspend a program allowing inspectors to bypass tsa security check points. and next the urgent manhunt
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for a teenaged bonnie and clyde. still on the run tonight. they dodged investigators across the south and now reports of new sightings of the pair. police calling them brazen and dangerous. abc's linzie janis has the latest. >> reporter: tonight police chasing every lead in their hunt for this real-life bonnie and clyde. now revealing they believe 18-year-old dalton hayes and 13-year-old cheyenne phillips may be in florida's panhandle. the pair managing to stay a step ahead of authorities for 13 days now. >> as of right now they have not committed any violent acts. it is slowly escalating. >> reporter: their apparent crime spree from kentucky to carolinas and georgia. the young outlaws allegedly breaking into homes, forging stolen checks and stealing three pickup trucks. the last with two loaded guns inside. >> what we're trying to stop from happening is the worst-case scenario.
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that is the police getting in a pursuit and dalton flees and hurts her or himself. on january 3rd, hayes announced the couple's engagement on facebook. the next day, hayes' mother says she confronted phillips who she says had been lying about her age, telling the family she was 19. >> i text cheyenne and told her the police are looking for her. she asked why. i said evidently you're under age. >> reporter: the parents of both teens now pleading with them to surrender before someone gets hurt. the police say they've been spotted at homeless camps along florida's panhandle. there's also reports the teens have been asking for money to pay for gas and food. >> they're a step ahead of law enforcement. thank you. turning to a mysterious shooting in california a hollywood real estate mogul shot several times at close range as he sat in his rolls royce in a
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parking lot off sunset boulevard. he is in critical condition tonight. witnesses say a man riding a bicycle opened fire and then rode away. the suspect is still at large. next to the flu touching every part of the country. emergency rooms slammed. 24 states now reporting a high level of flu-related illnesses and along with it a troubling rise in the number of children whose lives it cut short. here's bazi kanani. >> reporter: this flu season showing no mercy. some hospitals in hard-hit areas are overwhelmed. >> sometimes we have to go on what is called divert, where we have to close our hospital doors to ambulances and they have to be redirected. >> reporter: a push to protect children, disinfecting classroom, shutting down schools in south dakota, oklahoma and massachusetts. the cdc reports another 19 children have died from the flu, bringing the pediatric death toll up to 45. this year's vaccine, a
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disappointing 23% effective on average. the elderly and very young always most at risk but the flu can strike anyone. in new jersey, 40-year-old nicole bourne, an active mother, was taking care of her sick family when she succumbed to the virus and in oregon, 36-year-old leslie collins was out grocery shopping just one day before he died. the flee season with several weeks to go. >> i want people to know that, you know, it does happen and you do have to be careful. >> reporter: the flu season is still peaking in some areas, with several weeks to go. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. >> and abc's senior medical contributor, dr. jen ashton joins us now. we heard bazi say sadly this flu killed people who were completely healthy until they got this. what are you telling patients? >> we have to take this seriously. the first thing is, if you are diagnosed with the flu or you suspect you have it, minute niese contact with other people. you really want to stay home if possible. if you notice shortness of breath or difficulty breathing and you're getting worse not better, those can be warning signs you want to see a doctor. in terms of antiviral medication, you have to remember that's not just for treatment of
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people who are diagnosed with the flu, it also may be appropriate for those exposed to the flu. >> all good things to remember. thank you very much. next to politics and a stunning case of deja vu. at the gop's annual winter meeting. all eyes on mitt romney who said emphatically he would never run for the white house again. but it turns out the third time might be the charm. abc's gloria rivera explains. >> reporter: taking center stage and receiving a standing ovation, mitt romney's political about-face -- >> i'm giving some serious consideration to the future. >> reporter: -- got mixed reviews. >> a lot of people on the committee as well as around the country want to see how the other horses get out of the gate before running too quickly to one camp or the other. >> the more the merrier is how i feel. >> reporter: it was last fall romney's wife, anne, told abc -- >> we're not doing that again. >> reporter: -- now he said she's changed her mind. >> she believes people get better with experience.
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>> reporter: that, the two-time presidential candidate has, which could help against jeb bush or new jersey governor chris christie and fresh-faced "kentucky senator, rand paul, who said there will be a big spirited debate over whether or not he had his chance. >> the president, ronald reagan, lost twice before winning in 1980. >> it may seem early to talk about the campaign. consider this. in 2007 hillary clinton declared her run on january 20th. president obama, february 10. days from where we are now. so, get ready for the race in 2016. >> getting ready. thank you. and join our abc news political team for the president's annual state of the union address along with a republican response tuesday night beginning at 9:00 eastern. now, to one man who refused to give up trying time and time again to fulfill a quest. a climber, breaking records when he finally reached north america's highest peak, and
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this, under the most difficult circumstances, alone, in the dark, in january bitter cold. here's abc's michelle franzen with the story of incredible determination. >> reporter: this is heaven on earth for climber lonnie dupre. emotion taking over after scaling north america's highest peak, alaska's mt. mckinley, also known as denali. at over 20,000 feet, this moment is literally breathtaking. >> i broke down. just being grateful i was so alive, i didn't want to push my luck. spent ten minutes and got out of there. >> reporter: with a frozen face and beard, he earned bragging rights as the first solo climber to achieve the feat in january, the darkest and coldest month on the summit. >> it's extremely lonely because you're going at the darkest time of the year. >> reporter: winds reaches 100 miles an hour and temperatures
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plunged to 51 degrees below zero. grit and determination paid off after three other attempts. >> i'm like a dog on a bone. i can't give up. >> reporter: even though the journey is over. still on top of the world. michelle franzen, abc news, new york. we have much more ahead on "world news tonight." coming up, high-speed nightmare, tires, debris, even pieces of furniture suddenly flying right at you. it's a bigger risk than you might think. what not to do when danger strikes on the highway. and check out what else is striking on the road -- ♪ the growing phenomenon of dash cam divas.
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year. here's abc's gio benitez what you need to know if it happens to you. >> with the dash cam rolling the toronto driver catches a tire coming straight at him. and then -- watch again, in slow motion. on the other side of the highway there's a car that loses the tire. it bounces over the median. and there it is right there. another car swerving to miss it. this guy's car, not so lucky. incredibly, he's okay and talking about it. >> everything was happening so quickly. there was no time to react. >> reporter: and if you think this was just some sort of freak accident, think again. turns out this kind of thing happens more than you think. road debris caused 51,000 crashes and at least 440 deaths in 2010 alone. >> when it does happen it can be very serious, can lead to serious injury and death. >> reporter: experts remind drivers, even though it seems obvious, maintain those cars and
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if you have loads secure them. bob's daughter was blinded in road debris accident now she's trying to make it illegal in washington state to not properly secure loads. >> secure your load as if everyone you love is driving in the vehicle behind you. >> reporter: what to do if something like this is coming at you. experts say if the road debris is small, it's best to just drive over it. and if you have no choice, swerve. but remember that can cause you to lose control. the drivers of all cars on that highway lucky that no one was hurt. gio benitez, "new york. still, another sky high record set. where else but in manhattan. wait until you hear how much someone paid for this penthouse, the most expensive apartment in new york, ever. and the priceless reaction
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straight to the index. starting with a land mark event to mark a milestone in civil rights struggle of our nation. oprah winfrey will lead the cast members of the oscar nominated film, "selma" on a commemorative march in selma, alabama tomorrow honoring the birthday of martin luther king jr. up next new york city real estate reaches a soaring new height. take a look at this. a penthouse apartment selling for $100 million. the 11,000 square foot apartment occupies the 89th and 90th floors. it's now the most expensive
5:53 pm
single family home in new york's history. how is this for a birthday present? the cast and crew of tv land's "hot in cleveland." surprised betty white on her 93rd birthday with a flash hula mob. but even more surprising -- take a listen -- her reaction. >> i'm 93, you shouldn't be doing this to me! >> very happy 93rd birthday to betty white. and when we come back, another kind of impromptu performance. the rise of the dash cam diva. and finally tonight, ♪ people with type 2 diabetes come from all walks of life. if you have high blood sugar ask your doctor about farxiga. it's a different kind of medicine that works by removing some sugar from your body. along with diet and exercise farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes.
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fast. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. and finally tonight, sometimes you just can't help but belt it out from behind the wheel but what if you're a police officer on patrol, throw in a little taylor swift and dashboard camera, well, you have a recipe for a viral video. here's abc's david wright.
5:57 pm
>> in dover delaware, master corporal jeff davis cranks up to taylor swift and proceeds to shake it off. the words he learned from his 10-year-old daughter -- the moves -- ♪ shake shake shake ♪ >> reporter: -- he got them down. who among us hasn't indulged their inner diva behind the wheel. ♪ you got nothing to do but worry about -- >> this woman wasn't even aware her husband was filming. >> ah! >> this father in western england. >> joining his little girl in a duet. ♪ let it go ♪ >> reporter: in our household, the little divas, sometimes prove to be on an endless loop. >> i can't take it anymore! >> reporter: the dover cop knew he was being filmed.
5:58 pm
the best thing, watch this, move along, please, nothing to look at here. how you doing? the world outside has no idea what he's up to. and, doesn't miss a beat ♪ oh my god ♪ >> reporter: david wright, abc news. new york. >> shake it off. "gma" and "this week" in the morning. we'll see you right back here tomorrow night. thanks for spending your saturday with us. have a good evening.
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next on abc7 news at 6:00. traffic shut down in oakland. one of several protests across the bay area today including one going on right now. a thief caught on video steals sentimental valuables from a school teacher. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. rallies across the bay area this one in oakland today shut down the intersection at grand avenue and lake park avenue. obama oakland tweeted out a picture saying oakland clergy came out and took the intersection. good evening, i'm katie marzullo. the movie o'sell mo" about martin luther king, jr. day's fight against oppressions in the 1960s. this weekend protests in the bay area have a similar goal. this want minorities protected
6:00 pm
from police violence. we have live team coverage in oakland at a protest happening right now. reporter: barriers are up here at the east mont police station in east oakland. police are bracing for demonstrators who are marching here and should rave at any moment. here's video from bancroft avenues they are on their way. to there of demonstrations planned throughout the martin luther king, jr. holiday weekend. a group of 100 or so gathered at fruitvale station and are march though substation and protesting police violence. they've been chanting things like "black lives matter," "killer cops have to go" and "no justice no peace." police have increased patrols and officeres have been following the crowd. we also saw chp officers


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