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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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protected from police violence. we have live team coverage in oakland at a protest happening right now. reporter: barriers are up here at the east mont police station in east oakland. police are bracing for demonstrators who are marching here and should rave at any moment. here's video from bancroft avenues they are on their way. to there of demonstrations planned throughout the martin luther king, jr. holiday weekend. a group of 100 or so gathered at fruitvale station and are march though substation and protesting police violence. they've been chanting things like "black lives matter," "killer cops have to go" and "no justice no peace." police have increased patrols and officeres have been following the crowd. we also saw chp officers
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stationed near freeway onramps just in case demonstrators try get on if that's what they plan to do. again, police are here waiting for that crowd. even though there was 100 to begin with it looks luke the crowd has dwindled a bit but they are on the way. many holding signs and chanting and this is one of many protests expected to happen throughout the holiday weekend. live in oakland, abc7 news. >> today protesters in berkeley confronted local leader about a need for change, in and in san francisco a group peacefully spread their mission in the mission district. that's where we find nick smith. >> good evening. protesters tell me there will be demonstrations throughout the holiday weekend, some scheduled, others will be spontaneous. >> the people are taking to the streets. >> demonstratorsors to took the street and to the bull horn. >> a lot to fight for.
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>> they describe it as an effort to reclaim the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. >> i believe very much as a latina that the black struggle and advancements for black people is necessary for all humanity to move forward. reporter: there's is one of several planned actions scheduled to happen over the weekend to recognize the work start by the slain civil rights leader. demonstrators intend to show power by engaging in nonviolent protests. burt supporters weren't the only ones attending the rally. the san francisco'ed made their presence known while keeping a respectful distance. >> also going to get on the buss and talk to people who ride the buss and ask them to join the movement. reporter: a short time later a handful of members did just that. boarding the number 49 muni. >> across the by the berkeley things were heated bit civil. state and local leaders at a city council special meeting got an earful from community members
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demanding an end to what they say are policies that unfairly target black and brown people. >> now is he time for people who claim to be eelected representatived of for people, black people, oppressed people to grow insome courage and begin continue constitute policy solutions that are not a mystery to our community. >> berkeley mayor says he understands why some are frustrated and hopes the for you. will create a framework for cooperation and change againing everyone. >> we have smart council, we have greater community and we can think about these things and come up with real solutions to put in place. reporter: nick smith, abc7 news. >> dozens recall degreed the nation's capital to support men and women in blue. the so-called sea of blue march was led by wives of police officers. they feel like their husbands and their husbands' coworkers
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are under siege and feel unsported. more than a dozen people gathered outside uncle sam's liquor store today where a police officer shot and killed 24-year-old richard perez last summer. the family filed a wrongful death lawsuit this morning against the officer ask the richmond police department. they claim perez was unarmed and had his hands up during the incident. the officer testified perez had reached for his gun. >> petey at the time was under the influence of alcohol, that he was having difficulty walking, emotionally not in a good frame of mind-that even that only indicated this officer should have known better than use deadly force against a defenseless person. >> perez's blood-alcohol level was three times the legal limit to drive. richmond police chief says he is confident litigation will show the officer made a difficult but necessary decision to protect himself. new details on the man fremont police officer shot and killed yesterday near harvey
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park. his name has not been released but we know he was 48 years old and from hayward. officers responded to the area after reports of a man brandishing a night. one officer fired a taser, the other fired his service weapon. fremont official says details will be released soon. no officers or residents were hurt. authorities across the bay area are searching for gunmen who killed four people execution style in san francisco last week. three members of the mack gang and one other person were shot execution style. yesterday vic lee reported that san francisco police now have the car used in the shooting. it was rented from a hertz office in walnut creek and then returned this week. no arrests have been made but police believe this is a big step in tracking down the shooters. a teacher in san jose is using facebook to try to catch a
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thief. the crime happened thursday afternoon at most holy trinity school after the kids had again home. an eighth agreed teacher posted a video of a man who came into this classroom, looked around and picked up a red bag and ran off. the teach ever says his $400 wedding ring, plus two ipads worth $500 d $500 in gift cards, $400 in car and i.d. were all in there here's a look at the car the man was driving. if you can help find the man you're asked to call san jose police. today is to the "spare the air" day of the season. the bay area air quality management district banned the burning of logs or solid fuels because of harmel levels of air pollution. the sky is fairly hazy and heavy with cloud cover and at the golden gate bridge, it's a lighter haze but still present in the air. further north we could see, though some wet weather coming.
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that could help. abc7 news meteorologist drew drew has a live look at the live doppler 7hd. >> we'll gate break from the "spare the air" tomorrow. a cold front moving through, churning up the atmosphere to get the haze out. if your headed out this evening, temperatures are holding pretty steady under mainly cloudy skies, kind of acting like a blanket, not allowing warmth to escape. after midnight we do have the change of drizzle moving in. take a look at the forecast animation. some light showers tomorrow morning on your sunday. around santa rosa even napa, anything we see less than a tenth of an inch. we'll let you know if there's larger storms on the hours. i'm tracking a warmup. the numbers in just a few minutes. >> right now crews are finishing up repairs on the western span of the bay bridge. i the replaced expansion joints that deteriorated. those joints allow the bridge to expand and contract with temperatures and movement.
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repairs began back in november after cracks were discovered in the upper deck. caltrans says to expect crews on the bridge until march doing other maintenance work. the work is done overnight and wraps up by 5:00 a.m. still to come on abc7 news at 6:00, the return of bill cosby. what people in one california town are saying about his first standup show in the area since the flood of rape allegations surfaced. a sign of the times. a newspaper in san francisco the tradition that is coming to an end this weekend. a ten-year transformation, you can get a first hand look at th
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tomorrow bill cosby will perform for the first time in northern california since facing a fluoroy of accusations he drugged and raped women. the show is in turlock. 0 the common opinion is cosby shouldn't be on stage at all. >> i didn't think he probably should lay low until it all comes about, and it's all over. >> turlock theatre management says if one wants to get rid of tickets they'll help find buyer. >> a father and son due quo sold their last "san franciscoon tell" newspaper today. because the publication decided to stop selling papers in surrounding neighborhoods and focus on sales in the city where there's more commuter traffic. 64-year-old dan you louie has sold papers here since 1999.
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his son eric, since 1987. they say they've outlasted dozens of others who sold in the area until now. >> and selling papers here with my son on our last saturday here in january 2015. we're closing out our day and say our farewells to customers and the people who have seen us over the many years. >> the number of neighborhood vendors affected is not known but louie says the "chronicle" stopped all sales except for downtown. up next at 6:00 peaceful way for your family to spend mlk day that won't cost you a penny. and we'll look at how the weather is shaping up these next two days. abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma has the forecast. >> your gs warriors coming off the first lost in nine games and hope to rebound against the rockets in houston
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banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can. tech noble larry ellison is using billions of dollars to save the bay year's smallest lives. he is teaming up with animal welfare advocates to establish a wildlife breeding program for endangered species and rescue center for injured animals. the site is near the mountain winery and will help protect
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insects, reptiles reptiles reptiles and amphibians. on monday you can see how a habitat can be brought back to life. conservationists purchased the sears point ranch. it was used for cattle grazing and is now a marsh and teaming with wildlife. conservationists say they are amazed how quickly the transformation has taken place the 2.5-mile trail in the marsh will be open from 9:00 until 2:00. another great outdoor option for monday, muir woods national monument. there's no entrance fee at that park or any other national park in honor of martin luther king, jr.'s birthday. other parks with fees waived include has send sequoia national park and yosemite national park. >> the question is, will the weather cooperate for what is a three-day weekend for many?
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drew? >> going to be a great weekend. the only fly in the unionment if you want to have outdoor activities would be early tomorrow morning in the north bay. we're tracking a little dries. live doppler 7hd giving us the all-clear on a saturday evening. taking you live outside atop the gyo studios and just a light breeze outside. temperatures the 50s. a nice night to be out and about around the city of san francisco. we open up the almanac on the 17th day of january, across the bay area temperatures are at or before normal temperatures. san jose, getting to 61 degrees which is one degree above their normal of 60 this time of year. outside right now 55 in oakland 52 concord 55, san jose 57 san carlos, 56, san francisco santa rosa 55. satellite and radar shows you we are tracking a cold front
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approaching thing region from the west. the clouds are thickening and then the chance of sprinkles comes but you notice a lot of this moisture staying to the north. and this blocking any rain from moving in. the best bet for showers after midnight and before noon tomorrow in the north bay. so, look into the future. the long-range forecast see if he can find any stronger storms on the horizon. unfortunately it looks like this dry pattern is going to continue for at least the next ten days, which is not great news. this may go down as the driest january on record in san francisco. we have yet to see any measurable rain this month. the record for driest january was last year where we saw .06 of an inch of rain. this average rain this month, four and a half inches. typically one of the wettest months all year. right now looks like we may end the month without any rainfall. overnight lows 40s in the north bay drizzle.
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51 san francisco, 58 oakland 47, san jose. highs for sunday thinks north bay has a tough time clearing out the cloud cover so peeks of sunshine around santa rosa napa richmond, with temperatures in the low to mid-60s. around the bay and sought bay sunshine even inland east bay temperatures in mid-and upper 60s. 61, san francisco. 66, san jose. oakland, 62. so the accuweather forecast calls for the a.m. drizzle. for mlk day of service on monday, it's dry, with peeks of sunshine. a mainly cloudy day with temperature tuesday the low to mid-60s. on tuesday much of the cloud cover goes out. mostly sunny mid-60s. wednesday, tracking tons of sunshine and a warmup on the way. notice as we get into lake week and early next weekend temperatures start to get into the 70s. this time next week we could see
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70s even along the coast. so unfortunately looking for significant storms, just not seeing it so could do gown as one therefore dry nest record. >> a lovely summer forecast. >> feels like july. >> thanks, drew. >> sure. >> over to shu. everything seasonal in your world? >> it is seasonal and the warriors' eight game win streak came to hand end at okc. getting right back on he horse facing the rockets in houston. thompson and the dunk, we're tied. to the second, iguodala to holliday the alley-oop. golden state in turnover trouble. nine in the first half. right now the warriors lead 64-59 at the half. highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. in college hoops. santa claray, the broncos hosting usf.
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can't party at levi center. clark, came out firing. first two shots for threes and fouled. four of clark's i five field goalson the arc. he had 23. ten threes for santa clara, led by 11 at the half. brown lays it in off the glass. dons have lost five of the lost six. >> we beat a great team that we knew was going to play hard and it was the game right now. all i was focused on is this game, this has been like one of the longest rivalries in sports. so just playing in this game is an honor. >> to the nfl toughestest games to win tomorrow in the conference title games because they put you in the super bowl. the defending champions seahawks looking to become the first team reach back-to-back super poles since 2004 and 2005. they got to get past the green bay packers led hi one-legged aaron rodgerss.
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has a slightly torn calf muscle. seattle's defense needs to get him out of the pocket, make him run around and rodgers know he has to be smart with the ball. >> just a matter of replying within your limits with the injury. they're pretty smart about it. haven't caused a whole lot of damage and hopefully it gets better. >> great players have a way to figure it out and adapt and get it done and still play. that's why they're great. he did fine. he didn't take off, didn't have to scramble but moved beautifully on the touchdown pass he threw. >> in the afc andrew luck and colts trying to knock you've tom brady and the patriots in new england. now, tough dutiy, but if there is an upset i think the colts can pull it off. tom brady rooking for his sixth super bowl appearance. has the great supporting cast and the experience over andrew
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luck. andrew's first afc title game. he is also playing well, knock offing peyton manning and broncos last week. the moment, i must say, is never too big for this guy. >> it's football. it's plays. same size field. still got to do your job. if you make mistakes you'll be punished. win-win -- win or go home. >> nothing is easy. they want to get up in your face and make you make the plays. so, that's what we have to be ready to do. have to be ready for that type of challenge. hopefully we can good out there and execute against it. but they make it tough on you. >> yankees pitcher c. c. sabathia back in the bay area for the youth camp for the cc pitch-in foundation. the vallejo native does this ever year and today hosted boys and girls in grades one through eight at vallejo high school. the goal is to get the youth a chance to experience and get interested in baseball. over 30 prep and college coaches
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come out to help. >> the support from the community, it's awesome to come do this in hi home town and hi moment field. happy to see so many kids coming down. numbers are down playing baseball in the inner city. so getting the kids out here hopefully get them to sign up for little league. >> this sports report brought to you by bank of the west. warriors and sharks highlights tonight at 11:00, plus, collin rush goes one-on-one with raid is head coach jack del rio and i want to give a shotout the girl scout troupe of mill valley in the house tonight watching the news. >> hi, girls: always nice to have a live studio audience. >> can't hear them but they're cheering right now. >> i think you're just hearing nat your head. thank you, shu. >> dressed in pink and ready for a thrill. next on abc7 news at 6:00. why a roller
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join us tonight at on kofy tv 20. tell you about the good news college athletes received today, especially those who become seriously injured. they have been at 11:00 here on channel 7, warning for check writers. how some people are taking advantage of banking apps and double dipping by cashing your checks twice. six flags discovery kingdom is turning pink. part of a five-week event at the park in vallejo to find a cure for breast cancers. six flags sent us this video of
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survivors riding the roller coaster. it was to symbolize the ups and downs of cancer. the women got to pet the dolphins as well. breast cancer is the most common cancer among women. six flags is selling a special pink ticket online. proceeds go to the susan g. komen breast cancer foundation. awesome. hope they had the best time today. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. for drew tuma, mike shumann i'm katie
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