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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 17, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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ge protesters are demanding. ♪ ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can.
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. protests across the bay area today stopping traffic and ending in some areshts. demonstrators calling for an end to police violence. elissa harrington joins us live from san francisco where one protest has just wrapped up. elissa elissa? >> reporter: katy, demonstrations will continue happening throughout the mlk holiday weekend. 18th and castro is back open but protesters shut down the intersection for a good hour. they're urging the lgbt community to take a stand and fight back against racism. a march in east oakland. a civil rights slide show.
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a rally in san francisco's castro district. these are just a few of several demonstrations happening in the bay area over the martin luther king jr. holiday weekend. protests against police violence involving black men and other minorities. the movement is also to take back mlk's legacy and support nonviolence and civil disobedience. >> until we get justice there is no peace. >> reporter: four were arrested during the march. among the dem op straighters, this woman's son was shot. she traveled to rallies all over the country demanding justice. >> new york, chicago, all around oakland, everywhere to say we're not going to go anywhere. and we're trying to educate mothers to get off the couch and do this.
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>> reporter: the sister of evans, shot and killed by san francisco police in october. >> i'm going to fight for everyone. this has to end today. this has to stop. >> reporter: protesters blocked traffic at 18th and castro. a group called queers and trans of color. others have remained silent. and their goal is to adopt a campaign as their own. in san francisco, elissa harrington, abc 7 news. earlier today, about two dozen demonstrators took over the corner of 24th and mission street in san francisco in an effort to, as they describe it, reclaim the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. it's one of several weekend protests to recognize the work by the slain civil rights leader. another protest is scheduled for tomorrow at 5:00 near powell and market streets. protesters in berkeley are telling local leaders things need to change. they sfoek to berkeley's mayor and other local leaders
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demanding an end to policies they believe unfairly target minorities. >> now is the time for people who claim to be the elected representatives of black people, poor people, and institute policy solutions that are not a mystery to our communities. >> they need to look at both sides of the picture. and i think we can do it. we can think about these things. i think we can come up with some real solutions we can put in place. >> he hopes today's forum will lead to change. in washington, d.c., dozens of people rallied in support of men and women in blue. the sea of blue march was led by police officers' wives. organizers say police officers are not thanked enough for the danger they face in the line of duty. the family of a man who was shot and killed by a richmond police officer has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. more than a dozen people gathered outside uncle sam's liquor and market today where
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24-year-old richard pety perez died on september 14th. they say perez reached for a gun. the lawsuit said perez was unarmed and had his hands up. >> he was not in a position to be overly aggressive. he was in fact intoxicated. a well-trained police officer shouldn't have been overly aggressive putting his hands on him, getting into a physical altercation with him. >> perez's alcohol level was three times the legal limit to drive. the police chief said he is confident the investigation will show the officer made a difficult decision to protect himself. a mysterious material is affecting millions of birds in alameda county. the state investigates, a nonprofit is trying to save the birds. lisa has more from fairfield. >> this should all be white.
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it's crusty and hard. >> reporter: it is a gray, goopy gunk that's coating these birds' feathers and taking away their protective outer leather. >> once you break that coat, they have a hole in their down jacket and they get cold. >> reporter: 89 sea birds were rushed to the international bird rescue center yesterday from the water off hayward san leandro and alameda. they were swimming in the stuff. which then became embedded in their feathers. 30 birds died from hypothermia. >> this is where my family lives. it's nice to be able to come out and enjoy the water and scenery and that will affect everything. >> reporter: rescue officials have never seen anything like it. >> almost 27 birds in 24 hours. that's a significant influx. we've had to call in several emergency staff. we've called in our entire volunteer force to come in and help out. >> reporter: it takes two volunteers and 30 minutes to
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clean each contaminated bird. caring for the contaminated birds is time-consuming. they're stressed. scared and sick. it will take at least a week for them to recover. the hope is fish and wildlife investigators will have found the cause of the mystery material by then. abc 7 news. advocates demonstrated at a san francisco barbecue restaurant tonight because it sells squaw graw. members of the group united for animals protested outside in the mission district. they say ducks and geese is animal abuse. >> we're trying to get the information out about how animals are raised and killed. we're asking that people know where their meat, dairy and eggs
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come from. >> the ducks that are used are treated humanely. and definitely more humanely than a lot of other animals out there. >> he said the protesting did not deter customers. new at 11:00, investigators are looking into the cause of a suspicious two-alarm fire that broke out at a vallejo home tonight. firefighters arrived at the home around 7:30. flames were shooting out of the back of the house as smoke billowed out the front. no one was hurt. turning to weather now. we have a live look outside. the view from the exploratorium camera. here's a first check on weather. >> the clouds are thick overhead. they're all in advance of a cold front that will bring a light sprinkle chance overnight tonight. lows dropping to 51 in san francisco. 47 in san jose. 48 in oakland. falling to 49 in napa.
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the drizzle that will be falling around napa overnight tonight. the light showers falling around santa rosa as far south as sausalito is possible. we'll look at how the second half of your sunday is shaping up, and how the third day of your weekend will be look with the full forecast in just a few minutes. comedian bill cosby is bringing his tour. new video from denver tonight shows a large crowd protesting outside. more than 15 women have claimed the comedian drugged and raped them. cosby has a sold-out show in turlock in central valley tomorrow night. some people are selling their tickets. they think cosby should not be performing right now. the teenage modern-day bonny and clyde still on the run possibly spotted in alabama,
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florida and texas. 18-year-old dalton hays and 18-year-old cheyenne phillips started their crime spree 13 days ago breaking into homes, stealing trucks and forging checks. they took off from their state of kentucky after hayes posted on facebook the two were engaged, and his mom confronted phillips about her age. she lied and said she was 19. a road popular with napa winery tourists is open again. the narrow tight turns on the trinity road between sonoma and napa county aren't wide enough for some vehicles. a tow truck had to remove the bus. 40 passengers from santa rosa on a winery tour had to wait for another bus to pick them up. still to come on abc 7 news at 11:00, the growing flu crisis across the nation and why so many people are getting sick this year. heading over the bay bridge
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tonight? the traffic that you could be facing. later, a historic deployment in belgium to help fight terrorism. we'll let you know what's being
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the flu is now touching every part of the country. emergency rooms are slammed with 24 states now reporting a high level of flu related illness. along with it a troubling rise in the number of children who have died. here's abc news reporter. >> reporter: this flu season showing no mercy. some hospitals in hard-hit areas are overwhelmed. >> sometimes we have to go on what's called divert where we have to close our hospital doors to ambulances and they have to be redirected. >> reporter: a push to protect children disinfecting classrooms shutting down
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schools in south dakota, oklahoma, and massachusetts. the cdc reports another 19 children have died from the flu, bringing the pediatric death toll to 25. the flu can strike anyone. in new jersey 4-year-old nicole born, an active mother was taking care of her sick family when she succumbed to the virus. in oregon, leslie collins was out grocery shopping just one day before he died. >> i want people to know that it does happen. and you do have to be careful. >> reporter: the flu season is still peaking in some areas with several weeks to go. abc news, washington. four people have died in the bay area since the flu season began in september. a planned two-day strike has been averted after kaiser permanente announced a deal with nurses. it would cover 18,000 nurses.
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it will increase pay by 14% over three years. the union members will be voting on the new contract over the next month. bay bridge crews are finishing up repairs on the western span. they're replacing concrete that deteriorated. the joints allow the bridge to expand and contract with temperatures and movement. repairs began back in november, after cracks were discovered in the upper deck. the original expansion joints were installed when the bridge opened. >> after 79 years, they final l i wore out. so we've been replacing them now for a couple months. and we should be finishing up this week with the replacement of the silicon. >> cal trans said you can still expect to see crews on the bridge until march. they'll be working on other projects. the work is done overnight. let's send it back over to meteorologist drew tuma. looking at the forecast. lovely out there, if you like summer weather. >> it is. that will continue to be the
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trend over the next seven days. not feeling like january out there. all clear, but as we go outside right now a live look from the emoryville camera, shows you the clouds have thickened ahead of a cold front. overcast skies across the bay area in portions of the region. we'll see light sprinkles. it's really the north bay that has the best shot of any wet weather. this is the 17th of january. temperatures at or slightly above normal. oakland 57. spot-on for this time of the year. san jose coming in at 61 degrees, one degree better than their average. out there right now there's certainly a mild cloud cover acting like insulation. 55 currently in san francisco. 54 in san carlos. 50 in fairfield. and san jose right now sitting at 51 degrees. satellite radar shows you the cold front nicely. bringing showers to washington and oregon. right now, we're watching high
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pressure just to our south, keeping much of this moisture at bay, unfortunately. as we press in a little bit closer, you notice the showers entering northern california. we're essentially just going to get scraped by this cold front in the north bay. so the forecast going into the future, we'll show you tomorrow morning, 9:00. here's the spotty showers around santa rosa. napa, as far south as sausalito. the clouds are going to hang tight in the north bay. so peeks of sunshine there. but more sunshine inland, east bay and even south bay. mainly sunny skies and mild temperatures for your sunday afternoon. fast forward into the long-range projection, trying to find some semblance of a strong storm. we're not seeing it in the next ten days. the moisture stays out of our region. the dry pattern continues. san francisco is yet to see any measurable rainfall this month. we're on par for perhaps the driest january on record. the record right now held by
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last year, 2014. you only saw .06 of an inch of rain. average this time of the year, 4 1/2 inches we should see in january. one of the wettest months. we have yet to see rain in many locations across the region. highs in the south bay for sunday, 66 mill pit as 66 in sunny vail. 64 palo alto. downtown san francisco getting up to 61 degrees. the north bay clouds will linger longer, 63 santa rosa, 61 san rafael. 62 in oakland. 63 in fremont. lots of sunshine and 66 in antioch. warm 66 in concord. the forecast calls for that drizzle in the north bay. otherwise, sunshine by the afternoon most spots. monday on the holiday, we're looking good. peeks of sunshine. mainly cloudy. temperatures in the mid-60s.
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tuesday, partly cloudy. wednesday, dry. and then thursday friday and saturday, saturday this time next week, katy lots of 70s on the board. even a chance of a couple of 70s along the coast. >> i don't mind it. but the rain graphic is awfully sad. >> the driest month on record. do you have good news? >> i do. game against the rockets, where they were saying, houston we have a problem. seth curry 27
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the brothers made sure there would be no back-to-back losses.
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rockets sluggish. the steal dunk. game tied after one quarter. to justin holliday. he knows what to do. leading the rockets to 23. goes up and throws it down. seth curry draws two defenders. thompson for the three. he has 27. david lee provided 18 points. nice pass from curry. seth also had 27. the triple. one of the best passers in the game. fourth quarter. no look behind the back to harrison for the dunk. are you kidding me. warriors win again, crushing the rockets. stanford and utah. keep an eye on jason randall. pretty reverse layup. anthony brown 18 points, 9 boards.
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the rejection, then the finger wag. 13 points, 12 boards. hits the three. 72-59 that final. st. mary's hosting byu. cougars putting up a fight. st. mary's held on for the lead. where's waldo? there he is. garrett jackson ices it with a layup. 20 for jackson. st. mary's 7-0. they face con saig a, also 7-0 on thursday. santa clara hosting usf. clark came out firing. this one he's fouled. the four-point play. this one from way downtown. 23 for clark. santa clara led by 11 at the half. the drive, lays it in.
11:26 pm
santa clara lost five of their last six. >> we beat a great team that we knew was going to play hard. all our focus is on this game. this has been like one of the longest rivalries in sports. just playing this game is just an honor. we'll take our final time-out before we hit the ice. sharks went down in flames. it was female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free
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a home stand for the sharks hosting calgary. a great opportunity to gain some ground in the pacific division. harlem globetrotters earlier today. 50 seconds in weissman, one-timer. calgary led 2-0 after a period.
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sharks in the second. logan scores 12 seconds in. couture shows off his new smile with a chipped tooth. little joe and carlton off the skate and in. he didn't kick it. so it's a good goal. 3-2 sharks. but tied later in the period. 3-3 game, we go to overtime. the stop. shawn monahan is there on the rebound. sharks get a pointed, but fall 4-3 in overtime. the sony open in hawaii. this is where i want to be. jimmy walker with the round of the day. birdie on 14. had this approach on 15. stops within a foot. he taps it in for a birdie. and he birdied 16 after this nice putt. 16 under. coming up later in the newscast collin goes one on one
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with jackie el rios. >> thanks. the president's new plan to increase taxes in the u.s. we'll let you know what he's expected to announce. a warning for check writers. how some people are taking advantage of banking apps and checking checks twice. if i offered you $30 million for the company, would you take it? >> an offer of big money for three bay area sisters from shark tank. why they turned it down and why they say it was a smart decision. we'll be right back.
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good evening. i'm katie marzullo. a driver hit a bicyclist in front of the patrero shopping center. police have blocked traffic in the area. the bicyclist was taken away in the ambulance. follow on twitter for updates on this story. castro street in san francisco is open to traffic again after a protest shut it down earlier tonight. demonstrators are using martin luther king weekend to call for an end to police violence. there were peaceful demonstrations in oakland and berkeley today as well. more protests are planned in the bay area tomorrow. a nonprofit group is trying to save hundreds of birds that being contaminated by a mystery sludge in alameda county. 20 birds have already died. state fish and wildlife officers are investigating what's causing the contamination. an update on the situation in belgium.
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armed soldiers have taken to the streets as authorities in europe crack down on potential terror attacks. abc news reporter chuck seifertson has more. >> reporter: standing guard with machine guns. their mission, protect the people and preserve their freedoms. >> we're talking about two companies, 150 people deployed today. and this will grow to more. >> reporter: soldiers deployed for the first time in more than 30 years. keeping watch over foreign embassies and national institutions, such as the jewish museum. it comes 48 hours after dozens of terror suspects were arrested in raids across europe triggered by a plot to kill police officers in bell judge. >> dismantle the terrorist cell. but also the network behind it. >> reporter: britain has raised its terror alert to its highest level yet. the nypd is bracing for activity
11:37 pm
shooters. in response to the situation, the pentagon is promising to send troops to syria to train rebels in the fight against isis. chick seifertson abc news, new york. president obama is expected to announce some tax changes in this week's state of the union address. the president is seeking an increase in taxes on the wealthiest americans by raising the capital gains rate, and eliminating a tax break on inheritances. he then wants to use the revenue to fund new tax credits and other cost-saving measures for the middle class. the proposals are to be announced during tuesday's state of the union address. mitt romney said at the annual winter meeting in south carolina today the former massachusetts governor told the crowd he's giving serious consideration to a 20167 run. other possible contenders for the republicans include former florida governor jeb bush new jersey governor chris christie,
11:38 pm
and kentucky senator rand paul. >> a lot of folks here on the committee as well as throughout the country want to see how the other horses get out of the gate before running too quickly to one camp or the other. >> ronald reagan lost twice before becoming president in 1980. millions of people are gathered right now in downtown manila to celebrate pope francis' final mass in the philippines. earlier today, he cut short an outdoor mass to honor the victims who died in the typhoon two years ago. the pope apologized to the crowd. 80-mile-an-hour winds blew the papal cap off his head as he boarded a plane to manila. a member of his entourage retrieved the cap. he returns to rome on monday. a local grower said his employees found a way to double-dip on his paycheck, stealing hundreds of dollars. reporter rick montana shows us how a smartphone and critical timing tricked the bank into
11:39 pm
cashing the same check more than once. >> you'll be prompted to take a picture of the front of your check. >> reporter: just about every credit union has this app designed for mobile deposit. simply snap a picture of your check and submit. one local grower did it with his paycheck and found a way to cash in twice. >> there has to be something of responsibility at the bank. >> reporter: manuel said the grower is too embarrassed to do an interview. but he wants the warning out there since this could impact anyone who writes a check. apparently the check scammer used the app to make the deposit friday afternoon. then tricked the bank the next day, knowing nothing would be processed until monday. >> took the physical check and went in and deposited it. and it cleared. so this went on for three or four weeks. >> reporter: the worker doubled his $800 paycheck each time. fortunately for the grower the fraudulent transactions were reversed. the california bankers
11:40 pm
associated said the scammers would also have to give the money back. >> those funds would need to be reimbursed back to the bank roast if they can't pay bank the bank it's a loss. each bank and credit union has their own way of keeping funds available. consumers and business owners need to know the rules of their institution. >> check with your bank and make sure they have safeguards, so checks cannot be double cashed. >> reporter: the cba said banks are always looking for ways to close those costly loopholes. how to prevent heart attacks and strokes. more than one in ten people who were prescribed a preventive aspirin regime were already at low risk for heart attack or stroke.
11:41 pm
scientists warn taking aspirin when not needed can lead to ulcers and bleeding in the intestines and brain. finding love online. the new dating site that's so good, the creators turned down big bucks on "shark tank." we'll introduce you to the bay area sisters shaking up the dating world. i'm drew tuma. fog is settling into parts of the bay area. and a little bit of shower activity on the way. a live look from our rooftop camera, showing a light breeze
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january is reported to be the busiest month of the year for online dating, as millions of people revolve to find love in the new year. dating sites use all different sorts of formulas. all of them were designed by men. three bay area sisters are shaking things up with a dating app designed by and for women. abc 7 news anchor ama daetz has the story. >> reporter: we all know the singles scene can be brutal. an estimated 50 million americans have signed up for online dating in the past three years. but for a lot of women it just doesn't work. >> it was so hard to meet normal guys. >> reporter: that's why these sisters decided to create their own dating service called coffee meets bagel carefully crafted to appeal to women. their company in san francisco is two years old and growing quickly. last week the sisters were on the abc show "shark tank" where
11:45 pm
investor mark cuban made them the biggest offer in the show's history. >> if i offered you $30 million for the company, would you take it? >> no. >> oh! >> the sisters are so confident in their product, they walked away from $30 million. >> we see the business growing as big as you know how much revenue they're generating? $80 million a year. >> reporter: coffee meets bagel is a mobile app with a key difference. >> most of them it's all about serving as many pictures and options as possible. and men love looking at photos of women. so they love the choices. they're going to browse. it's fine. for women you know, most of us want something more meaningful. >> reporter: instead of quantity, this site promises quality. it takes just a minute to register with no long questionnaires. instead, you sign up through facebook. then the site uses your facebook information to determine your preferences, and match you with friends of friends.
11:46 pm
brown tried it more than a year ago. >> being connected with someone that has things in common seems a little less scary than regular online dating. >> reporter: you get one match per day with 24 hours to decide whether you want to be introduced. if both say yes, you're connected for a chat. >> we actually give you a match of a friend of a friend, there is 47% more likely chance that the match the introduction will result in mutual like. >> reporter: the basic service is free. but you can pay for extra features. everything is designed to appeal to women. but men are signing up too. >> there is a saying out there that once you attract women, men will just follow. and that is totally true. >> reporter: one of those men is jay. >> every day i'm looking forward to who am i going to get matched with. and you make the decision whether you want to meet up with the person. >> reporter: that's how jay met
11:47 pm
elise. >> we're engaged. >> reporter: the sisters report the site has made more than 20 million matches with 10000 couples in relationships, and about 80 couples epngaged or married. as for turning down the offer from the sharks, no regrets. >> who know if we had those guys, it may be different. but at the end of the day i think we're doing very well without those guys. >> good luck. >> wow. even without the "shark tank," just being on the show last friday was a big boost. coffee meets bagel noted a big surge in appn apps for both androids and iphones. this year's oscar nominees are inspiring to push for more diversity. all 20 acting nominees are white and there are no women in the directing or writing categories.
11:48 pm
boone isaac said people of color has been a focus. right here on abc 7, yu oscar station. let's get a check of the forecast in the here and now. this weekend, drew. >> we're talking about clear in terms of precipitation on live doppler hd. cloud cover up above. fog has certainly formed dense in some spots. napa, not bad. petaluma is down to visibility at one mile. a chance of showers in the north bay before noon tomorrow. nationwide weather outlook we'll show you a cold front moving through the east coast of new york city. washington, d.c. will see showers. flurries around the great lakes. sunshine in the middle part of the country. back here in california, showers around eureka chico 63 degrees
11:49 pm
tomorrow. 62 the high in fresno. l.a. nice and toasty at 73 degrees. palm springs topping out at 78 degrees. here in the bay area, we talk about the sprinkles in the north bay before noon tomorrow. the clouds will have a tough time breaking down in the north bay. lots of sunshine in the south bay. and in the east bay you can see temperatures in the low to mid-60s for your sunday. the forecast shows you no spare the air in effect on sunday. so good news there. the cold front will help to clear out the atmosphere a bit. monday, mlk day. partly cloudy skies on tuesday. mostly sunny on wednesday. and a steady but mild pattern persists through next weekend. >> thank you drew. long-awaited interview. >> the 49ers hired a new coach this past week.
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11:52 pm
a week in the bay area for the 49ers and raiders. 49ers hired a new coach. del rio said the past three years as the broncos defensive coordinator. going to the super bowl last year with denver. prior to that he spent nine years with the jacksonville jack wars, taking them to the play-offs twice. >> the fan base here they don't care what happened in the past. they want to win tomorrow. so your mind-set knowing the season they just came off of but the improvement at the end, how that can happen next year. >> well, a lot of times when you
11:53 pm
end a season with some momentum that you can carry that over into the following season. i think we'll try and draw any positives that we can going forward. but for us it's a matter of getting down to the nitty-gritty of working the roster bringing guys in and creating a culture where guys are excited coming to work every day. >> coming into this team now, once you get your coordinators intact do you think you can turn it around that quick? are you looking at a two three-year process here? >> i don't really look at it in terms of putting a time frame on doing things. i think my expectation is the first goal has to be win the division. that's got to be goal one from day one. you know, we're going to be on a quest, and that will be a goal every year. if you win the division, you're guaranteed a home play-off game. >> being back home, that has to be a huge thrill for you, to come back where it all began. i know in the back of your mind you're thinking this would be
11:54 pm
great if i can turn this around for the team i grew up rooting for. >> i'm fired up to be back. i'm not afraid of a challenge. but i see, i think the work that's been done i think the table's been set. we just need to go out and do a good job. down to the final four in the nfl. the conference title games these two games put you in the super bowl. the defending champion seahawks looking to become the first team to reach back-to-back title games since the patriots in 2004 and '05. green bay packers led by aaron rodgers rodgers. seattle defense will need to get him out of the pocket and make him run around. rodgers knows he has to be smart with the football. >> just a matter of playing within your limits with the injury. be smart about it. i haven't really caused in i extra damage to it. >> great players have a way of
11:55 pm
figuring it out, how to adapt and get it done and still play. that's part of why they're great. he did fine. yeah, he didn't take off. he didn't have to scramble. he moved beautifully on the touchdown pass that he threw. we're counting on him to be right on the money with all the things they want to do. if it's different we'll adjust from there. in the afc, andrew luck trying to knock off tom brady and patriots in new england. i think the colts can pull it off. tom brady looking for his sixth super bowl appearance. he has a great supporting cast and has the experience over andrew luck. this will be andrew's first afc title game. he's also playing very well knocking off peyton manning last week. the moment is never too big for andrew luck. >> it's football. it's plays. same size field. still got to do your job. if you make mistakes you'll be punished. obviously, win or go home.
11:56 pm
>> nothing's easy. they want to get up in your face. and make you make the plays. so that's what we have to be ready to do. we have to be ready for that type of challenge. hopefully we can go out there and execute. they make it tough on you. a little baseball. yankees pitcher c.c. sabathia back in the bay area for a youth camp. he does this every year. hosted boys and girls in grades 1 through 8 at vallejo high school. it's to give the youth a chance to get interested in baseball. >> it's awesome to be able to come back and do this in my hometown. it feels good. get the kids playing baseball in the inner city. hopefully we'll inspire the little leaguers too. i think colts in the upset.
11:57 pm
it's going to be two great games tomorrow. this is what you live for as an nfl player, to get into the super bowl. that's what makes these games so tough. >> you should know. >> thank you. that is it for tonight. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. thanks so much for joining us. the news continues now online, on twitter and facebook, and our mobile devices with our abc 7 news app. thank you for watching, and have a good night.
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wa there will be joint congressional hearings and letters of impeachment. good-bye, edison. previously on "scandal"... which one of you forged his signature? i did. it's a federal crime. it's treason. i have a sworn affidavit saying that your husband has failed to so much as open his eyes. (cell phone rings) hello? hi. (voice breaks) hi. (projector and camera shutter clicking)


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