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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 18, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking news. golfer abducted. pga star robert allenby kidnapped and beaten after a day on the links in hawaii. >> it brought tears to my eyes. just cannot believe it. >> was he drugged before the vicious and bizarre attack? the latest on the investigation overnight. horror on the highway. dangerous black ice triggering this massive pileup. >> holy cow. >> trucks pried open like tin cans. one man's miraculous story of survival, entombed in the metal. with more weather on the way, the danger zones to look out for today. gunned down. the real estate mogul shot in his rolls-royce in a hollywood parking lot. the shooter, pedaling away on a bicycle. >> i can't imagine this type of
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senseless violence happening.zh/z >> the clues that could help police catch their man. and cheeseless in seattle. the buildup to today's big nfl playoffs. the colts taking on the patriots. the packers against the sea hawks. the ban on packers' fans favorite food. but the competition, not melting. >> we'll get the pizzas to them with the greatest cheese in the country coming out of wisconsin. >> and on this sunday, the pets are partisan. >> go, pack, go, go, go. hey, good morning. if you're a football fan in seattle and you want to watch today's packer game with brie and crackers, or as ron would say, camembert and a baguette. you better do so very quietly. there's a city-wide lactose
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intolerance in defiance of the green bay fans known as cheeseheads. >> cheeseless in seattle? bad jokes all around. meantime in green bay, this feathered fan not quiet at all. take a listen to the bird. unabashedly a packer fan. >> go, pack, go, go, go. >> you hear that, go, pack, go? >> what? >> she or he could have been saying any number of things. >> i just heard the go, go, go. >> it was saying aaron rodgers, aaron rodgers. >> go, pack, go. no, no, no, they didn't train him that eloquently. we're going to start this morning with the bizarre story of pga star robert allenby and his trouble in paradise. he says he's lucky to be alive this morning. allenby was abducted after failing to make the cut at the sony open in hawaii. look at those photos. ryan owens is tracking the developments. from our l.a. newsroom, including whether allenby was drugged. good morning, ryan.
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>> reporter: good morning to you, paula. that golfer is still in hawaii this morning. he's fine other than a very sore head and a story of abduction and robbery that has police scratching their heads. >> edge of the fairway for robert allenby. >> reporter: how did pga golfer robert allenby go from looking like this to this? the 43-year-old australian snapped this selfie hours after he says he believes he was kidnapped from this wine bar in hawaii and woke up battered and bruised in a public park four hours later. this morning, the father of two tells abc news, i should be okay. just in a lot of pain. >> he's a bit sore, obviously. he's got a sore head. >> reporter: allenby's caddie said the attack followed a round of drinks with friends friday night after the golfer failed to make the cut at the sony open in honolulu. >> at 10:30, i left to go to another bar. he was going to be another ten minutes behind me. with another one of his friends who went to get a beer. when we came out, robert was gone. >> reporter: the next time they saw allenby was after an early morning knock at the door from
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police. >> your buddy robert's downstairs. been beaten up and robbed. >> reporter: allenby told australia's associated press, i didn't think i was going to survive this one. his memory of that night is foggy. and honolulu police tell only abc news they are investigating this as a second-degree robbery. >> he has no recollection of leaving the bar, which is ridiculous. >> reporter: allenby said the next thing he knows, a homeless woman is waking him up in a park more than six miles from his hotel. he has no credit cards, no driver's license, and no phone. >> it brought tears in my eyes. just cannot believe it. >> reporter: allenby was supposed to return to the mainland on saturday. he has a home in florida. he's staying in hawaii to help police with their investigation. we're told they have already looked at surveillance tape from outside that wine bar. dan, it's a bizarre one. >> bizarre describes it aptly. thank you, ryan. let's move now to the weather and a big blast of winter that caused a major crash on the highway in the northwest.
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there it is. meteorologist rob marciano is on this story. hey, rob. this is the latest in a string of these over the past week. >> there have been a few of these, dan. i have driven this stretch of road a number of times. interstate 84, cuts through the cascades, down the columbia river gorge. you have ocean air that mixes with cold mountain air. you can get ferocious winds. but in this case yesterday morning, at this altitude, huh freezing fog. this morning, mangled cars and debris still littering interstate 84 in eastern oregon. >> wow. >> reporter: oregon state police are investigating the saturday morning crash that happened just before 5:00 a.m. when vehicles drove on to black ice and collided. >> holy cow. >> reporter: at least three separate collisions involving more than 20 vehicles. injuring a dozen people on the remote stretch of highway. caleb werby is one of them.
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this man in a truck. look at this mangled semi truck. the windshield completely shattered. this fedex freight truck entirely torn open. is this in northwest philadelphia. enter this photo of someone stuck on the long island expressway. police saying to not move until temperatures rise. advisories have been lifted for the mountains in northeast oregon. in the northwest part of washington, in seattle, we have flood watches with this very strong storm that is moving in. and also some winds. high wind warnings this morning will be dropped. the winds could be gusting 50, 40 miles an hour through the afternoon. heavy rains could see another couple of inches through the championship game this afternoon. we'll talk more about the games later in the broadcast. paula, back to you. >> it's remarkable those folks lived to tell the story. thank you very much, rob. overseas now to more arrests in anti-terror sweeps across europe. police in greece busting two suspects with countries on high alert. alex marquardt has the latest
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breaking news from brussels. alex? >> reporter: good morning, paula. we're outside the american embassy in brussels. you can see the increased security behind me. this is a continent on edge. soldiers and police fanning out by the thousands as authorities clamp down on suspected terrorists. from country to country, across europe this morning, the dragnet of potential terrorists growing. amid fears of more attacks. just last night, two more suspects arrested in athens, greece, bringing the total to almost three dozen people detained across europe in the past 72 hours. belgian media are reporting authorities are looking for a 27-year-old belgian who was in syria with isis, now possibly in greece. he's allegedly the mastermind behind the cell in belgium planning to kill police officers, raided just hours before the attack was launched. the crackdown coming as security is beefed up across the continent. france at its highest alert
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level. 120,000 police and soldiers in the streets. here in belgium, heavily armed troops patrolling for the first time in three decades. these belgian soldiers have been deployed with machine guns to stand guard at sensitive sites like government buildings and embassies. this is the american one. officials here in belgium fearing it could be a target. in the uk, the threat raised to severe. the highest ever meaning an attack is highly likely. in germany, extra police at transportation hubs. also under threat, europe's jewish communities. >> i think the threat is serious. they're a target terrorists like. they need to be protected. >> reporter: in paris, we saw police evacuate a synagogue. do you feel the jewish community is being targeted now? >> of course, yes. >> reporter: the questions now are, how many more sleeper cells are out there? can european authorities working closely with american intelligence track them down before another attack happens? dan? >> anxious times in europe,
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thank you, alex. back at home, a headline this morning. new reports that president obama is going to unveil what could be a controversial plan at his state of the union speech on tuesday night. tax hikes for the rich to finance tax cuts for the middle class. let's bring in martha raddatz. does this plan have any chance of passing? >> well, you know, dan, that's exactly what all of washington is asking. it's already drawn fire from some republicans. the president is proposing a w $320 billion tax hike over ten years on the wealthiest americans and large corporations. he'll do it by increasing the capital gains tax. closing the so-called trust fund loophole. and adding fees to financial institutions. all of that would pay for a middle class tax cut, including helps with families with children, tax incentives for college students. it's an ambitious plan already meeting resistance in the republican-controlled congress. dan, no surprise. >> whether it passes or not, it may set the terms for the 2016
7:10 am
debate for sure. let me switch gears. you'll be talking about terror on this show this morning. can you give us a sense of what is coming up? >> we'll delve into where the sleeper cells that alex talked about where coming from and where they're headed. we have a lot of great guests this morning. >> martha, thank you. just a reminder for everybody. martha has a packed show this morning with the latest on the anti-terror raids going on across europe. that's on "this week." this morning right here on abc. and join chief anchor george stephanopoulos and the powerhouse abc news political team on tuesday night at 9:00 eastern for the state of the union address and the republican response. now let's bring in ron claiborne for the other stories. >> good morning to you, paula and dan. sara. good morning, everyone. we begin with terrifying moments aboard a jetblue flight that nearly collided with another jetliner just before takeoff at kennedy airport here in new york city. passengers arrived in austin, texas, safely.
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hours ago, the pilot told those passengers they almost crashed into a caribbean airliner that somehow crossed right in front of the jetblue flight. >> we were heading full-speed down the runway. the plane came to a screeching stop and slid a little bit. everyone panicked. >> all of a sudden, when it was time, he started gearing up, going fast. and then all of a -- i mean, like it was crazy. brakes went on. slammed on. >> luckily, no one on board either of the flights was injured. and pope francis is celebrating sunday mass among a huge crowd in the philippines. despite steady rain, an estimated 6 million people turned out for the mass. and along the motor cade route. the crowd is believed to be the largest ever for a papal nd appearance, eclipsing the 5 million that saw pope john paul in the same park in manila in the philippines in 1995. this was the final leg of pope francis' six-day pilgrimage to asia.
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and breaking overnight, two teenage sweethearts on the run, suspected of a crime spree spanning five states, they have now been caught. police say that 18-year-old dalton hayes and 13-year-old cheyenne phillips were found asleep in a stolen car in a parking lot in panama city beach in florida. the couple from kentucky was on the run for several days. accused of stealing three vehicles, breaking into homes, and caught on surveillance video allegedly trying to cash forged checks. and comedian bill cosby's latest performance was met with a crowd of protesters. this time in colorado. protesters standing outside the theater for hours, heckling the people going in. demonstrators were joined by women's rights attorneys gloria allred. after another woman came forward claiming that cosby drugged her. and a dramatic rescue in california. three hikers and their dog had to be rescued when they found themselves stranded in the angeles national forest. that's near los angeles. the hikers and the canine were
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hoisted to safety without any injuries to anyone. two-legged or four-legged. and finally, skier lindsey vonn is now in the recordbooks. she just won the downhill race in italy. world cup race. with this, she now ties the current world record with 62 wins, career wins. vonn, the 2010 olympic downhill champion, came out on top after two earlier losses. not clear exactly how fast she was going today when she tied the record. but she has previously reached speeds up to 84 miles an hour on skis. >> she just hurt herself, too, just recently -- >> came back from a number of injuries. yeah. >> she's so resilient. >> yeah. >> can you imagine floating down 84 miles an hour? >> i think i have done it a few times by accident. >> frightening, actually. ron, thank you. turning now, as our country commemorates the birthday of martin luther king jr. tomorrow, the cast of the movie "selma," including oprah winfrey, plans on marching through that alabama town today.
7:14 am
this as the oscar nomination fallout continues. the academy criticized for its lack of diversity. linzie janis is here with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, paula. oprah winfrey and her fellow stars from the movie getting ready to retrace the steps of dr. martin luther king jr. and his activist followers marching across that famous bridge from selma to montgomery. celebrating him and that pivotal moment in our nation's history. it's been nearly 50 years since the march from selma to montgomery, led by dr. martin luther king jr., protesting the discrimination and often brutal violence faced by african-americans when they tried to register to vote. now, later today, cast members from the movie "selma" will be in the alabama town to commemorate what some call bloody sunday. including oprah winfrey, the director ava duvernay, alongside
7:15 am
stars david oyelowo and common. in an interview with our robin roberts, oprah speaks about the timing of this film. >> i think that all the people who are protesting now could benefit. you can't just be marching without an intention. you got to have a clear, strategic intention of what it is you want to accomplish. and you cannot be heard unless you come in peace. that was the power of that movement. >> we're not asking, we're demanding give us the vote! >> it's about a community that came together for what was right. i think that -- it speaks so beautifully to this cultural moment that we're in. >> reporter: yet, with the national conversation focusing on race, many in hollywood claiming "selma" didn't get the recognition it deserved when it came to oscar nomination. the hashtag #oscarssowhite now trending. though the film did land two nominations. best picture and best original
7:16 am
song. david oyelowo's depiction of dr. martin luther king jr. was left out of the best actor category. >> i say that we live to fight another day. and i'm so, so proud of our film. >> reporter: ava duvernay, the film's director, was always left out. selma was nominated in every major category at last week end's golden globes. it only won one award, for song. this song "glory" by john legend and common who also stars in the song. >> common has a good streak going. he's on a show on amc. apparently, he does a great job in this movie. i'm dieing to see it. has anybody seen it? >> ron has seen it. >> it is fabulous. i don't know how it could be nominated for best picture without ava duvernay getting a nomination for best director. doesn't make sense to me. >> or best actor. >> he's great.
7:17 am
but there are a lot of other good contenders in there. a lot of directors. >> a lot of people shaking their heads. >> all right, something to see for all of us. a huge day, meanwhile, for football fans. super bowl sunday now two weeks away. ron is raising his fists. >> yes! >> can we get a picture of ron right now? ron, do that again? >> seattle! >> tonight, we'll know which two teams -- >> objective journalist ron claiborne. >> we cut to you. do it again. give us your thoughts. >> seattle! >> we'll find out which to teams will battle -- the coveted lombardi trophy. >> as long as new england doesn't win, i'll be happy. >> what? >> just kidding. just kidding. >> lots of trash-talking going on. >> et tu, ron claiborne. >> there's a show going on here right now. clearly, we take our football seriously. as we head into the final stretch to super bowl sunday, fans like ron are letting their loyalties be known. game on. [ chanting ] >> go, pack, go!
7:18 am
go, pack, go. >> reporter: this morning, team spirit is heating up. the excitement felt across the country. costumes, baked goods, the dedicated fans lining up to see which team makes it to the end zone and into the super bowl. starting off, aaron rodgers and the packers, traveling nearly 2,000 miles to seattle. to face russell wilson and the defending super bowl champs, the seahawks. and the colts taking the almost 1,000-mile journey to boston, to face three-time super bowl champ tom brady and the patriots. the colts bringing their good luck charm, quarterback andrew luck. for fans, today's matchups are serious business. in patriots and colts country, it's a wager of political proportions. each state's governor vowing to send a treat to the big game's winner. a boston cream pie for indiana and pulled pork for massachusetts, perhaps. and before sunday, a seattle suburb saying no to cheese. >> it would be fun to make sure we don't have cheese products. >> reporter: and toppers, a midwest pizza chain, flying in the face of the cheese ban.n0t4&(t&háhp
7:19 am
&hc even tweeting this mock-up of their driver faking an arrest for attempting to deliver pizza evergreen state. >> we'll get the pizzas to them with the greatest cheese in the country coming out of wisconsin. >> reporter: even the skyline and iconic space needle are lit to support the seahawks. >> go, pack, go. >> reporter: the pets are cheering on the packers, too. >> go, packers. >> go, pack, go, go, go. >> reporter: showing that the competition will be fierce both on and off the field. >> touchdown! [ bird squawking ] >> that looks like ron. >> that sounds like somebody is tasing that bird. what is going on? >> there's a milwaukee radio station that's refusing to play seattle-based music before the game is over. >> no sound garden. >> no jimi hendrix. >> who else did you add? >> quincy jones, bing crosby. >> nirvana, pearl jam, foo fighters. >> maybe they can play taylor
7:20 am
swift. >> who are you going for? >> this is tough. >> you gotta go with green bay. >> you like cheese. >> it's the midwest. i think the idea of this would be a big deal if they were defending and able to go back and win again. >> seattle? >> i'm torn. i'll go midwest on this. >> tom brady and the patriots have won enough. enough already. enough. >> he's won three times. >> stop this. >> ron claiborne's twitter feed is going to be a hate fest. >> put an end to this, please. >> people from boston. >> ron, are you hungry? >> i'm hangry. >> nasty weather today, right rob? let's get over to weather. go, new england patriots. >> i hate to admit i'm agreeing with ron on this. we're on the same -- go seattle. come on, baby. go seahawks. seattle and green bay. two cities rabid about their teams. it will be a battle today, no doubt. we'll start with the afc championship.
7:21 am
across the northeast. the icy conditions to start your day. freezing rain advisories. just north of new york city. temperatures around the freezing mark. this moisture runs into the cooler air. generally speaking, the warm air moves in. mostly rain in foxboro. kickoff, 44 degrees. southeast winds will be picking up. i think the rain will pick up in the second half behind this system. we're a little bit cooler again tomorrow. by the time we get below freezing, most of the precip has moved out. snow across the northern tier of new hampshire and vermont. 50 degrees at kickoff in seattle. most of the rain will be done. maybe some showers. south, southwest wind, that's where the opening is at the stadium. we could see issues and
7:22 am
>> by the way, the temperatures in green by today, above freezing. so the frozen tundra, not frozen. but they're not playing there today. and the dairy industry probably reeling. >> you have to have fried cheese curds next time you're in wisconsin. >> they squeak when you bite them. >> they're good, though. >> what? >> they squeak when you bite them. >> fried cheese curds. >> this is getting weird. coming up on "gma," rolls-royce shooting. a hollywood real estate mogul gunned down in his luxury car by a man on a bike. the search for the shooter and his motive. plus, how's this for an odd couple. speaker of the house john boehner using taylor swift to blast the president. what does t. swift have to say about all this? and word that jennifer lawrence is teaming up with her "hunger games" director. all ahead in "pop news.
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♪ ♪ don't believe me just watch don't believe me just watch ♪ oh, i am feeling that. a great and different sound from fallout boy. that is fallout boy. they're covering "uptown funk" the other day. sara cannot contain her jazz hands. the band getting ready to release a new album. i think i might have to purchase that. >> fallout boy. we haven't heard from them in a minute. >> they fell out. >> they've been on hiatus. ron's been agitateing for a new fallout boy album for awhile. >> yeah. >> can you sell it, please? >> at the top of the next hour -- >> ron's going to get hate tweets from new england patriots fans and fallout boy. >> yeah, bring 'em all on.
7:31 am
>> he dust care just for the record. >> tweet later. coming up, the controversy over house speaker john boehner using taylor swift for what's being called clip-gate. a lot of buzz about that this morning. we're going to start with a mystery involving a multimillionaire. known for his philanthropy. >> who would want to run him down and why kameron seagal is in the hospital this morning after man on a bicycle shot at him and then fled the scene. michelle franzen is here with the story. good morning, michelle. >> reporter: good morning, paula. police are searching for the bicycle gunman and the motive. the well-known real estate ceo still fighting to recover from this bizarre attack. >> units, ambulance shooting. sun set and gardner. the victim is in the parking area in a rolls-royce. >> reporter: perhaps the last place you would expect to find a shooting victim, behind the wheel of a brand-new rolls-royce. the price tag estimated at $300,000. that's exactly where l.a. police
7:32 am
found 48-year-old multimillionaire kameron seagal seen here in a clip from his company's website. he was shot at about 8:45 friday night as he left his office. >> i can't imagine this type of senseless violence happening. >> reporter: police say he was shot by a gunman on a bicycle who rode up to the driver's side of the rolls and opened fire twice. >> the suspect is male, black, wearing a black cap, blue shirt, tan jeans. seen on a bicycle. >> reporter: seagal is well-known in hollywood. his company, one of the biggest owners of apartment complexes in all of l.a. he's also, as a philanthropist -- willing to help those less fortunate. >> i have never heard anybody speak bad about kameron. he has a big heart. the biggest heart of anyone i have known. >> reporter: police looking into
7:33 am
if this could be a robbery, a grudge from someone he knew, or if the shooting was a random act of violence. >> thank you, michelle franzen. so bizarre. thank you for bringing us this story this morning. let's turn to ron, or should we say one of the most hated men in america this morning. >> probably soon. >> good morning to you, again, paula and dan. good morning, everyone. we begin overseas amiss the massive terror crackdown amid fears of more attacks. two suspects arrested in athens, greece, last night. that brings the total to almost three dozen people arrested in the last 72 hours. actor, model, and fitness instructor greg plitt was struck and killed by a commuter train. he was holding a camcorder and witnesses said he stumbled on to the tracks. he was 37 years of age. and gunfire at a food court inside a florida mall. it happened saturday the melbourne square mall in
7:34 am
melbourne, florida. two people, including the gunmen were killed, in what police with calling a domestic-related shooting. a special delivery for a massachusetts woman and a diehard new england patriots fan. >> patriots! >> nice, nice. >> i'll leave that alone. carol was expecting a new couch by her mover. who showed up was rob gronkowski. the patriots tight end. a great player. i'll concede that. he's teamed up with a local business that helps single parents by donating furniture. gronkowski also agreed to help with the daughter's homework. after they lose to indianapolis they'll have plenty of time. gronk will have plenty of time to help her, seven days a week. >> you had to get that in there didn't you. >> he's got a strong back, for sure. the homework thing? >> yeah, not so much. >> a lot of free time until next fall. >> ron is questioning whether they'll win and you're questioning his intelligence. we're doubles down on the patriots. >> i never said that for the
7:35 am
record. i said he had a strong back. is it time for the weather? it is time for weather. let's go to boston. one of my favorite cities. >> oh, it is boston. >> come on. i was just up there last weekend. it's gorgeous. the food, the people. we want to update you on the jersey pennsylvania new york connecticut area. this is northwest of philadelphia the westbound lanes of interstate 76. trouble over the george washington bridge crossing from new york to new jersey. also around hartford. it will be a slow go for the next few hours. freezing rain advisories have been extended across much of the north west. off the i-95 corridor. through fairfield county in connecticut, reporting accidents. we warm up. snow also heavy know potentially across parts of northern vermont and new hampshire. big mild temperatures across the midsection of the country. no frozen precipitation there. temperatures dip back down to
7:36 am
more average temperatures near the freezing mark in chicago by mid wooek. >> this weather report brought to you by almay. let the games begin. >> we're both in trouble, you realize that? >> ah what else is new? >> you're both in the dog house. >> you have to pick a team. >> go colts. >> go patriots, boston my hometown, one of the greatest cities on earth. i'm going to take the last word on this. house speaker john boehner enlisting taylor swift to go up against president obama. will taylor embrace it or shake it off? and charli xcx running one of the biggest super bowl parties around.
7:37 am
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playing this song is sara haines starting singing it. but other than that. >> why is it a problem? she has a great voice. >> it depends on how you define problem. if you define problem as something terrible, it's a problem. house speaker john boehner decided to get creative in his latest attack on president obama. >> yes, he used taylor swift. he edited together one of her gifs to put a his message. how is it being received? like it was a gift to the democrats. what does taylor herself think of it? kendis gibson is looking into it. >> can't say that we blame the speaker. taylor has the number one selling album right now. her latest album has sold 4 million copies. few expected her image to be used to sell educational policy. ♪ shake it off shake it off ♪ >> reporter: from shutting down times square on "gma" to invading our minds with a catchy chorus. ♪ we ♪
7:42 am
>> reporter: taylor swift is everywhere. now politics? speaker john boehner including her on his website, using a buzzfeed style list of swift gifs. to attack the president's education plan. >> it is pretty clear he was trying to get a lot of web traffic. a lot of buzz. reaching out to readers. >> reporter: boehner using a dozen gifs. saying the president knows full well there's no blank space in the tax payers' checkbooks. then suggesting the commander in chief apologize. showing a hand-written note from swift. reps for taylor swift telling abc news we were not aware prior to the release. now her fans speaking out. one tweeting, this is embarrassing. another disagreeing calling it pretty funny. ♪ uh-oh ♪ >> reporter: politicians like paul ryan and sarah palin, both asked by musicians to stop using
7:43 am
their music on the campaign trail. bruce springsteen asking president reagan to not use "born in the usa." >> we have reached a point where the current political discourse involved the two most powerful men in washington using gifs to communicate. >> reporter: john boehner's camp saying we are always looking at ways to communicate with the american people. and judging by this video of a dancing police officer released friday. ♪ shake it off shake it off ♪ >> reporter: -- tailor -- taylor swift is the way to the people. her camp won't say if they'll ask the speaker to tweet it down. perhaps he was feeling 22. then again, it is washington. where a move from no lie here the official motto is player's gone ma play play play play. >> we're still going. >> i like what one of the
7:44 am
interviewees said. we're at a point in washington where the discourse between the two most powerful men involves taylor swift lyrics. >> she may be as powerful as anybody else in washington. >> yes. that may be the case. also an interesting statement on this state of affairs in washington. but any way. coming up on "gma," i know this children's show is not in your wheel house. but it's going to be. the children's show, "arthur," delivering a delicious version of one of the hottest shows on tv. it's all ahead in "pop news." can you tell us now, sara? or do we have to wait. >> teaser. no. you're going to have to wait. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on... family pizza night. the big game. or date night. why lose out to the flu any longer than you have to? prescription tamiflu can help you get better 1.3 days faster. that's 30% sooner. call your doctor right away. and attack the flu virus at its source with prescription tamiflu. tamiflu is fda approved
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7:48 am
seriously we take "pop news" here. i got a crayon as a writing utensil. jennifer lawrence is looking ahead to some new projects. and the wrap reports she's reportedly joining forces again with the director of "the hunger games" to star in the movie, "the dive." being produced by james cameron. she would play a leading role in the true story of the famous husband and wife free divers. who tried to dive as deep underwater as possible with only one breath. no word yet on the release date. that story ends tragically. i'm not ruining the ending. it's like "the titanic" we know the boat sinks. sorry, ron. >> it ends tragically. but you're not ruining the ending. >> she doesn't make it. sflo i. >> i inferred that. >> but it's a love story. >> before you move on we have to rank you. >> you're grading my stories? >> every one. >> i'm going to throw my crayon.
7:49 am
the super bowl teams will be decided later today. charli xcx will be the opening act at espn's giant bash at the brand-new west world in scottsdale. and the headliner will be j coles. a pumped up audience of 2500 people will be there. >> i have interviewed charli. she's fantastic. really, really smart. fantastic. down to earth. >> so you'll be covering that, it's a sports thing, but never mind. who says "downton abbey" is just for grownups? the goings on at one of the most widely watched television shows in the entire world being made kiddie accessible. you can watch, too, dan. thanks to the kids cartoon, "arthur." >> carry on. >> preposterous. >> i love hearing kids with the accents. >> "fountain abbey" is designed to appeal to kids and adults. who can appreciate the humor from all the "downen abbey"
7:50 am
references. the episode airs on january 26th. >> clever. >> i think it's cute. get ready. this gets cute. are you going to read this, ron? >> the cutest game of peek a boo ever? >> ever. a pair of twins cracking each other up during dinner time. check it out. watch. [ babies laughing ] >> that's a curtain. [ laughter ] [ babies laughing ] >> as a parent, i feel like, how long can you keep this curtain in action? seriously, who needs a fancy toy when you just have that? how cute is that? >> that is adorable. >> fairly cute. >> after a year of nonstop dual diaper changing -- >> rank the pop, rank the pop. >> i thought we were supposed to rank you after every story. >> the overall pop was about a -- >> you're always a perfect 10.
7:51 am
>> the girls have to stay together. dan's a brown-noser. >> sara, you get an 11 from me. >> you guys are awful. >> i'm getting hate tweets because i was rooting for seattle. so i went middle of the road. >> you're going to get hate tweets for insulting "pop news." tweet him now. >> do i get no credit for the 11? >> dan, yours is dripping with sarcasm. >> yeah it is. no one's taking you seriously. >> i love sara haines. so much so, we'll have more sara after this quick commercial break. right here on "gma." keep it here. >> tweet rob. push your enterprise and you can move the world. ♪ ♪ but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come.
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7:56 am
okay, we're going to give the show a 10 today. >> yes, though sara is protesting at the fact that rob gave her a 6. >> i have doubled my opinion of you. it was a 5, by the way. >> a 5. >> i wanted to use all the cards. >> i gave her a 6. >> i gave her a grade inflation. ave her a grade inflation.
7:57 am
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♪ mattress discounters ♪ starting right now, a special edition of "this week," terror flashpoint. all of europe on edge. in london, police on their highest alert, ever. in belgium, a plot foiled in its final hours. soldiers now deployed on the streets. it's a worldwide terror crackdown. this morning, we're answering the urgent questions. can europe prevent another attack? and are there sleeper cells here at home? from the global resources of abc news, a special edition of "this week, terror flashpoint." here now, chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz. good morning. so many developing stories this weekend. just two days f


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