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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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rally was held in solidarity with the black lives matter campaign to call attention to accusations accusations of police brutality and the kills of unarmed black men. in a different kind of protest its just beginning on the streets of san francisco. we're there. >> a group gathered near the powell street b.a.r.t. station. demonstrators have blanking and sleeping bag with them because they're going to spend the night here. they're protesting what they call the war on homeless, and are also standing in solidarity with the black lives matter movement. the coalition on homeless this organized the sleep-in and planned to with demonstrations. >> we're demonstrating a right to rest for people who have no place to sleep, and we have situation right now in san francisco, across the state
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would where people are too poor to afford a place to leave, are forced to sleep outside, are ticketed to sleep outdoors, the tickets are warranted they're jailed simply for being too poor. >> plenty of blankets. group got here 5:00 and then will leave tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. from there they will head to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station and then march to the plaza for a day of action. live in san francisco abc7 news. >> right now oakland police officers are assembled and ready for an antipolice protest that begins in an hour. last night dozen of people marched through the city to oppose police violence. they waked through residential neighborhoods to the east mont substation having occasionol confrontations with officers. four people were arrested but police say they things did
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remain largely peaceful. another oakland protest today. this one took place outside the wal-mart store on edge water drive. members of the group workers against the system are upset about what they say are low wages at wal-mart. they're also protesting the shooting death of a black man bay police officer in an ohio wal-mart in august. the widow of a northern california sheriff's deputy will hear president obama's upcoming state of the union speech in person. sacramento county deputy danny oliver was killed in october. the man suspected of shooting him was living in the united states illegally and had been deported to mexico twice for selling drugs. elk grove representative invited deputy oliver's wife to come to washington to hear the president talk about immigration reform. man in a wheelchair died after being hit bay car in san jose. the crash happened just before 6:00 this morning. police found the man in the street with serious injuries and
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he died a short time later. the driver did stay at the scene. police say drugs and alcohol were not likely factors in the crash. a mysterious and deadly substance has coated dozen0s of birds in the east bay, forcing a quick response from wildlife officials but 20 birds have died. here's more on the search for the source. >> the cause at of what sickened hundreds of wild birds has left officials stumped. >> all of these animals are from the event. >> hind these doors teams trade. to work with wild birds are doing everything they can to save them. >> right now we have 89 birds in care. so far 109 total have been brought to the center. with covered in goo. >> 20 bird have died when they were affected by the substance. >> this goo is inert very sticky on the feathers but doesn't want to come off, sticky on the gloves.
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>> the substance breaks down the bird's ability to protect themselves from hypothermia and prevents them from flying. viewers wrote into the station asking if the substance responsible for sickening the birds could have come from a nearby manufacturing plant. >> the coast guard did a flyover and was not able to see any product on the water. so it's really still a mystery and it may be several more days, with the holiday, before we determine what exactly this product is. >> in san lorenzo, the mission to rescue birds continues. >> they haven't been eating because there's so cold and they're losing a lot of energy because they're wet to the skin which is not normal. >> scientists say they're continuing their testing and won't mow about the substance affects birds like these before tuesday at the earliesseest, as the cost of the nongovernmental funds operation minutes. >> likely to run into the tens of thousands of dollars.
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>> the alternative too gruesome to think about. these dead birds will be shed to a lab to determine what killed them. nick smith, abc7 news. >> today started out cloudy and foggy. on the golden gate bridge north good day for sightseeing and drivers were warned about heavy fog coverage here's a look at san francisco near the bay bridge today. those million dollar views in the high rise apartments there certainly not paying off today as neither bridge was visible and right now it's cloudy, and it was a dry weekend for most of the bay area but not all of it. abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma has a look at live doppler 7hd. >> the folks in the north bay saw trace amounts of rainfall, thanks to a cold front. it brought the rain this morning and now the cloud cover this evening. live doppler 7hd will show you the sprinkles. they're out of here. earlier this evening as the sun setting we saw a good amount of
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sunshine mid-day. watch as the clouds pull back in from the north to she south and have overtaken the region tonight. i you add on the town this evening, we have areas of fog develop over the next couple of hers. stays mostly cloudy, and that means we do we have a mild night on the way. we'll look at the holiday monday in just a few minutes. >> a bay area teenager's sweet 16 birthday won't be a celebration of excess or won't focus on her. instead it will be used to help orphans halfway choose the plan yet. we're live in antioch with the story. reporter: this girl was remarkable. nubia wilson, 16 years old, decided a 16th birthday party wasn't the right thing to do especially earlier this year shed a volunteered in ethiopia. witnessing first hand extreme
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poverty, seeing children the streets, walking barefoot to school, a school that only goes up to fourth grade. so she is trying to add a fifth grade class and a starting point wag telling family and friends in december she did not want a big birthday party. >> instead of gift is asked them to donate to the cause, and i created a page for them to donate their and i got over $2,000. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> how does that make you feel? >> felt really good but i know i still still have to work harder now to get more money. >> she is gunning for $10,000 and her family is getting involved, letting her auction off some of their ethopian artwork and art faxes. next month she hopes to hand deliver the money she raises to the school sometime this summer and of course, you look ahead at her future plans no surprise she hopes to become a humanitarian lawyer in antioch,
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abc7 news. >> amazing young woman. thanktules thank you, leslie. apple could have something up its sleeve for a future ipad model. the addition that could be
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the national park service will use goats to get rid of unwanted plant alts point reyes. the goats will graze on invasive plants. the experiment begins next week. it's new to point reyes but has been used successfully in other parks in the thus. officials estimate 100 goats can eat an acre of vegetation a day. >> san francisco electrical bicycle make he can will let you ride its bikes for a week before you trial. it's for the $3,500 model which has electric pedal assist, reviewers say it makes riding up bay area hills much easier. they'll provide free pickup and delivery and starts -- >> a reliable source says apple will introduce its own style just when i launches the ipad pro. the information comes from a guy known as the world's most accurate apple analyst.
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he believes it will be an optional addon to the 12-.9-inch ipad ask thinks it will launch this spring. up next on abc7 news at 6:00, autumn went out with a downtown pour, winter is off to a dry start. how the lack of rain is affecting the california drought. some folkness the bay area did actually see some rain today. drew tuma will tell you where next in the forecast. >> the seahawks going back to the super bowl in the most improbable win in a conference title game. russell wilson, throws his only td bass pass of the game in
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oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too. water officials are worried about the weather. after a very wet december january has been dry and there's no relief in sight. california is heading into it's fourth straight year of drought. reservoir, snow pack and groundwater levels are far below normal this time of year. >> the exceptional drought category, the worst has grown a little bit from a month ago. i think we're almost 40% of california's exceptional drought. it was over 50% this past
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summer. so the rains in the fall have had some affect that, again the bad effect is giving people a false sense of security we might be out of it. >> the state also increased water allocations to farmers from 10% to 15%. the boost is in thanks to last month's storms but is still far less than what they need, and drew has been telling us, some areas got a little rain today but nothing major. >> we're talking a little amount, trace amounts in the north bay, around cloverdale ukiah, .7. right now we have dry skies and it's is cloudy and foggy. a live look from the golden gate bridge camera shows the fog is becoming dense and right now just along the coast will move into the bay and spread across the bay area overnight. as we start our monday tomorrow, it will be with dense fog on the agenda. right now it is rather mild out
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there. 59 in downtown san francisco. currently it's 61 in san ramon 67, san jose, 52, fairfield, bit of fog. 62 in livermore, and novato, 59. satellite and radar is going to show you here's the cold front just to the north of san francisco, brings showers into northern california, washington, and oregon. but the problem is the widespread rain that is not reaching us we have two areas of high pressure that are eating away at this system and not allowing that rain to make its way south into the bay area. dry skies really going to be pretty predominant over the next seven days. take a look at the forecast animation, fog around the coast into the bay. throughout in the early parts of your monday morning we'll see an easterly wind kick in, bringing the fog through the strait and delta. by tomorrow morning, a lot of dense fog should burn off by mid-day and by the afternoon on monday should be looking at generally sunny skies. as you plan your day tomorrow
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mlk day of service on monday early on it's cloudy, dense fog starting out in the low 50s. by noon, sun and cloud mixture with lots of sunshine on the way by the afternoon. temperatures in the low 60s and by tomorrow evening high clouds and temperatures falling back into the upper 50s. the big story is warmth and record warmth possibly on the way. a large area of high pressure will build around the four corners and that means for us here locally, we'll get a return flow a nice mild south wind, and that could set the stage for some record warmth setting up. take a look at the temperature profile, specifically in san jose for the week ahead. average highs typically right around 60. by next weekend we get back into the 70s and ditto for san francisco, average high, 57. getting into the upper 60s to lower 70s next week. overnight lows fog developing, 51 san francisco, dropping to 47. san jose, 48.
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highs for monday after the dense fog burns off by the afternoon, we see 65 in santa rosa, 66 in naacp. 63 in fremont. and san jose, a high of 65 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast calls for a nice holiday tomorrow afternoon: tuesday, fog, partly cloudy in the a., wednesday, "spare the air" days come back mid-week. it's mild, thursday and friday and then there's the record potential warmth. s into sunday. sunshine and 70. >> we're going the wrong direction. >> we want cooler temperatures and wetter weather not this dry stuff. >> thanks, drew. >> drama drama, drama in sports as well. >> what a game it was. if you're a seattle fan i hop you didn't leave the nfc title game early. seahawks rally from the most impressive and unbelievable comeback in team history beating the packers in overtime. seven turnovers between the two teams. packers had it won but seattle
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overcame the deficit advancing to the super bowl. packers in control first half. aaron rodgers playing with a tear in his left calf. hid randall cob. 13-0 green bay. he also had two picks both in the first half. while russell wilson had three picks in the half. hawks eight passing yards. down 16-0 in the third. fake field goal. ryan finds gilliam. 16-7 pack. wilson, four picks in the game. the fourth, five minutes remaining but packers got nothing and had to wilson, read option, 19-14 packers. seahawks need to get the onside kick or game over. brandon bostick fumbles. seattle recovers. super bowl slipping away for the pack. seattle give the ball to beast mode. marshawn lynch. need a two-point conversion
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22-19 hawks. this 48-yard field ties the game. seattle wins the toss, gets the ball first. russell wilson airs it out to, guess, who jermaine kears ay. walkoff winner. what an emotional comeback, the team heading back to the super bowl the first team in ten years to go back-to-back so the seahawks 28-22 led all of 71 seconds in regulation. >> the game started off kind of ugly. that last what, three minutes and plus the overtimes, as good a game as you can get. i'm the first one to say there's no excuse for interceptions but the resilience of the football team makes the day so special. >> going to be a missed opportunity we'll probably think about the rest of my career. we're the better team today and we played well enough to win. can't blame anybody but
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ourselves. >> has to be one for the ages. such a classic challenge and our guys found a way to get it done. >> meanwhile, the pacers lead the colts in the afc title game. this is a route. 38-7. patriots the in the third quarter. highlights for you at 9:00 and 11:00. now texas could lane kiffin be returning to the bay area? kiffin is a front runner for the 49ers offensive coordinator position. currently the offensive coordinate for alabama and recently said he would return to the crimson sid. kiffin was fired by the raiders went to tennessee left there to coach usc, where he was fired before heading to bama. stay tuned. let's move over to college hoops. for the women, cal hosting arizona. lost two straight coming into todayment brittani boyd, catches arizona napping. boyd, 11 points seven assists. brittani drives had to the rack. cal takes takes the lead.
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gray misses gets her own rebound, put is it in. bears win 16th straight against the wildcats 56- -- 68-56 the final. final round of the hsbc championship in abu dhabi. martin kaymer had the lead heading into today but collapsed late. 3-over on the day. 22-year-old gary stall ranked 347th in the world, shot a 7-under 65. circumstance birdies through 11. able to overtame kaymer. first win on the european tour, 19-under on the tournament. win gives him an exemption on the european tour. and jimmy walker wins the sony open in hawai'i for the second straight year with a 7-under 63. one of the most phenomenal title games ever. so, congratulations to seattle. >> everyone's heads are spinning. >> we al root for aaron rodgers, the former cal quarterback to
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face andrew luck the former stanford quarterback but not to me. >> next at 6:00, the surprise of the box office. what may have skyrocketed the movie
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join us tonight on kofy tv 20 at 9:00. honoring martin luther king, jr.
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movie stars marching in selma. then at 11:00 here on channel 7, a north bay lawyers ad getting nationwide attention tonight. why it sparked an online firestorm. that is tonight at 11:00. director clint eastwood's movie "american sniper" is a box office record holder. the true story of the most deadly military sharpshooter in u.s. history as he struggles to return to a normal life. on thursday it picked up six oscar nominations including best picture and best actor for star bradley cooper. "american sniper" earned $90 million this week general. analysts say it performed like a summer blockbuster because of the word of mouth and the nomination. new movies the wedding reiner and padding ton were second and third, and selma was in the top five. if you're a movie fan, mark
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oscar sunday on your calendar. it's february 22nd and it is right here on abc7 news. your oscar station and since we're talking about movies, little fun fact for you here. clint eastwood shot a movie scene in our news room -- remember this? >> i wasn't here. i'm not that old. >> you were alive. in 1988, crime thriller "the dead pool." >> indicateil will be at the okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
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hi, everyone welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle food and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, the fun begins with exercise. i'm trying out one of the latest fitness crazes sweeping the bay area. >> all right guys, it's wednesday, it's noon, it's best assets. my name is justin. i'm here to splatter you all over the embarcadero! >> and i'i'm not stopping there. a breathtaking hike perfect for all ages. >> we've taken our girls. we've got two little ones, on hikes, and i love it's a workout that the whole family can do. >> debbie gives simple brunch ideas you can do ahead of time so you can spend time with your guests. >> the idea is kind of getting out of the kitchen, but


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