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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 19, 2015 3:00am-4:01am PST

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this morning on "world news now," multiple gunshots fired around vice president biden's home in delaware. what investigators uncovering and the deepening security fears. mysterious attack. a pro-golfer disappears for hours and police want to know if he was drugged, kidnapped and beaten. he just doesn't remember leaving. >> no doubt something was put in one of your drinks. no doubt about it. >> the golfer's blackout, what was discovered and what was missing. >> historic march. movie stars recalling one of the bloodiest chapters in the civil rights movement in honor of dr. martin luther king jr. >> every single person who was on that bridge is a hero. >> oprah and her co-stars shining a spotlight on selma 50 years later. it is monday, january 19th.
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." hey. good morning, everybody on this monday. it is martin luther king jr. day here in the u.s. it is supposed to be a day on not a day off is the theme they have every year. >> i like that. >> a day on. >> don't sit at home because you have the day off, get out there and do something. >> good morning to everyone. i'm reena ninan. >> i can't get over the game yesterday. you know what, my husband was watching. i was getting ready for work and heard a lot of noise in the living room and who knew last four minutes of the game. >> and then you went in to see what is happening. >> i'm thinking why are you so excited, the kids were excited. >> you didn't watch anything before that. >> i heard the play by play when they came to the kitchen to get something to eat. >> the super bowl is set. we will get to that but scary stuff over the weekend in delaware. what in the world is going on? >> it is crazy. we will begin with the shots fired around the home of vice president biden.
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>> the neighborhood secluded. no one appears to be hurt. the fbi is working on cracking this deepening mystery. abc's chief white house correspondent, jonathan karl on the case for us. >> reporter: at 8:25 on saturday night, shots rang out in this upscale neighborhood of wilmington, delaware. joe and jill biden have had a home here for years. secret service agents saw a car speeding down the road. the bidens were out to dinner when the shooting happened. they spent most of their weekends in delaware and the vice president has joked about their quiet neighborhood. >> we live in an area that's wooded, and it's somewhat secluded. i said jill, if there is ever a problem, walk out on the balcony here, put that double barrelled shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. >> secret service and the fbi are investigating whether someone actually shot at the biden's house last night, or whether it is just a dangerous coincidence.
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agents now are searching the neighborhood for bullets and shell casings. they don't want a repeat of the incident in 2011 when a gunman fired and hit the white house residence and it took the secret service several days to realize the white house had been hit. in this latest shooting, one man was detained and questioned, but the shooting remains very much a mystery. the vice president and the president were both briefed on this shooting incident, but the bidens remain in delaware and the secret service told us they have the situation under control saying "the appropriate security protocols are in place." jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. now to the nasty weather in the northeast that claimed at least five lives. one man died in a pileup involving dozens of vehicles outside of philadelphia. nearly a dozen others were take on the the hospital and the westbound lanes of this highway were closed for several hours them problem was rain on top of ice. driving wasn't much better in the new york area. police responded to hundreds of
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accidents. at one point the new york city 911 system was overloaded and putting people on hold. the black ice conditions extended all the way in to southern new england. there was a fatality in connecticut. >> 911, can you hold please? can you imagine getting that response? >> you know it is bad black ice when i showed up to church today it was me and the choir and the minister of the church. the weather was that bad. >> nobody risking it. >> that black ice is blamed for a big pileup on the west coast. look at this. this dozens of trucks and other vehicles were involved in three pileups. it closed 84 more than eight hours. one man wedged in his chevy silverado between two tractor-trailers. the guy walked away. he was all right. you know what he needed for medical aid, two band-aids. a lot of folks weren't so lucky and had to be taken to the hospitals. black ice can be nasty. the faa is looking in to a frightening near collision at one of the country's airports.
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jetblue flight forced to stop after another plane crosses its path. marci gonzalez has the details. >> reporter: the packed jetblue plane heading down the runway of new york's jfk airport at full speed. >> 1295, cleared for takeoff. >> reporter: out of nowhere, another plane caribbean airways flight 526 crosses right in to its path. air traffic controllers repeatedly calling out to the caribbean airways pilots. >> 526 stop! caribbean 526? >> reporter: no response from the cockpit and at the last second the jetblue plane ordered to brake. >> abort takeoff. >> crazy. the brakes went on, slammed on. >> plane came to a screeching stop and slid a little bit and everyone panicked. >> reporter: these close calls increasingly common, up 20% since 2011. the faa says there are on average three so-called runway incursions every day. just last month, the wings of
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these two planes collided at new york's la guardia airport, part of one breaking off. last year in barcelona, this scare on the runway was caught on camera. >> very busy airports it depends on everybody doing everything right. we haven't put any new technology in. the increase in air traffic means we have an increase in these incidents. >> reporter: marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. we just learned the caribbean airlines pilot was on the wrong radio frequency and never heard the warning from the control tower. two teenager sweet hearts compared to bonnie and clyde are under arrest in florida. one faces a judge today. it is 18-year-old dalton hayes and his 13-year-old girlfriend were captured this weekend in panama beach. the pair is responsible for stealing cars and other crimes in the south police say. after eluding police for weeks, they are expected to be sent back to their home state of kentucky to face charges. a pro golfer recovering after he was beaten, possibly robbed and drugged.
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then dumped in a park with the homeless. robert allenby is happy to be alive following the ordeal that left him out cold. here's more. from abc's ryan owens. >> he's earned millions. how did the 43-year-old australian end up looking like this after he says he woke up in a hawaiian park next to a homeless woman. allenby said he was abducted and robbed after a night of drinking with his caddy and friend at this honolulu wine bar on friday. drowning his sorrows after he didn't make the cut at the sony open golf tournament. his caddy said he left allenby at the bar to drink somewhere else. allenby said he would pay the bill and meet him in ten minutes and never did allenby said he woke up a few hours later in a park, six miles from his hotel near waikiki.
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the married father of two was told him a group of men dumped him there. cash, credit cards and phone all gone. that's when the golfer said an unidentified man gave him enough money for a cab back to his hotel where he snapped the selfie and called police. detectives in paradise have a lot of questions about allenby's foggy account of that night and will only call it a second degree robbery. ryan owens, abc news, los angeles. turn to the super bowl match now. it is set. new england versus seattle. patriots this was not the game folks. beat the colts 45-7. turning in a near-perfect game. the second most lopsided afc championship game we've ever seen. new england led from practically the start. tom brady threw three touchdown passes including one to the left tackle. legarrette blount ran for another three scores. the defending champion seahawks this was a game for the ages, folks. they won the nfc championship. they were down 16-0 in the third quarter. wilson had a rough game, four interceptions.
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but they came back to score 15 points and 44 seconds to get the game in to overtime. they had to recover an on side kick and scored in overtime. you see him doing his thing. it will take green bay a long time to get over this one. >> i don't blame them. >> if they lose this one. 28-22. you see russell crying. >> i don't know what is better, the emotional part or where they turned it over. >> she knows it's wilson. >> i knew that was wilson. who was the guy riding his bike around bennett. >> he was celebrating. >> why was he riding the bike around everywhere at the end? >> there he is. heading to the super bowl. i was wonder is e.t. in the front of the basket. what's going on? >> this great overtime game -- this is why you need to watch the whole game reena and not just the end. >> people are high fiving. some people are praying. >> he's crying. you are worried about the bike. >> what's the meaning -- these are seattle fans you see. apparently they said this is --
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most people bike to work and it's the first state that had police on bikes. maybe it is a tribute to seattle. i don't know. but i have to say russell wilson i need to learn more about him. the qb for the seahawks and his page on twitter. i like the slogan, too blessed to be stressed. that's good to motivate me on monday. >> hold on to that one. too blessed to be stressed. i'm too stressed to understand that i'm blessed. lindsey vonn could break a record today. she tied the record for women's world cup wins at 62 yesterday. the italian is one of her favorite venues. and the site of her first podium win. vonn says she won't have a big celebration if she breaks the 35-year-old record today, maybe just pizza with her family. my kind of girl. champagne and pizza. >> that's fun there. south of the border not talking about broken records here but a guy was trying to make a point.
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>> he concluded 57 days of marching more than 1200 miles across mexico with a soccer ball balanced on his head. he set out on november 23rd last year walking through eight states to eventually reach mexico city. >> he was 60 years old and did it as part of a protest. he is calling for peace in his country and plans to continue his one-man peace protest march to the north of mexico. good luck to him. drawing some attention there. the "the mix" coming your way in a bit. can you play drums and run on the treadmill at the same time? somebody can. concept restaurants about dog, cat and robot lovers is it less about food and more about the experience? you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by swiffer wet jet. jet. t with his friends. you've got to be prepared to sit at the edge of your seat and be ready to get up. there's no "deep couch sitting." definitely not good for my back.
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the nation celebrates the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. for the praise and honor he'll receive is a far cry from the reception they got. >> the violence they faced is chronicled in the new film "selma" yesterday the film stars were there when the milestone and civil rights movement was reenacted. here's abc's tom llamas. >> walking in the footsteps of greatness. hundreds of marchers retrace the path of dr. martin luther king jr. when he led protesters of an march from selma, alabama, to state capitol of montgomery on the road to justice.
3:16 am
50 years ago they were beaten and tear gassed on the edmund pettus bridge. the images among the most infamous of the civil rights era. selma greeted dr. king's heirs with open arms. >> martin luther king was shot for the work he did. knowing that is very humbling. >> reporter: oprah winfrey led the marchers. she plays annie lee cooper, who was arrested outside of the courthouse after striking the sheriff. >> every single person who was on that bridge is a hero. >> reporter: other stars from the movie were on hand for the occasion which included a screening of the film. david oyelowo portrays dr. king. >> my admiration for dr. king is just sky high. >> john legend and common performed the oscar nominated "glory" from the film. a movie that bridges 50 years of the troubled history making the past present for the future. tom llamas, abc news, new york. coming up in the next half
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hour, we'll turn to pope francis who capped off an unforgettable trip to asia. drawing historic crowds. his inspiring words and message for everybody, especially the children in need. >> first, something else that's inspiring people worldwide. concept cafes from cats to maids to psychedelic robot dance battles. there's something for apparently everyone. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. @
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you may have heard of cat you may have heard of cat cafe but there may soon be a space for dog lovers to enjoy a meal. whether into animals or robots, there is a themed restaurant for just about everybody. for more about this we are "up all nightline" with abc's cecilia vega. ♪ >> reporter: for those seeking a truly bizarre dining experience, well, tokyo is calling. i'm here on a mission to see as many of these themed cafes as i
3:19 am
can. there are several hundred all around japan catering to just about any fantasy you can dream up. feast your eyes on america's very first cat cafe. opened in october in oakland, california and quickly followed by a copycat in new york. it's where i meet a fashion and travel blogger who literally wrote the book on japan's weirdest themed restaurants. >> to me it is where you get immersed in the fantasy experience. >> the big question is why? what do you get out of this? >> you get to escape your humdrum life. >> reporter: there's certainly nothing humdrum about this tokyo neighborhood. locals call it electric town. a haven for gamers and anime lovers and home to the theme cafe that started it all. >> my maid helps me choose from a syrupy sweet menu. what does it mean to be a maid here? what's your job.
3:20 am
>> give you happiness. >> give me happiness. >> yeah. >> reporter: this is no children's restaurant. there are grown men here in suits, and they seem to be enjoying themselves a lot. >> is it sexual? >> no. nothing seedy goes on at maid cafes. ♪ >> reporter: dessert was followed by a lip synced j-pop mash up of straight up weirdness. but the night is young. so i venture to a place appropriately called the robot restaurant. no one could have prepared me for the bounty of strange ahead. ♪ we went from a giant spider to a panda to a shark that i think just ate a man and had a mermaid on his back. >> reporter: the mind behind this brilliant creation, a former dancer turned robot queen. >> this is every man's fantasy,
3:21 am
i say that as i lift her boobs. >> definitely. >> now she says plenty of women and tourists around the world love it, too. her dream is to bring the show all the way to vegas and why not? if tokyo-inspired cafes featuring maids, cats and cuddles can thrive in american cities like new york, oakland and portland, maybe we are ready for the full throttle wonder of tokyo's weirdest themed dining escapes. brace yourselves, america. for "nightline," i'm cecilia vega on a femmebot from tokyo. >> a femmebot. >> when we go to dinner later, i want a waiter with a note pad, can we leave it at that? >> we'll get sushi. >> keep it simple. >> everybody -- >> i never heard you speechless before. >> i have stuff to say. i'll say it on a commercial
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break. we have had enough stuff for this block, right? it on a commercial break. we have had enough stuff for this block, right?
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in "the mix" now. in "the mix" now. folks stay until the end of the game. if you are a fan -- this is what happens, folks. the seattle game today. look at these pictures. the seattle seahawks fans, the game is still going on. they left. trying to get a jump on traffic. trying to get out early. you know what happened, the team came back, put the game into overtime and they missed a chance to see their team win a game that sent them to the super bowl. they are hanging outside trying to beat traffic. you ought to be embarrassed and ashamed of yourself. >> i feel bad for them. that would be me. i want to get the kids out and go. get ready to go. it's over. who knew the last four minutes would happen. >> you only saw last four, five minutes of the game. >> i stayed for the most important part. >> you came to the most important part. >> whatever. i was there.
3:26 am
i did not miss the moment. speaking of missing the moment i'm never good on the treadmill doing more than one thing. just one. check out this guy. he drums while on the treadmill. this is brendan from australia and he's a marathon runner and a drummer. he performs covers from evanescence, metallica, blink 182. this is him drumming as he's runnin'. ♪ impressive. >> that is impressive. we have seen mishaps on treadmills before people just running but this is impressive. i didn't know what to think when they told us about the video. i didn't know what to expect but that's pretty cool. here's a trend maybe not going to understand. look at these pictures. people are taking their pets to the gym with them. >> what? >> you see the dog on the treadmill. but look at the other poses. >> come on. this has become a thing online.
3:27 am
>> people are tweeting these pictures. this is hilarious. i didn't know pets were allowed in most gyms but apparently they are. people are snapping shots. this has become a thing now. >> they barely allow kids in gyms. >> good point but you can bring your pet. >> maybe it makes everyone more excited to run. how about a supermarket that has a cow mascot? i'm not sure why we are doing this one. that's why. look at the crazy dance. it takes place in a supermarket in mexico, possibly acapulco. the cow was spotted over the past few years. but now he's going viral. you see him doing the crazy dance. originally dancing to nene malo "bailan rochas y chetas." >> what is that again? i'm sorry. >> nene malo "bailan rochas y chetas." >> very good reena. >> i don't know why they are not using enrique iglesias. >> that is your favorite song. >> favorite in the whole wide world. >> i had to hear about this song. >> she dances just like that cow every single night. we have to do this every night. i have to hear about enrique iglesias.
3:28 am
>> maybe that's why it reminds.
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this morning on "world news now," killer storm. drivers out of control after rain freezes on roads putting millions of americans on both coasts in danger. the huge pileups. and the human toll. trouble on the tracks. a commuter train hits and kills a reality tv star who's apparently filming the oncoming locomotive. the questions now from the investigators. presidential promises. what we can expect before the state of the union address. president obama's big message for the middle class. >> later in "the skinny," a movie milestone. bradley cooper's action-packed drama "american sniper" this film is beyond popular at this point. it is setting records. it's monday, january 19th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning on this martin
3:31 am
luther king holiday. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm t.j. holmes. you were just saying about the weather, it seems like it caught a lot of people off guard. >> it did. the freezing rain so dangerous. my husband and daughter went out and slipped -- he's fine but you can't tell with black ice when it is there. that's the problem. >> what's going on. that's the story we start. extreme weather. we have seen it on both coasts now. your husband is all right, right? >> he's okay, thanks for asking. >> and the little one. she didn't slip. >> he was holding on to her. he didn't fumble. >> just watching daddy struggle. talking about the northeast here. we had an ice storm that is blamed for deaths. at least five deaths. major highway closures, pileups. >> ice is also responsible for several chain-reaction accidents in the west. abc's linzie janis reports. >> reporter: along the east coast a deadly mix. freezing rain instantly icing over roadways. >> look out! look out! >> reporter: sending cars out of control.
3:32 am
in philadelphia, three people were killed after more than 50 cars and trucks slammed in to one another. officials closing icy highways and all bridges in the city for four hours. emergency officials urging drivers to stay home. >> what was it like walking? >> like right here and now. it is a skating rink. just like a skating rink on the highway. >> reporter: more than 30 vehicles were involved in this pileup on a new jersey highway. 16 people were hurt, including this man who had to be dragged to safety. out west, icy conditions, too. in oregon, an amazing story of survival after this 26-vehicle pileup ripped open a fedex truck and mangled an 18 wheeler. kaleb whitby, who was driving his pickup truck, was sandwiched between the two semis. leaving him just enough room to survive. >> more i think of all of the things that could have happened
3:33 am
and it kind of scares me. so i just thank my lucky stars that it's okay. that i'm able to come home to my wife and son. >> reporter: amazingly whitby only needed two band-aids. that young man so lucky to be alive. back here in new jersey, temperatures have risen above freezing, but further north in new england, they are still dealing with slick roads. linzie janis, abc news, fort lee, new jersey. >> icy roads are going to be a problem in many areas this morning but the rain will stop in most of the northeast this morning and only in areas near the great lakes and canadian border will see snow. there will be a few lingering showers in the northwest. >> in the 30s and 40s in the northeast, ten degrees warmer than usual in the midwest and south. short sleeves in dallas and atlanta and the 70s in the southwest. certainly january here and not the month we are used to hearing about wildfires. but that's what is happening in oklahoma. threatening oklahoma now. north of oklahoma city is what you are seeing.
3:34 am
raging grassfires forced evacuations and road closures which have since been lifted. more than 2,000 acres have been burned. low humidity, gusty winds have created dangerous conditions for wildfires across the state. well, smoke in the air caused a delta flight to circle back and make an emergency landing in atlanta. the jumbo jet was headed to japan. it was forced to turn around after the pilot spotted smoke coming from the landing gear. the plane was eventually checked and cleared, passengers reboarded and resumed their flight to japan. however, here's dispute between faa and delta whether the pilots dumped fuel on their way back. fans are mourning the loss of reality tv star greg plitt who was killed this weekend in los angeles. he may have been shooting a fitness video when he was hit by a commuter train. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: greg plitt was a former army ranger, a rising star of the bravo series "workout" with his own fitness empire. >> pride comes in.
3:35 am
>> reporter: the 37-year-old's life ended saturday in burbank, california, when plitt was struck by a commuter train. >> train versus a pedestrian. >> reporter: police say plitt and two others with him may have been shooting a fitness video. >> it appears that they were filming something. and mr. plitt was standing on the tracks intentionally and it appeared he was obviously aware of the camera presence. >> reporter: despite the warnings and danger, more than 800 people were killed or injured last year trespassing on railroad tracks an 8% jump over the year before. these two women were nearly run down on a train trestle last summer, saved at the last second, only by lying flat between the tracks. in november, a young man and woman were caught on a trestle in virginia. the man was killed. >> i just hit kids on the bridge. >> reporter: cameras caught the moment last year as a 60 mile an hour locomotive bears down on a movie crew. the railroad says did not have permission to be there.
3:36 am
a 26-year-old woman was killed. there are roughly 140,000 miles of track in this country, but few fences to keep people out. this is private property, but the railroads insist anyone determined to reach the tracks will find a way. but finding a way is a decision that can turn deadly. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. europe is on high alert as foreign ministers meet in brussels to discuss anti-terrorism efforts as heavily armed troops patrol the u.s. embassy in belgium. officials are requesting the extradition of a suspect arrested in greece. they say there may be a link to the plot to kill police in belgium and french authorities have released three female suspects in connection to the paris attacks, but nine others are still in custody. president obama and the first lady are continuing a martin luther king jr. holiday tradition by doing community service today. the president may also spend time putting finishing touches on his state of the union address. with a preview now here's jeff
3:37 am
zeleny. >> reporter: when president obama comes to capitol hill on tuesday night, he will deliver a message aimed at lifting the middle class. he is proposing free community college for students who qualify, a tax credit for $500 for families where both parents work and expanding child care tax credits up to $3,000 a child. how will he pay for all of this? some $320 billion in new taxes for some of the wealthiest americans, raising the capital gains tax to 28% and imposing new fines on the biggest financial institutions and banks. the reality check here on capitol hill is that republicans controlling the congress are not in favor of this. gop leaders tell me it is a nonstarter to have any proposal raising taxes so much. the white house of course knows there's a ton of opposition even among fellow democrats but advisers tell me they believe it is an important time to start this conversation on income inequality. they believe the economy is at the strongest point of his presidency and now is the time
3:38 am
to start talking about this. jeff zeleny, abc news, capitol hill. >> thank you so much. be sure to join abc news, political team for the president's annual state of union address. the republican response as well that's tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern time. to presidential politics now. a warning from texas senator ted cruz. he told the tea party convention in south carolina that the next gop candidate must be a conservative or the party risks losing for the third time. earlier in the day south carolina senator lindsey graham said he is exploring a run for the white house. a big news for mitt romney and it's not about a presidential campaign. romney and his wife anne welcomed their 23rd grandchild. this is the picture romney tweeted from the hospital bedside. bundle of joy was born to his sn craig -- son craig and his wife mary. big congratulations to them all. facebook is going on a hiring spree. social network wants to add 1200 new employees. driven by the company's recent acquisitions and investments in
3:39 am
virtual reality goggles, drones, data centers. mark zuckerberg's second in command says facebook is an ambitious company run by an ambitious ceo. >> they have a bit of competition from google and ali baba and other start ups. facebook had 3800 -- how many full-time employees at the start, now it is like 55,000 at google. i can't find the exact number because it is cut off the page here. i apologize. 8,300. >> okay. >> i was going to try to help you out but mine is cut off, too. you get the idea. if you are looking for work 1200 folks will be hired at facebook. >> are their benefits good? i'm sure they are. >> i'm sure they are. >> i bet they offer free food which never happens here. >> use the story to air a grievance, huh? go ahead. >> we were just talking. we're hungry up here. >> we are hungry. >> it is that time of the night. >> we have to share a banana. she offered me half of a banana. it's over here now. i'll give you credit. >> you took it. >> sorry. >> there you go. the star of a rare car auction this weekend was a bus
3:40 am
built by general motors in the 1950s to show off the product as part of the parade of progress tours. >> it was so tall its route had to be planned carefully. you can see how high the driver was up. the bus only carried three people, it had a foldout stage. one of the few to survive. it sold for $4 million at auction. we have notes about this one too but they are cut off from the page as well. so we'll keep going. coming up in "the skinny," president obama's favorite movie of the year and the landmark, science fiction thriller may return to television. and later, getting political with taylor swift. how the house speaker used the pop power house to send a message to the president. you are watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ shake it off ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol. er 200,000 people are hospitalized every year with flu complications. so to kill the germs that may make your family sick, we recommend using
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pope francis just finned his history making trip to asia. pope frap is just finished up -- francis just finished up history making trip to asia. he left the philippines last night and is on his way home to the vatican but not before celebrating mass in front of a sea of the faithful. >> we have a report on the record crowds praying in the rain. >> reporter: the turnout, 6 million strong making this the largest papal mass ever. just like his flock, the pontiff wearing a yellow poncho. the faithful braving the rain. lining the route to hear his call to protect the young saying -- >> we need to care for our young
3:45 am
people, not allowing them to be robbed of hope and condemned to the life on the streets. >> reporter: among the 6 million, one striking moment. 12-year-old glyzelle palomar, a homeless girl, rescued by the church tearfully asking the pontiff why god allows children to become victims of crimes and and why they suffer. the pontiff offers his blessing in his native spanish and embraces her offering these words, "there are some realities you can only see through eyes that have been cleansed by tears." a moving moment for the people's pope in what is perhaps a fitting end to his whirlwind six-day pilgrimage of asia. lama hasan, abc news, london. >> he is the ultimate rock star, is he not? >> people love this guy because of moments like that. >> president obama is supposed to be a big pivot to asia. i think the pope and vatican have done a big pivot to asia. asia has been a big focus. the philippines adore him.
3:46 am
80% of the population are devout roman catholics. the visit was such a big deal. >> can you imagine, 6 million folks. this was apparently a record. pope john paul in 1995 had 5 million people come out to see him at some point. this is unbelievable. he is coming home but heck of a trip. everyone including the president seems to be making their own picks. which tv drama might be making its return. we give you a hint. the truth is out there. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ >> some big news here from hollywood. leading things off a lot of people are talking about movies this time of the year and one film is reaping the buzz. >> the film would be clint eastwood's "american sniper." soared past all expectations at the box office this weekend. grossing $90 million, the second largest opening weekend for an r-rated movie ever. numbers seen by summer blockbusters. >> the film starred bradley cooper as chris kyle received oscar nominations, including best picture, best actor for bradley cooper. president obama has cast his ballot so to speak for best picture of the year. president revealed in an interview with "people" magazine he thought "boyhood" was a great
3:49 am
movie and was his favorite moof movie of the year. we will see who wins the oscar february 22nd here on abc. big news, really big news for "x-files" fans. >> the fox network execs have confirmed they're in talks to bring the sci-fi horror back to the small screen. the creator chris carter is in on the project. executives admit any "x-files" has to include, we love them agents fox mulder and dana scully. >> of course. >> however with both actors involved in other project it could be tricky. talks with both are said to be ongoing. >> fingers crossed. love that show. sarah brightman will be hitting a high note. maybe the highest ever. she begins to train today in preparation for her flight to the international space station. >> it has been a dream of her since she saw the apollo moon landing. she trained in russia six months before taking off on her stellar vacation. one expected to cost her $52 million. i wonder if she will sing a lot up there. >> she's a good singer. i know what it is like to be in tight quarters and can't get away from your co-worker that
3:50 am
sings a lot. roll that footage. >> are you kidding? ♪ got lost in the game ♪ >> every day. ♪ it's close to midnight ♪ >> i have to hear this every day, every single day. ♪ thriller ♪ >> every day. >> this is just during the commercial break. look at how upset you get. >> i'm not upset. >> you get annoyed and you are trying to read and prepare for the next segment. >> it is you, reena. we love you and we'll take you. if this is what we have to deal with, we'll deal with it. >> you say it with such enthusiasm. rob lowe is gaining popularity in his new tv commercials. >> last november rob stirred up controversy dressing up like a nerd and poking fun at people with shy bladder syndrome. the ad agency is rolling out five more. >> lowe says the next batch of spots features his favorite character yet, meat head.
3:51 am
the premise is you have to be stupid to still subscribe to cable tv. critics say that insulting prospective customers is not a wise brand strategy. >> they are getting a lot of attention. isn't that key to all of these things in advertising, get people talking about it. >> get the buzz out there. >> it's working. >> i'm curious about the shy bladder syndrome in bathrooms. >> we will do a whole segment on it. >> on shy bladders for men at the urinals. i'm curious how that works. why don't we talk about celebrity birthdays. >> sure, why not? legendary country star dolly parton 69 years old now. "son of anarchy" and "married with children" actress katey sagal turns 61. i can't believe that. >> creator of "scary movie" franchise and a lot of funny films, shawn wayans 44 now. american gold medal gymnast, star of the 2008 olympics, shawn johnson turns 23. happy birthday to all of you. >> you want to sing us out to break?
3:52 am
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♪ worlds have collided with the latest political jab from house speaker john boehner. he has edited photos and videos of taylor swift to put a youthful twist on his message. >> may sound strange. don't worry. you are not the only one that thinks it is odd. what does taylor swift herself think of all of this? here now candice gibson. ♪ >> reporter: from shutting down times square on "gma" to invading our minds with catchy chorus. ♪ >> taylor swift is everywhere and now politics? that's right. speaker john boehner, including the pop power house on his official website using a buzz feed-style list of swift gifs to attack the president's education plan.
3:56 am
>> it is pretty clear he was trying to get a lot of web traffic and buzz and reach out to young readers. >> reporter: boehner captioning a dozen gifs showing an angry swift attacking a tree saying the president knows full well there's no blank space in the taxpayers' checkbooks and then suggesting the commander in chief apologize showing us a handwritten note from swift. reps for taylor swift tell abc news we are not aware prior to its release and now her fans are speaking out. one tweeting this is embarrassing. another disagreeing, calling it pretty funny. ♪ >> reporter: politicians like paul ryan and sarah palin, both asked by musicians to stop using their music on the campaign trail. bruce springsteen even going after president reagan to stop using "born in the usa" in 1984. >> we reached a point where the current political discourse involves pretty much the two most powerful men in washington talking to each other through gifs and lyrics of taylor swift. >> reporter: in a statement to
3:57 am
abc news boehner's spokesperson says we are always looking for fun effective ways to communicate with the american people and judging by this video of the police officer released on friday. ♪ >> reporter: taylor swift is the way to the people. abc news, new york. >> remember when michelle obama used the "turn down for what ♪ turn up for what. she had some moves. >> got attention. reach a younger audience but does it work if you are trying to go after the president who young people still like using somebody else they really still like, taylor swift might turn them off. >> we're talking about it, though. >> yeah. isn't this weird? the two most powerful people in washington going at each other through taylor swift. >> boehner has 314,000 followers on twitter. taylor swift 51 million. >> he's closing in, though. >> he's closing in. watch out. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning. flash freeze, icy roads paralyzing several states, closing highways and causing hundreds of accidents. the warning of today's commute and the survival story from a driver pinned between two tractor-trailers. two planes coming close to colliding at one of america's busiest airports. one pilot's major mistake that likely lead to a close call. slammed over a selfie. this picture posted by ms. lebanon is causing a stir of because who she is standing next to. super bowl bound. nfc and afc have their champions setting the stage for a showdown in the desert.


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