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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 19, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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uther king jr.'s birthday. as people celebrate this holiday out there they are dealing with fog. going to be foggy. look at live doppler hd in the north by and on the peninsula. we also have thick fog through the san ramon valley but we do not have the reporting stations. this afternoon, the fog will lift to hazy sunshine and temperatures are mild again and we will be in the upper 50's to low 60 at the coast and mid-60's inland and low-to-mid 60's an the bay. >> we low pressure for a smooth commute. >> so far so good, we have light conditions buses of the holiday and as you take mass transit we have a holiday schedule for most of our agencies. here is a look at richmond-san rafael toll plaza it is empty and transfer over to san mateo bridge the traffic is light. it is now 5:00. breaking news in san francisco, police are looking no two suspects who backed a u-haul
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track into a store at the wharf and made off with goods. they drove away from van ness avenue and more on the story coming up. >> the freedom train through san jose to san francisco in honor of martin luther king month ago will take the last trip ever today and our many freedom rides across the country. this is what we talking about. the civil rights leaders shows the san jose to san francisco route because the distance between the two cities is roughly equal for the 54 miles traveled by king and the fellow protesters when they journeyed from selma to montgomery county 50 years ago this march. the declining ticket sales and
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difficulty obtaining sponsorship are the reasons why today's ride will be the last one. >> person that does not come out to celebrate martin luther king accident know about it. they are not aware of what he has done to make this country the great country that it is today. >> the final freedom train is scheduled to depart from the station here today at 9:45 and travel nonstop to the station at 4th and king street street in california. there are a number of events planned in san francisco including the great for the arts and gardens. thanks nick. a demonstration is wrapping up in san francisco putting a spot light on homelessness on this dr. martin luther king jr. with a sleep in at the powell street bart station last night.
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they spent the night on the sidewalk advocating a right to rest for people who have no place to sleep. it is crime in san francisco for lay or sit on the sidewalks and in oakland they had a day of action protest at fruitvale bart and then move to the plaza. in emeryville protesters march through stores at the bay street mall and shut down bay street with part of the "black lives matter," campaign calling attention to claims of police brutality in the deaths of several >> is in the legacy, shopping and sales on the birthday of martin luther king? no we saying if martin luther king was alive he would stand up against police violence, against the deaths of black people in the streets. >> the protesters disbeen peacefully after about 45 minutes. 5:03, two people are
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recovering after an early morning stabbing in san francisco's mission terrace neighbor. medics responded to the night club at mission and ocean before 2:00 a.m. and they say two people were standing in front of the club, one in the follow action and one in the back and both went to the hospital and there is in word on a possible motive or suspect. developing news a deadly combination of ice snow, and freezing temperatures are creating a coast to coast nightmare for commuters. a man was pinned between two tractor trailers and survived. here are the details. a deadly winter mix of freezing rain and ice caused problem on millions of holiday travelers over the weekend causing delays. hundreds of accidents. it claimed five lives. in philadelphia, three people were killed after important than 50 cars and trucks slammed into each other. officials closed iced highways and all bridges for four hours. >> it is like a skating rink.
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ain new jersey hundreds of crashes happened faster than crews could clear. 16 people were hurt including this man would had to be dragged to safety. >> in knock slick conditions closed part of the major highways, smaller streets were a challenge, too. >> look out. look out. look out. >> in new hampshire, emergency crews struggled. >> we were actually --. [ inaudible ] >> in oregon, similar scenes. >> holy cow. >> a 26-car pileup on i-54 and a truck was left ripped open resulting in an amazing story of survival for a man who found himself sand wished between two semi trucks. >> the more i think of all the things that can have happened, it scares me. >> national weather service says temperatures are expected to drop below freezing in some
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areas again this morning which could lead to more dangerous travel ahead. bill cosby performed in northern california last night with no major demonstrations. a woman stood in protest outside the community theater his first performance in northern california since dozens of women have accused him of drugging and raping them. cosby got a standing ovation at the end of the sold out show. >> i grew up with him watching him on tv and my brother had record albums of his comedy act that were just timeless. >> i like the fact that he has a sense of family values in his show and i enjoyed that. >> cosby has at at least 25 shows landed before the her including two more in northern california. >> we are learning more about how the united states found out north korea was behind the hack attack on sony pictures. "new york times" reports that the national security agency
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broke into north korea's computer systems back in 2010 and experts say the newly disclosed n.s.a. documents and "new york times" said there was malware to attract the inner workings of computers used. the evidence gathered by the so-called early morning warning was what caused president obama to accuse north korea. >> governor brown and university of california president napolitano say they will put their differences aside when it comes to tuition and university funding. the two leaders have clashed in the past on the issues and this week they will ask the governing board to let them work together an a committee looking at ways to save money at the state-funded campus and help graduate on time. they plan to bring the preparals to the board in march. >> the municipal transportation agency will consider a land tomorrow to give senior citizens and disabled people free rides on muni. this coulds after the board
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approved free rides for riders 17 and wronger. muni sells 24,000 discounted passes to seniors is disabled folk each month. it is a preparal that will cost between $4 million and $8 million a year. now a check on the weather. mike, a lot of moisture in the air? >> i agree there is a ton of moisture in the air and we are like 150 percent of average with moisture content in the air calling the system on top of us but we having if to turn it interest rain. unfortunatelies that is why it is all fog this morning. 49 in novato, and look at the temperatures, that is the cool spot up north and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 50's and just a few degrees shy of where our highs should be this time of the year and everyone else low-to-mid 50's and el sobrante and half yet, 51 and fairfield and brentwood, the cool spots at 50 and 54 at san jose and alameda and redwood city and newark and half moon bay and san francisco, 55.
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the fog you can see in san rafael, still looking at half mile visibility and the day planner today over the next 12 hour we will deal with fog and a narrow band of temperatures, 48 to 54 this morning. as we get to anyone we will see this fog turn to haze and high clouds 56 to 60 and it will just be hazy and total sunshine at 58 to 62 and headed out this morning, look for stars, haze, and low-to-mid fists so it is comfortable. we will have flight arrival delays at sfo and the cloud deck is hanging over the to which us. i will let you know in about 15 minutes. the temperatures are hanging in the low-to-mid 60's with a lost sunshine and lie clouds. i have. warmer weather coming up. >> we will tack about mass transit, because we do have holiday schedules if our local mass transit bart running on a saturday schedule and trains will roll at 6:00 and a.c. transit on a holiday schedule and ace train seven is going to be taken out of service and ace train 10 in the afternoon also
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taken out of service. we will see how light it is, we are headed along the golden gate bridge it is nine minutes from sausalito and i-80 and the bay bridge headed in from the east bay to san francisco and 12-minute drive to get you from hayward to foster city. thank you, it is 5:10 box office records have been charted by one of the oscar nominees with details in america's money report. >> a frighten close call at the business of the airports, the one mistake a pilot did that almost led to a disaster. trouble consequences after the terror attacks in paris are tourists now afraid of visiting the city of lights? >> stay tuned.
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>> covering daly city, dublin los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. on monday morning a holiday monday, dr. martin luther king jr. day and a look at the bay bridge. traffic will be light. but leyla gulen is following it and will have more coming up. >> the terrorist attacks have taken a bite out of terrorism leaving 17 victims and three gunmen dead and the swarm of sightseers have thinned. france is were watching a campaign to court tourists who could be wary of visiting the country, with the international times saying tourism officials will travel to the united states and asia and europe next month to promote tourism to france. >> many experienced pilots will say the most dangerous part of the next flight may not be in the air but on the ground. you will hear if a moment when
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an airliner rolled right toward another on the ground at kennedy airport in new york. >> the word "before take off," came after the first caribbean airlines jet did not stop headed into the path of a departing jetblue flight. >> the runway incursions have increased 20 percent since 2011 which is an aveage of three a day in the united states. >> very, very busy airports it depends on everyone doing everything right and we do not have any new technology and the increase in air traffic mean we have an increase in incidents. last month the wings of two jets hit each other at la guardia and part of one broke off
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>> pope francis is returning from the pill means as they chanted "we love you pope francis," and six million braved the rain for an outdoor mass celebrated by the propose. they set a record for attendance and he visited sri lanka on the asian journey. >> new this morning >> some people may have to find new doctors and hospitals stems from a contract dispute between san francisco-based blue cross-blue shield health insurance and medical centers over the cost of medical procedures and doctor visits. sutter says blue blue is trying to cut the amount it pays for covered procedures by too much and blue cross-blue shield says shut are charges 20 percent to 30 percent more than other medical groups in the state and the contract expires december 31. >> oscar nominee "american
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sniper," is getting a growing number of records. good morning topping america's money, gas prices keep going down with the average $2.0 6, 39 cents less than a month ago and $1.25 less than a year ago. what of the states have average prices below $2. >> "american snipe are," is picking up all kinds of movie records the biggest january ever, and the biggest opening for a film directed by clint eastwood and has the record for the martin luther king opening. >> the star of a rare car auction was a bust built by g.m. to show off a product in "parade of progress," so tall that the route had to be planned out and the bus sold for $4 million. >> you could buy a low-to-mid for $4 million. >> but you could live in that, too. >> that is american's money. alabama man looks forward to
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his day in court after eating a burger while driving landing him in trouble with the law in neighboring georgia. madison turner did what millions do each day: he bought a hamburger after a drive through and devours the burger a mcdonald's quarter pounder behind the wheel. cop sited him under the distracted driving law. >> the officer explained to me that he observe me eating a burger for two miles. >> if this was the law i would have to hire more attorneys because everyone does it. there was no accident here. the fact this man was charged with eating and driving is a first for me. >> the police say they cannot comment on the case because it is pending. he is due if court on february 3rd. >> never had a quarter pounder that was that distracting. i am not sure about that case.
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>> as long as he was not texting on the burger then there would be other issues. >> thank you is why they probably initiated the law 9 that is atlanta... >> now to show you what is going on everyone, half mile visibility in petaluma. what we are looking at is very thick fog up there. also, up toward the santa rosa area we are looking at visibility that is going to be dangerous through the morning commute. we look at mountain view at three-quarters of a mile so be careful. it is very thick in the san ramon valley this morning and coastal flooding today through when and also bay shore flooding, probably just make that shoreline flooding because that will happen. you know the normal areas around san rafael and mill valley will flood and these are from the golden gate bridge these
5:19 am
particular higher tides or king tides, 9:58 and the morning at 10:46 and 11:46 on wednesday morning. this is how it looks in walnut creek you can see the fog is out there but it is particularly over walnut creek and concord right now and it is not is thick as it is in other areas of inland east bay soing fore today on this mc day -- on this mlk day and if you are headed out it will be mild warming trend on wednesday but you notice it the weekend and the reason i put "wednesday," is the "spare the air" days could come back with record highs likely and dry temperatures this weekend. as far as temperatures 58 in antioch. 60 in fairfield. low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us. you are headed out for this day of service here is a look at san francisco, 54 degrees at 7:00. at noon we will have high clouds and sunshine and 57. and hazy sunshine at 4:00 and 60. bit evening hours it will be
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mild and 57. look at the temperatures tone they cool than this morning but they are well above average in the mid-to-upper 50's. the seven-day forecast shows "spare the air" day could begin on wednesday with the offshore flow and we start to get the warmer weather friday, saturday and sunday and upper 60 to low 70s so record highs are possible this weekend. have a great one. leyla gulen? >> we have something to lack forward to. we will talk about the traffic where we have an accident reported in oakland eastbound 580 at grant avenue it doesn't sound like an injury accident and on the shoulder right now so far you can see the top speeds in both the eastbound and westbound directions when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza this is what you will fine, clear conditions there. we expect to see holiday light traffic today. also as far as mass transit is concerned, be aware we do have holiday schedules weekend schedule for transit agencies so check before you head out the door. over the altamont pass, you are seeing the slowing up for about
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vasco road. as you continue westbound on 580 you will find another pocket of slowing as you come up to the dublin entrepreneur and if you travel into castro valley all in all the drive from tracy is just 36 minutes. eric? >> straight ahead, seven things to know use start your day. >> big business to the bay area by the royal company but not that royal company. >> making a run for it the rhinos seize the moment and make their escape. >> keep on top of weather and traffic through the exam break with abc7 news now.
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our tent is falling... you got it? we need nails. anncr: with just five minutes' prep, campbell's oven sauces help you cook a real dinner right in the middle of real life. >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here
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are seven things to know. breaking news in san francisco police are looking for two suspects who drover a u-haul into the front of the pat -- patagonia store and made off with shoes and jackets. we will have a report at 5:30. >> this is a picture of the dr. martin luther king jr. in washington dc. matches and parades and days of service across the country park the legacy of the leader. if san francisco, a march will wind if the cal train station. >> three the mlk king jr. freedom train makes its final run after lack of interest ending the they day tradition the last freedom train in the country. >> the prosecution in kentucky are working to extradict two teens accused in a multistate claim spree back to the bluegrass state. the 18-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl were arrested
5:25 am
yesterday in florida accused of breaking into homes and using stolen checked and stealing three trucks. >> and seahawks won if a furious overtime game. the patriots squashed colts 45-7. super bowl 49 is in glendale, arizona, february 1. six king tides today. if you are headed out on the holiday, want out near the coastline or bay shoreline we will have minor flooding with timeframe right here for the golden gate bridge and it could be different depend on writer going to be. seven a look in san jose and 87 beyond the thank traffic is nice and light for the holiday and we do have transit service with more on that in a few minutes. the world cup is coming to the bay area -- the royal couple is coming to the bay area the
5:26 am
princess and prince of sweden will explore their interest in innovation and technology by meeting with tech companies and their leaders. today they will preview the latest nordic technology at an event at the computer history museum in mountain view. >> three rhinos on display at a zoo did not pass up a chance for a break. the three ran for the exit at the safari park. they escaped while the guard was sleeping. a worker tries to catch up to the animals but they made it as far as the parking lot before workers managed to bring temperature back into their enclosure. officials say the sleeping guard has been fired. do you think? >> always easiest to stop the rhinos before they stop running. >> we have a full 90 minutes of news when we run. >> new details on the shooting outside vice president biden's home and what federal sources are telling abc about the gunman
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i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. and for dr. martin luther king jr., the roads could be calmer than the past few days. a lot of people wake up on monday and figure there is fog but they are waking up in a literal fog on the roads. >> cannot shake the fog. >> tough commute from the east bay up the peninsula and 101 all the way through the north by as we see that on live doppler hd. here is 101 and 880 if san jose, you can see the fog getting thicker in the south bay. by the afternoon hours we will have hazy sunshine and temperatures are low-to-mid 60's around the bay and upper 50's and low 60's at the coast and upper 50's and mid-60's inland.
5:30 am
leyla gulen how do the roads look? so far so good. not too many cars on the roads. it does not mean you need to be less careful. the drive on 101 southbound tail lights to 580 are light and when you get through the waldo tunnel and over the golden gate bridge it is light but we do have mass transit. pore on that in a few minutes. back to breaking news we first brought you at 4:30 a smash smash at the patagonia store near fishermen's wharf and the role of a u-haul. amy hollyfield was the first report dealer and is on the scene. we got here the alarm was still going off. it had just happened. look at the mess that is still here behind me with jackets on the sidewalk, the door to the store has been shattered. police say two men backed a u-haul truck into the door through the front door loaded
5:31 am
it up, and drove off. this happened at the patagonia store on north point in the north beach neighborhood and this is 3:30 this morning. dispatch does have a description they passed along to police of the men, two blackmen wearing bandannas driving a u heart with a partial license plate ag135. at one point officers in the city did spot the van. >> the other units city-wide broadcast it, the description, other district units at mission and southern saw the u-haul van and they tried to pursue it. >> what happened? >> they lost the truck. >> the manager says they got away with a lot. she is staying it now and says the merchandise is so compact that even one empty shelf equals several jackets. she is contacting her corporate office right new to try to
5:32 am
figure how to get access to the surveillance video hoping she will be able to get a good look of the men, pass it on to police. at this point the men got away. happening right new in san francisco, a group of hopeless people and their advocates getting ready to move to oakland for a demonstration of the right to rest. the group respond the night outside bart's powell street station in a sleep in demonstrateing a right to rest for people with have no place to sleep. it is a crime in san francisco to slow down or sit on sidewalks and the group will attend a larger day of action protest in oakland starting at fruitvale bart station and move to the plaza. >> new details of another rally against police brutality and this is in oakland, at 7:00 last night at 14 there and broadway and moved to the bart fruitvale station. officials closed the station for
5:33 am
20 minutes, four were arrested and 17 others were cited. >> this is the final day of action of the holiday weekend and protests and rallies are scheduled across the country and in san francisco, the answer coalition has a protest scheduled for 11 this morning at the caltrain station near at&t park south of the lefty o'doul's bridge. demonstrators will hold a rally and take their message on to the train and possibly other board and muni stations. similar events are slated for washington dc and new york city today. that event will coincide with this area's martin luther king jr. parade in san francisco with thousands expected to take part in a march from the same caltrain station stopping at willie may's plaza at at&t park to commemorate the crossing of the bridge in selma, a civil of violence and victory in the sifts moment the. >> the freedom train rolls the last time from san jose to san francisco to honor dr. martin
5:34 am
luther king jr. beginning more than 30 years ago and the local freedom train has continue the last of its kind in the united states. freedom trains symbolized dr. martin luther king jr.'s march from sell bra to montgomery with a lack of community interest and sponsorship forum duing the train. nick will have more on the final run at the top of the hour. a host events will take place in the bay area to commemorate the holiday. san francisco mayor lee will be at a screening of "selma," and speak at a community breakfast at 9:00. if richmond, there is a day of service at the richmond walking and bicycle trail with volunteers planting trees and clean up trash at 9:00 on the trail near leg con elementary. >> a parade and rally in honor of dr. martin luther king jr. at 9:30 at the dmv parking lot on manila avenue in sell -- in cerrito. >> this is in clear indication
5:35 am
that the home of vice president biden was targeted in a shooting inden. multiple shots were fired near his home on saturday night from a passing vehicle. biden and his wife were out toç dinner. delaware police the secret service and the f.b.i. are investigating. >> the alameda county coroner identified the man shot and kid by treatment police on friday, 48 years old from hayward. officers responded to a park after reports that a man pull add life on two contractors and stating chasing they the one officer fired a taser. a second shot the man. police say the suspect was holding a knife with a 6" blade and was arrested the week before for being under the influence of a will control substance. >> we have a new report on a mystery goo that is killing birds in the east bay mostly gone now from the water. fish and wildlifes officials say it could be tuesday before they necessity what it is but it is
5:36 am
not oil. 89 birds been rescued from the shore and 20 birds died. >> coast guard did a fly over and not able to see any product on the water. it is really still a mystery and it could be several more days with the holiday before we december what, exactly the ready is. international bird rescue in fairfield is caring for the surviving bird. occupies will determine what killed the others. >> today the winter king tides return to san francisco. get ready for flooding in low-lying areas the one of the areas is the section of shoreline highway in mill valley near highway 101 and king tides seem to turn the surrounding parking lot into pools. this happened when the sun and moon align pulling the ocean water to opposite sides of the skirt create, industrial i high and low tides. high tide in san francisco is scheduled to occur at 10:00 a.m. this morning. now water water every where but not a drop falling on my
5:37 am
head. we will start with the water, water everywhere. that is in the follow of the king tide. 9:58 is weapon -- when it crests at golden gate bridge and 10:46 tomorrow morning and 11:36 on wednesday morning and thursday you can see they start to get lower but at 12:27 in the afternoon. we have a last moisture in the air in the inland east bay neighborhood so the temperatures are warm. upper 40's on mt. diablo and san ramon and everyone else is low-to-mid 50. how often are the valley warmerren that hilltops. novato is 49. everyone else in the legal -- in the low-to-mid 50's. looking south on 101 the day planner the next 12 hours we will stay in the upper 40's to mid-50's through 7:00 and and upper 50's to low 60's with
5:38 am
sheas sunshine and by 7:00 we are clear and mild with let -- low-to-upper 50's. the throw day forecast is low-to-mid 60's. an accident at walnut creek on 680 southbound side you can see the middle lanes are blocked with a three car crash, two pickups are involved and there is debris in the roads including ladders. we have c.h.p. on the scene and they are doing an investigation and i saw gnash lights moving about so it looks like debris is scattered an the lanes. if you are traveling southbound you find delays. on the maps you can see how it is moving. we are seeing the backups building. it is right around main street headed in the southbound direction. how accident rest of the drive look from walnut creek over highway 24? it is clear use make it over lafayette to orinda and top speeds at the contra costa and i will keep you updated on the
5:39 am
accident in a few minutes. next, alarming findings of the number of kids who go unvaccinated and why so many of them live right here in the bay area. >> happy homecoming for bay area service member the critical mission they just returned from. >> you are looking at san francisco international airport where things are just waking up on this holiday machine. we will keep track of what is going on there and possible delays as well as weather and
5:40 am
♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ yoplait. with a smooth and
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creamy taste your whole family loves. it is so good all the time. covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning everyone on dr. martin luther king jr. a local day. a new people have to go to work we can see, but there is a steady stream of light traffic coming into san francisco. leyla gulen is watching traffic
5:42 am
elsewhere. the result is ahead. >> a study of immunization reports in northern california reveal locations where high percentages of children miss one or more recommended doses. this comes as the measles outbreak is spreading rapidly in southern california. the "los angeles times" reports that the data comes from kaiser permanente's northern california system revealing under immunization clusters among those who turn three from the east bay from richmond to solano row and sonoma and northern san francisco and southern marin and vallejo and an area near sacramento. identifying the hot spots early could identify emerging epidemics. >> a 16-year-old in antioch is giving up a traditional rite of passage. her world changed when she visited a village in ethiopia and was shocked by the poverty and she is giving up her sweet
5:43 am
16 birthday party and asking family and friends to donate money they would use for the gifts on her cause. >> living in america, i think we have the world and i think we should expand our minds and think about those who don't have anything literally they don't have anything. some kids don't even have shoes and they walk to school barefoot. >> she wants to help build a 5th grade classroom on a school and a page helped her raise $2,000 in just a no. she wants to raise as much as she we can to handler the individual averageers this summer. >> the cuban president could be sitting down with members of a visiting congressional delegation in havana, with travels over the weekend because of the new travel rules. the delegation is the first to visit could you behalf since the end the fargo meeting with various officials and
5:44 am
ambassadors. >> we have tunes for partnership economically and culturally and that will only help to strengthen the opportunities for the cuban people. >> a lawmakers encourage cuban officials to address issues of concern to americans and their representatives in congress. president obama is expected to announce tax changes in the "state of the union" address. the president is seeking an increase in taxes on the wealthiest americans by raising the capital gains rate eliminating a tax break on inheritance. he wants the use of revenue to fund the new tax credits and other cost savings measures for the middle class. an afghan interpreter living in the bay area will be at president obama's state of the union speech. mohammed yousaffi served with troops along afghanistan. hissary was killed and his three-year-old brother taken for ransom because of the job. it took 3 1/2 years to get him
5:45 am
and his family to the united states and soon they will all live in fremont. california representatives invited him as his guest to bring attention to the problems with the unvisa program. you can hear the president's message tomorrow during a special "state of the union" address and the republican response right here on abc7 with coverage kicking off at 6:00 p.m. >> meteorologist mike nicco gives us the state the bay area with no rain. >> foggy though, that is the state of the by area, but as we move into the forecast, "spare the air" days come back along with record highs, as we look forward to next week and although it is monday. mountain view has fog in a fluid situation literally moving around and right now you are up to a mile at moffett field. petaluma has the lowest visibility about three-quarters of a mile and if you are headed right around washington, that is headed through downtown, that is where the thicker fog is.
5:46 am
how about half moon bay less than quarter-mile visibility are we find our thickest fog and the most dangerous visibility this morning. be careful if you drive along the coast this morning. here is a look at 101 and 880 and san jose you can see the fog has leaked into the santa clara valley as the winds are coming from the north so you are going to remain foggy for a while. in fact the fog will hang around through the morning and then it will fade to hazy sunshine and warming trend on wednesday and that is a "spare the air" day but our warmest weather is this weekend and it will be dry. we are still lacking dry through the entire month. >> 58 in antioch and 60 in fairfield and you can see where the fog will linger, and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us and a finger 6 fog along the coast. the mlk day of service in san francisco, dense fog and 57 with high clouds and hazy sunshine at noon and hazy sunshine and 60 and mild at 4:00 and clear and mild this evening
5:47 am
at 57 degrees. temperatures maybe not so warm as this morning, but city very mild tonight and middle 40's to around 50 degrees with fog forming again. this is how it looks from our roof camera and i will put the next four days you can see today, in worries. tomorrow no worries. wednesday, we could have a "spare the air" day and the north bay and the coast in the central bay could initiate a "spare the air" on thursday which would be 21 and 22 days. wrote have had 20 so far, five days we have competed healthy standards no those susceptible. temperatures are in the 60. trillion we get to saturday and sunday and 70's to the coast. have a good day. >> it looks like the accident on 680 southbound in walnut creek is clear to the shoulder and you can see the flashing lights lingering off the side of the freeway but it has moved out of the lanes and traffic is slow to recover as you make it past main street and around the bond to highway 24 so expect to see the delays. here is what it looks like on a map use travel from pleasant
5:48 am
hill you will start to apply the breaks to the scene of the accident now that everyone is on the shoulder and hopefully things will dissipate and considering that today is a holiday and we are looking at less traffic on the roads. if your travels take you to san ramon valley through 680 and danville san ramon you are at top speeds and no problems. from the central valley, be aware of fog and you can see the orange on the side of the scene and that is where we have the heavy fog that can affect your commute but as you continue over the altamont pass you are running at 54 miles per hour and speeds pick up as you continue to the dublin/pleasanton interchange. thank you, leyla gulen a happy homecoming at san francisco international airport. members of a coast guard unit rushed for air station san francisco located at sfo last night and security unit 312 wrapped up a nine month deployment to gitmo bay, cuba greeted by hugs kisses and
5:49 am
smiles from already ones. >> very good to see her. and everyone else too. very excited to be back home. >> how was it having him gone and being back? hard. i am very happy he is home. enjoy it families like our is complete. >> they worked 12 hour shifts to protect guantanamo bay from offshore threats. >> the familiar faces you see in the super bowl and why bay area football fans will still have a reason to clear. >> san francisco's very own have hero is back in a big way. the big scene debut for batkid. >> account 6:00, a shy is -- a selfie is at the center of an international incident. stay tuned.
5:50 am
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5:52 am
you are looking at washington dc where there will be a wreath-laying shortly in honor of dr. martin luther king jr. and this is the memorial to him. it is in washington dc. can you see the large statue. there are events like this in several cities an the country. we will tell you more just ahead. cheers of joy across the pacific northwest when fans celebrated the seattle seahawks come-from-behind win that sent seattle to a second super bowl in a row beating green bay 28-22
5:53 am
in overtime for the championship. it was 16-0 at one point. another familiar face is running to the super bowl, the new england patriots jumped to the early lead and never looked back. the pats dismantled the colt and new england runs to the super bowl for the eighth time and the sixth time for the quarterback and san mateo's own tom brady. >> a lost good times in the past and this is going to have to win a very important game. faith in the people around you. i am grateful god put me in this place to play with this football team. it is a tremendous honor. >> the seahawks and patriots will neat super bowl 49 in arizona on sunday february 1. >> tom bradiy played for a loca high school and the running back played at cal, and wide receiver went to woodside high and the
5:54 am
college of san mateo. see at head's coach school in larkspur and the wide receiver and quarterback sherman played at stanford and running back played at cal. >> i can see getting out of the way when he is play. >> he is a beast. >> and meteorologist mike nicco is our own weather beast. >> not quite. north pole was the warmest spot in december compared to average three degrees above average and the cool spot, though county was in minnesota, big surprise, right? 2.75 degrees below average. this week in san jose, watch our average high around 57 and we are going to be in 70s saturday county sunday and possible next monday until we get there upper 50's to nearly 60 through the central valley
5:55 am
53 in monterey and 73 to 80 in los angeles and palm springs. my goodness. berkeley shows traffic building and in westbound direction the headlights coming in to the maze and you get to the bay bridge toll plaza normally by this time you would see metering lights turned on and i would say they have not been turned on it is light moving from the east bay to san francisco. we are focusing in on walnut creek with an early accident involving a few vehicles cause, quite the backup. southbound 680, everything was cleared to the shoulder and now we are start telling see the traffic dissipating so the travels coming away from pleasant hill to walnut creek will only take you 11 minutes. a beloved pint-sized batkid will appear on the silver screen.
5:56 am
batkid begins, the wish heard around the world is a document try film about miles scott and his day as batkid where the world premiere on saturday at the film festival in park city utah. you may rule miles captured the hearts and imagination of millions of people in november of 2013 when the make-a-wish foundation answered his desire to become batman transforming san francisco into gotham city and miles was diagnosed with leukemia at 18 months is in remission now. check out the full trailer for batkid with a link on our website at a high school senior in michigan landed an impressive prom date because of help from twitter after tweeting sacramento kings rookie asking how many retweets it would take for him to go to to the with his girl, taylor and three said "10,000." that was a big mistake.
5:57 am
thanks to a boost by other nan players the tweet reached that number in a few hours and now he has a new prom date and knick has -- nick has agree to be this, too as a chap of course, no one asked taylor. >> a california man was surrounded by trash and how close he came to a crushing blow. >> are the rich getting ripper the new warning of the haves and the have notes. a look outside the bay bridge toll plaza is a local day monday. you normally see traffic building but it is not building.
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. breaking now at 6:00, smash-and-grab criminals start a high end san francisco retailer overnight and we have what they
6:00 am
got away with and the clean up underway. the final call for bay area train tradition and what is bringing an end to the freedom train honoring dr. martin luther king jr. also a look outside right now at interstate 80 you can see on a local day there is still substantial traffic out there and leyla gulen is being it. meteorologist mike nicco will tell us when the fog is going to clear. good morning thanks for joining us. leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco are here, as well, and i am eric thomas. i am the new guy. >> now mike has the forecast. >>ing in new here: fog. that is what we are talking about. it is in some new areas. live doppler 7 hd shows 1.5 miles visibility at san carlos and less than quarter-mile at half moon bay and 1.5 at petaluma and headed through the afternoon today, we will have sunshine and hazy conditions and upper


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