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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 19, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the westbound span closed. >> they faced off as officers started to detain them, but remain peaceful. alan, what can you tell us? >> if you can see you're looking eastbound of san mateo bridge. just before 5:00 it appears 20-40 pro testers drove in cars to the top of the high rises and jumped out to block traffic. the chp had been staged in foster city and was in no time arresting pro testers one at a time. westbound lanes were shut down
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causing i 880 to back up. eastbound was very slow causing traffic back up to 101. now, all of this is still backed up and only 1, 2 labors open at this point. all traffic backed up on the westbound lane of the san mateo bridge. >> thanks very much. joining us now is officer daniel hill from the patrol. >> what can you tell us about the latest situation on the bridge now? we're trying to get pro testers off the bridge. we're awaiting arrival from a bus that will transport to the freeway. we've been suspected an opening of the lanes in approximately 55
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minutes or so. >> about an hour officer hill? >> just about. there are 68 people in custody. >> what kind of charges do people face for this? >> do they -- >> any time you block a freeway, you do face charges of on structing movement. now, you face charges for people that have been arrested this time. >> you think you may be able to get the whole thing open. >> just about. i want to make sure we take their safety into account.
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>> officer daniel hill thank you for coming on. >> before 4:00 there pro testers bhoked westbound side of the bridge and said to symbolize the fact every 28 hours a black person is killed by a police officer and vigilante. >> the bart station is open after a different group shut it down. one group locked entrances just as a group was getting out. they only let passengers up single file through one door.
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it was come ber some. laura? >> well, hi dan. it's back to normal here this evening. this is a day of demonstrations starting at 5:00 a.m . and about 1500 to 2000 people were here. it started as many parents with their children. >> you need to understand the legacy handed down to them. you know? people like martin luther king make great sacrifices. >> what do you hope? >> i hope i live a long age a good job a family.
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you know? >> why did you want to come out today? >> i wanted to teach him to speak up and speak out but in the right way. you know? if you feel oppressed you don't break windows or bash someone's head m. you do it with a form to get a message across. a large group of people marched two miles to the station, shut down about 30 minutes. demonstrators started with a visit in the diamond district to show this video. >> i woke up it's great to be in america. that we're a city that allows people to peacefully assemble and protest.
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>> in oakland abc7 news >> hundreds of people were in buena gardens to commemorate the march led by martin luther king 50 years ago. >> i think many showed up because they wanted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the voting rights act. but others were there to acknowledge the struggle for equality and justice is far from over. >> hundreds mars to give tribute to martin luther king junior. it was a time for reelection. >> with everything going on now, that is doubly important.
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this year. so it's intense. >> for younger ones it's time to understand and appreciate the legacy of dr. king and those who marched with them. >> we thank god. someone is marching in truth. >> it served as a reminder that dr. king's work is not done. >> we're losing too many african american boys not just to police officers but black boys and men we've got to hold them accountable. >> nancy pelosi told everyone it's time to celebrate what will be soon the 50th anniversary of the voting rights act. >> reverend king insisted we vote. if you don't vote you don't
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count. >> 50 years after the march these words call for change across the nation. from san francisco, abc7 news. >> hundreds of people took part in a peaceful march the march included dozens of families and local organizations they walked a mile from the office to el cerrito high school. there is a strong message. >> we can take a page out of our book books they can understand people protest sometimes are very important and it's not necessary to destroy the community. >> this is the 26th year they
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had an mlk parade. >> apple and company employees are at odds about martin luther king junior day. apple does not give a paid vacation day, instead donates to charity for employees that choose to volunteer on this federal holiday known as mlk day of service. nearly 200 asked for paid vacation day. they say it would show apple is committed to a diverse staff. >> there are plenty of people who want to use today as a day of service. abc7 reporter jonathan bloom shows you the transformation. >> wielding a pitch fork is a bit of a change for dr. dre.
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dr. tom dre. >> we have administrators. >> with laps closed, the campus is being taken over. >> it's about getting out and making a day on instead of a day off. >> the staff from the medical center didn't stop there. never afraid to get hands dirty they snapped on gloves and gave the campus a fresh coat of paint. beyond being a trance for grown ups to give back it's a teachable moment for kids. no school mean nose reason they can't lend a hand. >> the principal notes he's seen
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the smile on peoples faces. >> so excited to see people cared about them. >> teaching kids the joy of giving. something these nurses and doctors think that other dr. would approve of. >> if he was about inclusiveness. so you can see it's super for the work we give back to the community. our coverage continues tonight. coming up at 6:30, why today also marks the end of the line for the bay area freedom train. >> still to come latest on a goo mystery. a strange substance continues to kill birds. information researchers are learning. >> just ahead some some say it
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has to go. and a help it can be safed. >> high temperatures approach record levels i'll have a warm up coming up in just a moment. >> a kitchen appliance five years into a seven year warranty. ahead, we talk with
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going back to breaking news. sky 7 ht live over the san mateo bridge chp is get being protestors that are now getting protestors and
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getting them off the bridge. that is right. >> refusing an order from authorities and disrupting the flow of movements. they're likely to face there is no violence. no clashing with police all quite peaceful which is appropriate on mlk day. they wanted to make their voices heard. so stay with us on our twitter feed as well. >> in other news, senator jerry hill is calling for an investigation of the san mateo union high school board of trustees saying the board is blowing them off. >> there have been a lot of
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acrimony at the school board meetings and now says enough is enough. >> it's shameful the way they conduct business. >> state senator jerry hill blasted members last week. latest in a generated a petition with 1500 signatures. board meetings have been packed with people talking about controversial issues. >> we feel there has been lack of hearing what the public has to say. >> an olympic sized high school has been open to the community. those who use the pool are fighting the proposal to
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restrict restrict public usage. an anonymous donor gave $1 million to build the pool and says his client wants to keep it open to everyone. >> the donor and city have tried to convey this information, it's falling on deaf ears. >> let the civil grand jury look at this issue. >> some comments were incorrect and inflammatory. >> mark freedman wants to reassure the public the board is listening to them. >> we want community input. we respect the community and feel we're working together
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>> we'd be very happy to work with them. they have nothing to hide. >> more dead birds are turning up along the hayward shore line because of a sticky substance in the bay. this is one bird that survived being covered by this goo which is not toxic. 200 have been rescued since sunday a quarter have been found dead. >> assessment was the diving birds we picked up shore birds. so it's affecting marsh birds. >> volunteers are putting them to a bird rescue center.
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they're being washed with a special solution. >> the kenning tides are back. sky 7 hd captured flooding earlier just off highway 101. cal train closed the lodge but a few people decided to go anyway. >> we get a full moon this is the first time i've worked in the morning. and it's crazy. >> in oakland save the bay held it's day service to teach about restoring wetlands and help illustrate what the bay area may experience because of climate change and depleted wetlands.
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>> we need falling rain. >> regard warmth. by the weekend high temperatures in the 70 s. high clouds around and you can see there is an area of fog spilling through the straight and delta. high tides occur at 6:49 a.m . now, current temperatures into mid-50s here in san francisco. a cool 49 at napa now. one of our coolest locations. areas of fog overnight, no rain in sight but might again some
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over 8 or 9. fog from central valley spilling through the delta. so visibility may be reduced. high pressure is expanding will will be a controlling factor for the remainder of the week and into the weekend. that is going to bring us rising temperatures and high temperatures above into the weekend. looks like a slight chance of rain next tuesday doesn't look like a major storm overnight, fog going through the delta. so early morning hours we can
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have visibility in locations that could affect commuting. lows into low to mid-40s. tomorrow afternoon highs into mid-60s. about 63 in san jose. peninsula, highs of 63 degrees in palo alto and mountain view. 63 in sonoma. and union city. east bay will have low 60s in pleasanton and livermore. upper 50s in fairfield here is the accu-weather forecast. temperatures rising sharply. upper 60s to 70 friday. low to mid-70s over the weekend inland. around the bay, and low 70s on
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the coast. if weekend we're likely to have record highs. and maybe rain, we're hoping. >> come next not coming to california. why the pope says his visit cannot include the west coast. >> where he'll
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>> the pope has said he would like to come to california to cannonize a magsry but probably will not be able to do so saying coming to california would add too many days to the trip to the united states. he will also travel to philadelphia and new york. >> a south bay hospital has new visitor restrictions in place. the symptoms are fever, and runny nose is asked not to visit the patients. and reports people under age 16 cannot visit at all saying children are a higher health risk to sick patients. >> a last stop for an event honoring dr. martin luther king junior you'll hear from passengers on the last freedom train. a special connection to be historic moments.
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>> and what you may soon be able to get from a community college that you can only previously get
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sky 7 hd is showing a change in the situation in really just the past few minutes. >> this is the westbound lane the bus is on the scene loading up protestors to take them to jail to be cited for blocking traffic. and chp says they'll get traffic hopefully moving back as scheduled. >> here is a look at how protestors shut down the bridge. we watched pro testers abandon the eastbound span and faceoff with police. it was peaceful and civilized we're waiting for police to get
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them off the bridge and reopen all westbound lanes. certainly traffic mess was significant, and still is. >> that is right. we continue to monitor this here and on twitter. >> today people across the nation stopped to honor the life, and work of dr. martin luther king junior. >> almost five decades after the death, it's clear racial tensions exist. >> crowds rallied and carried a message of equality with them. for many events were meaningful in light of recent protests over ongoing tensions between police departments and black communities. >> dr. king wrote men often hate each other because they fear each other because they do not know each other.
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they do not know each other because they cannot communicate and they cannot communicate because they're separated. we have to bridge that separation. >> others spent the holiday carrying on a legacy of service including the first family that spent part of the day volunteering. >> the end of a san jose to san francisco freedom train was the last one operating in the country and fell victim due to lack of riders. >> history is something many read about in a book. but this train is always been about sharing. sharing an event people in their 60s and older experienced two. sisters grew up in selma were 13 and 7 when dr. king push forward
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a nonviolent profitest. >> they paid the path for us we don't have to step aside or go to the back door or use special bathrooms. >> this is the last freedom train in the country. after three # years it's legacy ends. >> we know it's the last train. >> this 10-year-old says the train brings to life lessons her teacher has been teaching. he was teaching us about the march and i found it cool. >> another student says a report
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taught him about segregation. >> was that right or wrong? >> wrong. >> do you think we've made progress since those days? >> yeah. >> others point out the struggle is never over and teachings will continue to shape the future. >> that is one step towards freedom. one man who attained much of what king once dreamed about is reflecting on king's legacy. he spoke at the annual lunchen. . >> i was growing up during the civil rights movement.
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my dream is that it came together and by training he grew up on a navajo reservation. >> tomorrow is a big day in history. 15 schools will be selected to offer a four-year bachelor's he degree. >> public calls institute of california says by 2025, 41% of the jobs in the state will require at least a bachelor's degree but only 35% of the population will have one. the head of the california community system spoke about the gap. >> we still have as many young people going to college as we
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did earlier. we now stand to have the first generation of americans that are less educated than their parents. >> the community colleges are taking steps to help produce bachelor's degrees in 15 colleges the author marte block explained why in a call this afternoon. >> a lot of very good high quality students are just not able to get in because the number of classes at uc and csu are relatively small and qualified students are either not going on to college or going to very expensive private schools. >> the four-year programs can
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not duplicate those offered by csu and uc systems. 34 colleges applied for the 15 slots. each offering a single four-year degree. california community college board of governors will announce which 15 colleges made the cut. in sacramento, abc7 news. >> just ahead at 6:00, 7 on your side. >> how owe
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we're just getting word of an emergency delta plane from san francisco passengers on the flight headed to tel aviv were evacuated at jfk following some sort of bomb threat. >> when a product breaks down during a warranty, you rightfully expect the warranty to be honest. >> but that is not what happened. one guy had to call michael finney for help.
6:41 pm
>> this is a story of a company that sold an extended warranty but won't stand behind it's product. ask a man who hangs on to his paper work. >> ghen williams purchased this blender purchased on an infomercial. >> it won't start. no motor. >> williams didn't worry. he dug through warranties and found the one with the health master and receipt. >> i put the receipt inside warnthy. same thing >> he paid $30 to get the blender to get a seven year extended warranty the blender was just five years old so he called the makers of the health master. >> they said well, you can, we haven't got any of those we'll sell you a refurbished one.
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>> he said the warranty called for repair or replacement of the product. if a repair is not feasible a refund of the purchase price. >> i threw up my hands in disgust and several years later my daughter suggests to contact the tv station. >> he contacted 7 on your side we contacted tri star. within a day they promised to send him a new blender. and it did. >> i think it's better and smaller. >> williams is grateful he is now a success story. >> it's good. i would go on to use the service again if someone needs to. i recommend it. to see reports online select 7
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on your side >> thank you very much. >> up next big change on the san mateo bridge. >> yes. live we're going to update you on the changing situation
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>> back to our breaking news. sky 7 live over the bridge. all lanes are now back open.
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it's down and now all lines are back open, now. >> well, a historic oak tree may be getting a reprieve tonight. this old oak has a place in american literature. >> last time we saw this tree. and unbalanced, diseased. not just any home. >> the first american rider. >> he lists the parks the state dedicated to him. here is his study. that old oak has been a big part of it. the thought is that jack london would look at that tree and be inspired . >> i would have been inspired. >> which makes a worry for
6:47 pm
archaeologist archaeologist now after study park director has some hope. >> there is one that is fiv e years, it's a bonus. >> five of those were with jack london. from an acorn they have this. the park will plant it nearby. >> the bridge this tree carries dna. >> that is a tribute. a living one for future generations.
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>> spencer christian is here with the latest. >> here is how things look right now. we've got areas of fog that will be spilling through the straight and delta tonight. tomorrow look for sunny skies in the northern two thirds of the state. by the end of the week quite a warm day coming our way. high temperatures low to mid-70s from coast to inland and will probably and possibly have regard highs. >> we'll find out if warriors are heading up the court tonight? >> you don't have to ask. >> i know. it's a given.
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>> they do. a rookie makes his nba debut.
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good evening. a matinee on martin luther king day is a tradition for the warriors and everybody enjoyed the holiday except denver nuggets. here thompson led the warriors with 22. splash. 55 and 8 at the half. drunkan get out of here. a big block. not my house. it's my in ours a day. warriors bench, 67 points.
6:53 pm
warriors tie a franchise record. 122-79 the final. >> everybody wants to win. and to help make winning plays >> it's a big moment for him to come back and impact the game. >> they know they have something special and it's fun to watch it unfold. >> fanford women home coming for alicia
6:54 pm
davis. sun devils win at stanford. new raiders head coach made the big hire. musts grave comes from philly. hopefully, it didn't turn the nfc championship game because seahawks coming back from a 16-point deficit. they went into overtime.
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to the win next up, the super bowl and a showdown with patriots and tom brady. >> there is no reason to change what we do now. we'll try to do everything better. >> washington nationals announced the cy young winner surezur rejecting an offer from tigers before last season. that is insane. who turns down 144? oh a guy that is going to get 210. he gets 50 million signing bonus on top of that. and way they're going to pay this sut out is interesting.
6:56 pm
it's a seven year contract. they're going to pay $15 million over 14 years. so after he's done pitching he'll be collecting $15 million a year. it works for both sides. >> has that been done before? >> not with these numbers but gives the team flexibility and he gets to sit back. >> yes. >> that is a plan. >> join us tonight, dangers of sitting for extended periods you're going to hear survival tips >> there an arsonist terrorizing a neighborhood? why a string of fires may be connected. >> tonight there is an episode of the bachelor at 8:00.
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