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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> yuck rat and dangerous mold. the disgusting conditions forcing family out of the home in. emergency eviction is under way right now. the city says everyone has to be out of the toxic town home by tomorrow the toxic town home by tomorrow. >> good evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm amma gates. eviction is happening at the town home in santa rosa. >> that's where cornell is live tonight. >> 9 family leaving here da!da >> 9 family leaving here da tomorrow but as of tonight most nowhere to good. many take what belongings they can. throwing a lot of stuff away. this vacate order has been placed on every unit because the city says it's too toxic and dangerous to stay here. >> this is so hard. >>reporter: sanchez and family are packing up saying goodbye to the place they called home for years. place they say also
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made them sick. >> i get bronchitis. a month later i get pneumonia. >>reporter: city inspector say no wonder most unit is plagued with toxic mold. tenant showed us black superior growing on the bath ramp ceilings. even in the bedrooms where the kid sleep. last week the city issued this eviction order giving tenant until january 20th to get out. all furniture must stay. it's likely infested, too. >> my little baby like they told me she had asthma and. >>reporter: inspectors say units are also overrun with rat units are also overrun with rats. have you seen flat your place. >> yes we see rat. >>reporter: community activist held a meat to go help family find new housing but won't be easy. >> property owners like this across the county are knowing that people are stuck in the situation because there's one percent vacancy rate. >>reporter: city told building
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owner to fix the problem last year. francisco says his complaints were ignored. >> they still don't care. because they don't live here. >>reporter: family given 2000 dollars to relocate. the tenant right attorneys say it's not enough and may sue for more not enough and may sue for more. no rae response from owners. this is abc 7 news. >> the in cincinnati. interstate overpass collapse tonight killing a construction worker and injuring a tractor-trailer driver. these are photo of that accident scene. fire officials say the bridge undergoing demolition at the time of the accident. several hundred tons of concrete fell on to the roadway closing part of the interstate indefinitely. the cause is still unknown. >>reporter: police search 2 passenger planes in new york including one that arrived from san francisco international airport in a bomb threat against delta airlines. this is instagram video up loaded by passenger on the sfo flight. other plane which shares the same flight number actually was
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bound from jfk international airport for tel aviv. both planes searched cleared of any far there is no evidence the threat was real. >> san francisco neighborhood is on edge tonight after a strength of suspicious fires early this morning. fire were all in the castro district. 7 news if joins us live from there people are really worried this serial arsonist is targeting them. of. >> they are although firefighters are still investigating if this was in fact the work of an arsonist. neighbors hold community meetings and looking out for one another worried the next time around somebody could get hurt. howard rose cleans up charred debris outside his home at 19th and castro street in san francisco. if what is left of old furniture from the bed of his truck. he had planned to take the load to the dumpp instead it went up in flames. >> my neighbor banging on my door screaming howard your truck is on fire. i thought
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probably the engine compartment and come down to find it was the cargo we were putting water on it. >>reporter: happened just before 4 a.m. not too long after that crews race down the street to extinguish fire set in garbage can. one burned outside of house and family slept inside. they did make it out. robert lives next door. >> it's really unsettling actually. this is a very closely knit and kind of tight community. >>reporter: investigators call the fires suspicious. looking at possible link to other incidents. in november an arsonist set cars on fire in the cell and last month more vehicle were torched in the mission area. >> whenever we have a series of fire in any district we always look at that possibility. >>reporter: but neighbors feel a serial arsonist is on the loose. >> i'm scared worried. i'm afraid they will do it again. positive they will do it again. they are listening rate new and proud of themselves iring
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the valley neighborhood here association will discuss the issue at a meeting next week. in san francisco fv abc 7 news. happening now officials in the south bay have rescued stranded boaters with got stuck when the tide went out. the fair department brought the stranded boaters back to the marina. they were not hurt. officials say the king tide may be causing some boat investigators misjudge the water. >> out relaxing taking a nice boat ride and went to the left and ended up in the mud. >>reporter: this is the second rescue in a row yesterday afternoon. boaters in the same area also got stuck in the mud. >> if you got stuck on the san m te'o bridge on the commute you got caught in a demonstration. protestors shut down both direction for a time. traffic was backed up badly. 7 news reporter has the story. >> protestors started by halting both side of traffic on the san mateo bridge just before 5:00 o'clock.
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eventually they concentrated on the westbound lanes and forced traffic to complete halt for most of the nearly two hour delay. >> my flight has been dlaichltd she was more concerned about getting to the airport and less concerned about the message protestors were trying to send. >> i definitely believe people should stand up for what they believe but of course protestors. >> stanford student protest torts unravally joint palestine flag to highlight dr. king message against all oppression including the palestinian an struggle. the symbolism went unnoticed by jessica who just wanted to meet her trainer at the gym. >> i literally was on empty. i even had to call 511 because i was about to stay open the bridge. >> chp didn't waste any time responding and arrested 68 protestors without any injuries or accidents to report n.foster city, abc 7 news. about earlier today
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protestors in oakland briefly caused police to shut down the coliseum bart station just as the warriors game was letting out. hundreds of demonstrators marched there from the fruitvale station commemorate fruitvale station commemorating dr. king day by drawing attention to police killings including the death of officer grant at the fruitvale station in 2009. if and wake up call of sorts for oakland mayor shaft when protestors held a noisey pre-dawn rally outside her home pre-dawn rally outside her home. they chanted danced for social justice and against police brutality. police kept an eye on the crowd. shaft did not leave her thousands talk with protestors but said she heard the message. >> this the day brought the end of era in the bay area with final run of the freedom train. for the past 30 years the cal train from san jose to san francisco commemorated king
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march in 1965. organizers of the ride say this is the train final stop because of dwipd licensing community interest. on this ride 2 sisters were selma shared the experience with the next generation of the family. >> fv king came down he wanted one day for his children to march together with little white children, also black children. that's what i grandson and niece to understand that they paved the path for that you say we don't have to hold our head down. don't have to step aside when someone march. >> this was the last frame train in the country. >> the mystery deepen tonight as goofy substance claims more bird along the east bayshore line. this is one positive bird this survive being covered by the goo. more than 200 birds rescued. but at least 20 others have died. they were first discovered late friday along the alameda hayward san leandro shorelines. test results on the substance expected tomorrow. new law regulate new law regulating
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air bnb rental in san francisco took effect february 1st. city wants them to register in person and turn in tons of paperwork. >> people rent out room to show documents proving they are the permanent residence show business rental strition certificate not just the beginning. some say the the paperwork is to deter potential host and others think it will protect all parties involved. big announcement come for local college students next here on 7 news. what you will soon be able to get from a community college instead of just from a 4 year university. >> major move definitely worth liking. how facebook is going on a tech offensive and why that might be good news for you. >> and air quality restricts guest tighter. proposed rules that could change the way you cook. >> i'm spencer looking at increasing areas of fog tonight and rising high temperature lead to this weekend may reach record level by the weekend. i have the accu-weather forecast
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>> afghan interpreter living in the bay area will be at president obama state of the union speech. mohammad served alongside u.s. troops in afghanistan. his father killed and 3-year-old brother taken for ransom because of his job. took 3 and a half years to get him and his family to the u.s. and they will all soon be living in fremont. california representative the eric invited he and a guest to bring attention to problems with the u.s. visa program. >> go into tomorrow state of the union president obama is enjoying his highest approval
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rating since the spring of 20 rating since the spring of 2013. according to new "washington post"abc poll the president had job approval rating of 50%. democrat give him most love with 85 percent approval. republicans give him 14 percent approval. poll found improving economy and decreasing unemployment mostly responsible for the bump in the number. watch the president state of the union address and republican response tomorrow live on abc 7 news. live coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. major change in higher education tomorrow when we will learn which community college, learn which community college, colleges offering 4 year bachelor degree. california lawmakers approval historic change that begin in the fall of 2017. it's designed to help the state keep up with the work force demand for college graduate. community college 4 year degree can't duplicate programs offered by the college systems. and must be in subject with unmet work force
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needs. >> we simply don't have as many young people going to college as we did earlier. in fact we now stand to have the first generation of americans that are less educated than their parents. >> only 15 college state wide offer bachelor degree under the pilot project. schools named tomorrow. stay tune. >> facebook on hiring spree. job option could hint at the company future ambition. social network company look to go add nearly 1200 employee worldwide over the next few month. some job involve working with virtual reality and satellite and drone capable of delivering internet service to remote parts of the world. >> sea hawks and patriots head to the superbowl this year but respect difference from santa clara will also be there. media partner the san jose mercury news reports that local leaders will head to arizona for crash course on how to put on a superbowl. levi stadium hold next year big game.
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superbowl 50. local police officers good there firefighters and organizers. look for continues on how to happen the crowd live broad was even how to make sure the power doesn't go out. >> developing news. bay area bad air quality could be new rules for back yard barbecue. look of storms led to 14 spare the air day so far this month. some people in the bay area are now asking air quality officials to set limits on the use of out door wood burning pizza ovens and smokers. public meetings about possible use restriction will begin next month. >> if can't get break from from this. >> spencer has the latest on the forecast and what's going on outside. spencer. >> okay. right now we have increasing areas of fog spill over mainly from the central valley through the straits and delta. high cloud and low cloud near the coast out over the bay. meanwhile interthe golden gate brim where we are still concerned about the possibility of some minor tidal
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overflow from tomorrow high tide king tide you heard so much about. 10:friction and minor localize overflow or flooding. the right now temperature readings mainly in the 40's in our inland location it's cool inland tonight and chilly i should say and cool around the bay. temperatures there now mainly in the low 50's. live view from the exploratorium camp are across the bay on the mainly clear night. forecast feature area of fog over nature. no rain in sight for the next 7 days and record warmth likely with high pressure claiming in the low mid 70's. notice the fog spilling from the central valley through the straits and delta with other patches of fog forming as well over the bay and no doubt diminished visibility for early morning xhirts. bear it in mind. give yourself extra time if you are commuting tomorrow morning. up in the atmosphere up in the atmosphere high pressure is expanding receipt now. that's the dominant feature in the weather picture through the
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weak and weekend bring us eventually offshore flow to the end of the week which will increase temperatures and take up near record level by the weekend. looking long rapping beyond the weekend early next week we see i hope creasing cloud monday tuesday wednesday. late chance of rain l exist for next tuesday or perhaps wednesday 8 or 9 days from now but looking only like a slight chance. overnight low pressure generally in the low mid 40's some inland valley location will see low rate around 40 or just below in the upper 30's tomorrow of course sunny mailed day in the south bay with high pressure in the low mid 60's about 63 at san jose up to 65 at los gatos and cupertino. pepsi la high 63 at redwood city. palo alto mountain view low to mid 60's on the coast even up to 63 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco will be cooler than the coast. 60 degrees expected high there. 61 south san francisco. up in the north bay look for high of.
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petaluma at nap a.east bay high score at oakland and union city and castro vaechlt inland east bay a mexico of upper 50's fairfield to pittsburgh. to mid 60's at pleasanton and livermore. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast we have warming trend really kicking in on friday and over the weekend look for high pressure in the low mid 70's at the coast bay and inland so we could see record high for late january on saturday sunday and temperatures moderate midweek next week with more clouds in the slight chance of rainy talked about. >> thank you so much spencer >> coming up next on 7 news dangerous driving. >> what you definitely do not want to se
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e if okay. look at this dangerous near miss caught on
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camera by a driver on the new jersey turnpike. driver was stopped because 2 large truck had swished on black ice right in front of him. >> then this is incredible. you hear the noise. he turned the camera around to see the tracktor trailer skidding rate at him from the rear. that truck cut right over the median then it caught fire. fortunately it's amazing. nobody was hurt. >> wow! >> not seriously hurt rather. fight here's some video will put smile to your face. one dig on a mission. >> like a wonder dog. all business. check out the superman chihuahua. tell these don't have to be just for people. who want to get fit and tone for the new year. he looks pretty determined. he's cute. >> the dawn what is weird. i wear the same outfit when i
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work out. >> play the same song. >> it's a little snug on me. by very similar look. >> you wear it well. >> in sports. rare matinee for the were norse today and no signs of fatigue in fact this was the most lopsided
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>> good evening. warriors were playing the fifth game in 7 day playing the fifth game in 7 days. they had every reason to come out kind of lethargic. instead they pounce on denver early and often left them in the dust. during a matinee on mlk day at oracle arena. thompson pushing beating curry. 20 points. 8 assist. clay led the warriors with 22.
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don't leave him alone for a 3. knock it down. 55-28 at the half. james michael called up from santa cruz. rejecting randy. welcome to the show. rookie played 13 minutes at 11 points. 5 board. warrior bench towards 67 points starters were just chilling on the side. warrior post most lopsided win of the season up by 43 they win it 122-79. fight definitely something that i hold on to but i'm the type of guy when guy to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow and good to practice it's a new day. >> stanford and arizona state asu up 17 at the half. stanford at home fateing back taylor greenfield 2 of the 12 cuts the deficit did you know to 5. oakland own davis in the bay area homecoming having fun. sun did have ill win at stanford first time in 31 years stanford first time in 31 years. sought ice shark given up the first goal in 5 of the
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last 6 games and head coach todd was sick of it wanted a fast start and against the new jersey devil. never see a mass like that. brand new. has to get some stickers on that thing get some stickers on that thing. minutes in. joe to joe thing. minutes in. joe to joe. 23rd of the season here 1 nothing so the fast start was great. the finish not so good. new jersey scored 2 goals and 35 seconds. former shark with pair tonight. devil hammer the shark in the attaching 5-two off the open first round action down under. great much between if these. fifth set. look at the lob. avoiding elimination. even lopez applaud that had shot. 3 hours and 14 minutes in. lopez still serving up is a. 18 game of the final set and lopez gets a break as the net there. the lopez survive. 10 after 8 in the fifth and final set. baseball mack
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turned down a 144 million dollar offer from detroit last year. people thought he was cuckoo for cocoa puff. today he signed with a washington national seven years 210 million. average of 30 million a year which is an awful lot of cocoa puffs. spread the payment out and take 15 million dollars a year for the next 14 years. if raiders hired the offensive coordinator effort good deal. >> good payday. >> 7 news continues on line on facebook and all the mobile did he vase.
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