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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 20, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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an jose. matt? >> the king tide was a royal pain for fishermen in the bay. this was the second boat to be stuck in the past 24 hours. two people were out there fishing and they became stuck after the king tide pushed out and called for help at 6:30 and to make it worst cell phone fell in the water and was history. coast guard helicopter found the missing boaters in fremont far away from the place they originally said they were. a boat picked them up at 10:30 last night. one of them spoke to us after being rescued. [ inaudible ] >> i was near the channel marker but if you miss it by a little bit you hit the mud. >> it goes out fast so enyou are stuck, it goes out, that is that. you wait until it comes back up. >> thises what the second rescue in 24 hours. boat boats were fishing and
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caught in a low tide and both two men were rescued and taken to shore. san jose firefighters rescued the men on sunday. it is a big bay. these are small boats. necessity should feel lucky they were found. the number of birds found covered in mysterious sticky substance on the shoreline is growing this morning. bird rescue officials say 242 birds have been found, a photo of one is being rescued and washed with a special solution to get the stuff off. they were collected along the hayward shores with a quarter found dead. officials have not identified the source of the sticky goo but looking at the poll it is the victim substance that killed thousands in the u.k. in 2013. >> san francisco's municipal transportation agency board will vote on a proposal to give free muni rides to seniors and people with disabilities after the mta
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approved free rides to low- and moderate-income youth last year. muni sells 24,000 discounted monthly passes to seniors and disabled. it will cost between $4 million and $8 million a year. a spokesman believes the proposal will pass. >> martin luther king ended badly for driver on the san mateo bridge in the evening after protesters shut down both directions if hours resulting in a massive backup. here is what happened. >> the protesters start by halting both sides of track on the may we bridge before 5:00. eventually they concentrated on the westbound lanes and forced traffic to a complete halt for most of the nearly two-hour delay. >> my flight was supposed to leave at 6:40. michelle was more concerned about getting to the airport and less concerned about the message protesters were trying to send. >> i believe people should stand up for what they believe but
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protesting --. [ inaudible ] >> there was a giant palestinian flag to highlight the message of martin luther king against all oppression including the palestinian struggle. the symbolism was unknown by jessica who just wanted to met her trainer at the gym. >> i was open empty and had to call 511 because i was about to be stuck on the bridge the c.h.p. did not waste time responding and arrested 68 protesters without any injuries or accidents. develop news, this morning the islamic state group or isis is threatening to kill two japanese hostages and a video released appears it show the group threatening to kill the two men unless they receive $200 million in 72 hours. the video appears it show the british sounding jihadist who
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appears in other votes. it is called "unforgivable," and demanding the release of hostages. >> rebound is preparing for the "state of the union" address and should be in a great mood. according to a new washington post/abc news poll he has approval rating of 50 percent the highest since the spring of 2013. president obama spent monday in a day of service for mlk day says the economy will have a major part in the address and touch on fighting cybercrime and expanding broadband access helping kids go to college and giving paid family leave to workers. afghan interpreter living in the bay area is at the address. mohammed cosaffi served with troops in afghanistan and hissary was killed and three-year-old brother taken for ransom because of his job. it took 3 1/2 years to get him and the family to the united states. they will enliving in -- be
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living in fremont. the representative invited him for be a guest. you can watch the "state of the union" address and the republican response this evening at abc7 news with coverage going at 6:00 p.m. >> residents of the neighborhood in san francisco castro district fear a serial arsonist could be loose. two fires broke out yesterday one in a pickup truck and the other inside garbage cans at 18 and hartford. the second fire burned the outside of a louse while a family was sleeping inside. they get out safely but someone it is feared will be hurt. >> it is unsettling. this is a very closely knit and tight community. >> i am scared. worried. i am afraid they will do it again. i am afraid they are listening now and proud of themselves. >> investigators are calling the fires "suspicious," and looking
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at a link to other incidents in the valley area. will issue will discussed next week. this morning, contra costa county supervisors will give approval to repeal an ordinance that who is raised salaries by 33 percent. the ordinance created a hornet's nest of opposition for workers who fought for a 4 percent raise collecting 40,000 signatures for a repeal. the supervisors in contra costa county say they are the lowest paid in the state and this was not a raise but, rather a sal "adjustment." >> palo alto city council will consider raising pay 67 percent. that will boost the monthly stipend in $600 to $1,000 a month. the city council salaries have remain the same since 2011. if it is adopted it will not take effect for two years and will apply only to city council members who are going a new term.
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>> this flu season is making some hospitals impose restrictions on visitors and patients. two local hospitals are now asking anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms not to visit patients. they may >> visitors wear protective masks and allowing only those 16 and older to visit. the hospitals say children pose a higher health risk. this month, there have been four flu-related deaths in the bay area two in san mateo county and one in san francisco and one in sonoma county. >> the fog out there is noject. mike? >> different areas are seeing it this morning than yesterday. it is limited in the north bay or in marin where it was very thick yesterday. yes, over the bay bridge nearly impossible to see. thankfully the new span, the eastern span has so many light can you not see. 49 in mission district and 54 in sunny side and the spread cross san francisco and 50 across the
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golden gate bridge and 51 at the ferry building and 50 in the financial district. the temperatures are cooler than yesterday from low 40's in fairfield and walnut creek and santa clara and the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 40's with the temperatures running up to ten degrees cooler than what we felt this time yesterday. here is a hook at walnut creek and you can see the fog is pushing into the san ramon valley and your day planner the next 12 hours temperatures in the 40's to 50 and by noon it is partly cloudy and mid-50 to 60 and mostly sunny this afternoon mid-50's to low 60's. enjoy the evening we will have stars and let 50's. no breeze but plenty of fog on the again february with temperatures original warmer as we head through the three day forecast. leyla gulen? the golden gate bridge shows very foggy conditions with advisories for all of our bridges an the bay area. good morning everyone. we have a fog advisory for the carquinez bridge and the bay and
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the san mateo bridge and the golden gate bridge. be careful headed out the door. terrorism time traffic 580 westbound tracy to dublin is 26 minutes and highway 4 antioch to concord is 14 minutes southbound from san rafael to san francisco at 18 minutes. so far no accidents as a result of the fog. it is 4:39. it is dangerous next, the health hazard forcing some families out of the homes they have lived in for years. >> the demolition of a freeway overpass in cincinnati goes horribly wrong and the impact with a deadly collapse on drivers if weeks to come. >> you are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is foggy here. like it is on the embarcadero. be careful. we are keeping weather and traffic through the entire commercial break with abc7 news now so you are in the
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>> covering walnut creek burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is 4:41. this is a picture from cincinnati ohio. police and fire and recue have been at the john all night of a collapsed freeway. the collapse killed a construction worker and injured a tractor trailer driver. workers were demolishing the old overpass and it gave way last night. this is video from last night. several hundred tons of condition crete fell on interstate 75. it is now closed. drivers are told to figure out another way around it. the truck driver missed being under the underpay by a few seconds. >> folks are suffering the consequences froment aring someone they call "slumlords." they are ordered to move by today because of filthy and toxic conditions if their permits. cornell? >> this is so hard. >> the family is packing up saying goodbye to the place they
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have called home for years, a place they say also made them sick. >> generally i get bronchitis i get pneumonia. >> inspectors say no wonder, all units are plagued with mold. tenants showed us black spores grow on the bathroom ceilings and the bedrooms where the kids sleep. the city issued this eviction order giving tenants until john -- john 20 to get out. all furniture must stay. it is infested. >> my baby, they say she has asthma and they say because of this. [ inaudible ] >> units are overrun with rats. >> have you seen rats? >> yes. >> activists held a meet telling help the families find new housing. it will not be easy. >> prosecute owners like this and across the county know that people are stuck in the situation because this is 1
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percent vacancy rate. >> city hold the owners to fix the problems last year. francisco said the complaints were ignored. >> they don't care. they don't live here. >> fames have been given $2,000 to relocate. attorneys say that is not enough and may sue for more. we reached out to the building owners but in response. jury selection begins in the trial of a man accused of killing 12 people and wounding 70 others in a movie theater near denver. james holmes faces charges of opening fire during a showing of "batman," movie in colorado in july of 2012. he was admit -- he has admitted to the shooting. the skirt has to decide if he was insane. it could take ins to select 12 jury members and 12 alternates from a pool of 9,000. >> long shoreman and port operators are accusing each
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other of slow down the moment of cargo from seattle to san diego as the two sides are trying to work out a new contract to cover 29 ports including the port of oakland. the latest dispute is after the pacific maritime associate ordered crews that were smaller than usual to unload ships at the ports of los angeles and long beach. they claim they needed it reduce the backlog of containers that had been unloaded. both sides began contract talks back in may of last area. >> pope francis would like to come to california to canonize a missionary would brought catholicism to the state but coming to the bay area to make him a saint would add too many days to the september trip to the united states and will likely canonize him at the national shrine in washington dc and travel to philadelphia and new york city. we have had fog the past few days but nothing like what i saw
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this morning. >> like this. >> it is thicker in more areas this morning than yesterday. this is how it looked across the bay bridge. >> is that eric thomas driving? >> driving and shooting video is dangerous. i would never do that. >> it was pretty thick cross the bay bridge. suddenly we get to the other side and boom, the clipper opened up. it was lick like a wall >> now, the fog in oakland the bay bridge toll plaza is at least half-a-mile visibility. be careful. as far as inland livermore from the altamont pass dublin grade headed into the valley, you are going to sink into very thick fog at quarter-mile visibility and headed to the north by we have a quarter-mile visibility around petaluma so
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116 and 101 even washington boulevard, very foggy. the winds are light if not blowing a little bit to the south and everyone is going to get some fog by the end of the morning. it should cent in to parts of the south bay more so than yesterday. this is how it looks in san rafael it is more foggy than yesterday and visibility is down to quarter-mile and here is south on 101 and the bay bridge toll plaza you cannot see through the one street that goes over the top of that, that is the one. we listen in a minute. dense fog returns next few nights and no weekend fog just record high temperatures. today, the temperatures are low-to-mid 60's in many areas and it is inland east bay the closer you are to the center of the tule fog antioch, brentwood
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discovery bay your neighborhood in the upper 50's. tonight will be sightly cooler because we do not have so many high clouds and low-to-mid 40's until you get to san francisco at 48 degrees. high pressure is dominating again and look at all the storms headed to the north and as the high expands it is remain wither. check out the temperatures, we are in the low-to-mid 60's temperature on thursday and upper 60's to 70's on friday and record highs through the weekend interest next week. have a good one. >> here is a look at the san mateo bridge very foggy conditions, as well and you can expect to have a fog advisory issued bit c.h.p. until further notice until it dissipates and it is clearer than some other parts of the bay area with the exception of san jose. switching off from area to area between yesterday and today, san jose by comparison, it is
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looking clear and you can see the cars in front of you at 280 headed away fromly 17. no accidents as a result of the fog and that is excellent news. mass transit after the holiday year, everything is become to normal and right now we have 30 bart trains running on time and a.c. transit has if delays and ace train one also is on time. 680, walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes and 101 and highway 17 is nice and clear. >> my attorneys authorize me to say "yes i shot the video crossing the bridge," but don't try this at home. now amazon is getting into the movie production business. here are the tech bytes. amazon is in the movie business saying they will create feature films and will put them online weeks after their release in theaters. >> the goal is to produce a dozen movie a year with production going later this year. >> if you love magazines you may
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want to check identity the new premium service give access to 2,000 titles including back issues for $10 a month 69 available magazines include espn, and maxim magazine. >> and watch the black car an electric tesla model s. it smokes the dog challenger and set a record of 11.7 second at quarter-mile with a continue speed of 117 miles per hour for the fallest production electric car out there. >> those are tech bits have a good tuesday. the united states takes quick action to establish relations with cuba in an effort to give washington, dc a diplomatic outpost. >> the story of the morning:
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>> united states diplomat will arrive in havana to negotiate the re-opening the united states embassy there. the ground work for the historic event is being done by an american delegation already in cuba. american senators and congressmen were told by the foreign minister yesterday that havana is open to greater diplomatic and trade ties with the united states. last month, president obama announced the end of a 53-year-old embargo. >> face spark is going -- facebook is going on a hiring free. they are looking to add 1,200 employees over the next few months. jobs involve working with virtual reality and satellites and drones capable of delivering internet service to remote areas of the world.
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google could invest in elon musk's spacex to deliver satellite internet access to rural regions. the technical blog says the deal would value spacex at $10 billion. the partnership would help both companies to provide low cost internet to remote and rural areas. a spokesman for google and spacex declined to comment. a paddle boarder was too excited to be scared after getting face-to-face with several killer whales off southern california. >> rick captured this video using the gopro camera off the shore of orange county. a pod of five orcas came feet away and he is share the video to raise awareness of the incredible magical creatures. >> that happened to me but i was in a kayak. it was frightening. you waited in silence to see if
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they would surface behind you opposed to under you. >> yikes. >> in this weather you would not see it anyway. >> federal of the unknown with this weather. the a high in san jose at 101 and 880 is 59. we will be in the mid-60's through thursday and nearly 70 on friday and saturday and mid-70's on sunday and monday and that is when we could get the record high temperatures. now, the king tide as the golden gate bridge 10:46 tomorrow at 11:36. headed to the park and ride at 11:22 and 12:12 after the lunch hour on wednesday and in oakland we hit it at 11:33. tomorrow at 12:23. traveling around the state we do not have so much fog in the central valley because of the high clouds and in the mid-to-upper 50's.
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low-to-upper 70's in palm springs. the bay bridge toll plaza is socked in with buildup in the left hand lane. back to the san mateo bridge you can see the fog has lifted. last report it was more soupy away from hayward to foster city. the rest of the bay area the areas in orange is an indication where the heavy fog is affecting the commute and over 580 coming from tracy the central valley over the altamont pass to livermore and dublin, slow down the speeds. 4:56. a dangerous near miss caught on camera by a driver on the new jersey turnpike. the driver was stopped because two large trucks swerves in front of him and he turfed the camera around to see a tractor trailer skidding at him from the rear. look at that. the truck cut right offer the median and caught fire. no one was seriously hurt.
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you can see the dangers of the black ice. scary situation for a pizza delivery man in florida after being carjacked, kidnapped and thrown into the trunk his car all caught on video. police say it started when someone made a bogus delivery order and the driver said he drove up to the house the two men carjacked him at gunpoint and forced him spot trunk of his own car. the men drove two miles to a gun store and they ran through the entrance with the pizza delivery guy in the trunk and the carjackers took off again driving a few miles away and finally releasing the pizza delivery man. the two have not been found. the seattle seahawks apologize for a tweet that link their nfc championship to dr. martin luther king jr. here is the tweet that reads "we shall overcome," with a picture of emotional quarterback russell wilson. after a backlash on social media they posted this "we apologize
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for push judgment shown in a tweet sent earlier. we did not intend to compare football to the civil right legacy of dr. king." a proposal by the oakland mayor that could put the raiders and the a's against each other. >> big announcement for california college students the advanced education you will soon be able to get from some community colleges. >> we leave you with a foggy golden gate bridge and the fog and the golden gate bridge go happened in hand. you
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