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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 20, 2015 11:35pm-12:38am PST

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we uh -- appreciate your time. >> dicky: from hollywood -- it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- eric stonestreet -- from "arrow," stephen amell -- and music from logic. with cleto and the cletones and now, before i forget, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: here, isn't it? i don't know why. extra cold tonight. by the way, earlier toght, from our nation's capital, i know you guys didn't see it because you're here and it's going on. president obama delivered the annual state of the union address. if you missed it at home i'll sum it up for you. the state of the union is fat. it's very fat. [ laughter ] this was prb prbs's sixth state of the union. as is customary, the vice president, joe biden, sat behind the president and unbuttoned a single button each time he agreed with something the president said. tonight he went all the way down to the navel. he announced a number of initiatives and goals that he has no chance to implement. he spoke on income disparity.
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a new report that says that by 2016 the world's wealthiest 1% will control more wealth than the other 99% of us combined. just to put that in simpler term, one rich kid gets half the swimming pool to himself, 99 kids have to share the other half. [ laughter ] we should definitely pee in it, right? [ cheers and applause ] the president went into this state of the union with his highest approval rating in almost three years. his approval rating is now at 50%, which isn't bad considering the fact that his middle name is still hussein. [ laughter ] this is interesting, nearly 6 in 10 americans think the country's headed in the wrong direction. the president has a 50% approval rating but 60% of us thinks we're heading in the wrong direction. which means that there's 10% of us that like that we're heading in the wrong direction? [ laughter ] every year the president and first lady invite special guests
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to attend. this year was no exception. one of her special guests tonight is larry merlo who is the president of cvs. he's getting credit for banning the sale of tobacco, of cigaretting at the company's stores, which is great. but this is the guy i've been complaining about for the last three weeks. cash regsters continue to pump out insanely wrong receipts no matter how little you purchase. now, i don't know why the president didn't address that tonight with larry. i've been encouraging people to tweet me their long receipt. the most egregious offender of all the stores seems to be cvs. this is from a viewer of sean williams, this is a glimpse of what my cvs receipt looks like. my son bought a chapstick. here's the receipt. extra credit for the emoej
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the end. bill robinette. the bill blue does less for endowment and enhancement. viagra. thanks, though. i hold larry merlo responsible for this. he's the ceo of cvs. i don't know why he would be invited to the state of the union. president obama smokes. why would he honor someone who just made his life less convenient? people don't think. the state of the union is potentially very dangerous situation because most of our leaders are all in the same room at one time and without them -- we'd be better off? no. [ laughter ] we'd be lost without them. and putting them all in one place makes us vulnerable as a country. so what they do is they pick one what they call designated survivor, and they keep that person -- not a joke, they keep the person away from the event in case something terrible happens, they have someone to run the country. it's kind of a weird honor. like you are the guy we pick to
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be in charge justs long as everyone -- and we mean everyone -- is dead. [ laughter ] the designated survivor is a cabinet level official. he or she sits in a room in an undisclosed location surrounded by secret service agents, like a south american prostitute. they literally stick a member of the president's cabinet in a cabinet for the night. this is who they chose to be the designated survivor last year, secretary general ernest moniz. he looks like he could be president in 1814. and his hairstyle is van buren. this year it was secretary of transportation anthony fox. by the way, i want to mention that's fox with two xs. like jamie and r erk a president with two xs in his
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name. even on "scandal" they say no, that's too much. i don't make a habit of stealing things because my mother told me if you steal your hands will turn into devil claws. but if i were to steal something, this is how i'd do it. this is security video of a woman at an appliance store. in case you were wondering how to shopdid lift, this is how it goes. that's a tv. [ laughter ] and that's how you mount a tv. i'm guessing that wasn't her first time. [ applause ] but this, if you are planning to steal something from a store, this represents how not to do it. okay? gentleman perusing the liquor section. picks out a couple of bottles. puts everything right. and now, okay, there you go.
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rushing -- oh. that's why you drink the liquor first and then run, because if you fall, it doesn't hurt as much. here's something i'm sure you're excited about. tax filing season began today. today was first day you could file a tax return. there's a window and this was day one. if you did file a tax return today, congratulations, nerd. people who file their taxes on the first day are the grown-up version of the kids who ask the teacher for extra homework in school. [ laughter ] the irs does suggest filing early to reduce the chance that someone will steal your identity and file before you. honestly, if somebody wants my identity so badly they'll file my tax return for me, go crazy. [ laughter ] you can mow my lawn while you're at it, too. this is news you probably don't want to hear while sitting down. a new study suggests that sitting for prolonged periods of time could significantly
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increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and early death even for people who exercise regularly. the study found that health risks are worse for people who sit eight or nine hours a day, which is all of us, right? i mean, they recommend taking a standing break every half hour, you have to get up. standing is a good thing to do unless you're at the movie, then you should probably sit down. but the notion that sitting for long periods of time could be hazardous to our health is very serious. to raise awareness, i've been asked tonight by professional -- who it is? doctors? yes. to share this special message. please turn to your video screens. >> studies show that sitting can lead to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and death. so if you see someone about to sit, lend a hand. and another hand. and another hand. and a foot. friends don't let friends sit
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down. paid for by kevin, the guy in your office who thinks he's hilarious. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: this is something i want to address because some people seem to thing i'm responsible for it. this a vine video of a girl twerking in a moving car. ♪ contrary to what many people believe online, i have nothing to do with that. as far as i know, she really fell out of the car. hopefully she's covered by twerker's compensation. [ applause ] we're going to play a game. this is a seemingly simple game, but just how simple is up to those who play it. it's time to play name that thing. [ cheers and applause ]
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hello there, i'm your host. let's meet our contestants. frirs, from kansas city, kansas, please welcome eric stonestreet. eric! [ cheers and applause ] welcome. good to see you. and hailing from toronto, canada, please say hello to stephen amell. stephen! [ cheers and applause ] welcome. gentlemen, welcome to "name that thing." the rules are very simple. we'll reveal a thing and it is your job to name that thing in writing. you'll have ten seconds per thing. okay? pretty easy. and if you get it exactly right, you get 50 points. if you get it kind of right, you get 10 points and then the winner will get something. are you ready? let's begin. stephen and eric, name that thing. and here they go.
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ten seconds to name this thing. not necessarily an easy thing to spell. our time is up. eric, we will start with you. name that thing. >> table centerpiece? >> jimmy: table centerpiece. i'm going to give you 10 points for that. stephen? stephen says -- >> fall decoration. >> jimmy: fall decoration. i'll also give you 10 points for that. we were actually looking for -- the answer we were looking for was cornucopia. >> yes. >> okay, ma'am. >> jimmy: let's try again. our next item is -- ♪ contestants, name that thing. ♪ all right. they're done. so stephen, we'll start now with
11:47 pm
you. >> i blank on the name of the bird so i went with koko ware. >> jimmy: as in the wrestler? >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's incorrect. we'll give you zero. eric? >> pink bird. >> jimmy: we'll give you 10 points for that. cocatoo. all right. our next item is -- it's small. gentlemen, name that thing. eric writing with great speed here. oh, they're both done. neither one needed their allotted ten seconds. eric? >> petri dish? >> jimmy: that's absolutely right. stephen also says petri dish. 50 points for each of you. spin the wall and find out what the next item is. it is -- oh, wow.
11:48 pm
i've not seen something like that before. stephen jumped right to the card. eric having trouble. contestants, your time is up. we'll start with stephen. stephen? >> kumquat? >> jimmy: that's not a qukumqua. >> gobo root? >> jimmy: no. is there such a thing as gobo root? >> yes. ma'am. >> jimmy: go to our gobo fruit expert? >> what was it? >> jimmy: i don't know. >> that's not fair. >> jimmy: i know what it is. it's dragon fruit. pretty close to gobo root, but not quite close enough. our next thing is -- ♪ i know what that is. i would not have known what that was seven months ago.
11:49 pm
but i know now. there might be one in my car as a matter of fact. eric, you have finished. eric, go ahead and name that thing. yes, it is a breast pump. that is correct. that's 50 points. stephen, you said? >> jimmy that's a breast pump but that's the model that needs batteries. >> jimmy: that's pretty good. we'll give you an extra 10 points. we have a tie game. sorry, eric. time for our sudden death round. i'll give you guys a category. it's your job to name as many names in this category as you can write down in 20 seconds. okay? you'll have a little bit more time here. are you ready? the category is -- united states presidents. presidents of the united states. you have 20 seconds. last names are fine. you don't need first names. you know how this works.
11:50 pm
on every game show, american history. eric is on to the second column. >> five, four, three, two, one! >> jimmy: and our time is up. please stop writing. stephen, go ahead, show your card and name the united states presidents. >> obama, bush, clinton, bush, jefferson, lincoln and adams. >> jimmy: that is seven. well done. seven is the number to beat. eric? >> i'm canadian. >> jimmy: that's right. you have a handicap. eric. >> i said lincoln, washington, adams, bush times two, clinton, carter, ford, nixon. >> jimmy: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. eric stonestreet is the winner. congratulations you named that thing. for winning, this is your prize. >> oh, this is a -- a toboggan. >> jimmy: it is a toboggan. he knows everything.
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>> jimmy: hello again. tonight the star of "arrow" stephen amell is here. then later a very talented young man, his debut album is called "under pressure." his name is logic from the at&t outdoor stage. [ cheers and applause ] tomorrow night ewan mcgregor, lea michele and tess henley. music from the decemberists. so join us for those guests. our first guest tonight is a two time emmy award winning actor from "modern family." he cast his husband aside for "the loft," eric stonestreet. [ cheers and applause ]
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okay. i feel like i should mention that as far as game shows go on this program, you're 2-0 now. you played modern family feud and your team won that. now you won this. >> i hope i didn't -- i took that game serious. and i hope -- >> jimmy: you should have. >> i feel like stephen's had a rough time in life, the way he looks. i hope i didn't beat up on him too much. i said before we came out, this is a handsome contest, you're screwed, buddy. >> jimmy: you know what? i didn't think about the canadian thing when we made the category united states presiden presidents. >> he honestly should win that. because i can't name a canadian -- trudeau, somebody? that's it. you got it. so i think he kind of wins. >> jimmy: it's very good to see you. are you a competitive man in general? >> well, you know, obviously, i like to win things. >> jimmy: well, sure. >> i like to win things, but
11:58 pm
when people invite me over for like game nights or whatever, i always kind of suss it out and say, how competitive of a game night is this? because i don't want to go over and get in a screaming match with people over scattergories. >> jimmy: does that happen? >> i remember playing a cranium game one time and years ago this girl i was dating was legitimatelied ma at me because i couldn't get what she sculpted out of a piece of clay. who cares? there are people without food in this world and we're talking about this still. but having said that, i hate when you commit to a game night and they're explaining the rules of balderdash. i love balderdash. favorite board game. and you're explaining the rules of it, then there's chatty kathy and talkie tim over there, hey, focus up, because you're going to be asking questions in like five minutes and we're going to be in the game. so in this sense i am like -- >> jimmy: when it comes to you,
11:59 pm
you're very tolerantolerant. when it comes to others, you're completely intolerant. >> i'm a very tolerant person, i forgive myself all the time. >> jimmy: you're a big sports fan. >> yes. >> jimmy: are you going to the super bowl? >> no, i'm not going to the super bowl until the kansas city chiefs are in the super bowl. are you trying to get on my good side or are you from kansas city? okay, we're going out afterwards. >> jimmy: that is love. >> that's my policy with the emmys, being out here and the screen actors guild awards and the oscars. >> jimmy: a little different in that you are not a kansas city chief. >> no. >> jimmy: so you would not -- it's not like they're not asking like the kansas city chief players to show up. >> yeah, but i don't want to go celebrate anybody else's big day. i'd go to a super bowl party on saturday night. >> jimmy: what if katy perry wanted you to dance and sing with her? >> i'm in. i'll go do that. i love katy perry. >> jimmy: the chiefs aware -- i know they're aware because you
12:00 am
go to the games and stuff like that. but have they properly credited you with being their top celebrity fans? >> paul rudd, jason >> jimmy: a lot of funny guys. >> we're all around the same age except they're a lot older than me. i never knew any of those guys. they went to my rival college, ku, i don't know if anybody's heard of that place. sorry, ku. >> jimmy: my wife went there. >> i know. it's in the water. >> jimmy: what is? >> the hatred between schools. they thing we're a bunch of hick and we thing they're a bunch of -- city folk. >> jimmy: they don't think much about you. they focus their hate on missouri. but you'll never go to a super bowl unless the chiefs are in it? >> no, i don't want to go watch a super bowl game until my
12:01 am
chiefs are playing for it. >> jimmy: when you go to the games do they give you great seats, they treat you like a king? >> or like a chief. the truth of the matter is if 18-year-old eric saw what 31-year-old eric gets to do -- [ laughter ] 43. 43-year-old eric got to do, he'd be pretty stoked. i've gotten to see some pretty fantastic things with the royals and the chiefs and sitting with the owner of the kansas city chiefs, which is hunt family, great organization, great family. top notch. >> jimmy: you got to beat the drum there. >> yes, i did. >> jimmy: we've got a video of that. >> i like drumming and i love football. so you can imagine. >> jimmy: hey, hey. oh, my god, i'm being murdered by eric stonestreet. the position. can you double that up? can you guys put two of those on there? >> ow, ow.
12:02 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i have a headache. >> that was great. after i was done one of the cheerleaders, you're the only person who ever stayed on beat. and i'm like -- >> jimmy: is that right? did you practice for something like that? >> no, it's a bass. the drummer's not even paying attention. we're talking about drums. you think he'd be like -- >> jimmy: no. >> i didn't practice. but it is a tough thing because you're hearing everything else in the stadium. >> jimmy: there's an echo, right. >> it's pretty challenging. >> jimmy: you won that, too. you're just a winner all the way around. we'll come back and take a clip from your new movie. the movie is called "the loft." eric stonestreet. >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by "black sails."
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super hungry? get my chipotle chicken club combo with fries and a drink. olivia. that's a ton of food for $4.99. let's do this.
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who wants to frame us? >> i don't know. >> think about it. the body's cuffed to the bed. it's impossible to move. someone did this for a reason. the cops could be here any second. none of us know who this girl is. we don't even know how she got in here. >> who else knows about our arrangement? did anyone blab. tell one of the girls that had been up here. marty? >> what? why me? >> some night you were hammered. >> i've always followed the rules, vincent. did you give someone your code? >> absolutely not. i just told you. >> what's your point? where are you going with this? >> someone is trying to set us
12:08 am
up. >> jimmy: why are they blaming you? [ cheers and applause ] that's eric stonestreet in "the loft" that opens january 30th. >> i'm on the edge of my seat. i can't remember if i did it or not. yeah, could you tell this is a different appearance. usually i'm here to talk just about "modern family". >> jimmy: you're so unshaven in that clip also. very rugged. >> i always wanted to go on a talk show when i have a movie coming out and look completely different. that's what actors do. they show up with a giant head of hair and big beard. what's going on? i'm shooting a movie. >> jimmy: weird facial stuff going on. where did you shoot that movie? >> louisiana, new orleans. and brussels, belgium. >> jimmy: really, wow. what's that like? >> brussels, belgium? >> jimmy: yeah. >> it was interesting. we were together for a long time in new orleans, 30 days there and 30 days in brussels. it's interesting.
12:09 am
there's a lot of beautiful things about belgium, so all the belgians out there in the audience and at home watching, understand that i love your country. but they have horse on the menu there. that really messes with your mind. because obviously, i'm never going to order the horse, but i asked like, what's the horse taste like? and the guy was like, it's delicious. it's very iron-y. >> jimmy: maybe take the shoes is off the horse before you serve it. that is terrible. a lot of countries do that. >> when i'm in a restaurant, let me get the filet of cow, not horse. just make sure i'm not ordering the horse. i'll ordering the beef. >> jimmy: on "modern family" your television husband -- i want to make that clear, you don't have a husband in real life. >> no, no t yet. >> jimmy: you're still single. you do terrible thins to him. >> i love it. >> jimmy: you pull pranks on him. have you done one since theast time you were here? >> yes, i have. this will be challenging to tell this one. but i was made a waware of a se
12:10 am
toy in the world called a colt power stroker. i don't want to tell you how i found out about it. one day at lunch i was like jesse have you heard about the colt power stroker. no. then i described it to him. while we're walking away from lunch i pull ty burrell away and said, i've already sent one to jess ne the mail. jesse tyler ferguson, his address, then my assistant's name on the return address. my name is nowhere on there. i said did you ever get the colt power stroker. says it was left by your gate. oh, my god, eric, i cannot believe you. you sent me that with my name on it. he searches everywhere for it. can't find it anywhere. it's the day we're shooting fizzbo the clown.
12:11 am
so i'm in full clown regalia. eric, sometimes -- jim parsons lives on his street. the talented actor jim parsons. sometimes we get each other's packages. so now i have to shoot a video for jesse in fizzbo saying hey, jim, i'm the one that sent the colt power stroker. he said, i can't call him and say, hey, jim, did you get my colt power stroker by any chance? so it's nowhere to be found. jim's like, i have no idea what you're talking about. so another few days pass, so i tell my assistant tim, go to the sex store get as many colt power strokers as you can and put them in his trailer. he goes in there and he picks them out and puts them out on the counter and the girl goes, they sure are popular, i put them out and somebody buys them. so now i'm putting them in his trailer. jesse sends me a text with a picture of it. it finally arrives at his house. so now he has four colt power
12:12 am
strokers. >> jimmy: wow. >> i have a feeling tonight, jimmy, you and i are going to get a colt power stroker. >> jimmy: i might change my name to colt power stroker. very good to see you. "the loft" opens in theaters january 30th. and "modern family" airs wednesdays at 9 pm on abc. >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world.
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>> jimmy: welcome back. stephen amell and music from logic is on the way, but first i want to extend special birthday wishes to a real american hero, the great astronaut buzz aldrin turned 85 years old today. and to commemorate this special occasion, we went out onto hollywood boulevard and asked people to tell us what they know about buzz and the result is tonight's "hollywood boulevard biography" of buzz aldrin. >> tell us everything you know about buzz aldrin. >> buzz aldrin. he's a nice guy. and i don't know all that much about him, but i like his name.
12:18 am
>> buzz aldrin, i don't know buzz aldrin. >> buzz aldrin, not sure about him. >> buzz aldrin, i mean, she's really famous, too. she's a singer and she sang the song "good-bye to my heart." >> he was on "dancing with the stars." >> oh, yeah, yeah. >> that was the sympathy vote. he was awful. >> did he say one small step for man? >> that was neil armstrong. >> i think he was actually the first to the moon and neil armstrong was the first to step foot on the moon. >> he went to space. >> he went to space. >> he did indeed. we'll be right back with stephen amell. >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by "black sails." black is back, coming soon on starz.
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>> jimmy: muse friic from logic. our next guest is a gentle canadian actor by day and a bow-and-arrow shooting hooded vigilante by night. season three of "arrow" is on the cw tomorrow night. please welcome stephen amell. [ cheers and applause ]
12:24 am
did you very well naming our presidents, by the way. >> thank you. i was always very interested in american history. >> jimmy: that makes one of us. how's it going? very good to meet you. congratulations on your success. >> thank you very much. being here is a dream come true. >> jimmy: it is really? >> it is. >> jimmy: okay. are you not being sarcastic? >> i'm not being sarcastic. >> jimmy: oh, that's nice. >> "arrow" was my tenth american job. i got my first american job sitting in that audience. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what do you mean exactly? is this related to colt power stroker or something? >> no. i ended up as the killer on an episode of csi: miami. i had a gun pointed at caruso and then i run away and get hit by a truck. but the pointsy got t sis, i go, i got the call sitting in your audience. >> jimmy: really?
12:25 am
no phones are supposed to be allowed. >> i know. it was right after the announcement. the pre-preshow. don't use your phone. we'll kick you out. i left the phone op. i knew the call was coming. i was 95% sure i was getting the job. phone starts buzzing, i wanted to make sure it was my agency. i went like this and i saw a security guard go -- >> jimmy: it wasn't him, definitely. not at all. >> no way. >> jimmy: did you go for the phone anyway? >> no, but i skipped the musical guest. i think it was flo rida. >> jimmy: oh, you didn't get the apple bottom jeans or with the fur or any of that stuff? >> we all have to make decisions in life. >> jimmy: it seems to have worked out pretty well for you. that's kind of weird. maybe there's a future superhero in our audience. [ cheers ]
12:26 am
you lived in this neighborhood. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you walked here tonight? >> i did. i went the wrong way briefly. because i used to live at franklin and cherokee which is, i don't know, five, ten minute walk from here. >> jimmy: yeah. >> my buddies and i used to hang out on football sundays -- i have like 12 buddies in my dressing room. if there was a camera this might be the last night your show is on the air. >> jimmy: they all came. are they drinking back there? >> mm-hmm. i was trying to break into the business, if i ever get a chance to do "kimmel," that's how you say it, we should meet in the lobby of my old building and we should walk over. >> jimmy: wow. you are really planning ahead. >> yep. >> jimmy: you saved this money on a town car also? >> i had a town car drop me off.
12:27 am
[ applause ] >> jimmy: this show is a huge hit. by the way, your fans are crazy. they've been tweeting over and over and over at me. i don't know what they want from me. you're on the show. they want me to tear limbs off your body and mail it to them. >> we have a very passionate fan base. >> jimmy: they want to know -- [ cheers ] your character, the green arrow, which is the green arrow when i was a kid but you just use arrow as the title. >> oliver. >> jimmy: and they've merged those names to form the word olicity. >> i blame beniffer for all this. >> jimmy: that wasn't their fault either. i think brangelina may have started this terrible trend. >> well, they certainly were the pinnacle of it, i suppose. >> jimmy: now we have olicity
12:28 am
which sounds like a travel website. >> something william shatner endorses or something weird. yeah, olicity. we're sort of star-crossed lovers on the show. we both have feelings for one another, but she is slight sly unattainable for me and my character's dead. >> jimmy: is your character dead for sure? >> well, he's certainly hurt. >> jimmy: when you are shooting -- are you good at firing arrows? >> i've gotten pretty good at working with a bow and arrow. >> jimmy: i would hope so. >> my form is good, i would like to think. but you very rarely on a television show or a movie actually get to shoot an arrow because there's just no safe way to do it. >> jimmy: oh, wow. >> is this news to you? >> jimmy: you kill somebody and you learn by trial and error. >> during the pilot there was a actor named brian ackerson. but i pointed an arrow right at
12:29 am
his heart. and i was the one that then went to warner brothers and said, i feel like me killing an actor on set is going to be really bad for the show. >> jimmy: yeah, it would be bad. how can you kill someone with a rubber tipped arrow? >> i feel like it could kill him. you're shooting a bow that's quite strong. the bow that i have is quite strong to make it look real. even with a rubber-tipped iro, you can pierce the skin. >> jimmy: what do they do? >> it's a lot of cgi. >> jimmy: so those aren't arrows at all? >> we have a lot of cgi and we have a bow and arrow that's lopped off. so even if i fired it, the arrow's not going anywhere. >> jimmy: oh, that's disappointing. >> it's incredibly disappointing. i feel like less of a man. >> jimmy: your set littered with the body of cameramen. >> we keep it on the down low. how many people have died on your show? [ whispering ]
12:30 am
19. >> jimmy: very good to meet you right here on the couch. "arrow" airs wednesdays on the cw. we'll be right back with logic. >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world.
12:31 am
mmmm. ring ring! ring ring! progresso. i forgive you. you do? it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmer vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you, soup people. this week at safeway, buy three progresso traditional or rich and hearty soups for four dollars with your club card.
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>> dicky: the jimmy kimmel concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world. >> jimmy: thanks to eric stonestreet, stephen amell. and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. here to perform "buried alive," logic. >> how are you all doing? you all feeling good? we made it, baby. sing along if you know the words. ♪ tell me how you feel tell me how you feel ♪ i feel like the grass is green and everything i do is unseen ♪ as loud as you can ♪ but i know that's just in my mind i know everything is just in my mind ♪ ♪ do you really want to
12:33 am
to be famous do you really want to be a superstar ♪ ♪ do you really want to get dangerous do you even know where the groupies are ♪ ♪ women out here be shameless and i really wonder where they parents are ♪ ♪ look around everything changes it feels like i've been buried alive ♪ come on ♪ buried ♪ hands up ♪ hands up ♪ everything happens for a reason happens for a reason people only in your life for seasons ♪ say what death and taxes that's all we given you can make a life ♪ ♪ but can't make a living you can make it work but that still ain't driven give a lot but that ♪ ♪ still ain't givin living life like this ain't real though every night like this ♪ ♪ i feel so dead wrong collision is head on my vision is dead and gone ♪ ♪ perception of right and wrong i been here so very long right here in this very song ♪ ♪ look around everything changes seem like everybody just strangers ♪ ♪ don't go outside cause it's dangerous why everybody want to be famous ♪ ♪ i'm so o-c-d
12:34 am
if they notice me i might jump out the grave so ♪ ♪ they know it's me man everybody want this stuff for free hand out palm up when ♪ ♪ they get to me in my mind no i never let it get to me everybody got a time ♪ ♪ will it get to me that's victory ♪ tell me why what ♪ ♪ buried alive will i survive ♪ hands up ♪ ♪ come on it feels like i've been buried alive ♪ buried alive ♪ ♪ tell me how you feel i feel like the grass is green and everything ♪ ♪ i do is unseen say what but i know that's just in my mind ♪ ♪ i know everything is just in my mind do you really want to be famous ♪
12:35 am
♪ do you really want to be a superstar do you really want to get dangerous ♪ ♪ do you even know ere the groupies are women out here be shameless ♪ ♪ and i really wonder where they parents are look around everything changes ♪ ♪ it feels like i've been buried alive ♪ let it breathe ho ho oh oh oh oh oh uh uh i'm feelin' this ♪ ♪ villainous feeling inside of my mind every time that i'm willing i feel like i'm killing ♪ ♪ my dreams when that voice goes nah nah nah listen up now love it or hate it ♪ ♪ never debate it you can never degrade it while all these other ♪ probably thinking i made it my mind jaded no i never evade it ♪ ♪ i elevate it just to keep it innovative innovative now blowing up ♪ ♪ like iraq now ratt pack put me on the map now no we never back down ♪ ♪ just take my time i just take my time i know i'm get it like this ♪ ♪ so everyone know that i did it like this yeah i know i'm take my time ♪ ♪ battle the image inside of my mind i know i'm keep going tell me i can't but ♪ ♪ i'm already knowing i know i'm gonna rise even though i've been buried alive ♪ hands up ♪ buried alive buried alive will i survive buried alive ♪
12:36 am
♪ i gotta know know know know know know know know know know know know know ♪ ♪ know know know know know know it feels like i've been buried alive thank you all so much for coming out. jimmy kimmel, all my friends on stage, visionary music all day long. rap for life, baby. thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ]
12:37 am
this is this is "nightline." tonight it's the state of the union as you've never seen it before. behind the scene of the president's big night. >> the president of the united states. >> from the congressmen who camped out for a prime seat to the one chosen to be the sole survivor in case of a major attack. plus bikers flooding the highway. is this a celebration of mlk day? or a menace to society? with incidents like these on the rise, police across america are now scrambling to retake rush hour. and what's old is new again. the new kids on the block trying su maintain an endless


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