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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 21, 2015 1:07am-1:43am PST

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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> it happened in a split
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second. a tragic accident turned deadly. >> tonight we are learning more about the woman killed in a roll over crash who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama-daetz. it happened on third and b street in santa rosa. >> that's where alan wang is live tonight with more on this awful tragedy. alan? >> dan and ama, this story reminds us of how quickly a person's fate can changing. one minute the woman was standing on the corner minding her own business, and the next minute she was dead. police say the elderly woman was standing on the corner of third and b street in downtown santa rosa when she was killed. >> it is the longest time i have seen anything like that. >> witnesses say the woman was pulling a metal cart when she stopped in front of the building. at that moment the volvo station wagon took a left hand
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turn and clipped the on coming suv. it lost control and flipped over and rolled right on top of the woman. witnesses say she had no time to react of. >> you never know. these things happen and you never know where they are going to happen or what to expect. >> police say the 72-year-old driver of the suv and the 94-year-old driver of the volvo escaped with minor injuries. meanwhile police are trying to figure out who is at fault. the accident happened off old courthouse square shutting down traffic in a four-block radius. >> you couldn't get anywhere in the area here. they wouldn't let me get in to make my delivery. >> the woman whose thaim was not released -- name was not released was pronounced dead at the scene. alan wang, abc7 news. >> new details on a gas leak in east san jose. tully road will be closed until 7:00 in the morning for repairs. a construction crew hit the four-inch line between quinby. it bubbled up about 3:00 this
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afternoon. they are providing gas service to 57 gas customers. >> a massive power outage darkened the east bay and stranded people in elevators. >> fourth floor. >> you can hear the trapped man yelling that he is stuck on the fourth floor. this rescue happened in the berkeley city administration building around 3:00. it took an hour to free him. sky 7hd captured the scene above berkeley where some 38,000 customers were without power in berkeley, el cerrito and albany. it quickly closed the bart station to commuters. pg&e is trying to figure out what caused the outage. >> president obama faced the new republican congress for the first time during his state of the union address. >> it was touting achievements and calling on congress to act on a new list of proposals. >> karen travers is on capitol hill.
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>> the president of the united states. >> president obama addressed the nation tonight with a bit of a swearing. >> the shadow crisis has passed. shrinking deficits and bustling industry and booming energy production. >> americans are growing more confident and the president said it is because of his policies. >> expanding opportunity works expanding middle class works and these policies will continue to work as long as politics don't get in the way. >> freshman senator delivered the republican response and paibted a different picture. >> many families feel they are working harder and harder with less and less to show for it. >> it was the first time president obama delivered his state of the union to a republican controlled house and senate. but there were no signs he would shift from his own agenda to accommodate the gop.
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he called for middle class tax cuts and paid sick leave and two years of free community college education and to pay for these progressive items, big tax increases on the wealthiest americans. a nonstarter for republicans. and on a day isis threatened the lives of two japanese hostages president obama claimed america's leadership is stoping the terror group's advance. but the administration thinks more needs to be done. tonight the president called on congress to -- >> show the world we are united in this mission bypassing a resolution to authorize the use of force against isil. >> president obama will now take the traditional post state of the union road trip bringing his message to idaho and kansas. karen tra beer came with president obama's state of the union on the side. >> i didn't expect to see it on the tv here so i brought my own. >> several topics stood out. >> equal pay f for me. it is amazing we have gone
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this far in our society and we don't have that still. it is important to me. >> as a parent who spent probably about $100,000 on one of my daughter's educations the community college thing i am more skeptical that there is a way to pay for this without making our lives worse. >> thousands of other bay area residents followed the speech on twitter. this moment is now viral. >> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda. i know because i won both of them. guy dash.. >> patrick hammond said i wish he could have dropped the mic after that line. >> look at this map. it shows the twitter interaction from the start of the state of the union through the end of the republican
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response. according to twitter more than 2.6 million tweets were sent using # sodu during that time frame. and the comment sparked the most conversation. abc7 news. >> thank you tiffany. president obama is the first president to release a copy of his state of the union address to the public before he gave it. he did it on-line using san francisco-us bayed if you would like to read the speech we have posted a copy on a man claims he hid in someone's home because he needed help but some say he was really going to burglarize the place. he he was arrested on sunday morning. they found him in the living room and called police. he said he was running away from a group of people and needed help. well, officers think he made up the story because he got caught.
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technicians are trying to identify a gooey stuff that has coated birds in the east by and about a hundred have died. they collected a total of 400 birds mostly from shorelines in hayward, san leandro and foster city. they started showing up late friday. test results may not come back until later this week. squaring off against a proposed war memorial. the plan to honor local veterans that is pitting neighbor against neighbor. >> and they overwhelmed but were they under inflated? the new england patriots have some explaining to do tonight. >> and tossed out with the trash. the abandoned puppies that are really lucky to be alive. >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel. going into the morning commute with the typical winter fog.
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this is abc7 news. controversy in los gatos over what a proposed veterans memorial should look like. this is the latest sketch of what is being proposed. five soldiers in combat fatigues. but a lot of residents don't like it at all. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is live outside the chambers where there saw lot of debate in los gatos. >> very true dan. you know it was a packed house tonight. the heg is still going on -- the meeting is still going on. there were a lot of people in attendance but they said it would represent their experiences very well while others said they simply do not want to see any kind of depiction of something like that to remind them of war every time they went to the library.
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>> i don't believe memorials personally need to be muscular and wowed. >> there is a privileged class that i think is taken for granted. >> tonight the town council meeting got heated. at issue what kind of veterans memorial should go here in civic center plaza and outside the town hall and the new museum. the veterans memorial and support foundation is paying for the project and first proposed a statue of a single soldier. they have revised the plan and want a 10 by flien foot memorial -- 9 foot memorial. >> the veterans deserve to have a place here and deserve to be recognized and celebrated. >> even the city's art and cultural commission is not on board with the vision. >> to have people here in uniform and in their fatigues, it seemed maybe a little over the top for some people. >> tonight the commission recommended the council instead support a memorial with benches, plaques and
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trellises and not a statue. a concept many feel reflects los gatos better. >> i do not agree with the military figures. >> it is over the top. to quote a phrase, it is old school. >> some found the comments offensive. >> there is a cultural de fliel that is going -- denial that is going on that makes people feel elitist. >> it has entered the fourth hour of discussion. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> 4 3, 2 we have rd180 ignition and liftoff. >> and with that the atlas 5 rocket headed off into the space tonight. it is carrying a communications satellite from sunnyvale that will build communications for the u.s. military forces. >> face pook says stop the --
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facebook says stop the hoaxes you have seen the stories in your news feed. you will soon be able to flag them with a single click. if enough people say the story is false facebook will add a warning to everyone who sees it. the story will not go away but it should cut down on the number of people sharing this bogus story. facebook says seterical news websites will not be affected. a measles outbreak linked to disney land with the first cases reported among employees. five workers were diagnosed with measles. the l.a. times reports the total number of cases in the outbreak is now at 53. 18 are in orange county where the theme park is located. health officials traced the outbreak to people who visited between december 17th and 20th. disney is a parent company of abc7 news. special guests got a sneak peek inside the bay area's newest ron thald mcdonald house, this one is in the ucsf at mission bay making it easier for parents to see their children while they are
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getting medical care. top donors who help make this a reality toured the house tonight. the first is a 10-room home in lower pacific heights and will continue to operate. the second location is expected to serve an additional 240 families every year and is set to open february 1st. abc7 news shairt jennings -- cheryl jennings have attended the gala for years now. animal services want to know who would throw out three helpless puppies. but it has a happy ending. a man and woman were walking their dog in pleasant hill yesterday when an australian shepherd started sniffing a plastic trash bag. they untied the bag to find these two terrier puppies. they took them home and fed them and cleaned them up and gave them to contra costa animal services. the puppies are doing well, and the search is on for their owners and who would put them in a trash bag.
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>> just drop them off at a shelter. the weather forecast now and it will feel like april soon. >> sandhya patel has the latest on the accu-weather forecast. >> we are looking at 70s showing up in the accu-weather seven-day forecast. not immediately. here is what i want to show you. it is a spectacular sunset. 5:20 from the east bay hills camera. when the sun was going down there was that fog around. the northerly wind cleared out the fog and gave us a fiery sunset. as we check out live doppler 7hd things have changed. we are starting to see fog showing up. visibility is three yawrters of a mile -- three quarters of a mile. be prepared for the morning commute. 9 miles in thap paw and it is -- napa where it is also foggy. tomorrow morning at 11 oocht 36 we are expecting the king tide, a high tide that is unusually high at the golden gate. you could see low-lying flooding and just in case you decide to take a walk or you
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run out in that area just watch out for the flooding potential. the temperatures right now are falling. it is getting cold. napa 36 degrees and 41 in novato and livermore is down to 41 in half moon bay as well. as you look at a live picture from the east bay hills camera, it is good. warmer days by week's end with record highs possible saturday and sunday. here is what you need to look out for in the overnight hours going foo tomorrow morning patchy, dense fog for your commute. you will have to allow that extra time when you head out the door. now, when you look at the bigger picture here, high pressure is blocking the ridge and preventing the storm track from getting in here for the time being. i'll explain in a moment. the temperatures will rise and the air quality will decline as we head toward the latter part of the workweek and into the weekend. we see the clear skies and the air quality is going down. not immediately. wednesday and thursday is still good air quality but by
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friday we are looking at poor air quality and then it gets worse. spare the air alerts are likely. long-range computer models are looking more promising with the later runs. chance of rain showing up from the southwest. january 27th. i looked at the extended extended computer models and the early part of february could be pretty wet as well. it is still quite a distance away so i want to warn you not to get too excited. at least it is a possibility of switching to a wet pattern. tomorrow morning, chills in the air and the coldest wind protected valleys down to the mid30s. santa rosa napa, fairfield and even half moon bay down to 38 degrees. when you head out the door bundle up. 48 san francisco and 47 in oakland. livermore is down to 39. hazy sunshine out toward livermore concord. low to mid60s. 65 oakland and 64 santa rosa and 62 san francisco.
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accu-weather seven-day forecast, increasing the cloud cover on thursday. we keep the rain away and warmth over the weekend could put us at record levels and then we bring in rain drops. a chance of rain and cooler weather on tuesday. dan and ama? >> hope for the rain. thank you, sandhya. feeling under the weather? you may want to listen up. >> up next the medicine that
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some pharmacies are reporting shortages of cough syrup at the height of cold and flu season. walgreens is one of the pharmacy chains dealing with a dwindling supply. a walgreens spokesman tells abc7 news that medicines with a certain ingredient are in
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short supply and a big increase this demand. >> it started with toy legos and now a teenager has his own company. he found out that braille printers cost $2,000. it is too expensive for blind readers in developing countries. the 13-year-old developed his own low cost machine and started brego labs. they invested in the start up and sent us this video. >> on to sports. we know what for the next couple weeks will dominate. >> now what is going on? >> maybe this 13-year-old can help the nfl figure out how to handle a football. the last thing they need is another scandal. the patriots have some
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good evening. now the plot thickens in the great football controversy. espn is reporting the 11 footballs the patriots used in the afc championship game were indeed under inflated. here is the prot cal. protocol. before the games the teams submit the footballs they want to use on offense and they are inspected and supposed to be inflated between 12.5 to 13.5 pounds per square inch. after inspection the balls are then returned to respective teams. and they are supposed to be unaltered. well somehow 11 patriots' footballs ended up under inflated. what did bill belichick know and when did he know it? that's the question. the patriots beat the colts 45-7. it is tough to make the argument the deflated
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footballs were the key in this but it is embarrassing for the nfl heading into the super bowl. we will be talking about this a lot. nfl coaching news and brad seeley is moving across the bay. he is joining them as their special teams coach after spending the same capacity with the 49ers. he is a nfl lifer. his special teams units with the niners graded among the best in the league in field goalie efficiency. and he is taking over as defense coordinator for the bears. the architect of the defense was so good under jim harbaugh and many were hoping he would be promoted as the head coach of the red and gold but that game went to jim tom soula. the giants will try to replace power with speed and they hope the signing will help them there. the giants introduced that i new left fielder today. he gets a one-year deal. he was part of the kansas city royals team that lost to the giants in the world series.
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he is 33 years old and a contact hitter and gave them some speed on the bases and he has a lot of respect after watching the giants play. tennis 2008 australian open champ and sharapova on the verge of defeat. she took a 4-1 lead in the third set and sharapova responded twice with big forehand winners. sharapova takes six of the last seven games. and on her second match point she hits wide. maria survives and advance tots third round 6-1 4-6 and 7-5. roger federer needed a doc. let me get a look at this. two seed federer having trouble with his pinky finger. he then made shots like this. look at the flick of the wrist. that's so easy. it is so simple. 3-6, 6-3 and 2-2. down under.
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