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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 21, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning. you are halfway there. i am eric thomas. we appreciate you being there. >> i am kristen sze and draw is leader for meteorologist mike nicco and leyla gulen has the traffic the fog is like yesterday. >> we will see many more the
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next couple of mornings. live doppler hd will show you it is in the north bay. you notice petaluma to quarter-mile and the same in concord and fairfield. napa is better but city, deeding with dense fog. the south bay and peninsula are okay with good visibility. some areas you will be driving through the pea like fog. live doppler hd or sutro tower camera shows a quiet view in san francisco. here is the fog, sunshine bit afternoon, temperatures back to the 60. >> all right thank you very much. starting early on the roads. >> we did. we have video that was shot early this morning of a sig-alert with major injuries and right new that is a look at the golden gate bridge where you can see the big yellow trucks moving the lanes between here and there northbound and southbound. that is a look at the video shot early in burlingame. a stalled vehicle and another vehicle smashed right into it. we did have most lanes blocked for a time and major injuries
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involved that and it is all cleared. all lanes have re-opened but we have c.h.p. doing their investigation for quite some time and it looks like traffic does not have any delays. i hate to start the morning that way. >> in the news this morning police and the owners of two vegetarian restaurants in the east bay want to know would left a grizzly surprise outside their businesses and whether they were trying to send a message. amy hollyfield is in berkeley to explain. we are at one of two restaurants that were targeted. shear a picture of what was last at the vegetarian businesses. a boar's head and skin. shear a picture on a newsstand outside the restaurant the atmosphere was sent to us on twitter by a follower. here are the restaurants where this happened we have video to get a sense maybe it will jog you memory you have been there
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before? this is in berkeley reporting seeing a skinned boa and another vegetarian restaurant and it happened at another vegetarian restaurant. they do not know if it was the same skinned boar or if there are two. they turned the remains of a boar over to animal control. this happened on monday morning and at in point police say they do not know the motive of the person or people but that a bloody boar head and skin was last outside two vegetarian restaurants. amy hollyfield thank you. president obama heads to idaho to sell the state of the union proposals to the american people with the address hinting at working with republicans while being loaded with democratic priorities. we are joined from washington with the details. susan? >> good morning, kristen, in the speech we saw an optimistic president trying hard to secure his legacy.
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>> the shadow of crisis has passed. the state of the union is strong. >> president obama unveiled the ambitious state of the union agenda for the final two years in office embolden by rising job approval ratings and an improving economy. >> since 2010 america has put more people back to work than europe japan and all advanced economies combined. >> president took credit call will it a vindication of the democratic policies. >> middle class economics works. expanding opportunity works. these policies will continue to work. as long as politics don't get in the way. >> the president's priorities included middle class tax cuts, paid sick sleeve free community college education and child care help for the middle class all paid for with tax increases on the wealthiest americans. he also calls for a resolution from conditioning to authorize the use of force against isis.
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>> freshman senator joni ernst delivered a grim republican response in response to the president's upbet view. >> americans have been hurting bun when we demanded solutions too often, washington responded with the same stale mindset that led to failed policies like obamacare. >> perhaps the most feisty moment was comment at the end. >> i have in more campaigns to run. my only agenda -- i know because i won both of them >> now, president obama is taking the traditional post state of the union road trip bringing the emergency to idaho and kansas this week. drivers in the south bay can face changes in the evening commute with me federalling --
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metering lights being turned on today from 3:00 to 7:00 and push off on wednesday for northbound on-ramps for the only commute much the meters are on from 6:00 to 11 o'clock a.m. two hours longer than any other metering lights in the pay area. the freeway traffic is the result of a good thing the booming south bay economy. >> in was a power outage that darkened part of the east bay and stranded people in elevators . >> you can hear the trapped man yelling from the inside of the elevator at the berkeley city administration building. it took crews hours to free him. the power want out to 38,000 customers in berkeley and albany. the outrage closed the berkeley bart station as well. commuters was stung inside and took these images. >> a rich upon police officer will not face criminal charges for shooting and killing an unarmed suspect.
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the district attorney announced yesterday that the officer acted in self-defense. he said that the 24-year-old richard perez attacked him outside the liquors store in september. our media partner reported that the more resolution family is disputing police accounts of what happened and are now suing the city. >> following a story we brought you year, the palo alto city council voted to increase members' pay by 67 percent for the good of the city. members voted 6-3 to up pay from $600 a month to $1,000 a month. the majority argue that the raise is needed to encourage more diverse pool of candidates. the city council salaries have remained the same since 2001 and the ordinance will not take effect for two years and will only apply to city council members who are going new terms. a huge real estate deal could bring thousands of jobs to sunnyvale. real estate developer j. paul has a deal to transform 47 acres of lockheed martin's sunnyvale
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campus into a state-of-the-art office complex catering to technical companies. the rot is boardered by moffett field, highway 237 and the bay. the project will create more than 1.5 million square feet of office space off room for 8,500 workers. lockheed martin is getting rid of the space losing 4,000 jobs in the last two years. some of you iing -- in fog this morning but drew brings clarity to the situation. >> it is in the north bay where we are seeing fog visibility less than quarter-mile and around napa and fairfield and we will show you we are not fining any precipitation so current temperatures if you are step out the door 35 currently in napa. 49 in san francisco. currently 44 in mountain view. oakland has a temperature of 44 degrees. from the sutro tower camera, downtown san francisco not dealing withing for a quiet
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morning in the city but otherwise, we see the fog in the forth bay early on the day planner the next 12 hours we will show you by noon everyone is in the sunshine with temperatures warming into the 60's by 4:00 and it is a mild wednesday we have on tap and generally we are talking about clear skies later this evening and temperatures are falling back into to 50's. look today, this morning fog afternoon sun, high clouds on thursday and the warming trend continues by friday around the bay and a couple of 70s popping up on the board. that is weather. how is the traffic? the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic moving pretty well and we do have the east bay as folks come in from the maze so not too foggy. looking right new at the san mateo bridge we have construction that is going to be throughout the duration of the morning drive. if you are headed in the eastbound direction it is against traffic and that is good news it will not bother westbound traffic but eastbound you will find we do have lanes
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taken away until 10:00 this morning between foster city. drive time traffic shows 580 tracy to dublin is 34 minutes. from dublin to mission boulevard south is 15 minutes and northbound 101 to cupertino is five minutes. it is 5:10. wal-mart is making it easier for people to pick up the tax returns in camp. america's money report is straight ahead. >> the everyday under way to retrieve wreckage that could reveal what happened to airasia 8501. >> the action facebook is taking to turn thumbs down on fake news stories. showing a beautiful picture of the bay bridge and the bay as seen from western side of the bay. you can stay on fop of weather and traffic by ke female announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models! but sleep train's huge year end clearance sale ends sunday.
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searching for a great used car? can you help? start with the millions of used cars for sale at the new show me cars with no accidents. show me no accidents and one owner. show me no accident, one owner cars with service records. that's awesome! that's the power of carfax®. find the cars you want. avoid the ones you don't. plus, you get a free carfax® report with every listing. start your used car search at >> covering santa clear, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is 5:12.
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indonesia authorities are preparing to lift the fuselage of the crashed airasia 8501 to the surface as they bring in the bags a dozen huge airbags are inflated by the crew so they can be deployed. each can lift 12 tons. most of the remaining 109 bodies to be record are thought in the fuselage. officials say the flight with 162 on board was climbing as abnormally high rate and plunged and disappeared in radar. senior citizens and people with disabilities will soon be able to ride san francisco's muni for free. the san francisco board has agreed to spend an estimated four million dollars to sunday the free rides for one year to the per. muni figures at least 24,000 if san francisco will use the benefit going march 1. right new, muni says discounted positively passes to seniors and the disabled and last year they approved a two year free ride program for young people. google is paying for that.
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>> facebook is cracking down on fake news story the fake news story that appear in the feed. you can flag them with a single click. if enough say the story is false facebook will add a warning. it will cut down on the number of people sharing it. facebook says satire websites will not be affected. wal-mart is launching a service allowing customers to pick up the tax refunds in cash. here is america's money report. good morning fopping topping america's money, wal-mart is letting you receive refunds up to $7,500 cash at 3,000 locations. >> teenage mutant turtles the top selling toy last year. thethe doll from physician any is 2nd. the film that had north korea up in arms is a claim away for
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millions. >> it is available on netflix on saturday and it made $40 million and the best selling cookie in time for valentine's day the oreo with a red and special center. >> lyft is ditching the fuzzy mustache for the lo stash that is smaller, classic and has a glow. the pink mustache was too polarizing. >> it started with toy egos and now a teen in santa clara has his own company, after discovering braille printers cost $2,000 too expensive for blind readers in developing countries and developed his own low cost machine with legos with
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a braille aren'ter that costs around $350 and weighs just a few pounds. executives with intel were so impressed they invested an undisclosed sum in the start-up. he was using the money to hire professional engineers and advisors to help design and build the printers. as we have been saying, mike is off this morning but it is for a good cause. >> absolutely. we will tell you: he had a late night looking inside the newest ronald mcdonald house. >> he joins cheryl jennings for a look at the house inside the children's hospital at mission bay that were ons in a week and a half designed to make it easier for parents to see their children while they are getting medical care. it will senator up to 240 families a year. the first san francisco ronald mcdonald house if lower pacific heights continues to operate. >> they have emceed in for years
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now, a cause they really believe in and they are doing a great job. >> they talk about it with all of us. >> good jobs, guys. you are picking up the slack for mike this morning. >> so he can sleep in. >> we have a stagnant pattern. warm in the afternoon, fog in the morning and that is what we have. live doppler hd shows creeping around the bay area, but, certainly, this is fog. we have low visibility. look at this in the north bay we have petaluma, even santa rosa height now less than quarter-mile visibility and napa down this at three-quarters of a mile and fairfield and concord a quarter-mile visibility and the fog on the peninsula, even sfo is doing good with nine or ten miles visibility and staying in the south bay and the fog is confined to the few select locations. current temperatures are 47 in oakland and cool in napa where the fog and 35 right now and 49 in san francisco and 45 in san tar close and san jose and 40 and antioch is sitting at 39.
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our camera shows you a convey it picture along the embarcadero on the early morning hours on the wednesday and the forecast calls for a north bay folk clear else where with a ton of sunshine on the way for wednesday and good air quality. we are tracking record highs as we get into the weekend. so highs today are mild and 62 in downtown san francisco 64 in san jose getting up to 63 in concord and oakland and after the fog buzz off in napa up to 64 degrees. the store we are tracking too of the same. high pressure in control. but a strong blocking ridge so it is allow the storms to move in. the air quality is declining. long-range forecast shows hope for showers next week on tuesday and a chance of moisture moving into the fight and right now it just looks line. the next couple of days, it is looking good and a decline friday into saturday and a lot of spots getting into poor air
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quality by the weekend. the seven-day forecast shows a.m. fog in morning, and sunshine, and matterly cloudy on the way for thursday and turning warmer on friday a couple soviets on the board and around the bay. saturday into sunday we are tracking a record breaking warmth with widespread 70's and there you go, by tuesday the chance of rain. we look down high 101 and you can see the clouds hanging over but it is not impeding the visibility at all, and we do not have the fog enveloping 101 up to 580. when you get to the golden gate bridge that is still clear and we had the zipper truck big yellow, up the golden gate bridge and moving the median between lanes so now it looks like everyone managed just fine and it did not cause slow downs. traffic in the southbound direction has in problems. headed into san jose we have debris northbound highway 87 at 280 so c.h.p. is going to have to come in and do a traffic
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break to clear the debris. the rest of san jose is at top speeds along 101 through the san jose airport and 280 and cupertino and highway 85. kristen and eric? >> thank you at 5:20. straight ahead sunday things to know use start your day. >> a new friend sparked by an oscar-mom natured movie.
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indeed. how the world works. ♪ ♪ when you feel good no one is immune. with antioxidants, electrolytes, and b vitamins plus more vitamin c than ten oranges. emergen-c transforms more than just water. emergen-c. let your awesome out. >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know. the president obama is traveling to idaho and kansas for support for the policies he announced in the "state of the union" address last night. paid child care leave and tax increases on the wealthy along with tax improvements for the middle class highlighted the
5:23 am
speech. republicans vowed to eliminate obamacare and abortion. >> stunning mystery in berkeley police are investigating reports of wild boar heads and pelts left outside two vegetarian restaurants. it is unclear how the heads got there or if someone was trying to send a message. after a four hour debate los gatos city council rejected a plan to build a new veterans memorial in the downtown civic plaza the way the veterans foundation want add statue with five soldiers represented and some residents say necessity did not want to be reminded of war when they went to the library. >> four, our sister network espn is reporting that the nfl found 11 of 12 balls used by the new england patriots in the championship win over indianapolis were underinflated. the patriots face seattle in the super bowl on february 1. five, major league baseball wants to make games go by faster by shortening the breaks between innings. a new proposal would have pitchers on the mound and ready
5:24 am
to flow the pitch 30 seconds of the end of a commercial break. batters would have to be in the box 20 seconds before the breaks end. this could shave 10 or 15 minutes off each game. six, dense fog is out there and drew said less than a quarter-mile in petaluma and half a mile in napa and quarter-mile in concord. take note the north bay and inland east bay it will be a slow go with the full forecast coming up. >> seven a look at san jose 101 up to the san jose airport, traffic is starting to build a little bit but we have clear conditions and no accidents to report. a new crash however, as you exited the altamont pass on westbound 580 with more on that in a few minutes. the oscar nominationed movie "mild," is making hiking hot. according to the trail association, more hikers than ever are expected for hit the trails this area with visits have increased 300 percent since
5:25 am
the movie was released. requests have increased for permits for long distance hikes on the trail and the 2,600 mile trail starts near san diego and ends near the canadian border. reese witherspoon was until natured for best action fess for a woman who walked 1,000 miles on the trail. >> mark the calendar for oscar sunday february 22 right here on abc7 your oscar station. >> i believe they made a movie out of this next story it could be called "war of roses." >> police in upstate new york arrested a spiteful husband who demolished his wife's home with all of her belongings still inside. >> the investigators state 48-year-old rented an ex have and he said the renovation looked so bad he demolished his.
5:26 am
his wife is dumb founded.her husband of nine years tore the house down with all of their belongings still inside. he still has yet to give a straight answer but is out on bail charged with criminal mischief. >> a senior naval officer on leave from the post in the middle east was on a top secret mission to surprise a 13-year-old son he has not seen in years. >> hey buddy. surprise. >> a little bit of shock the long awaited reunion with his son was in front the 8th grade language arts class on leave from the duties in bahrain. the post we for much of the last 20 years. >> my biggest fan and i am the hero and that is what it is supposed toen. >> does i surprise you? >> yes. >> the surprise was also a treat for the other classmates, 26 of the 29 students in the class come from military families.
5:27 am
>> i hope they get to spend time together. >> it is 5:26. we are coming back with a full 90 minutes of news including a critical meeting of the regents in san francisco today that can determine if the students face a tuition hike in the coming year. the embarcadero in san francisco is not terribly foggy but we have some out there when the
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have serious health conditions or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. call your doctor right away. don't lose another moment to the flu. when there's flu, tamiflu. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning, glad you are waking up early and joining us, i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. enjoy a look at the weather forecast. can you believe we are already 21 days into 2015? >> can you believe that. and no rain. can you believe that? >> that, i believe.
5:30 am
>> we were talking about there could be a little bit of rain at the end of the month. this is hope on the pipeline. but, today, dry. dense fog in the north bay and we have looked at napa and petaluma less than a mile visibility with the fog evaporating midday and a lot of sunshine. the afternoon is mild. back into the low-to-mid 60's by 4:00. >> fog affecting traffic? so far so if. we had an early sig-alert not related to fog but a major injury accident with a car at high speed running into a stalled vehicle. all lanes are cleared 101 at burlingame. san mateo the drive on the san mateo bridge is building away in hayward and foster city. in the eastbound direction there is construction that will take away a couple of lanes until 10:00 this morning between foster city and hayward. thank you. in the news more traffic-relate news, westbound highway 4 is now re-opened through concord after it was closed for almost three
5:31 am
hours overnight for a shooting investigation. someone opened fire on a car between willow pass road and port chicago highway at midnight. concord police say the victim showed up at a hospital emergency room in walnut creek. a bullet ridden car was found a few problems away. >> commuters, new metering lights are turning on for the first time at at busy interchange that will have the long of the operating hours in the entire bay area. matt is in mountain view with what is going on in the corridor. matt? >> the economy is pooping -- boom will in silicon valley and so is the traffic. getting to and from work will require more patience. the metering lights on the southbound side of 85 will be turned on from the afternoon commute from the stretch of 85 from 101 to 280 through cupertino and mountain view. a week from today the northbound 85 metering lights will operate
5:32 am
starting at 6:00 am and ending at 11 a.m. two hours longer than any other metering lights in the bay area. the transportation commission considers the extension of metering lights for 11 o'clock a.m. a sound plan and sign of things to come. >> i get frustrated with the entrepreneurs dealing with meeterring lights and the people cutting in and out of traffic and it is frustrating. transportation officials say the latest numbers show 71,000 cars use the on-ramp from northbound 8520 northbound 101 in cupertino each day. as more hit the road expect more metering lights with 474 170 more are scheduled to go in this year. matt thanks. 5:32. santa rosa police want to find out behalf caused a freak accident that resulted in the death of a woman standing own a sidewalk.
quote quote quote
5:33 am
an s.u.v. landed on the woman at 3rd and b streets around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene near old courthouse square. witnesses say a volvo clipped an oncoming s.u.v. causing that s.u.v. to flip over on to the victim. >> i am surprised, yes, something like this would happen here. i am surprised and shocked. it is sad to see something like this could happen in our community. it is something i am hoping doesn't happen again. >> the 72-year-old driver of the s.u.v. and the 94-year-old driver of the volvo had minor injuries. the victim's name is not released yet pending notification of her family. >> president obama was accommodating and defiant last night in the "state of the union" address. the speech was full of democratic priorities such as tax increases for the wealthy and child care help. he added that his way has, worked just fine. >> middle-class economics works.
5:34 am
expanding opportunity works. these policies will continue to work. as long as licks don't get in the way. >> the republican response fell to unknown freshman senator joni ernst in contrast with the upbeat message of the president. >> americans have been hurting but when we demanded solutions too often washington responds with the same stale mindset that led to failed policies like obamacare. the president said it is time to make sure that women and men get paid the same for doing the same job. that was music to the ears of bay area residents and it is a big one so it is amazing with veto gone this far in our society and we don't have that, still, so to continue to press that as a primary issue is
5:35 am
important to me. other people we spoke with said they liked the president's proposal of two free years of community cling after spending 100,000 on the child's college education. >> money tops the agenda when regents begin two days of meetings in san francisco later in the morning and governor brown and u.k. president napolitano want their knell low regents to name them the members of a new committee to deal with the system's financial challenges. the two have been at odds up to now over how much help it should get from the state. the governor says uc gets $3 billion a year from the state and needs to drastically cut spending. >> a statute lawmaker believes he can speed up the opening of a third eastbound lane along the richmond-san rafael bridge and clear the bottleneck. mark he -- levine
5:36 am
bill to require design work before the environmental review which is underway. >> a stretch of tully road is closed in san jose until 7:00 a.m. to repair damage caused by a natural gas leak. a construction crew hit the 4" gas line yesterday afternoon. eastbound tully road at the capitol expressway is closed so pg&e can repair the line. the utility company is providing temporary gas service to 57 customers. the westbound lanes were opened last night. >> a new veterans memorial ended with the project getting the cold shoulder. the she was over the vision of a veterans foundation for a memorial in civic center plaza and the proposed 10 by 9' memorial with five soldiers was not what the people wanted to be reminded of when they went to the library. >> to have people here in uniform and in their fatigues and it seemed over-the-top for
5:37 am
some people. >> verves deserve -- the veterans deserve to have a place to be recognized and celebrated. >> after hour hours of debate the city college reequityied the map suggesting the statues be moved. the veterans foundation will meet on monday again. >> a federal judge in san francisco is expected to enter deliberations today in trial of two police officers accused of entering and searching hotel rooms without a warrant. the prosecution say the officers are on surveillance video from 2010 and the tape shows them entering hotel troops without a warrant or consent of those inside. the officers working as detectives and following up on tips that people in the rooms had drugs. both officers were suspended without pay after being indicted last february. it is 5:37. you are wake up and it is tough to get going and you see the fog
5:38 am
and you decide to go back to bed. >> it is in local i've areas with live doppler hd dry in terms of rainfall but there is moisture that is dense. in the north bay specifically, petaluma is less than quarter-mile visibility and quarter-mile in santa rosa and the same in flap pa and fairfield and concord. south of this we are doing good along the peninsula and the east bay and to the south bay the visibility is not so bad but the north by we have the issues currently right now. temperature-wise it is widespread, in the mid-30's in napa and mid-50's at half moon bay and in between we are talking about the 40's, 9 in san francisco, and 44 in oakland and right now fremont is at 41 degrees. the three day forecast shows warming into the 60's today after the fog burns off on thursday and it is high clouds and a warming trend into friday bringing 70s along the bay. that is weather. how is the traffic, leyla gulen?
5:39 am
>> the east bay is weighing up and you can see it is collected at the bay bridge toll plaza and drivers are moving into san francisco and the metering lights are not turned on and we look from emeryville camera to the eastern span of the bay bridge the traffic is flowing nicely into treasure island so no delays, go have an accident, though, and this and coming from the altamont pass and traveling from tracy you are down to 34 miles per hour headed into the pass and we have the backup because of an accident at vasco road on the shoulder just enough to cause spectator slowing and from tracy to dublin it will take approximately 40 to 45 minutes. thanks so much our time is 5:39, she ended a gradualing battle with cancer on her own terms a bay area only's highly publicized decision could give other terminally il lot patients the choice of how and when to die. >> tossed out with the trash the abandoned puppies that are
5:40 am
lucky to be alive. female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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covering los altos antioch, petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. 5:42. more now on the controversy surrounding the super bowl-bounding in new england patriots and accusations they used underinflated footballs in the championship game. >> espn reports the nfl found 11 of the 12 balls were underinflated in the 45-7 win over the colts allo patriots to advance to the super bowl the each team gives 12 balls to the referees to be
5:43 am
inspected and they use the balls for the game. >> underinflated footballs are easier to throw with a tight spiral. the headline on the "washington post" website the latest of accusations that seem to dog the new england patriots reading "how the new england patriots became the nfl least trusted team," using as an example the videoing the opposing team assistant coaches. necessity were fined 500,000 for doing that. >> easier to catch too, right? underinflated? >> if that is possible. >> disney said three employees infected with measles have recovered and are back at work. several dozen have the virus after visiting the parks in anaheim. they were exposed between december 17 to the 20th and the visitors said even knowing about the outbreak would not stop them from going.
5:44 am
>> not too worried but i would have like to have none about it. >> i would be worried but he is immunized each year so i don't have to stress about that. you would hope the people that do have measles would not come out in public. >> all park employees have been given tests and offered vaccination. disney is the parent company of abc7. frightening stabbing on a city bus if tel aviv overnight. >> israeli police say a palestinian man stabbed nine passengers in a central part of the capital city. authorities say the suspect was on the bus and he pulled a knife and stabbed the driver and several other riders. police officers saw the suspect jump off the moving bus and shot him in the leg and an rehenned him. the incident is called a "theyor attack," the latest in the last several months where palestinians have used knives, acid and vehicles in attacks. >> in france this morning, the prime minister announced the
5:45 am
country will go on a hiring free for 2,600 new counterterrorism officers in response to the attacks that left 20 people dead. security forces are getting some of what they want, better and stronger weapons. france is going to upgrade its intelligence apparatus by introducing a measure that would make it easier to tap phones. >> california lawmakers considering right to die legislation for temperature naturally -- terminally ill parents will hear from a man whose wife had to move to oregon to helped her life. the 29-year-old uc berkeley graduate had to move to organize to legalally end her life. she argued she should have had the right to dry in california. the new legislation would apply only to mentally competent patients with less than six months to live. right new five states including oregon allow terminally ill patients to take their own lives. >> animal services wants it know
5:46 am
who would throw out three helpless puppies. >> this story has a happy ending a man and woman were walking theiring do at -- dog at the park and the dog sniffed a plastic trash bag. company untied the bag and found these three puppies inside and they took the dogs hope fed them and cleaned them up and gave them to animal services in contra costa county. the puppies are okay and animal services is searching for the owners. >> they are the cute of the things. >> ahhh. >> glad they have a happy ending. >> i have the address of the contra costa animal services. >> would love to adopt. >> i am thinking about it. >> we are talking about weather-wise fog. early on that is what we are dealing with and tons of sunshine on the way by the afternoon. live doppler hd showing no rain. we really need that the month
5:47 am
has been dry but we are seeing moisture in the form of fog north bay we are seeing the brunt of the fog down to quarter-mile in many spots from napa fairfield petaluma and santa rosa and the peninsula and south bay and the east bay we okay and the fog has not been this so this morning. temperature-wise, 47 currently stepping outside in oakland and 49 in oakland and 44 in mountain view and antioch a cooler spot coming in with a temperature of 38 degrees. looking downtown to san francisco bright and quiet and the forecast features call for north bay fog and sunshine on the way for the afternoon with good air quality and record highs likely as we get into the weekend. highs today are mild at 62 in san francisco, and 64 in napa after the fog burns off and up to 64 in san jose and concord and the high today is 63. radar shows a broad area of high pressure with high pressure you get a blocking pattern, and that
5:48 am
is allowing storms to enter the bay area. as we see a lot of sunshine on the way and temperatures are rising and air quality are on the decline. long-range forecast hoping for moisture perhaps next tuesday we have a chance as moisture comes in from the south and we will keep u up stated. we are looking good today midweek and you notice it is down to poor by friday and especially into saturday. the seven-day forecast shows the fog early and sunshine on way and a warming trend and the weekend and by sunday records are possible to be broken there is a chance of rain coming on tuesday. that is the weather. now traffic from leyla gulen? >> the metering lights have been turned on. you can see the traffic is stacking up at the bay bridge toll plaza headed in from the maze it will take you approximately 15 minutes and right now at the richmond-san rafael toll plaza it is empty with a few cars maying it over the water into the north bay and
5:49 am
traffic is clear and the fog not affecting the commute. as we head further to the north in the eastbound direction of highway 4 at sycamore avenue we have a crash that is blocking one lane with all the areas shaded in orange tracking traffic and weather and it is hanging over the carquinez bridge so be careful there. use the low beams. drive time traffic 680 walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes in the sound direction 101 from santa rosa clear and 53 minutes and san jose and over the santa cruz mountains no delays. thank you, 5:49. a lot of us are making new year's resolutions for more exercise and weight but it can be difficult. the partner that makes it easier to stick to the resolutions. >> the giant world series trophies are getting the red carpet treatment this morning. >> the widening investigation into the deadly attacks in paris and more people are beingent
5:50 am
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>> 5:52 on the morning news, a wednesday morning and this is a look at the san francisco area from the camera, clear here but not is clear in other areas of the bay area. patchy fog that is widespread but it is thick. watch out as you head into work or school this morning. now could be the best time in months to refinance your mortgage. the average 30 year fixed rate mortgage is now at 3.6
5:53 am
that can translate into huge savings for homeowners over the life of a loan. this is the lowest rate since may of 2013 and it is caused by the directing price of oil and the uncertain global economy. experts warn against refinancing if you are about to move soon and remember to take a close look look atr refinancing. >> redwood city library is among the best in the nation for the 4 the year in a row earning five stars. the survey looked at service, town out, number of volumes borrowed with a million visits. >> the giants world series trophy will follow the franchise root to new york city departing sfo on virgin america. this evening the trophy will
5:54 am
visit madison square garden where giants second baseman will be honored by his alma mater during half time of red storm against marquette. you can visit the trophy at a bar on saturday and yogi bera museum on sunday in new jersey. >> tourists ran up the rocky steps in philadelphia and met stallone outside the philadelphia museum of art on saturday. stallone complimented the group on running fast up the stairs made famous in rocky. before the pick was snapped sly said "look tough gays." stallone is in philadelphia filming a movie called "creed," about the grandson of rocky's foe, apollo. >> i wanted to run up the rocky steps the fourth of july but it
5:55 am
was a mass of humanity for the fireworks. >> fourth of july is super popular. what we are seeing here weather-wise, live doppler hd is going to show you the north bay is seeing the fog is dense. petaluma has less than quarter-mile visibility and napa and fairfield and concord quarter-mile visibility. there is dense fog in spots. east bay hills camera showing a quiet picture west interest downtown san francisco. the next 12 hoursing for buns off and turns to sunshine and temperatures into the 60. now, traffic with leyla. >> 85, northbound, the headlight s with traffic running smoothly. we do not have slow downs. at least not yet. as we take you to oakland where we see slow downs the metering lights are turned on and we had an accident at maze.
5:56 am
hopefully it will be cleared. it is 5:56. could a drink with dinner help your heart? a study from europe says one alcoholic before religion a day reduces the risk of heart failure by 16 percent in women and 20 percent in men. researchers say it doesn't matter if the alcohol is in the form of wine beer or hard liquor. is the morning cup of coffee a secret weapon against skin canner? four or more cup as day reduces the risk of melanoma by 20 percent. researchers studied medical records of 450,000 and found a link between the amount of coffee you drank and melanoma risk over 10 years. we we will have more on the study on "good morning america" which starts at 7:00 a.m. hand it over the hand it over. >> my coffee! >> if you want to stick to your
5:57 am
new year's resolution get your significant other to do it with you. >> if your spouse join us are three times more likely to lose weight and final times more likely to exercise and 11 times more likely to stop smoking. >> researches say the habits of healthy spouse rub off and couples help motivate each other. the study is published in the journal of the american medical association. i am sure there is competition factor, you do not want your spouse to do better than you with weightless. >> if you arrest man you should -- if you are a man you could lose this contest it will make it better at home. >> are men or women more likely to go behind their spouses' back to buy what they want? >> michelle obama steals the spot light at the state of the union with her skirt suit but if you is seen this outfilth before -- outfit's you are not alone.
5:58 am
>> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and with the wednesday morning backup. we are leaving the figures on the side throughout the entire (prof.
5:59 am
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switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at pro live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, abandoned animal wild boa parts are last outside two east bay restaurants and what police are revealing about the poll prank. >> flipping the switch on new metering lights that are going into effect today and what is making them so different. >> president obama delivers the next-to-last "state of the union" address with off the cup moment that stole the show. thanks for joining us on this wednesday. leyla gulen is alongside keeping track of the traffic out there and drew get up early and sleep walking on the way to the station when he woke up we put him on the air. >> there you go. right now, talking about


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