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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at pro live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, abandoned animal wild boa parts are last outside two east bay restaurants and what police are revealing about the poll prank. >> flipping the switch on new metering lights that are going into effect today and what is making them so different. >> president obama delivers the next-to-last "state of the union" address with off the cup moment that stole the show. thanks for joining us on this wednesday. leyla gulen is alongside keeping track of the traffic out there and drew get up early and sleep walking on the way to the station when he woke up we put him on the air. >> there you go. right now, talking about fog.
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live doppler hd shows you it is condition fined to the north bay but, still, reduced visibility in petaluma and less than quarter-mile in napa the same deal and concord and fairfield and santa rosa. along the peninsula south bay doing good and we have the fog it is a slow down and enjoy the sunshine. >> the fog is impeding anyone? >> leyla gulen is over here. you have not had the cup of coffee. >> how about a look at traffic, drew? let's do it. if sleep walking... >> i don't think anyone wants to do had traffic look the bay bridge toll plaza it is packed. as you make it in from the maze to san francisco, so pack your patience. also, over the golden gate bridge, it looks like traffic is building a little bit and much light are by comparison. we have a new accident, though in san francisco with more on that in a few minutes.
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thank you leyla. >> in the news this morning --. >> the shadow of crisis has passed and the state of the union is strong. >> addressing america and energized president obama delivered the next to last state of the union and presented bold ideas to the country. account programs actually pass? we are in washington, now with what the president plans on pushing and the republican response. good morning, in this speech we saw an optimistic president frying to secure his legacy. >> the shadow of crisis has passed. the state of union is strong. >> president obama unveiled the ambitious state of the union agenda for the final years in office embolden by improving economy. >> since 2010 america has put more people become to work than europe japan and all advanced
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economies come -- combined. >> this is a vindication of the policies. >> middle-class economics works. expanding opportunity works. these policies will continue to work as long as politics do not get in the way. >> the president's priors included middle class tax cuts paid sick leave free community college education and trial care help for the middle class. all paid for with tax increases on the wealthiest americans. he calls for a resolution from congress to authorize the use of force against isis. freeway man senator joni ernst delivered a grim response. >> americans are hurting but one we demand solutions washington responded with the same stale mindset that led to failed policies like obamacare. >> the most fighty moment was a
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comment at the end of the speech that was unscripted. >> i have in more campaigns to run. my only agenda -- i know because i won both of them. now president obama is taking the post state of the union road trip bring the message to kansas and idaho. recording in washington for abc7 news. thank you. 6:304, four people were taken to the hospital, two of them with major injuries after an accident on the southbound hane of highway 101 in burlingame. according to the highway patrol two people were ejected from a car that had stalled in the middle lanes after being hit by another car. two others were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. lanes were closed around broadway but they have since fully re-opened. >> police say the owners of two vegetarian restaurants want to
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know would left a grizzly surprise outside their business and what they were trying to send a message. our reporter is in berkeley with more. kristen, yes, petition is not served here at this restaurant but someone left a dead animal in front. look at this picture of the situation someone left a boar's head sitting on top of a none stand and the skin is dangling behind it. this picture was sent to us on twitter by ann. abramson. here are the restaurants where it happened one in berkeley reported the boar, another vegessarian restaurants and another restaurant on shattuck avenue. police do not know if it is the same skinned boar that was used or if there are two. the sightings did not happen at the same time. it is possible the boar remains were moved.
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they found the remains of a boar and turned them over to animal control. at this point, a spokesman said they do not know the motive of the person or the people who did this but they did say it is inbound and they are following up on it. drivers in the south bay can see some changes in their evening commute today with metering lights turn on add highway 85 at united states 101 the southbound metering lights are turn on today from 3:00 to 7:00 and on (w) they will be town on for for the morning and will be turned on two hours longer than any other metering lights. the freeway traffic is the result of a good thing the economy is booming again. pg&e is trying to determine the cause of a power outage that darkened part of the east bay
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and stranded some people in elevators. you could hear a trapped man shelling from inside the elevator at the administration building and it took crews an hour to free him. the power want out to 38,000 customers in berkeley and albany. it briefly closed the berkeley bart station. a commuter was stuck need -- inside took these pictures. >> a police officer will not face charges for shooting an unarmed suspect. the district attorney announced the officer acted in self-defense. he said that the 24-year-old richard perez attacked him from outside a liquor store in september. our media partner reports that perez family disputes the police accounts of what happened and are now suing the city. >> palo alto city council is giving itself a raise and members voted to increase pay for 57 percent or by 57 percent.
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the city council voted 6-3 to butch the pay from $600 to $1,000 a month. the majority argue this is to encourage a more diverse pool of candidates not just those who could afford to work many hours without compensation. the city council salaries haveerlied the same since 2001 and the ordinance takes affect in two years and will apply only to city council members going new terms. mike is off today and drew woke up early and came in to give us a look at the great. >> live doppler hd doing good in temperatures of weather with dry skies. we have fog in the north bay and beside that temperature wise, it is comfortable in some spots 46 in oakland and 48 in downtown san francisco and 38 though, in san jose and chilly in forward
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at 43 and napa, a cool spot and currently sitting at a temperature of 34 degrees. as we take you to the three day forecast we have the usually morning fog in some spots that will burn off from midday afternoon. temperatures are above normal and the 60's we go and we will see a big time warming trend the next couple of days thursday and into friday with sun and in the 70's around the bay. leyla gulens that traffic. >> good morning, we will look at this accident in san francisco we do have this two-car crash here blocking one or two lanes outbound side. it was report the northbound but the slowing is in the southbound direction beyond the 280 extension and looking slow along 280 headed into daly city. we have an accident on surface streets, at great america parkway if san jose and two cars were involved and it soups like major injuries. we fine out more information in a few minutes. if you travel along 237 coming
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away from milpitas, you will fine the delays. then it dissipates the closer you are to 101. thanks. in case you missed it senior citizen and people with disabilities will be able to ride muni. for free. >> the board has agreed to spend $4 million to fund the free rides for a one year test period. muni estimates 24,000 in san francisco will be able to benefit going march one. right new muni sells discounted monthly passes to seniors and the disabled. last area they aremember add two year free ride program for young people. google is picking up the tab for that. >> are you a secret spending? husbands and wives who buy behind their spouse's back. who is more guilty, men or women? >> $75,000 award about to be announced to crack a case. >> developments in the paris
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terror investigation with a number of suspects tied to the attack is growing. at 6:11 a hook from our east bay hills camera toward the west and you can see the bay bridge with weather and traffic through the entire commercial break the you will now female announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models! but sleep train's huge year end clearance sale ends sunday. get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set. don't wait! sleep train's year end clearance sale ends sunday. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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covering walnut creek, burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday at 6:13. a look from the camera looking west across the bay into san francisco, warm temperatures head. fog out there.
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our meteorologist will tell you why and where coming up. in paris the french prosecutors have charged four in connection with the terrorist attack that left 20 people dead. the prosecution announced that the four men provided support to this man authorities say he shot and killed a police officer outside paris two weeks ago before then killing four hostages in a stand off with police at the coulibalhy was killed by police after a masser at "charlie hebdo" carried out by two brothers. we are used to ground shaking in california but not so much in texas where four small earthquakes have rat willed dallas in 24 hours and neighbors are nervous. the earthquakes have been centered along the border between dallas and irving with the strongest was a 3 and the smallest was 2.2. they are small by our standards but in an area not known for
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shaking, it was enough to send people into packed townhall meeting in irving. the meeting actually was scheduled before the us which turf issues but so many showed up that some had to wait outside and it is reported that 120 earthquakes hit north texas since 2008. >> might have been jerry jones talking about the team and the playoffs. los angeles police somethinged to announce a reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible if starting a massive apartment complex fire. last in the apartment complex in downtown los angeles exploded interest flames and the investigation determined that it was arson. it caused $30ment in damage. the award is expected to be $75,000. >> police arrested a spiteful husband, he demolish his wife's home with all her belongings still inside representing an
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excavator and said they were in the middle of renovation and it looks so bad he demolished entirely. the wife is dumb founded as to why her husband tore down the home that she owns. especially with all of stuff inside. >> my blockings were not taken out. >> we was in the house? >> everything was not house. >> she still has credit to get a straight answer from him out on bail for criminal mischief. >> if you are spending behind your husband or wife upon back you are not alone. a study says one in five americans have hidden a purchase of $500 or more from their significant other according to credit cards company and men are twice as likely to be secret spenders and hide a rich and seven million americans are believed to have a bank account or credit card their spouse doesn't know about. >> huh. >> not a lot of trust going on.
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>> fess un -- up, >> i am the ain't shopper. >> i an the honest shopper. >> we are not liking the fog. we are see some improvement. we are not tracking precipitation but we are dry. napa is reporting increased visibility up to seven miles. still some pockets of dense fog advisory and petaluma and santa rosa arrest quarter-mile or less than that. fairfield and concord still less than that. we are talking about eastern wind switching at mid-morning. we will see improving conditions next couple of hours. 34 and cool in napa with the fog and 489 in san francisco and 46 in san carlos and a look from the tower camera showing a quiet picture as we look into downtown
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san francisco and north bay fog clear but sunshine on the way and so, too, good air quality and then we are tracking record highs likely into the weekend. highs today on the mild side at the love 60's on the board and 62 in san francisco and 63 in concord and the same in people appeal and 60 for the high in san francisco and oakland up to 65 degrees in the afternoon. a storm is well to the not of us with a birthday area of high pressure blocking any sort of rain and that is a strong area of high pressure is as temperatures are rising that means air quality will be declining over the next couple of days. here is the seven-day forecast fog early more sunshine by the afternoon. partly cloudy on thursday, turning warmer by friday a couple of 70's start to show up around the bay and it is the weekend we start to see the warmth ramp up and by sunday we are talking the potential for records to be broken and the warmthees on monday and tuesday we finally will track a chance of rain across the area.
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>> leyla gulen? >> good morning we start off in santa clara with a confirmed fatality here when two vehicles crashed into each other at intersection at great america parkway and the intersection now is shut down until further notice. there are ways to get around it connecting at lafayette northbound and southbound connecting to 101. west of the area of the accident we have this intersection shut down because of a fatal and major injury accident involving two vehicles. in san francisco we have more clarification on this action, -- of this accident, southbound 101 a tire blew up, went to the northbound side, hit a car in the northbound direction and lanes are blocked. we have slowing there headed into the bayview district northbound up to 280. is it affecting traffic from the east bay? not really traffic is normal as you head in the eastbound or the
6:20 am
eastern span of the maybe babe in the westbound direction to treasure island and it looks like extra is still moving. eric and kristen? >> i want that. >> the coffee? we foe that coffee helps you wake up in the morning and could it do more? could it prevent something terribly dangerous? the cup of caffeine could be doing more than giving you a morning pick me up. >> michelle obama create as buzz with her skirt suit at the state of the union but it is not the first time someone has worn the outfit. >> you can see not too much fog on golden gate bridge and traffic is moving along fine with weather and traffic during the entire commercial break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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6:22 on the morning news and a look at the san mateo bridge with traffic zipping right along with in trouble to report right new but there have been trouble spots including a fatal collision this morning. laying will tell us more about that in the traffic report. now a check with "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning, coming up next on "good morning america" the state of the union, president obama delivering a triumphant speech claiming credit for the recovery economy and saying the shadow of crisis has passed. vice president biden joins us this morning next on "good morning america" today. >> first lady michelle obama stole a lot of the spotlight at state of the union with her fashion. mrs. obama wore a tweed skirt suit. the matching jacket and skirt is post likely a custom creation for the first lady. now, if this seems familiar,
6:24 am
fans of "good wife," 8 know why. a twitter user noticed actress wore it on the show and michael koor's responding to the choice saying "stated style. pretty powerful." >> show me the highlights. >> "wild," is making hiking hot again according to pacific trail association with more hiker than ever expected to hit the trail this area with visits to the organizations website have increased 300 percent since the movie was released with requests increasing for permits for long distance hikes on the trail and the 2600 mile long trail starts near san diego and helps near canadian border and reese witherspoon was nominated for best actress for her more trayal of the woman would walked a thousand miles on the trail. >> mark your california czar for oscar sunday, the big award show
6:25 am
is february 22 right here. we are your oscar station. >> an officer on leave from his post in the middle east was on a top secret mission: to survive his 13-year-old son he had not seen in years. >> hey buddy. surprise! >> the resident decided to do the long awaited reunion in front of the 8th grade last. he is on leave from bahrain the overseas post for 20 contraries. i am his biggest fan and hero. that is what dads are supposed to be. >> surprise was a treat for the other classmates 27 of the 29 students in the class come from military families. mike is off. he had a late night at the
6:26 am
newest ronald mcdonald house. mike and cheryl jennings are here for a look at the house inside the children's hospital at mission bay opening in a week and a half and designed to make it easier for parents to see their children while they are getting medical care and will serve 240 family as year with the first san francisco ronald mcdonald house in lower pacific heights neighborhood will continue to rate. they have emceed the years. >> we have the top stories ahead. >> super bowl scandal. will the blame game threaten football's biggest game? a bay area freeway forced to shut down overnight and the update on the investigation underway. in mountain view, a pooping economy means a lost traffic here in silicon valley. what is being done today that will change the drive for
6:27 am
commuters? we are starting off with fog with sunshine on way and the possibility of record highs in our future? profit is ahead. in the traffic center that is san jose 280 headed away from 17 with traffic building and we have sky 7 headed out to a fail crash in santa clara on surface streets and a couple of new accidents on 237 gumming up the commute with all that ahead when we return. searching for a great used car? can you help? start with the millions of used cars for sale at the new show me cars with no accidents. show me no accidents and one owner. show me no accident, one owner cars with service records. that's awesome! that's the power of carfax®. find the cars you want. avoid the ones you don't. plus, you get a free carfax® report with every listing. start your used car search at
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning everyone, on this wednesday. it is 6:29 a.m. it is january 21. that is the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a track expert to tell us more about that.
6:30 am
and i am kristen sze along with leyla gulen and drew is leader for mike. >> we have sunshine by the afternoon with fog this morning. a typical pattern. the dense fog is in the north bay getting dense fog at quarter-mile in a lot of areas and the peninsula and the south bay is okay improving conditions this afternoon. a lot of sunshine on the way. mild air with temperatures in the 60's. drew, thank you. the roads this morning? >> it has been rough. we start off with a sig-alert with major injuries and now we have a fatality in santa clara. though are trying to figure out exactly where the accident is and i will have that picture in a moment. the golden gate bridge shows traffic building coming from marin and where this serious accident lies in santa clara at great america parkway. we have the intersection closed down with more information coming you.
6:31 am
we will check in with you. >> at 6:30 westbound highway four is re-opened through concord after it was closed for three horses overnight in a shooting investigation. someone opened fire on a car between pillow pass road and port chicago highway after midnight. concord police say the victim showed up at the hospital emergency room in walnut creek and officers found a bullet ridden car a few blocks away. now a commuter alert new metering lights are turning on at a busy south bay interchange that will have the long of the operating hours in the bay area. matt is in mountain view with more. the signs say it all. consider this your one week warning. not only will metering lights for on-ramp northbound 85 be turned on, they will be turns on for a very long time during the morning commute. the stretch of 85 from 101 to 280 runs through cupertino and mountain view and it is packed
6:32 am
in the morning with commuters headed to google and microsoft and other technical companies. for the first time ever the southbound metering lights are turned on for the afternoon commute from 3:00 to 7:00 and a week from today the metering lights will operate at 6:00 a.m. and lending at 11 o'clock a.m. two hours longer than any other metering lights. residents are split if it will help. >> one lane is high occupancy vehicle lane, it is more and more cars in the narrow two lanes and i don't thing we have a choice but to accept metering until 11 o'clock otherwise how do you regulate it. >> the traffic is so slow do you need more metering it? is so slow i don't think merging is a problem. everyone is crawling. the metropolitan transportation mission considers the extension of metering lights to 11 o'clock a.m. a sound land and a sign of things to come because rush hour extends beyond the traditional time at many
6:33 am
locations across the bay area. >> as the economy continues to billion here in silicon valley, expect traffic to become even bigger issue for residents. turn now the controversy surrounding the super bowl-bound new england patriots and accusations they use uninflated footballs in the championship game. our sister network espn, reports the nfl found 11 of 12 balls were underinnatured, newby used in the win over the colts last week and that allowed the patriots to advance under nfl rules teams each give 12 balls to the referees to be inspected before the game and they use the balls on offend. many are asking now what did patriots coach belichick now and when? analysts agree at&t de-- that the delfated balls are an
6:34 am
embarrassing a episode headed into the super bowl and "good morning america" will have more at 7:00 a.m. on this story. >> off the state of the union speech president obama heads to idaho to sell the proposal to the american people addressing last night steeped in d priors including tax increases on the wealthy, education and child care help. the president is pledging to work with republicans but he vowed to use the veto power which he feels is necessary. today on "good morning america" george stephanopolis followed up on the president's message with vice president biden. >> a year from now which the big proposals will be law? >> i think all the proposals relative to the middle-class tax cuts as well as education. >> the republican response last night came from freshman certain johnny eastern stuff iowa. >> we will advance solutions to prevent the cyber attacks we have seen recently? we will work to confront iran's
6:35 am
nuclear ambitions. we will defend hive because protecting our most vulnerable is an important you measure of any society. >> i believe this. >> last night was the first time that president obama delivered the state of the union to a republican-controlled house of representatives and senate. look at this map showing the twitter interaction from the start of the state of the union through the end of republican response. according to twitter more than 2.6 million tweets are superintendent using # sotu during the timeframe. the off the cuff comments about winning both elections sparked the most discussion. >> university of california regents have two days of meetings in san francisco later this morning. governor brown and uc president janet napolitano want to be named the only members of the
6:36 am
financial challenges committee at odds over how much help the uc system should get from the state. the governor says they get $3 billion from the state each year and needs to drastically cut spending. >> california lawmakers were considering right to die legislation for terminally ill patients and we will hear from a man whose wife had to move to oregon to end her life. a 29-year-old uc berkeley graduate was diagnosed with democrat natural brain cancer last area and she moved to oregon to locally end her life while arguing she should have the right to die in california. the new legislation would apply only to mentally competent patients with less than six months to live. right new, boyfriend states including oregon, allow terminally ill patients to take their own lives. >> a heated city council meeting over a new veteran's memorial ended with the project getting the cold shoulder the vision of a memorial in civic center plaza. the propped 10 by 9' memorial
6:37 am
with five soldiers was not what some wanted to be reminded of when they went to the library. >> to have people here in uniform and if their fatigues it seemed over-the-top for some. >> the veterans citizen -- deserve a place here and to be recognized and celebrated. >> after more than four hours of debate the city council rejected the plan as prepared and suggesting the statues be moved to nearby redwoods. the veteran foundation meets on monday to decide whether to try again. abandoned animal outside, not one but two east bay restaurants and what police are revealing of the possible prank. wall street is loving los gatos based netflix with the boost the company is getting. as we head to break a picture of the richmond-san rafael toll plaza looking
6:38 am
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>> we are starting off with a picture of sky were over santa clara the intersection where a fatal crash has occurred. this is at the intersection of great america parkway and townsend. we know that one car was traveling westbound and another northbound on great america and they collided. this is also resulting in major injuries. what we do have is cars able to make their way around the accident southbound traffic is open on great america and eastbound traffic is open but it looks like traffic is diverted in the westbound direction on to northbound great america. we have a couple of accidents as we look at 237 we have this one, unable to get the cars out of the lanes and just a little bit further to the west a four car crash and all traffic
6:41 am
gumming up the commute at highway 101. drew? good morning, we have temperatures in the 40's in most spots. a couple of 30's on the board in the north bay with reduced visibility. napa is 35 degrees and 48 in san francisco, and 38 in san jose and 45 in oakland and the warmer spot we have is half moon bay at 54 degrees. highs today will see the fog burn off in the north bay by the afternoon. a lot of sunshine and up to 62 in san francisco and 65 in oakland and up to 64 in san jose and a my of 62 in antioch the disneyland measles outbreak is growing. is either affecting attendance? >> wall street is reacting to the state of the union and we will go to the nasdaq for the morning money report. >> coffee cure, on how the cup of.have a could be oakland more than giving you a morning pick yes. >> stay in the know with now a gorgeous
6:42 am
sunrise of east bay hills and we have weather and traffic during the entire commercial female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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>> covering novato, sunnyvale, oakland by bay. 6:44. an animal mystery in the east bay, with berkeley police want to know who abandoned wild boa parts outside not one but two vegetarian restaurants. our reporter is at berkeley with the disturbing discovery. we are at the vegetarian restaurant at shad ok -- shattuck avenue one of two restaurants targeted. look at this picture: a skinned boar. here is a picture on a garbage can outside the stunt sent to us on twitter by ann el
6:45 am
son. it was described as vile. here the restaurants where this happened, one in berkeley reported see skipped boar another vegetarian restaurant and it happened at this vegetarian restaurant. police do not know if it was the same skinned boar but they have returned the remains of one boar to animal control. this happened on monday morning. a this point police do not know the motive of this opinion or people just that a boar skin and skin was last outside two vegetarian restaurants and they are following up on this incident. disney says three disneyland employees would have the measles have recovered and they become at work. several dozen people have come down with the virus after visiting the parks in anaheim. health officials say they were
6:46 am
exposed between december 17 and december 20. visitors say knowing abut the outbreak would not stop them from going. >> not too worried because of immunizations but i would hike to have known. >> i would be worry but he is immunized each day and i don't have to stress about that. you would hope the people who do have measles would not come to a park like this. >> disney said all park employees have been giving tests and offered vaccination since they first heard of the 'break. disney is the parent company of abc7. >> if you are on the second cup of joe keep it up. bringing a lost that stuff, coffee, can cut your risk of cancer drinking four or more cups a 10-year study found you could reduce the risk of skin cancer by 20 percent. it has to be caffeinated. it does not mean you should
6:47 am
drink more coffee because of the results. >> remember, caffeine is a drug and there can be side effects and risks and it can increase heart rate and blood pressure and cause dehydration and lead to insomnia but the benefits have been well documented. >> studies have shown regular coffee consumption could help reduce the risk of getting a disease and parkinson's disease. >> investors are difficult jesting the "state of the union" address. >> millions of new viewers on netflix and jane king has that and more today. good morning to you. not a lot of reaction here on wall street for the "state of the union" address last night. we have the dow and s&p 500 and nasdaq trading slightly lower. wall street will turn tax refunds interest idea green in all 50 states that will let
6:48 am
people exchange tax refund for cash. the fees are lower than what it causes for a pay check refund with the maximum at $7,500. netflix had 4.3 million subscribers above the estimate and netflix said they would stream the controversial comedy "the interview," on saturday 30 days after it debuts in the theaters. >> people will pay up for healthy food, 88 percent of consumers pay more for healthy and fresh food accord and interestingly younger people are willing to pay more under 34 the most likely to pay for higher quality food. it is now 6:48. we want to look at traffic right now with the situation brewing in the south bay. >> indeed we have sky 7 over santa clara the intersection at great america parkway. as we focus in, that is where the fatal accident occurred at
6:49 am
the enter section, we are looking offer the northeast condition where the u.p.s. store is. traffic is diverted from westbound to foreign -- northbound great america. southbound great america lanes are closed by c.h.p. if you can pull out a little bit i want to show you what other traffic is able to move through. if you are traveling east you are being diverted on southbound great perk -- america and northbound is diverted eastbound. we will let you know when it re-opens. >> drew? >> we are talking about folk being the big issue. live doppler 7 hd shows a clean sweep in terms of any rainfall but as we switch it over to visibility mode we are seeing issues especially in the north bay petaluma is still coming in
6:50 am
with less than quarter mile and napa and fairfield and conquered this morning. we have a north wind kicking in helping to mix out the atmosphere and get the fog to get out of here by midday today. temperature-wise, stepping outside, we are sitting right around the 40's 45 in oakland and friend in hair and 48 in san francisco and currently 44 in mountain view and san jose right now chilly at 38 degrees. beautiful shot from the exploritorium camera as the sun is coming up and that is a spider crawling across the camera lens and north bay forth is clear and go air quality and we are talking about record highs likely as it gets into the evening. highs today are mild about five degrees above normal and 62 is the high in san francisco and up to 62 in half moon bay and 65 is the high in oakland and antioch and san jose up to 64 degrees by the afternoon. the water view on the pacific satellite will show you the storms getting pushed to the north with a blocking pattern
6:51 am
and we have warmth on way and temperatures are rising and air quality will be on the decline the next couple of days. long-range forecast looking for any amount of rain perhaps a little bit of more moving in next tuesday, a chance in a week with light showers and we will keep you updated on that. air quality good today getting we worse as it gets into thursday and friday is poor air quality on the map for the north bay and by the weekend poor air quality in the north bay and along the coast in the central bay. the seven-day forecast shows morning fog and warming up on friday and a couple 70 on the board an the bay and by the weekend, plenty of sunshine and warm records possible on sunday and everyone into the 70's and mid-70's an the bay and warm the on monday and a slight chance of rain headed our way on tuesday were. a trio of puppies could be up for adoption as soon as today after being saned by -- save by a
6:52 am
couple and theiring do. >> the couple discovered the puppies in a plastic trash bag. the dog noticed the bag that was tied and she cleaned up the dogs and took them to the shelter. animal services officer believes they would have died if they were not rescued. we are back with seven things to know before you go. >> first looking at a gorgeous sunrise we will keep weather and traffic through the entire cheryl break so you do not miss a hey! i found my true love livin' in a sweet dream. singin' my favorite song and it all starts with you. whoa-oh-oh-oh, all this goodness... what matters most should always come first. which is why whole grain is the first ingredient in every general mills big g cereal. and why we never use high fructose corn syrup. general mills. look for the big g. it means
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goodness first.
6:54 am
>> good morning at 6:54 a look from the some are storm across the bay. gorgeous skies. not a lot of fog. it will be warm. >> here are seven things to know. the breaking news, sky 7 is over a fatal accident in santa clara not far from great america and levi stadium. police say two vehicles were involved in the crash at intersection of great america parkway and a driver died at the scene. number two, as we continue the view of sky 7 over the intersection you saw light rail and they were still able to move through but i can tell you the traffic is being diverted northbound 5 at great america arc way on to eastbound tas man causing major delays. headed in the westbound direction along tasman you are
6:55 am
diverted along northbound great america. three from the camera showing citizens fog in the north -- dense and 60's on way this afternoon. >> president obama will try to continue the momentum generated from last night's "state of the union" address visiting idaho and kansas this week in an effort to built consensus for several of the policies such as raising taxes on the wealthy and paid child care leave. a mystery in berkeley, police are investigating reports that wild boa head and pelts were left outside two vegetarian restaurants but it is not clear how they got there. >> deflate-gate the until found 11 of 12 game balls used by the new england patriots in the afc championship win over end indianapolis were underinflated.
6:56 am
they face seattle in the super bowl february 1. >> the governor and university of california president napolitano could be forming an unlikely team hoping to former a two person committee to deal with the uc financial challenges. usually they are at odds over more spending from the state versus cutting expenses at the university. that does it for now. we will continue online and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. back in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic. the fog will clear out with sunshine in the afternoon. injury. >> warmer temperatures this weekend, 60
6:57 am
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g america." have a good morning, america. and breaking news, super scandal. espn reporting an nfl investigation has revealed the new england patriots did use illegal footballs in their blowout victory this weekend. 11 of the 12 balls were underinflated. what does this mean with the super bowl fast approaching? i have no more campaigns to run. i know because i won both of them. >> the fiery president obama on the attack defending his presidency claiming credit for the fast-moving economy, vowing to fight the republican majority in congress. winter weather warning. another big storm hitting this morning and a nor'easter on the way dumping snow and creating a dangerous commute. concern about more scenes like these, cars pinballing on the road. we'll have the latest. and bradley cooper is up


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