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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 22, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. thanks for joining us i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. right now san mateo prosecutors are about to announce a major break if a series of murders that terrorized women in san mateo county nearly four decades ago. we have a picture from the san mateo county hall of justice in redwood city and people are waiting for it to start. investigators are about to announce an arrest in the gypsy hill murders dating back to 1976. authorities have charged a nevada man for two of the six murders. 66-year-old rodney halbower has been extradicted from oregon prison to the bay area on two counts of murder and rape. the prosecution says that d.n.a.
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evidence linked him to the 1976 killings of the two women. the 18-year-old pacifica resident and 17-year-old millbrae resident. authorities believe that rodney halbower could be responsible for the killings of four other women all peninsula residents, all stabbed multiple times. we are waiting for the news conference to begin in redwood city and we will bring it to you when it happens. >> in the south bay police officers responding to an assault call at a san jose home didn't find a fight going on. they hit the jackpot when they looked in the house. what they found was reminiscent of a small casino. matt? illegal gambling machines are not so uncommon in san jose but the vice unit is trying to figure how so many of them ended up inside one home. whiffing next to an illegal casino has a price. >> the only problem we had was all the time the park lot was
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full with cars. people going in. people going out. >> police discovered the gambling praise on tuesday afternoon when they were called out for an altercation at the home on south capital avenue. inside, they found 15 slot and video poker machines, drugs and many people, some who decided to run. 20 were detained. eight were arrested on outstanding warrants and the gambling machines were impounded as evidence. >> each machine can bring if several thousand dollars a week. that is illegal gambling money. >> police have not arrested anyone for illegal gambling but are lacking into who purchased the machines and where they came from. several people were at the home this morning along with two dogs surveillance video were on the outside and someone was looking at us with binocular. several left but would not folk -- talk to us. >> neighbors did not necessity and did not look into what was going on inside the home.
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that is one gamble they didn't want to take. >> the more you don't foe the safer you are. >> it is a misdemeanor to possess illegal gambling machine but police are more concerned about the criminal activity that comes with the illegal gambling including violins m -- including violence. >> all lanes are open after a big head-on collision on the san mateo coast before 9:00 this morning. a construction dump truck hit a car head on on highway one. it happened at 14th. one person was injured had a visible head cash and airlifted to a hospital. the lanes were closed for more than two hours with drivers detoured and delayed the cleanup and investigation are now completed and again, all lanes have re-opened. >> in oakland a downed tree led to a sig-alert on highway 13.
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the tree fell and blocked the off-ramp at 8:00 and sky 7 was over the scene as northbound traffic started backing up, no word what when officials brought the dry down but it was windy in the hills this morning. >> we were waiting for authorities on the peninsula to talk in a news conference about a series of murders and they think they have solved the case with the identification of a man. here is the news conference. we apologize for the quality because this is cell phone video. >> this is the sheriff. >> in july of 2014 we were notified of a match through the combined d.n.a. index system of a match to an offender profile updated by the state of oregon. the suspect was identified as 66-year-old rodney halbower who was in custody in oregon state
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prison. we rodney halbower has an extensive history of violence and hand in prison in both nevada and in oregon. december of 2014 we submitted cases to the district attorney of our county. who are also investigating additional ties to rodney halbower with some of the unsolved cases. january 25 of this year he was transported by did thives from the sheriff's office and pacifica from oregon and booked into the jail where he is right now. i want to agency the assistance of the federal bureau of investigation, our sheriff's office, investigative bureau pacifica police department, south san francisco p.d., daily city police department and reno police department and especially call out the work of our sheriff's crime laboratory.
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they were able to make the case using d.n.a. profiling. in this case it is a testament to the second advances made in the area of d.n.a. as well as being a testament to the cooperation between this county and with the agencies in nevada and our federal partners that process the brutal killer to justice. >> now the district attorney will talk about the prosecution of this case. >> good morning. >> the case is near and dear to me personally in the sense that when the murders were occurring i was both a resident of this county and an intern if this district attorney's office and i remember the fear prevalent throughout our county community as to what was going on. that is can i joined with the sheriff today in giving tremendous kudos to the
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investigative team from the going who stayed the course and those would went all the way through to the agencies who picked it up and helped out more recently. i am glad that the chief is here today from pacifica police department representing the agency for one of the individuals we have charged and the sheriff's office on the other victim working through the millbrae police department. we have indeed, filed charges against rodney halbower today. >> you are listening to the sheriff of san mateo county and now the d.a. talking about a break in a case that dates back four decades. thats is the gypsy hill murders murders of several young ladies. though tracked down a suspect and they have found him through d.n.a. from fill. >> you can watch it now on >> officials are making a change this morning with regard to the sea birds that have been turning up dead along bay area
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shorelines covered in a mysterious goo. our reporter is at the san lenadro marina. amy? officials say the emergency is over. whatever goop ended up in our bay has dispersed and no more is coming in. but officials are not looking for birds anymore, the chances of finding any live birds are slim. >> you will not see volunteers searching the shoreline anymore looking for birds covered in a mystery substance. time temperature and exposure have take were their toll. officials do not thing they would find any live periods. >> there are a hot of dead birds. we cannot get at them. and we cannot put volunteers and employees at risk to go into the mud to get a dead animal. it is too much of a risk. >> they saved 300 birds and found 200 dead birds. all of them were covered in a mystery substance. >> some birds are soiled but they have managed to get away
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and are hopefully going to be able to live and the stuff will wash out but there is only so much question do as a state agency and there is only so much the solve tears can do focus is on two laboratories in sacramento where officials are trying to identify the substance. they have ruled out oil. they have ruling out the shipping fuel additive. >> we are waiting for the laboratory. we are curious to what this is. we have never seen it before. it is a really interesting phenomenon. >> they say it is taking a long-term to get the laboratory results because they want to get it right. they do not want to rush science. thanks, amy. >> we have word of a through power
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>> we have breaking news story in martinez. we just talked with peck -- pg&e and there is an outage because a large tree branch took down wires before 9:00 this morning. 6,300 customers were without power. most have been restored. there are less than 700 cuss torches without power in the area. >> a woman is recovering after two pit bulls bit her during a rampage. police responded to the calls of dogs running through the streets near san mateo high school attacked a gardener forced to use the leaf blower to keep them
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away. the dogs tried to get inside the officer's patrol car and an officer hit the animals with the car when they ran to other people the one was killed and the other is in animal control custody of the no one else was hurt. the d.a. will decide if the dog's owners will be charged a. >> now delfate gate involving the new england patriots quarterback tom brady will address the media. this is after his own coach put the focus on him saying he was "shocked," to learn what the team is accused of. >> i have no explanation for what happened. >> bell chick claims he was unaware of the air pressure of any footballs used in the sunday championship game being altered. the nfl says that the balls were inspected more than two hours before the game and experts say the only time they could have been deflated was before kickoff or on the side lines during the
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game with cameras watching. bell chick did little explaining but said "ask brady o. >> thomas' personal preferences on his football are something he can talk about in much better detail. >> talk he will. as we pensioned tom brady is holding his own news conference today. you all know that tom brady is a san mateo native a graduate of a local hire. we will have more on what he says at the news conference this afternoon at 4:00. measles scare is stir up concerns where health officials confirm in are seven cases, flee linked to disney outprotect. all three of the cases are in alameda, two other cases have been reported with no link to disney at san mateo and santa clara counties have one case each with no explained link. the disney outbreak has infected 70 people nationally with a majority being in california and a park spokesman says that it is safe to visit but only if your
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vaccinations are up to date. disney is our parent company. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. mike? >> good morning from the to which the broadcast center. you probably have heard record high temperatures are on way. i will tell you where they will be this weekend with the best neighbor for it and how warm it is going on be and also with the spring warm the you may want to go to the coast but danger is lushing in the water and a chance for rain next week. that saw in the seven-day forecast. the bay area brew fest returns with details on that event and more in the "explore where you
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>> discovering santa rosa berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> unique taste of san francisco is coming to a popular show "the chew," the food truck will be featured on the program today, a pickup that is so popular customers in the financial district wait up to 0 minutes or more for a slice much the truck tee fewers 5,000 pound wood fired oven built into a shipping container. the amenities do not step there. >> we designed it with big windows to maintain an open kitchen. this area is where the customer service takes place so the customers can be eye to eye. >> it usually sells three pizza each day. some of the recipes are right here at noon today on "the chew." >> that is making me hungry. >> little bit. >> now, we will be distracted by
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the weather. mike what is going on? >> it is great pizza. i have had it. a trend had him over for the birthday party and it was fantastic the hope you get a chance to try it. we will tack about what else is pushing fantastic, the high clouds are now starting to move and we still have haze around showing up on live doppler hd and definitely grab the sunglasses three miles at concord which will improve when the high clouds roll off and that is the lowest visibility. you can see the winds getting a little bit stronger around hayward at 12 miles per hour and napa at 10. that is what is going to keep us fairly clear and bring in dry air. like this morning, the next couple of mornings are going to be fog free. the clearing light is moving through the heart of the bay and in an hour most of us will see the cloud deck we are tracking with the mount tamalpais camera moving on to the east and breaking out the warm sunshine. here we are in san jose, still you will be probable one of the
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last ones to see that sunshine and that will happen by noon. temperatures are in the upper 40's in san ramon and livermore and antioch and fairfield and along with napa and everyone else in the low-to-mid fists and half moon bay at 57 degrees. this is how it looks from the golden gate bridge camera and it looks nice, becoming sunny and mild this afternoon and a few foggy spots the next cull of nights or fewer and spring warmth this weekend. we will look at our high temperatures today, mainly mid-60's so we have quite a ways to go and that is what the sun will do, with a little bit of a breeze so you are not going to feel the you will effect of that warmth if you are standing in the breeze. tonight low-to-mid 40's in most neighborhoods and mid-to-upper 40's around the bay shore and to the coast and you can see most the tule fog will stay in the central valley. the high clouds roll through and we will have another batch of clouds coming in tonight, over the to which the area of high pressure that is pushing all of the storms to the north and helping us reach record levels. the area most likely will be from santa clara south so from
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sunnyvale over to milpitas through san jose all the way down to gilroy you are the post likely to see record highs and the rest of us are warm in the upper 60's to mid-70's. at the coast tomorrow morning at 6:00 to sunday at 6:00 high surf advisory could be dangerous to be in the water. a last thing to talk about record high temperatures without "spare the air" days and it is possible. tomorrow we will have seven-degree democrats and over the weekend, in the low-to-mid 70s and 70's hang on through monday with clouds increasing tuesday as a chance of rain starts to develop keep us in the mid 60's and a storm from the south, very unusual this time of the year and most times, they do not usually pan out. even if we get rain, it will not be a lot. >> thank you bearer of good news. >> from one night only dance specific stack particular to average you'll brew festival there is plenty to explore where you live.
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>> leyla leyla has -- leyla has that store. >> the streets of argentina are coming to rohnert park when they perform for one night with dancers and munitions performing the songs of peron, a slice of the revered first lady of argentina. in san francisco, cow palace goes to the dogs for the dog show. boxers to more audience can get up close and personal with the k-9s come peteing for "best in show." >> see what the brouhaha is about, the bay area brew festival with dozens of domestic and international periods featured and food trucks. tickets for the second session are still available but going fast. remembers never drink and drive. >> half a century ago the
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subject of free speech is in the hot spite the berkeley historical society looks back at the free speech moment at 50. the exhibit is free with 1/2s and art -- with photographs and art facts from the civil rights movement and 1964. go to for more information. >> the shot heard around social media and the lakers game was the talk of
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no known dietary restrictions. for information and savings options, download the xarelto® patient center app call 1-888-xarelto or visit coming up, batkid is back on the big screen. meet the filmmaker behind the documentary premiering this weekend. best places to get your car repairs on 5:00, "7 on your side" with the shops that have the highest satisfaction. >> will ferrell has people thinking he pelted an nba cheerleader in the face with a basketball. >> it turns out it was a stunt for a movie but it seemed believable. >> last night at the lakers game in new orleans to shoot two takes for the movie "daddy's home." twitter blew up with video and pictures of him taking out a
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cheerleader while trying to make a half court shot and that is not all. security then escorted him out of arena so the figures made the light look he got arrested. people at game were in on the joke and now you are, as well. >> one of few things you can be lighthearted about and job about at a lakers game with their record. >> pretend being hit in the face with a basketball? for all of us at abc, thanks for joining us.
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