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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 22, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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two can get a brain infection called encephalitis. >> two cases had to be hospitalized and two were not immunized by choice. in alameda county as many as 40 health workers have been mobilized to trace the outbreak back to its source. at this free vaccine clinic in oakland, patients can get the measles vaccine combines with mumps and rubella about. >> if people have children who have never been vaccinated against mumps measles or rubella, we strongly recommend they call or go online to the county health department. >> those who came down with the measles had travelled to disneyland in december or had contact with someone who had been there. in alameda county laura
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anthony, abc 7 news. >> measles is very contagious it starts with a fever runny nose, cough red eyes and a sore throat. you may feel very tired. as the symptoms start to go away, people get spots inside their mouth and a rash all over. it's miserable. it usually takes about 7 to 18 days to get symptoms after you've been around someone who has the measles and been exposed. >> advances in technology may help police solve some of the nearly 40-year-old gypsy hill murders. 66-year-old rodney howbauer is accuses of killing two young women in san mateo in 1976. they used his dna at two crime scenes to solve the cold cases in an exclusive jailhouse interview today with abc 7 news. he said he was surprised and confused to be named the killer. a brother of one of the victims doesn't believe him. >> he's the person who did it. i wish he would admit to it. i don't see that happening. >> police believe he killed two
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other gypsy hill victims but their cases are under investigation. he was serving time for an attempted murder case. he's also a person of interest in a murder case in nevada and could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted. >> a federal grand jury decided the fate of two san francisco police officers charged with corruption. richard yick was cleared on all charges. but he was convicted on four counts. the officers were accused of entering and searching hotel rooms without warrants. you may remember this videotape we showed you. surveillance video shows them taking money drugs and electronics. the officers were working as plain clothed detectives at the time. >> prosecutors in santa clara county have charged a suspended lawyer of defrauding homeowners. wendell jones falsely promised
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to -- a charge of practicing law with the suspended license. if convicted he could face up to seven years in prison. san francisco police have arrested david diaz in connection with an arson investigation, they believe he started a fire early saturday morning on 18th street near castro street, police don't believe diaz is linked with other arsons but they are continuing their investigation. diaz was convicted last year in the death of a sexual partner strangled and burned. the university of california regents called a time-out on the bonuses coaches get to their player's grades. janet napolitano backed the plan. the minimum academic standards the policy established for players was too low. the regents will study alternatives and revisit the issue later on. teachers will be paid extra
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money if the number of students in their classroom exceeds the mandatory class size. what does that mean for students? >> under the new proposal one school starts next august, the district will have ten days to make sure that all the elementary school classes have the right number of students. high schools will have 15 days. if they are over, some teachers will go home with a bigger paycheck. >> a kinneder garton teacher in oakland can only have a maximum of 27 students. once in a while the school is forced to add a student or two, which goes against the mandatory class size requirement. at the request of the union the district has agreed to pay teachers more when this happens. >> it would be on a per pupil basis for every student over the cap that we would agree upon. there would be a certain dollar amount that the teacher would receive extra compensation. >> the same would apply at any
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grade level including high school if the student teacher ratio is not followed. this parent thinks that's fair. >> automatically with each child, you're going to have so much more work. >> others worry how this may affect the level of instruction. >> the teacher wouldn't have as much time. she doesn't have the time now. >> the reality is that the district has been dealing with this problem for some time. in the past, the union has had to file multiple grievances. the teacher's union says this proposed compensation is really a penalty do force schools to comply. >> if they are over, we want the monetary penalty to be large enough so that they get under the class sizes maximums as quickly as possible. >> the union and the district will now negotiate the determined amount of that compensation.
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in oakland leann melendez abc 7 news. >> the oakland schools just got a $10 million grant. the program helps deserving students to get more exposure to real world skills. >> one of california's richest residents won't run for barbara boxer's senate seat. he spent a lot of his fortune on environmental causes today he said he could have the most impact on the environment by staying in california. that leaves california's attorney general as the front-runner, she declared her intentions a day after boxer announced her retirement. former los angeles mayor has not said if he will run against her. >> president obama is expressing his condolences tonight and sympathies over the death of saudi arabia's king abdullah.
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state tv looks at the monarch's passing. he had been in the hospital for several weeks suffering from a lung infection. he had suffered frequent bouts of ill health since becoming king in 2005. he was seen as a powerful u.s. ally, who sought to modernize the ultraconservative kingdom. his 79-year-old half brother inherits the thrown now. there's been a serious collapse on the embattled caltrans freeway project in willits. four construction workers were injured. one was trapped beneath the debris for a while. you can see the 150 foot section in the picture. he's building a freeway bypass. workers were pouring concrete when a temporary steel and wooden structure suddenly collapsed. no word yet on the injured workers condition. happening this afternoon in san bruno at least one person is in the hospital after a
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motorcycle chase ended in a crash. the california highway patrol was after the bike on northbound 280 around 3:00 this afternoon. reported speeds of more than 100 miles an hour. sky 7 hd was overhead after the bike crashed into the car after getting often at the san bruno exit. one person in the hospital following a crash on highway one in monday tara. this is video from sky 7 hd. the accident happened near 14th street around 9:00 in monday tara. emergency crews airlifted the car's driver to the hospital with head wounds no word yet on that person's condition or what exactly caused this accident. a bizarre incident forced a lockdown today in the marin civic center in san rafael. authority s authorities said seek cover after two blasts. they ordered to stay in place for more than an hour until authorities concluded that the
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sounds were made from tires of an occupied wheelchair that exploded. the chair belonged to the grandfather of a sheriff's deputy who was receiving an award inside the building. a bay area congresswoman is riled up. >> we may as well have stethoscopes here and syrups and speculum speculums. >> why the fight on abortion is heating up on capitol hill. >> i happened to notice the door was cracked. >> a trailer full of equipment was all but empty. will it take the hopes of a football team with it? tech jobs, bottom line might be nice if you can keep them. >> is your car broken down seven on your side's michael finney
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the republican controlled house today voted to ban all taxpayer money for abortions. the bill passed with considerable margin. it sparked fierce criticism from abortion rights supporters. >> we will continue to act like doctors here and i might add, there even are some hypocrites on the other side of the aisle who have counseled their own girlfriends to have abortions. it's legal, members. >> he will veto the bill, meanwhile, a separate bill to ban late term abortions was scrapped for lack of support. nancy pelosi says the issue reminds her of what happened in her early years in congress. >> i was opposing some of the initiatives similar to what we have today, one of the republican members got up and said nancy pelosi thinks she
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knows more about having babies than the pope. yeah, yeah that would be true. >> today's vote cone sides with the 42nd anniversary of the supreme court's decision to uphold a woman's right to have an abortion. the kids and their parents are hurt and angry too. chris win spoke to parents about this mess and joins us with what they plan to do next. >> it's pretty heartbreaking nearly $20,000 worth of equipment gone in a split second. with the season starting in less than three weeks. parents are turning to social media for the community's help. >> i sit here for three hours looking at an empty shed. it was devastating. >> he couldn't believe sometime over the weekend thieves ransacked the equipment shed belonging to the san jose squad. >> all of our speed helmets, shoulder pads.
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practice jerseys game jerseys, they took everything. >> the spring football program has more than 140 participants, ages 5 to 15. many who come from under privileged backgrounds. with the season set to begin on february 7th players and parents have to start from scratch. war an casias was on the squad for two years. >> some of the kids played, they had a rough life if it wasn't for shannon being their mentor and stuff, theyen wot be where they are now. >> jay braun is the head football coach. they contribute to more than just player development. >> they give an opportunity for young men to better themselves. i mean with discipline accountability, learning how to work on a team atmosphere. >> the volunteers have turned to facebook and a website called go fund me to help raise money for new equipment. >> way going to do whatever we have to do to make sure the
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football season is going to continue, and these kids have an outlet to stay on the field. >> a lesson of battling back after being brought down. >> as chris mentioned the san jose hip squad needs your help. they have set up a gofundme account. we have set up a link to access it on our website. tech sector jobs pay, more of them are going up in smoke. tech industry jobs paid an average of $112,000 last year, that compares to 90,000 nationwide, that's an increase of 2% from 2013. the tech sector saw its worst job cuts last year since 2009. corporate restructuring at big tech firms like hewlett-packard and microsoft pushed the number of jobs to 100,000. ebay announced it would cut 2400
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jobs or 7% of its workforce. >> when your car needs repairs, you have a couple choices you can take to the dealer or independent repair shop. >> which will give you the best service? >> that's what we've been looking into. consumer reports national research center surveyed thousands of subscribers to finds out how they felt. some dealers do a much better job than others. >> bringing your car into the shop for repairs can be expensive and frustrating. apparently not for tess la owners. consumer reports survey based on over 120,000 vehicles finds tesla scored hire than any ear dealership or independent service center for over all satisfaction. it's the only company to get top marks across the board for its on time repairs, courtesy price and quality. the fact that it's a young company is an advantage. >> tesla is new to the market
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and has a small number of customers to satisfy. >> the survey shows customers are pretty happy with repairs at many upscale dealerships. those include buick, lincoln, cadillac lexus porsche and acura. loner ipads while you wait and freshly baked cookies at this cadillac dealership don't hurt either. just because you have an expensive car doesn't mean you'll be thrilled with repairs at the dealership. >> mercedes jaguars and many dealerships, feel they overpay for parts and labor. >> are you prepared to go to an independent shop rather than the dealership? >> customers are generally happier with their mom-and-pop shops. they scored higher for quality, price, timeliness and courtesy. >> you may think that car repairs are nonnegotiable. consumer reports survey shows haggling can may off big time.
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19% tried bargaining, most who did were able to save some money. the median savings turned out to be 94 dollars at independent rebear shops and $100 at dealerships. it's easy, all you do is go really? really? that can work. >> really? >> you did it, right. >> thank you, michael. >> let's focus on the weather forecast as we inch a little closer to the weekend. >> sandy patel joins us with the weather forecast. >> out here we have a little breeze going and the chill is in the air this weekend as the temperatures rise it will leave you wondering is it really winter? >> take a look at live doppler 7 hd and we'll talk about the warmth that is coming. no fog over the bay area no clouds to speak of, that will all be changing. here's a beautiful view of our east bay camera. in the mid-50s right now. our highs today were 53 in liver
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moore, pretty chilly. santa rosa got to 67. oakland 63 degrees. san jose 56. here's a lovely view from our lake tahoe camera. sunny weekend, no snow expected. low to mid-50s around santa rosa livermore, here's the view from our san jose camera, where it is still clear. areas of dense fog overnight tonight. record warmth this weekend. and chances for rain next week fading. when you take a look at our forecast, the fog will come back in from the central valley thanks to the offshore flow we'll see some fog moving in from the west so look out for areas of dense fog tomorrow morning. certainly more than this morning, this morning we had limited fog, here's what's going to happen as far as the long range forecast, high pressure is rebuilding. i shouldn't say long range, i should say the short term forecast. with that rebuilding, temperatures are going up
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friday, saturday. they peak on sunday it's going to be warm, just about everywhere. here is a look at the temperature trend for san jose you'll notice above average tomorrow, 67 degrees. the average high is 60. study climb up sunday looking at a record high if it hits 74. slowly we'll cool it off for you early to middle part of next week. in case you're wondering how nice it's going to be. nice enough to head to the beach. there is a high surf advisory starting tomorrow morning until 6:00 it runs until sunday at 6:00 amg. risk of rip currents, obviously you have to watch out for the sneaker waves. we are expecting rain to our south on tuesday. our chances are fading next week, and we'll keep you posted just in case computer models turnaround again. in the morning give that -- give yourself that extra time the fog is going to slow you down. mid to upper 30s for inland.
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highs for friday, 72 santa cruz. mountain view on the peninsula 66 redwood city, 64 in pacific car, a nice day in daily city mid-60s in the north bay you're going to get up into the low 70s around santa rosa, 67 napa out toward the east bay above average as well 69 in oakland 67 freemont. sun shining, you need the sunscreen inland east bay. 66 livermore. accuweather 7-day forecast will warm it up some more for the weekend. it's going to be beach weather, low to mid-70s for sunday records are possible. we'll cool it down for you as we head toward next week. especially tuesday. you'll notice the difference in the air mass, and we'll bring in a slight chance of showers around the middle of next week. i know it's disappointing news but we have some warmth to look forward to. >> it's nice it feels like spring out there.
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thank you very much. >> with that record warmth in the forecast, we want to see the weather where you live. you can use it to share weather pictures with us at abc 7 news. and create weather postcards to show your friends who may be dealing with much different january weather. >> a lot of people are. we love our smart phones and we have 100 years of telephone tweaking to thank. >> it's a revolution in how we communicate. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, the celebration of communication with the original phone used in the first trans
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san francisco police and the fbi hope these surveillance picture the will help people identify a bank robber who dresses like a hipster. he wears a fedora, a fake mustache and a beard. a lot can happen in a
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century, just think, 100 years ago today no one had ever made a phone call from new york to san francisco. that was all about to change. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom has more on how the city by the bay is commemorating the day it made telecommunications history. >> 100 years ago this was state of the art. >> to transmit a human voice over 3400 miles was considered absolutely impossible. >> that changed on january 25th 1915. >> a century ago, the very first trans continental phone call was made with these very telephones. this one was held by president woodrow wilson himself. >> i think it's appropriate for me to take a selfie. >> that's the president of at&t california. it was his predecessor who held one of the other phones on that
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call. they didn't have cameras or touch screens. >> now we walk around with computers in our pockets. and no one would have envisioned that his initial ideas would have been spread so far. >> at the time, it took 7,000 miles of cable to connect a four-way conference call. alexander graham bell was on the line in new york and the man in san francisco none other than thomas watson. >> he called out to me mr. watson come here. >> the big event was at the 1915 world's fair and thousands were watching. >> everything that had to work that day, you send the person you trust the most. >> this isn't where those old telephones were first shown off. they made their debut at the palace of industry, in what's now the financial district. >> this is the last remaining palace from the original ppie. >> the panama pacific
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international exposition. the phones will stay on display at the california historical society. >> boy oh, boy. come here, i need you. >> that would be omg. >> oh, what a difference a seth tourry makes. in san francisco, jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> now we have these little things. >> could you imagine? we have a progress report for you. >> coming up the san francisco runner trying to run seven marathons on seven continents in
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the ford motor company driving its way back into the bay area tonight the focus of its new research and development center on the peninsula. >> from 7 on your side, the case of the stolen clipper card and the roadblocks, the woman kept running into. when she tried to straighten those things out. >> those stories and a lot more
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for you on abc news at 7:00. >> this is amazing, a san francisco man is one race away from an incredible accomplishment. >> tim durbin is the only american competing in the world marathon challenge. >> it started last saturday and ends in sydney australia tomorrow. so far, the 31-year-old has run six marathons, each 26.2 miles he's run through snow rain, jet lag. >> sounds insane doesn't it? >> mike human caught up with him last week, he says he has his reasons for doing this. >> i saw it as another mental and physical challenge that i could take on and prove that an average person like me can do what a lot of people think is impossible. >> isn't that amazing? >> he's averaging five hours for each marathon. >> and doing it all for a good cause. raising money for cancer research. named after coach delvano.
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world news tonight is next. on this thursday night, the breaking news. the scandal before the super bowl. the star quarterback, tom brady, answering the question. are you a cheater? tonight, how brady explains those deflated footballs. who handled them after they were checked by the refs? and what now for the football star with the supermodel wife? also tonight, the giant inferno. more than 1,000 people homeless. the state of emergency declared. schools closed. the massive nor'easter on the way. a foot of snow in texas. and it's about to roar up the coast. ginger zee is standing by. and at this hour, late reporting on this armed robbery. the s.w.a.t. team, the robot. the suspect wearing a vest with wires. they're still on the scene tonight. good evening. and it's great to have you with


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