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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 22, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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two of those women. vic lee was the only reporter to speak with the suspect today and details only on abc7 news now with new dna technology it's made the difference. in this case, good police work and tenacity of investigators like ronald cane. >> i feel wonderful. i just i can bring the girl back to the mother. >> the former detective was at the briefing today. finally, some closure to killings. january, 1976. 18-year-old veronica casio's body was found she was stabbed 32 times and raped. a month later, paula baxter's
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body discovered in millbrae. this man was charged with the cold case murders. this is how he looked 40 years ago. his mug shot from unrelated crime. the da credits advances in dna technology with solving the cases. abc7 news learned cigarette butts left at the crime scenes contained his dna. >> it's time to bring this man to justice for the murders that we can prove at this point. >> he was ex-indicted from oregon prison last night. where he had been serving time for attempted murder. his dna also reportedly was found in a crime scene in reno. in a jail house interview, he
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said i don't know anything nothing about this. this doesn't make sense i have no idea about that. he said he was guilty of the crime in oregon but not gypsy hill murders and told us i'm confused and just wants answers. police believe halbower killed two other gypsy hill victims carol booth whose body was found near kaiser hospital, and 14-year-old tonya blackwell, the body discovered in the gypsy hills area of pacifica. >> i am told he's the pesh person that did it. i wish he'd admit to it. >> if convicted he can spend his days in prison. >> a police chase ended in a crash this afternoon.
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a motorcycle crashed into a car and at least one person went to the hospital. a chp crack down means you may want to check your speed. earlier, the chp was out in force and joins with us a look at how the divider means many are off to the races. carolyn? >> well, bridge district officials say they noticed after that barrier was installed, that speeds went way up now, they're looking to try to get drivers to slow down. >> the driver of this white suv was the worst offender of the day according to the chp.
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they're laser beams blasting across the bridge at 81 miles per hour the legal speed limit is 45 until near the toll plaza where it drops to 35, then 25. but since the median was installed a few days ago designed to prevent collision there is a dramatic change. we rode along on the second of two days of targeted enforcement. the bridge district notified by concerned drivers who sent them and us an e mail. >> they have this illusion p if they go faster they're okay. they don't have the cones they have a wall. inside this souped-up mustang, this 76-year-old and his wife.
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>> i'm saying out of this. >> he was clocked at 65 but says he was just going with the flow. >> they know what the speed was i'm looking at other cars. not the speedo meter. here i am. >> officials say the median is working well and should not give drivers a false sense of security. >> it does not mean it's safe to drive faster. >> tickets with range from around $237 to loss of your license for flagrant violators. at the golden gate bridge abc7 news. >> today a jury decided the fate of two police officers. the officer was acquitted but another officer was convicted. the officer was shown taking
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money and electronics from residential hotels. >> two weeks after a judge ruled dr. james simon should not stand trial for shooting a man the i team learned the district attorney is taking this case to a grand jury. after the retired broker followed the doctor home and into his garage in the summer. the preliminary hearing the judge ruled he had a chance to defend himself. >> there has been a accident on the sea project. caltrans says workers were pouring concrete and a 150 foot section of a temporary
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steel structure collapsed a worker told the news he had to run for his life. as we have reported this project has been plagued by cost overruns and issues. >> number of confirmed cases of measles is on the rise. half can be traced to disneyland, not all can be. tonight we report from alameda county, the highest number of cases so far. >> this is a preventible disease. >> dr. erica pott says the search and maesels cases in her county and state wide is cause for concern. >> and it's very infectious, for nine days and can linger up to an hour after someone leaves the room. so is very easy to spread.
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in alameda county trace it back. now, she's working on maes yelz. >> the unit has public health investigators used to doing case investigations so they've been mobilized to help with that piece of it. >> at from free clinic, patients can get measles vaccine usually can mumps and rubella. >> if people have children that never been vaccinateed you can go online, at our health
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department. those who were infected had been to disneyland or had contact with someone who had been there. >> bay area native is in the scandal. >> it's a great mystery. and it really happened patriots responded with both head coach bill belichick and quarterback tom brady saying they have no idea how footballs turned out to be under inflated. rules state the footballs have got to be inflated between 12.5 and 13.5 pounds per square inch. the patriots footballs passed and then somehow when checked again, 11 of 12 were under inflated. where the patriots cheating? what did belichick know? when did he know it? >> i have no explanation for
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what happened. and to me these footballs are proved by the league and game officials pregame. and we play with what is out there. tom's preferences are something he can talk about in greater detail. >> so belichick would say we're on to tom brady. he told teammates he likes it a certain way >> i am comfortable saying nobody did it as far as i know.
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no matter what happens with the football. >> today advertising a gillette car called flex ball. kind of ironic given this situation. we'll have more including a plausible explanation. >> there is nothing to see there. >> thank you larry. >> well brady's alma mater, sarah high school is dealing with a sports scandal tonight the central coast section banned sarah from football playoffs two years after the team refused to play in the consolation bracket the coach told the league he didn't want to risk players getting injured in a game that was essentially meaningless.
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and the way is disrespectful to other teams >> thanks to a car company dozens of jobs are on the way to silicon valley. coming up next, how ford hopes it's next frontier of innovation comes to the bay area. . >> i was shocked. >> thousands of dollars of football gear, missing. how a youth football program is turning to social media in the hopes of saving their season. >> temperatures today seasonable. upper 50s to around 60 degrees i'm tracking big changes that include the warm up and potential records being broken. >> clipper -- how
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competition can be good just for innovation and in silicon valley, another car maker is setting up shop to develop high tech cars of the future. abc7 news reporter david louie is live to explain why ford is there. hi, david. >> hi ama. ford and other car makers are anxious to usher in this new era and chances are these vehicles are still going to operate on round tires so the secret sauce, so to speak is going to be hardware software and how drivers interact with them. ford is joining vw and other car makers to set up research and development centers in silicon
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valley the center is focusing on connected vehicles. and gave us a look at what it is working on. look how this engineer can control a golf cart. it can help operators move vehicles where needed. and they can control vehicle functions >> one thing they're working on is the use of more natural-language voice recognition. for example if you want more lumbar support you can say i want more lumbar support. and if it isn't enough you can say more please and it will understand in context. to do this, ford is collaborating with car makers in silicon valley. >> have >> having high quality ignition
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is what i care about. >> how you change the user experience is what each can do themselves. >> technology is advancing and ford has developed cars that parallel park, along with assistance. consumers will need to do updates on board. >> how do we do these updates? yuft like you get on the smart phone? to keep your vehicle where it gets better with age sf >> a final report and safety recommendations from the refinery fire will be released wednesday. u.s. chemical safety board will be discussing the investigation into the 2012 incident. officials said the report will identify gaps in guidelines and
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short comings in safety programs. >> one san jose community is scrambling to help a youth football program replace $20,000 worth of stolen equipment the san jose hit squad equipment shed was ransacked and gear taken the season is set to begin february 7th. many come from underprivileged back grounds. >> game jerseys and they just took everything. >> they seem to be taken in one night and i hope the community responds >> a go fund me account has been set up to help by more equipment. >> well, a mild out there today getting milder, too.
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hi, drew. >> it's been a great warm weekend on the way. temperatures into 70s. >> january? >> it is january by the way. this is not normal for us. so 15 degrees above average. so let's talk about next 72 hours. we're dealing with clear skies, so no rain for the moment. outside to go 56 in downtown san francisco. 54 in san carlos. and one spot sitting at 45 degrees. a look from our camera showing you what we have is a waxing crescent moon. you can see that dot there that is venus shining bright. so beautiful view we have right now. areas of fog developing overnight, some can be on the
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dense side. and a chance of rain are fading over next seven days. we have concerns along the coast. high serve advisory goes into affect tomorrow morning at 6:00 and lasting through sunday waves go be to start to pick up. and strong rip currents. we'll take the forecast into future mode for you. fog developing through the straight and could be on the dense side. so realize the fog could have a hampering on your commute. two areas of high pressure building along the coast that means we're going to see clear skies and temperatures on the rise. temperatures will peak on sunday. so take a look at the week ahead in san jose.
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normal high this time of the year around 60 degrees. next seven days not coming close to that. sunday, we're forecasting a high of 74 degrees breaking the old record of 71 degrees you can see temperatures well above normal through much of next week. so 42 half moon bay, falling to 58. highs for friday. lots of sunshine. 70s. and you're going to get to 65 in san francisco. sunny, mild, tomorrow. a warming pattern continues saturday into sunday sunday, a possibility of records being broken. and taking a look ahead our next chance of rain wednesday, and that is looking looking slim right now. >> thank you. >> well with record warmth we want to see the weather where
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you live. just down load abc 7 weather app free. and you can use it to share weather pictures with us and create weather post cards to show friends who might be dealing with much-different january weather. >> e cigarettes pay contain a dangerous toxin you don't realize. >> results of a study that may make you think twice before you
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a study suggests e cigarette vapor can cause cancer-causing formaldehyde and found ecigs operated at high voltages produce vapor with large amounts of formalda aformaldahyde. >> maybe if you crank it up, but it is not the only substance in tobacco smoke. >> super bowl 50 is still more than a year away but the
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countdown has begun. we aren't kidding. take a look. this is the countdown clock at the offices of the bay area host committee in san francisco the committee started planning for the event 18 months ago z they want the public to join in. the committee is asking fans to send pictures of themselves holding up a number from 0-9 used for a human countdown clock. >> a goal is making sure this unites and invites the bay area. it's exciting and people want to find ways to participate. >> the committee needs to recruit up to 10000 volunteers for this event. for more information just go to abc7 >> the clock is ticking. >> yes. it is. >> oakland school district has a plan to get students more attention. otherwise, the district will have to pay. we'll have details ahead >> the president's message to saudi arabia after the death of
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their king. >> and how a policy meant to protect your privacy made it impossible for one couple to get
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president oeb rauma expressing condolences of the death of saudi arabia's king abdullah. >> he was seen as a powerful u.s. ally that made moves to modernize the saudi kingdom. president obama praised him for taking steps in advancing the air and peace initiative his 79-year-old half brother inherits the throne. >> teachers in oakland will be paid extra money if the number of students in the classroom exceeds the mandatory class size part of a deal between the district and union. what does that mean for teachers?
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and how will it affect students? >> the union is calling this a penalty. now, under the proposal, once school starts in august, the district will have 10-15 days to make sure all schools have the right number of students. if not, some will have a bigger paycheck. trying to meet the mandatory class size requirement is not always easy. a kindergarten class is meant to have only 27 stewed kwlents yents, now the district is needed to provide extra money. >> before every student over the cap that we'd agree upon there will be a certain dollar amount. >> the same would apply at any grade level, including high school, if the student-teacher ratio not followed. this parent thinks that is fair. >> with each child you're going
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to have more work so you're should be compensated accordingly. >> others worried how this may affect the level of instruction. >> reality that the district has been dealing with this problem for some time. the union had to file multiple grievances and says it's a penalty to force schools to comply. >> the aim is to have maximums met and children having the best possible experience. >> the district agreed to meet quickly to meet these requirements. >> under the new proposal, that would be shortened to ten days after the start of school for elementary and secondary level, 15 days. >> union and district will negotiate the determined amount of that compensation.
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in oakland, abc7 news >> san francisco billionaire took himself out of the running for u.s. senate seat. a 57-year-old hedge fund manager has been a leading activist for the democratic party. since boxer announced retirement he's been considered a candidate for her seat. but styre writes his work is not in washington but here, in california. and in states where change is on the move. >> uber released a report about drivers that make $19 per hour in san francisco, jumping to $23. most drivers say they stick with uber because they like flexibility. 70% say they increased their income while working for the company and found 14% of the company's drivers are women. and only 1% of taxi drivers are
6:34 pm
women. >> if you take public transportation you know about the clipper card that gets you on to bart and other bus systems. >> that is right. for one couple it gave freedom to travel until they hit a road block. >> yes. michael finney is here with the information. >> clipper cards became a life safer for this couple. they can use public transit until told their card was no good and couldn't fix it. >> jillian and her husband have enjoyed traveling. now, it's a little harder. >> david has halls himmer's. his memory is short. >> however, with the swipe of cards they can still roam the bay area. >> i can take both cards, tap mine, david's and we canning on our way. >> it stopped when his card didn't work. a bart agent said it had been
6:35 pm
stolen. >> it couldn't possibly. >> jillian figured sheedz correct it later but it wasn't so simple. . >> i didn't have his pass word, i didn't have his e mail pass word. >> dave couldn't recall details and clipper won't give jillian access to his account. >> i'm acting for him. but they wouldn't let me do that. >> jillian had to proi vied his account number and mother's maiden name then get him to sign an authorization form. iet was very difficult to sign his name. what he writes now is nothing like his original signature. >> weeks later he said it never received it. and jillian had to start over again. clipper suggested they verify his account. jillian reported he can't.
6:36 pm
>> this must happen to other people. >> she sent the forms again. the agent said she had to set up an account online and warned this is tricky. jillian gave up. >> you win. i can't take anymore time on this. >> she called 7 on your side. we contacted clipper. that very same day, an agent called to say paper work was enough and he would nail a new card. clipper says customer service was following the law telling me all parties wish the resolution could have been speedier. but state law is set up to ensure protection of customer privacy rather than speed of customer satisfaction. now, jillian and david are off to the city again. >> i can. we can. we are. we're going tomorrow. >> now it turns out david's card was reported stolen years ago when he lost his wallet. clipper sent him a new card and a good samaritan mailed his card
6:37 pm
back. david didn't realize he was using the old card that day at bart. we're glad it's done to see the reports online click on the sections tab and select 7 on your side. >> ghad it got worked out. thank you. >> overhead utility lines can be dangerous in a storm or earthquake. why does california have thousands of miles of them running over our heads? >> there are wires and poles everywhere. >> they were supposed to be buried underground but at current rate will take a thousand years to complete the project and your paying for it. tonight on abc7 news i'll show why it's taking so long, and what one bay area city is doing to speed things up. >> dirty california drinking water. kit could have an unhealthy consequence >> they said the water came out looking like coffee. >> not sweet habit people are
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a group of protestors just kicked out of the bart board meeting taking place now after they disrupt that had meeting.
6:41 pm
they have a list of complaints but at the top of the list is for bart police to drop charges against 14 demonstrators arrested the day after thanksgiving for chaining them selves to a bart car to disrupt holiday shopping and travel. they left tonight's meeting peacefully and it has since resumed >> wild live officials haven't identified a sticky substance that killed 200 sea birds on the bay area store line it's been two weeks since the mysterious gray gunk coated bird feathers. focus is now on two labs in sacramento. officials are trying to identify the substance. they have ruled out oil and shipping fuel additive. >> a new study shows rural areas of california have such dirty drinking water that people would
6:42 pm
rather drink soda. researchers say the water contain tans bacteria arsenic, or iron. water sources are private wells. residents say they'd rather buy soda instead of coping with unclean water. >> they told us water came out looking like coffee. like smelling bad. and smelled like chlorine. >> nutritionists are concerned kids drinking soda are likely to develop type two diabetes. >> harvard university become one of the biggest grape growers the university securitied water well permits to feed it's massive vineyard days before lawmakers banned new pumping. this investment could also boost
6:43 pm
the value of the land. >> bat kid returns on the big screen. >> yes. meet the film maker behind the do
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the slam dance film festival opens in utah this weekend. big draw for independence. one of the films having a world preemer has a twist. you know the story well. now, as abc news reporter wayne freedman tells us there is the rest of it. but now, it's become lower of the city. november 15, 2013. the day bad kid. >> what do you know about bat kid? >> 0. >> now, dana may be the world's biggest expert. here is why. that video on the lap top comes from a documentary about the fen nonnon. iet was a story that he battled
6:47 pm
cancer half of his life and didn't want a shopping spree to toys are ous to disney. he wanted to be a hero for the day. >> most of us know the back story. as ceo patricia wilson tells it, bat kid took on a life of his own. >> credit belongs in san francisco. >> the day was supposed to be small, maybe 200 or 300 people, then went viral. one question is how? why? >> nobody from the family to make a wish to anyone involved wanted it to be viral. nobody was asking for anything other than hey can people come down to city hall and cheer on a little boy? they didn't want anything from anyone. >> look what she got. miles says he wanted to be a super hero to save people. well, he did.
6:48 pm
it began as a pretend game then many levels became real. >> that looks fun. >> yes. >> let's return one last time for a look at the weather. >> that is right. we have an update. hi, drew. >> we're talking about dry skies this evening. and so rain chances are fading into wednesday. there could be sprinkles around and as we head into the early parts of february, no promising storms on the horizon. this blocking pattern it's sunshine warmer temperatures are on the way. highs for friday 64 in sacramento. 68 in chico. and in the bay area 71 in clover dale. 72 for santa cruz. 67 in san jose. nice, mild with a high of 69
6:49 pm
degrees. accu-weather forecast shows you records are possible over the weekend. saturday warmth continues into sunday. that is the warmest. temperatures peak with 70s across the region and a chance of rain coming in the mid week of next week on wednesday. >> okay. >> that rain on wednesday does not look significant. >> no. >> what happens? >> the pattern we can't get out of it. it's dry it's mild. >> thank you. >> sure. >> now we're going to turn our attention from iso dgs bars to pounds per square weight. >> water can make it heavier. so who do we move?
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6:53 pm
spent 11 full minutes discussing this saying in 40 years in the game he never gave a lot of thought to air pressure in a football. >> my coaching career have never talked to any player staff member about football air pressure i told you everything i know. i don't have an explanation. i told you everything i know. coach, why do you think continues to follow you? >> i don't have an explanation for what happened >> then, they water boarded him. >> then, quarterback and coach know nothing. brady said he'd never cheat and tried to put it into perspective. >> i'm not a conspiracy theerist. you know? i don't, you know, i don't know what happened. no explanation for it.
6:54 pm
i don't know what happened between the time i touched it. and until monday morning no idea what happened with the balls. things are going to be fine. this isn't isis. no one is dieing. >> he's right about that, tom come on, tom. best guess that brady told the ball boys he prefers a slightly under unflated ball and patriots have probably been doing this for years and it in no way affected outcome of the game but blurs the line of getting a slight edge and some consider cheating. 49ers made two moves eric mangini hired as new defensive coordinator. he was the patriots defensive coordinator in 2005 before becoming head coach for jets and browns the former spot goes to a familiar face tony sporano.
6:55 pm
oh, now, entering super stardom steph curry of your golden state warriors. he wassed leading vote getter in the league. yes. ahead of lebron and durant. he will start for the second year having an mvp type season averaging 23 points and eight assists per game. the question for warriors is if clay thompson gets named to that squad kobe has got a torn leg so maybe that opens up the spot for clay. the coaching staff for the top team in each conference is chosen warriors have the best record in the league. >> i just got into this gig.
6:56 pm
and to be coaching all star game doesn't seem real. >> a dream come true. you know to be two times in a row i'm not proud of that. >> jeff gordon is retiring from racing after the 2015 season and kept open a possibility of competing but this will be his final year. the third all time with 92 career wins and 761 races. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. we can ask him about tire pressure. >> yes. >> and he's not going owe to have time to consult. >> no question. >> right. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00, a big hurdle tonight for uber and all all demand ride services and
6:57 pm
what it will mean for hundreds of drivers at 9:00. >> then then at 11:00 overhead wires can come down in a storm or earthquake. why is thousands of miles of cable still in our streets? why the plan to bury them will take hundreds of years and you're still paying for it. we appreciate your time.
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a physics professor from river falls, wisconsin... an artist and stay-at-home mom from ewing, new jersey... and our returning champion a senior legislative aide originally from atlanta, georgia... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. hello, my friends, and welcome to our program. we're delighted to have you with us for this half hour in which you get to... put your intellectual skills up against those of our three players. the two challengers, todd
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and maggie, and, of course our returning champion, will. let's see, uh, who does best in this half hour. the jeopardy! round comes first, and here are the categories, starting off with... followed by... and finally... and each correct response will contain those letters in that order. will, start. uh, let's go with the big picture for $1,000. this 17th century work originally 13x16 feet has been cut down to a much more manageable 12x15. [ beep ] and that is the famous "night watch." will. all right, let's go a little easier. n-p-r for $200. [ laughs ] all right.


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