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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 24, 2015 1:07am-1:31am PST

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ooooh... i can hear that sizzle. getting louder! and louder! philly cheesesteak and egg sizzling with prime rib and gooey cheese. i better (just) silence this sizzle! the new philly cheesesteak and egg skillet. denny's. welcome to america's diner. developing news out of san
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jose. police are looking for the driver who hit and killed a woman just trying to cross the street. >> and right now investigators still have the road shutdown as they search for clues. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama-daetz. it happened at 6:15. >> abc7 fuse reporter is -- news reporter is there live with the latest on this. katie? >> dan and ama, the coroner just arrived on the scene in the last hour. investigators have been out here for four hours. they are measuring and looking at the scene and trying to figure out exactly what happened. and also right now, of course the search is on for a hit-and-run driver. as you mentioned, it happened around 6:15. police tell me the victim is a woman in her 60s that she was hit and killed. she was not in the crosswalk. she was on the other s side of the intersection where there is no crosswalk. and as far as who hit the woman, police don't have much
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description only that it might be a honda. i talked with a woman who lived fear by and it is just terrible. >> i think it is not right. there is a human being that needs to be helped. if people just hit someone and run away because they are afraid, it is not good. >> this victim tonight is the third pedestrian hit and killed in san jose this year. police are asking everyone and reminding people to prevent this kind of thing to wary flect tiff clothing if you are out at night and carry a flashlight and cross only with the traffic signals and always at a crosswalk. this is still an active investigation and there are still road closures in place. it is down to blossom hill road. they are still closed at this hour and the sergeant on the scene say it still could be closed for a few more hours.
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abc7 news. >> katie, thank you. livermore police have special patrols out after vandals targeted two local churches. it happened at a mormon church and a lutheran church. sergio has the story. >> the graffiti has been painted over. the campus has been tagged before so they dealt with it pretty quickly. >> got defeated and we cleaned it up. >> the liver pour police department is taking it seriously even devoting special patrols. the mormon church has been spray painted several times in the last few days. >> some of it was derogatory comments about the church and about heaven and about god. >> the most offensive symbols were quickly painted over. the vandalism is being investigated as a potential hate crime which is a felony.
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one neighbor says he keeps an eye on the church across the street. >> i think on the night it occurred the motion detector going on and off. i'm not sure if it happened then or what. >> another neighbor tells us it took hours to clean up some of the paint. >> they are out there scrubbing the sidewalks and painting the walls. >> the leaders at the mormon church helped install lights to deter any vandalism. >> school surveillance video captured young vandals. they painted kkk and swastika on the walls and the doors. police say it happened last night or early this morning. they think the kids tagged a house and smashed the car windows. damage is in the thousands of dollars and has been painted over. two people are in serious condition including a child after it crashed into a muni train. it happened at 4:30 this
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afternoon and 14th avenue. the driver slammed directly into the side of the train. it shows the vehicle's crumbled hood and the train knocked off the tracks from the impact. the driver and a 9-year-old passenger were rushed to the hospital and no one on the train was hurt. police want to find a robber who blew up three different stores. he claimed to have a bomb and demanded oxycodone. it happened last month and this month. in all of the cases a so-called bomb turned out to be a dud. >> by having a bomb threat in addition to seeing a device and having it there is terrifying to the public. it is scary for our -- for our police department and it is dangerous. >> witnesses say the man had a raspy voice and wrinkled skin. he was wearing all black and left on a black sport motorcycle. >> warm weather and dangerous
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waves this weekend. there is a high surf advisory in affect where the large swells and the rip tides and what they call sneaker waves are expected. that could spell trouble as people flock to the beaches and enjoy record warmth. >> dan the storm you just mentioned was getting higher and higher wave heights. take a look now and the sea is churning. 16 feet well off into the pacific. waves as high as 25 feet. there is reason for concern it is in effect until sunday afternoon. the wave heights are 9 to 10 feet. they could wash over large walks and jetties and the rip current will be extra strong both saturday and sunday. we will talk about record highs possibly being broken with the full accu-weather
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seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> fabulous. you can track the record warmth with the weather app. download it for free from apple's app store and you can use the app to share weather pictures at abc7 news. it is supposed to be a place of safety support and comfort. but tonight a shelter for abused women is being accused of letting those women down. in fact some of the women say they feel victimized again by the very people who were supposed to help. abc7 news reporter laura anthony has the story from the east bay. >> me and my children were being abused and they didn't have anywhere to go. >> she is a survivor of do -- of domestic abuse. it is run by an agency called stand for families free of violence. they received more than $5 million annually in government grants and private donations.
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>> i know there is not good food in the emergency shelters. there is no baby food that is disgusting and unsan terry. there are no mattress covers on the mattresses. >> she applied for and was accepted to longer term transitional housing. that's when she says things got worse. especially after she reported to management that a staff member was stealing donated items meant for clients. >> i have seen verbal attacks from the staff. i have seen them yell and make accusations and lie. i have seen them kick women out with no where to go. >> now i am not being abused by a man. i am being abused by a system. >> rachel is a survivor of domestic abuse. she and her children are in the transitional program. rachel told us she too has experienced intimidation and even bullying from staff.
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>> mental mental abuse. it is like i am still with my partner. i am gonna do what you tell me to do or else. i came here for help. the last place i think i would be abused is here. >> this is a serious allegation. >> gloria sandoval is the long-time ceo and she was herself a battered woman. >> i want you to know the safety and the security of our clients is of utmost importance to me and i hope to every person in this organization. >> when we get complaints i want you to know we investigate them and take them very seriously. >> it is in an undisclosed location. on the transitional side, apartments for nine families. >> it was a shelter of violence for people. >> 66-year-old raz entered the emergency shelter last august. she was there for five weeks. >> they are not educated enough. they had no compassion.
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they show you no respect when you complain. i have another five, six women that i can connect with you and that has had the same experience. >> i brought my kids to keep them safe and i feel like i am back with my abuser. >> all of the women we spoke with say they complain to their caseworkers. one even wrote a letter. all say their concerns have been largely ignored. >> they came there on the run. they came with a bag of whatever. they need help and they are not getting it. >> any client has a concern is extremely concerning to me. i will continue to investigate any allegations that come our way. >> none of the women we talked with want stan to close their doors. they know first happened the need is too great. abc7 news. >> stand has been in contra
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costa county for more than 30 years. last fall it was one of four in the country to receive part of a $2.6 million grant. >> let's move on now. the stars are shining brightly in berkeley. next, the big-time movie shoot that is shutting down the streets and how you can be a part of it. >> history made at oracle. the big splash as one warrior lands in the record books. >> and what you won't be seeing on a bart train
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bad news for bart riders who use e-cigarettes. they gave initial approval on the vaping devices. the ban would go into effect on february 12th and that's when it is expected to have final approval. officials say riders have complained about the people using e-cigarettes inside trains. >> a break in the case of the booze bandit. $300,000 worth of wine stolen from the french laundry has been recovered.. where police found
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authorities have tracked down more than 300,000 dollars worth of wine stolen from iconic restaurant french laundry. the bottles were taken from the restaurant on christmas day.
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the bottles varied in price from several hundred dollars to nearly $10,000 each. tad napa county investigators found 76 bottles from a private seller in greensboro, north carolina. they didn't say how it got there or how they tracked it down. >> the measles outbreak is growing. the department of health says 78 people in seven states and mexico now have the disease. among them, eight cases in alameda and san mateo and santa clara counties. parents we talked to are not taking chances. >> not take her to crowded areas that are enclosed like the ferry building. we try to stay local in our neighborhood and do shopping there where it is a little less crowded and populated. >> doctors say it is safe to be out in large crowds if you and your child's vaccinations are up-to-date. more than half of the cases have been linked to people who visited disneyland or disney
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california adventure. hollywood is hard at work in berkeley right now. a late-night shoot on another movie about steve jobs. >> the film looks at jobs and steve wozniak's early years developing apple computers pioneers in the tech industry. >> filming is happening at a restaurant on college avenue. >> abc7 news reporter alan wang is live where the stars are out tonight. alan? >> and they are shooting a scene right now. that's why we have to be quiet on the set. they closed down college avenue a few times already because the movie takes place in the 80s and they can't have modern day cars in the background. bystanders have been trying to catch a glimpse of the stars. >> rolling. >> for one night college avenue in berkeley is transformed into a scene from the early 80s where apple co-founder steve jobs and steve wozniak are brainstorming in a local restaurant. >> we heard they spent time down on telegraph avenue, the record shops. woes -- steve wozniak was a
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cal student. >> every detail including the license plate on this mustang has to match the period. this store owner is also an extra. >> did it help you get the job? >> they want the car more than me. >> seth rogen plays the waz. she appears to have met jeff daniels. >> i said hi but i don't think he heard me. it is cool. >> that is jeff daniels sitting in his car. >> that's his chin. >> that's his face. i saw him. >> everyone was hoping to happen upon hollywood fame. >> are you aaron sorkin and yes he was. we chatted drovely. we engaged in snapy banter because that's the only way you can speak to aaron
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sorken. there were police and teamsters. they will shoot this will 6:00 a.m. and when it is finished one production crew member said the scene could take up one minute of the movie. alan wang abc7 news. >> patients required. we have information on how you can be an extra. >> well, it is time for a check on our spring-like weekend weather? guy drew is here. >> it is feeling nothing like winter. there is a warm up on the way. live doppler 7hd is quiet and it is comfortably cool. san francisco is at 56. it is 51 in mountain view and san jose 53. oakland is coming in with a temperature of 51 degrees. the forecast calls for fog moving into the delta becoming dense early tomorrow morning but will likely evaporate
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quickly. we will have a breeze from the south that will mix out the atmosphere early in the morning. here is the storm system that is churning up the ocean water. all of the moisture is going well up into canada thanks to the two areas of high pressure blocking any storm from entering the bay area. the teemperatures are on the rise and the air quality is on the decline. records come on sunday. look at the air quality. it is poor, but it looks to be short lived. the poor air quality gets out of here by sunday and into tuesday. temperature wise this is the big story the next 48 hours. highs in the mid60s to low 70s. santa rosa, one of the warmer spots could get into the mid70s. the warmth ramps up on sunday. that's when we expect wide-spread 70s across the region and a lot of records to fall. look at the records on sunday in a lot of spots.
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san rafael oakland san jose and gilroy. these are the spots that would fall. they were well back to 2014. napa though, looks like you will be safe. your record stands from 1899 and had a high of 83 degrees. that looks like that one will stay for the time being. 38 in napa and 48 in san francisco and falling to 45 in oakland. 41 in san jose and fairfield getting the fog overnight with an over night of 39 degrees. highs on the mild side. 10 degrees and getting up to 67 and 71 in thap paw and 72 in oakland. that could break a new record. and 70 is the high in san jose. the accu-weather seven-day forecast calls for the spare the air tomorrow. it is record breaking warmth on sunday. the warmth begins to ease early next week. tuesday into wednesday and the clouds come back. we are up again. by friday 70s will make a come back. next on abc7 news, bar
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that kid's day in the spotlight is far from over. jewel you yeah roberts agreed to produce and star in a movie about a pint-sized super hero. 25,000 people packed the streets of the city to cheer on miles scott. a 5-year-old recovering from leukemia. he was granted a wish to be a super hero. the movie will be a documentary called "bat kid begins" and will make its world premiere tomorrow in utah. 8 ball corner pocket may be a call you will hear at the olympics. professional bill yesterdays organizations have found a spot in the tokyo olympics. they say their sports popularity has grown to an unprecedented level the last few years and they would like to see it represented on a global stage like the olympics. billiards will be up against


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