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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 24, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> time now is 5:00. it's saturday january 24th. thanks nor joining us. i'm chris nguyen. get ready for a warm day across parts of the bay area. let's check in with lisa argen with a first look at the forecast. hi lisa. >> hi, chris. we have fog starting out concord, petaluma. and also the high surf advisory to talk about down through big sur. we are looking at visibility reduced to a quarter mile concord and fairfield. petaluma 2 miles and more fog toward santa rosa and napa. eastern half of the bay, as well as the south bay, rooking fine right now. sun is up at 7:20. right now temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. so really not as chilly as it's been but we have a long way to go before it reaches the upper
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60s and 70s. so the fog once again flowing through the delta on an easterly wind and the easterly winds will be warming us up today perhaps to record warmth tomorrow. i will detail the temperatures and the bay today and the week ahead. chris. >> good morning. the police are looking for a woman and hit and killed a woman trying to cross the street and then took off. it was 6:50 last night when police say a woman in her 60s was struck crossing the almaden express way. police don't have much to go on except the car may have been a honda. one resident was stunned a driver would hit somebody and then take off. >> you understand people make mistakes. but you should stop and help them. it's going to be better for your soul than to run away. >> the victim is the third
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pedestrian hit and killed in san jose this year. 5:02 is our time. another investigation is underway this morning, this time in livermore. someone has been painting graffiti on two churches, both on the same street, police are covering the crime scene with special patrols. we have the story. >> the graffiti has been painted over at the mormon church. they said they have been tagged before so they handled it pretty quickly. >> we cleaned it up and that was the end of it each time. >> the livermore police department is taking the situation very seriously even devoting special patrols. that's because the mormon search and the next door lutheran church have been spray painted several times in the last few days. >> some of it was derogatory and comments about the church. >> the most offensive symbols were quickly painted over, but vandalising is investigated as a
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potential hate crime, which is a felony. one neighbor said he keeps an eye on the church across the street. >> we did notice i think on the night that it occurred the motion detector going on and off over there so i'm not sure if it happened then or not. >> another neighbor said it took hours to clean up some of the paint. >> they were scrubbing sidewalks and painting the walls. >> leaders at the church just installed new lights to detour any future vandalism. abc7 news. two people are in serious condition, including a child, after their vehicle crashed into a muni train. it happened at 4:30 yesterday afternoon at lower and 14th. transit authorities say the driver slammed directly into the train. sky 7hd show the vehicle's crumbled hood and the train knocked off the track. the driver and a nine-year-old passenger were rushed to the hospital. no one on the train was hurt. police want to find a robber who is trying to blow up three
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different drug stores in santa clara county. the man claimed to have a bomb and demanded oxycodone. it happened last month and earlier this month. once in mountain view and twice in morgan hill. in all cases the so-called bomb turned out to be a dud. >> simply by having a bomb threat in addition to actually seeing the device and having it there is terrifying for the public, it's scary for the police department, it takes up a lot of resources and time and it's dangerous. >> they said the man had a raspy voice and wrinkled skin. he was wearing all black and left on a black sport type motorcycle. 5:04 the time. zodiak killer paralyzed the area in the late 1960s. a serial killer who was never identified or caught. police say he killed five victims. the zodiak has haunted investigators and victims and claimed he killed 32 others. but now vic lee said there is new theory on who the zodiak is.
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>> in september, 1969 a masked man stabbed two people in napa county, killing one of them. police would later confirm this was a zodiak killing. at the time the l. a. publicist chris harris was making a documentary about the stowediak and he went to napa. and then he turned around and he said do you have any idea to know what it's like to know that you have to kill? i didn't say a word. i sat there in terror. >> decades went by. last year this book, the most dangerous animal of all, was published. it was written by gary stewart who claims his father was the zodiak. chris harris was stunned. >> but this was the man that was in that diner. >> harris said he has further proof that he was the zodiak. a cabdriver was shot and killed in san francisco in 1969. days later a local paper
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received a paper from the zodiak saying he did it along with a piece of a bloody shirt. and they found fingerprints on the cab that may be long to the zodiak. he explained. here are early's prints. >> and on his right index finger it definitively shows that he had a scar. the zodiak left his fingerprints on the cab and that same scar is right there. >> again, here is his fingerprint with a scar. >> this is a print left on the taxi perhaps by the zodiak. san francisco police spokesman said the book's arthur did speak with investigators before, but it went nowhere. >> information we obtained might not have had the amount of evidence that we needed or it could be some other factors where we were not able to make that connection. >> police say in almost five decades they have investigated and cleared thousands of suspects.
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and the tips, they keep coming in. vic lee, abc7 news. warm weather and dangerous waves this weekend. right now there's a a high surf advisory in effect for the bay area coastline for large swells rip tides and sneaker waves are expected thanks to what is developing in the pacific ocean. that could be trouble as people go to the beaches to celebrate the record january warmth. >> outside you will notice it's a winner warm day because the spare the dare days, they keep on coming. the 21st one of the season today. and a look outside from our roof camera where temperatures are in the 40s. we do have some fog. in fact quarter mile visibility for our friends in concord. we will talk more in detail about that and the warmth coming your way next. >> lisa, thank you. still to come, a shelter help abused women coming under criticism this morning. why some who stay there say they
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or signs of unusual behavior stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. call your doctor right away. don't lose another moment to the flu. when there's flu, tamiflu. >> some developing news this morning. the military said two marines have died after their helicopter crashed during training exercise in southern california. authorities say the third marine aircraft wing chopper was carrying just the two when it went down late yesterday afternoon at the base in 29 palms. both marines on board died as a result of their injuries. the cause of the crash is now under investigation. 5:10 is the time.
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baseball legend ernie banks, also known as mr. cub has passed away. he was the first african-american player joining the team in 1953. he went on to become an 11-time all-star and was the national league's most valuable player twice. he was inducted into the baseball hall of fame in 1977. in november of 2013 he was awarded a presidential medal of freedom n a statement the cubs called banks the greatest cub in franchise history. it's supposed to be a place of safety support and comfort but this morning a shelter for abused women is being accused of letting those women down. in fact some of the women who have been there say they feel victimized again by the very people who were supposed to help. abc7 news reporter laura anthony has the story from the east bay. >> we were pretty much being abused. we didn't have anywhere to go.
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>> shauna is a single mother. is survivor of domestic abuse who moved into an emergency shelter in contra costa county in november 2013. it's runly an agency called stand for families free of violence. it is run by government grants and private donations. >> i know there's not good food. sometimes it's very old. old bread about two weeks old and there's no baby food for the babies over there. it's really disgusting, unsanitary. no mattress covers on the mattresses. >> after two months in the emergency shelter she applied for and was accepted into transitional housing. that's when she said things got are worse. especially after she reported to management that is staff member was stealing donated items meant for clients. >> i seen verbal attacks from the staff. i've seen them yell and make accusations and lie.
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i've seen them kick women out with nowhere to go. >> now i'm not being abused by man, i'm being abused by a system. >> rash emis also is survivor. they are are also in the transition natural program. she said she also experienced in tim bags and even bullying from staff. >> this abuse is it feels like i'm with my partner. you are going to do what i tell you to do or else. and the last place i think i would be abused is here. >> these are really serious allegations. >> she's stand's long time ceo and she was herself a bat every body woman >> i want know the safety and security of our clients is of utmost importance to me and i hope to every person in this organization. when we get complaints, i want you to know that we investigate them and take them very seriously. >> the shelterer is in an undisclosed location.
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on the emergency side there are 24 beds. on the transitional side apartments for nine families. >> it was a shelter of violence for me. >> this 66-year-old woman entered the the stand! women's shelter last week. >> they show you know r when you complain about something. and other women have had the same experience. >> i brought my kids here to keep them safe and i feel like i'm back with my abuser. it's just not right. >> all the women we spoke with said they complained to their case workers and stand management. one even wrote a letter to be published by the contra costa times and all say their concerns have been largely ignored. >> they came on the run they came with a bag of whatever. they need help there and they aren't getting it. >> any client who has a concern withstand and the way we provide services is extremely concerning to me.
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and i will continue to investigate any allegations that come our way. >> none of the women we talked with want stand to close its doors. they know firsthand the need is too great. in contra costa county, laura anthony, abc7 news. stand slight has been in contra costa county tore more than 40 years. last year they received a $2.6 million grant to prevent domestic violence homicide. happening today the oakland city council will meet with a rare saturday session to hear from community groups about the black lives movement t grew out of the response of several unarmed black men across the country last year. in oakland peaceful protests have turned violent with items smashed and things set on fire. some have blocked traffic. discussion begins at 1:00 this afternoon at city hall. >> bad news for bart riders who
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use e-cigarettes. the board has given approval to put a ban on vaping devices. it would go into effect on februaryth. that's when the the council is expected to give their final approval. >> authorities tracked down more than $300,000 of wine stolen from from an iconic restaurant. they were taken christmas day. the bottle vary if price from several hundreds to nearly $10,000 each. the investigator said they found 76 bottle at a private seller in north carolina, but no arrests have been made. they didn't say how the wine got there or how they tracked it down. the french restaurant is currently close ford remodeling. the measles outbreak is growing. the department of health said 78 people in seven states and mexico now have the disease. among them 8 case the in
5:17 am
alameda, san mateo and santa clara county. parents we talked to aren't taking any chances. >> not take her out into crowded areas that are enclosed buildings. try to stay local in our neighborhood and shopping there. it's a little less crowded and populated. >> doctorscy it's safe to be out in large crowd if you and your child's vaccinations are up-to-date. more than half of the cases are to people who visited disneyland or california adventure last month. disney is the parent company of abc7. 5:17, the time. san francisco high school students are getting a hands on lesson in archeology and includes getting their hands dirty. these students from the alameda high school dug into the former home from this home in 1894. the site used to be the worker's quarters at sutro mansion.
5:18 am
>> you excavate and you sometimes have new storylines that start to emerge from the artifacts because it's about common people and they don't leave a whole lot of records behind. >> and one of those new storylines is one from japan from the 1870s. the students found it on thursday and now they must dig up why it was there since there was little evidence there were japanese workers at sutro mansion. and a local restaurant. the movie is being shot about steve jobs. >> for one night college avenue in berkeley is transformed into a scene from the early '80s where apple cofounders steve jobs and steve wozniak are brainstorming in a local restaurant. >> we heard they spent time on telegraph avenue. wozniak was a cal student. >> every detail including the
5:19 am
license plate on this 1967 mustang, has to match the period. owner michael huntsman is also an extra in the movie. >> do you hope you get the job? >> it always helps me get the car. they want the car more than me. >> michael fassbender plays jobs and seth rogen plays wozniak. >> i said hi. i don't think he heardmer. that's jeff daniels's face i saw him. >> everyone was hoping for a brush with fame. >> are you aaron sorken? yes, indeed, he was. and we chatted briefly. we engaged in snap by banter because that's the only way you can speak to aaron. >> the support crew included about 100 people included
5:20 am
police caterers and extras. when finished they said the scene could take up just one minute of the berkeley. alan wang opc7 news. >> actress angela lansbury will being working in the area. she is playing in the san francisco theater. the 89-year-old is an acclaimed tv and movie actress who has an honorary oscar and has been nominated for 18 emmys. but her favorite acting experience she said is on stage where she can connect directly with the audience. >> i love being in touch with real people. everything you see you know is happening right then and there. this is no photograph. it's not a movie. it's reality. it's the real thing. >> bliss spirit runs through
5:21 am
february 1st. 5:20. doesn't "murder she wrote" flash through your mind when you see her? >> i didn't any you were that old. >> i am. lisa, it will be a little warm outside. we have to get through the fog and haze. >> yeah, we highlight the areas that we are watching. in fact, over the delta and also the high surf advisory is highlighted. the official sunrise is at 7:20 and the fog will be sticking around throughout the later morning hours. we will time it out in a moment. but right now you notice the sonoma county coast and big sur. we are looking at some big waves headed our way for the entire weekend. here's a look from the roof camera where it's nice and quiet out there, but we are looking at numbers cooling off around morgan hill. 41 degrees there. and looking at temperatures from 51 in san francisco. temperatures on the coast not
5:22 am
quite that warm. we will double check that number but mainly in the 40s and 50s from the sutro tower camera. no fog here. in the low 4s from petaluma and 43 napa and fog out by the delta, as well as concord. livermore is at 44 degrees. livermore 7-mile visibility but up the road in concord a quarter mile. 2 1/2 miles petaluma with right here by the delta look at some of the dicey conditions of easterly winds will be allowing the fog to filter through the delta, push into the north bay, and settle around concord, perhaps livermore in the next couple of hours. then we will look forward for that to lift around 11:00. as the temperatures rise we are looking at poor air quality today. another spare the air day. record highs likely tomorrow. we will get close today and cooler and cloudy weather will arrive next week. it would be nice to say we have a storm system but it doesn't look like much will come out of the next couple of systems. we will show that to you. but for today air quality in the
5:23 am
north bay is not going to be very good, as well as the santa clara valley. you notice the hazy conditions. but through tomorrow and monday we are back to medium air quality. as the system heads our way tuesday it should mix things out a little more. right now the current wave heights up to ten feet off the coast here. look for dangerous sneaker waves. also the possibility of riptides. we are look at even experienced people staying away from the coast, even surfers as it's pretty dangerous out there. the pacific satellite picture shows double barrel high pressure that sets the stage for the offshore flow, the weak offshore flow, allowing for warm temperatures and the air quality to decline throughout the day. tomorrow look for numbers even warmer. today temperatures in san jose topping out around 70. tomorrow mid-70s. we will look for the slow decline but still very mild into next week. highs today it could be a record at 72. 69 palo alto. look for upper 60s morgan
5:24 am
hill. 74 santa cruz and 67 in san francisco. the accuweather seven-day forecast look at highs even warmer. we will probably see more records. and then cloudier and cooler through the middle of the week. maybe a sprinkle or two but back to sunny and mild thursday and friday. you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with our mobile weather app. it's free. more information on our website. yeah, when you expect in january around here is becoming a thing. but midwinter dry spell is what they call it is not unusual. we haven't had any rain at all in january so that's a little much. >> yeah. and just a reminder, as you said to the surfers out there don't be fooled by the warmer temperatures. >> it will be really dicey owl the way down the coast. >> good information. lisa, thank you. coming up, bar sports in the olympics?
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presentation tomorrow... daily workout... in-laws on sunday... make time everyday for berocca. it supports mental sharpness and physical energy. beroccaaaaaaaaaaa! >> half past the hour on this saturday morning. we hope it's off to a great start. i'm chris nguyen. getting a check of the weather now. it's expected to be a warm day across parts of the bay area. let's head over to lisa argen. she's tracking live doppler 7hd for us. hi lisa. >> hi, chris. low 40s is the criminalliest. half moon bay with a north wind at 671 degrees. it's mild at the coast. no fog there. there is fog from concord to livermore through the delta and up into the north bay. 54 mountain view, 48 for you and at the san carlos airport. look at the visibility. quarter mile in concord but look
5:31 am
at napa just a mile and three quarters. the delta, it will stay foggy for you. and in these areas right through about 10:00 11:00, it will begin to dissipate. south bay and east bay you are doing fine. but look at the 24 hour temperature change. a couple degrees milder. not too noticeable. but oakland and half moon bay, nine to ten degrees warmer. forecasting highs today around the bay near oakland near record levels. could see 72. even warmer toward santa rosa. the coast in the 70s. coolest in our inland valleys. out by the delta where the fog is situated now. we will talk about the rest of the weekend where even warmer temperatures head our way as soon as tomorrow. chris. lisa, thank you. new this morning, president obama spoke about middle class economics in his weekly address saying the growing economy is helping to raise all those in recovery. he expanded on the theme he approached in this week's state of the union address. he said the rising economy is
5:32 am
restoring the link between hard work and growing opportunity. >> middle class opportunity means helping wormers feel nor secure in constant change. make it easier to afford child care college, paid leave healthcare, a home and retirement. middle class economics means doing more to help americans upgrade their skills through opportunities like apprenticeships and two years of free community college. the president added it's time to stop pretending there's nothing the country can do to help middle class families get ahead. mr. obama is changing his travel plans for the coming week to make a high profile visit to saudi arabia. they said the president will make his visittology tuesday, following a state visit to india. in saudi arabia he will pay respects to the late king abdullah and meet with the new king solomon. is vice president biden was originally going to lead the delegation but they made the change when they determined they could fit the stop into the
5:33 am
president's travel schedule. happening today congresswoman jackie speer is holding a free event on healthcare enrollment. she represents san francisco, san mateo counties will share information and advice about the affordable care act. but it isn't a lecture. seminars will be offered, as well as free flu vaccines to everyone age six months or older. the event begins at 9:30 at the del rey school in dally city. vandals hit a morgan hill elementary school with messages of hate causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. we spoke to police about who may have been responsible for the crime. >> nobody should be fearful in their own neighborhood. >> a morgan hill community is on edge after vandals hit paradise valley elementary school, tagging graffiti all over campus. maria lives nearby and was stunned to learn about the crime. >> even if it's just graffiti it hurts. and it's scary, it could lead to
5:34 am
something worse. >> reference toss kk, a rock band use of marijuana and other graphic images were spraypainted all over campus. >> with the tags that were on the school property and the walls, the concrete, as well as the doors we believe that it were juveniles based on what was tagged. >> the extra feetty firsting inned by the school's custodian was cleaned up throughout the day. district leaders say the damage was in the thousands. >> vandalism i think speaks to crime. even though it didn't occur while students were there. we want our students feel safe at school. >> not too far away, one house was tagged and two vehicles smashed. kerry came out to find her car hit by the vandals. it's really not nice. and definitely not cool. it's not appreciated at all. >> neighborhood still in addition belief. >> i was shocked and hurt that people would actually waste their time doing something like destruction like thank the elementary school was outfitted with surveillance video. videos have been turned over to
5:35 am
police for processing. the california jobs picture is looking pretty good this morning. the state unemployment rate has fallen to 7% and 11,000 jobs were added last month in the bay area alone. that makes five straight years of job growth in the bay area. the best showing since the 1990s. but the picture isn't so rosy for hundreds of dream works employees on the peninsula. dreamworks plans to close the animation studio it operates in redwood city, also known as pacific data images. according to the l.a. times half the people who work there will be laid off. the others will be offered jobs in glendale. pdi dreamworks produced the shrek and madagascar movies. it's part of a cost cutting reorganization plan >> getting a car stolen is a big loss but really has a red wood city woman devastate sudden what was inside her stolen vehicle. erin was carrying all the scrapbooks she made of her two
5:36 am
kids inside her minivan. losing the pictures is painful especially since the backup hard drive recently crashed. but what she misses most is the special momentous. >> the personal details of your children that you log in the books, it's not something i can write it all out and exactly everything that i had. >> she posted pictures of her crap books and her toyota two siena on social media hoping someone will spot them. she also asked delivery drivers to keep an eye out for her belongings. >> caltrans is hard at work repairing a work that was damaged last month in the storms. it connects mill valley to the marin county coast. johnathan bloom takes a look why crews are work overtime to get it fixed. >> contractors are working around the clock. >> we are working seven days a week from dawn to dusk. 16-hour days. >> all in hopes of removing the
5:37 am
detour signs by the end of next month. they have been here since last month he is big bay area storm. >> it wasn't as if this was the result of several days of rain. this happened over time. >> look at the damage. they call it a slipout where the dirt slips out from under the road. >> think of an oreo cookie with three quarters of the filling gone. that's what happened here. all the soils beneath the roadway washed away so we have the pavement above and nothing beneath it. >> this is the fix. they call these beams soldier piles because they line up and stand at attention. this sky video shows the matt i have wall they will hold up. what you are looking at is literally the tip of the iceberg. each pile sticks up about 6 feet but they go down about 20 feet where i am standing. each onen cased in concrete. caltrans has done this before and they know they will do it again. >> anytime you have a coastal highway, hely a mountainous coastal highway, you will have a
5:38 am
lot of problems. >> nobody knows that better than the in keepers here at pelican inn. >> we often have little washouts and occasionally a big washout. >> but none as big as this and it's been a headache. >> lots of phone calls saying are we still open? can i still get there? do i still have a reservation? >> the guests eventually found their way here on the one remaining road but muir woods roads has been in bad shape. >> it's been almost ten years it's been single lane in some places. that's ten years. >> some delivery trucks can't make it and it's hardly ideal for fire trucks. that's why they are in such a hurry. >> it's a lifeline for the coastal communities. >> in marin johnathan bloom abc7 news. if you end up driving on roads in san mateo county, be warned police officers will be out for dui stops. the police officers from the communities with help from the sheriff's deputies will combine
5:39 am
forces to man several check points throughout the county. 374 injured in the past three years and many died from duis. they will begin pulling people over at 6:00 tonight. the slam fest film festival opens in utah this weekend. it's a big draw for independent filmmakers. one having a world premiere has a local twist. abc7 wayne friedman has more on the story we all know very well. >> by now it's become lore of the city. november 15, 2013 is. the day batkid saved san francisco. if you weren't among the thousand whose attended, you probably heard about it. but in los altos we know one exception. >> what did you know about batkid that day? >> zero. >> and isn't that strange. because now dana may be the world's biggest expert, and here's why.
5:40 am
the video on her laptop comes from a soon-to-be released documentary about the batkid phenomena. dana's story. >> this kid battled cancer for more than half of his little life and didn't want a shopping spree to toys-r-us or to disney, he just wanted to save people and be a hero for the day. >> by now most of us no miles scott's back story. it began with the make-a-wish foundation. as the ceo patricia wilson tells us batkid took on a life of his own. >> there's no one who can take credit for what happened that day. that credit belongs to san francisco. >> that conception of batkid day was supposed to be relatively small. maybe 200 or 300 people involved then it went viral. one of dana's questions is how and why? >> nobody from the family to make-a-wish foundation to anybody involved, nobody wanted it to be viral. nobody was clamoring for money or weren't asking for anything other than can a couple hundred
5:41 am
people come to city hall and cheer on a little boy. they didn't want anything from anybody. >> and look what she wanted miles said he wanted to be a superhero to save people. well, he did. it began as a pretend game and then on so many levels it became real. from los altos wayne friedman, abc7 news. still to come eating insects is considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. but now the joy of eating bugs is spreading. up next abc7 michael finney takes a look at the creepy, crawly craze. but first a shot from the sutro tower camera. such a nice shot. but air quality could be a concern. we will check in with lisa argen with the mmmm. ring ring! ring ring!
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>> have you ever tried a chocolate covered ant or corp i don't know? we are partnered with "7 on your side" and michael finney for a report on the latest foods craze. >> when we see someone eating bugs, it's usually on a reality tv show. >> you are really going to have it eat these giant madagascar hissing cockroaches and this blood salsa filled with live maggettes. >> new food companies are hoping americans can overcome the ick factor. this youtube video promotes the chapel bar. >> we that you them out. throw them on the sheets and
5:45 am
cook them and melt them down to a flour that goes into a energy bra. >> it contains 40 ground crickets. cricket flour has two times more protein than beef and 15% more iron than spinach. in a mind test the consumer reports food expert answered the all important question. how does it taste? they sample six snack bars from two manufactured as well as cookies. could they detect any traces of insects? >> did anyone get any off notes in this bar? >> no. >> nothing unusual in the taste? >> no. >> for the most part the bars had simple, straightforward ingredient listings with things like fruits nuts honey, flax and, of course, crickets. >> they tasted more of coconut than trinkets. consumer reports advises that because crickets are closely related to shrimp people with shellfish allergies should avoid
5:46 am
products containing cricket flour. >> it is worth noting it doesn't come cheap. cricket flour costs about one dollar an ounce. >> i have to say i am feeling a little nauseous after seeing some of those images. i don't want a chocolate covered contributionity. >> good morning. we are starting out with haze and fog. a. >> further out than here. emeryville looks fine and 52 degrees. if you head east concord and livermore, then you get into the fog. it will linger throughout the morning hours with but we are talking in the 70s right here. we will talk about expected highs all weekend long that could purchase pass records even today in oakland. we will return with the numbers and a look at the warm weather coming up. >> lisa, thank you. coming up, all about clay. klay thompson, that is, what he was able to pull off during last night's warriors game to set a new nb when the flu hits, it's a really big
5:47 am
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>> welcome back. getting a check of the forecast with lisa argen, our meteorologist. lisa we are waking up to fog across parts of the bay area this morning. >> yeah but 61 already at the coast. >> really? >> yeah. a north wind is keeping the fog at bay. temperatures, you heard it 61 degrees. although we are in the 40s in the east bay valley where the fog is. and in between some 50s. yesterday 69 half moon bay. and 59 in concord. so that's what the fog will do. it will reallilinger and keep the as peer cool. a little east wind to boot, and that will keep the temperatures cooler here by the delta where the fog is today. but still we are going to manage plenty of 60s as the fog lifts before noontime. the purple indicating the high surf advisory from sonoma county
5:50 am
to big sur and the roof camera. nice and calm. 51 in the city. right now half moon bay has dropped 2 degrees at 59 degrees. 42 morgan hill and 43 san jose. and look at all the lights from the sutro tower camera. good visibility right now but it will be hazy later on today for another spare the air day. low 40s santa rosa and napa. a chilly start up in the north bay. but elsewhere it is milder and it won't take long to reach those readings it into the upper 60s and low 70s. half-mile visibility. the delta and napa. these locations will laying behind in terms of highs today. but napa should warm quickly into the upper 60s while petaluma with a 2 1/2 mile visibility stays chilly and gray. right on through probably 10:00. the rest of the bay, good visibility. and milder readings. the exploratorium camera this morning in the 50s with poor air quality today. record high are likely tomorrow and we will see cooler and cloudier weather next week. the possibility of a few
5:51 am
sprinkles. are poor air quality from the north bay. the santa clara valley. tomorrow not so bad. that next weak system heads our way and that should allow milking of the air quality. south central bay should be pretty good. look at wave heights. 10 to 11 feet off the coast. we are look at bracketters washing over large rocks and jetties and possibility of riptides for sure. dangerous right through tomorrow afternoon. a look at high temperatures today and the records. quite impressive for late january. so today is calm, upper 60s to low 70 he is. and here's where we should be. upper 50s to near 60s. anywhere from 10 to 14 degrees above average. san jose and oakland today a possible record here with redwood city coming up in the upper 60s. statewide low 50s in the northern sierra. 63 fresno. look for 81 today in los angeles. 71 in monterey. and temperatures across the bay ranging from perhaps that record
5:52 am
today in oakland. 70 san jose, 67 concord. so with the fog lingering here, temperatures in the quite as warm. but still 65 in antioch. not bad for late january. 67 up through san rafael. 71 in napa. the accuweather seven-day forecast, record warmth tomorrow. low to mid-70s. clouds arrive monday so we will be cooler and the next system, maybe a slight chance of showers. it's coming up from the south. so we could see them in the soul bay. low to mid-60s. but by wednesday we are cloudy. thursday and friday high pressure reestablishes itself. so we are going to be in february very soon, and still plenty of time to get some more rain coming our way. >> and looking at the statewide forecast, so weird to see 65 in sacramento, 81 in los angeles. typically it would be the other way around. >> yeah, in the summer sure. >> all right. lisa, thank you. turning to sports. michael jordan never did it, neither did will or lebron or anybody else. klay thompson made nba history last night. larry beil, the sports director,
5:53 am
has more in this morning's sports report. good morning everybody. the warriors hosted the kings last night. this was your normal average nba game until klay thompson exploded. scored 37 points in just the third quarter. just in case anybody was wondering weather klay should make the all-star team, here's your video evidence. all third quarter action. pull-up jumper. klay playing defense. the steal. score is tied at 60 here. why not stop asd pop a three? bang! then klay enters another stratosphere. with authority! klay hit three. after three after three. he was 9 of 9 on 3s just in the third period alone. thompson hit all 13 of his shots in the quarter. gets the kind bounce coming up. this is a good idea that they did not trade him for kevin love. klay sets an nba record with 37 in the third. nobles even wanted to shoot ball they said keep giving it to
5:54 am
klay. he finished with a career high 52 for the game. warriors roll 126-101. here's the star of the show. >> i was just really focused. i was in a great flow. i knew i was due for a big half because the first half i had so many good looks and i just barely missed. and, man, even i'm shocked. that was crazy! >> that was crazy. how cool is that. klay's dad michael thompson was on the lakers team playing and following along with his son's exploits in a record-setting performance. that is one proud papa. australian open. williams taking on the 26th seed aleana. salena dropped the first set and ran away with the second and third. williams wrote serve up a bagel in the final set match point. backhand scorched to win it,
5:55 am
serena on to the round of 16. the sister venus also struggled early. venus lost of the first set. down 3-5 in the second. wins the set in a tie break. like her sister, venus would dominate the third. almost caught off balance and then swats it down the line. forehand winner. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend everybody! i'm larry beil. still to come, a bridal frenzy this the bay area this weekend. the gown-shopping excursion helping women get dressed for the big day and pla
5:56 am
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boutique looking to help the cause. the tremendous go on sale tomorrow starting at 10:00 a.m. at the silverado resort and spa. next at 6:00, a woman left to die in the middle of the street. the search is on this morning in the south bay for a hit-and-run driver. plus livermore churches targeted. the crime that's got people beefing up -- that has
5:59 am
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. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. >> time now is 6:00. let's check in with lisa argen with a first look at the forecast. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. we have fog in the delta and also the north bay valleys. and a sigh surf advisory. so we are starting out with temperatures highly variable depending on where you are. at the coast we are in the


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