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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 25, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good morning everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday january 25ing. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi carolyn, good morning. waking up to some fog and another spare the air day. the 21st spare the air day. low clouds and fog. the fog has been visiting us from the delta. three quarters mile here with quarter mile in the napa and three miles in concord. and three quarters santa rosa. looking better in the south bay. livermore you also have some fog. right now temperatures are in the 30s and the 50s. once again hilltop winds are up
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a little bit to mix things up but still looking at a spare-the-air day. with poor air callty in the north bay and south bay. i'll let you know how much the new weather system will cool us off and the chances of rain coming up. carolyn. >> thank you. bay area residents wasted no time to get to the beaches to take advantage of unusually warm weather. however those that go out today need to be aware of some serious downside. lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> they were taking in the lights the sites, and the warm temps along the embarcadero. getting outside was top of mind for just about everyone this winter day. >> i don't know if this has anything to do with global warming or climate change, but i'll sure enjoy it. >> it wasn't hard to find people in shorts and a t-shirt. it was 70 degrees. typically this time of year it's in the 50s here. >> it's beautiful, especially since there's no fog along the coast bunks below the surface, a
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potential for problems is brewing. there's a high surf advisory in effect. many sneaker waves. this is low tied. the coast guard was out keeping an eye on things all morning at ocean beach. the advisory was out but surfers were all still in. >> we get maybe five to ten days like this in a surf season each year so definitely have to take advantage of it when it's here. >> in oakland people flocked to lake mary to enjoy the sun and heat. >> it's been nice to enjoy this weather since we had all that rain. >> but the state isn't in the clear. we are still in a drought and the rain is necessary for the air quality, as well. this is another spare the air weekend. >> it's like a dome over the area. it's capping all the air in our region so we don't get those normal breezes that blow out the
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pollution. >> that means anyone caught burning wood will be fined. patrols will be out all weekend looking for violators. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> so you might be enjoying the warm weather, but the lack. rain right now is hurting northern california farmers. they are forced to use ground water to water their crops and that's quickly running out. pumping water costs farmers more in electric bill and that raises the price of fruits and vegetables. 17,000 farm workers lost their jobs last year. >> have you had to cut the hours? less money for them for this time of year? >> we have to. no choice. we have to do it to cover the costs of the electric. >> stat wide, this is the driest
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california has been in tv years >> at a rare council meeting in oakland no, legislation was passed, there was no agenda but there was a public forum that allowed residents city officials police to talk about recent protests and tensions. sergio quintana was there. >> at the center of the conversation the difficult relationships between some oakland communities and the police department. something the police chief acknowledged but something he says has changed. >> the oakland police department of the 2015 is not the oakland police department of the 1960, it's not the oakland police department i joined over 20 years ago, and it's not even the police department of occupy oakland. >> there were two discussions. the first centered around the black friday the 14th. some chained themselves to a platform after thanksgiving for two hours are and changing
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charges. one tried to get a pledge signed asking the charges be dropped. >> that the $06,000 in restitution not be asked for and no community service or restorative justice be found. >> at this time i cannot make that commitment. >> the second moment came ascarissa lewis spoke. she was arrested during that black friday protest. she also organized an early morning demonstration outside mayor libby's house this week. >> we weren't able to meet with they are that friday so we chose to go wake her up. >> the mayor closed out the session. >> i don't appreciate that that our chief of police acknowledged the wrongs, the harm and the hurt that's been done to this community by bad police actions. >> she had been in washington, d.c. and returned for the meeting. abc67 news.
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the supplier of the steel rods that cracked on the bay bridge back in 2013 never told caltrans the aim thing happened with nearly identical adds made for a washington bridge. it was released by california bridge officials. it state's the ohio corporation new of problems six months after shipping 96 of them to california in 2008. 32 of the rods sat in rainwater for five years exposing them to core rose i have hydrogen. they snapped after being laid down in 2013. it cost toll payers $45 million. dyson corporation has not responded to requests for comments. >> napa county has reported their first flew-related death of the season. it's the fifth death in the bay area. others announced last week have been in san francisco sonoma county and san mateo county.
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officials have in the released details about the latest victim but it's a sign of the new increasingly active flu season. they advise engine to get flu shots, wash your hands and avoid touching your eyes, no, sir and mouth. what is called the march for life brought out huge crowds in san francisco this weekend. thousands of anti-protesters marched through the city and were met with recess sentence. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard talked with both sides. >> it began with a rally at the civic center. thousands of anti-abortion advocates calling for it it be outlawed. steve and mary jorgenson came from auburn with their four kids. >> we want them to know there are other choices for pregnancies that aren't planned. >> we should not be forced to support something we don't
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believe in. >> [chanting] >> an estimated 50,000 people joined the walk for life west coast and headed down market street. the annual marco insides with the anniversary of roe v. wade the supreme court decision that legalized abortion. recently the house republicans passed a bill to tighten federal restrictions on abortion but president obama warned he will veto. >> he will do what he's going do, he's the president, but this doesn't mean we can't make stand. >> a small group of pro abortion rights advocates tried to march them down. police officers stood between both sides. [chanting] >> tony was a member of the the group "radical women." >> we are here to promote safe, legal abortion and we are here for child care, we are here for healthcare and for women to make
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bold important choices. >> taking away the rights for women is oh pressive and doesn't make any sense to me. >> strong beliefs on both sides but the march was peaceful. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> the dry weather and the spare the air days continue. >> i know. it's warmer today. the 21st spare the air day. 26 downtown and 51 at the airport. the time is -- we have coole r weather and a chance of rain to talk about. that's coming up. >> also ahead the horrific turn. events involving a japanese man being held hostage by the islamic state. and bat kid hits the big screen. the
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's 5:12 on this sunday morning. thanks nor wakeping so early to join us here on the abc7 sunday news. sit back, relax have a cup of java. this is a beauty shot from our sutro cam overlooking san francisco. warm weather today. is there any rain in the forecast? lisa knows. she will be along with our accuweather forecast. >> there is video this morning that appears to show the beheading of the japanese hostage. father said he's hoping deep in his heart the news is not true. japan's prime minister believes the latest video is authentic. we have the story.
5:13 am
the race against time may have run out for one of two hostages seen here. a new video out saturday purportedly from isis, claims they bee headed the japanese adventureer. japan's prime minister headed to an emergency meeting, calling it on outrageous and unforgiveable act. his friend is still holding out hope. >> i can't stop shaking. i hope this news is incorrect. >> abc news has not yet determined the authenticity of the video which shows a still image of him alive, holding what appears to be a picture of the bee headed body. a voice claiming to be him pleads for help. they want $200 million in ransom money. instead they will release him for the release of an al-qaeda operative. >> they are being fed.
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they want money. >> the 47-year-old tv correspondent went to syria to document syrian life. his syrian guide told him not to venture in isis territory. >> it's not safe for you. >> before he left, he left behind a message saying if i get captured, only he was to blame. saturday's new video message was quickly delighted with some isis supporters calling the message a fake. abc news, washington. the san jose city council is expected to given the okay this week to extend the city's controversial trap and killing season. first was back in november of 2013. home and business owners were complaining an invasion of wild bores were chewing up lawns and fairways in search of food.
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since then 14pigs were trapped and executed. the numbers are down because some say they are smart enough to sniff out the traps and avoid the area. >> there are extraordinary measures to drive them away. the mayor will close a park for at least 30 days starting tomorrow. he says he wants to break the cycle of the homeless coming to the park to drink, do drugs and litter. he wants to have family-orient he'd vents there. some of the homeless said they will be back as soon as the park reopens. neighbors in san jose have banded together to help fight blight and bring a home back to life. here's what the hope looked like before. neighbors said there was garbage everywhere, they had problems with the owners. the nabbed association came to their rescue, helping to clean up and remodel the home. crews cleared out 27 tons of garbage.
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neighbors say they transformed the home and the block. >> the previous owners were very, very horrible to the neighbors. so much so that they couldn't play in the neighborhood, there was drug selling, there was squatting going on, litter everywhere. it is so much happier now that this eyesore is now taken care of that the problem owners is gone and we can have a much better street here. >> yesterday potential homeowners got a chance to check out the much-improved house at its first open house. u.c. berkeley police are warning students and city residents this morning about a recent spike in car thefts. authorities say nine cars in campus parking lots and structures have been burglarized this month alone. and in almost all of the cases they say valuables were left in sight and the cars in dose had been smashed is.
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some precaution us can take? don't leave your valuables visibility and lock the doors. police say you should avoid parking next to occupied vehicles. and the california dmv, officials have retracted their order that 134 car drivers must obtain commercial license plates. the san francisco chronicle news reports this handled criticisms. commercial licenses are cumbersome to obtain and impeding the growth of the services which rely on quickly hiring new drivers. the republican assembly members threatened legislation if the dmv did not reconsider their stance before february 17th. so the dmv is now doing just that. people who live in one area in san francisco can sleep a little easier. loud construction work inside the sunset tunnel has stopped for now after angry neighbors
5:18 am
appealed the work permit. muni had been working on friday saturday and sunday nights, replacing track for the busy line. a muni spokesperson said they are doing everything they can to get the issue resolved. they hope to get back to work next weekend. a hearing on the permit is set for march 18th and until then, any nighttime work on the weekends must be done quietly. who can forget batkid? as you recall, thousands of people some 25,000, packed the streets of san francisco back in 2013 to cheer on miles a five-year-old boy recovering from leukemia. he was granted a wish to become a superhero for the day. yesterday the documentary "batkid begins" had it's world premiere at a film festival in utah. we take a look behind the scenes. >> the famous golden gate bridge, the beauty of the city getting ready.
5:19 am
>> we didn't tell him anything about the wish. >> that's miles mother nationally, in on the secret wish about to be grant bid make a wish. >> it was scary. will it meet their expectations? >> miles, just five years old on his way back from visiting relatives in idaho. >> we went to idaho and with he we came back the phone started blowing up. >> goth them city needs you. this is the police chief only hoping you can hear my voice. call me right now. >> listen to miles. >> and it was batman ready to pick up batkid but miles had no idea. >> funny because he just did this. >> there he was, their son transformed. descending the stairs with the bat mobile awaiting. and i'm okay, there are a lot of cops around. >> batkid waiting. crowds and the windows, 25,000
5:20 am
gathering in the streets. and just look at miles waving back. the first is on twitter, the message from make a wish, here he comes. the philippines, the white house. >> way to go miles, way to save goth em! >> even troops in afghanistan aware of another hero back home. >> who are you? >> the mayor giving him the key to the city. [ [cheers] >> we talked to miles right after. we kept that photo. batkid is back home. his leukemia in mission. in the fields, in the farm. still wearing that cape, still wearing that smile. >> yeah, that was quite the phenomenon. lisa is here now talking about the weather. and our phenomenon is no rain. >> no rain and we are getting toward the end of the month. temperatures today are the
5:21 am
warmest we've seen all month long with more records. yesterday no rain. oakland, as well, 72 with a new record. today we are going to go beyond the highs. 74 today in oakland and we can see as warm as 77 in gilroy. here's a look at live doppler 7hd where the high surf advisory is highlighted. eastern hills camma, you can see the view here. visibility not too bad. san jose 39 degrees. 48 in oakland, 46 in san francisco. and half moon bay a chilly start at 45. some of the top winds are looking anywhere from 25 to 35 miles per hour. the breezy above and cool air below. fog in napa, petaluma. a mile and a half to mile and a
5:22 am
quarter here from napa and fairfield. right now no fog at the coast and sfo doing okay but a little fog around the san carlos airport. our exploratorium camera, very little change except for some warmer weather. still have hazy conditions and a spare the air today. there's a weak weather system that wants to bring a few hours mainly to the suggests earn portion. viewing area. we will show you that in just a mommy. 10 to 12-foot seas once again today. the high surf advisory continues until 3:00 this afternoon. it's very dangerous. the possibility of rip current and current wave heights up to 10 feet here around monterey. water vapor imagery, you see the big dome of high pressure pushing the storm track well to the north. here we are with the dominant ridge. the ridge eventually slides off to the east and that will allow for a weak weather system to cool us off come tomorrow. here we are in san jose today 74 degrees. that's 14 degrees above the
5:23 am
average high. then with some clouds we will cool often tomorrow and by tuesday, wednesday, look at the coolest day. but beyond that it looks like another ridge builds in for some more milder weather. so we will talk about the slight chance of showers. here it comes late tomorrow into tuesday. you can see the system riding up from the south. so we could see a few isolated showers. other than that, we will take the outlook further into the end of january early february and the dry spell does stretch into next month. high temperatures today ranging from 69 in san francisco warmer for you. 74 oakland and san jose. look for low 70s up toward napa. 69 in fairfield and san francisco. low 70s half moon bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast is cooler with high clouds tomorrow and a slight chance of showers mainly south on tuesday. back to partly cloudy wednesday, and notice thursday, friday and saturday sunny and milder. you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with
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the abc7 news weather app. it's free. and we have more information at if there's any big chance of rain, i think we would all hear about it forever because we have been lacking and looking. >> so we are closing off the month with nothing? >> looks like nothing. >> thank you, lisa. ready for football? the special offer one okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm...
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>> the monastery near the super bowl has is deal. a room. there are a few rules, no drinking no swearing. fans will be in the perfect place to offer up a team prayer before check off. still it come, a scare for passengers aboard two planes headed for atlanta. the message posted on social media that has the fbi investigating this morning. and pressure tactics. the technology leading to new treatment
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with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> temperatures have dropped in san jose this morning at 39 degrees. cool around the bay, 42 and fog in livermore. 46 san francisco and 45 on the coast. three-mile visibility concord, livermore. just over a mile up in the north bay. santa rosa napa, fairfield and the rest of the bay not doing too bad. although if you are headed into the north bay today you will notice the poor air quality. it's going to extend into tomorrow and today even the south bay a little hazy out there. the warmer air mass does move out of town and it will bring better air quality in the next day and a half. between now and then we have more records potentially. mid-and upper 70s for some areas around the bay. 70s on the coast and about 59 today san francisco. a look at the extend outlook and we will talk about that rain coming up. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. this morning president obama is in india talking climate change defense and economics. the president arrived in india
5:31 am
this morning following an invitation by the country's prime minister. president obama is the first u.s. president asked to attend the republic day parade. that's a celebration of india's democracy. he will also be at gandhi's memorial. tuesday he heads to said yeah arabia to pay his respects following the death of king abdullah. vice president dieden is making remarks from safety. he attended the safety and technology gather in irvine. the purpose was to prevent patient deaths and eliminate hospital-caused deaths by 20-20. vice president said that is an attainable goal. >> there's no reason we can't get to zero preventable deaths by 2020. there really isn't. it's not like we have to find a new cure tore brain cancer. it's not likely we are going to,
5:32 am
by the way. and it's not likely we have to find some fundamental breakthrough with the geno which we will. this is within our will house. >> a report finds that 200,000 people in the u.s. die from preventable medical errors every year. a new attempt to raise the fuselage of air asia flight 8501 has failed. in indonesia they say ropes snapped after the wreckage reached the surface of the water today. and an earlier attempt was also foiled when part of the debris sliced through a strap connecting the fuselage to a giant balloon. meanwhile one more body was recovered, bringing the total number recovered to 70. the air asia flight went down in the java sea on november 28 with the 162 people on board. this morning fbi and law enforcement officials are investigating online bomb threats on two planes that landed safely in atlanta.
5:33 am
abc news reporter todd has the details. >> bomb threats via social media were directed at two passenger jets in flight bound for atlanta's heart field-jackson airport. >> they announced that there was an issue with this plane. mentioned that the fbi and tsa were going to come and board. >> starting at noon a twitter account with the handle king -- started making threats on the flights. southwest flight 2491 from milwaukee and another flight. the government sent two f-16 fighters to escort the planes in. both landed safely. with tweets and delta insists i have a bomb in one. your planes but i forgot which one when i left the airport. can you help me find it? delta respond we take all threats serious and we have forwarded your message for further review. where did you leave it? >> it was smothered through one of the back entrances.
5:34 am
>> anxious passengers were sent to the tarmac and they looked lou their luggage. >> you could see people with all sorts of threatening things. >> to set down your bag and then have it sniffed by the bomb sniffing dog. >> once they were cleared they were put on buses to finish their disruptive journey. the fbi is on the hunt for the suspect. abc news, new york. >> copies. latest issue of charlie hebdo has hit news stands in san francisco but they may be hard to come by. there were one hundred copies yesterday morning and by closing time they were down to about 40. people called from as far away from sacramento asking to put copies on hold. the newspaper features an image of mohamed similar to earlier cartoons by the french newspaper that made it a target of attack. john january 7th gunmen killed 12 people at the saw tier cal
5:35 am
newspaper in paris. in southern california powerful santa ana winds have toppled trees and power poles leaves tens of thousands of people without electricity. howling wind gusts, some topping 89 miles per hour overturned big rigs, and blew dust on to freeways. it also knocked a large tree into a house and downed a billboard in burbank. take a look at this. some a man in san diego had to climb over boulders to safety after a big wave knocked him off a cliff and into the ocean. lifeguards reacted quickly strapping him to a harness and pulling him to safety. there was a strong swell that made waves nearly ten feet high along the coast. san diego lifeguards had extra water patrol and five additional lifeguards. it also blew two takeiakers out to sea near malibu. they helped them paddle back to
5:36 am
shore. glaucoma affects thousands of people's eyesight every year. but now the glaucoma treatment may be far more effective. we have the story by dan ashley. >> i will be taking a look here. >> reporter: for victoria, regular eye exams are part of an ongoing battle to save her eyesight. victoria is being treated at stanford for glaucoma. it's a condition caused by a buildup of pressure inside the eye that can cause ear irreversible damage. >> he worry allosome sight. i've had several surgery. >> it's often time called the field of vision in night. >> he said medications can help control glaucoma, but the doctors must still track the pressure inside the eye during treatment. >> we make if you will, estimates or interpolation of what we think the pressure is of the patient coming in and having a single pressure measurement.
5:37 am
>> but now a device being measured by bioengineers at stanford could transform the way doctors monitor glaucoma. it's an implantable sensor that activates a pressure meter. >> it will go inside your eye. >> the codeveloper said the system is built into the type of replacement lens commonly used in cataract surgery. it employs a fluid tube and a membrane good a bubble of gas behind it. he showed us how it works. using a plastic container filled with fluid. as he increases the pressure, the fluid pushes against the membrane in the lens forcing the gas forward to a channel. measuring the degree of pressure in the eye bike the barograph. the patient doesn't actually see or feel it because of where it's placed in the eye and the materials used to create it. but the patient can read and even record the movements using one of these, a smartphone. >> and in the future you will be able to measure the pressure inside your eye by using a
5:38 am
simple cell phone camera. >> it takes advantage of recent developments of smartphone optics like this device also developed in stanford it allow doctors to give mobile eye exams in remote locations. while it must still undergo human trials doctors leave it holds the promise of revolutionizing and the treatment. >> the patient might only need one or two drops instead of three or four or we might add a drop. >> that would be amazing. to me it would relieve some of the pressure that i feel. >> and researchers told dan the next challenge is to engineer a version of device using durable materials that can last for decades in the human eye. they say given its simple design they should be able to take advantage of existing technology to make that happen. coming up next the weekend's big game or next
5:39 am
weekend's big game you know, the super bowl. it needs a big tv. "7 on your side" michael finney goes hunt fourth the best one. and here is the live look from the golden gate bridge. did you notice that safety barrier was put in place? many people are driving much, much faster. the chp is starting to crack down. we road along with them last week. they caught one woman going 81 miles an hour. slow down! what's the weather going to be like? lisa argen will be along shortly with a full accuweather
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>> welcome back, everyone. thanks for joining us on this sunday january 25th. this is a live look from our east bay hills camera. another dry day. looks like we will record no rain for not of january. lisa will be along shortly with all the facts and the figures in her accuweather forecast. >> the super bowl is set, the patriots take on the defending championship seahawks, but what about your tv? are you ready? consumer reports has partnered exclusively with "7 on your side" to reveal the best tvs for watching the big game. abc7's michael finney is here. >> sports bars is a great place to watch the big game. in this one you can find the action on 49 tv screens. >> we will expect a big crowd, a bunch of noise and a good time. >> but if you are buying a tv for your super bowl party at home.
5:43 am
consumer reports says screen at least 50 inches or larger is a good size for a crowd. testers and consumer reports labs size up hundreds of tvs every year. also important, a set that delivers a wide viewing angle. >> when you are watching a big game with a crowd of friends not everyone is bogey to get the great seat front and center. one of the issues with lcd and led tvs the picture can start to look washed out when you view it from an angle. >> another consideration, how well the tv can hands he will fast action. these patterns help testers evaluate motion. >> most tvs do fine with motion but sports is one of the types of content that can stress the tvs ability to follow fast moving action. >> the testers evaluate weather the tv sound is clear and loud enough without distortion. the 5 a inch sony bravia delivers excellent sound and gets top marks for ultrahigh definition 4k picture quality.
5:44 am
>> it won't be broadcast in ultrahigh definition but it will look great on the set. >> if you don't care about ultrahigh definition, the 55-inch panasonic viera is a consumer reports best buy for $700. >> you will see big sales of televisions leading up to the super bowls and you will even get better deals in late february and early march as retailers clear out older sets to make way for the new ones. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> all right lisa, i'll be at your house next week. >> yeah. well, we are looking at mid-40s in san francisco with temperatures on the way again to the upper 60s here. numbers will be in jeopardy for records today. more than we saw the first part of the weekend. we are talking more heat, more haze and just a slight chance of showers. we will have it all coming up.
5:45 am
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confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. call your doctor right away. don't lose another moment to the flu. when there's flu, tamiflu. >> the warm weather continues. along the coast waves up to ten feet. the sun seats at 5:25 and gives us over ten hours of day light. for january it feels pretty good but a little unusual with our
5:48 am
ridge of high pressure that just doesn't want to go anywhere. east bay hills camera, the winds still a little breezy in the higher elevation. 46 in san francisco oakland and san carlos, but it is chilly in san jose with clear skies 39 degrees. morgan hill and half moon bay in the 40s. very little fog around san francisco. you have to go further north up into santa rosa and napa where you go the visibility at about a mile, as well as petaluma and out by the delta. so this is a typical as that fog gets into the delta from the easterly winds and then it settles into the valleys here. so there isn't much of it. you notice from mountain view to hayward visibility is fine and concord is getting a little bit worse. you will see that through the 10:00 hour. just over a mile in fairfield and just a half-mile up in santa rosa. the exploratorium camera it's certainly cool out there. we will go a long way from our
5:49 am
morning lows. record highs today with plenty of 70s. we have a little bit of fog and more fog on the way tomorrow as the system from the south just skirts central california. so that will give us a slight chance of showers, but bring in cooler weather as the high pushes off to the east. so high surf advisory until 3:00 this afternoon. you see wave heights not as high as they were yesterday but still the dangerous category. 7 to 8 feet here. and 10 feet off of monterey. so if you are planning on heading to the beach, really stay back and take it in from a distance. radar and atlanta composite, a big dome of high pressure. you can see it clearly how it's carved out here. to tomorrow the high moves off and there's other system off of baja that will move up the coast and it will move parallel. the best chance of showers for southern california, the central post, san benito county, monterey and maybe the south bay and maybe a few light showers or
5:50 am
just a trace. temperatures again to be well above average today. the readings here 79 san francisco, 74 oakland. that's 16 degrees above the average. and san jose 14 degrees above where you should be this time of year. so looking at more upper 70s to low 70 #* 80s. carolyn talks about the santa ana win in southern california. 64 in yosemite. and more highs around the bay. 68 richmond, and san mateo. 70 palo alto. the forecast, we will cool off with a few high clouds. a glancing blow by tuesday along the central coast. wednesday, sun any and milder through next weekend. and that is the last weekend in january. >> but historically we've had some rain in february. >> oh, absolutely. >> and march. >> so there's still hope. we aren't giving up. >> thank you lisa.
5:51 am
let's check out sports. stanford saw success last night against arizona state. but the cal bears really struggled in their quest to put an end to their losing streak. here's schu with all your sports highlights. >> good morning! we look at college hoops. cal men looking to kickstart after losing last five. they were hosting seventh-ranked ar they have a 17-2 record. and always ready he puts it in plus one. bears shot just 36% the first half. travis had 169 points 11 boards. late first half, johnson and arizona started to run away. johnson had 11 in the first half. first the steal and the one hand jam. 18 in the game for johnson. cal 1 of 67 in pac-12 play. sixth straight loss and five by
5:52 am
ten or more points. stanford hosting arizona state. the cardinals with three of the top leading scorers. the steal and throw down. comical moment in the second. robert cartwright tries the alley oop but instead it goes in for a three. oh well. he shot 60% from the field. 5-2 in conference play with 89-70 victory. to the wcc. santa clara hosting. a nice one by him. the drive, set back, pop. makes the three. threw down 13. second half. takes the drop. dribbles and then the lay-up. 60-57, that final. tennis first major of the season. the australian open continues down un. sharapova advances to the sect. 27 winners in the short hour and fifteen minute match-up.
5:53 am
she moves on to the quarters for the seventh time. she had the backhand back point winning 6-3, 6-love. and south american kevin anderson. right past anderson. from then on out it was smooth sailing. winning three sets. the forehand winner on match point right there. moving on to the quarterfinals. pagan tour down south. the third round of the challenge there is a four way tie for first with 17-under. and matt kutcher was 18-under. he bow geed three of the last four. into the can. he's tied for fifth. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. see you again tonight at 5:00. have a great day. >> still to come, brides for a
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cause. the dresses go on sale starting at 10:00 this morning at the silverado resort and spa. coming up next at 6:00, farm temperatures in the bay area. the air quality and the surf warnings you need to know about if you plan to head to the beach. and a history of problems. what officials are saying now about those faulty bay bridge bolts.
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for four dollars with your club card. >> good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, january 25th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi carolyn, good morning. >> live doppler 7hd shows the fog again from the central valleys slipping through the delta, allowing for the fog to be a problem perhaps for you around fairfield with a mile and three quarters. napa and petaluma two to three miles. santa rosa a mile and a quarter. right now on the coast not bad. the high surf advisory finishes. four mile visibility in livermore. right now temperatures are


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