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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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reporter: stop oil trains now. that was the very strong message today at san jose city hall, where a public forum was held to educate the public about moving crude oil through the bay area. >> definitely concerned. >> jenny and his dog are hanging out at delmont at the park. where trains move through 24/7. a proposal by phillips 66 could allow heavy crude oil to be transported by rail from canada to a refinery in san luis obispo county, right through the bay area. >> we have all the different trains coming through always have the term what is on them. that raise an eyebrow, with crude oil and that's going to go through here. >> bad things could happen. there was an accident and it leaked into our neighborhood or our creek this project if approved is a disaster waiting
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to happen. >> the group held a public forum to educate residents before the dangers of so-called oil trains. >> talking about tar sands oil, heavy crude from canada. so this is one of the most toxic, the most carbon intensive, the dirtest fuels on the planet. >> a train carrying crude oil derailed in 2013 killing dozens near in quebec, canada. in a statement phillips 66 says we have one of the most modern crude oil fleets in the industry. safety is our top priority. it says it must increase oil production in california ask detouring trains around the bay area is not possible. the san jose city councilman opposes the idea which he says won't help to keep gas prices low. >> it's not benefiting us. it's not lowering gas prices for canadians or americans and yet we have to suffer the consequences. >> folks sign a petition urging
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the county planning commission to deny the oil train project. in san jose, cornellber mart abc7 news. some bay area costco shoppers received a shock today when they noticed a warning bat possible measles exposure. the warnings are for the costco story in gilroy. we're live there with the developing details. reporter: costco posted signs letting customers know it's possible some of them may have been exposed to measles. here's what the fliers look like. they're posted on the front door and around the store. this is at the costco in gilroy. the company is work wig the health department to take the appropriate steps. here's what we know now. there's a two-hour window they're concerned about. customers who were inside the cost core on sunday, one week ago, january 18th, between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. that's when people may have been exposed to measles. we spoke to one woman who was
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shopping there last sunday and said even though she is vaccinating she is taking the warning seriously. >> i'm worried now. i'm going to probably -- because we were there last sunday. now i'm going to let my husband know and make sure that both of us don't have symptoms. reporter: health officials say it's also possible the patient visited the wal-mart across the street. customers should keep an eye out for symptoms through february 8th. things like a runny nose, fever or rash. if you may have been exposed call your doctor. live in gilroy, abc7 news. >> a measles outbreak quickly spread after it started at disneyland last month. there are now at least 78 cases in seven states connected directly to the outbreak. 48 of them are right here in california. health officials believe the outbreak could have been caused by parents who didn't have their kid vaccinated. the illness is highly contagious symptoms include fever, cough and a severe rash.
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>> today is the 22nd "spare the air" day of the winter season. meaning no burning of wood or manufactured logs. you can barely see through the city -- through the low hanging cover, despite the haze it was a beautiful day. meteorologist drew tuma has more with a look at live doppler 7hd. hi drew. >> location was key in terms of how warm you got. we had a 30-degree spread in temperatures across the region. highs today, inland locations, generally in he mid-up toker 50s. fairfield, 56. along the coast in santa cruz nice and warm. a high of 83 today. that 83 in santa cruz was a new record. a gorgeous sunset captured from the emeryville camera. time lapse going into motion, sun set agent 5:25 p.m. a live look shows quiet conditions but changes are on the way. foggy spots on monday morning, still mild tomorrow but clouds
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arrive late and looks like the chance of showers are increasing for tuesday. we'll time out the details, how much we expect and when with the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> lots of people took advantage thereof see summerlike weather and head outside to enjoy it. ocean beach was packed with people soaking up the winter sun. some families built sand castles, others took their dogs for a long walk in the summer. those who didn't want to get close to the water opted for a nice walk or bike ride nearby. the warm weather not a welcome sight in the sierra. the ski resorts have been hard by the drought. according to the "sacramento bee" some resorts are closing until another storm blows through. at larger resorts with snowmaking minnesota visitors describe conditions on the slopes as spring skiing in the middle of january. this week nasa will launch a satellite that could help us
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dial with drought. the mission will measure soil moisture from space and promises to help scientists predict droughts. they'll see how drought spreads from am bird's eye view. the rocket lifts off on thursday. the san francisco coroner has positively identified a body found in the bay as a missing software developer, 26-year-old dan ha disappeared on halloween hitches body was found in the water nears ultrase in november help was last seen leaving his apartment on october 31st. his family and friends launched a large-scale search throughout the city. the coroner has not yet determined how he died, but ha's family said they're just relieved to finally be able to put their son to rest. the death of a man hit by a caltrain is under investigation. caltrain says he was trespassing on the tracks at 12:45 this afternoon when southbound train
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number 802 struck him. no one on the train was hurt. caltrain says the tracks were closed for several hours while the investigation was underway but has since re-opened. police say a bicyclist hit and killed by other car in sunnyvale this morning had been drinking. the crash happened at around 2:30 this morning on highway 85 north of fremont avenue. the bicyclist was a 24-year-old man from merced. a woman driving in the same lane collided with the bike. she was not injured. highway patrol has not said who was at fault. the sonoma county coroner's office identified a woman killed when an suv fell on her in santa rosa, ruth tappian was at the corner of third and b street when a car and an suv crashed. the suv flipped over and landed on her. both drivers suffered minor injuries. still ahead on abc7 news at 6:00. san jose officials are expected to approve a pig hunting law that week that allows armed citizens to take out invasive
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wild hogs. but has is been successful? >> the president's bold political move in alaska today that has ♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪
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welcome back. a temporary law that allows people in san jose to trap and kill wild pigs is expected to be made permanent this week. the city council will vote on tuesday to keep the law enforcement it allows home and business owners to shoot and kill kwame kilpatrick ferrell hogs. you must have a license. the law seems to be working, the plains are down. the white house will take steps to protect part0s alaskan wildlife from oil companies. the president proposed a plan to designate 1.4 million acres of the arctic national wildlife refusing a wilderness. it would ban drilling. there's 10.3 billion-barrels of oil there but it's home to polar beers, wolverines and lynx and where migrating caribou give birth. the interior department will protect other part otherwise
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alaskan wilder is no. republicans have promised to fight the conservation effort. >> coming up at 6:00 a peak hind the kurt tap of the bay area's white elephant sale. why the preview two months before the event is popular. >> a beautiful day in the bay area. will we see winter again? meteorologist drew drew has the forecast. >> the eagle has landed or the seahawks in this case and in arizona for super bowl xlix at they beat at the patriots here by a guy. pete carle russell wilson the
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people paid today to be the first to shop at rummage sale in oakland. not your average garage or yard sale. every year hundreds of people line up for hours for the white elephant sale. a 96,000 square footwear house filled with racks and racks of donateth clothing jewelry books and music. people want the best shot at items that go for bargain basement prices. >> i think everything my mother threw out of her attic, i bought
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it back. a great place to buy things especially things that you don't even know you're about to buy. here in oakland. >> everybody loves a deal. the 56th year for the sale. all the money goes to the oakland museum women's board. the free public sale is the first weekend in march. donations are still be accepted. this week on bay area life, which food to eat to boost your immune system or live long center. plus, shop other people's closets and make money? it's possible. we explore online consignment shopping. the gifts that keep on giving. discover the find behind monthly box subscriptions. bay area life up next at 6:30 driven by your northern california honda dealers. we have cooler temperatures on the way. how about some rain? let's check in with drew tuma for a look at the accuweather forecast. >> coming off a beautiful weekend. mild temperatures, tons of sunday both saturday and sunday.
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now we're tracking changes for the new work week. live doppler 7hd will show you a clear picture out there, and turn temperature-wise, a bit of a sea breeze has kicked inch right now 60, san francisco, 49 fairfield. currently, 57 oakland and san jose 59. so take the forecast into the next 12 hours, you notice a little bit of fog, but really confined to the inland east bay early monday morning. it's not widespread and looks like all indications are with that active sea breeze on monday-it's going evaporate rather quickly. so more sunshine on the way to start the work week. satellite and radar shows high pressure still firmly in control, keeping the cold front off the coast and well into canada with the rain. we're watching high clouds moving into southern california. that's all associated with an area of low pressure delving off the baja peninsula and what is going to happen, this low will move north and scrape the bay area and bring us sprinkles on
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tuesday. the wider view, light moisture tuesday morning rather scattered in nature, not a very well-developed storm but does bring a chance of rain tuesday morning. the closer shoe shows by 4:00 tuesday morning some slight showers work interesting the south bay around san jose, peninsula. by 6:00 in the morning, moving north into san francisco part0s the north bay and east bay. but after that, it really winds down tuesday afternoon into scattered showers and gets out of here by tuesday evening so not a significant storm. what is significant about the rain, it's been more than a month since we have seen measurable precip since christmas eve. the last time it rained in a lot of locations so generally less than a tenth of an inch on tuesday, some spots like concord and san jose could pick up a couple more inches than that. roughly .2 likely in those areas. so, overnight lows in the bay area 48-san francisco 39, san jose, 40 concord patchy fog in the east bay.
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high for's, sunshine to start off the day then high clouds move in ahead of the low pressure from the south. 66, san francisco 71, san jose, 70 in santa rosa. quite a different story brewing on the east coast. a significant storm early tuesday morning, all indications are we can be talking about a blizzard from philadelphia, new york hartford providence boston. they could see several feet of snow. so while the weather is relatively quiet on the west coast, it's getting rather active in terms of winter weather on the east coast next week. here the accuweather seven-day forecast, high cloud tomorrow, tuesday. the chance of showers likely, light in nature. the clouds hang around on wednesday but the moisture doesn't. by thursday, sunshine. friday mostly sunny, and then looks leak the warming trend begins anyone weekend likely saturday and sunday, both days returning back into the 70s in a lot of spots. >> hard to believe it's january. >> i knew. feels like april.
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drew, thank you. >> shu, busy day in sports. >> always busy on sunday and when your plane arrives it hits you you're playing in the big game. seattle arrived in arizona for super bowl xlix. the seahawks first to rife. new england comes in tomorrow. seattle has been out of the media loop because the patriots have had to deal with "deflategate." that's a plus for the hawks. with all the distractions most of the game plan was mutt in last week for the seahawks. >> a little different than last year because we have been here before, and we have had the experience of knowing -- as soon as we get off the play what media day is like, and then media day tuesday, wednesday thursday pretty much. so you kind of get adjusted. you know how to set your plan for the week and get ready for practice. we had a phenomenal week this past week getting prepared just like last year. so we're looking forward to just getting out there and
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practicing. >> the patriots trying to avoid one more media day. they come in tomorrow having one more practice today at home. desperate the extractions of "deflategate" vereen says the team is focused and ready. >> going good. we we're heading in the right direction. but we still got another week to go. seven games to the game. >> the nhl with the all-star game in ohio and it's one of the most entertaining in all of sports, always a high-scoring affair. brett burns, the lone shark representative and was the only player in the game to play defense. using the stick their break up the two-on-one. nice play. team toews broke it open in the second. 10-6, team toews. new york islanders scorer taveras, the sixth player to score four goals in an all-star
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game. brett burns was on the losing team but got his first career all-star goal in the third. most goals stored in the -- scored in the game. and team toews wins it 17-12. duke head coach mike krzyzewski is considered one of the best in the business at any level. today trying to become the first coach in d-1 history to win 1,000 games. coach k's record coming in, 999-308 losses. okafor doze it down but thrilled trailed by ten. quinn cook, what a bucket. ten on the difficulty scale. then freshman okafor going one-on-one, banks it in. duke comes from behind to win 77-68. coach k the first coach in division 1 history to win 1,000 games 'couldn't have to a class 'er guy. >> -- classier guy. >> we played great in the last ten minutes. not sure i've been part of a game like that. kind of nuts.
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that what makes the game so good and to win the 1,000th somebody -- got to be a lucky guy. >> locally ucla hosting the lady bears. in the second brittani boyd goes for the ball, falls foot disturbing anywhere the table. the referee helps her out. when she is back in play, she is on the breakaway. cal wins easily, 72-57. >> australian open andy murray. breakpoint. dimitrov serves and it goes right back. still in the fourth match point for murray. you hate that. but murray advances to the quarterfinals with with a four-sit victory. >> bill hawse, 20-foot birdie on 16 to take the lead.
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got it. he is at 22-under. haas shot a 5-under 67, back-to-back pars to cloves it out. first win since 2013. this sports report brought to you by bank of the west. warriors and celtics and the pro bowl tonight at 9:00 and 11:00 and by thursday we'll be civic the media hype of the super bowl and ready for the game. >> hard to believe that we're just a year now away from hosting it. >> that's right, and i didn't realize you were from seattle so i'm note going to ask you who you're going to pick, chicago fan. >> yes, sir. thank you. up next at 6:00, the american -- did american sniper hit the ma
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>> join us tonight on kofy t20. authorities in marin will start flushing hydrants. then at 11:00 on channel 7 sonar controversy in the pacific. the navy's plan to expand and the impact it could have on whales and other sea life. "american sniper" dominate thing box office. sect place wasn't close. the drama stars bradley cooper as a military sharpshooter who struggles to return to society and his family.
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it's up for six oscars including best picture and best actor. "the boy next door" was second with 15 million. "padding ton," to" the wedding ringer" and "taken" round out the top five. you can track it oscar success next month. the big award show is february 22nd right here on abc7 news. for the latest weather, news and sports go to
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>> hello, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to bay area life. the place where lifestyle, interests and food and entertainment come together. there's so much to share. on today's show the fun begins with shopping. we're hitting up the farmers market. >> many of us don't know this but be. ts and greens are phenomenal. >> then second-hand never looked so good and subscription boxes. anything you could ever want delivered right to your door stop. >> something new every month. the gift that keeps on giving. >> i like that. >> plus one bay area woman is helping kids feel good about themselves. >> the best teacher ever! >> all of this f


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