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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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ve from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a measles scare hit as popular south bay shopping center with a warning from health officials about thousands possibly exposed to the disease. >> a winter storm of historic proportion in the east coast expecting to dump snow and ice on millions and the impact is already felt. >> in-flight emergency over the pacific with new video into the newsroom of a small plane that actually took off from northern california making a splash landing hundreds of miles shy of the hawaiian islands. >> thank you for joining us. if you have never seen one of those airplanes with the parachute emergency systems you will see that deployed. >> leyla gulen is tracking traffic and meteorologist mike nicco has the weather. we have fog. we will look at where it is on live doppler hd in the north bay where you expect it in santa rosa we have half mile visibility and through the delta inland east bay 1.75 in
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concord. now, the forecast this afternoon we will see increasing clouds and immediate temperatures low-to-mid 60's and rest of us in the mid-to-upper 60's. leyla gulen? >> the traffic is not so great. there are traffic jams especially headed through emeryville to the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the brake lights flashing from berkeley. there is a bit of a waste at 15 minutes to get from the east bay to san francisco and there are a couple of crashes. :01 with breaking news from pack can at sky 7 pictures of the grass fire. we were told a few months ago five acres is now at four alarms . we will give you directions where it is near the canyon close to popular rockaway with homes in the area.
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some people are being evacuated. but about 50 homes in the area have no evacuation but people are leaving and roads are closed in the area. avoid it if possible as firefighters from multiple answers head over there to battle the place which you can see is growing slowly at five acres breaking out an hour ago. we will keep an eye on it and follow twitter for the latest information on the news story. >> anyone who has shopped in the largest shopping meccas is warns to want out for exposures to measles. someone would was very contagious hit several opinion already shows in fill -- several popular shows in gilroy. >> we are talking about hundreds of shoppers at two big box stores. warnings want up in the wal-mart and the costco in gilroy.
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>> the warnings are for the costco store in gilroy after an adult with measles who lives in santa clara county hit the store while being contagious. costco employees posted signs letting shoppers know it is palm that some of them can have been exposed to the measles. there is a window that health officials are kept about. customers in the costco last sunday between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. may have been exposed to the measles. >> i think it is hard to criminal people going from place to place but it is scary because there are a lot of people that shop at costco and all >> scary because health officials say it is possible the same patient my have visited a wal-mart across the street. the company is working with the santa clara h department to take
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appropriate steps. watch out for symptoms including fever, cough rash and if you experience any of these do not hesitate and make sure you contact your doctor. there are now 78 cases in seven states connected to an outbreak of measles linked to disney. 48 of them are here in california and health fores believe the outbreak could have been video by children not vaccinated against the disease. measles is highly contagiouses with fever, cough and severe rash and disney is the parent company of abc7. >> we have dramatic new video to show you a pilot is safe after ditching the small men in the pacific near hawaii after taking off from tracy. you can see the plane propeller slowing down as it runs out the fuel and the pilot deployed the
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plane's parachute the plane not the pilot and it nosedives and this is a safety device specific to a few manufacturers of light aircraft. the plane landed a few hundred yards from a cruise ship where the pilot managed to get out to a life raft. workers you you pulled the pilot safety. the coast guard knew this would be someone on the scene to resolution use him. it appears a malfunction caused the lend to run low on fuel. >> these people are recovering after part of a deck collapsed in san francisco. investigators say a railing gave way and three people lunged to the concrete 20' below where they were standing. the group gathered to take a picture following a vice product party for a rends and the fire department says no victim suffered life threatening injuries. >> bart miss are investigating a stabbing in san francisco at 16th street bart station after
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8:00. a juvenile was stabbed on the concourse level near the ticketing agent boost and only had minor injuries but taken to the hospital as a precaution. bart police have not said what mayor have led to the stabbing or who else was involved. the death of a man hit by a caltrain in palo alto is under investigation while trespassing on the tracks yesterday afternoon when southbound train 802 struck him. no one on the train was hurt. the tracks were closed for several hours affecting service while the investigation was underway. >> it seems to me the city council will extend a temporary law allowing people to trap and kill wild pigs allowing hope and business owners to shoot and kill feral hogs tearing up lawns in search of food. residents must trap the pigs before killing them. the haw was okayed in 2013 and is working with 14 hogs killed last year and complains of
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big-related damage are down. >> developing news, snow and ice and a lot of it. that is the forecast for the northeast united states today so plenty of headaches including canceled flights for millions. who are joined from new york. it is not too bad yet. >> not too bad. you can see the snow is lightly sprinkles our streets and it looks pretty but new yorkers are told do not be designed. stay home. >> from northern virginia to the tip of maine, 50 million americans are anticipating a monster storm. >> we use 2 by 6 and 2 by 8 and 2 by 10s to protect the glass. you need to protect from water and the stones that come with it. >> blizzard warning is in affect along the northeast coast starting this afternoon. the big apple is bracing for the worst. >> we are facing post likely one
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of the largest snow storms in the history of this city. >> new york is not alone. the boston area is preparing for up to 30" of snow. baltimore is trying to get ahead of the storm with more than 200 snowplows. >> because of the duration of the event being almost 2 1/2 days we anticipate it will be an extended response. the city is prepared with over 15,000 tons of salt. >> major transportation hubs are snarling air traffic. even before sunrise thousands of flights are delayed or canceled. >> this was responsible for slippery roads in the midwest but the storm that brought normal sized snow is chicago is expected to be super sized by the time it hits the east coast today. >> storm will intensify through the day and most airlines are waiving change fees as more than
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4,000 flights have been canceled . >> her are the latest numbers from the bay area airport, 68 flights have been canceled at sfo and two at >> that is because of problems 3,000 miles away. >> at on feet the winds in pacifica are blowing at 25 miles per hour. that is going to be a nice...challenge for the firefighters. good luck. to them and to you if you are near that upper 30's in menlo park. low-to-mid 40's for the rest of peninsula and san bruno at 51. san francisco is 50. 36 in santa rosa, and mid-to-upper 40's for the bayshore to 41 in san jose and 37 in san ramon and 42 in walnut creek where we see the thicker
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fog, 58 to 64 with high clouds at noon and increasing clouds at 4:00 and cloudy and mild this evening at mid-to-upper 50's. >> how is the brushfire affecting the commute? we do have fire department steamed near highway one at the bowling alley at roberts avenue. we have crews and possible closing. as we take you to the san mateo bring, traffic is building as you push in the westbound direction over the water so there are delays as you move across but right now no accidents. the fire is now reached sex -- six-alarms. >> pizza hut joins gluten free but they may not be for everyone. >> drastic measures against a deadly strain of
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. a fire that is burning in pacifica at the 110 block of fastler avenue enough to bring a huge response from local firefighters from a four alarm fire to six alarm fire in a few minutes bringing increased fire response. more fire engines and more firefighters. >> meteorologist mike nicco is getting the latest on the wind conditions with record to the fire. we will talk to him in a few minutes. hundredses of turkeys are being killed to prevent the fred of avian flu. a food safety screening uncovered the outbreak at a ranch which now is quarantined. officials say the strain carries no risk for humans. >> malaysian airlines website is hacked by a group claiming to support isis. users would logged on to the site this only saw these images
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of a jet with a message that read "404 plan. not found." and "isis will prevail." they say the domain system was compromised but the airline insists the internal servers that contain passenger information are secure and is restructuring itself after the loss of two airliners last year. >> uber says they have more women drivers compared to traditional taxis. they conduct add study on demographics surveying 600 drivers and found women make up 14 percent of the drivers where women make up 8 percent of traditional taxi drivers. women were more likely than men to site schedule flexibility for a reason to become a driver. >> a land to redesign richmond streets to maybe it safer for families will be unveiled.
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the goal is to create a net work of child and family friendly bicycle and walking prouds in the iron triangle neighborhood and the communities invited to elm play lot today at elm avenue between 4:00 and 6:30 to review and discuss the plans. the project is funded by a grand from caltran. >> being overweight could be bad for your health and your wallet. a survey of more than 1,400 people showed only one if three americans are satisfied with their financial health. among those who are healthy the number jumps to 55 percent. healthy people have more energy and are less stressed so they could tackle their financial health. >> passengers unruly in the air in china could be banned from future flights after incidents include this where a nasa jury activated an escape slide after opening the exit. the idea of a passenger black
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list is to deter others from misbehaving but opponents do not hike the idea and say the unruly passengers affect only a small fraction of flights. >> we been covering the breaking pacifica fire and we are worried about the wind. >> especially when it is so dry. the six-alarm fire right now so i is growing. -- shows. flames the bright orange of the flame pushing mainly to the ocean and that is how the winds are. we have an offshore breeze as we zoom in you can see the hotspots and flaring developing. the winds are up to 25 miles per hour coming from east and blowing to west so we are blowing toward the observation. we will look for a lot of smoke to fill up pacifica next couple of hours. winds are lighter at the reporting station but they do have the offshore come person
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which means another day of above-average temperatures. to the east, we have a winter mix in washington but from baltimore up to hartford it is snow and that snow is encrotching on boston and should be there the next couple of hours. the next system is coming from the south up to san diego and the desert but until it is here it is quiet across the golden gate bridge with a wind at 20 miles per hour. clouds are increasing today and mild highs again with no reports like the weekend and scattered light showers tomorrow and dry and warmer later this week with 70's back to the forecast after an absence today but for around lake port and cloverdale the last to see the cloud cover the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 60's and tonight the blanket affect upper 40's to low 50's inland and low-to-mid 50's tomorrow at the bay. >> high pressure was winning is
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now being pinched by the two areas of low pressure and increasing high clouds out of this low today but it will remain dry until this time tomorrow with scattered height showers moving in and drizzle for the commute and it starts to taper in the afternoon or mid-morning and the afternoon hours by action, maybe some high elevation scattered showers and that is it the when it moves on temperatures go from the low-to-mid 60's tomorrow to low-to-mid 60's on wednesday and upper 60 on thursday and 70's are back on friday and through the weekend. >> back to pacifica to talk about street closing as a result of this grass fire at avenue we have fire crews staged and highway one near the bowling alley. expect road closing. if you live here you will find road closings. drive time traffic 580 tracy to dublin could not recover after a
6:20 am
crash in tracy. 52 minutes in the westbound direction and highway 4 is up dense fog pulling arrest from 160 to concord and 33 minutes from san rafael to san francisco. this is the macarthur maze and it is busy with packed conditions and as we move over to the bay bridge toll plaza it is a full house. 6:20. pizza hut is joining other fast food competitors and going gluten free at secretary select 2,400 locations coming with a warning. the pies are designed to be entirely gluten free but they are baked in kitchens that are not gluten free so there is a risk of cross contamination. >> netflix proves its influence at the screen actors guild
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>> first, we look at san francisco international airport that is fine here but could be delayed because of the storm on the east coast. we will be in the right upper corner the picture over the pacifica fire with the six alarmer now has burned five acres.
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>> breaking news story, sky 7 is over this fire burn right new in pacifica and it is again there are homes evacuated. firefighters are on the cent -- scene. it has raised to a six-alarm fire. it was five acres so it is
6:24 am
growing but it is growing slowly. >> we have word from a tweeter who lives in pacifica saying his son goes to the local area in the area but this is no school at the high school because of meetings previously scheduled. so know impact to the local school. >> we will check with amy to see what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. good morning, coming up next on "good morning america" breaking news a security breach at the white house. an unidentified object possibly a drone found on the ground. how did it get office the fence? we have the latest on the investigation from washington on "good morning america" next. >> super bowl week is officially underway with the patriots leaving the northeast for sunny arizona today. the seahawks touched down yesterday and head coach led the squad off the team. for seattle is day
6:25 am
because they won last year. >> we have been here before. we had the expense of knowing when we get off the plain what media day is like and media day tuesday, when thursday. >> lot of the preparation happens before they leave home. quarterback brady worked out near boston yesterday. they will face plenty of questions about deflate-gate tomorrow with the reporters. >> tonight we have a look behind the scenes of "bachelor m. >> i like getting my hands dirty and being outside. >> find out what helps the bachelorettes go to to win his heart. coming to the bay show and everyone getting dirty. we have the dirt on what they say about the hunk at 8:00 on
6:26 am
"the bachelor," and at 36 we will look behind the scenes. we continue at 6:30 with the top stories including another intrusion on the white house grounds and what made it over the fence that sent the secret service into action. >> a huge step for bart and the long term traffic gridlock it could create for drivers. >> grass fire is burning in pacifica right now leading to evacuations. we will have the latest. that is next. >> we will look at the winds that are blowing toward the ocean this morning with fog right new and the latest on how thick it will be for the morning commute and the scat shores showered. >> i am leyla gulen in the traffic center, we will let you know what roads are closed and walnut creek the drive is under
6:27 am
fog and traffic is
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. the breaking news is in pacifica, you are looking at sky 7 shots over the scene and that brushfire below has broken out behind homes in a canyon there north of the high school which is not in session today. crews have raced to the scene from across san mateo county. it is a six-alarm fire. >> we will show you on a were ma the fire is burning -- no we don't have the map. we will go to the reporter on the scene. amy hollyfield? the smell is very strong in pacifica. we just pulled in to town and
6:30 am
were taken by the smell of smoke with ash falling. we cannot see the smoke but we can smell it. this is in pacifica. cal fire is evacuating homes near the fire. we have a shot from sky 7 above to give you an idea of the fire. it is not huge. firefighters say only five acres have burned. but they are calling in resources from the surrounding areas and we saw south san francisco fire pulling in because they say it is moving at a moderate rate of speed and that is how they describe how quickly the fire is grow and they only have it 10 percent contained. that is why they have evacuations being ordered because they want to be safe and get people out of here because they do not know what the fire will do. it started at 4:00 this morning and i asked firefighters, a
6:31 am
grass fire in january seems unusual and they said, yes it is and it is under investigation. they do not know the cause. they have to first get it out. they say there are no injuries reported. especially unusual the way it is spread out with several spots of fires not one big fire. >> is that the situation? i cannot see the figures in sky 7. i will check on that. we have been told public information officer is arriving here and he is in a different location so we need to move and hunt him down and get more specifics about what the fire is doing and the scope. that is interesting i will ask about that, why there are different spots. is that alarms or suspicious? we will ask that for sure. >> thank you. we worry about the spread of the fire and meteorologist mike nicco is tracking the wind conditions in pacifica. >> the winds are around ten
6:32 am
miles per hour but unofficially they up to around 25 miles per hour. it could be gusty through the hills as we have offshore wind and here is live doppler hd it is quiet. at far as the forecast clouds looking south on the increase today and they will keep our temperatures low-to-upper 60's at the coast and mid-to-upper 60's for the rest of us. as we talk about traffic and how it is impacted in pack can, that is a look at the golden gate bridge so traffic is clear but as we go over to pacifica we do have a lot of activity in this year at roberts road and off of highway one at the bowling sale we have firefighters so expect road closings in the area. the other big story this morning is a major storm taking aim at the east coast. it is affecting travelers in the bay area and airlines have canceled 2,100 flights across
6:33 am
the united states and they have scrubbed flights to keep the planes and crews from getting stranded when the heave snow paralyzes the hundreds in new york, and boston and philadelphia. www. flightaware reports 69 canceled flights. best advise is to call ahead or go online to check the flight status if you are flying today. >> be city shows snow falling so far gently and this is downtown manhattan and the camera stationed at wabc on the upper west side and the latest forecast is new york could be spared the heaviest but still get up to 18 inches. this morning at 4:30 the snow was just starting to cover the sidewalks. seven states are under a blizzard warning from new jersey to maine. >> crews have loaded trucks to help melt the snow around
6:34 am
philadelphia. some years could see up to 2' of snow. shoppers packed the super markets and stocked up on food and supplies. a blizzard want extends 250 miles from mid-atlantic to new england and develop news from washington dc, an increased security presence after a device was found on the ground prompting a lockdown. a spokesman if the president says the device appears to be a small aerial drone and poses no threat. president obama and the first lady are away traveling in india with the first daughters staying hype with their grandmother who lives at the white house. the lockdown has been lifted. >> a story of survival, a pilot is safe after having to ditch his small plane into the pacifica after taking off from tracy hours earlier. video from the keg coast guard shows the plane stalling out the
6:35 am
engine losing power because of lack fuel. the pilot radioed for help and he was navigated near a cruise ship and he used the plane parachute for the plane, and the plane nose dived but made a soft landing into the water. crews from the ship then pulled the pilot to safety. >> later four people in hawaii were rescued after abandoning their plane. the coast guard says the plane ditched 11 miles offshore after running out of fuel. a helicopter hoisted the three adults and child to safety and were treated for injuries. >> in san jose drivers face a detour in san jose because of bart. the intersection will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians for the next nine months. bus line 77 is re-routed and crews will construct a trench for the bart extension to run
6:36 am
below the intersection. construction has reached the halfway point with the large of the protect in santa clara county history is ahead of schedule. service could begin in 2017 in the fall. >> still ahead, a health alert for thousands of shoppers who my have been exposed to measles. >> san francisco and san jose make a list of the rip of the cities and air fares could start to go down because of lower fuel prices. >> as we go do break, we have a lot of traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza and on the upper right hand scene you can see the pacifica fire still burning. roads closed and there are over ♪
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take a look at the temperature trends for san jose, in the 70's and possible again this coming weekend after being in the mid-to-upper 60's well above the agency of it is. if you did not go dot beach when it was warming 62 is the cool spot at half moon bay on wednesday, and ten degrees warmer than that over the weekend. rain to the south at 66 in palm springs and low 70's in san diego. and increasing clouds through the central valley and the next three day as chance of scattered showers tomorrow with rain and snow and dry on wednesday and thursday with temperatures above average nearly 50. >> leyla gulen? we have a brushfire in pacifica. i have road closings here at roberts road with equipment staged along the street also, make sure you try to avoid the area if you can. over the altamont pass c.h.p.
6:40 am
is issuing a fog advisory and damp conditions. low visibility headed from tracy to dublin. further to the north the orange area is where we have a fog advisory over the antioch bridge. :40. which san francisco neighborhood was named one of the hottest in the nation? >> and a strong stand by pediatricians on pot and they are urging young people to say no. >> you can stay in the know with abc7 news now with weather and traffic during the break. stay tuned.
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. update on the president barack obamaing news of the morning, a pressure fire burning in pacifica so far has claimed five acres, which has been going sin about 4:00 this morning broke out behind the homes north of terr that is not affecting students because classes were canceled for teacher training. the fire is new spread out and there are six-alarms. firefighters are trying to get this under criminal. -- under control. we are streaming the veto at with the latest twitter@abc7newsbayarea. we will talk about the winds and
6:44 am
how dry the brush is in pacifica in a moment. if you have shopped in one of the largest shopping meccas is warned to be what out for exposure to measles. someone contagious hit several popular stores in goal provide and nick has more from the health department. >> they are concerned because the measles is highly contagious and the person with was innexted with the disease may have come in contact with others so they are concerned. we are talking about the costco and the warm matter in santa clara county down in gilroy. there is a two hour when health officials are concerned about because customers at the costco january 18 between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. could have been exposed to the measles. >> i am worried and we were there on sunday so i will let my husband know and make sure both of us do not have symptoms.
6:45 am
>> customs should watch out for fever, cough, runny nose or rash. if you have any of these contact your doctor immediately. >> it could be a big week for an pole. >> how much do you need to earn to live comfortably in the bay area's biggest and most pricey cities? we have those stories with jane king from new york. >> happy birthday. >> thanks. 2' of snow, what i wanted for my birthday. first we will get to the man debts we are under pressure the dow is down 90 and we are lower cross the board with the suspect down nine or ten points and the nasdaq is lower starting off in the red. apple will be in the spot light this week reporting earnings and that is tomorrow. despite the size, apple is thought to outperform other
6:46 am
technical companies. iphone sales are expected to see continued momentum. we know san francisco is one of the most expensive places to live but here is the latest on the cheat sheet you need to make $124,000 to live comfortably in san francisco and san jose it was $115,000 and only manhattan was more. >> the rocker neighborhood in san francisco is named the hottest, with 19s and cities where you can still boy a home affordably and get the benefits of city life. the medicine an home sale in cracker is 590,000 and you can get a great view. >> air fares can drop 11 percent with the "los angeles times" saying airfares for popular destinations like las vegas and new york and florida and california could be the first to physical. that is because of lower fuel prices and competition from the discount carriers. thanks.
6:47 am
hopefully you have a great birthday. we went to turn our attention to the pick can fire that mike is checking out and how dry it is. mike? yes i have sky 7 up and it has zoomed in on the dryer than usual brush on fire near pacifica and we are this pacifica right now. we will look at live doppler hd and the winds are blowing up to ten miles per hour and blowing from east to west so the smoke is pushing down toward one and to the downtown or heart of the pacifica if you will with flames fanned that way and it is only ten miles per hour so the winds are light and you can see it that way on live doppler hd. i saw an unofficial wind public of 25 miles per hour and it was unofficial. elsewhere it was around ten miles per hour. you can see the heavier snow developing an baltimore and southern jersey at the shore headed up to philadelphia and morning and best with new
6:48 am
york. we have increasing high clouds with mild temperatures and scattered light showers tomorrow and dry and warmer later this weekend. you miss the 70s, they are coming back. mid-to-upper 60's today and very mild and 70 around lake port last areas to get cloud cover that will dim the sunshine and drop our temperatures. upper 40's in santa rosa and napa and concord and antioch and san ramon valley and otherwise low-to-mid 50's so mild and clouds tonight. the two areas of low pressure are squeezing the high off to the east and that is why we will see the system come up our way with clouds thickening. it will make for a pretty sun set. probable not so exist comfortable this morning.
6:49 am
scattered and light showers and nothing by noon and scattered showers in the afternoon and then it is over. the bulk of the storm is headed into the sierra with the nice snow south of lake tahoe and they are south of lake tahoe unfortunately. low-to-mid 60's is the cool of the day and increasing sun and more mid-50's on wednesday and upper 60's on thursday and the extent into the forecast open friday and leave them there for saturday and sunday. >> this pacifica, the brushfire is a six-alarm causing traffic problems if residents in the area if you are traveling between roberts road and terra navy boulevard we have a lot of firefighters on the scene and they are being samed. it will be busy until further notice. through the santa cruz mountains northbound highway 17 we have a three car crash and possibly blocking when lane with backups, as well coming from the summit. the rest of san jose is clear but we did have congestion
6:50 am
building at 87 beyond the julian street with the drive time traffic albany to the maze slow down but 880 southbound from fremont to san jose is clear to 80 and nice from 101 to cupertino. >> top pediatrician group is urging young people to stay away from marijuana issuing an updated statement that opposes legalized marijuana if either recreational use or for medical purposes which is what is approved in california. doctors say pot can entire your memory and concentration and could be linked to lower graduation rates. the group says more research is needed to determine the right does agency. according to the national institute on drug abuse marijuana is the most commonly used drug among adolescents. >> we are tracking bear devils hoping to float into to record books if a balloon 15,000 feet above the pacific taking off from japan yesterday only headed for north america the two
6:51 am
pilots one from albuquerque and one from russia call themselves the two eagles hope to break the record of 137 straight hours in a balloon. they want to break a record and the mileage record which is now at 5,000 miles. they are at 2,000 miles right now. >> the biggest names in hollywood gathered for the screen actors guild award and birdman took home for outstanding cast and netflix "orange," won two for bet cast and female actor in comedy and a new she on abc drama service for her role in "how to get away with murder." you can watch her and the other shows when tgit or "thank god it'ses this," returns in week with "scandal," and "grey's
6:52 am
anatomy," and how to get away with murder," starting this thursday. >> back with seven things to know before you go. >> first, the oakland maze with traffic moving okay for a monday morning. what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere.
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it is now 6:53, he are seven things to know before you go: number one, sky 7 is over breaking news in pack can and you and see a sex alarm fire has broken out behind homes with the fire starting before 4:00 this morning north of tera navy high school forcing the evacuations of up to 90 homes and amy hollyfield tweeting that the evacuees can now go to the community center that is set up. crews have raced to the scene from cross san mateo. >> a warning for shoppers in gilroy this morning. health officials say they may have been exposed to measles afterren infected person visited the costco. that same person alsoshipped at a for by wal-mart. a pilot is safe after having ditched the small plane in the pack 250 miles from hawaii. video shows the dramatic scene as the plane ran out of fuel after taking off from tracy. the pilot deployed the parachute
6:55 am
system and landed in the wart neither a cruise ship and was pulled to safety. >> building inspectors must decide if a back yard deck has to be demolished after a dangerous accident in san francisco. three people belonged to the ground when the railing break and the first -- says they are all expected to recover. five, snow has started falling in the northeast, the beginning of a big firm that will cripple the roads and armies across the region. arys have canceled 2,100 flights crass america including 9 at sfo and they at oakland and mineta san jose. >> la guardia now has arrival delays. >> at home we have fog, with 4 in concord as far as visibility with winds around 20 minute so it is choppy to take the ferry and can you see the fog in check correct with increasing clouds and temperatures in the
6:56 am
low-to-upper 60. >> we are back in pacifica where the fire that is burning in the hills there is having an affect on traffic at roberts road to tera navy boulevard -- boulevard so expect to see some delays if you are a resident of the area. san mateo bridge is packed across the water and bumper to bumper. >> we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices while we follow the pacifica fire. we will see you in 25 minutes with the latest on the news. we leave you looking at the scene over pacifica, the neighborhood where the fire is. there is a lot of smoke on scene according to amy hollyfield who is on the scene. it has burned fire acres and it is a six alarm fire. stay tuned.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
good morning, america. whiteout. blizzard of 2015. the east coast bracing for a monster storm and more than 50 million americans in its past. the nor'easter set to dump up to three feet in some areas and wind gusts up to 80 miles an hour. government officials warning for the worst. >> prepare for something worse than we have seen before. >> the snow blinds drivers overnight, stranding cars on the roads. thousands of flights already cancelled. schools closed and our extreme team tracking it all. and breaking news. security breach. the white house on lockdown. reports that a drone landed on the white house lawn. the secret service investigating right now. he said that he killed two guys. they went out to a shooter


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