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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 26, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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having problems trying to communicate to city hall it was really like a traffic signal. you see what happened here. she pointed out previous accidents about a year can or so ago, another accident along here in which one or two can killed. we can see what a serious problem this is and how bad the consequences can be. that's the situation here. live in san jose i'm david louis, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. another mishap involving cars. a popular san bruno pizzeria went up in flames blamed on a teenager's careless joy ride pap call just after 10:00 this morning, a call from 911, at seniore's pizzeria. the scene earlier at the el ka nino royale the 380 turnoff. a 16-year-old girl was driving erratically down a back street. police started chasing her and she apparently lost control plowed into the pizzeria rupturing a gas line.
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>> woke up out of a sleep to see what we'd been working for the last 12 years up in flames. >> the teen 'had no injure es and was arrested on the scene. police had a hard time putting out the fire because of a severed gas line i mentioned. firefighters had the fire under control in the afternoon. and setting two fires in san francisco, david diaz was in court today. last year convicted of mantse manslaughter for the death of a partner. now he faces two new charges for setting a house and vehicle on fire. prosecutors revealed the victim was the current boyfriend. police are investigating whether diaz was also involved in other arsons set in the castro since september september. and a rare january brush fire racing dangerous ousously close
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to several homes. it moved up the a hillside in the rockaway beach area after it broke out about 3 350shzhtdñ this morning. firefighters went door to door evacuated houses. residents were stunned when fighters nocted at their doors. >> 20 minutes. you might want to get out of here. there's a fire. of course, stunned. a fire? it's wintertime, isn't it? >> rare this time of year to have a brush fire. firefighters stopped the fire by 7:30 before it reached any houses. no one hurt. burned about six acres. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. amazing pictures now of the pilot whose plane was in trouble using a parachute to save the day. not in wait you think. the parachute was on his plane. yes. incredible picture of the pilot deploying the plane's parachute for the emergency landing. the pimt picked up the plante in wichita, kansas and picked up an extra fuel tank and headed for hawaii, but crash landed often
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of maui. abc's news laura joins us with the story. >> reporter: this is where the pilot stopped over the weekend to pick up that extra fuel tank. the president of the company here told us he won't speculate on what happened to morton's plane until he speaks with the pilot, but he told us over the past 25 years he's installed 1,200 of these tanks, and never had a problem. this coast guard video shows the seconds before the sirius sr-22 loses engine power in mid-air. 250 miles from maui and the parachute deployed. first the plane faces nose down until it's stabilized and lands gently in the ocean. coast guard directed the pilot to fly near a cruise ship. that's when the 28 norton was pulled safely onboard. he said a few words when he
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arrived mow think is morning. >> coordination with the coast guard and all of america more than impressive. >> reporter: he flew out sunday. >> everything is long-range fuel tanks in aircrafts we can take apart and put in containers. >> reporter: richard orton hooim is the president of sky view aviation, which installed the extra fuel tank calmed a ferry tank like this one under the sirius over the weekend. orton himes says the temporary was was tested before taking off. a simple system that works on gravity a. tank this level, another tank here. one in the middle simply to explain. you open the valve. the fluid in this tank will move down to this one. correct? it's called gravity. >> reporter: the company morton works for in seattle released a statement you aing they had adequate reserves but the fuel was unable to reach the engines for various reasons.
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in hawaii morton declined comment on whammed. the national transportation safety board investigates the incident. in tracy, laura anderson, abc 7 news. add another business to the list of places inect if the with measles. the dave ever ever buster's and experts awindow exposure to measles is very short. only about two hours or so. experts say most people who have been vaccinated should be okay but a heads up if vaccinated in the early 1960 ps's. >> there are some vaxen-aid the with the first vaccines who might not be fully protected. and they should probably go check with their providers and see whether another dose might be indicated. >> now, this brings to tleep the number of south bay locations where people were possibly exposed to measles. also visits a costco and gilroy
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the day before. doctors want you to look for symptoms up to 21 days after exposure. we need your help. a missing teenager in needs of medicine. he ran way from mope from the 2,000 block of evan lane last thursday. they that type i diabetes and needs insulin twice a day. he's 5'11" and last seen wearing a pittsburgh steelers hand at black sweat shirt. if you think you saw him, call 911. and a big detar because of b.a.r.t. construction. it will be completely closed to the vehicles and pedestrian the next nine months. bus line 77 will be re-routed. an ex-tense will run below the intersection. construction reached the half-way point and running ahead of schedule. b.a.r.t. service could begin as early as fall 2017. someone defaced the new $1b1
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anti-muslim ads on san francisco muni buses. a couple weeks ago the ads began to run. drouing pair levels between the -- this week is reported they've didn't defaced and a message of stopping say the speech. the super hero in question the first muslim/pakistani/american super hero. and a block shut down as police investigates city's ninth homicide of the year. it happened just around the corner from allendale elementary school. officers arrived to find a man with a gunshot wounds. rushed to the hospital but sadly did not survive. police have not made any arrests. looking for help to save the life of;aihñ his partner. frank, the kea 9:00 dog, his canine dog, diagnosed with
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lymphoma, a form of cancer. the sergeant said the german shepherd started limping recently and we toocts the dog to the vet where he -- the treatment is so expensive, stit will cover some of thes 10ds,000 cost but he has to come up with the rest. without it frank has just two months to live. >> comes home with me every day. like a member of the family. and 2 was pretty sad when we found out and we'll do everything we can to keep him around for as long as we can. >> the city will help cover some of the costs but not all. the sergeant start add gofundme page to raise money. donors pitched in about $4,000 of the $10,000 goal. much more to come here for you at 5:00 this monday night. >> we won't be grading papers unless that can be done during the workday. >> no grading papers, no lesson
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planning, no supervising clubs. how teachers are redefining what it means to be on the job. also ahead, why the doctor won't be in for students at uc campuses across the state. plus -- >> oh, i'm using gas all day long. the prices definitely affect me. the good times have certainly been rolling right along at the pump, but is the bottom now in sight? and flight cancellations because of the weather. michael finney on who's really paying the change when the flu hits, it's a really big deal. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on... family pizza night. the big game. or date night. why lose out to the flu any longer than you have to? prescription tamiflu can help you get better 1.3 days faster. that's 30% sooner. call your doctor right away. and attack the flu virus at its source with prescription tamiflu. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days.
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before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. call your doctor right away. don't lose another moment to the flu. when there's flu, tamiflu. the situation heating up between the teachers union and new haven school district. today teachers start add two-week long protest of sorts after negotiations over health benefits stalled. the new haven unified school district serves 12000 students
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in union city and parts of heyward. for more abc 7 news reporter live in union city. >> reporter: hey, dan. once that bell ring what's do you think teachers do at the end of the day? they correct paper exams. they do a lot of planning, but not today. now, teachers here have been without a contract since june and this is their way of guesting not only the district's attention but parents as well. students left this elementary in union city at 2:05 this afternoon. shortly after the teachers followed. >> i you'vely stay here until 8 8:30 at night. basically a message to the administration we are serious. >> reporter: work to rule means teachers do no more than the minimum required by the rules of their contract. >> we won't be grading papers unless that can be done during the workday.
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>> our teachers have spoken loud and clear their primary concern is the health care funded first and thend talk about salary increases. >> reporter: teachers are concerned if health care costs skyrocket, the proposed salary increases won't be enough to cover them. the district acknowledges, this could potentially happen lop health care costs were sleetly lyslightly down last year. >> if the salley didn't kmooetmeet
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a proposed it will come out of their paycheck. >> reporter: this action continues two weeks. >> the kids lose out but i understand their point of view. >> reporter: no progress in negotiations, the union will have a strike vote in the spring. in union city lee ann menendez, abc 7 news. and at the student health centers, a one-day strike tomorrow, that will affect all ten campuses. in the bay area picketing at various schools. the first time in deac kads doctors have gone on strike against an employer. charges the university with unfair labor practices. uc is encouraging the union to get back to the bargaining table. bestowing its blessings on storts teams at candlestick park for decades. soon an iconic statue will need a new home. commissioned in 1973 will soon be removed from the middle of the stadium to the bus zone.
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sky 7 over candlestick park earlier where demolition begins in the coming days. it's not clear yet when he will end up. wondering how low the price at the pump can go, seems we're about to find out. the latest lundberg survey says gas prices may have bottomed out. it looks at wholesale price, gone up in the past ten days. that increase starts showing um at the pump soon. for now, driver are enjoying the lowest gasoline prices since march of 2009. naturally a price is $2.07, regular. >> every time my tank gets to about half full i come and get more because i'm afraid it will go back up and i want a full tank. >> well a good streak. gasoline prices have fallen every week since july and compared to a year ago, drivers are saving $1.24 a gallon.
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the blizzard of 2015 is bur bearing down on much of the northeast tonight and affecting air travel nationwide. take a live look now at san francisco international airport. the airport is reporting a total of 51 cancelations, and delays of flights to and from the storm. airports in oakland and san jose have one cancellation each because of the storm. at least 6,500 flights nationwide are cancelled and may not take off until wednesday. >> a massive blizzard is causing a major problem out on the roads. connecticut officials plan to close all highways in the state in about an hour. driving will be banned in new york city later tonight, and the city subway system is slitting down. hundreds of schools and businesses closed from maine down to washington, d.c., and as far west as ohio. some areas can expect up to three feet of snow. now, coming up next on "world news tonight with david muir" a look at huewho will be hit the hardest, following our news on
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abc 7. and a line outside in union square. comments include, only organic during the storm and must be all out of kale. major airlines waving change fees for passengers scheduled to fly in or out of the blizzard zone back east. >> not fun pip costing airlines to make the changes. a study shows it costs passengers a lot more. >> and michael finney is here with a look. >> isn't it funny how the consumer ends up paying? >> every time. >> we always hear how much it's costing the business. an industry research group says it costs an airline an average of $6,000 to reschedule a flight. however, passengers on each flight together pay $58 grand. the reason is simple. snuck a snowstorm, may have to pay for additional nights as a hotel and more meals out. the biggest cost is lost income. stranded often means missing work. research by the industry group maps flights $500 million due
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to cancelled flights last winter however, passengers lost $5.1 billion due to storms, and had to deal with being stuck. there may be some consolation for air passengers, however. at least one travel kpip says airfares are going down. the study by says ticket prices should drop by about 11% this year, and it's not just because of lower fuel costs. expedia says the growth of discount airlines like frontier and spirit should help drive prices down. when low-cost carriers offer nor flights, the big airlines are inclined to reduce prices to compete. if you're waiting for a tax refund this year beware. the irs has scammers waiting for your refund, too. crooks are using stolen social security numbers and other personal data to pose as tax payers. they 2350i8file fraudulent returns
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early in the season with their address. the feds have intercepted 19 million fake returns since 2011. the irs warns you should avoid giving out your social security number or carrying it with you. and here's the big tip here. if you file early you beat the bad guys to the punch. so you get your real return. the second one comes in and the irs says, what's up with this and figure it out. >> good advice. thank you, michael. >> sure. turning our attention to our weather. talking about what's happening back east, terrible. around here, gorgeous. >> and spencer christian keep an eye on that. >> wish we could chip some of. ♪ in the sierra where it's badly needed. right here need run. all we're getting is clouds. clouds are thickening moving up from the south as the weak storm system off the coast of southern california is producing light rain and scattered showers in the l.a. area now. 1/10 to 1/4 inch. not much out of the system, that's how it looks now.
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current temperature readings of 62 in san francisco 1 in mainly, and mid to upper 60s in inland locations. the view from the rooftop across the bay and embarcadero. forecast features. cloudy tonight not as chilly as last night. spotty sprinkles occur early torng and end late in the day and a dry and mild remainder of the week. here's how the satellite image looks. see the weak storm off the coast of california? picking up showers around l.a. and other parts of california. poushing moisture to our region but may not hold up. the forecast animation. overnight clouds moving up from the south. a chaps of light showers in the early morning hours down around monterey bay and into the parts of south bay. ends by evening hours. so don't think we'll get more than spotty sprinkles or some light isolated showers oucht of this. the sierra especially central
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sierra look for little if any accumulation. especially around lake tahoe from there, valleys southward maybe slightly more snow out of the system but nothing significant in accumulation. overnight, increasingly cloudy skies, and low temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 40s. much miter then we saw this morning with mid to upper 30s in the inland locations. on coast lows in the low 50s tonight and tomorrow look for mostly cloudy skies. a little bit of haze around tomorrow, in the early morning hours, we have our greatest chance for some sprinkles but we don't expect any measurable rainfall. maybe 1/100 inch, not much more. high temperatures tomorrow in the low to mid 60s. by the afternoon precipitation that develops probably ending. seven-day forecast. another mild and milder week ahead. sunnier skies on wednesday towards the end of the week.
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high temperatures climbingp the upper west. near 70 on the coast. 70 around the bay and inland nap mild, dry pattern continues into early next week. maybe not at mild as this past weekend but closer to what we just had over this past weekend twhan we consider the mid-winter norm. this is anything but the mid-winter norm. >> so true. spencer, thank you. coming up, a former 49er is among three retired super bowl champs taking on the nfl. what they're saying, and why? and a 3d anaty lab. new at 6:00, a unique learning experience and the technology that makes it
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a repeateder, dialing change coming to the area. in five days dial one then 415 and your number for a call to come through even in dialling to
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the same area code to the neighbor across the street. the change comes because san francisco will soon be a dual area code city. starting in march any new phone number had begin with 628. three former football players including one with the 49ers are asking the national football league to fund research on marijuana treatments from brain injuries. a 49er and this man played for several teams now lives in cornell. and also played for many teams went to klemp at ucla. the three men say many former and current players use mrn northern treat pain from injuries on the field. in an op-ed todayed men say there is a compelling body research showing that marijuana can help treat pain and brain injuries. the three players want commissioner roger goodell and the league to lead the way. world class soccer is coming to san jose. the u.s. women's national team will flayplay against ireland at the
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new stadium may 10th. the two teams compete on it's road to the 2015 world cup. it's the new home of major league soccer san jose's earthquakes. abc 7 news sports anchor mike shumann spent the day there. more at the news at 6:00. stay tuned. and from soccer to hockey and a spectacular goal at a competition this weekend pap 22-year-oldly.s the puck off the ice between his legs and does a full 360 degree spin whipping the puck past the goaltender. he plays for the tampa bay lightning. where this type of spinning shot is illegal. >> slick though. oh. now to the search for a soul mate and the tv show "the bachelor." >> i cannot believe what we're about to do a mud run in wedding dresses. >> yeah. what? the bachelorettes debt get down and dirty for a date with prince
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farming. the battle came to the bay area. find out who came out on top tonight at 8:00 and stay tuned for abc 7 news at 11:00 for a look behind the scene. that tonight here on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> a mud run wedding dress. one of the hottest players in the nba. bringing magic every time he suits up. and coming up bringing wiza
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at subway, a great meal starts with a great sandwich on the new "simple 6 menu." with six of our best six-inch subs, like the tender turkey breast plus any bag of chips and a 21-ounce drink for just $6 every day.
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hi in the abc 7 newsroom, coming up at 6:00, easing a crowded commute. why getting a sticker was anything but easy for an east bay family. the discovery of dozens and dozens of new species and why it demonstration there's a lot to learn about our fragile planet. that's all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. ama and i will see you then. thank you. and curry urging kids to
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stay active and healthy. >> the all-star at the international community school in oakland now teaching kilgds the importance of staying fit. >> looking sharp. hall of famer payton oakland native leading several activities parts of the healthy week. >> no whatter what you do in leitch, to be able to take control of your health and make the smart choices that you feel good about yourself inspired every single day to get better in the classroom, at home, with your friends and most importantly, you can encourage each other in that process. so that you're all on that same mission together. >> doctors are also at the international community school to talk with the children about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. very nice. and all-star clay thompson received recognition today for historymaking performance friday night. the nba named him western conference player of the week. >> friday's win hit all 13 of
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his shorts. including 9 for 9 beyond the arc. on this monday night, the breaking news. the blizzard of 2015. more than 50 million americans affected. the worst of this about to hit. tonight, states of emergency. up to three feet of snow. wind gusts could reach hurricane strength. flights cancelled coast to coast. and tonight, the new worries about power. ginger zee and rob marciano, our entire team on this. also tonight, a major development in the patriots scandal. is there now a person of interest? how the nfl is responding tonight, just as the patriots fly to phoenix for the super bowl. breaking news straight from a script. the fbi sting tonight. an alleged russian spy here in america. his handlers, their code words, and who were they spying on? and the spectacular escape. the plane out of fuel, plunging toward the ocean. the parachute and the cruise ship below.


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