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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 27, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> an s.u.v. crashes into a san francisco office building sending glass and other debris flying. this is no accident. it is part of a plan to problem the place. good morning, i action eric thomas. the thieves broke into a wells fargo building in the financial district. their get away featured military-style precision. amy hollyfield is in the financial district. amy? >> they got away with gold part of a gold rush exhibit. look at the mess they left.
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look at this 1" thick glass shattered, pieces of it filling several trash cans. workers are trying to get this building patched up. >> three masked men used a stolen s.u.v. to barge into the wells fargo history museum in san francisco at 2:30 this morning. they left the s.u.v. behind. they took gold nuggets in a case with them. police say one man was armed. he held a security guard at gunpoint. the other men stole the gold. they escaped in a four-door sedan headed easton the bay bridge. people started to arrive for work in the financial district they look the in aw. at the citizen. >> kind of surprised but not really. just waking up. i don't know...the world seems crazier. it doesn't shock me. >> towing the suburban out of the lobby was delicate task with
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the operator spending an hour for move it while people watched and took pictures. construction crews started repair work at first light. wells fargo released a statement saying the museum would re-open. >> glad they didn't take the stagecoach. >> it was not damaged. the gold nuggets were part of the display. >> it wasn't that much gold in. it is sad. really sad what society does for a few bits of gold. >> it is an historical treasure. i hate what they did here today. >> wells fargo has put up partitions to block the stagecoach from view and all of the lobby but they assure us the stagecoach is fine. it was used to transport people and geld during the gold rush.
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they have not said when the museum will re-open. police say no arrests have been made. thank you. arson investigators are sifting through a debris in a two alert fire in a carport. authorities want to know the source of the fire. matt keller in san jose. matt? right now resolution -- residents are kept out until power can be restored. what is left is a mess. no one was hurt. >> fires at 3:28 are never good. people are sleeping and property and limps are vulnerable. that was true at this carport fire in west san jose. our cameras captured the flames 20 minutes after the 9-1-1 call. >> i heard popping. really loud popping.
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i thought sought was hitting a garbage can. i looked out the window. the garage was on fire. in were films shooting out at least 10'. >> the ten people living here and one just had a baby who usually would be sleeping but he made a late night visit to the hospital to celebrate the new life and returned in time to an hero. >> he was parking the car. he noticed smoke. he was not sure what he was seeing. he saw flames. he thought, my good, the car is on fire. he called 9-1-1 and then he knocked on the doors and woke everyone up. >> if you knock on anyone's door they are in a sleep sleep and they were like, what what, what? >> the fire destroyed three cars and one apartment suffered water damage but his quick thinking of the quick work of the firefighters kept this from becoming a real tragedy.
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>> hopefully they are good. >> a fire captain fold -- told me any fire at 3:30 in the morning is "suspicious," but stopped short of calling it arson. resolution 20s in a -- residents are complaining about a dangerous pedestrian when a car racing killed a pedestrian. the victim was 19 years old. she was jogging when two cars crashed and pinned her against a tree. a man claiming to be her brother was there and refuse today talk to our crew on camera but he told us that he questions the structural integrity of a guardrail nearly split in two and whether that played a role. police have arrested two men in connection her death. officers say the pair were street racing and lost control of their cars before crashing. people who live along the road
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say that the city hasn't done enough to slow down drivers. >> they are not here to see and feel what is really going on. i have asked for a digital speed sign to tell the drivers to slow down and they tell me the community needs to get together and pay for it and to pay for the maintenance of it. that is ridiculous. >> she said after a deadly crash at the same spot in 2009 the city did put up a barrier to try to slow drivers but people are still consistently going ten mimes or more over the speed limit. >> happening now the blizzard of 2015 is socking the northeast coast and this is a look at massachusetts where the historic storm is moving down dumping 2' of snow with strong waves and wind. rhode island and connecticut are also getting hammered. roads are not passable and power lines are down. now to the south shore of
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massachusetts where sarah brings us up to speed. >> we are on the south coast of the state of massachusetts account blizzard of 2015 is blaming serious coastal flooding with high tide brought the waters well before the shore well along the coast long time residents say waters were so high, higher than they have ever seen before leading to evacuations, folks who did not leave as they were warned needed to be rescued, needed to be evacuated. no one so far has been injured because of it. several people staying at a local shelter. coastal flooding will be another concern later today when the second high tide hits and the big news, also is the wind here it is hard to stand up. you have to business -- business your sole. a gust was reported at 60 miles per hour early today.
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>> a different story in new york city where the world is "we dodged a bullet." the mayor admitted this morning the storm was nothing like necessity planned for. travel bans have been lifted and were of the city's massive transit is up and running. airports from new york to past are sometime dealing with cancellations but the website www. predicts travel will be underway tomorrow morning with 8,000 flights canceled. it is not as bad at other events that grounded 10,000 flights. they report that airlines have canceled over 4,600 flights today 15 percent of the total. locally, san francisco international airport reports 85 cancellations. only one flight at oakland international was affected and no flights at san jose international. >> the company that oversaw construction of the new eastern span of the bay bridge is meeting now with transportation officials. the meeting comes days after a
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report claiming a supplier knew of the existing problems with the rods that cracked in 2013. the supplier of those rods never told caltran there was a similar incident for washington state bridge in 2009. >> an officer's patrol car burst into blames. it smoked when he drove across the bay bridge into san francisco last night. he pull off on to treasure island. that is when the flames erupted. a witness mosted the video on youtube. the officer called for help. the trunk exploded we as other officers arrived. an officer was hit in the arm by flying debris. another suffered smoke inhalation. both were taken to the hospital. the officer who was driving was not injured. >> the future of the oakland raiders topped the agenda between supervisors and raiders'
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management who say their current home at the coliseum is inadequate and they may have to move to get a decent stadium and the a's say the stadium is inadequate so supervisors are trying to come up with a plan to keep the raiders in oakland even if that means building a new stadium and the a's want a new place to lay and superviseers are trying to address benefit needs. officials say it is unlikely they will vote on a new stadium plan today. >> san jose is hoping the a's will move south. >> san jose is the past place to relocate the as. no one questions it would not be fabulously successful. i cannot name three major corporations in oakland but two dozen or more in santa clara county that would love to support the a's with luxury sweets, club seating and season ticket holders. >> the assessor has been trying to get the a's to move to san
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jose for the last 16 years but nothing has happened. he is keeping his fingers crossed. in november the san jose city council extended an objection to -- an option to keep control of the city property near downtown where a park could be built. the california attorney general is calling on police and universities to ramp up enforcement against sexual assaults. pamela harris issued a statement including guide lines of two new laws for campus safety creating new standards of reporting and disciplinary action to protect victims. do not blame the cyber attack for knocking facebook off the grid. it went down because of a technical change inhouse. the outage affected instagram and a dating site. a hacking group claimed responsibility but facebook claims the out age was because of a change in the systems con first reagan. 1.5 billion users were impacted.
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>> deflate-gate lives on but are reporters able to find anything or before super bowl? >> a way to measure your child's success at school. >> a look at our exploritorium camera showing grave and overcast skies at the bay and the bay bridge.
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>> there is a new way to measure how well your child is doing in school. one school district is testing a new type of report card that measures social attributes such as level of grit and gratitude and how sensitive they are toward others. students are scored on a 1-4 from "almost always," to "rareless." the first round of these report cards were sent home at 11 schools in november. other california schools switch over in the fall. >> tom brady deflects questions about deflate-gate. >> the only one that can affect the outcome are in the looker room so we beened together and we have a lot of belief in each other and we have a belief in what we can accomplish. >> more than 2000 members of the media are attending the session right new. the patriots finished speaking
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and the seahawks are next. new video is giving nfl officials an idea of who may be responsible. follow reports the video shows a patriots employees take, game balls from the official dressing room to another room before the afc championship game against indianapolis. this happened after the fores had approved the balls for use. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead the forecast. >> good morning from the broadcast center. it is warm this morning. compared to yesterday. we will talk about the rain and how it is slipping from the forecast. i will show you snow in lake tahoe. and when the 70's come back to the forecast. >> sweet treat or dangerous drink? a warning on energy drinks that can have you making a different choice for your kids.
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>> one of the hottest neighborhoods in the bay area is in longer in san francisco. a new report says that daly city is the place to live. the crocker neighborhood is named among the top ten hottest neighborhoods by rally website and is number nine on the left. el cerrito in san diego is one. veterannal heights took the top spot last year. buyers who are pushed out of the city by high prices can still find a deal in crocker where the median sale price is $590,000. but the weather is going to be the same for all of us.
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>> absolutely. good morning, everyone, from the top of the news broadcast center where we went in seven of sprinkles which is all we could find from the system coming from the south. a few sprinkles on a wind shield. no measurable rain anywhere at least in our official buckets around the bay area you had to go as far south as king city to find anything significant. san jose shows we are seeing a few breaks in the clouds as the temperatures running in the mid-to-upper 60's well above average. here is a look at live doppler hd you can see it hand raining a lot of it has been evaporated pus of the dry layer at 5,000 feet and you look at this there is a ring around the radar and that means the radar beam is shooting into the clouds and this is not making it out of the clouds. it over evaporates the winds are from the south for better part of the the difficult at 12 miles per hour in san jose. we woke up to a lot of 60's in
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the peninsula and the south bay and the rest of us were in the 40's and 50's without the fog. it and hazy in concord and otherwise unlimit visibility. you can see the mid-and-upper level clouds and the swirling nature of the low as it moves to the east. that is the key, moving away from us and that is why our window is closing. from the east by hills camera looking budget at mt. diablo the clouds are's at 3,400' and before the 5 ,000 foot dry layer and another vantage point why we are not receiving rain. temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 60's the peninsula to the south by up to oakland and to half moon bay and we are in mid-50's to forly -- to nearly 60 inland and mainly clouds today with lit shower. clearing and cooler. fog returns inland north bay and south bay and 70's for the weekend. we will be lets to santa cruz -- be close to santa cruz and
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low-to-mid 60's inland. tonight, palo alto will be 42. 41 in santa rosa. 43 at concord. 49 in san francisco. here is a look at area of low pressure. we talked how we would be lucky to receive any rain. it is moving to the east. the rain chances are going away. we will be clearing in the evening and overnight and watch out for fog in the north bay and inland east pay as we have a light offshore wind overnight. it has snowed in the sierra, a couple of ims in the higher elevation but the snow pack is only 27 percent of average for this date and no more measurable snow is in the seven-day forecast. in more rain is in our forecast. we will see increasing sunshine, and mid-to-upper 60's by friday and upper 60's and nearly 70 over the weekend. you do not need the umbrella. wash the cars. everything is fin when we get past the next couple of hours. this morning doctors are
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reminding parents to keep their kids away from energy drinks. they could be making them sick. research shows that more than 40 percent of energy drink-related calls to poison control centers in the united states are for kids under the age of six. doctors say all that caffeine is not just making kids feel jittery but men have serious heart issues. >> a can or bottle of an energy drink could have 500 milligrams of caffeine equal to 14 cans of soda. way higher you want a child to have. >> doctors say it is best for kids it stick with water nick, or natural fruit juice. >> this morning we track a pair of pilots in a balloon trying to travel from japan to north america. will they make it? wait until you see their breathtaking
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♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. it is so good all the time. >> coming up, a big reversal for the mormon church. they will now support lgbt rights but they want something else in return. >> big development in the standing death of a san francisco teen at 5:00, the video clip that has authorities changing their mind. >> so far is good for a team of international pilots traveling around the world in an old fashioned gas balloon. though are trying to get from
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japan to north america. check out this spectacular view for more than 21,000 feet above the pacific. the two pilots, one from the united states and one from russia are called "the two eagles," sending this first picture. they are more than halfway to the finish line traveling more than 3,700 miles on the bid to break two major ballooning records. they started the journey cross the pacific on sunday trying to break a distance record of 5,208 miles and flight duration of 137 hours. that sounds like a cold and long trip. from all of us thanks for joining us. see you
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[dramatic music] ♪ ♪ >> hey! hey! yes! i am terry crews, and i'm ready to give somebody that $1 million today here on millionaire. [cheers and applause] as a literary assistant, today's returning contestant is certainly well-read, and she wants to cash in on her knowledge so she can work on the next great american novel. from flatbush, new york, please welcome molly rubin. molly. >> hi. nice to see you again. >> oh, come on back over here. now, you are a literary assistant now, but you had a very strange job before that. >> i did.


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