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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 28, 2015 1:07am-1:43am PST

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>> live from the kgotv broadcast center. this is abc7 news. >> an all-american athlete is
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arrested and accused of raping a drunk, unconscious woman on a stanford campus. >> we are learning more about the disgraced swimmer and who police say caught the suspect in the act. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama-deatz. 19-year-old brock turner voluntarily returned his registration and is banned from the campus. >> lilian kim is live with the story. >> dan turner withdrew from stanford just hours after the d.a. filed charges against him. five felony counts in all. by all accounts 19-year-old brock turner had a bright future. he was a freshman at stanford and a member of the swimming team. now the ohio native is banned from stepping foot on the stanford campus ever again. they say he raped a drunk, unconscious woman on the morning of january 18th. >> those type of people should not be allowed to be with us here. this needs to be a safe place for everyone to do what they
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want to do. >> the five felony counts include rape. investigators credit two students on their bikes for stoping the attack. when turner tried to run away one of them chased him down and tackled him. >> i feel proud of those students who intervened. >> michelle is a stanford law professor who revised the disciplinary policy on sexual assault. she said last year's protest at stanford and other campuses nationwide appear to be paying off. unlike students in other rapes, these students took action. >> taking responsibility and having sexual consent. women cannot consent when they are intoxicated. >> the fact that he voluntarily withdrew from stanford is welcome news. >> it is inappropriate for someone who commits such a crime if that was the case to remain on campus. >> if convicted on all charges he faces up to 10 years in
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prison. lilian kim abc7 news. >> two people are dead after a shooting including an innocent bystander. police say it went off at 4:15. there was a gunshot wound and she died at the hospital. an abc7 news source told vic lee that she was caught in the cross fire. about 10 minutes later stwo -- two injured people showed up looking for help. they showed bullet holes in their vehicle. one of the two died. our source say it was a gang member and the other person is expected to survive. both crime scenes are just two miles apart. police have separate homicide units working them. they have not announced any arrests. >> burlingame and hillsboro police are looking for help finding this woman. she is accused of hitting a burlingame police officer this morning with the gray mercedes she was driving in the city's hotel drisk.
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hotel district. she got away. witnesses say she got out of the car and into a white luxury vehicle before then taking off. call police immediately with any information. tonight the family of a young woman killed by suspected it street racers in san jose talked about their sudden loss. 18-year-old gabriel esparza and 23-year-old avalos faces reckless driving and manslaughter. they were racing at 70 miles an hour in a 40 mile per hour zone. one of the drivers lost control and bounced off a guardrail and slammed into a woman pining her against a tree. 25-year-old karen pabla was killed. she was less than a mile from her home and out on a jog. her family is devastated. >> she was a really good person. >> those two guys that did
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this, i hope you can go to sleep at night knowing you killed an innocent person,. >> her loved ones set up a memorial in her honor. this afternoon police patrolled the area for speeders and they handed out seven tickets in half an hour. right now san francisco police are searching for thieves who broke into a bank museum and stole gold nuggets. three masked men in a stolen suv smashed through well fargo's glass door earlier this morning. they held up the security guard and raided the bank's museum. they grabbed several gold nuggets worth $5 to $13,000. they did not however take several much more available items. a coin expert said it was brazen, but not well thought out. >> no oceans 11 masterminded. i don't know what intel was done beforehand. >> the thieves ditched the suv
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and escaped in a sedan and last seen heading east toward the bay bridge. >> nearly $3 million. that's how much the board of supervisors approved to pay the family of lynn spalding. she was the woman found dead in a san francisco general hospital stairwell in 2013, 17 days after disappearing from her room. the hospital was treating her for a bladder infection. she died of dehydration and liver problems related to alcoholism. a former dublinchp officer who stole photos from two women he arrested will not go to prison. sean harrington pled no contest to computer theft. he was sentenced to three years probation and will have to speak at a violent solutions class. the judge showed leniency because his client took responsibility with his actions. >> i have done everything to try to make this right. >> the conduct here was
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serious. at the same time it was impulse sigh and immature. >> he was charged in two cases, but prosecutors say he admitted to stealing photos on four to six occasions in the past few years. >> the santa clara county sheriff deputies arrested a gilroy man accused of growing pot at this fake furniture store. they say the 39-year-old they ever opened the business to sell furniture. the sheriff's office found more than 1000 marijuana plants and 50 plus pounds of processed pot valued at about $2 million. they stole $80,000 worth of electricity from pg&e. >> new details on those rescued sea birds found covered in mysterious gray goo on the east bay and peninsula shores. international bird rescue will release up to 30 recoup rated sea birds.
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221 birds are recovering after 102 died. 150 more died from the still unidentified substance. >> wild pigs are running a muck in parts of south san jose. the city council is trying to do something about it, but for folks in one neighborhood, it is not enough. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is live in san jose with the story. >> you know, the council voted to allow professionals to come into the city and trap the pigs and then kill them. the ordinance would have expired next week but here is the fine print. the homeowners are the ones who have to toot the -- dash -- dash foot the bill. >> she hates her front yard. it iced to have lush green grass and plants and flowers. this is what is left after wild pigs feasted on it.
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>> i got up and there were 19 houses destroyed in one night. >> they were a fixture for over a year. they were also at the golf and country club, but sifns trappers caught and killed 14 pigs there the problem has gotten better. now the council is extending the trapping option. >> it has been working to some small extent. i want to make sure that the neighborhoods have the options to help protect themselves. >> homeowners want the city to do more the trappings cost hundreds of dollars. to say residents are frustrated would be an under smaiment -- an understatement. >> if i was allowed to take them out i would. >> it has to be continued because it is not fair. it is too costly to the average person. >> the reason they are flocking here is because of coyote creek. that's why city councilmembers suggest residents call the county or the department of
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fish and wildlife for more options. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. supply stolen history. coming up next on abc7 news the rare coins recovered by police in the high-tech way they are working this case. >> and the daring rescue caught on camera. a burning home with children inside. and we are with the brave firefighters every step of the way. >> and animal lovers are up in arms. why some people found this ad so upsetting that they pushed to have it pulled from the super bowl. >> i am abc7 news pleetion sandhya patel. milder weather on the way but how about rain? i'll let you know if live in a race, it's about getting to the finish line. in life, it's how you get there that matters most. like when i found out i had a blood clot in my leg. my doctor said that it could travel
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three children are alive tonight thanks to a daring rescue by fresno firefighters. they went into a burning home and found the kids ages one to four and brought them to safety in four minutes. this is video from a firefighters helmet camera. the kids were taken to the hospital in critical condition, but they are alive. police are investigating where the mother was when this fire started. >> for police, the libelingly hood of matching stolen property to the rightful owner is very slim. police are stria trioing to find the owner of rare coins. they have created a virtual evidence room. >> these are two of several coins recovered from the carve a man arrested in redwood city for burglary. >> there is chinese coins and japanese coins and the chinese coins are from the early
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1900's. >> this 1903 silver dragon dollar is now worth about $300. and this one is an 1870 japanese yen worth about $700 and all of them are in the evidence room. >> these items tend to just sit and collect dust. >> most people uh seem that's it. >> that's why they created an evidence room. it is accessible for anyone with a computer or smartphone. >> they will post lost or stolen property that surrounding agencies share with them. like this stolen wedding ring police con confiscated in mountain view. >> we put the picture of the ring on the website. the man who lives in redwood city called us immediately and rec cog -- recognized hits wedding ring. >> it is up to the owner to give specific information on their property. a police report is helpful.
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as for the coins no one has claimed them, but police believe it is only a matter of time. abc7 news. >> don't drink and drone. that is the moral of the story. the secret service says the man who crashed a drone into the white house lawn was a government employee and he was drinking while playing with a friend's drone nearby the unidentified man works for the geo spatial intelligence agency, one of the most important and secretive spy agencies. while this incident was ultimately harmless, the secret service of course is still investigating. go daddy responds to viewers outraged over a planned super bowl ad titled "journey home." watch. >> i am so glad you made it home. i just sold you on this website called go daddy. ship him out.
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>> the commercial begins with buddy bouncing off a truck in his peril less journey finding his way home. they criticized go daddy for showing unsafe transport practices. social media blew up with disapproving posts. ly anne says, stunned. seriously. can we at least see the puppy adopted? not funny. pca -- the spca, you if you could buy a puppy and have it shipped the next day it is inhumane breeding. the responses were emotional and direct and many urged us to not run the ad and we are pulling the ad from the super bowl. we have breaking news out of san francisco where a woman was just pulled from the water off pier39. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live with what we have learned so far. >> this happened about 11:00. we got here as firefighters got here.
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i ran to the pier and looked over the edge and saw a young woman dangling by a rope. she was exhausted and freezing and it looked like she was about to give up. two firefighters jumped to the water and went to her rescue. several people said she was actually walking on one of the sea walls out here that was very dark. she fell and hit her chin and splashed around in the cold, freezing water until they are able to get her a rope. she was barely hanging on when we got here. they finally pulled her out and she is on her way to the hospital right now. alan wang reporting live from pier39. >> thank you alan. another check on the weather and what has been going on in the east coast and
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the mild temperatures here. >> it did not hit as hard as some people feared. around here it is mild as can be. sandhya patel has the forecast. >> dan and ama, it is the tale of two coasts. it is a drastically different situation. the snow continues to pound the northeast. it is starting to wind down a bit. the blizzard did leave its mark. daily record was almost two feet and some areas got up to three feet. if you are doing some traveling bay back east the snow should be moving off the coast tomorrow late morning hours. live doppler 7hd it would be great to see some snow and rain. visibility is down between vacaville and fairfield due to the fog. it is back. watch out during the morning commute. san jose, driest january. when you look at 2015, you are right up there. it may go down in the history books as the driest ever.
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the average rain is over three inches. san francisco has gotten no measurable rain for this entire month. that will go down as the driest january ever. especially since we are not expecting rain for the rest of the month unfortunately. temperature wise right now we are comfortable and most areas in the 40s and the 50s. as we look at the live picture, no visibility restrictions here. high clouds overnight. mostly sunny tomorrow and we are looking at dry and mild conditions into the weekend. here is the low-pressure system that brought a few sprinkle tots bay area. -- sprinkles to the bay area. the low is moving out and so really we are being set up with a ridge of high pressure which means mild patterns. tomorrow morning the fog will be around near the delta. so watch out during the commute. mostly sunny for your afternoon and mild temperatures on tap for your wednesday. here is what is a little encouraging. the long-term forecast is still hinting at about day 10,
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10 days from today it could actually start getting wet. friday, february 6th. we have seen this show up 10 days out and then the models backpedal and it gets dryer and dryer. hopefully february's pattern change could lead into march and it will get wet. tomorrow morning the temperatures low 40s to low 50s. the fog will be limited to the delta but if you travel toward the bay area you will allow the extra time and maybe a light jacket or sweater. it is 67 well above normal. 70 in santa cruz is livermore. 64 half moon bay. we will bump up the temperatures a little milder. spring-like warmth and then we will cloud it up as we look at the forecast. not putting the rain drops on yet.
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this is a young mountain dog getting a crash cwurse on how to run on ice. he took him out to play and he found the patch of ice and took a little slip and a slide. >> slow mo makes all of the difference. quinn is going what is the deal? >> i know, that's great. >> let's talk about sports. lots to talk about. >> that's right. we have shu here. >> warriors, live and die by the three pointer and tonight
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♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. it is so good all the time. the war -- warriors warriors are without andrew boggit. from beyond the arc it equals their second loss all year. bobblehead night. klay thompson's three first quarter three's. 15 over 30 came in the first. for the dunk. 11 turnovers and he matched clay with 30 in the game. no boggit and they needed david leigh.
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season high 24. 9-point lead. the bulls rally. chicago with a two-point lead. green puts it back in and we go to over time. he is rising above play 113-111, chicago. 2.9 seconds left. he gets a good look and in the first half 0-13 in the second. 113-111 the final. the big question or maybe i should say the big answer is will the seattle running back respond to any questions at today's super bowl 49er media day? he has been fined for not speaking with the media. he spoke today but he had some guidelines beforehand. >> i am just here so i don't get fined. so you can ask me all the questions you want to and i will answer with the same answer. y'all can shoot if y'all
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please. i am here so i won't get fined. i am here so i won't get fined. i am just here so i won't get fined jie. of. . >> you are here because what? >> so i won't get fined. >> i am here so i won't get fined. >> giants avoided arbitration for crawford. 28-year-old hit .246 with a career high 10 homeruns. one williams sister down and one to go. she is battling a thigh injury against the seven-time major champion. she will go on to win and get nothing can prepare you for having a doctor tell you that you have cancer. that was very hard. so even though i was in full remission, i still had to get frequent checkups that are very expensive. as a freelance design instructor, i couldn't afford health insurance. so when covered california came along, i could finally get the follow-up treatments that i needed.
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