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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 28, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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she is holding to a rope and is very tired. two firefighters jumped into the water and swam to her. witnesses say she was walking on a seawall in the dark, slipped and hit her chin before falling in and tremendous water for five minutes physical they get her rope. >> you she was screaming for help and we guided her. we were trying to guide her. the firefighters came. >> she was taken to the hospital to be checked. firefighters say she does not appear to have major injuries. >> a stanford swimmer has withdrawn from the university over allegedly raping a woman intoxicated and unconscious. our reporter has the story. >> by all accounts 19-year-old
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brock turner had a bright future with a member of the swimming team but now banned from stepping foot on stanford ever again. the district attorney says turner rained a drunk unconscious woman outside 9 morning of january 18. >> those people should not be allowed here. this needs to be safe for everyone to do what they want to do. >> the five counts include rape. two students were credited with stopping the attack. when he tried to run away one chased him and tackled hill. >> i feel very proud of the students who intervening. >> a stanford law professor revived the policy on assaults saying the protests last year appear to be paying off. unlike witnesses in other schools, the students took action. >> taking responsibility, having concept sexually women cannot
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consent when they intoxicated. that is getting in. >> as for turner, he voluntarily withdraw his registration at stanford is welcome news. >> it is appropriate for sun who commits such a crime if that was the case to remain on campus. >> if convicted, turner faces 10 years in prison. >> today, one of two suspected street racers accused in the death of a young san jose women is expected to be in court today. 23-year-old is shaped to make the first court appear an this afternoon. he and an 18-year-old have been charged with vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving. they were racing at 70's miles per hour yesterday in a 40 miles per hour zone. one of the drivers lost control bounced off a guardrail and slammed into the woman pinning her against a tree.
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the 25-year-old kiran pabla was killed. the graduate from silver creek was less than a mile from home on a jog. the family is planning a vigil if her momry at 6:00 this evening. the location has not been finalized. >> an innocent bystander was killed in san francisco in bayview district. spot shotter detected the woman was found with a wound and she died at the hospital. 9 wall street was caught in cross fire. continue members later, two injured people showed up at the old clam house restaurant on bay shore avenue. bullet homes were in the vehicle. one shooting victim died at the hospital. our source says that pursuit was a known gang member and the other person is expected to survive. both crime scenes are two miles apart. there are separate homicide units working them. there are no arrests. >> homicide charges have been dropped against a teen boy
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accused of fatally stabbing a prompting high school student outside the mission district market last september. the public defender argued the prosecutors identified the wrong suspect in the killing of 14 -year-old rashon williams. video was released from the scene claiming to show another person attacking williams. yesterday, the prosecutor decided to drop champions -- charges against the former suspect. williams was a freshman at preparatory school. >> there is no information on a gold heist at the san francisco museum the three masked men in a stolen s.u.v. smashed through the front door of a wells fargo museum and a gunman hemmed a guard at gunpoint and the others grabbed gold nuggets on display estimated to be worth between $5,000 and $13,000 but they fayed to take more valuable items. they dipped the s.u.v. and escaped in a sedan before the
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police avenue lifed. >> the chemical safety board will present the final report to the public on the 2012 chevron refinery fire in richmond. officials released the report saying a flawed safety culture at chevron combined with regulatory shortcomings led to the fire and identified shortcomings in their safety program and emergency response. chevron said it agrees with several findings but disagrees with the depiction of the safety culture at the refinery. chevron has been fined $2 million for the fire. the public meeting is held at richmond city hall at 6:00 people. >> new metering lights on northbound ramps of highway 85 are activated to help traffic flow between interstate 280 and highway 101. the lights are on from 6:00 a.m. to 11 o'clock a.m. in the northbound direction two hours longer than any other metering lights in the bay area. last week, the new lights were
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turned on for the evening southbound 85 from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. with the increasing freeway traffic a result of the booming south bay economy. >> new details on the rescued sea birds covered in a miss tear owe gray goo on the shores. international bird rescue will release up to 30 recuperated sea periods -- birds this morning. 200 birds are still recovering at the rescue's fairfield facility. more than 250 died after the goa damaged their feathers and less them unprotected from the cold water of the bay. >> much of the northeast is waking up to a paralyzing blanket of snow from a blizzard that may not have lived up to the expectations. all three major airports in the region are pack -- back in business. snow from juno shattered records from new england up to 3' in the hardest hit and parts in boston and the cape cod area and 30,000 homes lost power including most
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on the entire island of nantucket. on long island 2' of snow fell. >> you are talking about long island so daredevils made the bet of the blizzard and here are the surfers off the coast of new york of long island. there were big waves. they could not hold back from hanging ten. they wore full body wet suits to protect against the frigid water. >> that is the atlantic. it is so much colder in the pack. we are used to cold water right, mike? >> our water is above average most of the summer and into the fall but now low-to-mid 50's in san francisco and the mission district at 52 and cross the golden gate bridge at 55 and through the ferry building at 54 and downtown is 53 and 54 in ocean beach and the financial direct is june. low 40's around santa clara, pleasanton, walnut creek, mid-to-upper 40's through the north bay valley and mid-to-upper 40's through the bay shore and 52 in pacifica for
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the warm spot. the temperatures are from 2-17 degrees cooler than yesterday with all the 60 we had yesterday on the peninsula and now we are back in 40's and 50's. fog is not an issue. it is hazy looking southbound to walnut creek along 680. the day planner the next 24 hours, dress warmer this morning with the cooler start. by noon, high clouds and sun. brighter at lunch. low 60. low-to-mid 60's and less humidity in the afternoon and all but stars during the evening, low-to-mid 50's and look at this, san rafael looking hazy but not foggy and temperatures are jumping a couple of degrees headed and the weekend. >> the golden gate bridge the zipper truck is moving the center weed -- median a shade to the right widening northbound traffic. we have cones so they could be parked there a little pit.
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be careful if you come from marin to san francisco you could see the truck. we have a couple of construction projects. we have a crash eastbound 580 at 150th on the shoulder. not blocking any lanes. it doesn't matter if you are in the east bay or the peninsula everything is running at top speed. 580 tracy to dublin is 25 minutes. highway 4 antioch to concord is 13 minutes. we southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 178 -- 18 minutes. >> using a high-tech tool to solve a low tech crime with rare coins recovered in a case. >> hillary clinton turns to capitol hill and a grilling over a white house controversy.
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>> on the hostage situation involving sis abc has learned that jordan is ready to trade a prisoner to free two hostages having on on death row for 10 years after an attack on al-qaeda that killed ten from jordan. they will release a jordan fighter pilot. a japanese journalist, goto enfreed. hillary clinton will be called on to testify on capitol hill what she knew of the 2012 terror attack on the attack in libya. >> it left ambassador dead. shell answer questions from a special bipartisan house committee investigating the attack. clinton testified before about benghazi in 2013 shortly before
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she left the state department. >> police in redwood city are turn telling social media to track down the rightful owner of valuable coins recovered after the arrest of a burglary suspect. check them out. the 19302 silver drag again dollar is now worth about $300. this one is an 1870 japanese yen worth about $700. all are sitting in the evidence room. one chinese counsel and one japanese couple. the officer wants to return the prosecute to whoever they belong to along with other items his d has recovered. he has created a virtual evidence room. >> the items tend to sit and collect dust. >> most assume that is it. it is gone. >> gone? >> gone. >> police believe it is a matter time before someone claims the coins because they are so rare and so valuable. wild pigs are still running
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amok in san jose extending an ordinance set to expire allowing professionals to trap the pigs. residents say it is not enough. >> i cannot look at it because it is destroyed. there is in lawn. >> barbara hates her front yard that used to have lush grass, plants and flowers and this is left after wild pigs continue to feast open it. >> one morning there were 19 destroys in one night. >> the bigs have been a fixture for a year. they were at the golf and country club but since trappers caught and killed 14 pigs there, the problem has gotten better. now the city council is extending the trapping option. >> it has been working to some small extent and i want to make sure the neighbors have the options to help protect themselves. >> it is not working here. >> homeowners want the city to do more. the trappings costs hundreds of
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dollars but residents are frustrated would be an understatement. >> if i had a gun and i was allowed to take them out, i woman. >> it is not fair. it is too costly to the average person. >> the ron they are flocking here is because of coyote creek they have been using it as a water source since the drought started so city council members suggest residents also call the county or the department of fish and wildlife for more options. >> the warriors franchise record 19 winning extreme has ended after fulling to the bulls in an overtime thriller. golden state led most of the night but the bulls rallied late after curry turn over gave chicago with a lead with 16 seconds left if regulation and then it went to overtime. with a second left in overtime,
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there was a jumper to give the bulls the lead by two points and clay thompson...the bulls held on for 1 13-1 11 victory. >> we are disappointed they lose after 19 wins in a row. >> i am not disappointed. it had to happen. >> isn't that great to have high expectations for the warriors like in? >> that could be a preview of a matchup in playoffs. >> it would have to be the finals. we will see if chicago can make it. >> i believe golden state can make it. >> guy who lives up to your expectations each morning. >> i try to. >> i will call your wife and asks what she says? what would she say? above and beyond? >> no. disappointment, a laundry list of long disappointments.
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>> thank you is why you are not doing the laundry. >> why do hers, i do mine. here is a look at the lens light and variable winds this morning and thankfully the offshore breeze hasn't developed so at the love the tule fog is in the central valley but it will pick up in the next couple of hours so look inland east bay in the north by to become hazy headed through the commute. the wins are not gusting up to 30 miles per hour and it is rather calm and clear and you can see the beautiful lights on the bay bridge looking to the ferry building and you can see how stagnant the flags are on the ferry building compared to yesterday with the nice moist southern wind. it will be brighter and dry this afternoon and warmer-than-average, through the weekend, and there is wet weather possible the measure twist in the forecast, monday and tuesday like mother nature is trying to tease us. january ends up dry? or not?
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probably. when you are in a drought you forecast the dry side of the models. the low-to-mid 60's again today and we could jump to 67 in oakland if a warm spot to 70 in santa cruz. a lot of sunshine and a few high clouds and patchy fog developing tonight. temperatures are the same as this morning. a few upper 30's. but mainly low-to-mid 40's and around 54 for the bay neighborhoods and to the coast. year's low pulled away while we were sleeping and in between we have an area of high pressure and a weak area that is trying to roll in with clouds to the north and clouds to the south and they are trying to squeeze us so we will have a few high clouds. we are at the end of a cold front on sunday and as we start to move down toward the south it loses a lot of the moisture but monday into tuesday there is the possibility of light rain. until then temperatures are up, a little bit starting on friday, money 60's and that hasn't changed and 70 degree
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weather on saturday hasn't changed for the warm of the day and cooler on sunday with an onshore flow and cooler day low-to-mid 60. >> we will be starting off in walnut creek to check out traffic and see how it is moving along on 680 southbound side moving along just fine. northbound has no problems but we have a little bit of construction in the area if you are traveling between treat and monument you could find construction crews. we are am top speed from pleasant hill to walnut creek with an accident and we have a lane blocked eastbound side of 580 at 150th avenue not causing delays. one vehicle is involved and three lanes are open. westbound traffic moving out of san leandro to oakland you will not find problems butted if you are traveling between alameda and oakland it will be closed until 5:00 so in a few minutes it will re-open. >> apple continues to shine with
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record profits. >> here are the technical bytes. >> a knock out for apple earning $18 billion the best three months for any public ever. apple watch is going on sale in april. >> twitter has a new veto sharing feature to shoot and post votes up to 60 seconds in length. >> it will roll out for users. >> taylor swift has been hacked, the twitter and inprograms accounts have - accounts have 70 million "hack, hack, hack." "play, play play." >> coming up a survival story straight from a stephen king
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novel and this cat's nine lives are down to eight. >> animal lovers up in arms with a super bowl ad some found so exciting they pushed to have it pulled. - ( snaps, clatters ) that sounds awful. ( music stops ) but a lot better than last week. ( rock music playing ) ♪ we weren't born to follow. ♪
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>> if you are looking for a job recruiters are looking for fill 1,200 openings in santa clara and the free job journal hire event is held at the biltmore on laurelwood road from noon to 4:00 p.m. >> internet domain godaddy is pulling a super bowl ad drawing fire from the spc >> it's buddy. >> i just sold you on this
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website i built with godaddy. >> ship 'em out. >> the commercial begins with buddy bouncing off a truck and follows the journal finding his way home. >> the ad was revealed and drew criticism for promoting unsafe transports of animals and irresponsible pleading practices the spca tweeted if you can buy a puppy on land and have it shipped the next day it is likely you are supporting inhumane breeding. >> godaddy said the responses were commercial and direct and are pulling the ad from the super bowl. >> they got their bang for the buck, so to speak with record to publicity. >> the p.r person needs a raise. >> it was bad taste. >> as one who does "perfect pet," that is not...the dry of the januaries in san francisco
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is nothing is we are driest compared to last year which was the previous driest at in san jose, doing the same at .02". at least it was measurable. in san francisco we are 9 -- the most dry january ever. nothing going on but for cloud covers especially to the south with mid-to-upper 70's around los angeles and palm springs and mid-to-upper 60's through the central valley to sunny monterey and 51 in lake tahoe and yesterday, the snow was over. starting off in san jose and 87 is clear. if you are go northbound and southbound direction you will not find any delays. we have an accident in san leandro eastbound 580 at 150th we have c.h.p. on the scene and one hane is blocked and they lanes are open and westbound traffic is not affected. the drive as you head through
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castro valley to 580 to 880 no problems and top speed on 880 as well. he's back. a florida cat has returned to the owner five days after being buried. >> here he is. bart cat, the owner said bart clawed his way back to live after being taken for dead. he buried bart in the back yesterday after he was hit by a car but he says bart dug him way out of the ground and wound up in the neighbor's front yard days later. alive. he is treated if a broken jaw at the humane society of tampa bay but vets expect him to fully recover and return home. soon. >> in pennsylvania police have released a video of a handcuff woman leading officers on a high speed chase. >> the shoplifting suspect who
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had her hands cuffed crawled through a window from the back seat of a cruiser to the front before speeding off on january 14. she led them on a 10 mile chase reaching 100 miles per hour and nine minutes into the video she gave up. the cruiser lights and sirens were on the entire ride which they believe likely saved lives. the woman is championed -- charged with 29 separate counts. >> the trick police say a thief used to problem a bay area woman and the warning police have. >> the final construction challenge on the new east span of the bay bridge with how long it will take to repair one of the most critical parts. >> we hob you with abc news so you can stay on female announcer:
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> if when morning. thanks for joining us. i am matt keller here for eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. it is action. it is looking clear. >> it is cooler. dress warmer this morning. temperatures are in the 30's and 40's. it should be 50's and 60 and it is dry. you will not need the umbrella today. we will look at the afternoon. full of sunshine. a few high clouds. low-to-mid 60's. not nearly as humid as yesterday. >> thanks mike, action and how is it alonging? >> we have one accident in san lenadro and that is in the clearing stages. we take you to the san mateo bridge and see how it is moving along. if you are getting up and headed to work making it to the peninsula


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