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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 28, 2015 11:35pm-12:38am PST

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fire on abc7 morning news. >> next >> jimmy: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, david beckham. elle mcpherson. and music from vance joy. with cleto and the cletones. and now, just in case, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> jimmy: thank you. welcome, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming tonight. [ cheers and applause ] we have a very good show for you tonight. especially in the looks department. david beckham is here with us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] giving you an idea how famous david beckham is, he played soccer and we still know who he is. of course david's now retired from soccer. you know, a lot of people when they retire they just sit around in their underbear all day. but one of david beckham's jobs is sitting around in his underwear. he models underwear for h&m. now the poor guy doesn't know what to do. also tonight another exceptionally attractive human being elle mcpherson is here with us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] among elle's many accomplishments she had a popular workout video. it was called "your personal
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best workout." it was released in 1995 in the united states. and not only did it sell hundreds of thousands of copies, it also helped to launch a career of a very familiar face. ♪ >> guillermo: to the left, to the right! left, left! [ panting ] >> guillermo: someone bring me a sandwich! mm! you look great. >> jimmy: you look great too. that was a long time ago, huh? >> yeah, a long time ago. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: apple just had a record-breaking quarter. apple earned $18 billion in
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profit last quarter alone. between october 1st and the end of december, apple sold $74.5 million iphones which if my math is correct works out to be more than a dozen iphones a day. it makes sense. they have a great business strategy. all you have to do is make something extraordinarily expensive that breaks easily and becomes obsolete every eight months and you're all set. [ cheers and applause ] it's a great product. one fun thing about the new iphone is it has a larger screen to shatter. so next up they have this new apple watch is coming out in april. and you will be buying one. you have to choice. in fact, the money has already been deducted from your checking account. it's called apple pay. apple pay by the way announced today, this is apple's new mobile payment system that will soon be available to pay for laundry, parking meters and vending machines. now you can use your phone to send a signal so a satellite in
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space and it will transmit data to your bank to debit your account to pay for a bag of cheetos that will somehow still wind up stuck in the vending machine. the future's here. it's nice to see a mom and pop store doing well, isn't it? this is a scary thing that turned out to be okay. a toddler was rushed to the hospital because he swallowed something. as toddlers do. his parents didn't know what it was. the doctor took an x-ray. the x-ray showed he'd swallowed spongebob. a spongebob necklace pendant. he lives in the pineapple at the bottom of your esophagus. the pendant belongs to the boy's older sister. this is a closer view. fortunately the kid didn't choke on it. you can see all the detail there. the boy's fine. in fact, the saddest part of the story is seone went through a decade of medical training to tell a kid he has to poop out a spongebob. this is funny. a little girl named tatum, her
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dad took her to the zoo where she learned about the birds and the bees from a gregarious pair of turtles. >> oh my goodness! my goodness! oh my goodness! >> what's going on? oh. >> oh my goodness! oh my goodness! oh my goodness! oh my goodness! oh my goodness! >> jimmy: am i nuts or was that turtle speaking english with an australian accent? super bowl sunday is almost upon us. according to the national chicken council, americans will consume 1.25 billion chicken wings during the super bowl on sunday. i love that there's a national chicken council, by the way. there's a national chicken
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council and an american egg board. i wonder which came first? i guess there's no answer. [ cheers and applause ] thanks, everybody. we're real proud of that one. they say chicken wings are going to be expensive this year. the wholesale cost of chicken wings has gone up more than 8% since last year because supply is limited. turns out chicken only have two wings each. there's a domino effect. if we buy fewer buffalo wings then we buy less ranch dressing and that could affect the livelihoods of all the hard-working people in the hidden valley where the ranch dressing is made. you know, 1.25 billion wings equals a lot of chickens which got me wondering, before thanksgiving every year the president pardons a turkey. why shouldn't we pardon a chicken before super bowl sunday? i mean, it makes sense, right? so guillermo, bring it in, here we go. [ cheers and applause ] all right, may i ask, guillermo,
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what is this chicken's name? >> guillermo: paco. >> jimmy: you just made that up, didn't you? >> guillermo: yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: paco or whatever your name is, by the power vested in me by, um, hooters -- you are hereby pardoned from ending up in my stomach or the stomach of any human being for this super bowl and all the super bowl sundays to come. congratulations. [ cheers and applause ] [ squawk ] >> jimmy: did you say something? >> what's the point of being alive if all my friends are dead? squawk! >> jimmy: good point. you know what, guillermo, go fire up the deep fire and get hot sauce and butter too, okay? >> guillermo: okay. >> jimmy: he had his chance. [ cheers and applause ]
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so i asked him what the chicken's name was and he couldn't think of it. so one of his dogs is named paco. meanwhile, one of the teams in the game sunday, the seattle seahawks, are trying to trademark the word "boom" as in legion of boom, the nickname for their defense. they're trying to trademark the word "boom" and the phrase "go hawks." which is the name of another team, the atlanta hawks. if the seahawks say "go hawks" what are they supposed to say, "go us"? they want to trademark the number 12. because they consider their fans to be their 12th man. i don't know. you can't own the number 12. i need the number 12. i use it all the time to buy doughnuts. meanwhile, one of the unexpected delights of this super bowl week has been seahawks running back marshawn lynch. he does not like to talk to the media. so yesterday he had a press conference. during which he said, "i'm just
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here so i won't get fined." 29 times in a row, he kept saying that over and over again. today he treated the media to this. >> you know why i'm here. you know why i'm here. you know why i'm here. you know why i'm here. you know why i'm here. you know why i'm here. you know why i'm here. you know why i'm here. you know why i'm here. thank you, i appreciate it. >> jimmy: you're welcome. seahawks are trying to trademark that. maybe we don't know why. maybe we don't know why any of us are here, have you thought about that, marshawn? run that through your dread locks for a little bit. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: gambling is a big part of the super bowl, whether the nfl wants to admit it or not. most people will bet on who will win the game and by how many points, that kind of thing. there are hundreds of other things you can bet on too. you can bet on whether the coin toss comes up heads or tails. you can bet on how long the
11:45 pm
national anthem will go on. they will time it. there are lots of fun things to bet. i sent cousin sal so las vegas to make some wagers for us. sal is at the west gate las vegas race and sports super book. let's go to him. hello, cousin sal. [ cheers and applause ] >> sal: hey, jimmy, what's happening? >> jimmy: not much, who do you have with you? >> sal: we have quite a crew here. gore yeah she's our teller. >> hi. >> sal: jay is in upper management here, big star. >> hey, jimmy. >> sal: ray, a weird guy but i like him. >> jimmy: hello, everybody. we're going to put the odds u on our big screen. as you can see there are a lot of bets. it's actually kind of confusing. our plan is this. i gave sal $10,000 to make 10 bets. we're going to put $1,000 on each bet. and all of the money, all the winnings, we're going to spend on hookers. no, no, i'm sorry. all the winnings, whatever money
11:46 pm
we get back, will go to the max love project which is a great charity that helps families fighting cancer. our friend super max is 7 years old. he's a really good kid. he happens to be a big seahawks fan. hopefully we'll win a lot of money and give it to his foundation. let's go back to sal. show us that money. you have it in your hand there. >> sal: here it is, jimmy. $10,000 minus $72.50 for this short. but it's mostly there. >> jimmy: money well spent. what are we going to bet on here? >> sal: we have ten bets to make. here's what we're going to do. we're going with heads, tails never comes up in an open-air stadium. will either team score three times in a row? i say yes. that's a hidden gem in the betting world. we're going on that. will there be a safety? there's been a safety the last three super bowls. i say it happens again. we get 5-1 odds. will rob gronkowski score a touchdown? yes, he will, it's going to happen
11:47 pm
total receiving yards for michael human may now wee. over 6 1/2 yards. we're betting that one too. will russell wilson score for a touchdown? that is, run for a touchdown? that's yes. will tom brady score? will he run for a touchdown? that's yes. that's 6-1 odds. will richard sherman intercept a pass? we're going yes on that. and finally, the last two are fun. they're real, you're not going to believe it. lebron james minus 3 1/2 points on sunday over tom brady completions. that means lebron will have 3 1/2 more points than tom brady will have completions. >> jimmy: okay, that's a good one. >> sal: the final bet, tiger woods' fourth round score in the waste management phoenix open, minus 5 1/2 shots over julian edelman receiving yards. >> jimmy: okay, very good. >> sal: all winners. >> jimmy: we can more than triple our money if all these bets come in and i hope they, do they better. >> sal: we will win, there's no
11:48 pm
doubt. >> jimmy: sal's confident. if we win the match project get a lot of money. place those bets. if you want to follow along, see how we do, follow cousin sal on twitter @thecousinsal. to learn more, go to are we all set? >> we have 10 seconds, we're ready to go. >> jimmy: thanks to everyone at the west gate las vegas race and sports super book. gloria, jay, ray. we hope we take all your money. hopefully on sunday the gods of the odds will be in our favor. >> sal: that's right. can i get a kiss for good luck? >> sorry, i'm married. >> sal: i'm talking about ray. come on in here. >> jimmy: thank you, sal. you and ray are very happy together. all right, thank you, thanks sal. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tonight on the show, music from vance joy, elle mcpherson is here, we'll be right back with david beckham so stick around!
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>> jimmy: hi there again. tonight she's beautiful, she's australian, what more could we ask for, super duper model elle mcpherson is here with us. a very talented young gentleman who's also from the land down under, this album is called "dream your life away," vance joy from the at&t stage. you'll see vance this spring on tour with taylor swift this summer. tomorrow night from "scandal" which returns with a new episode tomorrow, kerry washington will be here. dave salmone is bringing wild animals. our first guest is one of the most popular athletes in the world are, he helped bring two mls cups to los angeles, and for that he's been rewarded with his own whiskey. it's called hague club. please welcome beautiful david beckham! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: how are you? >> good, you? >> jimmy: i'm doing good. [ cheers and applause ] wow that must get so old. i think the reason the audience is reacting like this is you got so fat, you look terrible. >> i know, apparently so. >> jimmy: retirement has ruined you. >> funny you said that. my girl said to me the other day, i'd just bathed her, and i was in the bath as well. i got letter out, i was towelling her down. and she said, daddy, i love you so much. but i don't like you. you're so chubby. i mean, i didn't think i was. >> jimmy: as long as she loves you, it doesn't matter if she doesn't like you or said you were chubby. maybe she doesn't know what the word chubby means. >> maybe not. >> jimmy: does chubby mean perfect in england? >> i would think so. >> jimmy: how have you been keeping busy after playing soccer your whole life?
11:56 pm
what is your day like? >> to be hobbs i've become a taxi driver overnight with the kids. i'm literally an uber driver now. i literally take them from 7:00 in the morning to the schools. i have four drop-offs at four different school sdplts no! >> so i get that done in an hour and 15 minutes. >> jimmy: oh my god. >> then i pick my little girl up at 12:00. then the boys at 4:00. and then the boys train in a soccer academy every single night of the week. so i'm busy every night until 9:30. and then i'm at home. >> jimmy: oh my god. sounds like a nightmare. >> i mean, to be honest, it's great. >> jimmy: you like it? >> i've been playing football the last 22 years. not always with the family, of course. >> jimmy: right. >> had to travel a lot. it's nice to actually be at home, spend some time with them, be a taxi driver. >> jimmy: i see you deciding to coach in like eight months. >> you know what? >> jimmy: time for me to get out of the house. are your kids proud that their
11:57 pm
dad is david beckham? do they care? >> i mean -- i always thought they were until i obviously take my eldest, the young one loves me taking her to school. the two smaller boys, they love it. apart from my middle soon romeo who's 12. he's just started. as soon as i take him into school, i'll go to kiss him, he'll turn his cheek. so i will then pick him up and give him a bear hug and kiss him in front of his friends. >> jimmy: right. >> that happens with him. so then my oldest, brooklyn, who's 16 in march, i take him to school. and he says to me, daddy, park around the corner. i'm like -- dad, park around the corner. he tells me to park around the corner and he gets out and walks to his school. he did it to me the other day after doing it about five times. so i'm driving around. he's just walking in his school. i open the window, "brooklyn, i love you!"
11:58 pm
you know. obviously it didn't go down roll. >> jimmy: no, no. why have kids if you can't embarrass them? >> victoria did have to remind them the other day that actually you've got quite a cool dad. but it didn't seem to make any difference. >> jimmy: yeah, coming from mom it has no impact whatsoever. you're living over in london now. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you work here. are you at all interested in the super bowl? >> we moved back to london two years ago and we miss l.a., we miss the u.s. every single day. it was such a great part of our lives. and we will 100% spend a lot more time here in the future. but obviously we moved back for the kids' education and also for my wife's -- she works from london, her teamwork from london. so that was the main thing, main ro reason. >> jimmy: have you been to an nfl game? >> i've been to one nfl game, it was the super bowl last year. >> jimmy: oh, all right. >> pretty good one to go to, actually. not for the great game. but i enjoyed the whole occasion. >> jimmy: you were in a
11:59 pm
commercial during that game, i did, i had a commercial which obviously was embarrassing. because i was in my underwear. and it came on the screen in the box. there was about 15 people in there. so i decided to then go outside. i don't really want to see people's reactions to me running around in my underwear. >> jimmy: yeah. i feel the same way. >> apparently it went down well. >> jimmy: yeah, i know at my house people seem to really enjoy it. suddenly all the women were paying attention to the game. i was like, what's going on here? >> i am interested in the game. i love sports over here. i love sports in general, obviously. so i am going to the game on sunday. and i'm excited about that. >> jimmy: what surprises me is that you've not been approached, or maybe you have been approached by nfl teams to maybe try to kick for them. not that it's something you would do, but -- >> no, it was mentioned to me when i was playing over here, mentioned as something you'd like to go into. i did an advert with reggie
12:00 am
bush. >> jimmy: right, let's play that clip while you talk about that. because this was -- you and reggie bush. you had billy idol's hair back then. [ cheers and applause ] that's very good. >> reggie was pretty impressed. >> jimmy: if reggie's impressed, everyone should be impressed. >> it was mentioned to me awhile back. but to be honest i can do it like that. but when guys are running at me, i'm not sure i'd enjoy that too much. >> jimmy: it's worth a try. you did play in the nfl, you'd have to go without the helmet. because really what a waste. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] let's take a quick break. david beckham is here. haig club is his new whiskey, we'll talk about that. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by
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>> jimmy: we're back with david beckham. this is haig club, this is a whiskey. and it's an old one, right? >> well, this one is not an old one. but the haig family is over 400 years old. it's one of the oldest distilleries in the whiskey business. and the family, i've met one of the family members which was kind of incredible which i was in scotland on the launch. >> jimmy: a 400-year-old person --
12:06 am
>> well, one of the family. so haig, they came to me at the end of my career and said, would you like to -- >> jimmy: "you need a drink." >> yeah, after 22 years i need a drink. so yeah, they came to me and said, would you like to be involved in this project? and i love the history behind the family. and obviously they wanted to bring a new single grain whiskey into the market. very versatile. can be drunk neat. >> jimmy: you're a bartender now. >> yeah, i'm a bartender and a taxi driver. not at the same time. >> jimmy: are you at all concerned it looks like a cologne bottle? it looks like 40 years' worth of cologne. >> well -- that's good as well. >> jimmy: i'll probably get pulled over on the way home. did you test this out on your wife victoria? >>dy. victoria, you know, she's definitely --
12:07 am
>> jimmy: it's a nice scent, actually. i smell like a man. >> victoria loves it. i took her a bottle home, one of the first bottles i'd been given. she's not a big whiskey drinker. i sat her down and said, would you try this? she said, yes, i'd like to try it, after a bit of persuasion. she loved it. yes, she's a whiskey drinker now. >> jimmy: what's the most unusual product you've ever been asked to or agreed to endorse? >> i mean, obviously i've endorsed quite a few things over my career and over my life. but probably one of the weirdest ones are did was a brand in china. i remember they brought this car door out. can you put it over your shoulder and smile? and i did it believe it or not. i did it. so that was probably one of the -- it was a car part firm. >> jimmy: really? >> yes. you know. they were a good firm. >> jimmy: i hear they're one of the best. >> they sold a lot of doors. so, you know.
12:08 am
>> jimmy: for you, one of the most recognizable faces not just in the united states but in the world, are there people that you meet that you feel starstruck? >> of course, yeah, of course. not every day but in england, i'm obviously a big royalist, i'm a big fan of the royal family. meeting the queen was one of the most special moments in my life. but over in the u.s., obviously you bump into people everywhere. and there was one time i was at the lakers. and i was just going to the restroom. and there was someone in there so i knocked. obviously no one came out. they eventually did. and it was jack nicholson. he was walking towards me. he said, "hi, david, what are you doing here?" obviously i didn't know what to say. "hi, jack." obviously i was starstruck with him. and i was surprised he actually even knew my name, to be honest. >> jimmy: did you check to make sure he'd washed his hands? [ laughter ] >> he seemed to have washed his hands.
12:09 am
>> jimmy: see? very, very hygienic. it's very good to have you here. >> thank you. >> jimmy: i'm sorry we lost you to london but i'm sure things are going great over there. are you going to be in a super bowl commercial? or is that a -- >> not this year. i'm kind of -- i'm 40 in may, getting a little bit older now. >> jimmy: yeah, you are, you look terrible. >> no one wants to see that. >> jimmy: you're wrong, everyone wants to see that. >> i'm happy, we love it here, we miss it ware. >> jimmy: we miss you too. david beckham, everybody. be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back. elle mcpherson and music from vance joy are on the way. before we get to them, this is something that we've actually been working on this for a while. our staff here at the show watches a lot of local news. we have a roomful of guys who watch local news from all over the country. big marks, small markets, they watch them all.
12:15 am
they've noticed over the years a lot of newscasters have interesting names. so we put them all together. tonight we salute these oddly monikered individuals. >> hello, welcome to 11 news, i'm deborah weiner. >> i'm daniel siemen. >> good afternoon, sam dick. >> for the second half hour, i'm patrick dick. >> thanks for being with us, i'm dick johnson. >> dick long. >> i'm angela moorhead. >> good morning to larry springer. >> i'm gary sandusky. hope your day's off to a fantastic start. >> jimmy: i'm so sorry, jerry. we'll be right back with elle mcphers mcpherson. [ cheers and applause ] can we get a little help? we've got pepsi! what if we just take like 15 minutes? halfway through the game?
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my next guest has been on the cover of the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue more than any other person. but she wants you to break her record by making you beautiful with a new product called the super elixir. please welcome elle mcpherson! [ cheers and applause ]
12:21 am
>> jimmy: you look great, obviously. >> obviously, because i take the super elixir, there you go. >> jimmy: what is this stuff? why do i feel like i won't look like you if i eat it? >> i promise if you keep taking it you might. you might at least feel really good. >> jimmy: really? >> yes. what it is is actually a highly specializedal ka losing powder -- you don't eat it like that. >> jimmy: why not? >> it's going to taste terrible. >> jimmy: actually, it doesn't taste terrible. kind of tastes okay. >> it does. what does it taste like to you? >> jimmy: a fun dip. you know, when you dip -- [ laughter ] >> what do you call that here? a pez taste. >> jimmy: it does taste good. i'm going to keep eating throughout the interview. >> let's put it away. >> jimmy: i know i made a little bit of a mess. can we mix this with david beckham's whiskey? [ laughter ] >> you know what, that's actually a really good idea.
12:22 am
after drinking that, because you probably drink lots because it tastes so good, you'll need this to feel good. >> jimmy: does this work for hangovers? >> apparently. >> jimmy: oh. well, that is good news. >> people say it does. >> jimmy: did you invent this stuff? >> oh my gosh. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: are you supposed to mix it with a sharpie? >> it looks good. >> jimmy: it does look healthy, looks like a healthy drink. [ cheers and applause ] ? you want to taste it? >> guillermo: yes. >> jimmy: tell me your honest opinion of this. i think it actually tastes really good. >> it tastes really good. >> jimmy: try that. >> and it's good for you. well? >> guillermo: i think it's terrible. >> jimmy: you think it's terrible? you want to taste that? >> no. >> jimmy: mm! i think it's great. i really think we're on to something.
12:23 am
we're in business together. all right, i'm going to put this on the side before i do something terrible. when did you make the segue from the modeling business to business business? >> actually, that's a good question. i think probably the turnover point was -- sometime during "sports illustrated" i was looking at the calendars and thinking, i'm miss january. i'd really like to be miss march. that's when my birthday is. >> jimmy: okay. >> and actually, thinking that, i might like to be miss april as well. miss may, miss june. so i decided that, why don't i do my own calendar? that could be fun. >> jimmy: you printed it up yourself? >> well, i put $60,000 into printing, i got a photograph ever, i found a distribution company. and i just made my own calendar. then i made a "making of the calendar" tv show. see. >> that was like the first time i sort of said to myself, it would be really interesting to do my own thing. >> jimmy: you trademarked the -- i don't know if it counts as a phrase, "the body."
12:24 am
which i think "time" magazine called you the body then you trademarked that. >> i thought it would be good for business. >> jimmy: so then does that mean -- what about jessie "the body" ventura? was he able to continue -- >> probably. >> jimmy: do you have a suit against him? >> no, i don't, not yet. i don't think people are going to mix us up. >> jimmy: i see, yes, that is true. >> you know, no confusion there. >> jimmy: i cannot imagine what it must have been like to be a supermodel in the '80s when everything seemed -- like looking back, everything seemed normal then. now everything seems crazy. everything seems like the "we are the world" video brought to life. was that a crazy time for you? >> it was interesting. i just had come from australia, moved to america, i was exposed to a lot. i remember one of my first jobs, i was invited to go to st. bart's. and i remember thinking, no, i can't go, i don't have enough money for the plane ticket. and my agency said, no, the magazine actually pays for you
12:25 am
to go. and i was relieved. i got there, went to stay at the plm in st. bart's. a friend of mine called me and she said, you'll never guess who's playing the piano at the piano bar. and it was billy joel. so down i go with billy joel. at the time i was working with whitney houston who was modeling. >> jimmy: she started as a model. >> she started as a model. whitney and i were working together. then christie brinkley was shooting her beauty book there. whitney, christie, me, and billy joel. >> jimmy: that son of a bitch. >> he ended up with christie. >> jimmy: yeah. >> very much in love. and i remember him listening to -- whitney made a tape and gave it to him. do you think i could be a singer? and there you go. >> jimmy: i did not know that. >> he was playing and he said, you've got to listen to this girl, she's got the most amazing voice. >> jimmy: he was right. that's unbelievable. i didn't realize that. >> really, really interesting kind of period.
12:26 am
because you'd meet people along the way. now i look back. >> jimmy: who else? give us one more. somebody you're like, i can't believe i was, looking back -- >> donald trump and michael jackson. together. how about that? >> jimmy: that's good. >> what a combo, right? >> jimmy: that's pretty good, yeah. >> dinner at a casino in new jersey i think it was. one of the trump towers with michael jackson and donald trump. that was a pretty cool one. >> jimmy: was it just the three of you? >> that's who i remember. i mean, whoever else was there -- >> jimmy: did you talk to michael at the dinner? >> yes, i did. he was cool. he was sweet and funny. very wry. i remember people chasing him. and he would run the other way up the escalators to try to get away. i was like, how did you do that? how do you up a down escalator? but he was definitely -- >> jimmy: the sort of thing michael jackson -- >> that he could do. >> jimmy: he moonwalked backwards. >> there you go. he was nifty on his feet. >> jimmy: are you interested in the super bowl this weekend? >> we are doing a super bowl
12:27 am
party. i'm actually a football fan. >> jimmy: you are, okay. >> a david fan. >> jimmy: i see, your kind of football. >> and he's a mate. but actually, i like ice hockey. >> jimmy: really? >> yes. >> jimmy: is that right? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: do you go to the games here? >> i have an 11-year-old stepson who plays in detroit. >> jimmy: oh, wow. >> he's really good, aaa hockey. >> jimmy: you go to his games? >> i'm a hook mom. >> jimmy: do players find it hard to concentrate when you're there? >> they're 11. >> jimmy: right, exactly, they're 11. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: who do you think is buying january and march? >> their dad. well, maybe even their grandfathers. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. we know where those calendars wound up when the year was up. >> there you go. >> jimmy: do you scream and yell at a game? >> i am a bit of a screamer. >> jimmy: very nice, very nice. i have a photo here.
12:28 am
this was taken this summer. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: can i ask how old you are? >> i'm 50. >> jimmy: you're 50 years old. >> i'm 50 years old. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm going to have to look at your birth certificate. >> well, i know you were born in '67. >> jimmy: that's right. how do you know that? >> you're the same age as my husband. he was an altar boy in '67. >> jimmy: does that mean we can make love? [ laughter ] >> you're just my age. i know you're married and i'm married, so -- >> jimmy: all right, but we can talk to people and work it out. here, have a drink. have a drink. everybody, this super elixir and elle mcpherson.
12:29 am
we'll be right back with vance joy! [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world.
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d the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world. >> jimmy: thanks to david beckham, elle mcpherson, apologies to matt damon, we did run out of time for him. "nightline" is next. first, from his debut album, "dream your life away," here with the song "mess is mine," vance joy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ talking like we used to do it was always me and you shaping up and shipping out check me in and check me out ♪ ♪ do you like walking
12:32 am
in the rain when you think of love do you think of pain ♪ ♪ you can tell me what you see i will choose what i believe hold on, darling this body is yours ♪ ♪ this body is yours and mine well hold on, my darling this mess was yours now ♪ ♪ your mess is mine ah, ooh your mess is mine see you in the marketplace ♪
12:33 am
note walking around at eight a.m. ♪ ♪ got two hours before my flight luck be on my side tonight ♪ you're the reason ♪ ♪ that i feel so strong the reason that i'm hanging on you know you gave me all the time ♪ ♪ oh, did i give enough of mine hold on, darling this body is yours ♪ ♪ this body is yours and mine well hold on, my darling this mess was yours now your mess is mine ♪ ♪ ooh, your mess is mine
12:34 am
ooh, your mess is mine bring me to your house and tell you ♪ ♪ sorry for the mess hey i don't mind you're talking in your sleep out of time ♪ ♪ well, you still make sense to me your mess is mine ooh, ooh, your mess is mine this body's yours ♪ ♪ and this body's mine ooh, your mess is mine your mess is mine ♪ ♪ your mess is mine
12:35 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ i was scared of dentists and the dark i was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations ♪ ♪ oh, all my friends are turning green you're the magician's assistant in their dream ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh, oh and they come unstuck lady, running down to the riptide taken away ♪ ♪ to the dark side i wanna be your left hand man i love you when you're ♪ ♪ singing that song and i got a lump in my throat 'cause you're gonna
12:36 am
sing the words wrong ♪ ♪ there's this movie that i think you'll like this guy decides to quit his job and head to ♪ ♪ new york city this cowboy's running from himself and she's been living ♪ ♪ on the highest shelf ooh, ooh, ooh, ohh and they come unstuck lady, running down to the ♪ ♪ riptide taken away to the dark side i wanna be your left hand man i love you when ♪ ♪ you're singing that song and i got a lump in my throat 'cause you're gonna ♪ ♪ sing the words wrong ♪ i just wanna i just wanna know if you're gonna ♪ ♪ if you're gonna stay
12:37 am
i just gotta i just gotta know i can't have it ♪ ♪ i can't have it ♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, he's a chicago bears quarterback. don't call him mr. mom. when his reality star wife left him home alone with the kids jay cutler went running for the hills. forget the mommy wars. is the backlash against daddy duty giving men a bad rap? scientology fallout. the explosive documentary the church doesn't want you to see. former members making shocking allegations about the controversial religion. from the bizarre place they say some officials are sent to be punished to the church's allegations over tom cruise's marriage to nicole kidman. go> who's the bad dog now?


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