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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 29, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning. 5:00 a.m. we thank you for waking up early and joining us. i am kristen sze with leyla following breaking traffic news. meteorologist mike nicco has a pleasant day. >> a lot like yesterday. we are off to the same start but the north bay the fog is
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thicker. a mile at petaluma up to santa rosa. the afternoon forecast shows a lot of sunshine. haze. but not "spare the air" day. low-to-mid 60's at the coast. the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 60's. that is warmer-than-average again. on the roads busier than average? >> an act reported in castro valley. i will have the details ahead. the macarthur maze shows early accident eastbound lane pulling away from the transitions and that is clear. that is the good news. traveling away from emeryville to the bay bridge not a single problem and interest san jose a look at 87 headed away from july beyond street with clear conditions in san jose. >> san francisco firefighters are still at the scene of a massive and deadly fire in the mission district. the inferno at 22nd and mission injured residents and left dozens without a home and destroyed offices much amy
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hollyfield is at the scene with the latest. >> they are still dealing with hotspots. even this many hours after the fire. they are still restrictive about the area. this is mission street. this section is closed between 23rd and 21st and no one is allowed on 22. it is still active. it was a huge fire. there were more than 100 firefighters on the scene in the mission district. this started at 6:30. a man was killed. six people were hurt. they were taken to the hospital with beens and smoke inhalation. one was a firefighter. this is a mix used building, the third store is apartments and the bottom is offices and businesses. people used the fire escape to get out. fires kept it from spreading to the new condos next car. 40 people were displaced.
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it look deyou haved. police say the cause does further look suspicious but arson is investigating the fire's cause. here is the view of the fire from our camera two miles away: you can see the smoke rising into the sky as the camera pulls back. a lot of people in the city saw this and told us about >> this is cell phone video from the scene recorded before the firefighters pulled back and took defensive position let the building bun in an of the to keep the nearby buildings from catching fire. if you have photos e-mail them to us at we will follow this story throughout the newscast and bring new information with news continuing on twitter at
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twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> three people are in custody after a short pursuit in east oakland. the california highway patrol tried to pull over a four day vehicle on interstate 580 at the exit at 2:45. the driver did not stop. the chase ended on city streets near school. the vehicle was blocked in by two cruisers. the driver rammed the two vehicles trying to escape. you can see the damage. it did not work. everyone in the car was taken interest custody. in officers were injured. >> drivers will notice something new and different on a busy san jose street. police are taking this action after a pedestrian was killed by two cars street racing this week. matt keller is at at the scene. >> guard rail is here and they are expected town stall a
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temporary speed feedback sign on the busy road. this is taking place while the family and community of this young woman continue to mourn her death. last night, dozens of people returned to the spot where 24-year-old concern -- kiran pabla was killed. monday two people were racing down yerba buena road and last control and ended on the sidewalk. there have been three other fatal actions in five years. a radar sign telling drivers how fast they are going is half half a mile an. the vice mayor was at the vigil and said the signs work. >> we need to find ways to help people understand they need to slow down. it is like a freeway in our neighborhood. she was my cousin. she want just a cousin, not just a friend. she got to know you she was your sister. she was your mother.
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she watched out for you. she meant everything. >> two men linked to kiran pabla's death face charges of vehicular manslaughter with gross years ago nancy. 18-year-old gabriel esparza is out on bail and 23-year-old manuel anthony maldonado-avalos was in court with the family interrupting with cries for justice. the temporary feedback sign is expected to go up today and a more permanent sign could come up in a >> san francisco police are dealing with a gruesome killing south of market area. body parts were found inside a suitcase. someone called of a suspicious package yesterday afternoon. officers shut down the area to investigate and found additional body parts and detectives are trying to recover surveillance video. police are not releasing details
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but they say they have a suspect but have not figured out the victim's aim, race or gender. >> a family is demanding their son's school take action to ensure everyone in class is up to date on vaccinations. a student is in remission from leukemia and cannot be vaccinated because his immune system is compromised. his mom and dad are pleading with officials at the school reed elementary to make issue all classmates have had shots so he is not at risk. the family is focusing on measles in light of the recent outbreak from disney. the school has 7 percent exemption rate and the family hockey hopes the number drops to zero. >> in southern california a high school is taking up press denned steps to stop the spread of measles after possible symptoms were seen. 6 kids have been told to stay home unless they can prove they have been vaccinated.
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an outbreak in arizona has increased in size and health officials are watching 1,000 people 200 are children, would my have been exposed when a woman visited an urgent care center and did not know she had measles. >> family and friends mark the anniversary of disappearance of a woman in dublin who was kidnapped from her neighbor at 13 while walking from school to ice skating lessons in 1989. her parents will lead the march as they have done for 25 years. me will retrace the route she walked on the night of her disappearance. the march is at 7:00 p.m. and end with a prayer service. san francisco public defender is demanding an apology from police following the arrest of one of his lawyers during a confrontation at hall of justice caught on video. [ inaudible ]
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>> the deputy public defender was placed in handcuffs and they claim she was interfering with an investigation. the william said she was trying to counsel her client about her rights as an officer questioned about a crime. she was kept in handcuffs foreign an hour and cited for obstruction. the public defender did not have a right to interfere because her couldn't was not being formally enteringed >> the f.b.i. hopes images great a heist at a san francisco land mack will lead to the robbers. the f.b.i. is making public these photos taken in the wells fargo museum. a thief drove a stolen s.u.v. through the front door with the window shattering and two others running inside and one pulled a gonna on a security guard who rushed to see what happened. the robbers last the s.u.v. in the building and made off with
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gold nuggets. f.b.i. agents escaped in a car parked on the street. >> >> mike? >> if you leave the house inland east bay where it has been the coolest the last couple of mornings and living up to that again, san ramon is 37 degrees, followed by danville at 40 and dublin and pleasanton at 41 and everyone else is in the mid-40's until you get in higher elevations if you are going hiking temperatures are 49. we have 50's around alameda and milpitas and 42 in cupertino and foster city, 45 and 51 in the financial district and 44 in novato, and lafayette at 44. this is how it looks in san rafael 101 here is not the next 12 hours we are cooler this morning and we will be hazy in the afternoon and 59 to
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63 and gorgeous headed out for lunch this afternoon 58 at the coast and 66 for the rest of us. in the evening you need a light jacket and 50 to 54 with light northeast breeze blowing across the golden gate bridge at seven american with no fog. temperatures are still spiking near 70 on saturday. leyla? >> the san mateo bridge is clear and moving without any problems. we have light traffic. as far as mass transit if you rely on muni line 14 and 49 pause of the deadly fire in the mission district we have those two routes re-routed 50 of mission and to south van ness between 21st and 23rd so we could see a delay here and there and be aware this is going to be re-routed in that area. wear tracking this accident in castro valley westbound 580 to northbound 238 on the transition road one lane is blocked and damage to a light pole there as
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well. terrorism time traffic 680 we, highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains clear everywhere. if you are looking for a home consider buying near a starbucks, nature just for coffee convenience. >> new details on the crash of airasia 8501 and who was at the controls of the plane when it went down. >> tempers were flaring at a city council meeting. stay tuned.
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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this morning we are learning the air asia jet that plunged into the justify sea was glenn by the co-pilot. investigators say the co-pilot was at the controls when warning sounded and the jet began to spiral out of control. the captain sat in a monitoring role and all 162 people on board were killed weapon the plane crashed into the sea last in. >> the government said that last march's disappearance of accident was an accident and all are resumed dead so that allows relatives to receive compensation. a search for the jet is active in the southern indian ocean where it is believed the plane crash with 239 on board. >> a public hearing in st. louis on establishing a police oversight board ended in a scuffle. >> it got heated when several people began speaking of police
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injustice and officers who spoke out against the establishment were heckled and the frustration came to a boil outside the meeting room with a brawl. the board is established in response to the unrest in ferguson missouri. >> trying to bounce back from a sole off on wall street after an announcement from the federal reserve. good morning topping america's money, it happened on a good week after losing 500 points after closing monday at 17678 and today it was below 1600 and the air force is sticking with bow for the next air force i which oding boeingings. they are longer and more efficient but will not be ready for years and get all sorts of special motions first. >> if you are trying to decide where to buy a house look for a starbucks. >> what?
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>> research finds over 15 years the value of homes near the discovery stocks rose 95 percent with the average at 65 percent. they have a knack for picking good locations. >> we will need to find before they launch the new store. >> las vegas is home to the only white castle in the west. >> thank goodness we have one now. the instrument -- restaurant is such a hit they have to shut down to allow workers to resupply and catch their breath. there was a long line, 24 hour white castle besiege by fans of the burger chain since the tuesday grand opening selling 4,000 sliders an hour in the first 12 hours next nearest 1,500 miles away in
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kansas city. >> in missouri. >> and i have eaten there. >> when is the next flight to las vegas? and neil patrick harris. >> how many holes in a white castle burger? >> five. five holes. >> that is right, five holes. here is what is going on outside. craving. i can smell the onions. >> now, we talk about this. you may not like them the first time but they will grow on you. put the super bowl in phoenix hoping for great weather and it will rain the next two difficulties. from the east bay hills you can see the fog slipping from the north bay to the east bay
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shoreline. we will watch that in berkeley and toward richmond and hercules and otherwise this afternoon, sunny. dry. warm. through the weekend. mainly clear at night with patchy fog and in february finally, we could get a chance of rain. getting tired of saying next week we could have a chance because when we get there, it is gone. but there is a chance. mid-to-upper 60's today with a passing high cloud or two and that is to the coast, limited fog around the coast and to the north bay and temperatures are the same as this morning, low-to-mid 40's with isolated upper 30's and mainly in the mid-40's to around 50 for the bay and coast. only two areas of high pressure and last weekend there were three so if it is 66 percent of what it was last week it is still strong enough to take away our chance of rain and keep the storm track to the south and you can see all the rain.
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to the north as we head through next week by the time we get to friday and saturday, not a great chance but a chance. on this friday, we have mid-to-upper 60's and a few low 60's along the coast and mid-to-upper 60's for the rest of us tomorrow and total sunshine mid-60 at the coast and 70 on saturday and slight cooling on sunday and well above average and mid-60's at the coast to upper 60's for the rest of us and the temperatures will stay per headed to the middle part of next week. >> in the east bay the macarthur maze is amazingly light. clear conditions persisting up to the bay bridge toll plaza and eastbound traffic is not a problem. we are actually looking on the lighter side over the a pass. we usually see avenue traffic more red than this from tracy to dublin. you are slow-and-go hitting greenville and it even to 54 miles per hour to investigation
5:21 am
-- vasco. a little bit of slowing at pass and we will find out in a moment. the drive all in all will take you 30 minutes. in the north pay highway 37 from american canyon long highway 37 and 101 blue petaluma and san rafael it is clear and accident free. >> straight ahead seven things it know as you start day. >> supreme court justice as you have never seen a question-and-answer session that turned into a selfie moment. >> keeping open top of weather and traffic through the which will break with abc7 news and a look from the sutro camera to mission where the firefighters are still on the scene after a deadly female announcer: don't wait for presidents' day to save on a new mattress. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now! save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing
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or headed out the door he are seven things to know. the san francisco firefighters are on the scene of a deadly fire in the mission district. flames ripped through an apartment building killing one person and injuring six others. more than 40 residents are displaced. investigators are working to determine a cause. >> san francisco police are looking at surveillance video to determine would ditched a suitcase filled with...body parts. the suitcase was left on a sidewalk in south of market area yesterday afternoon. officers found more remains near. three breaking overnight three people are in custody following a pursuit involving the highway patrol in east oakland. officers tried to pull a black sedan over on interstate 580. the driver would not stop. the driver rammed two c.h.p. cruisers. the chase helped on oakland's city streets where everyone in the car was detained. >> security is super tight for the super bowl with fighter jets and helicopters guarding the university of he -- phoenix
5:25 am
football stadium. a 30 mile no-fly zone is in effect with thousands of law enforcement officers deployed. >> five, a protected species of bird still causing delays with -- legislation of the old eve eastern span of the bay bridge a lock of the birds will not move from the span despite new platforms being built for them on the new bridge. work is six months behind schedule. >> temperatures this afternoon of 5-degreeers -- degrees warmer-than-average. mass transit with a re-route because of the fire in the mission district 13 and 49 are going to be taken off of mission and to south van ness. expect delays. >> federal prosecutors are fighting a new request if a change of venue in the trial of
5:26 am
boston marathon bombing suspect tsarnaev. jury selection resumes today. an analysis of completed questionnaires does not support the defense argument that an impartial jury cannot be found in eastern massachusetts. the judge has denied two early requests to move the trial. tsarnaev faces the death penalty if convicted for the bombing that killed three people and injured 260. >> turns out that united states supreme court justice sotomayor can work a room. she spoke to a huge crowd at the university of utah yesterday and rather than reading notes she walk through the aisles, and gave her security team a work out when she charged into the office to sit with middle and high school students and pose for selfies. >> jonathan we have to rescue you from your admirers because we need to get you to your next --. >> let me finish this answer. i am not going, they have to
5:27 am
wait. >> she stayed with the kids and talked to them about value of reading. sotomayor oversees utah in the 10th circuit did not speak of specific cases but made reference to her life as a supreme court justice. >> we have another full 90 minutes of news. >> including a story only on for the first time you can hear from the pilot who dipped the plain in the pacific. >> look at san francisco the brit lights downtown and you are looking at abc 7 our way to keep you up to date open traffic and weather. don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. go bold with flavors that kick. release a devastating avalanche of taste on your tongue. bury yourself
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live from the kgo-tv
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broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning at 5:29, thanks for waking up early and joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric hail is watching traffic. mike is watching weather. >> traffic was light coming in this morning. what is it like now? we will talk to hail but, first fog, half a mile in santa rosa and quarter-mile in petaluma. there was little traffic. san rafael is not foggy so rohnert park and up to windsor looking good. the afternoon has sun and haze and temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's at the coast and mid-to-upper 60's for the rest of us. >> when you travel the speed of limit you should pass more cars the. >> you would think so. >> how does it look? >> busy. mike comes to work it is when everyone is get home or just before everyone is getting out. no one is on the road.
5:31 am
the richmond-san rafael bridge is busy at the toll plaza moving to the golden gate bridge, headed in from the north bay to san francisco, we have extra company out there and one accident in castro valley. the details in a couple of michigans -- minutes. >> an sore is trying to fine the source of a place that claimed one life and injured several people roaring through a mission apartment building. amy hollyfield is near the scene with the latest for us. >> firefighters are still here on the scene and i have a shot from above a picture to show you right new from sky 7 so you can see anyone still at work. this many hours, almost 12 hours after the fire started and that is because they are still in attic area dealing with hotspots which gives an indication of how difficult this fire was to fight. they are going to have this area mission street between 23
5:32 am
and 21 closed for a couple more hours. look at this video, 6:30 last night the huge fire started and hundreds of fires rub here to the scene and they say it was a tough fight especially because it got into the attic space when it took off and went running through the building. it is a three-story building and the continue floor is -- the top floor is full of apartments. many used the fire escape to get out. 100 firefighters were on the scene. it is contained. they do not consider it out. they still have 24 firefighters on the scene. >> it is not out yet. not until all the hotspot spots are done and the building is safe and the integrity of the building is good before we leave. >> a man died in the fire. we asked firefighter why he want able to get out and they don't
5:33 am
know. they did their best to save hill. six people were taken to the hospital suffering from burn and smoke inhalation survive civilians and one firefighter. the firefighter is going to be okay suffering from exhaustion. >> this first took so much water that it created minor flooding and thousands of gallons of water with nowhere to go, 40 people displaced by the fire and the red cross is helping them and there is the investigation into what started it. at this point we are told they don't think it is suspicious they don't think arson is to blame but the arrest senator team -- arson team is investigating. >> a man was coming home from work and could not do anything but watch as the home went up in flames. he lived in the building with his family for 12 areas. his mother and stepfather were hole when the fair broke out and his stepfather ran out and alerted the neighbors.
5:34 am
>> he washed something in the kitchen, went to the bathroom and then he watched the flames coming out from a closet. lost everything. >> the red cross opened an evacuation center for residents love knit at city college. the best way to help is to donate money with a link at >> we follow the story through the newscast and bring any new information with breaking news reporting at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. ago ago. >> hayward fire department is investigating a fire that break out inside a commercial building last night. we were over the scene that bass home to a popular mexican restaurant. it closed its door as few years back. firefighters posted this picture on the department facebook page showing crews outside the restaurant and here is a picket of damage. the fire was under control
5:35 am
quickly before it could spread. no one was hurt. san francisco police believe they may have identified a suspect behind a gruesome murder in south of market area but identifying the victim is difficult because of the nature of the crime. >> surveillance video will be so important police say they got a call of a suspicious package after the 4:00 p.m. and minutes later cops opened a suitcase and found pieces of a body inside. san francisco police officers taped off a large part of the south of market area to investigate what can only be described as a gruesome discovery, a suitcase with a human torso stuffed inside. police say there were additional body parts found in the area. the medical examiner were on the scene for hours putting together crews and reviewing surveillance
5:36 am
video from dozens of businesses. we have people of&homicide investigators are speaking to and using surveillance cameras. >> this is a camera. >> the suitcase was left behind the bank of america at 11th and uber headquarters a block over. police say it is unclear if the remains belonged to one opinion. so far, they decided not to release where the parts were found, what they were, the victim's able, race or gender. state investigators have searched two homes in the scandal over a cozy relationship between pg&e and state regulators. they seized computers and other devices from the home of former public utilities commission president looking for evidence of judge shopping and bribery. they accepted the home of a former pg&e vice president who has since resigned. e-mails released last year show
5:37 am
the official culled with each other on crucial decisions. >> we are hearing from the young pilot whoen up ditching a plane in the pacific ocean on sunday. you will not believe what the 25-year-old did in the final moments in the air pulled out a gopro and took a selfie. this is the keg coast guard video of his plane descending after it ran into fuel trouble short of hawaii. he took off from tracy and look at this, his veto taken from inside the doomed airplane and the resident looks calm and collected and in command as there is a splash landing and even called dad. >> the hardest part was making that phone call. at this point i said i am going to be ditching in the water. >> if you tell them you love them? >> it take on a new meaning with
5:38 am
the phone conscious "i love you," and hopefully you can say it again. >> he was rescued by a cruise ship and did not suffer a crash. you need to hear more of the story on "good morning america" at 7:00 after the morning news. >> the parachute is unique to that airplane and it is quite something to see it work correctly and keep someone alive >> mike has the weather. >> wish i could say we have amazing rain coming our way but we we do not just folk at petaluma at 40, and guerneville at 43 and american canyon is and 43 at napa and across the bay we are looking at 44 and flea in lafayette and 41 in san ramon and in the mid-40's from san jose and cupertino to newark and 50's around alameda at 52.
5:39 am
the flags on the ferry builting are limp. we have a light wind and fog to the north and a few high clouds and that is it. by noon we have a passing cloud and mild temperatures near our highs low-to-mid 60's by 4:00. upper 50's at the coast and low-to-mid 60's if the rest of us. we will be clear this evening with low-to-mid 50's. from the east bay hills you can see the finger of fog still hugging from emeryville up to hercules and as we head through the three day forecast warmer that average nearly 70 by saturday. >> my goodness. at castro valley we have one lane blocked extraing between westbound 580 to northbound 238 connection and we are hearing it has cleared and we had a that was damaged and we have
5:40 am
slowing at 580 merging so the delays will increase. headed to the west, san mateo bridge is at top speed and dumbarton bridge you are going to find top speeds. we have construction language northbound -- along northbound side with road work at redwood city so expect delays in that area. >> thank you leyla. an hour and counting before the threatened beheading of a japanese reporter hell captive by isis. we are in washington with the effort to save his life. >> call it a high speed aerobatic shout out the trouble for a navy fighter pilot for a fly over in berkeley. stay tuned.
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>> covering daly city, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> right now there is less than an hour to go to the deadline if a prisoner swap that could save the life of a japanese journalist who is in the hands of isis. our reporter is in washington dc with the latest. susan? >> good morning, eric. last minute nexts are underway despite oks from the obama administration. >> hang in the balance, the life of a tv correspondent and this jordanian pilot. a video released by isis shows
5:44 am
japanese journalist kenji goto shackled and reading his death sentence with a photo of the jordan pilot. >> i have 24 hours last to live and the pilot has even less. >> despite opposition two cups, japan and jordan are maneuvering to spare the lives of the hostages. in exchange if the pair, isis wants a suicide bomber set free an iraqi william on death row in jordan. the authorities say she was a determine killer taking part if a 2005 attack which 60 people were killed many of them attending a muslim wedding. >> what isis wants is for people to treat them like a state. it is in jordan's interest not to treat them lick a state. >> there is a new deadline sunset in iraq. the king of jordan gave in to the demands for a prisoner swap. >> this is a diplomatic victory for isis. >> in france they have the first
5:45 am
counter strike in the information war against isis releasing a video designed to steer young people away from militant radical groups showing conflict and executions described as "hell on earth." >> so far, isis has been winning the propaganda war. stop that is a critical challenge for washington and the west. a competitor of airbnb will continue to challenge the new san francisco law regulating vacation rentals in private homes. a judge dismissed the lawsuit filed by home away. hole away says the ordinance that legalizes short term vacation rentals benefits airbnb business mohammeds requiring the rentals be own by those who normally live there. the judge hinted that future lawsuit could go forward if filed by individual homeowners. home away will back their
5:46 am
lawsuits. >> navy is investigating afully by over the city of berkeley that rattled a nerves. a navy pilot performed a let level pass over berkeley on tuesday for his where who is a graduate student at cal. a navy spokesman said the fighter secret was 2 mison d2,500 to 3,000' before the ground. it came down shattuck. >> it sound like it was 100' before us. >> cool. hope they don't do it too often. say the fighter returned to the naval air station. >> they did taught say if he signals. when he made the town. >> maverick and goose?
5:47 am
>> maverick and goose. >> i saw you talking about tweeting how many days >> and it was 35 days ago, christmas eve at only35" of rain. all the areas could being sod in -- could be socked in with fog. we have a high cloud near the shark tank. we have a lot sunshine today. grab the sunglasses. dry air. warmer-than-average temperatures through the weekend. patchily clear the next couple of nights. purchase patch is possible. february the storm track could containing and it could bring us a chance of rain. until then, we have mid-to-upper sent with 64 at half moon bay
5:48 am
and san francisco and richmond and napa on low end and 67 in fremont and livermore. today, santa rosa and morgan hill the warmer conditions and santa cruz and cloverdale at 70 and 71 for the warmest spot. tonight, we have fog like this morning along the east bay shoreline and it could dip and the south bay toward the peninsula and keeping us in the mid-to-upper 40's and palo alto is the cool spot at 42. napa is 39ens san ramon -- napa is 39 and san monday is upper 30's. the stagnant air continues to repeat itself day after day after day with high pressure taking criminal the system that could bring us rain will be shoved over the super bowl for the next two days. by sunday that is when the sun comes out. on sunday, the storm track will stay to the north and in oregon and washington and it will do
5:49 am
that through thursday. on the left side of screen friday into saturday that is not hooking very promising. the seven-day outlook shows still watching saturday our warmest day with mid-60 and nearly seven and 60's dominating next week. through when. have a good one. >> we have a crud here -- crowd building with a big rig and cars waiting to get cross the bridge. the bay bridge shows all of those brake lights pushing to the tolls and metering lights were turned on and already they are see slow downs up to the maze. everything else cross the bay area i will focus on the slow spot and we do not have accidents. that is great news. 39 miles per hour and northbound highway 101 headed away from 280 and 680 to nimitz and the rest
5:50 am
of san jose is green conditions and at top speed along 280 and cupertino and the peninsula the drive on 101 and 280 with this delays swinging interest san francisco southbound 280 at 101 we have a construction project blocking a up cough lanes. coming up, zuckerberg's pricey slice of pair die and how much he shelled out for beach front property in hawaii. and fining parking around a bart station is about to become a new challenge with new restrictions. stay tuned. female announcer: save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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>> you can catch your favorite shows own "thank god it's thursday," returns with new episodes of "scandal," and how to get away with murder followed by abc7 news at 11. >> first larry ellison buys most of an island and now facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg paid $200 million for ocean front property on the island of kauai on the north shore the biggest transaction the massive estate which is a former sugar can. plantation including 2,500' of ocean front and a working organic farm and is expected to build on the property for his
5:54 am
family. the city conquer says it will spend $10,000 implementing new parking restrictions around the north concord and martinez bart station. tories will turn 11 residential streets into permanent parking areas only. residents have been complaining city streets are being charged into everflow parking lots for commuters, drives have been blocked and never enough packing if residents. the problem was worst last year weapon bart charged a dollar to park at the 1,800 space parking lot. >> meteorologist mike nicco, we are still waiting for the rain. >> we have been waiting a while. back if time to last year, a long-term ago, when on christmas eve we had some drops fall from the sky. otherwise, dry dry, dry, dry, dry, dry, dry. and then dry dry, dry, dry dry, dry, dry, dry dry. i was not going to do that 35
5:55 am
times but you get the idea. january is usually the second wettest month in san francisco. we have had nothing. big good allege. -- big goose egg. a few showers are possible in the sierra but 1-3" will not help our snow pack we will be at 27 percent tomorrow maybe 26 percent. temperatures in the central valley are upper 50's to low 60's with high clouds and sunshine. >> did you say it is going to be dry? mass transit and bart trains are running on time and 46 are run on time and muni line 14 and 49 are re-routed because of fire last might and taken off of mission on to south van ness so expect light delays. ace train is on time. we have more traffic at walnut creek slow things down at highway 24 northern trash, though and brisk to pleasant
5:56 am
hill. >> a new poll finds people in california are more optimistic about the economy good news for governor brown. people would like the job he is doing have chiled to 61 percent 20 higher than when he took office in january of 2011 and majority support to citizen temperature taxes. california support the budget map to pay debt andable cushion rather than restore social services but racial disparities persist in the way people view police treatment in their communities. >> san francisco police are asking for help to track down a man suspected of stealing a puppy on a bus. which is chester a four-month-old pit bull puppy and these are photos of man police believe took the dog. officers say he pulled chester's owner in the face and grabbed
5:57 am
the backpack. if you know anything call san francisco police. >> news westbound's latest issue on silicon valley causing controversy, we will show you the full cover so you can see what is stirring the the >> "7 on your side" partners with "consumer reports" for tip on getting the best real estate act. >> the bridge here at san mateo bridge is moving along fine. stay tuned.
5:58 am
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ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. developing new at 6:00, san francisco firefighters are still at scene nearly 12 hours after flames erupted from a mission district building. coming up a we are learning of the victims and the people left hopeless. >> stopping speeders.
6:00 am
family and friends remember a young female joggers killed by street racing wreck. >> a high speed chase through east bay freeways and a c.h.p. maneuver brought the pursuit to an end. >> good morning at 6:00 on january 29. >> we have traffic and meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. it will be dry. and dry. and dry. >> the 36th day without measurable rain if san francisco. >> we have to look that up, it must be some kind of record. >> good morning, everyone, we have moisture in the form of fog from petaluma otherwise we have a few high clouds and a lot of sunshine weapon the sun cops up. the afternoon forecast has a lot of sunshine and haze and not a "spare the air" day and low-to-mid 60's at the coast and mid-to-upper 60's for the rest of us and more warm the in the weekend


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