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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 29, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a small dog is saved from the burning remains of a building in the mission district in san francisco. the fire claims a life and injured several people. investigators are searching for a cause. >> good morning, i am eric thomas. >> i am senior kristen sze. >> dramatic flames raged through the building. amy hollyfield is at the scene where firefighters remain. amy? >> they are still looking for the cause. they say five people who were hurt suffered minor to moderate injuries.
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they have not released information on the man who was killed. they are concerned about what they hear from survivors in this building about possible being trapped. and maybe in a build that did not have a working smoke detector. >> this is what the enormous fire looked like last night. after the huge flames were gone firefighters did not let down their guard. crews watched the building all night and were busy dealing with flareups. at 3:30 this morning a small miracle: they found this little gay on the very damaged third floor of the burned building. he was okay and a surprise as firefighters wondered how he survived the flames. >> it was eight hours into the fire and my understanding is the chihuahua had a tag so we could bring the dog to the resident who lost everything and still has his or her dog. >> he was the private spot in an otherwise grim morning. city officials started realizing
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the human tom of -- toll of the fire. city officials were instructed to help the 54 residents and 20 small businesses. >> we have responders for our programs and we can release those when we get an assessment of needs and plans. >> a business is on the second floor and he just stared in shock at the coverage on tv last night. >> i was watching to see if my office was going to be engulfed in flames. >> he is worried about the business but some of his pets. >> i have fish up there i am hoping they are still alive. >> fire investigators are concerned about what residents are saying of being stuck on fire escaped and having trouble getting to them and not hearing smoke detectors. >> you can see the first escape? six people were trapped on it.
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firefighters saved them but they could not get down. see the pull down ladder is hitting the honoring? it does not extend all the way to the ground so that is one part of what the extensive investigation will be looking interest. firefighters are also hearing reports that residents could not hear an alarm no type of a smoke detector is several factors here still need investigating and it could take weeks or months to sort out. >> thanks amy. new details in a straw some -- gruesome discovery: body parts found in a suitcase left on a busy sidewalk found near 11th and mission street yesterday afternoon. the officers shut down the area to investigate. there was a torso in the suitcase and other remains in a garbage can. the medical examiner is trying to identify the victim but do not have key parts needed for a clear identification. detectives are combing through surveillance video to find a
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suspect. official reports of a suspect or "person of interest" have proven to be false. we are working gather more information on the story. >> breaking news doctors in sack momento are test a patient to see if they are quebecing the en. >> patient is evaluated at the medical center at uc davis and is being checked out, but the chance the person has ebola for real is rather low. the world health department is making progress in africa with the number of new weekly cases now is down to below 100. >> a man is in the hospital after getting struck by a car. it happened after 8:00 people at the intersection of brotherhood and thomas more way in san francisco. the map is in critical condition. the driver stopped and is working with authorities. >> san jose police are taking
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action after a jogger was killed by suspected street racers. police are putting a temporary radar sign like that on yerba buena road. the goal is to alert drivers of how fast they are going in hopes of slow down traffic. the sign is going up where 24-year-old kiran pabla died. two speeding cars crashed and ran into her going over 70 miles per hour in a 40 miles per hour citizen. the stretch of road has seen three other fail accidents in five years. >> a marin county doctor, on rated of shooting a man after road rage incident is indicted on new charges. we have learned dr. simon will appear in manner county superior court tomorrow to answer to a grand jury indictment accusing him of negligence. he shot a man after the retired mortgage broker followed the doctor home and into the garage last summer. in the preliminary hearing the judge ruled dr. simon had a
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right to defend himself in his home and dismissed a criminal case. >> the coast guard will be searching for a woman and her dog. a small boat carrying the two was stuck at low tide near redwood city and our reporter is at the chesapeake boat launch in redwood city. matt? >> this sign is eye opening how big the search area is: this is where we are. we are in redwood city. at the chesapeake boat launch. we are told the woman is out in the bay in a small boat but the last half hour the fog has cleared so the coast guard is search from the sky. >> we have betters out here and because of the weather conditions and tides sometime they go beyond their comfort level and call us to help and assist if necessary. >> here is involve menlo park
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fire district air boat coming into the launch ramp before 9:30 this morning. the firefighters just finished their accept of all areas accessible by boat and the coast guard said the woman called them at 6:00 this morning saying the boat was stuck in the mud and she was trying to get back to her sailboat stuck in the mud open tuesday. she was out last night and the cell phone died but now before they ping edit and search boats were sent out. because of the fog the keg coast guard could not launch the helicopter. it is hoped the boat was lifted out of the mud at high tide. if that is not the case the helicopter will be launched and if necessary, the rescue boats can go back into the water. >> thank you, matt. the death toll is climbing if mexico city where investigators say a gas tank exploded outside a hospital.
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this is a look at the building 30 percent collapsed. the facility focuses on ma continuity and children's care. seven people are reported dead four children. mexico city maritals the local tv 40 others, about that are hurt. the explosion happened when the truck was delivering natural gas to the hospital and a hose burst causing a leak. >> it is unknown if a japanese journalist and a jordan air force pilot held by the militant group isis are dead or alive. the deadline to swap them for antiochback terrorist has passed. the jordan government was moves that the pilot is alive. the suicide bomber has been on death row in jordan for 2005 terrorist attack that killed 60 if she is not released from custody by sundown they threaten to kill the pilot and the
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journalist kenji goto. >> if you have plans to go to dmv in san francisco, call first. a water main break at the dmv office superintendent water and mud running into the offices. workers closed the doors and canceled all morning agreements. 100 frustrated customers stood in line that wrapped around the building waiting for information. >> since yesterday i have tried to make appointments and they say the earlier appointment is going to be february 17 so that is why i am in line. they said we have to wait here all day long. >> staff were forced to use mops to push out the mud and dirt. some employees were sent to other field offices. dmv is trying to air out the offices and re-open as soon as they can. >> state highway 1 between mill valley and muir woods will re-open any moment. the highway has been closed
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since december when heavy rains washed away some of the earth under the northbound lanes making them unstable. engineers trimmed -- drilling holes to beef up the foundation. >> the pilot who ditched his plane in the pacific speaks for the first time in an interview you will see only on abc7. the stunt he pulled seconds before the coast guard saved his life. >> heightened security at the super bowl. the roll the military is playing in making sure everyone stays safe at the big game. >> a look outside at the bay from our exploritorium camera a pretty shot. meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the
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>> remember this amazing video of a pilot parachuting to safety after running out of fuel on a flight from tracy to hawaii? this morning, only here we hear new details about the flight in the 25-year-old pilot. he tabs of keeping cool even taking a selfie as the plane was going down. here is that report. >> watching the incredible video you could wonder what the pilot thought about the built in parachute and what is he doing? in an "good morning america" exclusive the 25-year-old pilot shows us. he want praying he was taking a selfies on way down with his
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gopro. with the door open, you can see the parachute over his head. the life vest away his neck. and the identification closing in. >> it was funny right before that, the gentleman, the coast guard, i do not were you have you right now. >> morton was in the air seven hours from california on the way to hawaii when he says the plane suffered some kind of malfunction in the fuel system. he called for help on his satellite phone and he called his dad. >> the hardest part was making that phone call. at that point i told him i am probably going to be ditching in the water. >> did you tell him you love him? >> it takes on a new meaning the "i love i," and hopefully i could tell him again. >> the coast guard realized he would not make it to land or in range of a rescue and he reported his position to a cruiseship which agreed to help and circles the ship, his heart pounding waiting to pull the
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"airframe parachute system," a standard feature of his aircraft. >> i felt like i was five years hold standing on the high dive, looking down okay all we go. >> the chute deployed and a criminal the explosion. you tell yourself what will happen and talk director self through it and i was like you are still not quite ready for what is going to happen. a remarkable survival story all without so much of a scratch. >> great to be able to take care of me. >> bit of a cruise. >> first time on a cruise boat. hopefully the last time i will drop in on a cruiseship. the key to stopping cancer is capping it early. and a new technology that could revolutionize breast cancer screening is being developed right here in the bay area. it is provide women with an accurate way to screen for breast cancer at home.
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tonight, a closer look at this new device and how it makes breast cancer scream as simple at checking your smartphone. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> good morning, from the top of the broadcast center where we have been basking in sun for the better part of the morning in san francisco and you have been fogged in, in san jose, good news with the dense fog advisory over and all reports are on time. i will tell you how of longer we have warmer-than-average temperatures and next month of course the chance of rain. >> super bowl security reaches new heights. how you can stay safe wherever you watch the game. >> local chefs serve up their best dishes and find out are to enjoy a bite in this week "explore where you
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> security is ramping up in arizona ahead of the super bowl with fighter jets and blackwater helicopters will enforce the no-fly zone around the university of phoenix stadium. inside, thousands of law enforcement officers will be looking out for weapons. everything that comes into the stadium has to be screened from food trucks to the stage for half time performer katy perry. yes eric, even her costume will be checked. >> i will leave that alone. instead i will check with meteorologist mike nicco for the trust. >> is nothing appropriate about a comment? >> good morning everyone, we will jump interest it there is a lot to talk about. the weather window in san jose
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shows the sunshine is quickly evertaking the fading fog down in your main, an upside down morning sun in san francisco and fog and delays into and out of san jose international airport. how often does that happen? that has changed, but there is still tule fog in the central valley but that will evaporate. how about move the super bowl to the valley of the sun after being in new york last year in the middle of winter where it was gorgeous but cold and now they are going to have rain the next few days. that is where our rain is. we will have a few high cloud otherwise tote sunshine on the visible stat -- satellite and haze although it is not a "spare the air" day. taking you back in time to christmas eve the last time we had measurable rain in san francisco since then you can see all the dry, all way up
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until yesterday and today tomorrow and, actually, the 31st is the first john ever, we have missed out on measurable rain in san francisco. right new we are at 35 days and counting. mount tamalpais showing the haze and the beautiful elevation changes as we look southbound into sunny and dry and warm temperatures through the weekend and that will follow mainly clear but patchy fog developing at night. temperatures today are in the mid-to-upper 60's and we could hit 70 in santa cruz and 71 in clever detail for the warm spot. tonight is exactly like this morning with the fog in the bay and out away the coast and in the north bay and everyone else though inland east bay will be clear as far as the areas of high pressure you can see pushing the main storm track to the north and the secondary storm track to the south and because the high pressure is taking criminal we will watch this rain stay away from us and we will focus on the north because that is where the next bout of rain is possible headed to friday and saturday of next week. we have our fingers crossed.
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that means the snow snow pack is 27 percent of average. look what happened this we, we are nearly 60 by sunday. take the sunscreen if you are headed to the mountains. we are near 70 on saturday the warmest day and a slow cooling trend back to the let 60's by tuesday and every day is warmer than average and every single day is dry. please conserve water. we desperately need it. >> right now, we have a break development on the story that matt brought us at the top of the show, you are looking at live pictures in wooded with by the marina not too far away of a woman and her dog. they were found. the coast guard sent out a helicopter looking for them and it is believed the small bet was stuck at low tide. she appears to be fine. again. this is breaking in redwood city. >> stay tuned.
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>> coming up later at 4:00, a treasure hunter on the lam new caught. the millions he tried to get away with and what is next. >> thinning of -- thinking of buy or selling your home? we have tip on getting the best real estate agent and save money at the same time.
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that is at 5:00. >> from a cool twist on technology to world-class cuisine made biological chefs there is plenty to do this weekend. leyla has ideas on exploring where you live. >> a if time this week at 27th russian festival, everyone is invited to the russian center of san francisco to indulge in russian cuisine and wash it down with a variety of vodka and enjoy traditional russian dancing and music. all of you are invited to sonoma for olive season and the feast of the onlyive dinner is held at the culinary schools with 19 of the best local chefs including three menus to indulge yourself. the bay area has a geeky event in san jose with a special geeky ladies only event a fun and safe
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place for women to come together and participate in-networking that focus on science technology, engineers and math. for more information about these and other events go to leyla gulen for abc7 news. >> what are you going to do? >> so much to choose i have to decide which ones... >> super bowl is one of the things. >> that little thing. >> for all of us thank you for joining us today.
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