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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 30, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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shed soming a cigarette before walking in. the crash happened after a promotional scoop for a movie. the client was trying to leave and put his car in reverse and ran over two was a friend of him. the other man survived. authorities say knight was involved in a fight earlier and is held on $2 million bail. developing news in the east bay, police are looking for a man accused of sexually assaulting a 10-year old boy. it happened in oakland on tuesday afternoon as the boy was walking down the street on 98th avenue near elmhurst park. police are being asked to check surveillance video to see if they captured the suspect on camera. the man could be someone who loiters in the area. a distinct feature of the man is short salt and pepper hair. a reward of up to $7,500 is offered for information leading to arrest. >> police have release add sketch of a man accused offering
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an undergauge girl $800 for sex. the girl was walking near 87th last month when she was approached. he walked away after seeing the shocked look on the girl's face. if you have any information on this call daly city police. >> oakland police are investigating a fail shooting at a liquor store. a man was found dead in front of veteran on market at harrison street last night. witnesses heard four shots before the shooting. police searched the yards of the neighborhood to fine the gunman but are still looking for the shooter. back to the workshop to help businesses and employees after the massive fire. amy hollyfield joins us from the scene. >> kristen there are several businesses here behind me at mission and 22nd you can see the popeyes is a big national chain but if you look down the
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road, it is full of small local businesses, a travel agency, an altercation services place. 20 small businesses according to the city impacted by the fire. all are picking up the pieces from the huge fire that happened on wednesday night at the three-story building at 22nd and mission. officials are worried about the businesses and the employees they cannot pay. the mayor says he will release disaster funds to help the businesses. today city officials will advise them. >> there are assistance programs the city offers including a number of forms to fill out and insurance documents they need to know about. employees are affected and the welcome first development team is there to bring assistance to employees possibly affected. >> it is not just the government that is helping the bar cross
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the street doc's clock wants help the residents from the top floor so half of the proceeds from the business will go to fire victims. fire officials are investigating what caused the fire and how people were able to get out or if they had problems getting out of the building. that will take weeks or months but the recovery process is william underway. >> it is 4:33. new details in the search for the person who left human body parts stuffed in a suitcase in san francisco. police say the holdless torso found on wednesday near 11th is missing its hands. officers found a leg in a trash bishop. investigators combed through the garbage cans for clues to the identity and showed an image of a potential suspect taken from
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surveillance video shown to homeless people in the area. >> a shot of him with a hoodie carrying a black backpack with a logo in the middle of the backpack. we all looked and all of us have not seen this guy. >> police say it is up clear if the body parts belonged to just one november. >> a young san jose woman killed by two suspected street racers will be laid to rest today. the 24-year-old kiran pabla was jogging on monday and two racing drivers lost control, went on the sidewalk and slammed into her. her death has led to changes on the busy road that neighbors say always attracts speeders. there is a temporary trailer that shows drivers the speed. a permanent side has been ordered. >> pg&e will release e-mails between the utility and the california public utilities commission that could provide new evidence in a criminal investigation. pg&e will release 65,000
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messages today. previous exchanges show that they tried to insurance the decision making and firm puc president sought corrections from pg&e. this week vest -- searched his home suggesting that the state is pursuing criminal prosecution. >> berkeley police need help to track down a suspect who mugged an early december map the day after christmas. look at this surveillance video: the robber in the red sweatshirt stole an iphone from an 84-year-old map injuring the victim. this happened on 4th street. police believe that the suspect took off in a silver audi with temporary plates. if you recognize this man call berkeley police. doctors are waiting if test results on whether a paint at uc davis medical center has ebola showing up in sacramento with symptoms yesterday morning. he was immediately transferred
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to uc davis. the person is in good condition and they expect the results of a second round of tests today. the hospital is not saying how the patient could have been exposed. >> police officers along the peninsula will be cracking down on drivers who are distracted by cell phones and other mobile devices. extra officers from the san mateo county sheriff and burlingame police departments are on the streets from 8:00 to 4:00 p.m. the emergency? distracted drivers are a danger to themselves and everyone else on the road. if you are caught, it will confident. violators face fines from $161 to nearly $300. >> if you grow frustrated with bart, you have a lot of company. rider satisfaction is at a 16 help career low. a survey shows rider satisfaction dropped to 74 percent last year from 84 percent in 2012. the biggest complaint was crowded trains during commutes when passengers are left
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stranded on platforms because cars are too included. riders are unhappy with dirty seats and floors and air conditioning that does not work in the summer and heat is unreliable in the winter. we will have the story at the top of the hour with the response. now a check on the weather forecast. mike? >> we start with the morning temperatures in the city are 53 coming in to the ferry building and 50 across the golden gate bridge headed downtown at 52 and waking up to 54 in glen park and sunnyside to june in ocean beach and 50 in west portal and pacifica is 52. the rest of us are in the mid-to-upper 40's around the bayshore to the south bay until you get to appeal the usual cool spot on the peninsula at 42 and right new pleasanton and fairly at 41 and american canyon is the cool spot at 36. this is how it looks from the exploritorium, it is very calm. almost like glass.
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you can see some of the clouds start to move in as the fog returns through 9:00. it will fade quickly between 11 o'clock and noon to hazy sunshine. upper 50's to low 60's and all of us are sunny in the afternoon in the mid 60's. 12 hours from 7:00 in the evening, it will be pleasant with mid-50's. you can see how thick the fog is looking to the west the tomorrow, no fog in the morning and we will be in the 70's in the afternoon and mid-to-upper 60's with increasing clouds on sunday and more clouds and mid-to-upper 60's on monday but dry. >> heading out to walnut creek to see how it is moving along on 680. will it be friday light? especially head of super bowl sunday. we have good conditions making it away from pleasant hill, northbound direction. we do have a sig-alert because of an early accident and caltrain is repairing the guard rail so if you are traveling in
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the northbound direction long the nimitz at marina boulevard there will be left lane closed and this is expected to be cold for another three hours so as the morning commute wears on you might start to see traffic building and certainly there is a lot of traffic in deck from san leandro but the sig-alert is in effect until that time. 580, tracy to dublin is highway four and 101 through the north bay all moving along fine. 4:39. a measles outbreak spreads. next we have the new warning from federal health officials and the impact it could have on the week's super bowl. >> also, president obama is running to the bay area soon. the motion he will be on in the hat of silicon valley. >> a look outside early on this friday morning. will it be rid -- stay
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covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 4:42. more worries of the measles outbreak hitting the nation. it is worsening and spread to arizona the state hosting the super bowl. our reporter is in washington where this is a new national debate about vaccinations. >> good morning. 2014 produced the highest number of measles cases in two decades. >> it is the most contagious airborne viruses on earth measles and this morning with 84 cases in 14 states this month alarm is growing that measles is spreading. >> it is scary because it used to be pretty much eradicated and now it is a problem. the centers for disease control is urging americans to be vaccinated after the outbreak that began at disney in december. now in arizona alone, just as
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super bowl fans are arriving, state officials are monitoring a thousand people and nearly 200 children for possible exposure. in california 66 students at a high school who cannot prove they were vacation natured are not allowed to return to class after two weeks after a student showed possible symptoms. >> parents are afraid and nervous. >> it starts like a cold, runny nose sore low h let and then a rash. most recover but it can cause brain damage and pneumonia and can be deadly. >> we are vaccinated. >> this is re-igniting a debate over those on thing out of the vaccine for religious or philosophical reasons. >> the most important thing is to be up to date on the vaccine. >> health officials declared measles eliminated in the united states 15 years ago and say the new cases come from travelers
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who importing the disease from overseas. kristen? san francisco is holding a meeting today on improving safety for bicyclists and pedestrians on polk street. engineers from the transportation agency will hear from the public about their plan to add bicycle lanes widen the sidewalks and remove street parking between union and mcalister. they will discuss a modified plan addressing bicycle safety and the loss of parking spots. >> driving is safer if you drive a new car according to the insurance institute. drivers behind a newer model car fell a third because newer cars are designed better and have the latest in safety technology. the drop in fatalities could also be because people are driving less because of the weak
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economy. >> teens and young adults under the age of 24 are most likely injured in car accidents according to a new survey by the centers for disease control. adults 24-44 are the second most likely group to end up in the emergency roof after an accident. the most common injuries suffered by accident victims is back strains. >> rebound is running to the bay area to tackle cyber security and will attend a summit on cyber security and consumer protection at stanford on february 13th. the meeting will bring together senior white house leaders and local c.e.o. and law enforcement officials working on ways to protect the public and companies from hackers. the president will attend one fundraising event if san francisco during the brief visit. >> listen to this incredible story, a see at pizza guy made when super delivery he likely will never forget, to seahawks quarterback. >> he got the order for the man,
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and he never got beyond the front door but this time he got to meet sherman and the entire legion was there for a "sports illustrated" photo shoot and he got in on the action. >> they said get if and take pictures and i was like what? it was something i will remember to my life. >> he said his favorite shot looks photoshopped. a lucky give. he is the were you have of all the friends and fellow pizza delivery folks. >> i was desperate to know how much did they tip him? and i rented and could not find out. you don't need a tip with that experience. >> i would agree with that statement. >> delivery guy...he make the cover of "sports illustrated" and was not on it. >> pizza delivery is not a sport? >> sports outdoor, people are looking forward to baseball football and all things considered the with the will be
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warm. >> one day tournament. usually we play two day tournaments over the weekend but because the super bowl is sunday we have one. now, visibility is quarter-mile in petaluma and napa and we look at three-quarters in santa rosa and the fog is leaking into the bay but it has not hit our reporting stations. here is a look at the light and variable wind another clue that high pressure is dominating our weather and when we get through the fog will be warm. san rafael is not seeing the fog yet but off in the distance you can see haze headed southbound on 101 toward the golden gate bridge and this is 280 at 17 the camera we used is very hard to see much this morning so there is definitely fog in the south bay. dense fog to hazy sunshine today. breeze will be in the hills with minor fog and almost no fog because of the mild and not is cool as this morning and
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above-average temperatures will last into next week which is next month. today, 70 in santa rosa fairfield, 72 in cloverdale mid-to-upper 60's elsewhere, and the breeze that develops will keep the coast a little bit cooler, lo secretary until you -- low-to-mid 60's until santa cruz. tonight, mid-to-upper 40's inland to 50 around richmond and san francisco and a few spots in the deeper valleys inland and that will be turned offer by the breeze it could be in the low 40's but tomorrow is warmer. the storm door is shut but for around the super bowl where they are getting rain. the main storm track is well to the north. as we head through saturday sunday monday, tuesday wednesday, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa whoa slow down friday saturday and sunday the storm track is still north but it dips square feet enough that there is a possibility of rain in the forecast. a long way to go until we get
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there. look at the temperatures: a slight northwest breeze sunday and a few more clouds and same on monday so the 60's are back dominating the forecast. we could have 70's next tuesday and wednesday like today and tomorrow. >> it looks like the traffic is moving as fast as the map but right new we do not have too many cars on the roads and it is friday light. here is san jose the drive on 101 headed away from 880 i have a fog advisory, to the south if you are driving defend 280 and 101 at 280 to the north be aware that it is going to be socked in in san leandro the sig-alert is in affect an early accident caused damage to the guard rage much the last lane is blocked for 2 1/2 hours at marina boulevard. sliding over to dublin and pleasanton, the on-ramp to westbound 580 an accident knock
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down a light pole and there will be repairs. it does not appear the lanes are blocked and clear conditions on the main lines. expect possible caltrain work later today. >> it is 4:50. a new facebook feature is taking on yelp. forget employee badge. one company is implanting my yes chips -- microchips. >> facebook is testing a feature that pulls up post related to director current location. >> the pontiff is going to new heights where virtual reality headsets to the first-class passengers. >> you can experience the latest blockbuster movies. >> office complex in sweden is taking workplace security to a new level. you have a chance to replace corporate i.d. cards with small chips implanted under your skin.
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you can enter the building and use copy machine and pay for lunch with a swipe of the hand. >> you okay with this? >> absolutely. >> because you cannot find your i.d....if your purse. >> have a great day. >> snuffing out tobacco a california lawmaker's controversial land to keep young people from spending. >> medicine on the cutting edge the amazing new bay area hospital about to open its doors. >> a look outside at the embarcadero, the bay and the bay bridge, a little bit of fog. we will keep tab on weather and traffics during the commercial break with abc7 well, i drove grandpa
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>> pair of balloonist flying 19,000' above the ocean are about to make history.
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the two pilots seen here taking off from japan will break the record for long of the time continuously in a balloon, 137 hours into the air. year, they surpassed the distance record for human flight in a gas balloon so that is the distance going more than 5,600 miles so far. the weather blocked their way north to canada so they are planning to land on mexico's baja peninsula tomorrow. that is the latest plan. they are 250 miles west of los angeles. >> john kerry has many titles, secretary of state, former senator, one time democratic candidate for president. >> the globe spanning diplomat can add snow shoveling scofflaw after a blizzard jumped 2' of snow on the city, boston mayor vowed to crack down on anyone who left the sidewalk in front of their homes and businesses bushried in snow. he wasn't kidding. year officials tagged john kerry with $50 fine for failing
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to clear the snow from the side of his mansion. is trying to keep world peace around the world enough of an excuse? >> apparently not for the boston mayor. >> now a look at the forecast. >> we will talk about super bowl. it is indoors but there is so much going on including radio road, and sunday is the boater day of the next couple about 64 at kickoff dropping to 56 by the end of the game. we have fog in the valley again until noon if you are traveling through there, be careful. we have rain when you get into the grapevine and southern california with mid-to-upper secretary in san diego and 71 in los angeles, and low-to-mid 60's through the central valley and monterey and breezy and 47 with man made snow in lake tahoe. >> we will start off with mass transit 34 bart trains are running on time and ace train
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one also is on time and muni has no delays with buses and rail rolling we do also have critical mass today so, expect to see a lot of traffic near the plaza in san francisco. now, in the south bay, san jose and santa clara everything down here looks like it is moving along at top speed at 66 miles per hour along 280 making it into cupertino with drive time traffic highway 4 i-80 87, all clear. >> a california lawmaker wants to raise the legal smocking -- smoke age from 18 to 21 saying tobacco companies know that people are more likely to become addicted to smoking if they start at a young age. the american lung association says nine in ten smokers pick up the habit by 18. the measure has the support of the lung association and the american cancer society. tobacco companies are expected to spend a lot of money to defeat the new effort. >> the new medical center will
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open its three state-of-the-art hospitals this sunday at mission bay. the hospitals for women, children, and cancer patients make up the $1.5 billion medical center the hospital of future with robots in the halls delivering meals medicine, and laboratory samples. patients can choose lighting, music and a suite that takes them away when going for scans. a couple donated $100 million for the children's hospital but the entire technical community contributed. >> whether it was give money, designing technology, creating a patient solution. >> rooms are designed to give them more criminal with a customized data system access to sole media and room for families to stay. >> at 5:00, the disturbing new details emerging of the ex
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stanford student accused of assaulting an unconscious woman on campus. >> a video aimed at saving lives in a crisis. >> we leave you with abc7 looking at the oakland maze with a touch of fog. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning. >> we are giddy because you said "friday." >> some folks could be giddy


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