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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 30, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning. >> we are giddy because you said "friday." >> some folks could be giddy if
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they like warm weather. >> if they like fog they will really be giddy. we are tracking it but there is no form of precision another sunglass day with hazy sunshine by noon and any fog that develops will evaporate between 11 o'clock and noon. 61 to 63 and breezy at the coast and cooler the rest of us in the mid 60's and 70 is just the beginning. more this weekend. >> okay. >> leyla gulen has a look at the roads. >> and as you come in from the north bay you can see the zipper truck now starting to increase lanes in the southbound direction so you can see the center median being pushed over to the right so that will narrow things down headed out of san francisco to the north bay. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where we have a few cars stacking up in the left hand cash-paying lanes but other than that it is clear with the exception of one sig-alert. in the news, police are looking for the map on sexually
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assaulted a 10-year old boy in east oakland. our reporter is in the newsroom with dailies. >> good morning, police have released few details because of the age of the victim and sensitivity of the crime but oakland police believe the story to be credible as they hunt for the suspect. police say the ten-year-old was walking a few blocks from the elementary school on 98th on tuesday. a stranger lured him into a see clued area and sexual assaulted him. the suspect is described as hispanic man 40 to 50 at 5' 7" with slender build with salt and pepper hair and a beard and may have been wearing a brown leather jacket. those in the area are shocked. >> it surprises me. i have never heard of anything like that happening in this neighbor. >> we continue to do follow-up. we want to be able to identify
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this person and remove him from our streets. >> the officer says that vest gives are reviewing surveillance video from cameras holding to gather more information. police believe the man could be someone would hangs out in the area. crimestoppers is offering $7,500 reward for information leading to his arrest. a community is working to help people who lost their homes and businesses in wednesday's massive fire in san francisco's mission district the one person died after suffering a heart attack during the fire the many homes and businesses were damaged. a workshop is held at 10:30 this morning at miss police department to help businesses and employees get assistance. a neighborhood bar called doc's clock is helping out. half of all rows from the business will go to fire victim victims. >> trouble on the tracks for bart: satisfaction is at the lowest point in 16 years.
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matt? >> i spoke with a bart rider this morning. i asked are you more or less satisfied with bart? he said, how can i be less satisfied? he is not alone as customer satisfaction has dropped significantly in the past year. the results are the lowest ever since the survey was started back in 1996 tying the results from 1998 and a big drop from the last time the survey was conducted. customer 70's went from 84 percent in 2012 to 74 percent last area. survey shows the more likely you are to stand the less satisfied you are. there is less space with increasing ridership as the economy billions. top drops come from lack of seats standing room space and space for your stuff like bicycles and strollers and luggage. a man gave bart credit for the business dealing. >> bart is doing a great thing for the community and offering a
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lot of minority businesses chances at getting contracts for construction. they are doing great. >> bart flames the drop in satisfaction on high ridership and aging infrastructure saying this underscores the response of current initiatives to modernize and increase the capacity of bart stations and trains. they say the goal is to increase the new car threat of 775 cars to at lost 1,000 cars. if you would like to see the results of survey check out thanks, matt. today a marin county doctor exonerated after a road rage shooting is in court to face new charges. a grand jury indicted dr. simon on charges of negligence and assault for the incident in july. he shot a retired mortgage broker who followed the doctor interest his garage after getting cut off on a street. this video was taken last month
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after a jam said simon had the right to defend himself in his own home and dismissed the original charges. >> a former stanford student charged with raping a drunk and unconscious woman denies raping her but does admit to sexually touching her. a sheriff report says [ turner and the woman drank a large amount of alcohol this month at a party and two bicyclists were able to scare turner off and held him until police arrived. turner is in court to face charges monday. >> the sheriff says they solved an 11-year-old cold case. 44-year-old larry fuller is chapped with killing a man in brented would back in 2004 and the november was shot a day before he was supposed to testify against fuller in a grand theft case. deputies always suspected fuller but it took a decade to got -- get the evidence. >> zmv in san francisco will
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re-open after a water main break from a construction protect that sent water and mud running into the offices yesterday. that forced dmv to close. 100 frustrated customers stood in a line that wrapped around the building. staff had to use mops to push owe the dirt and mud. dmv says the office will open on schedule this morning at 8:00 a.m. the weekend is going to be warm. >> the nights are cool. that is the interesting play. we have 37 in san ramon. that is the cool spot. everyone else in the low-to-mid 40's until highway 4 the warm spot at money 40's and pittsburg at 48 and on top of mount diabolo it is 50. lafayette is checking in at 44 so dress accordingly when you step outside. same in novato, 45 at calistoga and friction in foster city and wadded with is 49 along with newark and 48 in milpitas.
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the warm spot is alameda at 50 and financial district is june and half moon bay is 55. it is getting hazy. will the fog take over the south bay like yesterday? we are looking at 87 near the shark tank. san jose international airport will have another delay after not having a delay for years. that will be two days in a row. 37 to 15 with hazy sunshine and upper 50's to low 60 at noon. upper 50's to mid-60's by 4:00. a wonderful evening a little cool but not too bad low-to-mid 50's. leyla? >> the san mateo bridge is moving without problems to hayward. after hayward, to foster city nine minutes. to the richmond-san rafael toll plaza it is empty and a lot of seats to be filled. in solano tremendous we have a
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sig-alert and this is northbound 880 at marina boulevard because of an early crash that damage the guardrail and caltran is there for another couple of horses. you could expect delays leaving castro valley along northbound 238 as you make the transition from 880 the drive into oakland is at top speeds. thanks, leyla deflate-gate now is immortalized in soda pop. stay tuned. >> tom brady had nothing to do with this because he was too busy being awesome. >> poking fun >> if you overnight mit romney will announce whether he is running for president. again. >> and the exploritorium camera view of the bay and the smooth glassy water with the bay bridge in the bag ground.
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covering fremont, palo alto, north and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. bay. >> good friday morning at 5:12. mitt romney will announce whether he will make another run for the presidency in 2016. he is spended to make it public at 8:00 our time less than three hours. the 67-year-old republican spoke at mississippi state university yesterday sharing stories from his 2012 campaign and encouraging students to make a difference. in another speech on campus he criticized president obama and former secretary of state hillary clinton who could be the democratic nominee in 2016. >> world is waiting for word on the fate of a japanese journalist and a jordan air force captain held by a terror group. isis demanded the release of an imprisoned iraqi woke convicted
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carrying out bombing in jordan and threatened the two with death if she was not released from instead. major dan said they are willing to trade the woman if the pilot although the united states opposes the plan but they want proof that the pilot is still alive. jordan and japan say they have not heard from the militants as of this morning. it is troubling sign of the types, mass shoot evening targeting innocent people and now the los angeles police department has a graphic video show how people can survive active shooter attacks. we have to want you this video is graphic. >> stay calm. it is probably just a dill. >> the department enlisted the help of hollywood professionals to produce the nine minute video providing tips for what the public can do when the attack begins and the best chance of surviving. the department says scenes from the video were based on mass
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shooting and decided to make the video as realistic as possible to prepare public for a real situation. >> this will have your heart pounding niagara falls freezes daredevils do not see a barrel to go over. >> one athlete went in a different direction. he scaled 147' up frozen cliffs and next to the still flowing water and she a canadian ice climber and x games athlete. it took about an hour to get to the top. that is all. an hour. he did the ice climb two more times and planned out the route with park officials and climbed down the frozen waterfall a day ahead to clear away any loose ice. >> he did it the safe way? safeway. three times. >> super bowl weekend is upon us. ic debts for the game could be the most expensive ever. >> here is america's money report. >> good morning. topping the super bowl america's money tons of cash spent on the
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game. >> tickets were $7,500 on one website. if they stay that high it could be the most expensive super bowl in history. >> and fake super bowl have been taken out of circulate and seized. >> gambling industry will rest on sunday with strange rages including mrs. tom brady and how many times she will be shown on tv during game is one 1.5. and katy perry, you can guess what she 8 sing and if she will wear a bikini. those are all bets. >> they were talking about it the count down to super bowl is on. the nfl is watching all footballs used during the big game because of the new england
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patriots deflate controversy. >> 108 footballs are used by both teams to practice and they will then be transferred to nfl custody until kickoff. they will be eye keep an eye with extra security and tested three hours' game time before they are brought do the peeled and given to the ball boys. the machine responsible if holding on to the footballs for the nfl is the chicago bears equipment manager. it is a super bowl role he has held for years. >> i am the perpetrator. don't want to plaintiff me there is nothing i can say to change director mind i turn myself in. i take a little bit of air out of most of them, 11 out of 12, and it does the trick >> as the controversy continues a list cast of characters is. coming out of the woodwork tojectingly claim responsibility for underren flighting the new england patriots footballs including matt damon steven
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tyler all proud pat fans provided a spirited defense for picking the winner. they say on jimmy kimmel they did this and it was well received. >> i get. super bowl sabotage bad timing a phoenix hotel had two false fire alarms in the wing where the patriots are staying both false alarms happened in the middle of night, one on tuesday and the second at 2:00 a.m. yesterday morning and the paid contracts say the alarms woke the players up but they quickly went back to sleep. obviously they have not dealt with athletes before in "fleet," because they can do it like that. >> we thing it was a conspiracy. right? absolutely. in such thing as a coincidence. >> and the big game weather? the big game party? >> we will do the weather there, first, and then talk about our weeks ago. here is a look at what will 457
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after rain today and tomorrow we will see clearing after fog super bowl sunday morning and temperature is about 64 dropping to 56 and they will be inside enjoying the festivities outside. it will be much better the next two days. our thickest fog is petaluma less than quarter-mile and that goes up to santa rosa at half moon bay and san jose is down to five miles and just a matter time before that thicker fog hits san jose international airport where our reporting station is. the winds again, are very light to nonexistent this morning. for the most part the fog is push up against the east bay hills and sliding south and some of it is crossing into san francisco from over the ocean. it looks like sfo has a few and they are the lights on the mountain so the fog is there and i will let you no in delays develop there or in san jose.
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>> dense fog and hazy sunshine today and breezy in the hills and minor fog and mild tonight and above-average temperatures all the way through the continued forecast. we could touch accident in fairfield, santa rosa 72 in cloverdale, and 69 today if you are headed to santa cruz or maybe you want did go to livermore wine country it is nice at 69 and same thing in napa and 64 in san francisco. as far as ten look what the breeze does it keeps our temperatures up and especially outside of our values some of our sheltered valleys fall into the low 40's but most of us in the my 40's to around 50 because of the slight breeze. the two areas of high pressure with a low to the south and another to the west. we have the steel curtain over-the-top us so we will have spring warmth. saturday through sunday interest monday storms are curting us to the north and same on tuesday
5:20 am
and high pressure takes over on wednesday, and thursday it breaks down and look how close the rain is open friday saturday, and sunday. right now it is still touch and go whether it will really happen what. happen, above-average temperaturesry day and dry weather through next thursday. >> starting off at the macarthur maze it is quiet as folks head into emeryville from berkeley and the tail lights push in the westbound direction up to the bridge not going to find issues this if you head in the eastbound direction into berkeley the drive is accident free. we have an accident at the nimitz with a lane shut down for a few hours. you could see delays and we have a slow down on northbound 238 at 880. how is it moving along on the bridges? san mateo is continue speed. dumbarton is 66 miles per hour. along the peninsula northbound and southbound along 280 or 101
5:21 am
from san mateo to palo alto or to the north toward sfo you can still see we are accident free and the drive away from the airport into san francisco you come up to the 280 extension you could see slowing and as we continue up to the skyway beyond the curb to the lower deck of the bay bridge just 10 minutes. straight ahead seven things to know as you start director day. >> she may know how to get away with murder but there is one thing viola davis cannot get. >> keep on top of weather and traffic through abc7 news now a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with things picking up in female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. find the tempur-pedic that's right for you and see why they're the most highly recommended bed in america. plus, get three years interest-free financing. sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100 day money
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it has 0 added sugar 0 artificial sweeteners and 0 fat. mmm... will it up my game? no man! new dannon oikos triple zero official yogurt of the nfl. mmm dannon. whether you are just joining us or headed out the door he are seven things to know before you go: oakland police are looking for a man accused of sexually assaulting a ten-year-old boy. it happened on tuesday afternoon as the boy was walking down 98th
5:24 am
avenue. it could be someone who lighters in the area. >> victims of wednesday night's massive four alarm fire in the mission district in san francisco super a place to turn to for help. a workshop is being held to help business owners and employees get on their feet. a neighborhood bar is giving half of the proceeds to fire victims. >> breaking news from southern california death row records founder suge knight is booked for murder in connection with a hit-and-run accident during a video in compton. knight turned himself in and is held on $2 million. >> the measles outbreak is growing and reached arizona host state for the super bowl game. the centers for disease control is wanting americans to get vaccinated against measles with 84 cases reported. it was thought to have been eradicated in 2000. >> bart riders are unhappier than ever a survey shows one in
5:25 am
four riders dissatisfied with the train service and common complaints are extreme clouding and faulty air conditioning and dirty seats. >> we have 41 bart trains running on time and that is the bay bridge toll plaza with we have a few cars stacking up in the cash-paying lanes and everyone else is fin but there is a sig-alert that gums up commute. condition done shows the fog is moving in if the morning commute, it is going to be thick especially in the north bay to the south bay again. i have a timetable and how much warmer it will be. >> tonight on abc7 news it look like a dorito's commercial but send a different message, a video has 11 million views. >> this campaign has taken off like in other campaign.
5:26 am
>> fine out where thousands of consumers are demanding big kept snack food companies change their ways. >> "how to get away with murder," star has a confession to make, the whole social media thing has been slow for her to learn. >> sometimes i enjoy it and sometimes why because i'm not hip with it. i have tweeted so many times on accident. >> we have, too! tweeting may not be her area but her success is no as she said it comes from talent and hard welcome. she has been relishing time with "how to get away with murder." we have another full 90 minutes of news. >> a man mugged for a smartphone with more of the surveillance video east bay police went you to see. >> a look from our camera of the
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 5:29. it is john 30 already and it is friday already and it look at the forecast. >> fog is the big story. i zoomed in on the area with the thickest fog at less than quarter-mile at petaluma to half in santa rosa and fog is developing along the east bay shoreline and slipping into the south bay. watch out for that. san rafael is looking clear. looking to the golden gate bridge, and headed into the afternoon a lot of sunshine and a breeze at the cost and
5:30 am
low-to-mid 60's and the rest of us in the mid-60's and possibly our first sign of 70's with more to come this weekend. is the fog affecting the traffic? so far so good. there is a fog advisory you issued by the c.h.p. but it is not too bad at the tank. we can see the cars. we can see them coming across the golden gate bridge and the zipper truck has made its way to the north end so those lanes are there to stay for the commute. this morning the man business owners and employeeses would livelihoods are threaten after the massive fire in san francisco's mission district are getting much needed help. the investigation moves forward. our reporter is at 22nd and mission with the latest. >> kristen, look at the businesses located here at mission and 22nd. popeyes on the corner is a major
5:31 am
national chain and you can see there are local small businesses that are now displaced, a travel agency, a chair salon the city says there are 20 small businesses impacted by this huge fire that burned the three story building on wednesday night. the mayor will release disaster funds to help the businesses and is worried about the companies and the employees would cannot be paid. there will be a workshop at the mission police department to show business owners how to navigate the process. some businesses just need a deck and some more office businesses so it could be just fining a deck to set up and restart the travel age in a different location hopefully in the same neighborhood. the range of needs is different depend on the business time. a man die asked five were hurt. the city is helping residents
5:32 am
get back on their feet. >> as for the express arson is looking for the fire's cause and said it could take a few weeks. the building has been red tagged and this area at mission and 22nd still has a few lanes blocked. there is a police officer here this morning directing traffic around the barricades so had area still has a ways to go until things return to normal. there 10 go fund me campaign to help those displaced by fire that has raised more than 37,00 and the american red cross is accepting donations with information on from southern california, death row records founder suge knight is arrested in connection with a deadly hit-and-run accident and knight finished smoking a cigarette before he surrendered at the los angeles
5:33 am
county substation in west hollywood. this happened at a shoot for a movie on thursday afternoon. the lawyers says the client was trying to escape attackers and put his car in reverse and ran over two men. the man who died is identified as a friend of knight and the other man survived. knight is held on $2 million bail. >> police are looking for a life accused of sexually assaulting a ten-year-old boy on tuesday afternoon as the boy walked down the street on 98th avenue. police are asking people in the neighborhood to check surveillance video to see if they captured the suspect on camera. he could be someone would loiters in the area. a feature is short salt and pepper hair. a reward of $7,500 is >> police have released a sketch of a man accused of offering an underage girl $400 for sex.
5:34 am
his say the girl was walking near 87th last month and she was approached. he walked away after seeing the shocked look on her face. if you have any information on his identity, call daly city police. >> oakland police are investigating a fatal shooting at a liquor store, a happen was found dead in front of veteran -- vernon market and witnesses heard four shots before the shooting. police searched yards of homes in the neighbor to find the gunman but right now they are still looking for the shoot are. new details in the sent for the person would last human body parts stuffed in a suitcase the headless torso is missing hands. officers found a regular in a trash pin. investigators combed through garbage cans looking for clues to person's identity. they showed an i imagine of a possible suspect to homeless people who frequent the area. the image is taken from
5:35 am
surveillance video. >> it was a behind shot with a hoodie on carrying a black backpack with emblem, a logo right in the middle of it. we all looked and all of us have not seen this give. >> it is not clear if the body parts belong to just one victim. >> a young san jose woman killed by two suspected street racers will be laid to rest today. 24-year-old kiran pabla was jogging on monday and two drives racing down the road lost control went on the sidewalk and slammed into her. her death has led to captions on the busy road that neighbors say attract speeders. police put up a trailer that show drivers their speed. a permanent sign is ordered. >> pg&e will release e-mails between the utility and the california public utilities commission that could provide new evidence in a criminal investigation. pg&e will release 65,000 emergencies today. previous exchanges show the
5:36 am
utility company tried to influence decision making and former puc president sought contributions from pg&e. his home was searched in los angeles area and a former executive home in orinda suggesting criminal prosecution is being pursued. >> a suspect in berkeley mugged an early decemberly map the day after christmas. the robber in the red sweat third stole an iphone from an 83-year-old man injuring the man in the process on 4th street. police believe the suspect took off in a silver audi with temporary plates. if you recognize this man call berkeley police. >> doctors waiting for test results on whether a patient at the medical center has ebola. the patient showed up in sacramento with symptoms yesterday morning. he was immediately transferred to uc davis and dos say the person is if good condition is expect to get the results of a
5:37 am
second round of testing. the hospital is not saying how the picket might have been exposed. police officers along the peninsula will be cracking down on drivers who were distracted by their cell phones and other mobile devices. officers from the sheriff deputy and san bruno and billion game police departments are on the streets from 8:00 until 4:00 this afternoon. the message is that distracted driving is a danger to themselves and everyone on the road. violators face fines from $161 to nearly $300. heading into the weekend we will check with meteorologist mike nicco to see if there are changes. >> i wish. we need the rain. enjoy the spring warmth. especially on the weekend. a far cry from are we are in the morning at 37 in santa rosa and half mile visibility and petaluma is 40 at less than quarter-mile visibility and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 40's and american
5:38 am
canyon is 37 degrees. looking at other neighborhoods, 51 in san francisco, and alameda and newark and 41 in san ramon and lafayette and novato at 43 and 48 in wad wood and check out half moon bay 54 and behind san jose at 50. this is how it looks from walnut creek, who fog as we look south along 680 and the day planner will have hazy sunshine by noon and upper 50's to low 60 and by 4:00 grab the sunglasses upper 50's to mid-60 with a slight breeze at the coast so you are cooler than the rest of us and pleasant this evening and you do not need a heavy coast and mid-50's. we are watching the my embrace of fog at 101 and 880 harder to see. through the weekend fog is not an issue tomorrow so we hit the low 70's in the afternoon and we will have an increase if clouds and upper 60 for sunday and monday.
5:39 am
metering lights have not been turned on yet so now for the cashpayers you are looking at 10 minutes to get beyond the metering heights into san francisco. in martinez we have a stalled vehicle southbound 680 traveling in the northbound direction across the benicia bridge there is extra traffic into benicia. after the tolls we have clear conditions. highway 4 antioch 18 miles per hour to a street and then a breeze to pittsburg and bay point to concord. you are taking 4 antioch to conquer, 16 minutes and busy along 580 westbound tracy to dublin 31 minutes and clear in the north bay. a measles outbreak continues to spread and next we have the new warning from federal health officials and the impact the outbreak could have on this weekend's super bowl. >> a new spin on taylor
5:40 am
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>> covering walnut creek burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> more worries about the measles outbreak that is worsening and spread to arizona. arizona is hosting the super bowl this weekend. there is a new national debate about vas nation. susan? >> good morning, eric. 2014 produced the highest number of measles cases in two decades. >> it is one of the most contagious airborne viruses on
5:43 am
earth, measles, and this morning, with more than 84 indications in 14 states just this month alarm is growing that measles is spreading. >> it is scary because it used to be pretty much eradicate asked now it is a problem. >> the centers for disease control is urging americans to get vaccinated after an outbreak that began at disney in december. now in arizona, just as super bowl fans are arriving, state officials are monitoring a thousand people and nearly 200 children for possible exposure. >> in california 66 students at a high school who cannot prove they were vaccinated are not allowed to return to class if two weeks after a student showed possible symptoms. >> parents are afraid and what might happen. >> the symptoms start as a cold fever, sore throat, and the rash begins starting at hair line. must people recover. but measles can cause brain damage and pneumonia and can be
5:44 am
deadly. my kids are healthy. it is re-igniting a debate over those opting out for religious or philosophical reasons. h officials say there is only one way to stop measles. >> most permit is to be up to difficulty on the vaccine. >> measles was declared eliminated 15 years ago and the new cases have been imported from travels overseas. >> san francisco they are holding a meeting on improving safety for bicyclists and pedestrians on polk street. engineers will hear from the puck about the listen to add bicycle lanes widen sidewalks and remove street parking define union and mcallister. the disagreement has kept this from move forward and they will discuss a modified plan addressing bicycle safety and the loss of packing spots. president obama is returning to
5:45 am
the bay area to tackle cyber security and will attend a summit on cyber security and consumer protection at stanford on february 13. the meeting will bring together senior white house leaders local crows and law enforcement officials and work on ways to wreck the public and companies from hackers. the president will also attend at least one fundraising event in san francisco during his brief stop. this is called the driest january on record and a new survey proves it. water resource manager measured the snow and found we are just 25 percent of historical average. california depends on snow melt for a third of our water. we are doing better than this time last year when it was just 16 percent of average. >> here is something will you will see as a result of warm weather, check that out. there is an explosion of sea slugs along the more than and
5:46 am
central chest. they are rarely spotted this far north. experts say it could signal a new shift in the ocean climate and that a strong el nino could be on the way. >> strong will nino? that is what we are waiting for. >> we forecast winters by looking at weasels. the water has been warmer-than-average along our coast for several months. >> as far as the strong el nino we have seen no other indications that will happen. still tracking the fog that is thick in the not bay and petaluma is less than quarter-mile and santa rosa is half a mile and the visibility is in san jose at five but it is getting thicker headed through the morning hours. all the rain down to our south and southern california in a lot rain and even snow for the ski resort and new mexico and up and utah and, also into colorado
5:47 am
headed through the next 24-36 hours. the fog is taking over san francisco and the bay bridge and we can see from the exploritorium and notice how calm the water is with winds three to five miles per hour. dense fog advisory and hazy sunshine and breezy in the hills limiting our fog keeping the temperatures up compared to this morning. the highs are above average through the continued forecast which goes into next month. mid-to-upper 60's today except if the coast where the breeze keeps you in the low-to-mid 60's and the warm spot is santa rosa at 70 along with fairfield and 72 in cloverdale and 64 in san francisco and oakland is 67 and san jose at 65. tonight you can see mid-to-upper 40's inland but the deepest valleys are in the low 40's and upper 40's to nearly 50 around the bay. you can see the low pressure to
5:48 am
our south and the low pressure out to our west so the storm track is still well to our north and with the high pressure the sinking air and the offshore wind developing tomorrow so tomorrow is the warmest and that is why we will be above average. the inform track is flirting with us across northern california over the weekend interest tuesday, wednesday, it heads north and another cold front on thursday and it stalls friday saturday sunday. it is right this on the doorstep. you need to get a little motivation to push it in here. right new all is looking dry. the cool of the days money 60's sunday and monday and everyone else is possibly near 70. >> we will take you counter-clockwise around the bay starting with the richmond-san rafael toll plaza with a couple of extra cars, a couple not too much traffic and that is good news if you are making it in from richmond to the north bay. pretty cher conditions and
5:49 am
accident free. 56 miles per hour traveling interest san rafael and you can see the orange is an indication of where the fog could affect the commute but as we look at our san rafael camera you can see perfect visibility in the southbound direction up to 580 no delays and maybe you can see a layer of some fog but up to the golden gate bridge we are moving along. top speed is to the presidio and the marina district, slowing down as you head into the northbound direction. in redwood city, we have a stalled big rig northbound 101 a possible blown out tire block one lane and it is not impacting the ride. a story seattle pizza delivery guy made a special delivery. he is never going to forget to see richard her map's home.
5:50 am
>> he he was at the star's home before but never beyond the front door. he got do meet sherman but the entire legion of defense was this for the "sports illustrated" photo shoot and he got in on the action the. >> they say get in and danger pictures and i was like what? something i will remember for my life. >> he said the favorite looks photo shopped a lucky gay is the were you have of all of his friends. >> he said "go hawks." seahawk fans are showing off their team spirit in the produce section of a grocery store in portland. the fan is known for putting similar displays in the store. ♪ it's all the same ♪ ♪ it is get vein ♪
5:51 am
>> new england patriot fans have not let deflate-gate get them down. a local morning radio show remade the song from "shake it off," saying the pats need to move on and get ready. >> snuffing out tobacco a california lawmaker's controversial land to keep young people from smoking. >> going inside a human mind with a measure exhibit at the exploritorium and how it could shape the future of medicine. >> what you reveal to strangers with each credit cards swipe. >> you can keep tabs on weather and traffic through the entire commercial break with abc7 news now. we have light embarcadero right now. stay tuned.
5:52 am
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>> john kerry is secretary of state, one time president candidate, and a senator and now he is a snow shoveling snow flaw in boston after his home was left buried if snow. the officials tagged him with $50 fine for failing to clear the snow from the side of his mansion in boston. >> that is fair even if you are around the world trying to make peace you it will have to shovel. >> absolutely. now, rain, today and tomorrow but not during super bowl starting at 64 and dropping to
5:55 am
56 in the university of phoenix stadium. we have dense fog un and low-to-mid 60's into monterey with a lot of sunshine and mid-to-upper 60's in palm springs and san diego. in lake tahoe, 47 today but nearly 60 by sunday. leyla? >> we have word of a new accident involving four vehicles but in solano tremendous we have a sig-alert causing delays, northbound 880 caltran work is being done because of an early accident and we have heavy backup away from 238 and the sig-alert is in affect for a couple of hours. >> a california lawmakers wants to raise the legal smoking age from 18 to 21 and says that tobacco companies know people are more likely to become addicted to smoking if they start at a young able.
5:56 am
the american lung association says nine in ten smokers take up the has has been belitung island 18 with -- the habit by the age of 18. tobacco companies will try to defeat the effort. >> the exploritorium has a new exhibit that takes visitors snowed their own: the brain. >> visitors can wish a special headset that measures britain activity and they solve puzzles to see how the brain and mood changes with different challenges. the exhibit opens tomorrow at the exploritorium and researchers will look at the interaction to explore what future brain computer interfaces could look like. >> new at 6:00, electronic hitchhiking the latest lawsuit just filed against san francisco's uber and the accusations it contains. >> 2008 and 2012 and what about 2016? the major announcement for presidential candidate pit romney is expected to make today. >> a look outside you can see a look at the bay bridge toll
5:57 am
plaza which is picking up in terms of value the past few minutes. we will be right
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. bart trouble in the tracks, the passenger problems leading to record unhappiness with the transit agency. how bart is responding. >> a 10-year old boy attacked while walking down the street and the all out search happening in the east bay and what police are asking neighbors to do. >> suge knight arrested overnight and what the lawyer is revealing about his latest legal trouble. what is the weather holding for us? >> a lofts fog but it could be the last morning we will be dealing with fog. live doppler hd shows napa and
6:00 am
petaluma and santa rosa at quarter-mile visibility and as expected, san jose visibility is dropping as the fog continues to filter into your neighborhoods. in the afternoon above average mid-60 to nearly 70 inland and breezy at coast but still low-to-mid 60's and we will tack about 70's this week. >> thanks mike. any correlation between the fog and the commute? >> i have to say no we have friday lite conditions across a lot of places but not everywhere. that is the bay bridge toll plaza you can see we have a continue meant delay there coming in from the maze to san francisco. and over to the san mateo bridge that is looking fuller as well, headed across the water to the peninsula but to the south, as mike has been saying, there is a c.h.p. issued fog advisory for 280 at 880. >> our top story is a if you bart survey of passengers is revealing some of the biggest


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